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6.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Myanmar ... the article only states the distance to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai itself is around 3 hours away by car. I am blanking on the precise distance, but whatever it was, we were actually able to feel things shuddering lightly under our feet in the office (6th floor) at shortly around 9PM. At first I thought it was just MR kicking the connecting wall of our cubicle unit, but slowly the entire office seemed to realize that Something Was Wrong. Cue the vaguely confused cries of "earthquake?", and then our servers had a slight hiccup and all calls were fucked, which was ace timing as everyone basically dropped everything to file out down the stairs to the ground floor. We milled around for a bit, the smokers happy for the respite and soon enough we headed back in to continue work. It was pretty freaky, but seemed to be a one-off occurrence, though of course this was the beginning of rampant speculation to happen and people to post OUTDATED news reports of the 2006 earthquake on FB (seriously, it's like the French upstairs are unable to read posted news dates, sighhh) ...until we felt more slight wobbling shortly before 11PM. That was also right around my clocking out time, and MR and I were considering trudging down the office again before DI was all "uhh hello, it's all over now wtf, stay inside." And the dude did have a point, so I sent off some credit requests as we log ALL THE MINUTES EVER and this crap plus our server problems from yesterday mean I have some annoying time deficits..... only to then find out that we were closing the office early. The late shift people effectively didn't have to work 2 hours! God, couldn't they have had this bright idea at fricken' 9PM the first time we felt anything? Gah.

This may sound flippant to y'all, but let me reiterate that we were effectively so far away that what shaking we felt really wasn't enough to even damage anything, just disturb people in a country that isn't used to earthquakes AT ALL (EDIT: At least not in Chiang Mai, as I was typing this post at something AM I didn't hear about the one old lady who died in Chiang Rai, nor about the housing damage there.). Floods and forest fires, now those you kind of learn to expect here when you think about natural disasters. I would obviously have been more worried were we in Chiang Rai, but uh. We weren't. It must've been pretty disturbing for people in the way high highrises in BKK though, I imagine.

AND SPEAKING OF BANGKOK-- that's where I'll be headed tomorrow morning! Yet to have packed, I might add, and there's an eaaaaaaarly wake-up for me, awwww fuck.

So that's all from me for now~~

PS: OH AND [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, YOUR MAIL CAME kfhkjfj such a pleasant surprise THANK YOU SO MUCH, BB!! Love the cards, love the butterflies and the note book and also the caramels! Already ate two of the three and totally had to hang up on some incoming calls, as I was smart enough to eat time during work and wasn't expecting just how they'd meld my mouth together XDD. Also I was reading this list of badasses and saw this hardcore POLISH BEAR SOLDIER and had to share the awesome with you. SO AMAZING.
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Though most people try to at least offer better quality pics lolll you guys, I THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING OFF WITH MY BLACKBERRY PICTURE TAKING SKILLS. So uh, preemptive apologies for the graininess.

But before I continue, here have a picture that is at least somewhat okay-- the fantastic dessert spread that Dad brought for dinner yesterday from the Oriental bakery. Clockwise, starting from noon: Vanilla Bourbon (+white choc mousse & cake bottom), blueberry cheesecake, lemon tart, The Wave (giant macaroon with lychee cream and a raspberry center) and I forgot the name of the last one, but it had white chocolate and layers of cream, blackberry and raspberry.

And now, barring whatever I will probably still buy tomorrow (I HAVE 6 MORE KILOS OF WEIGHT FOR MY LUGGAGE, but no room lololol tragedy!), MY SHOPPING HAUL SO FAR:
Dresses like woah + bling )

APROPOS OF NOTHING, I have chewed enough gum the past few hours that my jaw hurts like the dickens. You all needed to know that, I'm sure.
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Keeping everything else I want to post on the backburner AGAIN, have some YT clips that have been rocking my world lately. I must pack for my imminent wake-up in uh, 5 HOURS because I will be flying to BANGKOK!! again for 5 days FUCK YEAH. Three days without work, glory glory hallelujah.


NUMBER TWO: I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE ASAP. Historical anecdotes apparently spun to high heavens and movie-transformed! EPIC TRADITIONAL MUSTACHES!! FUCKING BADASS FIGHT SCENES! Muay Thai remains one of the most hardcore and awesome things everrrr *wipes away a tear of national pride*.

NUMMER DREI: THIS SONG HAS BEEN MY EARWORM FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS DURING WORK. And also the awesome banality of the lyrics never stop cracking me up-- a sample: "Found a wallet/but there were no thousand baht notes there/Want to go for a mountain road-trip/but there's no gas in the car" OR "Bought fancy wine/didn't know how to open it/now it's expired/Want to go to heaven/but forgot to make merit/so now it's probably hell for me" A+++ I LIKE.

