Jun. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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As I have been bitching about it on Twitter and FB, my laptop/Windows decided to totally and utterly out of the blue crash on me on Thursday. It was to the extent that I could restart the computer, but Windows wouldn't run and thus it would reboot in an eternal loop before I switched it off... and had to wait until returning to Chiang Mai today.

Basically I have had my BB and the extremely easier than expected way I can read teeny tiny fic on it for utterly distracting me from my woes. Because I can easily freak myself out when I think about it, as I was also stupid enough to not have backed up my data/pictures since uh FEBRUARY of this year. Whiiiich would pretty much fuck me over hard if the computer whizzes I left my laptop with can't save anything. For instance, MY FUCKING [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang TITLE ART, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I knew I should've saved it on USB stick ASAP or at least sent someone the PSD. file. I mean, I have the screencaps that I sent people, but they are so small :/ BUT! [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver, have no fear: If I am totally screwed comwise I'll just draw something analog. Found my old COPIC markers that still seem to be in top shape (my ability to use them effectively notwithstanding XD) and some sketchbook paper. Luckily we still have time til posting and I'll definitely hold up my end of the partnership, THIS I PLEDGE YOUUUU <33

I also thought that LJ would've at least had autosaved the GIGANTIC ENTRY I was writing juuust before the crash, so uh GOODBYE painstakingly, nearly 90% done massive rec entry of SPN codas and STrek, BBT, White Collar and etc fic! *headdesks* MAYBE I'll get around to it again at one point, but definitely not on Ma's laptop here. I am already so out of touch in using the English keyboard... Anyways, nothing much I can do now but wait and cross my fingers and pray that even if my computer is borked to high heavens and I need to drop cold hard cash for a new one, I WILL STILL HAVE MY PICTURES D: The ones of the dogs in Feb, fuuuuuuck ;_;

IN CONCLUSION, have a clip of a song that had nudged away Rihanna's Rudeboy and thankfully that Bieberabomination song (they play it here incessantly argh). Thaitanium's "Sud Korb Faa(Edge of the Sky)". Thaitay is a rap group I normally am either disinterested or vaguely irritated by, but Ad Carabao for a guest star is like the apparently grizzled secret spice that can lure me. I just love his voice so much in the chorus and the ~inspirational lyrics AHHHHH ♥ Ignoring the usual hip hop posturing, I also adore the b&w sweeping shots of Bangkok and the orchestra parts. SWOOOOOOOOON. Now if only I could just buy the single and avoid the album XDD

PEE ESS totally borked the timezones on this for my friend in Germany who was born on the 6/6 too (DO YOU EVEN CHECK LJ ANYMORE,[livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos??) but! It is still Sunday somewhere in the world, so dearest awesome [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer carry on having a fab birthday celebration! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT <33
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Bangkok is burning.

I've been watching the news again since I woke up today and a lot of things have changed. The "good": As a result of the government finally moving to crack down on the protest zones at Ratchaprasong and Lumpini Park/Sala Daeng, seven Redshirt leaders have surrendered (though I am not sure if the ones that fled like the craven cowards they are are also included) and officially called off the protest.

The bad: Though some have taken the chances offered and have left the city or are about to, there are a section of the reds who are highly unhappy with this turn of events and have taken the chance to show what despicable scum they are by destroying and setting fire to various parts in Bangkok, as well as shooting around with their live ammo, homemade bombs/molotov cocktails and the M79s that seem to be sprouting up on fields given how often the Reds or the mysterious Men in Black have used them. The large shopping center Central World has been burning since 3PM this afternoon and is in danger of collapsing, the Channel 3 news building was attacked and there are still people stuck there, the first floor of the Thailand Stock Exchange was or still is on fire and it is the same with other areas. Firefighters and ambulances have been hindered at their jobs by the protesters who fire shots at them. The shops throughout BKK (even in our corner of town, which is really far away) were all closed at 4PM and there is now an official curfew from 8PM til 6AM the next day. All Thai TV channels have switched to special broadcasting.

As I don't quite know what else to say, have some pictures )

Here is a FB album with some stunning pictures of what has been happening today and the last few days.

