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2005 - THE PRESENT, lol. Also mainly for my own personal reference, since I must admit to myself that my previous one isn't all that up to-date anymore. Clearly I just need to sign-up for more fests and challenges. And wow are a lot of my old Pbucket links broken. Whoops.

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I am utterly and totally knackered, to steal a Brit way of saying things. Holy crap. And I have no real idea where this is coming from, but I just feel this resounding feeling of mental and physical lethargy-- so if I seem a little off to you guys these next few days, it is because I am running on what you'd call Stromsparmodus. This better not be my brain already preparing for Roma roma romaaa (NEXT WEEK HOMG!!), ugh there is so much unwanted uni crap to deal with still this week.

In an effort to not make this entry even more pointless and boring, have some links that have been at least moderately to quite entertaining, via Ye Old Youtube:
_Some person on YT who's uploaded a bunch of current anime ...I can highly recommend K-ON! as a fun and cheerful anime about a group of four girls who decide they want to start a band and make it big. Adorable character designs and relationships, and seriously solid animation.
_Their ED is also insanely catchy and one of the most addictive to watch that I have seen in ages. ...Or more likely: I am just totally transfixed by the moe moe character designs. And I am a sucker for lip-synching during OP/ED themes or just basically Band!actionn. Their dresses! So darling~ (And here's the Full Version of the K-ON! ED song btw)
_"The Monster without a Name" ...who here also read and LOVED Naoki Urusawa's brilliant Monster manga? Never really had time to watch the anime, but here are some clips of the animated versions of the creepy and wonderful fairytales that were woven into the plot of the series. GAAH. Lovely visuals, but GAAAAH. Further tales: "The Person with the Big Eyes & The Person with the Big Mouth" and
"The Troubled God"

_Wonderfully clear and understandable YT vids on different hairstyles ...Non-anime/manga lol, and FINALLY, a vid that makes me understand how one does a fishtail braid. And the sheer variety of things this woman can do with her hair is fascinating. It's so long and glorious O_O

Also, it occurs to me that I haven't really posted about last week's Supernatural. Huh. Suffice to say that it pretty much blew my fucking mind and I am on the edge of my seat to find out what happens in the SEASON FINALE this week. Expect mindless ALLCAPS and cursing of Kripke to occur thereafter!

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I meant to do something else, probably be all productive for uni and all, but then I reread 'Good Together' AND IT BROKE MY HEART ALL OVER AGAIN. Waaargh, Asapin TAT. Was hungering for moooar afterwards, but shame that 95% of the rest of the Karekano fics on FFNet continue to kind of well, suck. But I guess it's one of these fandoms that don't actually leave much room or give an urge for fic-writing? I remember being on Rhoddlet(of HP fic fame)'s webpage once and seeing a Karekano section on her fic page and there was this ficlet that featured the trio? Or referenced to Asaba's interest in Arima and I wanted so badly to click it but the link was incorrect or something like that, and I was so very bummed, heh. It is obviously one of the great fic losses that will forever haunt me, much like how I wish Rage Point's "On Moonlight's Leash"(HP AU, what-if James Potter didn't survive coming between Snape and Werewolf!Remus during the night of the Prank and the rippling effects this would have had on everybody. Super gritty and very noir-ish and exceedingly awesome) was a)continued and b)still be able to be found in some form on the Internets. Ahh :(.
But back to Karekano-- got around to reading some of the later volumes again and besides admitting to myself that I was kind of let down by the later bits/the end resolution, I was also kind of sad to note how Masami Tsuda's art style seemed to be getting blander and blander. Could hardly tell some of the characters apart and I must say that the 'not showing the eyes of a character because the ANGST/undefinable emotion is so strong' tick is fine and dandy, but not when it's executed as such that it looks more like the mangaka forgot to fill in the eyes. So I guess the point of this blather is that I will always love Karekano with a fierce love, Yukino, Arima and Asaba are just such great and lovable and interesting characters-- but my selective-perception shutters fall after around the halfway point of the manga, with certain scenes in the end being well and good, yet. I always wonder how it all would have been shown in the anime version, had it not sputtered off and died in the end a la GAINAX...
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I must say, I had totally forgotten to check on what was happening with the Ouran manga so far, having stopped reading as far as the published volumes went the last time I was in BKK (volume 8??), but surfing CFO reminded me that YES, there was more and UP UNTIL MID VOLUME 12!!! And lo it was wonderful. Oh, Ouran ♥.