(ughhhh why the fuck didn't embedding work just now?? *shakes fist at LJ*)

PEE ESS ...we still have to check out things + everything is still super tentative and dependant on a million things BUT I. AND I MIGHT BECOME HOUSEMATES (!!) SOON. There is a house basically across Ma's where the owners who live in BKK or whatever need tenants to uh, keep the mice away after they get the exterminator to do their thing. The rent would be something ridiculously low like 5,000 THB which I. and I would split anyways + utilities and just... This would be so much less than my current rent for my dinky apartment, an ACTUAL HOUSE and also: SEPARATE BATHROOMS (!!!) so I can happily live out my neuroses of not wanting to share bathrooms/toilets with other people! SWEET. Of course, we'd both actually have to get/renew our driver's licenses respectively, but one would have actual incentive now lolol
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...I continue to have a tenuous grasp on time management and juggling my responsibilities. Though in my defense I was quite sick from the time of my last posting- that week was basically a wash. Monday sick leave, Tuesday work where started to kind of already feel shitty then, but I dragged myself to work on Wednesday because I was stubborn and wanted to finish a translation. Ended up leaving after less than three hours and spent the rest of the day rolling around my apartment and feeling sorry for myself. Ma did drop by to give me home-made (!) chicken soup and lime + honey to make soothing juice, though. Thursday I called in sick again and went to the hospital for a check-up to find out what was up with my body trying to make life hell for me-- since apparently coughing like it was going out of style and having a fucked voice wasn't bad enough (not like I actually need to use my voice for my job or anything), well! My body decided early that week that it wasn't going to accept most of what I tried to introduce as food to it. In retrospect, probably about 85% of my feeling like crap at work, especially as I was back on Friday again, was due to MY INTENSE FEELINGS OF HUNGER. The end diagnosis ended up being ~acute bronchitis with a side helping of gastro-intestinal fuckery~. But I did finally get around to finding out my blood-group after 22 years of life: I AM A+! Something which was somehow intensely amusing to me. BRB looking at those blood-group personality test thingies now.

I was really nervous about this sickness not being over and done with before my BKK trip that was from last Friday until this Tuesday (especially the food thing, because damn if that would've screwed everything beautiful about BKK time!), but PRAISE THE DEITIES it was all okay. I still maintain the fact that our office is a giant teeming petri-dish for bacteria and this company is absolutely horrible if you want to leave work early if you feel like shit or are actualfax sick. SO MUCH HASSLE INVOLVED, IT IS NO WONDER I WASN'T SICK BEFORE. This was actually my first legit sickness in about 3 years, iirc.

I still feel the vestiges of a cough lurking in my throat right now-- it has reached that insanely irritating stage where you feel like you constantly need to clear your throat every 20 seconds, and you just know that every one around you is secretly hating you because you sound disgusting and you feel disgusting and ughhhhhh.


Moaaar posts to come (BKK recap! TEH DRAMAZ AT WORK! etc!), I just had to at least get this off my chest lol.

And because I would do anything for dearest Carmen, it would be awesome if you all could just click this link and vote for bifi!
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The past three days of BKK were filled with ups and downs, of which the downs were documented through that lovely outlet of Twitter. I still have a post in me about that that I might post tomorrow or later, but I feel that it shouldn't be smooshed in with this. Because don't get me wrong, this weekend was also filled with joy and awesome and the fact that I now truly recognize how Dad's actions speak louder than just plain words. HE FEEDS ME WITH LOVE.

One of the only requests that I had coming over was that I wanted steak. Figured we'd just head for a steak-house one night or something, but little did I expect the foodapalooza that was awaiting.




TODAY: Well, I was thinking about seeing if I could finagle a last-minute meet-up with someone in the roughly four hours I had in town before I had to leave for the airport, and I am somewhat ashamed to say I went FUCK THIS I WANNA SHOP. And well, shop I did! Now that the haze of intense shopping madness has somewhat died down, I remain quite happy with my haul.
What 3000 Baht and around 3 hours can get you in Siam & MBK )


Aug. 13th, 2010 05:41 pm
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OFF TO BANGKOK UNTIL MONDAY EVENING! In an act of trying to ensure I will be social and free have decided to leave my laptop behind. But I will probably end up stealing Dad's to watch shows on TV-Dome.net though ahhh. And will be semi-connected anyways thanks to my trusty BB. So this post is kind of pointless, ahaha.

See y'all on the flipside though! People who are expecting mail, I have actually bought envelopes and started filling them. So at my current rate, you will most def get things in ...two months?? Ahahaha oh man, I suck.

AND NEXT WEEK IS LATE SHIFT :(( This is good for me on Tuesday, but generally ugh. I seriously do not look forward to when it's winter and the time-delay extends the working-hours of this shift to be 4.30PM-1AM ;_____;

PS I WONDER HOW FLOODED MY APARTMENT ROOM WILL BE WHEN I GET BACK THOUGH. Accidental death by slipping on tricky water that always seeps in from the rain thanks to weird and shoddy construction? Not a way I want to go!
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I seem to have fallen into that same old trap of living life in such a chillax way that I a) completely lose track of time passing (see also: mistaking last Saturday for Friday and nearly missing a Skype date with Carmen) and b) thus completely failed at posting. A few things have changed since I last posted! Bangkok is not so much with the distressing FIRE FIRE FIRE now and the quick trip Dad and I made to town today was even filled with traffic, so it was almost like everything is somewhat back to normal again. He's back to work tomorrow, and I look forward to what tales he has to tell then (apparently back when Shit Was Going Down, some stray gunfire even hit the hotel-- like way up in the 32nd floor even. How the fuck some people were aiming is clearly not the question one is supposed to ask). I am torn between just ignoring Current Affairs for a while now, though I did like the fact that over 4,000 Bangkokians showed up to help clean the streets of the worst-affected areas downtown. It was totally heartwarming viewing, ngl, especially as Bangkokians often get a bad rep that is lobbed at capital city residents (though sometimes not exactly undeserved) for being selfish and occupied with their own problems over such community activities.
Still, I feel the need to link this vid as a reminder to myself as well just how utterly atrocious the militant Red leaders were (and how awful Thaksin is, which is like a given though). One is still in hiding, afaik, and may he be smoked out like the filthy rat he is. "Bangkok Ablaze"-- it even has English subs, so that you may be horrified as well!

