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NOT A SPOILER: I LOVED THE BOOKS and was utterly consumed by them for large parts of February when I read the first book and then March when I somehow managed to finish the other three available books in what felt like two and a half weeks. It was glorious timing that I was subbing for England that time and actually had nothing better to do at work, because otherwise I would have been in a world of not so delightful sleep deprivation.

--------------------------SPOILERS FOR ALL THE BOOKS---------------------------------------


Admittedly, it took me a while to warm up to the story and the whole switching POVs, but once it gets going it gets going and I was engrossed, hook, line and sinker. GRRM has a dab hand at plot twists and cruel things happening to characters that you spent the last hundreds of pages loving and rooting for that make you want to fling the book (and other things) away in a corner at times though!

CASE IN POINT: MOST OF THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN TO THE STARKS ONCE THEY LEAVE WINTERFELL. Oh Ned, too noble for your own damn good! And seriously, I did NOT expect them to go there wrt to killing him so early in the FIRST book. I really wonder how they're gonna handle this in the TV series and lol, Sean Bean somehow never manages to survive when he's playing fantasy roles eh??

I pretty much am Team Stark, with a healthy appreciation for Tyrion Lannister's awesomeness though in the course of the books I came to love Jaime Lannister once he became a POV character. His adventures with Brienne! And how he too goes through this amazing journey and actually develops as a character. But back to the Starks-- Arya & Jon Snow are my ultimate favorites, though I grew to really like Sansa once she got the curtains drawn back on the last of her naive imaginings about the world and Joffrey (THAT PRICK). She was insufferable in the beginning, but really, who wouldn't be with the way she was raised and the sheltered view she had of the world? What is more interesting to me is how she too has that Stark strength in her and is finding her own way to exert control over her circumstances, though it might be through wholly different means than say, Arya's (AKA STAB THE WORLD AND KILL IT WITH FIRE). Though the whole thing with Littlefinger and his everlasting boner for Catelyn that he is now transferring to Sansa in the end of the fourth book is verging on creepy, WATCH OUT SANSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DDD:.

Arya is just feisty like hell and the bitty queen of my heart and I was so afraid that she died in that part in one of the latter books, BUT WHEW FALSE ALARM GEEEZ. I admit that I totally dropped the ball on getting that she was actually at the Faceless Assassin temple/training ground in Bravos. AND ALSO ALL OF THE PARTS WHERE SHE WAS THISCLOSE to finally meeting up with the scattered other Starks again and didn't make it? So frustrating. There better be some kind of reunion in the future books, though if I can guesstimate that GRRM will put his readers through some hardcore emotional wringers first. SHE NEEDS TO MEET NYMERIA AGAIN AT LEAST I MEAN COME ON.

I look forward to seeing more about Bran and his burgeoning powers too, and his swamppeople ladyfriend whose name I am blanking on is quite awesome. Rickon is too young for me to really have an opinion on and when I think of Robb I am mostly just very sad because his ultimate fate and the whole Red Wedding thing was just cold. ICE COLD AND CRUEL (and very creepy). DAMN YOU, FREYS. I have to say that the reveal that Catelyn was alive after that, albeit in ZOMBIE!form was one that pretty much made me gasp out loud in surprise and also pleasure and I hope to see much more of her, though apparently not much of Catelyn is actually left besides a burning rage and hate. Ahhhh :(((( Somewhere Ned is being really sad right now.

There are times where I am at turns really intrigued by Dany's storyline, but mostly I am waiting for her to finally head over to Westeros and kick some ass with her dragons.

As for the whole Stannis/Greyjoy/Dornell(? THE DUDES IN THE SOUTH) plot threads I am more ambivalent on those though haaaah Theon Greyjoy was really in over his fool head most of the time. Asha is by far the superior Greyjoy sibling.

And what's this about the rumor/fan-decreed "fact" that Jon is actually Lyanna Stark's son?? I AM INTRIGUED and also if this is true and apparently had been "broadly hinted at" throughout the books then lol, my brain was clearly overwhelmed from all the excitement occurring otherwise to pick up on it.




--------------------------SPOILERS FOR ALL THE BOOKS---------------------------------------

A Game of Thrones, S1x01:

- THAT OPENING, SO ~*AMAZING*~. What a way to start the whole thing off. The production values on this show are amazing and you can really tell that a lot of time, effort and above all LOVE has been poured into making this.
- PERFECT CASTING AHHH BRAN! ARYA! THEIR FAAAAAAAAACES! Speaking of faces-- good lord is Jon Snow pouty. And has amazing hair. I am seriously am distracted whenever he talks because I just keep staring at his face like a creeper. Catelyn, Sansa and Robb have GLORIOUS red hair. GINGERS :D
- The Godswood is another simply beautiful set
- The scene with Robb, Theon and Jon getting all pretty-fied for the feast was A++ fangirl bait and also served to show their boys-being-dicks-at-each-other camaraderie
- JOFFREY LOOKS LIKE SUCH A JACKASS asdjkfhasjfh I hate him so much already (especially given book knowledge), so in that sense it is again inspired casting
- THE HOUND IS YARP-GUY FROM HOT FUZZ. I hope I will manage to shake off the immediate association once I see him in action more, because the Hound IS one of the more fascinating characters in AGoT.
- "You got fat." askjfhajkfhk Robert & Ned, so amazing <33
- JAIME AND TYRION! Peter Dinklage IS Tyrion, watching him act this role is going to be so much fun dsjfhsjkdfh ahhhh! Also wondering now who they will cast as Brienne, come to think of it.
- Dany's actress is exquisitely pretty and the creepy vibes with the way Viserys treats her have been uh, very well depicted bdjfsdjkfh brrrr. I can't wait to see her really come into her now, ahh!
- Every time I see Khal Drogo I remember reading that Jason Momoa interview where he complains about hating horses and especially the ones he had whilst filming Conan XDD


Has there been fic written for the show yet? Lol the meld between TV/Book canon is surely gonna be weird...