"Don't blame Dan Rivers" ...not a weak apology for what many perceive as the biased reporting of Dan Rivers, CNN's Thailand correspondent and CNN's coverage of this in general-- but an excellent and interesting post about the differences between reporting a story when your language is not the same as the source language, and all the nuances that disappear from viewing material/footage and the dangers of getting your facts and your angle on things wholly messed up. It additionally gives a great overview of what happened before this all came to a head in Thai politics for the uninitiated or foreign.

Here is a clip of a Redshirt leader EXPLICITLY saying in a speech: "If you take our power, we will burn the country" ...iirc, he's one of the leaders who turned themselves in. Fucker better burn for this.

EDIT: CENTRAL WORLD HAS NOW COLLAPSED. I do not know yet to what extent, but still holy fucking nutballs this is insane. The property damage, the livelihoods lost! Are you happy now, you pyromaniac arsonists? Fuck.
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Red, red, red. Fuuuuck. I've been reading along with the current happenings back home, and words and adequate emotional reactions are failing me. I mean, how many new ways can you react to news of escalating violence, and clashes that end in 21 dead and over 800 injured? I know that life still goes on alongside the protests, and that there shouldn't be this picture that the ~entire city is swamped in protesters and under total anarchy (because it isn't!)-- but what worries me is that the Redshirts won't fucking move. They've been here a month, after all. And even if the House does dissolve and new elections occur, well who's gonna bet that they'll be counter-protests from the Yellowshirts? All the same fuckery over and over again, and what is the result? The entire country is divided, suffers and takes hit after hit on our reputation and our credibility overseas. I have absolutely no idea how we'll get out of this fucking quagmire :|

Some articles from the Bangkok Post (I was on The Nation's site too, but holy fucking shit every second article there has like 5 typos and grammatical errors. What the hell, ONE OF BANGKOK'S MAIN ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPERS? "Hepatatis" and "bloods"-- seriously? And oh btw, apparently the blood that the Redshirts ~symbolically spilled in front of parliament/Abhisit's house/etc? Some were tested to have had Hepatitis A, B, C and some were HIV positive. Ugh.)
Govt weights earlier dissolution
Civic groups, scholars call for peace talks (Yeah, we'll see if this happens!)
Fatal clashes drive businesses to despair (Such a melodramatic headline.)
Redshirts raid hospital, take bodies of fallen (WHAT THE FUCK)
Sad Thaksin: Let the Reds decide (ASSHOLE. ASSHOLE ASSHOLE ASSHOLE. As if he isn't the main instigator and puppetmaster behind all of this. For all that the core purpose of the Redshirts is sound-- to protest against the injustices against the poor perpetuated by the rich elite in Bangkok-- it is their persistence in trumpeting this fugitive criminal as their champion that makes me want to throw up in my mouth. His way of "solving" the problem, is and was throwing money at it and back when he was in office, making "quick-fix" populist policies that actually haven't really done much in the long-term. AND OH WAIT, WHAT'S THIS? Nepotism and fuckery and corruption, juuuust about like every other politician here.)

AND ON A SHALLOW NOTE, way to make me now hate a color I normally liked to wear. Am tempted to donate my snazzy Adidas jacket and red shirt-dress now. Or at least I should've left them at my grandparents as "Europe-only" wearable things.
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Random and not sorted by month because that is just too much hassle )

In other news, I didn't manage to leave the house today and just tooled around the net forever (I made a giant sticky post for my art though, god that took ages!), but I did finally have a mad cleaning session. Everything is now nice and clean (to an extent), and there are fresh bathmats and dishtowels and sponges and I just about had to take pictures to commemorate this rare state of affairs lest Sabrina returns. I am either expecting her back today or tomorrow, and if she doesn't show I can at least be confident that she might be gone for a while (FINGERS CROSSED). Which makes that fact that she forgot THREE GIANT OPEN BAGS OF TRASH under the sink and the general state of everything in our common area even more reprehensible, but what else is new. fffuck did I summon her presence by mentioning her??
I did make the no less disgusting discovery that her preferred cigarette disposing method is to just throw the butts into old candle-holder glasses or mugs filled with water though. There were three hiding behind the piles of random mugs and dishes that I cleared off when I wiped down the kitchen, and wow does that ever have an ~~aroma. Why would you keep this crap? Does she find the stench of stale smoke and disgusting soup that results in the mugs appealing? I dumped the goop and tried to rinse it out a few times, but the ash has totally encrusted. Have liberally drizzled cleaning solution/Scheuermilch on everything though, and I don't even care that I dumped it all in a pot that she will probably use to cook in.