I will try to make either a long overdue picsss post or a TV/book/fanfic rec post soon, because if there is something I have been doing a lot of, it has been watching TV and reading (fic or otherwise). And tweeting, actually. Having a handheld mobile does wonders for my usage of Twitter, as it is perfect for those times when TV is boring me, but I am far too lazy to actually get out of my fantastically comfortable chair, walk up the stairs and switch on the computer.

Another thing that I have started is my BB art, which of course is due as a rough draft on the 1st of June. Lolol oh didn't I want to start earlier this time? Hee, oh well~~
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Bangkok is burning.

I've been watching the news again since I woke up today and a lot of things have changed. The "good": As a result of the government finally moving to crack down on the protest zones at Ratchaprasong and Lumpini Park/Sala Daeng, seven Redshirt leaders have surrendered (though I am not sure if the ones that fled like the craven cowards they are are also included) and officially called off the protest.

The bad: Though some have taken the chances offered and have left the city or are about to, there are a section of the reds who are highly unhappy with this turn of events and have taken the chance to show what despicable scum they are by destroying and setting fire to various parts in Bangkok, as well as shooting around with their live ammo, homemade bombs/molotov cocktails and the M79s that seem to be sprouting up on fields given how often the Reds or the mysterious Men in Black have used them. The large shopping center Central World has been burning since 3PM this afternoon and is in danger of collapsing, the Channel 3 news building was attacked and there are still people stuck there, the first floor of the Thailand Stock Exchange was or still is on fire and it is the same with other areas. Firefighters and ambulances have been hindered at their jobs by the protesters who fire shots at them. The shops throughout BKK (even in our corner of town, which is really far away) were all closed at 4PM and there is now an official curfew from 8PM til 6AM the next day. All Thai TV channels have switched to special broadcasting.

As I don't quite know what else to say, have some pictures )

Here is a FB album with some stunning pictures of what has been happening today and the last few days.

"Don't blame Dan Rivers" ...not a weak apology for what many perceive as the biased reporting of Dan Rivers, CNN's Thailand correspondent and CNN's coverage of this in general-- but an excellent and interesting post about the differences between reporting a story when your language is not the same as the source language, and all the nuances that disappear from viewing material/footage and the dangers of getting your facts and your angle on things wholly messed up. It additionally gives a great overview of what happened before this all came to a head in Thai politics for the uninitiated or foreign.

Here is a clip of a Redshirt leader EXPLICITLY saying in a speech: "If you take our power, we will burn the country" ...iirc, he's one of the leaders who turned themselves in. Fucker better burn for this.

EDIT: CENTRAL WORLD HAS NOW COLLAPSED. I do not know yet to what extent, but still holy fucking nutballs this is insane. The property damage, the livelihoods lost! Are you happy now, you pyromaniac arsonists? Fuck.
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Ahh Chiang Mai, the best place to be continuing with my life of leisure chez Maman. Though I am still sending off job applications, seemingly off into the void if the lack of response is anything to go by, things have been pretty relaxed. And awesome.

The past few days of leiiiiiisure, YAY SPN_J2_BB and gym etc etc )

- Mani/pedi and leg waxing ahhh I feel like a real girly girl again! This is a super relaxing way to spend time, one could positively get used to it :D Though holy crapola, it is HOT AS HELL here every day. Even the sudden onset of STORM and GUSTING WINDS really didn't do much after like the one hour it took for all the water to condensate. You actually start sweating like hell just by standing outside. And this happens at like 5PM, not just during noon like one would expect.


PEE ESS It took me ages, but I finally have new swank icons~~ *is proud*
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Twenty-two! I am inching closer and closer to what seems to be legit adulthood, though obviously there remains a long and winding road ahead of me and the fact that I in all seriousness have no real idea of what I will be doing beyond the following two weeks (besides apparently get a driver's license, come hell or high water. AAAUGH do not want). I would've thought that the idea of having time to chill, go to the gym and maybe brush up on my written Thai, my French or maybe learn Japanese/Mandarin would be the Best Thing Ever, but in actually I am wracked with occasional fits of anxiety about my future and not having anything fix in terms of internships or job prospects. Everyone I know keeps telling me to get the fuck over myself, and I am trying to do so. Today I thankfully had the healing power of TONY MOTHERFUCKING STARK and Iron Man 2, made even better then usual by being viewed in the SFX Cinema's cushy First Class seating (Ma doesn't care about the extra price because she can sleep more comfortably in these XD). They're giant reclining "velvet" La-Z-boys and you get a blanket and your popcorn + choice of drink brought to you by the staff. And when you have the apparent bladder of a pea (either the movie was hella long or I drank way too much today), the staff even run to hold the doors open for you when you try to subtly sneak back into the cinema ahh awkward. The movie itself was tremendously fun with oodles of little shout-outs and details (PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN IT COME SQUEE WITH ME IN THE COMMENTS), though woweee do enormous amounts of shit blow up in spectacular ways in this one. Also, I need to see it again for the sole reason so that I can find out what happened in the bits I missed on my bazillion toilet breaks lol.

