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Am making baby-steps in getting all my prep for the start of term done ...and okay if I am QUITE honest I have yet do much yet but by food for this week, which is admittedly a very important thing too! And I paid for my internet! Ahhh ♥ Tomorrow will also be a meet-up with Carmen and maybe Karim somewhere in town, for lunch goodness and some catching-up, which I am already looking forward too. Also, everyone else I kinda talked to about this hasn't been very studious either, so I am feeling better. At least I have my naked!Men calendar to put in all my study dates now though ;Db A+ motivation, that!

And on a more giving note-- here be some mp3s that I've either ripped off YouTube or dled from FST(some seriously great ones this month!)

http://www.yousendit.com/download/LFPiCIx3kY95TA%3D%3D ...The girls choir Scala covering "Something New", originally by Eskobar ft. Heather Nova. LOOOVE this version!

(http://download.yousendit.com/B108FEBA49574A1F ...this be the aforementioned original! Tis actually a vid, but heck the file isnt that big and Windows Media Player usually glitches playing it so you only hear the music anyhow lol)

http://www.yousendit.com/download/LFPiCIA6BId5TA%3D%3D ...Mia.'s "Hungriges Herz", discovered first being butchered by someone at the Soho Karaoke bar and I looked for the orig on YouTube. I just really like Mia., I dunno :D The chorus is certainly hella catchy!

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4j0X1qWbc0&mode=related&search= ...this is how the Scala version sounds like! SO pretty eh?)

http://download.yousendit.com/64C4C40A0E0535BD ... M-flo "Planet earth/ram-jam world". This was just groovy listening during the train ride to Wienna. Ahhh fabulous <3 Recommended if you have to travel somewhere or just wanna chill~

http://download.yousendit.com/9C84079C7772D976 ...Mia Doi Todd "Autumn". Dled off a simply awesome SamCham Character FST a while ago and this is a beautiful song in it's own right, but if you think of Fuu in the last two eps of SamCham while listening to this song? GUUUUH .__. so fitting! And wistfull and ahhhh...

Happy dl-ing and Kat I hope this works for you more than me just posting the Youtube linkses that your net shuns?? :D?

Off to read some more epic fics that I should prolly rec at some point or something haaah and maybe! like, UNPACK my luggage aaahahahaha well.


PS ...it has occured to me that my "austria 2006" doesnt really count anymore ahaha well then! Shall change to 2007 with the next post ahh the force of habit! And I don't really know why I keep adding new tags that I forget and never use anyway ...um ^^V I is a weiner, obviously!
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Which is why I am sitting here and trying to glut myself with as much internets as possible, as I have the sneaking suspicion that I will return to my dorm tomorrow night to find my internet cut off ...Forgetting to pay for the next month in December makes that happen, I guess! ...which means daily pilgrimages to the Coffee Day at uni for their free wireless, gaaah I think I will get how Carmen always had to feel :/ BUT FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME BEING WRONG :DDD?!

Hope everyone had a happy New Year btw! Mine spent in Krimml ended nicer than expected-- the sheer amount of fireworks that were set off were mind-boggling and quite lovely against the mountain backdrop, actually! Tried making pics of it but pathetically failed to get decent ones, sadly.

And I even spent the first day of the year doing some Uni work, though admittedly not much, yet I take whatever I can to make the guilt lessen XDD Watched the first disc of "Lawrence of Arabia" though, and it is still one of the BEST MOVIES EVER ♥ ♥ ♥ Peter O'Toole is simply wonderful in this role and the scenery! The dialogue! And the costumes! THE SHEER GRANDIOSITY OF IT ALL aaaaaah this is what a period piece should be and it is even the more impressive given WHEN the film was actually made. Ahhh. LOVE.

Today was spent catching up on CFUD happenings too-- and ahhhh! SO many new counselers! Isshin, the gay lawyers, Gil aaaand shit, a bunch of others and it was good amusing RP as always :Db
(Oh and I had a lovely 'first dream of the year' that involved apparent Ryuuken and Isshin official sidestory in the Bleach manga and there were ACTUAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and hijinks and and AWESOMENESS all around. And speaking of the manga, chapter 258 had the loveliest chapter art since a while, ignoring the SeeleN Schneider thing XDD MORE ISHIDA is always a good good gooood thing :Dbbbb)