EDIT: FUCK FUCK FUCK she just came back. Ugh
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2010 is upon us! And has been since a few days already. But since I have just arrived back from ~the provinces~, I'll start counting tomorrow. Still, HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Hope it has been a good start for y'all so far! Expect me finally catching up again and oodles of backlogged and 2009 in summary memes to come tomorrow onwards, since I am fond of the idea of filling things out so that I actually have some sort of knowledge what I spent the previous year doing, curse my feeble memory otherwise.

Holiday log of 29.12 - 2.1, Musings on bratlings, Conversations with idiot teenage boys, New Years Resolutions and a healthy dash of ALLCAPS SABRINA VITRIOL )


Dec. 23rd, 2009 08:23 am
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I wanted to make a nice picture post before I left, but time is again one of the last things I have at hand, so maybe later. Leaving for my grandparents place in less than an hour, and I still need to get some last minute things around the room cleaned kjashfjf auggggh. AND I AM SO TIRED. I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep. DNW four hour plus train ride! At the very least I will be able to hitch a ride from Zell with Andi it seems, which is at least a relief. No bus for meeee!

Will have intermittent internet when I'm there, and ugh I do not look forward to it (and getting my SPN_J2_Xmas done fffffffffff). WILL TRY AND GET ON AND C&P pre-written posts when I can though!

ROCK OUT LADIESSSSSSSSSSSSS, and keep me posted on internet happenings or something XDD.

Have one picture though, from the Christmas market at Schönbrunn:
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-Watched (500)Days of Summer with [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby! It was wonderful and exceedingly charming and just a movie that was made with such care and love, though you really were in it just preemptively feeling sorry for JGL's character already. But if you were to get your heart broken to smithereens by someone, I guess Zooey Deschanel would be a worthy candidate. HER EYES ARE SO UNREAL AND GORGEOUS, HOLY CRAP. And JGL does "head over heels in glorious and all-encompassing love" so damn well, I actually felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable staring directly at his face sometimes. THIS GUYYYYY. The music was also a delight, and Olga I most def want to borrow the OST from you sometimes! PS. I STILL HAVEN'T DECIDED ON WHICH RINGTONE I WANNNNT :O

-Watched the first three episodes of season 9 of Scrubs. I must admit-- it ain't that bad! Nothing can measure up to Scrubs back in its heyday of awesome, but I actually like the new characters, though I still have difficulties remembering their names (Number one/Drew and Angry RA are my two favorites so far though)
-Distracted myself from everything ever (I AM RUNNING OUT OF FANFIC TO READ NOOOOOO)
-Received [livejournal.com profile] quirkytaverna's AWESOME, AWESOME Christmas card ♥ ♥! Thank you so much~~ It is simply adorable, I love the über-Australian X'mas on the beach motif :DD

-Was debilitated by the most overwhelming cramps I have ever experienced in my 21 years of life. Seriously, I had taken two painkillers which are normally more than enough, but didn't do jack shit this time round. I was actually pale in the face, felt nauseous, dizzy and my entire lower back and my lower abdomen were hurting like hell. Didn't know if I needed to throw up or not, and was considering spending the evening sitting in the bathroom with my back to the (glorious) heater and deciding whether or not crying would be a good idea, when Sabrina came back and proceeded to have what sounded like a very intense phone conversation in her room, with foot-stomping and yelling, so I dragged myself over to Carmen's place instead. Probably alarmed her a bit with my insistence of staying seated on the floor of her bathroom, clutching her god-send water bottle and trying not to moan in pain at random intervals. But it helped, and eventually, after about an hour and after a lot of water and tea I felt well enough to head back to my own place. Jeebus christ, I sure as hell hope that this won't start to be a usual occurrence! DNW to be utterly fucked up over this every damn month, ughhhhh. /womanly woes

-Get mail (+presents) started for people and ready to send off (or at least a first batch)! Have already laid out all potential postcards that were carefully hoarded in Copenhagen and collected over the years... and wow that was an exercise that shouldn't have taken as long as it did. Shows how ingrained my pack-rat mentality is that it took me at least multiple attempts to put a travel location card in the "to-send" pile. I mean, I KNOW I do not need at least 3 different motifs for each city I've been in, but tell that to my inner-rabid collector.

