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Since I should probably write about fandom things beside abusing my twitter for sporadic bursts of fangirlish FEELS, some short words about Movies Wot I Have Watched recently (in cinema and on TV):

In general: I loved the look of it, and the way they wove in the old fairy-tale magic in the proceedings, but as a whole I felt the script could have been much stronger, explained some of the TRULY RANDOM SHIT that happened and had given some characters more depth. I remember telling my friend that you could've watched the movie on mute and had no real effect on your enjoyment/understanding of the characters and their motivations. ALSO: I feel like a broken record saying this but TOO MUCH STARING INTO EACH OTHERS EYES, TOO LITTLE CRUCIAL DIALOGUE. First off-- I have talked myself into kinda liking how the movie ended for its refreshing position of Snow being crowned queen and no real resolution re: her romances but then they should've handled the whole thing with William and the Huntsman better. First off, once I found out about sudden new character William I figured, okay, bland love interest character CHECK (but with added trendy archery skills). But then they really confused me with her relationship with the Huntsman-- protector-protectee and then mutual respect and awesomeness I was expecting, but then you had the fact that his kiss awakens her from her spell-coma (SUCKS TO BE YOU WILLIAM) and that she reminds him of his dead wife? All these potentially interesting twisty things that could've happened but nothing oh no nothing was even done with that and I was left in my seat unsatisfied, save for the swelling bombasticness of Florence + The Machine over the credits.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ABOUT THIS MOVIE: RAVENNA RAVENNA DARK QUEEN OF MY HEART. I would have gladly watched an entire movie about her and her magic, her backstory and her rage against those who wronged her and her strange, co-dependant relationship with her pervy brother. How long had they both lived? When did she find him again? Charlize just killed in that role-- imperious flair and rage and utterly magnetic glamour in all of her outfits. I can't even say which one was my favorite, though the super metallic gowns all gave me heart-eyes in the cinema.


I also finally got to see The A-Team and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I find it telling that in both I fell asleep half-way through, but re: Mission Impossible-- Ethan Hunt has to be a cockroach in human form because that dude DOES NOT DIE. And his face is made out of steel, for all that slamming into things face-first that happens in that movie, he comes out without being a gigantic human bruise. Finally got to see that scene with Jeremy Renner and DAT ASS that is all over tumblr, and my friends were sick of me whispering "his assssssssssssss" every time he was on screen before that XD

In other fandom-y news: I don't really see myself signing up for any big bangs this time soon... defaulted out of the SPN one because of crucial lack of interest anymore (I WILL REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD THOUGH, SHOW <3) and only time will tell if I can work up the effort and also work-life-sleep balancing skills to make a go of it for any other fests.

As for RL, I have been keeping busy with my friends here and it is still oddly thrilling and just super fun to have this core group of people that are up for all kinds of activity beyond the usual Bangkokian triad of FOOD-MOVIE-SHOPPING.

The weekend before last we went on a mini roadtrip (5 hours one-way) to the BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH and ate all the things and frolicked in the admittedly overcastish weather. This Sunday we participated in a charity run for a children with special needs organization. Friend L and I ran-slash-power jogged 5K in under 50 minutes and we had colorful shirts and all got commemorative medals! We also managed to not be lapped by this veritable train of 15 hardcore old Thai-Chinese dudes powering away... the one at the head was honking a bicycle horn in what became a very unsettling tune that spurred us on quite fast. My legs are just about dead today though, what with that and my resuming kickboxing on Saturday. I did have this almost transcendant moment of body-awareness when I was sprinting to catch up with L, this sudden knowledge that HEY I ACTUALLY HAVE A QUITE LONG STRIDE YEAHHH EATING UP PAVEMENT-- which was then followed by ACK ACK TIRED NOW let's slow back down into a walk. I mean, normally I know that I can roundhouse kick pretty damn hard and also can kick targets that are placed pretty high, but it is nice to know that I could be an okay runner if my cardio were better.

Work continues to be well, work. But lights in the darkness continue to be the designer's skill and the fact that big boss has been in a weirdly good mood lately. Now that he's instituted a "NO-ONE BUT FINANCE CAN KNOCK ON MY DOOR DURING THE WEEK, the rest of you peons email me first" rule I hardly see him/have to present my projects to him and it's actually somehow better this way? He still tends to answer my work emails at weird hours (10PM, 1:45AM, once 3-somethingAM) but they are sometimes POSITIVE (*gasp*) and if not than at least filled with questions I can answer, deflect or use to correct course on projects. I feel like I greatly benefit from not having the laser focus of his genius brain and intense eyes on me, thanks to the buffering power of words on a computer screen.
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