And ughhh, just to complain but damn if HBO isn't being super zealous in shutting down all the streaming links I have tried accessing via sidereel.com to check out the second episode. I NEEDS THIS, PRECIOUSSSSSSS. Speaking of TV, I also got to watch most of Glee S2x18 and again, I seem to need to selectively pick and choose what I want to acknowledge from this show.

- Santana is UH-MAAAAAZING though, Naya Rivera keeps working and selling the role to the max and I love her.
- Yay for Kurt's return and that lovely performance and also DARREN CRISS' FACE WHEN THE WARBLERS SAID GOODBYE.
- WILL SCHUESTER YOU GIANT GIANT BUTT CHINNED HORRIBLE PERSON djshfkjsdhfhk Emma deserves so much better and ughhhh just seeing his smug face makes me want to break out in hives
- The shirts were a great idea, mostly shoddily executed. Wtf was up with Mercedes' and since when is Kurt ashamed of liking boys??
- I FORGOT WHAT ELSE HAPPENED IN THIS EPISODE ALREADY whoops. Oh right the Quinn/Lucy reveal. Hmm. I kind of liked it? It also has a nice callback that many have mentioned when Quinn first admitted to sleeping with Puck because "she felt fat that day".

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Date: 2011-04-28 05:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maichan.livejournal.com
The production value just makes me drool, SRSLY. And I haven't read the books yet, but I love the whole cast. Too bad I can't get attached to them since I hear the death count is killer (sowwy, I couldn't resist the bad pun!)


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Date: 2011-04-28 08:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaiserkuchen.livejournal.com
It just really expresses the whole EPIC feel of the story so well! And yesss, the cast is so great, ahhhh! Hee, not getting attached too much sounds like a good idea though having a large cast + high death toll at least means that there STILL are quite the amount of characters left over XDD


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Date: 2011-05-01 03:37 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] lizfu.livejournal.com
GRRM has come out to say that Renly and Loras are totes lovers :D It's more than implied, especially with Loras's angsting in the latter books. (LORAAAAS ;A;)

I, uh, pretty much agree with everything you've written, except I go all sparkly-eyed at the mention of Tyrion Lannister, because he's in my top three for MOST AWESOMEST CHARACTERS TO EVER AWESOME IN AN AWESOME STORY.

I am hoping that something horrible befalls the Freys, especially Walder. I specifically hope they all get eaten by dragons or roasted alive (by dragons) in the Twins a la Harrenhall. Any other fate will not satisfy me (unless GRRM comes up with something much better).

And I am totally Team Daenerys. Westeros is going to destroy itself with civil war and she's going to come in, sweep up all the pieces, and be an awesome queen.

Also, Jon Stark's parentage: I'm on board with Jon being Rhaegar and Lyanna's bastard, because the more second- and third-hand knowledge the readers find out about Rhaegar and Lyanna, the more it becomes apparent that they ran off together. Eddard is made to promise Lyanna something, but what he promises her was never revealed; it's very easy to make the leap that Lyanna told him to raise her son as his own. What else could it be?

Sadly, the only living characters that would know the truth are Wylla (Jon's wet nurse and the person many presume to be his mother, after Ashara Dayne) and Howland Reed (who has yet to make an appearance).

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Date: 2011-05-04 03:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaiserkuchen.livejournal.com
YESSS I feel so much better now lol was seriously doubting myself even in face of all the innuendo in the books XDD Can't wait to see them in the show, though I also did expect Renly to have some ~flowing locks too lol.

EEE SQUEE BUDDIES! Though yesss, Tyrion for MOST INTERESTING CHARACTERS EVER. I seriously can't wait to see how the show will handle most of the epic plotlines awaiting Tyrion.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE FREYS. THEY MUST PAY. Death by roasting sounds just about right to me-- they love their Lord of the Crossing status so much, they can damn well burn in it. One of the details that I keep thinking back on re: Red Wedding was the deeply cruel way they treated Robb and Catelyn's bodies-- I actualfax shuddered once I got to Robb's part and well, Catelyn's wasn't much nicer even if she did ...get ...better (in a way. Uhh.)

Dany is certainly slowly but surely coming into her own, which is especially amazing given the lack of real support system she has over there (I admit to being really shocked by Jorah's betrayal, though it's pretty much telegraphed in the show ehhh sloppy reading on my part, I guess!).

Right?? The more I read about the theories the more I am convinced and I just want to see GRRM reveal the truth... eventually. Someday in the distant future. If/when the other books besides A Dance for Dragons finally hits the shelves lol XD


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