OH AND EVERYONE!, if you are not already, this is me telling you to go check out all the goodness that is being posted over at [livejournal.com profile] yuletart right now! I can't wait to see when mine is gonna get posted, but until that happens, there are other super cool artworks and handicrafts being posted three times a day! LIKE THIS FUN STAR TREK ART. Ahhh, so cute!!
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I have been kind of the ~*Queen Flake*~ of Jesuschristwhydoisuck-dom, but I guess that is fitting to the theme of this summer. It feels like eternity, and still I wish I could have spent more time here. University calls, and I wish I could just ignore it, especially now that it seems that my final semester will be fraught with bureaucratic fuckery regarding amongst others, increments of 5 FUCKING ECTS points that I still need to conclude my free electives that must then be approved.
Oh university, how you have always been not much more than a means to an end to me- and while I hope there is an alternate universe me that is happily studying for her probably useless university degree- this version just can't wait for it to be finally over.

Things that have been awesome in the last few days were:
- Getting my HD successfully cloned, and going from 80GB --> 320GB of space. MOTHERFUCKING HELL YEAH, this is how we roll. And all this for 3,100 baht/ 60€. This is why Asia is the best place ever to be. All your wishes, bam!
- Last victory tour of shopping spots and fave snack places-- Kanom Krabuang, Hokkaido soft serve, delish sushi, mango smoothies and moaaaaaar
- Ma (and her credit card's) surprise treating me to what has to have been the best facial treatment I have ever experienced at the place where I got my bikini wax. The Clarins Institute has totally won over my heart-- the treatment bed even had a heating pad inside ngggggg BLISS
- Dinner with Dad at Chesa's-- best melt-in-your-mouth Australian Sirloin steak I have also ever had, simply perfection! Which was rounded off by delicious mango-passionfruit Mövenpick sorbet ♥

Things that have been not awesome:
- Getting my period, and thus traveling with it (at least I know why I was so angry and cranky these last few days though lol)
- Ace comes into my room. Stares at my face with his usual dopey expression. And then proceeds to casually lift a leg up and piss in my room. Thankfully he didn't hit anything important, but still. DUMBASS DOG :/

OOOH Dad and Sue are back, hopefully this means dinner now ahhh so hungry. See y'all on the flipside and wish me a good, and empty flight bereft of dickery and assholes :
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It was a horrible and dreadful exam though, and our mental state could have been best summed up by this pic: Photobucket TRU FAX.


And now for something else that will make me type a lot! A 5 questions meme from [livejournal.com profile] sirdrakesheir~ Just comment if you guys want me to attempt to formulate some half decent questions for you too, eh?
THINGS YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ME?? IDK well there are at least some music links beyond the cut... )
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And I've been catching up on what I missed re: the post election protests and demonstrations in Iran. I think it would be redundant to have to state again how horrifying it is to read about what is happening at the moment, to watch the YT videos and just be sitting here, being able to do nothing of real import but just know about it, and still have the luxury of continuing with the little routines of ones daily life. I finally got to watch the Neda video, after spending a good while working up the nerve to click on it and you really can't deny the bone-deep chill you feel after watching it, that fact that people are actually dying for this. I can't imagine being in that situation, being that brave.

I haven't been commenting or posting much about this, because I don't really know what to say that doesn't sound trite or inarticulate and have been basically just lurking and reading and reading some more. I think the majority of my flist posting about this is much more eloquent and up-to-date on the subject than I am anyways, but nevertheless-- here are links to the latest LiveThread #7 on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_political, which is insanely comprehensive as always, and the Huffington Post liveblogging entry, if you haven't seen them already.