GENERALLY AWESOME, WITH SPRINKLES OF FUCK YEAH but also a dash of "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--" though that was mostly due to Mindshare leading me on, the fuckers. Moar on a post to come soon! OH AND [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke is a darling and "so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~~" as Ma and our two neighbors kept informing me ♥

Thai politics:
Watching the local news and reading the newspapers keeps making me angrier and angrier. This has quickly left the realm of "protesting" and is flirting with domestic terrorism-- the reds are clearly starting to lose their collective shit and are acting even more erratic than usual. I mean, as if the home-made sharpened bamboo street barricades and unauthorized car and bag checks that they'd force on random people weren't enough (of course, people who said no were either beaten up or had their cars smashed or otherwise fucked up until they agreed), they have now twice barged into Chulalongkorn hospital and interrupted medical proceedings and obstructed ambulances carrying actual sick people because "the vehicles/the hospital could have been used to harbor soldiers" who would be readying themselves for a strike against the reds. Or the time they forced the BTS Skytrain into a standstill by throwing tires up the stations because the trains could also have been used to transport soldiers into town. Or one of my favorite bits of idiocy-- handing out multi-colored shirts for the reds to wear in Ratchaprasong intersection to "confuse" the soldiers if they were to come and make them disperse. HMMMM PEOPLE NOT WEARING RED WHO ARE SOMEONE STILL IN THE TOTAL AND UTTERLY RED ZONE THAT IS GUARDED AND CLOSED OFF? HMMM WHO COULD THESE PEOPLE BE HMMM :| AND OF COURSE, tonight's expanded news that some of them tried to lob RPGs at fucking WAT PHRA KAEW? Thank the higher powers the fuckers missed the temple itself, but this is just a further example of how low these people have sunk. You just plain don't pull shit like that, you don't. Ma and I met with some of her ex-colleges today and of course the topic veered to this, and it was very amusing and awesome to also hear the latest rumors about our fugitive criminal Squareface, who apparently has some really fucked up prostate cancer at the moment and might be dead or dying soon?? Cue fantastically frank comments like "I'll believe the fucker is dead when I see his body", "well given the number of people who must be cursing him daily, it couldn't have happened sooner" and "I saw this famous mystic say on TV that she had a vision of the gods of death coming for him!". Bwaaah! I just ~can't wait to see what happens next here ughhhh and of course our police men are hugely incompetent because the majority are "watermelons" themselves (green on the outside, RED on the inside). And we're flying back to Chiang Mai tomorrow which of course is another bastion of red (Squareface's hometown), ahhhhhh .___.;; /RANT
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BECAUSE IT IS HOT AS HELL HERE. Ahh, you know you're back in (South-East) Asia when leaving the airport, even at half past 5 in the morning feels like walking into a SOLID WALL OF HUMID HEAT. Either I will acclimatize again soon, or start counting "taking cold showers" as one of my new hobbies. This entry will be shorter than I want, because I actually should be in bed right now, for another 5AM wake-up to go into town with Dad looms and of course I am still awake now. FOR TOMORROW I FLY TO ~*SINGAPORE*~ and will be hopefully getting that internship interview aced, see cool things and have a fab time with Mother dearest and our two neighbors who're tagging along aaaaaaaaaand meet the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke. I AM EXCITE ALREADY <33

AUSTRIA, packing:
- Utterly and completely failed at this mysterious thing called ~TIME MANAGEMENT~
- Freaked the fuck out about my luggage weight, made last minute package that I dropped off at the post (11kgs lol), threw away a few things that I really shouldn't have (Carmen's naked man calender gift! sobsobsobbbb) BECAUSE MY ACTUAL LUGGAGE ENDED UP WEIGHING 15 FUCKING KILOS *headdesks foreverrr*
- Sabrina gave me the greatest gift ever by not being home on Saturday, so I didn't go through with my plan of sticking a big ol' grand FU note on her door. I was so pressed for time that I wouldn't have had the time anyways, but I am choosing to believe that this will help my karma lol. I pity the poor fool that moves in after me though...

AUSTRIA, airport/flight:
- Clemens totally saved my ass with helping me run and haul my luggage from the bus stop to the S-bahn station, making me safe from just about missing my train. I was telling him that my farewell gift was showing him all the shitty sides of my personality though lol(procrastination leading to epic missing of things and general tardiness). He was a tremendous help, and I admit that I felt a bit bad for thinking badly about him before (well, okay he IS actually a selfish dick most of the time. Which makes his actions now even nicer, I guess?)
- Flight was actually awesome-- great food (seriously!), I sat near the toilets and a nice old auntie who turned out to be a really famous Thai author?? A fact that made me kind of retroactively wish I engaged in smarter chit-chat, but I seem to have amused her either way? (She was gently mocking of the way I cracked up and generally fidgeted when I was watching the inflight entertainment, lol whoops). Hardly slept during the flight due to the movies I was watching: Avatar (admittedly pretty visuals but oh the faiiiil, how it burned), It's Complicated (more fun than expected, and god the food in this flick looked delish) and The Young Victoria (more interesting and engrossing than expected. Kept thinking about that hilarious Kate Beaton comic though, which possibly added to my enjoyment <33)