Spoilerly SQUEE henceforth~~ )

Actually, these past few days have actually been quite good to me in nerd-hobby catching-up-ness. Have been rereading my manga here (GENSHIKENNNNNN ♥) and Youtube is even playing along most of the time so that I have finally finished Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni(CREEPY CREEPY I LOVE RENAAAA CREEPY CREEPY MION AND SHION AAAAH) and Lucky Star (KONATAAAA ♥)!

Oh, and I am starting with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! now and hot diggety, it is SO MUCH FUN. And I am kind of in love with the art. AND GOKUDERA-KUN. AND YAMAMOTO-KUN. Gaaaaah, everyone is just so much fun so far. BATSHIT MAFIA INSANITY A+++

Tomorrow I shall try to make a post about uni things. Hmm~

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Guess who, after obsessively replaying the 'Dear You' songs for ever and ever, has started watching Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni on Youtube today! At like nearlly 2 fucking AM, which is of course THE BEST TIME to start watching something that will undoubtably freak the beejezus out of me. ._. ...Heck, I only just finished the first episode and I was twitching in '...will the bad things happen yet?!'-anticipation! And I must agree with the general gist of what I've read so far about the series is that the charas are all surprisingly sympathetic and likable, despite their initial SUPAA MOE WAI WAI appearance. Rena's desire to save Kenta-kun(...a fucking Colonel Sanders statue) from the dumpster made me lol

Oh and let me paste my take on the 'which animanga chara would I do etc.' meme that the lovely [livejournal.com profile] storyteller posted on her LJ. With additional tl;dr comments from moi, o' course.

Doo daa daaa MEMEME )
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For I am what seems to be miraculously healed?? Or at least I seemed to have purged the last of VILE MBK CHINESE FOOD from my system and am now only left with a comparatively mild throbbing headache! Thanks for small mercies, etc. et al~

Still spent most of the day sleeping and kind of zoning out in front of the TV, so much for my grand plans of rearranging the furniture in my room! Maybe tomorrow AHAHAHAA?
Got to watch the majority of Cruel Intentions again, though and oooh the nostalgia! I remember watching this at Maew's place all those years ago with her and La and being so SCANDALISED!!1 at the naughty bits and squeeing when Annette and Sebastian got together. Whodathunk that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe would end up divorced like all the other Hollywood couples in the end, eh? They sure were so wee and cute in the movie though! Ahh, young love. And I continue to love the music they included in the film-- especially the 'Colourblind'-sequence 8)

And to continue on the music I am loving-vein/random recs: 'Kiss & Cry'by Utada Hikaru and 'Beautiful world'! THE BEAT! EARWORM-FACTOR! I have never regretted the purchase of any Utada album so far and have throughly enjoyed her work and due to works like these singles that keep coming out I highly doubt I will stop being such a fan of hers any time soon ♥ ♥ ♥
Needless to say I am also very looking forward to the Rebuild of Evangelion remake. And featuring 'Fly Me to the Moon' sung by Utada Hikaru as well~~~ Ooh and here's the second trailer, this one featuring an abridged version of 'Beautiful World'.

Here is also an anime that has throughly entertained me with its SUPREME crack factor and fun: 'Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei/So long, Despair-Teacher' ep 01. GLORIOUS. GLORIOUUUUS. I am kind of in love with the ED song and just the whole damn thing. Wish there were more subbed eps than just four out! What's it about? Basically a teacher who is nigh-suicidal and his assortment of crazy-ass female students and their hijinks, but really everyone should check it out regardless. The art is tight and the visuals are unique(at least the ED is uh very speeecial ... so is the OP to ep04 actually ahaha)...My err, initial expectations were quite turned on their head thats for sure! XDDD. SO MUCH CRACK. And the subs are very well done~

OH and dinner was a delicious seafood EXTRAVAGANZA that was a JOY to eat-- fresh grilled river prawns, juicy, sweet and firm flesh with lotsa delightful and creamy prawn goo; grilled squid in a tasty Dad-made marinade and the ending flourish-- fresh steamed runner/horseshoe crabs that were warm and had lots of sweet and delectable meat. Messy affair, eating all that but oh so worth it ♥ ♥ Yay for the curse of the crap chinese MBK food having left already by then~~