ALSO: Even if Kat's internet ain't working right now (WAAAH I MISS YOU ALREADY!!), here be the promised next-wisdom tooth sketch! Didn't quite turn out to be Tamaki, as I uh was kinda doodling Karekano the past day aaaand dear Asapin seemed a likely candidate as any to pop inna nurse's outfit? XDDD JUDGE FOR YOURSELF, my dear! (Shall try and colour it at some later point in time maybe? Quite like it :D)

And I just kinda really liked how this pic turned out mmmh Winter wonderland indeeed~~ )
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A great big thank youuuu to [livejournal.com profile] acidcocktail and [livejournal.com profile] moshi_no_bo for your lovely Christmas cards!!! Mone and P'Bo you guys are awesome :DDD Eee how I love getting mail~ ♥

The last few days were really great for mail, actually-- got Ma's package and UPS from BKK (MORE FISHO, ORANGE SUGUS, T-SHIRTS, DVDsssss SUPERNATURAL S1!!(DEAN ILU♥) STEP UP! And another ATM CARD!!!111!)

And: KAT THE AMAZON PACKAGE CAME EEEEEE the Asian Kung-Fu Generation new CD is fabulousness as are the shiny Moulin Rouge and Lawrence of Arabia DVDs ♥ ♥ ♥!!1 (Ewan McGregor singing will never stop being a beautiful, beautiful thing~~)

...yet I am ashamed to admit that my pic for you isn't really done yet but I shall endeavour to be done by the first? Or the second latest, and it shall be extra speshul my sweet, to take your mind of the gaping lack of those pesky wisdom teeth!

Also, some (PoT)fic recs to distract! ENJOY :D

(Santa_smex fic)
_ http://venivincere.arithmancy.net/archive/viewstory.php?sid=5&ageconsent=ok ...Tezuka and Atobe, how to play doubles(vs. Sanada and Yukimura. even!)and emails! Oh the emails ♥

_ http://community.livejournal.com/santa_smex/6882.html#cutid1 ... I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS OMG ♥ JUST CLICK THE LINK Totally hilarious A++++++++

_ http://community.livejournal.com/santa_smex/5133.html#cutid1 ...
"Is anybody here to play TENNIS?" Tezuka-buchou roared behind them.
is an actual quote. Doesn't this already reveal the greatness that lies beyond that link. Also I realize that I am being annoying non-descriptive of the pairings. POTLUCK haah.

_ http://community.livejournal.com/santa_smex/11314.html#cutid1 ...Mhhh Inui/Tezuka fic ♥ Oh and I just love the pic of Tezuka that is the header thingie-- trenchcoats!
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And wham bam it's a new year already huh? How time flies! And how boring I will probably be celebrating it, with a bunch of drunk over 50-year olds(grandparents constant Houseguests since the last bazillion years, apparently!) ...I mean, they do bring amusing trashy newspapers and mags to read and have a near endless supply of alcohol and chocolate buuuut it's not really my kinda thing yanno? Also the only person nearest to my age is one of the oldies 13-year old nephew, who tho possessing of a DS, seems to have the social skills of a rock. And I will rather rewatch 'You can dance' reruns(The blonde-- Dennis is kinda cute :D) until the end of time before I will have to bother an uninterested KID inna conversation.

___My resolutions for 2007(since I doubt I will have 'net access tomorrow):___
_PASS FIRST YEAR OF UNI (i havent cracked any books yet aaaah)
_Not fuck up my cash-flow again!!1
_Do more social-life activities, clubbing? Try and hang out with STEP2 Tut dudes more too
_DRAW, learn how to CG more than half-assedly
_continue to keep in contact with mah ladies, bug La into getting LJ, FINALLY SKYPE W
_maybe lose some weight w/ least amount of excercise done-- five kilos would be pushing it
eh? XDD
_do a dance-course (OR LEARN HOW TO SHOOT A GUN :D)

Also my last few days were spent doing something I never thought I'd actually ever get to do: SKIING! ...'twas an interesting experience fo' sure and I thought we'd be hitting the piste again today, but since Andi is currently passed-out from too much food on the couch I doubt we'll be doing anything today. Lolol...
Oh and this pic basically sums up my first two days EVER skiing Would you believe I actually got better? Haaah )
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Although now is technically Boxing Day or Stefanitag or whatever right? Nonetheless, tis snow out and part of me is going eeeeeee! at that. Eventhough I have like, spent a total of no more than 20 minutes outside until now. Ahhah. Well. I assume that we'll be out skiing at some point though? Am looking forward to embarassing myself on the piste already though XDD

And as usual when I'm at my grandparents place I shall be on and off these next few days, but shall endeavour to be online as much as possible? Was already all twitchy this weekend and I think I read about all my epic Due South fics I have saved twice at least...
Have the pics ready to be uploaded to photobucket, and shall be posting em later in a bout of great spamminess, so haaah.