THAILAND, homecoming:
- Dad actually picked me up, which was wonderful and I totally annoyed him in like ten minutes flat because I was keyed up as hell from my flight and he had just dragged himself out of bed at 4AM to come get me <33
- Doggies freaked the fuck out when they saw me, which is always super gratifying. Nero looks older and older every time I see him but he at least seems fit. Ace is a GIANT DOOFUS, the end.
- Khun Yai MADE A GIANT BATCH OF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE BANANA CHIPS. Just because she knew I was coming! AHHHH BLISS *noms* Also, I have already had fresh ripe mangoes from our gardens and from the farm and more fruit to come~. And in food news, Dad snagged me a pot of Foie Gras spread, and has been making the most delicious things as per my whims. He has an invitation to attend a Chef's Dinner at the Oriental hotel this Thursday that features a TWELVE COURSE PASTA MENU, along with the accompanying wine and I am just horrendously jealous.
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- Cheer-inducing links: I WANT THIS NECKLACE SO BAD. LIKE REALLY BAD AHHHH *_*, Yay Lady Gaga fanart!, TONY STARK FACTS FUCK YEAH, My inner 8 year-old is SQUEEING at this (western) live action Sailor Moon casting picspam, Another SPN genderswitch casting that I think has some interesting ideas of the Not Winchester characters
- It was a beautiful and sunny day, and I had lunch and hung out with Ex-Tutor Georg, Clemens and Wido at the Stiegl Ambulanz. Delicious noms (Kärtner Kasnudeln!) and a fantastic rambling conversation that quickly went off the tracks and turned into an exercise in who could say the most outrageously perverted things and tell the stupidest jokes. I am pleased to say that I scored a few good zingers and played a part in making two grown men cry from laughter :DD I also feel that I deserve bonus points, as we made Georg laugh through most of his sudden phone-call and be basically unintelligible to someone who turned out to be his date for tomorrow. WHOOPS :DD And when we parted ways I got a hug from him that lifted me up a bit (always thrilling when guys do this to me as I am not petite and light and thus never expect it) and a last parting shot that broke his brain (the fact that Vulcan peen is very likely green XDD)
- Saw A Single Man with Olga today, and what an amazing experience. An utterly gorgeous, intensely well-acted and wonderfully well-made movie that delighted, made you cry and even laugh at certain parts. Seriously, the last thing I expected going in to watch this was that I'd be laughing a bunch of times thanks to the sprinkling of jokes and moments of surprise levity. Colin Firth rightly deserves all the accolades he got for his role as George Falconer, he was spectacular. As was Matthew Goode (the flashbacks to various memories that George and Jim had together! AHHH sobsob). Nicholas Hoult seemed weirdly orange (probably because his hair was so light, too) and I spent a lot of time in his scenes staring at his faaaace and his fuzzy white sweater get-up and marveling at how tall he apparently is. Another thing that HAS to be mentioned is the score. OH MAN. I need to get the OST as soon as possible.
Youtuuuuuube clips )

- THE SITUATION BACK HOME. "Deadly blasts hit Bangkok protest" (helpful maps), "Bomb terror grips Silom" and Thai grenade attack kills at least 3". WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. This is just getting worse and worse. And what is perhaps the most creepy part of these attacks to me is that I know that area, and normally like spending time there (especially in the evening browsing the night market that is set up on the sidewalks... which, oh, was AROUND THE TIME THE GRENADES WENT OFF :|||). The BK Magazine office I interned at are basically also on the opposite side of the street where the grenades went off. As I've mentioned before, Bangkok is becoming more and more inhospitable for all the plans I had made for slowly getting myself settled there on my own-- living near Langsuan (a stone's throw away from the red-shirt camp), shopping and perhaps also working at Ratchaprasong (REAAAALLY smack-dab in the red-shirt camp) and now this happening to Silom? I've heard that the shopkeepers in the area are mobilizing and ready to defend their homes and livelihoods though, which is great. Though I can already see that this'll just end with more injured, and more dead. AUGHHH.
My plan remains reaaaaaally hoping for the Singapore thing to work out (the lady won't be calling me tomorrow after all, and I'll just be dropping by for a face-to-face interview on the 28th, since we're going to Singapore regardless. Yay birthday present!).

...I now forgot what else I was going to say. OH RIGHT I AM WAAAAAAAAAY NOT DONE WITH PACKING AND MOST OF MY LAST ERRANDS YET. FUUUUCK. So gonna stay home and try to get this done on my last night in Vienna tomorrow, I don't care how anti-climatic it is.
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I wonder if one day I will be able to be one of those people who can basically cram their entire life in a suitcase and just be off. I would even settle for two suitcases-- perhaps with a 30kg limit each and a carry-on luggage aaaaaaaand would ya look at this, I am even managing to overpack already in this little fantasy. I guess I am just a ~HOARDER TO THE BONESSS. This is now my last week in Vienna, and I am slowly feeling the time slipping away from me. I am making good progress on my list of Important Errands That Have To Be Done Before Leaving The Country though, so I don't feel so bad when I occasionally (often) zone out in front of the computer and end up plowing through 100K+ of Star Trek fic since ahem, Saturday.

Have been a somewhat busy bee with meeting and hanging-out with various people, with of course the bestest shoutouts and props going to my dear [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, she who is basically ending up with around 89% percent of the contents of my dorm XDD. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] nebst for the first time on Tuesday was also utterly fantastic, and we got to combine legit ~art appreciation walking around the Kunsthistorisches Museum and fangirl/fandom talk. I took silly pictures of masterpieces to amuse me that I realize I still haven't uploaded yet, oops. Looking forward to the Cafe Landtmann tomorrow already! Spoiler alert: I'll probably be nomming away again, ahhh I still think of the fantastic Backhendl+Kartoffelsalat at that MQ place *_*
Got to do stuff with some uni peeps as well, and Clemens even is showing himself from his best side now! He offered to bring me to the airport this Saturday-- if my flight isn't canceled PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME, VOLCANIC ASH CLOUD OF DOOM-- which was a pleasant, if slightly confusing surprise.