Well damn

Apr. 14th, 2007 12:04 am
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So it's uh been two weeks since I last posted? Ahehe. Um. Well, the first week was Krimml-induced doom and this one was due to the gleeful invasion of my domicile from dear Frank and La, who both have left meeeeee since like 10AM today(WAAAAAAAH i am still kinda mopey and alternating that with a sudden urge to now just not do anything until uni starts and aaah so much?? work to do? People to catch up with etc etc). ;___;

Was a fantastic time, seriously-- what is better than having guests who do all the (very tasty and healthy--duh it's LA)cooking for you? :D Ah, and shopping for grocery together made me so quietly happy, because what point or fun is there in cooking something elaborate for yourself? It's the little discussions of carrots vs. cucumbers and what weird bargain bin bio crap to buy(note: Bio Lachs Schinken is bullshit) that make the experience. As are impulse buys of bubble blowing kits(? sp?), ahh ♥

We walked around a LOT and started early on in the day(...the perils of being the only long sleeper with two morning people guests XDD) and I like to think that though I managed to FAIL in showing them the viennese nightlife(..lol like I am an expert) we made a sizeable dent on the cultural attractions~ Some of which I had also not seen yet-- like the originals of the works of Gustav Klimt('The Kiss'!) and Egon Schiele etc. in the Belvedere castle. CULTURE POINTS GET.

I was almost a bit jealous of La today though-- she and Frank might have had a five hour drive from here back to Münich(where she'd get her train back to Versailles) but it'd still be a continuation of the RRROAD TRIP and they made stops at pretty sounding places like the Kaiserssee and castles! Or even the idea of wandering around Münich is appealing... My own memories of that are fuzzy at best, ahh time.

But I dragged my ass over to Clemen's place after bumming around for a long while and used his washing machine to do some laundry while we watched some 8 odd eps of Samurai Champloo. Have left him with a large list of to watch anime, too aaand probably offhandedly outed myself as a yaoi fangirl while I was at it. Go me >_>;; (I probaaably was a wee bit obvious when I made him watch the first ep of Gankutsuou and made flailing noises about Albert and Franz. Gah)

Now my eyes are burning and I shall go to sleep now. Pictures and more words to come tomorrow! OR something.

Oh, and Kaaat ♥-- we have a postcard for you! A group effort so to speak, though it took my klutzyness as a catalyst, but hey I shall prevail through the teasing if it gets Frank to actually write things!!! SHOCK, I know ;D Will send it mondaaaay along with some other stuff :D

ALSO, OLGAAAA dankedanke for the magnetkarte! When should I give it back to you? I really owe you, man! LOVE
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One thing that I forgot about living at Dad's place is the often ANNOYING fact that there is no running water in the afternoon! Or noon, given that I woke up at 11AM. GAAAARGH... D: Even the last Papa Beard puffs that I ate havent really helped. I feel all ...icky and blaargh.

THUS YOUTUBE FOR DISTRACTION! (also a ref for dear Kaaaat as I am not on the laptop that has all my bookmarks EVER so I was sifting around lol)

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y3_wAlsYp4&mode=related&search= ...So, I LOVE the song "God Knows" that Haruhi(VA: Hirano Aya) sings in that one ep of TMoSH right? Imagine my surprise when I found this quite good english fandub of it~ I quite like this girl's voice, too.

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeR8yBLu1oo&mode=related&search= ...aand here's the original version to compare! FAAAAANTASTIC SONG~~ ♥

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSUo9Nhsc6U&mode=related&search= ...here is the same girl dubbing the ED song, which in itself is damn catchy aswell~

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ9vKsn5UpQ&mode=related&search= ...a different person's take on the ED. More polished, one might say?

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c3k9NMTAVM&mode=related&search= ...the original! One day I want to learn how to do the dance steps, too :3


_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNygDdAJ8uc ... "Pheonix Wright became so numb", Kaaat this is the PW vid that apparently is too awesome to open from the CD? Heh. It's really well edited, though! Raburabu~

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyY0R4B1eGo ...the part within me that will NEVER stop loving Naruto, even if the manga kinda sucks ass lately is so gleeful about this new arc in the anime. THE OP is FUCKING FANTASTIC~~~ LOVE IT.