Now I am off to try and not fail my exam today :(
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You guys remember my one PR UE course that I was bitching about a few weeks ago? The one with the special and ~super productive~ group members? Well, we're in our final weeks and our end concept presentation is this Tuesday. Your simple and average PPP, and basically it is just a summary and rewording of all our assignments so far. Of the six of us, only three appear to class these days anyways, and one left after 20 minutes. Still, I discussed what we wanted to do with Lena and Martin, the former would be presenting with me, whilst the latter and the others who weren't here would do the PPP work instead. Sounded like a fair plan, right? Well, since I know these dudes by now, I sent another email off about meeting in person during this week. We had a location already (that had to be changed, because our usual one wasn't just Sven's "kind of world, you know....") and today was bandied around as a possible date. Only to then have the guy who originally volunteered(!!) to do the PPP say that he couldn't make it and that he basically didn't do anything yet (!!!), two just ignore the email, Lena saying that she could only make it at 10AM instead of noon and Sven emailing me that 10AM is TOO EARLY, as he works at night and it is "just inhuman to make him wake-up at such an hour".

So of course, Lena and I ended up being the only ones there at the phil. Cafe, which was a nice enough place, but well. We did manage to whip up a presentation in two hours that I think is quite good, and we even left a bit FOR THE OTHER FOUR PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING GROUP TO DO. In the end, I sent off the PPP to the rest of the group, with a nice little passive-aggressive "joke" of hoping they like it, and if not it would be tough titties because THEY WEREN'T THERE. But of course Sven can't let anything like that fly. Oh no. He seriously writes that he doesn't really like the PPP "because of the colors we used" and that it "doesn't look professional enough". THE GLORIOUS GLORIOUS GALL OF THIS GUY. I type a reply explaining why I think that he should get off his damn high horse as people who didn't show GET NO SAY IN ANYTHING!!! not generalize that colors = unprofessional and childish-- and really? It was one of these templates with a white background/black text, the only "color" comes from two circles overlapping each other in the left hand side that are red and a warm yellow and the title of the slides which is a royal blue. Colors that mind you, are actually featured in the Bezirkswappen of the damn 10. Bezirk, which is why I chose it, HMMM.

And how does he reply to this? Well, he wants to make a ~*WHOLE NEW BETTER AND SHINIER PPP*~ instead that the rest of the group is supposed to choose from, instead of you know, ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK THAT STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE. As of now he is apparently designing T-shirts for our campaign. WE NEED THE SWOT-ANALYSIS AND THE EVALUATION METHODS URGENTLY YOU DUMBASS, STOP TRYING TO ALPHA MALE IT UP IN MY FACE.

Reasons why I still win are the mock-up posters for promoting 10. District love that I whipped up in Photoshop yesterday though, they turned out pretty nicely~ if I might say so myself. )

IN CONCLUSION: Motherfuuuuuuuuck our group better get a good grade for this damn course, eventhough it doesn't really feel like a group project anymore, what with the brilliant participation of never more than TWO FUCKING PEOPLE AT ONCE.


May. 27th, 2009 03:33 pm
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It seems like I am experiencing some form of post-travel downer-time, because what the fuck is wrong Sharon, GET OVER YOURSELF ughhh I am feeling oddly lethargic and overly emotional and vacillating between wanting to ignore what I have to do for uni and panicking about fucking it up AHHH I ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER AUGHHH. Also I want to finally fucking know when the Prüfungseinsichttermin for Korre will be. I can't believe I fucking flunked communications law, I thought I had done enough for a pass, at least. Now I still have three exams left in PKW, greaaat. And then there are other BAKK2 related things, and after that there are just simple things like doing laundry and cleaning up, not even mentioning CALLING OR REPLYING TO PEOPLE that I have been trying to do more than halfheartedly since Monday. It's so stupid, I know that many people have actual serious problems and worries, and here I am still just moping about with my bullshit. Hopefully once I type this I can get on with my life?? TODAY CAN STILL BE SAVED. USED PRODUCTIVELY. Yeah.

I think I'll go check and see if TV-Dome has the pilot of Glee up, was looking through YT and coming up with bumpkiss that was watchable. CHEER ME UP PLEASE, HAPPY-LOOKING TV SHOW


AND ALSO THIS COOL LINK that I got from [livejournal.com profile] gallo_de_pelea --The "I Can Read Movies" Set. Fantastically cool book covers!
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#1 "Now I am quite positive that you are using my toiletries willy-nilly, as they are always scattered throughout the bathroom instead of where I usually put them (like my razor), or suddenly empty, like the La Roche-Posay face wash I use that you also now have suddenly acquired two different tubes of. How nice to know that we both have oily skin, and that using MY STUFF helps you so much, Miss I Have Chanel and Shishedo Products Lining The Bathroom Shelves! BUT what kind of alarms me is the thought that my towels are the only ones in the bathroom currently, and that you never really seem to have a face towel. I really hope you're the type of person who just takes them into their room!"