Had a suprisingly great X'mas present haul from all my relatives though, was positively suprised by that ♥:
_ 60 euros mobile phone top-ups (...lol Silvia knows my fatal weakness XDD)
_ 60 euros Supermarket giftvouchers (scooooore FOOD)
_ a pair o' cute silver earrings
_ stuffed dog!
_ warm socks (practical!)
_ loads of chocolates
_ a cookbook for meals under 2€ (...haaaah XDD)
_ book about Wienna
_ 70 euros bookshop voucher!

_ SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS PLAYING CARDSSSSSSSS ♥ ♥ ♥ (V understands the 8yr old in me lololol)

Ahh, holidays ♥


Dec. 23rd, 2006 12:00 am
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BAAAACK from Switzerland, Land of concentrated Awesome!

buuut am totally tired, even after 2 hours of supposedly rejuvenating computer me-time, and have to pack all my crap now, as am off again to Salzburg's mountainous tiny towns AKA casa de grandparents tomorrow noooon. With probable net access on sunday night at earliest, as lol holidays are important time blah blah whatever.

Momentary good things: _ PHONE LIIIIIVES again, even if I had a quick moment of panic that it didnt accept the PIN code(that i was lucky to still have aaah I forgot all about needing one, as I uh hadnt switched off my phone for about the three ++ months I've had it--- made for interesting airport convo actually 'Sir do you know how uh to switch off this phone? Ahaha yes I know it's mine and I should know better ahhh well...'

_ Sent off your package of SPESHUL, Kat! Shall be reaching youuu early jan, I think? ;D ;D ;D

_ SWITZERLAND WAS AWESOME aaaaah I had such a blast with La ♥ ♥ ♥ (AND ANGIE, for that one beautiful day ahhh) ...will upload some pics soon!

Momentary not-so good things:
_ still havent sent any of the holiday cards yet(NEXT WEEK!! ...if the post will be open??)
_ DON'T WANNA LUG 25kgs suitcase to the train station! AND THE TRANSFER dkjSACAFH why can't we have a direct traiiiin?

Shall catch up with everything this weekend, ahhh why must all my uni required reading crap be so damn heavy??!
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...man the eMac`s keyboard is weird.

Am on my second day in Swiiiitzerland now, having a v. fab time of it so far ...with the only cons being the fact THAT MY LAPTOP WON`T PLUG IN and I thus am running with about 29% battery power aaaand thus no awesome wireless surfing for me. Unless I buy an adapter, which I am totally tempted to actually. Also I still need to write 2 pages and send to Georg tonight about Comic Villians ....OOPS.

Soooo, unless I can otherwise ninja on, calling a HIATUS from eljay for a few days!

...gah I feel twitchy already... DDD:
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...aaaaaahh I am such a bundle of nerves right now re:IMPENDING FLIGHT TO SWITZERLAND.

ALSO: HAVENT PACKED YET and I'm supposed to leave the dorms at 5AM to catch the first bus, theeen take the second U-Bahn to Landstrasse and pray that I arrive to get the next CAT airport train theeen I should hopefully be at the Vienna Int'l Airport at six-ish so that I fulfill the clause of 'boarding ticket half an hour before flight'= 7AM.

NEEDLESS to say I shall not be sleeping!! Which normally wouldnt be a big deal with me, since I normally stay up until 4-5AM with no problems anyhow, except now it's all weird and I've been jittery the whole day really. ...which really showed itself when Frank(!!) decided to give me a call out of the blue and I was all 'Duuuude are you drunk?! Why the hell are you calling me (not that I minded, 'cause eeeee! phonecalls mean I am loved etc etc', then proceeded to chatter his ear off for about 5 mins straight about me getting to visit La! Soon! Aren't you jeaaaalous! etc etc until he went '...and uh ARE YOU DRUNK yourself' heeeeeh~

But three and a half hours should be enough for me to pack, shower and continue to download random suspicious things of the internet, haaah I wonder if La has wireless that I can leech? Cause I sure as hell am gonna take my laptop along though, even if CFUD got suspended by LJ for some reason(TOO MUCH AWESOME??? thank god the RPs are continuing in player journals though!! Ahhh)