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ft5jaFnOzk ...and here the Pumpkin Scissors vid! Snappy editing and catchy Muse song, oh my!

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7A_bJFZNXE&mode=related&search= ...Alan Rickmann a)in a MUSIC VIDEO and b)DANCING THE TANGO. Oh. Wow. :DDD

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0A7dtdc-nU ...I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE, like now. Ahahahahahaha so cheesy catchy! Hugh Grant has been on a steady stream of awesome roles ever since 'About A Boy'... man~~

_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL4d2dp5SDg ...LOLOLOLOL what the hell, combining Aqua's "Roses are Red" with the Angel Sanctuary OVA??? Ahahahaha omg I used to listen to this song on repeat in primary school XDD
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...I always had heard people raving about it, so I decided yesterday to trawl Youtube for some eps and.

...holy shit, this is how every so-called 'magical girl' anime dreams to be like. Gah. SO GOOD. Ahiru is such an adorable lead and I love that her voice really DOES sound like the duck she really is AND the fairytale motif throughout the anime is wonderful. The meta! Talking back to the 'omniescent narrator'(who is kinda creepy and awesome) ...it brings to mind Utena, except I don't feel like I need to be pumped up on LSD to understand it lol.
And to think I was snorting at the ballet and everything at first. Thirteen eps later(and more to go!) I am hooked and gosh my inner 6 year old that wanted to dance ballet so bad is thrilled ♥
DANCE-OFFS! BALLET-FU akfdlkasjflkjfj :D :D :D
It's fitting that they seem to only use classical music too, and how this really amps up the dramatic factor. I think I was gasping quite a bit during the last eps of 'Der Kapitel des Eies'(=correct german usage also A++)

Oh and NEKO-SENSEI is AWESOME ♥ nyaaaaaaaaah :D :D



Oh and in other news -- WHO KNEW THAT I ALSO HAVE INTERESTING LECTURES(besides the comic tutorial but that doesnt really count soo)?? Altho it figures that Prof Vitouch won't be here for next weeks Medien-pyschologie. And ahahaha the hall-wide groan that followed his announcement...seems the fill-in is well hated XDD We shall seee~

...and I have to get up at 6.30AM tomorrow again. JOY. But at least this time there actually will BE a lecture lololol
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Numero UNO: "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" is an awesome anime. I do not now what it says about how long I've actually been in anime fandom that the crack in it hardly phases me anymore, heeh. Kyon is just hilarious and bitchy, poor booya XDD As for Ms. Haruhi herself? Well she's certainly one of the more memorable and kickass heroines of late~
And the ED should be illegal as for how damn catchy it is!

Numero DOS: I need to rack up the pic count in my cam before I can deem it worth the blank CD to burn the pics to when I eventually connect it to the computer. SO~! I guess this'd be what one calls a 'picmeme'? Give me random things that I should photograph! Food? The mess that is my room? Random anime/manga merchandise? The dog acting retarded? The idyllic countyside beauty of our 'up-county' abode? HIT ME BABY :DD

Numero PEE.ESS: ...there are people in this season of Academy Fantasia that can actually SING! Holy shiiit~ V12(Tui) and V2(Pett)! Best of luck to you guys I guess... and whuut this must ve been a rerun I thought that Bruna got booted off already. but she does sing well, haaah wonder why they voted her off

noooow, off to wait for "TMoSH" ep 10 to finish loading!
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Oh, Samurai Champloo. Oh oh oh. YouTube is currently the Happiest Place on Earth right now and finally getting to watch eps 18-fin of Samurai Champloo is joy indeed (am starting ep 22 now!). Oh Jin, Mugen, Fuu. This anime has it all. A fun and funky plot, smooth and interesting animation and anachronistic music that some how, along with all the sheer CRACK that appears, just works (oh when they do use traditional music alksjfklaf o god *HEART STABBY* DD:). And of course, most importantly-- beautiful, beautiful characters, seeing their interactions together is just lovely~ The petty squabbling! The fights when they build little groups and team up against each other! Ahahaha the Jin vs. Fish scene in ep... 12? or so will always be ingrained into my mind ♥

...heeh and I actually set out to watch Ouran 13 at first, which was also one of the more better episodes in a while~ Ahhh Tamaki why you so sexy :DD

Oh and since I always have about a gazillion windows open, here are some prettys from DA:

_ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5608623/ ...Roy Mustang a la tongari, who has this wonderful, almost ethereal way of drawing and coloring... Check out her gallery for more awesome!
_ http://www.deviantart.com/view/6160526/ ...Marui Bunta(PoT) vs. Sawada Shin(Gokusen), also by tongari. Haaah great idea! And I am digging the colors- so red and vibrant! ...also, they do look awfully alike from the chara design if you really think about it~
_ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/34613201/ ...a sekushi Draco--who kinda looks like Raito but whatever, by Kogepan. I think I might've posted a link to this one on LJ before? Heeeh my memory seems to be failing me D:

Oh and dentist went fine, although Dad is now 3000 baht poorer. But really, why did the lady dentist feel it necessary to start gossiping to her assistants while she was digging around in my mouth? I mean, she knew that I could understand every word and acting like that is just kind of ...well, unprofessional yanno? But eh, whatever.
Managed to finish all the food I overstocked on, yaays and took the plunge and bought my DREAM CHASE-STYLE sexy green jacket~ ♥ It has such lovely long arms that cover half of my hands- without even having to stretch them or anything~~ *glees* ignoring its tidy price of about 3000 baht too s-shut up I didnt buy a swimsuit so it balances out...D: speaking of which buying bikinis here sucks! Sorry for having hips and an ass and 'all that junk inside my trunk'! Che H&M wien, here I come then :(
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...= Proof that YouTube really is a godsend for the unlucky few like me who can't/don't have BitTorrent on their computers and still want to watch the occasional anime 8D

Case in point- the fabulousness know as Ouran HS Host Club!
Got to watch the first ep just now and daaamn, if I thought the manga was good, the anime takes that and just transports the series into a whole other realm of Awesomeness. ...and I do prefer the chara design of the anime, so nice ♥! Seeing Tamaki animated and talking is icing on the cake too~

The entire 8 eps so far are all up on YouTube, surfing a bit should get them.

But for convenience's sake and so that Kat might be convinced to give it another whirl- *COUGHCOUGH*

__EP 1 : Part ONE; Part TWO and Part THREE!

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Fiiiinally, finally got to watch the THAI edition of Saiyuki Requiem DVD I searched for in vain at the import anime store since ...last year? Damn.
But. General impression? D:
I dunno if these are my impossibly high expectations for anime speaking, but the animation -and this was a movie- seemed so very shoddy and bad filler ep from the anime-like.
The baddy was campy as fuck, and okay, fun at times- especially with his Sanzo-Shikigami NC-17 hinted actions-blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene. There were good Ikkou bits aswell, must say that too but shame that it was all in all so very mreh. My DVD copy didn't help the fact by freezing every five seconds in the last 20mins of the movie. AND I can't check out the extras. Wtf whyyyyy :(

ALSO: EVERWOOD SEASON THREEEEEEEE!! Oh how I've missed you sooo~~ :D!
Ephram- your hair is fugly and stop being an emotional retaaard!
Treat and Patch- TRUE OTP OF EVERWOOD ahaha so cute and married-couple ish they even have a shared fish named Hootie and tender loving looks are copiously exchanged XD!
Delia- Fuck, she's gonna be one pretty teenager someday...
Amy- Looked like a hamster in some shots ahahaha
New Doc chara- Blah

...that is all for now. Have new part one of "Wind That Shakes The Sea and Stars" to get cracking in AND Ravenclaw!Draco fic part 8 to read~ Ahhh...


Oct. 14th, 2005 10:07 pm
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I finally have spent more than half an hour dicking around on PS7 and hrmm, this was kinda fun!
(smaller version, just because)
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Finished the last 14 eps today. OH GOD YES GOOD SIOFIHAFLFAKH.

just in case...spoilers for the end )

Other News- Wanna go watch "Tom Yam Goong" Aka the thai boxing movie part2, eventhough it's sooo obvious they named it that way as to advertise the dish more/market the movie better overseas. But eh, whatever. The fight scenes will surely be cool and the huge wrestler guy looks interesting. Saw the premiere TV scoop where he just picked Mam Jokmok(Comedian who's also in the movie) and twirled him around. HUGE DUDE, there was like a meter height difference.

Ahh. Off to sleep now.

PPS. Kat!! Meant to call you, but uhh, stupidly forgot your number at Dad's place... Email it to me again pls? :O


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