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Sticky post: Collected "art"

LAST UPDATED: 3/01/2012
2005 - THE PRESENT, lol. Also mainly for my own personal reference, since I must admit to myself that my previous one isn't all that up to-date anymore. Clearly I just need to sign-up for more fests and challenges. And wow are a lot of my old Pbucket links broken. Whoops.


Cover art and illus for Between Stars (2011) ...my third SPNJ2 Bigbang and my second time working with the amazing [livejournal.com profile] laulan! SPACE FUNTIIIIIMES :DD
Cover art and illus for I Dream of Jared (2010) ...Illustrating [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver's delightful fic. Also the year I embraced the fact that most eye-searing shades of pink et moi are BFF FO' LYFE.
Cover art and illus for East of the Sun, West of the Moon (2009) ...this remains hands-down one of the best fandom experiences I had in 2009, and a fantastic way to start my first Bigbang experience. And hey, that [livejournal.com profile] laulan person was also kinda cool ;DD. GO READ THE FIC IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY.
Three Ways the Winchesters Face Off Against Cerberus, Guardian of Hades (2009) ...Giftart for [livejournal.com profile] envinyatar15! I still like the two outer panels the most, and will never forget this fun new fact that I was previously unaware of: Cerberus has a mane of snakes! Or at least a few, so says Wikipedia. Ooooh~~
Captain Winchester and Commander Winchester (2009) ...a chibi style crossover with Star Trek for dearest [livejournal.com profile] laulan's birthday! Totally effed up re: scanning and the Captain's chair, but Andy seems to have forgiven me for that, so it's all good.

I also distinctly remember having some random doodles floating around her LJ, but I can't be bothered to look for them now. Will the world survive not seeing that one MS Paint touchpad-drawn doodle and that other PS one of the WINCATSER brothers? HMMM.

American Idol
I totally believe that Kris Allen owns plaid trousers (2009) ...on the occasion of Miss [livejournal.com profile] laliandra entering the Adult World of Gainful Employment. I think I figured out what I need to improve on his face for next time, but I still like the plaid :D

Star Trek
Cover art and illus for Focus(on Me) (2011) ...my first go at the STBB! Working with [livejournal.com profile] ellipsisthgreat was fantastic. It's Kirk/Bones with MAGIIIIIC! Oh how I love drawing uniforms and just fantasy in general.
BUT WHY MALE MODELS (2010) ...for [livejournal.com profile] reel_startrek, combining my ridic love of Zoolander with Spock and Kirk.
Uhura being fierce in an evening dress (2009) ...for [livejournal.com profile] laulan with love, as she basically made sure that my BAKK2 Thesis was not a big hot mess and was a whiz with fantastic crit and suggestions of improvement ♥

Coverart and illus for Drift (2011) ...just the art for now! My first XMBB and the first time teaming up with [livejournal.com profile] taurenova. Darwiiiiin <3


The Hunger Games
Paper Doll Katniss! (2010) ...now in the original actually near A4 format I drew it in. My fingers totally had the shortcut keys for ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT down cold by the time I finished!


Kid!Naruto holding up a cat (2005) ...clearly I had discovered the smudge tool in Photoshop and thought it a valid tool to use to color things. A habit that I would sadly take ages to break.
MS Paint meme! Kyuubi & Quetzalcoatl, Bleach, Weiß Kreuz, Harry Potter, Hikago and etc (2006) ...this was actually a fun meme!