EEEE off to flail about some more now! KAT I shall be sending you an email laaater, found some hot hot PoT art that youuu might like~
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IT WAS ZERO DEGREES TODAY. ZERO FUCKING DEGREES. And I had to brave the throng of other last minute shoppers at the Mariahilfer street, gooood why didn't I just get my ass out of bed during the week? But! Got some retarded kiddie music CD for Sara, a Paris-map satchel for La, wrapping paper, ribbon aaaand legwarmers for me to wear under my jeans because OMG COLD. ...went looking for the other half of what Kat requested but they seem to have JIMI HENDRIX calendars of all things, yet no US5 D: Duuude, whut. Shall check again with La in Swizzieland too then. Menno, that really annoyed me. Decided to get Opa and V's presents there too, arrgh last names to go!

Also discovered that I should probably cut down on the McD's since my stomach doesn't seem to be agreeing with it.(BUT I HAVE FREE COUPONS FOR APPLE PIE)... And actually I should probably just stop eating altogether, as I seem to be cursed ever since I made the mistake of reheating those damn burritos. CURSES. :/

Was overcome with the odd urge to plug in the old graphic tablet and faff about with Photoshop aswell when I came back and thus, I present the results!

Hikaru no FASHION )

This one's for you KAAAAT <3 )

Something from last week )

Tomorrow will be the last gettogether of the year with Anja and Carmen and theeeeen I shall be nervously packing and chugging back cokes to STAY AWAKE until leaving for the airport on monday morning AKA 4.30AM WAKE UP aaah and if I come back from Anja's place at ten I DONT TRUST MYSELF TO WAKE UP IF I FALL ASLEEP aaaaaah... D:
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I uh, actually don't really mind the new changes in the update LJ page. Sure, it also took me a while to find the Userpics option, but I like that the tabs bar is longer now and ...okay typing in Arial is also easy on the eyes.
Took the occaision to actually fiddle around with the layout settings available to me with this Plus account and voila! 'new' LJ-layout~ Yay for orange-y goodness. Would've loved to have the robots invading Tokyo one though, socute! Should maybe add some new icons too, must fight my inherant indecisiveness!!

Today was asstastically, teeth-chatteringly COLD though, holy hell. I mean, I figured I'd still be okay with two layers (Tanktop +jacket) and my bulky olive jacket, plus scarf and gloves. But. SO COLD... The newspapers said it was around 2 degrees at noon and will probably go into one or two degrees minus later in the evening, with snowfall earliest next Tuesday... Ahh I wonder how it will be in Zürich/Winterthur?

And this damn cold weather(THAT WILL ONLY GET COLDER FUUUCK) was also one of the main factors, besides oh CASH, why I'm not going to get my first table dance at the Partyhouse Vienna's Lady's Night with Hannah, Mira and Katrin ...ah well D: ...next year then? (Also Carmen and Anja weren't coming and that just added to reasons to cancel aswell, the PH Vienna is right in Hannah and co.'s neighbourhood and then I'd be the only one who would have to spend over an hour getting home with the nightline, blaargh)

Shall be making some pasta later, curling up with my blankets and maybe even going to bed early instead! Who knows~
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Eventhough I did go to bed at three yesterday! Woke up before the alarm at quarter to nine even! Made it to STEP2 Tut early! But now, tis nearly midnight and I haven't done my damn Forschungsfragen for STEP3 yet. HOW I HATE YOU WALLNER, this really does bear repeating til the motherfucking cows come home, arrrrgh.