#2 "While I should be quite used to the ...wonderful things you share with me in the bathroom, I must say that your uh, blood-smeared or otherwise stained thong lying in a puddle face up on the bathroom floor is always something that I wish I never would have to see. Do you have issues accepting the fact that you get a period? Do you seriously run out of pads/tampons?? And don't you realize that if you can tell that even when I leave the dorm, I do eventually come back and also have to use the bathroom??"

#3 "Admittedly, you seem to not be committing heinous crimes in the kitchen area yet, I mean, it's still dirty as fuck, but I am avoiding that by spending the least amount of time there and eating simple things like SALAD and FRUITS and okay, POP TARTS in my room, but I figure that it's just a matter of time before something is rotting again. BUT. Another thing that normally I wouldn't even think should be worth mentioning, BECAUSE NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T DO THESE THINGS and yet you keep doing this OVER AND OVER is the following: Just sticking your used wads of chewing gum on the kitchen sink OR the cloth towels to wipe the dishes is not the correct way to throw gum away. IT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR. Or maybe the fact that I eventually scrape it away because it grosses me out constitutes 'disappearing' for you, I can never tell."

#4 "STOP FORGETTING TO LOCK THE FUCKING OUTER DOOR WHEN YOU COME BACK DRUNK AND HORNY WITH YOUR FUCKBUDDY/BOYFRIEND. SERIOUSLY. LOCKS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I do not want to have to have to actually LOCK MY inner door as well every night, jesus christ this is the FOURTH TIME you have forgotten to do so, IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK."
I forsee myself snapping again soon, and the return of the passive aggressive sticky notes. O god how I despise her!! Go away go away go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy D:
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......nearly two weeks since she last was here, BUT MY ROOMIE HAS RETURNED. *CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC, LIGHTNING FLASHING FROM THE SKY* ------NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And if my ears aren't deceiving me before I preemptively slapped some earphones on, I think her fuckboy is here, too. UGHHHHHHH.

I was so getting used to the ~glorious~ silence and solitude. But ha-ha Sabrina, I got the fucking shower declogged (well okay I got the Heimtechnik to come fix it), I ignored YOUR probably rotting trash you left under the sink again (please to be taking it away now before it starts to smellll), and a good half of the fridge is full of my stuff. YOU CANNOT HARSH MY KITCHEN/GENERAL DORM VIBE OF CURRENT YAY AIIIIIGHT?? ....well okay, what am I saying, you probably will do so in two easy steps or something. I AM PREEMPTIVELY SHUDDERING FROM HEARING HER SPECIAL LAUGH EMANATE THROUGH OUR FLIMSY DORM WALLS.

I hope they don't wake up early. I need the shower tomorrow before 8, ffffffff.


EDITED TO ADD: Reasons why I guess I should have went to bed earlier: 1) I PROBABLY WOULD NOT HAVE HEARD THE OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD SEX THEY WERE HAVING. Thankfully their lasting time seems to be as short as ever, because it seems as if the moaning etc. etc. is starting to sound more disturbing. I mean. *shudders* THANKFULLY I WILL BE GONE BASICALLY THE WHOLE DAY TODAY.
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So I was about to renew my paid account, as is my wont every year after my birthday, and of course I discover that I totally blanked on what the Billing address on the Amex that Ma foots the bill for is. A quick email to Ma later, I check the gmail cache and find the address (way to forget about that, self!), but the next problem looms: it's the old house's address. And I don't have the new one. Which means that since Ma will not get the email before sometime tomorrow, my account will lapse and all but six (?) of my icons will be gone fffffffffffffffffff fucksticks!