Doodle dump with other assorted fandoms (2006) ...I did have fun doodling in school.
Chibi Byakuya in a bunny-boy costume (2006) ...lol [livejournal.com profile] acidcocktail, weisste noch als wir beide voll hardcore animanga fans waren?? Ich vergiss immer, dass wir uns dadurch erst kennen gelernt haben XDD
One of the first art exchanges I participated in, some other assorted fandom doodles (Slam Dunk, Naruto...) (2006) ...seriously, I still remember taking forever to SMUDGE THE FUCK outta that pic. God, it looks horrible XDD And I didn't even get the shortcut keys back then, so imagine everything slowed down even more due to that. Sadly I still use the same "ahh I don't want to draw new hand poses, let's go back to the old stand-bys" tricks even today.
MERMAID!KENPACHI (2006) ...I still blame Rin/[livejournal.com profile] toomtam for providing the ~inspiration, lol.
Saloon Girl!Rukia MS Paint doodle (2006) ...MS Paint really did seem to be my friend all those years ago. Huh.
Ishida in a very gay and retro-looking outfit, random doodles, notes and pictures of things (2006) ...ahh, the early days of uni. If only I really hadn't spent so much time fucking around and studied more instead.
Rukia in a(n Ouran) school uniform, amidst random Vienna pics (2006) ...oh the perils of doodling with pens. I loved drawing Rukia's hair though! And lol the Vienna pics, my cheap-ass H&M eyeshadow! And how different things were back then. Hah.

Doodle of Tamaki (2006) ...short 'n sweet.
Nurse Kyouya, as well as older!Hinata and Hikaru in a Go-sweater (2006) ...since Kat had her wisdom teeth removed that X'mas/NYE!
Another Kyouya sketch, and my first RBR doodle (2008) ...ahh, 2008.

Random version of two of Kat's Chinese drill book characters (2006) ...oh man oh man XDD

Slam Dunk
Pretty fairy princess Hanamichi! And an extra Sex Pistols pic. Oh that manga (2006) ...I totally need to reread Slam Dunk again soon.

Prince of Tennis
InuKai doodle (2006) ...drew so much for [livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos back in the day, heh even then I was too lazy to really do stuff for myself.

Asapin in a nurse outfit (2006) ...a second wisdom tooth removal pic for Kat.

Final Fantasy 7
Tifa in her lingerie (2005) ...yeah, testing out all the random brushes I downloaded was still fascinating. And I still am incapable of smooth lineart to this very day.

Kingdom Hearts 2
Marluxia in PINK for Kat's 18th birthday (2006) ...that so doesn't look like Marluxia lolol, but I remember having fun fiddling with the filters for the background.

Narnia Peter&Aslan doodles (2006)
...man, [livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos, remember how obsessed about Narnia we were? I had icons of our "WTP" for the longest time, too lolol.

Young Barack Obama & Rahm Emanuel as Japanese schoolboys, chibi action with Anderson Cooper & Rahm (2009) ...ahhh, the good ol' days of RBR in all its cracked-out glory ♥
Genderswitched!Rahm (2009) ...since there is nothing I love than a good romp through cliches! A WIP that never really went anywhere, and lol I still have the pencil&pen sketches floating around my desk. And some College!AU ones stuck on my corkboard. Oops.
Doodle of Hippie Commune!AU Jon and Stephen (2009) ....ahhh, the Hippie Commune!AU. The still oblivious and unwittingly privileged days before the abrupt awakening of April. Not my best or smartest moment by far (oh fuuuuck), but I like to think that I sure as hell learned from it.
Chibi sadpuppy Andycoop and Jon 'n Stephen hugs (2009) ...drawn to cheer up [livejournal.com profile] jorajo and [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer.


Victor Paper Dolls™ Presents Kiss Me Katniss: The Girl on Fire ...Probably one of the things I am most proud of coming up with and had the most fun creating. FUCK YEAH PAPER DOLLS :D. Bigger version on my LJ HERE.

Ned, Chuck and Digby have a picnic! ...drawing this was just super entertaining, and I loved getting to really just go crazy-stylized and not worry about doing things "correctly".

Santa Hibari ...Though I wanted to use some color this time round, after this one I basically swore never to default to the lazy idea of just sticking a character in a Santa-suit for a winter-themed fest again. Drawing Hibari's grumpy face was a lot of fun, though!

The Elric Brothers a la Holic ...NOODLE PEOPLE. I still am quite happy with how this turned out, I must admit. And xxxHolic does remain one of my favorite works by CLAMP (especially the latest chapters ahhh Watanuki!)

Reel Star Trek

Walk Walk Fashion, Baby
...or: IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING WALK-OFF. Spock as Zoolander remains one of my favorite mental pictures.