I managed to pack up 9.7kgs of clothes, shoes and other assorted bits and bobs to send off on Monday (57€ shipping, not bad), realizing at the same time that my arms are feeble noodles incapable of carrying even marginally heavy loads. I also succeeded in unregistering myself from Vienna, one of my biggest to-do points now crossed off. Scanned it in at Olga's place today (where we had DELICIOUS STELZE & KARTOFFELSALAT OM NOM NOM ONE OF MY AUSTRIAN DREAMS, ACCOMPLISHED), and now I just have to get over myself and write the emails to the various places that need it as proof to cancel my insurance and etc etc. Blargh.

Dad also called and updated me on the newest happenings back home and lolll IF I MAKE IT TO THAILAND, and barring good news in S'pore, it seems like I will be spending more time up north in Chiang Mai then first expected! You can't do jack shit in town now because of the reds, and more and more of the hotels have now closed, or have abbreviated opening hours (Dad's had to close at midday today). Going to the fitness studio, eating healthy food with Ma and sitting through her now self-declared quest to be the one to instruct me on how to improve my written Thai does sound like an awesome way to pass the time though, not gonna lie.

PS In not shocking news, my roommate is still a slob of the highest degree, and a skank who apparently is having an affair with a married man, if her EXTREMELY LOUD phone conversations while stomping around the place drunkenly at 2AM are anything to go by. For the dude's sake, I hope she's over that phase where she had vaginal fungus meds lying around the bathroom (that was ...awkward to discover lol). For all that she is allergic to general forms of cleanliness, she does have a strange mouthwash fetish, there are at least four different types of such products in our bathroom now and she once went through 2 full bottles of Listerine in 5 days. I think someone forgot to tell her you don't actually drink it? IDK IDK.

EDIT TO ADD: Fantastic classical cover of Gaga & B's "Telephone"!! ...I think what I like best about this, besides the usual !!! classical cover glee is how you can really see how much fun everyone involved is having. Also, the dudes are kind of cute :D
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Red, red, red. Fuuuuck. I've been reading along with the current happenings back home, and words and adequate emotional reactions are failing me. I mean, how many new ways can you react to news of escalating violence, and clashes that end in 21 dead and over 800 injured? I know that life still goes on alongside the protests, and that there shouldn't be this picture that the ~entire city is swamped in protesters and under total anarchy (because it isn't!)-- but what worries me is that the Redshirts won't fucking move. They've been here a month, after all. And even if the House does dissolve and new elections occur, well who's gonna bet that they'll be counter-protests from the Yellowshirts? All the same fuckery over and over again, and what is the result? The entire country is divided, suffers and takes hit after hit on our reputation and our credibility overseas. I have absolutely no idea how we'll get out of this fucking quagmire :|

Some articles from the Bangkok Post (I was on The Nation's site too, but holy fucking shit every second article there has like 5 typos and grammatical errors. What the hell, ONE OF BANGKOK'S MAIN ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPERS? "Hepatatis" and "bloods"-- seriously? And oh btw, apparently the blood that the Redshirts ~symbolically spilled in front of parliament/Abhisit's house/etc? Some were tested to have had Hepatitis A, B, C and some were HIV positive. Ugh.)
Govt weights earlier dissolution
Civic groups, scholars call for peace talks (Yeah, we'll see if this happens!)
Fatal clashes drive businesses to despair (Such a melodramatic headline.)
Redshirts raid hospital, take bodies of fallen (WHAT THE FUCK)
Sad Thaksin: Let the Reds decide (ASSHOLE. ASSHOLE ASSHOLE ASSHOLE. As if he isn't the main instigator and puppetmaster behind all of this. For all that the core purpose of the Redshirts is sound-- to protest against the injustices against the poor perpetuated by the rich elite in Bangkok-- it is their persistence in trumpeting this fugitive criminal as their champion that makes me want to throw up in my mouth. His way of "solving" the problem, is and was throwing money at it and back when he was in office, making "quick-fix" populist policies that actually haven't really done much in the long-term. AND OH WAIT, WHAT'S THIS? Nepotism and fuckery and corruption, juuuust about like every other politician here.)

AND ON A SHALLOW NOTE, way to make me now hate a color I normally liked to wear. Am tempted to donate my snazzy Adidas jacket and red shirt-dress now. Or at least I should've left them at my grandparents as "Europe-only" wearable things.
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But I am stubborn and refusing to capitulate, or something. Today has so far been a day of trying to minimize all the tabs I have open and using the power of my brain to make certain people come online. So far I have failed to get a hold of Clemens (that dick, first he doesn't answer my calls, then smses me for lunch on Monday AND THEN doesn't reply to my calls/messages about uh, when to actually meet on Monday. WHY IS HE SO TEDIOUS SOMETIMES) but succeeded in talking to Ma. Which is yay, she's feeling better and all that and has new and shiny advice for me when for when I come back to BKK. Which basically amounts to "if you don't get a job at an ad agency, maybe you could become an English teacher for shits and giggles! I hear there are two week courses you can do to get a certificate that only cost 10'000 baht!" lolll man I'd feel like such a cliche if I were to actually go down that route, the fact that I am probably wholly unsuited to teaching aside. But speaking of home, I have been poking about the news sites a bit and AUGH the news about the Red-shirts' latest fuckwittery is just rage-inducing. Disgusting, foolish AND *headdesks*. Assholes. Also, I keep forgetting not to read the comments section of the articles, mooooooooar idiocy only lies in wait there.