I mean, maybe this will be the new catalyst I need to revamp my icons, but part of me is headdesking over the fact that I didn't think about doing this earlier nggggggh idiocy :/



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STIEGL AMBULANZ, YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON NOTICE! What the hell is this, making us wait for our food for over half an hour when you weren't even at full capacity, having really cranky waitstaff snap at us when we politely(!) asked if the order was even taken, and then when it finally comes, the food is stone cold. I mean, my slow-braised pork shoulder on Bärlauch risotto was still delicious, but it would have been better uh, warm. And the cardboard they served Carmen that was supposedly their 2€ House bread lolol oh man. Meeting Hazel again was lovely though, and we really need to hammer out some time together for a day trip to one of the other Austrian cities near Vienna... Linz maybe? Since it's the ~cultural capital of Europe 2009~ after all.

And I meant to post this already earlier, but mediafire was being a dick--- MUSIC! Was trawling Aurgasm the other day, and wanted to share some of my favorites.

Warpaint- "Billie Holiday" ...GOOSEBUMPS GOOSEBUMPS GOOSEBUMPS, this song is just simply beautiful (the female vocals! So breathy and delicate) and worms its way into your ears and never lets go.
Fredrik- "Na Na Ni" ...I like how the melodies here are layered on top of each other, and how the singing just slowly starts feeling more and more urgent, yet is still with a sense of smoothness?
Matt&Kim- "Daylight" ...This I adore because of the unfailing beat, it just up and grabs you and is bursting with energy and happiness :D
-Amplive- "15 Stepz (ft. Codany Holiday)" ...Awesome, awesome R'n'B-esque cover of the already pretty damn fantastic Radiohead song!

UGH, now I better go off and do some work for my UE PR. I swear, just as I was about to count myself as happy with them anyways, the fun group vibe we do seem to have going, the same old crap rears its head. PRAY TELL, WHAT IS THE DIFFICULTY IS USING POWERPOINT/MAKING A PRESENTATION, ARE WE NOT ALL UNI STUDENTS CAPABLE OF THIS?? Especially given that all that has to be done is to just simply succinctly summarize our already finished report contents. I didn't want to do it because I will be presenting it anyways with Andreas, but fffff if you want to get something done right I guess :/// Though lol, I am also 'just' summarizing the info, Sven will be making the PPP. AH WELL WHATEVERR.
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As most of you already know through FB and what-not, I've been back in Vienna since late Sunday evening. Civilization, it is a pleasure to be nestled in your welcoming, internet-access enabled bosom yet again! Krimml as a whole was as always predictable and enjoyable if one knew where to get one's little happy moments, and I fully admit that this time was made even better with the presence of Dad and co., AND DAD'S BRILLIANT COOKING ♥ We had Tafelspitz with creme spinach and potatoes! Assorted asparagus concoctions! Irish Stew (LAMB!!), Jungkitz chops and LAMB CORDON BLEU THAT WAS FILLED WITH FRESH PECORINO CHEESE AND DRIED TOMATOES AND BLACK OLIVES INSTEAD of the usual way of doing Cordon Bleu (which is a dish I normally am v. bored of. Like with Meatloaf) ...nggggh that dish basically made me die in foodgasmic glory.

Now the academic monster that is uni and exams is continuing to rumble, and I am slowly but surely realizing that I have a truckload of things to Get Done, and Get Done Well. All UE-HÜ that I should really have known better than to procrastinate until now aside, I think the WIRK(Media Results/Influences basically) exam went well enough today-- fingers crossed for a pass or better!-- and I've already done some of the exam prep and reading of the KORRE (Communications Law) exam that is due on Friday, so. Cautious optimism is me!

And on a more serious note, I really must say that my love for [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama is all the more strengthened in face of the constantly classy and respectable way the mods and everyone handle things that come up, and the care that is put into ensuring that it remains a pleasant, tolerant and safe space for all the fans. Which makes it all the more appalling to me how idiotic and hurtful I was being too with my ignorant actions and I'd just like to also apologize here as well for the sheer levels of lose I must have been radiating. I swear, I am normally not such a tool! "I had never really thought about it being seen that way," is such a weak and lame excuse, but it what I thought at first-- but really reading through the posts and comments linked to in the latest Modpost only served to bring home the message again and again, how privileged and wholly inappropriate and wrong I was and how lazy (to say the least!) it was to even think of using that as an excuse in the first place. This was a hell of a wake-up call to my previous belief that even if I consider myself multicultural/of mixed cultural heritage, my specific experiences are in no way wide-ranging and there are a lot of areas that I am shamefully under-aware of and under-educated in, and that is something that needs to change. Clearly I have a hell of a lot to still learn and work on, and I hope you guys will not hesitate to smack me hard if I fuck up again.
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FINALLY A SMIDGE OF INTERNET. I swear, if it weren't for Dad's presence and the fact that I can talk to Sue and A (who is actually replying! With sentences! Man, I have never had a longer conversation with him in the two and a half years we actually lived in the same house than a few syllables, so this is quite an amusing and pleasing new thing), I would have snapped a while ago. INTERNET! CONNECTIVITY WITH THE REST OF EXISTENCE! AHHH.