SPN/J2 Bigbang

Between Stars ...Working with [livejournal.com profile] laulan is ALWAYS an utter pleasure. ALSO J2+Danneel IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

I Dream of Jared ... I seriously want Jared to be my own personal genie, too!

East of the Sun, West of the Moon ...what I said higher up on the page :DD. [livejournal.com profile] laulan, WE WERE AWESOME ♥

SPN/J2 Xmas

Three Ways the Winchesters Face Off Against Cerberus, Guardian of Hades ...Giftart for [livejournal.com profile] envinyatar15! Never thought I'd sign-up for a third fest in 2009, but never say never, eh? I think I can blame [livejournal.com profile] laulan for this fact, hee.

Star Trek Bigbang

Focus(on Me) (2011) ...my first go at the STBB! KIRK AND BONES AND MAAAAAGIC :D

X-Men Bigbang

Drift ...just the art for now!


Uni (2009)
PLEASE GIVE ME AN 1er, WERB-AT PROF ...man, this was a fun assignment ♥.
Another WERB-UE assignment to market ourselves as a product/service ...in retrospect, this is utterly horrible and too much lol. Oh man. Totally overshot the original assignment and left my common sense and excuse of artistic taste at home for this one.
WERB-UE, THE REVAMP ...somewhat managed to regain my honor with this one. *shakes head*
PR-UE Favoriten revamp graphics ...making these was totally fun, but I am so happy that this UE was finally over oh man. So much rage and frustration and hassle with my group. And I didn't even get to perv much on Hot Preppy Asshole Julian-Pascal who was in the same UE like I first expected to. Tss.

School (2005-2006)
My Facharbeit cover that is lying around in some corner of my PB account, damn you, broken links!
Idea for Maturaball ticket ...I remember making these! And still, I was a bit surprised to see that we did price our tickets that high lol 400 baht profit :DD
"Final" Maturaball ticket design ...AKA HELLO FILTERS ILU. Even though it is a bit ...much, I still think it turned out cool though, especially since we used pearlmutt paper for added pimposity when printing the tickets out. Sure as hell was more interesting than what the years after us came up with, lol.
T-shirt design for our school's delegation to the Kulturfestival in Manila ...still mostly like it, still bitter I never got an extra of the actual t-shirt, oi.

[identity profile] luscious-mangos.livejournal.com 2010-01-04 04:11 pm (UTC)(link)
duuude narnia is awesome and so are the narnia doodles! and really, the ideas we come up with after watching the movie together are full of win~

and i totally have to admit that while i clearly remember all the manga fandom art, i had completely forgotten about the chinese textbook of gay! lol i can't believe you managed to make cute art for that~♥
now i really started wondering if their love ever continued to grow...

[identity profile] kaiserkuchen.livejournal.com 2010-01-04 04:37 pm (UTC)(link)
I still need to watch Prince Caspiaaaaaaan, ahh. And oh man I miss watching movies with you so much! Remember THE RING 2 (and the earthquake that actually happened when we were on the phone)? Or SORORITY BOYS? Ahhhh, so much fun :DD

Lol I just remember being all "...dammit!" when you showed me a scan of how they actually looked like XDD And here's hoping that many new generations of students get to witness their ~~beautiful relationship ♥

[identity profile] luscious-mangos.livejournal.com 2010-01-05 01:54 pm (UTC)(link)
i haven't seen the prince caspian one either coz basically i love the first movie so much and the trailer for caspian is looking too dramatic and dark.

the ring!! oh how i used to love horror movies is amazing and i never understood why people can be so scared that they don't want to watch them...ah, but now i'm one of them, now i can't watch the ring anymore without covering my eyes or hiding under a blanket lol

[identity profile] kaiserkuchen.livejournal.com 2010-01-06 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I hope I remember to snag a copy in BKK this Feb, ahhh! And nothing wrong with a little bit of ~~drama, Kat ;D!

I KNOWWWW lol your regression from that still cracks me up whenever I think about it. Would your like, 7-9th grade self have ever believed it?? Hee.