The past few days have been awesome Viennese fun though, had drinks&snacks&drinks&POOL with Wido on Friday (a surprise turn of events if you know both of us and alcohol and my normal thoughts on pool) and spent Saturday going grocery-shopping with Miss Olga and camping out on her lovely sofa broadening my education in the finer points of Austrian Films of Note. Though I still can't remember where I saw bits of Komm, süßer Tod before, watching it and Silentium were great fun. Looking forward to Knochenmann (the third in the loosely-connected trilogy) soon!

Am still in the middle of uploading pictures for the first of a few image-posts, so until that gets down have some Links of ♥:
__ Casting the Greek Gods in a modern dramedy by [livejournal.com profile] zombres. I am basically a sucker for all thing Greek god-related, and this was just catnip, delicious delicious catnip to me. And even better, there is a Part Two and Part Three! Kyaaa, some of the casting choices *_*b
__ Ke$ha's Tik Tok rewritten a la Tony Stark also by [livejournal.com profile] zombres. I WISH THIS WERE THE ACTUAL SONG NOW. So excellent!
__ I am behind on my SPN news, but this is just a further sign that Misha Collins is unbelievable <33. SERIOUSLY THIS DUDE. THIS DUDE
__ Harmony Drawing Tool ...not news that this thing is intensely cool. AHH *goes and doodles some more*
__ THE DOGGIE GAGA PROJECT ...yessssssss. I now intensely desire to put Ace and Nero in similar get-ups *_*
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I have returned since Monday and have already managed to feel like my sense of time is out of whack. And have gone to bed at midnight or half past midnight the last two days. I wonder if these feelings of being tired are the depressing truth that jetlag is now finally affecting me? Ugh. Have so many things to do in the limited time I am here, and am already feeling the danger of falling into a lump of Not Caring and Not Doing Enough.

Productive Things Done So Far, Though:
__ AN "OFFICIAL" GRADUATE IS ME (AKA I now have the complete papers in my hand). Three and a half years of university that ended up crystallized on a few pieces of unspectacular paper, handed to me even WITHOUT the cheap-ass carton folder (Uni Wien ran out. SO CLASSY). Ended up with a slightly better GPA than I expected, which is nice. I will probably still not really have internalized the fact that this part of my life is now well and over with, though I am already feeling very chill when I hear about everyone's uni assignments and go "I AM FREEE". Bring on a whole new set of other problems though lol. I do like the fact that my semester sticker only runs out on my birthday, which means that for Getting Shit Cheaper purposes, I am still a student next month. Because damn the transit tickets are hellaciously expensive once you can't use a semester ticket anymore.
__ Met with Wido yesterday to hang out and give him his belated birthday present (assorted Thai curry pastes and dried fruit), he made such an adorable :DD face when he saw it, ahhh. Have also been hanging at Miss Olga's domicile in the evenings and we watched Charlie Bartlett yesterday. ANTON YELCHIN IS SO ADORABLE and I basically spent the entire movie being ridiculously charmed and making eeeee noises whenever RDJ appeared as well. I still stand by the fact that Charlie's love interest had an ENORMOUS HEAD though. And the punkass dude looked like a poor-man's version of Puck from Glee. Or is it the other way around, since the movie came out first? Hmm. Speaking of movies, I also saw Precious on the flight to Vienna. While I guess a bit of the sheer impact of the film was diminished by seeing it on such a tiny screen, it was still a very intense experience and Gabby Sidibe and Mo'nique's performances were truly amazing. I spent a lot of time just making horrified faces at Mo'nique's character's actions especially, JFC.
__ Made an email inquiry to a travel agent re: my ticket back to BKK, made some prelim checks of when I should go to see my grandparents.

Things that should be done tomorrow, goddammit self:
__ Buy the train ticket, go to MC and see about canceling my phone contract, get the dorm cancellation contract filled out, pay for April net
__ Throw some stuff out, sort through paperwork, see what to do with my bank accounts and insurance, MAKE LIST OF SHIT TO DO

Things that I will be doing right now:
__ Get ready to see Olga and go to some talk that our Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer is actually holding in the dorm campus here. Though I have never really involved myself with Austro-politics much, I still think that seeing him in the flesh would be kind of cool. And Olga has the best anecdotes about him (the last time he did this talk, he actually laid some tracks-- old school jazz!-- at the post-talk party thing lolol what)
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The last few days have been spent doing basically the same things over and over, except in slightly different combinations and constellations.

Example the first: Watching MOVIES:
If I switched Thursday evening with Friday, I have basically been watching a movie a day since then until Monday :D. Even so, I gotta say that I am Not Pleased at how the ticket prices seem to have shot up in BKK since I was here last year. UNCOOL.
Spoilery thoughts on: Hurt Locker, Alice in Wonderland 3D, Up in the Air and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus )

Example the second: Hang out with awesome people:
These last few days doing assorted things with Ginger and co have again reaffirmed how important food is to Thai culture and being social in general and how I whole-heartedly adore this. I clearly am weak in my food-fu from all the time spent in Europe though, must work on this when I come back.

Example the third: Obsessively rewatch male figure-skating vids:
And by male figure-skating I mostly mean mainlining the ~oeuvre of one Stephane Lambiel. I MEAN JEEBUS CHRIST THIS GUY IS UNREAL. About as unreal and magical as a magical zebra in the winter with wings. The outfit will never stop making me lol, but his World Championship-winning performance here is so amazing.