Have been otherwise having some very relaxing days so far, mostly eating good food and trying to tamp down on my urge to be an impatient and dick cousin to Tiny!Sara. Man, I am so not good with kids ahhhhh I WILL TAKE HER SHOPPING AND SHIT WHEN SHE IS 16, I SWEAR, please don't make me deal with her now at 4, ahhhhhh D:

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Anyways, this is to officially declare another short ~*hiatus*~ AKA I have no real idea how constant my net access will be in Krimml, and if I do manage to get on (I am gunning for every second day), I probably will have to use it for uni shit. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.




RING RING ..........HELLO??
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Since I have been constantly neglecting my other hobby of maaaaaanga, I've spent large bits of yesterday evening alternating the now usual punditry/RBR and SPN with catching up on my old series on onemanga.com:

Koukou Debut/Highschool Debut: IT'S OVER NOW??? D:! Now where will I get my occasional cute and fluffy highschool romcom fix? But oh, on what an adorable note it ended! Haruna and Yoh's relationship is just so adorable and I think this will be a series I will reread just for sheer 'DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!1' factor.

Bleach 353: ...never has it been more obvious in these last few dozen chapters that Kubo Tite is clearly working on autopilot or whatever, because uggggggggggggh I still like the art a lot, but holy hell has it turned ever so boring. And loosely plotted. Poor Ishida for lying around getting [SPOILERED] whilst everybody else was getting distracted by Ulquiorra/Ukelelelele's [SPOILER]. The color spread for this chapter was pretty boobtastic though, and Rangiku/Orihime's bikinis fit this time! >_>;;

Fullmetal Alchemist 94: AND BY CONTRAST, THIS IS HOW GRIPPING AND AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT that is true to the character's development, fitting with the overarching plot and just damn fine to read is done. HOT DAMN, ROY MUSTANG, YOU CRAZY SCARY FUCK ♥ EPIC EPIC EPIC ♥ For more spoilery discussion of HOW FANTASTIC!!!!!!11 it was, please to be checking out this post. Hiromu Arakawa just keeps on bringing it, and on that note-- how great is it that Sarah Reese Brennan/[livejournal.com profile] sarahtales's book's Japanese edition is getting a cover drawn by Arakawa-sensei?? SO MUCH WIN.

AND IN OTHER RL NEWS, I am currently headdesking-slash-being infuriated at the stupid shit that is currently going on back home in Thailand. WHAT THE FUCK, RED SHIRTS, WHAT THE BLEEDING FUCK. Forcing the cancellation of the ASEAN summit in Pattaya? Breaking into the hotel? Fighting in the streets? Good to see you have clearly given up on trying to have the "moral high ground", though in my opinion the actions of the Chiang Mai fraction what with their random beat-ups of radio guys who allegedly support the Yellow shirts and the way you forced the gay pride parade to be canceled (SINCE THAT HAS SO MUCH TO DO WITH GETTING THAKSIN BACK) totally lost that tenuous hold since at least last November :/// And now the country is even more down the drain, re: international reputation, good job! Also, way to ring in the Thai New Year :|||. Akjhfekjhsfa it is just so terribly frustrating, and I honestly don't really know how this will get resolved, besides there just being a constant wave of protests and counter-protests ad infinitum. I don't profess to have a full view of the situation, but I like what I have heard of Abhisit so far, and I do think that he is a good choice, especially since he is ARTICULATE and SMART-- but there is only as much as he can do, especially since the fact that about 95% of the current politicians in the country are just fat, lazy and irreparably corrupt and self-centered anyways. UGHHHHH.


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