AND SPEAKING OF AMAZING, THIS POST just about killed my browser, and my brain because holy HQ pics of sexyness, Batman!. BRB SWOONING FOREVERRRRRRRRR ♥ <-- Lal, this is totally the post I was talking about *_*b
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Still have a bunch of stuff I meant to post (also: ep reactions for last weeks SPN/White Collar), but time slipped right past by me.

Need to switch off the computer now and get my last minute things together, as it's OFF TO BANGKOK FOR ME TODAY BABYYYY ♥! I can't wait, but I sure as hell hope my flight will be most excellent, or at least not have me seated next to some snorer or smelly person. Eventhough the snoring thing shouldn't matter, because if we're honest and I do fall asleep myself, there is a high likelihood that ~I~ am that embarrassing person who snores and/or drools a little bit in her sleep. Another reason why I never want people to wish me some hotties seated next to me or something, because lol that'd scare em off quick XDD

Will try and see how fast I can get internet when we get settled in the first week that Ma and I will be spending in town, I'm sure addiction won't keep me away from you guys for long though!
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I have been kind of the ~*Queen Flake*~ of Jesuschristwhydoisuck-dom, but I guess that is fitting to the theme of this summer. It feels like eternity, and still I wish I could have spent more time here. University calls, and I wish I could just ignore it, especially now that it seems that my final semester will be fraught with bureaucratic fuckery regarding amongst others, increments of 5 FUCKING ECTS points that I still need to conclude my free electives that must then be approved.
Oh university, how you have always been not much more than a means to an end to me- and while I hope there is an alternate universe me that is happily studying for her probably useless university degree- this version just can't wait for it to be finally over.

Things that have been awesome in the last few days were:
- Getting my HD successfully cloned, and going from 80GB --> 320GB of space. MOTHERFUCKING HELL YEAH, this is how we roll. And all this for 3,100 baht/ 60€. This is why Asia is the best place ever to be. All your wishes, bam!
- Last victory tour of shopping spots and fave snack places-- Kanom Krabuang, Hokkaido soft serve, delish sushi, mango smoothies and moaaaaaar
- Ma (and her credit card's) surprise treating me to what has to have been the best facial treatment I have ever experienced at the place where I got my bikini wax. The Clarins Institute has totally won over my heart-- the treatment bed even had a heating pad inside ngggggg BLISS
- Dinner with Dad at Chesa's-- best melt-in-your-mouth Australian Sirloin steak I have also ever had, simply perfection! Which was rounded off by delicious mango-passionfruit Mövenpick sorbet ♥

Things that have been not awesome:
- Getting my period, and thus traveling with it (at least I know why I was so angry and cranky these last few days though lol)
- Ace comes into my room. Stares at my face with his usual dopey expression. And then proceeds to casually lift a leg up and piss in my room. Thankfully he didn't hit anything important, but still. DUMBASS DOG :/

OOOH Dad and Sue are back, hopefully this means dinner now ahhh so hungry. See y'all on the flipside and wish me a good, and empty flight bereft of dickery and assholes :
...and still, I am pretty much psyched about the effects that these crash sessions of pilates+workouts that I have been having since last Friday. I GOT TO PUNCH THINGS THIS WEDNESDAY!! It's a damn shame I don't have more time here (ahhh leaving for Bangkok this Sunday :((( ), because I am wistfully imagining how much more awesome I'd look after that. Past the span until mid October when I will be wholly consumed by my Thesis, I do hope that I can still latch upon this feeling and try to exercise more in Vienna. There must be a fitness studio near the dorms that isn't either horrifically seedy or horrendously over-priced, right? I want to lose weight, I want to look fitter and better and be finally happy with the way I look in a mirror without my blinders of denial and 'who gives, it's only you who'll be seeing this' on, and I hope I can stick with this and make something gradual but long-lasting happen, so that I can at least have some prelim results by Christmas. The personal trainer who did a beginning fitness and consultation session with me in the beginning put it in lovely, tangible and slightly alarming numbers. When converted to kilos, the body fat measuring machine tells me that the 35% (with "healthy" being around 25%, apparently) becomes 26 kilos. 26 kilos! That's an entire suitcase filled with stuff that is apparently pasted somewhere around my hips, ass and thighs!

So, because telling things to the internet means that they should eventually happen, I hereby declare my intent to sustainably give this ~*losing weight/getting fitter*~ thing, another good old college try! It would be unbelievable to have a 6- in front of my weight again, and hey, I'm in my 20s, that should be the age where we are at our most young and spry and hot, ne? Lolol. I am sure that Carmen will be an added health policeman and curb my baser impulses (and urges for COCA-COLAAAAAAA and salami pralines) once she gets back, Clemens has been muttering things about also looking to get fit again (and he's always good to drag around for things) and [livejournal.com profile] gwy and I are apparently now internet support buddies! LET'S FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT :D! ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, this goes without speaking that I will probably be dragging you grocery shopping and invading your lovely apartment for flimsy reasons again :DD

AND IN OTHER NEWS: [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and soon [livejournal.com profile] laulan (AHHH LOOKING FORWARD TO FRIDAY) should all receive shiny internet medals and lovings for being the sparkling and darling people who are playing a massive part in helping me not miserably fail at my Bachelor's Thesis. I COULDN'T HAVE CHOSEN BETTER ARTICULATE AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE TO FAKE NOT-KNOW FOR THE SAKE OF ~ACADEMIC PURITY~ IN INTERVIEWING ♥ ♥



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