BUT!! The day was otherwise sheer AWESOME, all wham-bam thank you Ma'am hilarity, ahhh THURSDAYS ARE LOVE. After my manga presentation with Jenny that went okaaay I think (cons: I apparently talked too fast(confirmed by Georg aaaah I thought I got slower! Why don' t people ever tell me these things); possible unevenness re:knowledge of subject AKA Jenny was a newbie and holy heck you could smell it off her from miles ...she even missread "Osamu Tezuka" to "OSAMA" instead. I mean, ahahaha... >_>;; ; also possible TMI infodump. OOPS... aheh it should be over 90% percent though I hope? I thought we did better than the guys did with US comics, yet not so good as Phil's webcomic one that was just snappy and with pizzazz)
Went to what is basically our regular spot now after the Tut, Ye Olde Highlander Scottish Pub, got cozy in our tiny cubby-room-thingamajigg and ordered the usual Ciders and tuna(Fliiiiipper!!) bagel(=for Horst lol) and assorted cheeseburgers. Thus, the usual mix of funny anecdote trading commenced, reminiscing about inappropiate jokes and TV shows, this time with added picture-snapping as I had schlepped my camera along for said purpose. Got a ton of ooohing and ahhing at my cam too, hee, even at nearly two years old it still turns heads! Eee ♥ Made a bunch of pics that I'll be uploading tomorrow or so, ahh am getting so lazy with this XDD
After that we made our way back to the campus for some MORE alcohol consume(more or less the guys, I just drank one cider, am totally keeping with my budget here, booooyah!) --> GLÜÜÜÜHMOST! Which is extremely tasty and fabulous, was positively suprised. Another pro was that I paid nothing for two, as Florian and Georg both bought us all a round. Florian was very pimping today anhow-- bought his own gummibears(!normally my job hee) AND cigarettes too. Ohoho~
Georg also said that there were a bunch from the first group of the Tut (the 8 o'clock crew haah), but in the end only one girl showed up buuuut we ended up having a great time as always ...or at least until I had to leave for Soziologiiiiiiiiie at 3, waaah D:
And we have totally progressed to hugging goodbye ...or at least with Florian, which is cool. How I long for some dudes to just platonically smack and poke like Frankieeee and Migel~

...I WILL NOT SEE THESE DUDES UNTIL JAN, WOE. (okay I'll at least still see Astrid tomorrow yay fellow STEP3 sufferer!)

Oh and after Soziologiiiiie was another Punschen, this time with Carmen's STEP 2 Tut, also really nice people(I like mine more tho lolol) aaand the damn tastiest Beerenpunsch in what seems to be the whole of the Xmas bazaars I've frequented so far. GO SPITTELBERG GO! And it is alarming to see that 70% of the stuff they are selling as Ramsch and trinkets is crap that you can get assloads cheaper in BKK. THEY HAD THE WOODEN NUT BUG toys FOR 2 EUROS .... 100 baht!! What the heeell >_>;; Pretty pretty lights here too though~

PS TWAS SO COLD TONIGHT. 4 DEGREES aaaaah and sinking D:
PPS ...still dun wanna do STEP3 ahhhhhhhhh
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Weeell I uh didn't exactly make it to the Mariahilfer Street to do the shopping I wanted today buut there's still Saturday for that. Am feeling kinda guilty that my idea for La's Xmas present this year is kinda insipid(am thinking about either getting her a fancy edition of some Oscar Wilde stuff or a hardcover of 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' aahh how we squeed about that one), but worst comes to worst I'll get her that and buy myself a ribbon to tie 'round my head or something when I touch down in Zürich.

Oh and Kat, you okay with us sending your present together at the same time i.e from Swissieland? Wanted to send it already this friday buuut it's not looking all too likely anymore. Oops?

But in other news it's 11PM, I have finished my manga presentation for tomorrow morning, info-dumped enough on my partner Jenny and could actually get started early on some stuff for friday! Hrmm. Have a very enticing open tab with a GW fic though, long and plotty... jars me a bit with Heero and Duo calling each other 'love' and 'my heart' ...but it's kinda a h&c fic and that comes with the 'comfort' part of the equation I guess...

Also we(Carmen, Anja, Fabian and I ...basically 'the girls' lolol) went for some cheap(I stayed in budget!) cocktails at the Soho in Millenium City(near my dorm) and had quite a good time. Were joined by Hannah and Mira later, plus some dude of Hannah's and his buddies after Carmen, Anja and Fabian(...he got into the wrong S-bahn(HOWWW) and was nearly stranded in Floridsdorf hahahahaha) had to leave to catch the last U-bahn. Which was a shame, as by that point I had stopped caring enough to actually sing Ace of Base' "Cruel Summer" with Mira (Soho doubles as a karaoke bar occaisionally)... Love that song! And I totally chattered like a hyper monkey at H-dudes's friends' as they were all from Salzburg originally aaaand this one guy was studying at the Angewandte Universität for Kunst, which was like MY ORIGINAL DREAAAAAM AAAAAAH. Cute guy too, but omg short :( ...
Also I never know if I come off too strong when I meet new people re:my chattiness factor, as I mean... I was bored and didn't know who the hell they were sooo obviously I'd try to start a conversation right? And uh start telling random anecdotes too. I mean, who doesn't, right?

H-dude also said that he recognised me from the STEPS lectures in the Audimax, because I'm 'always the loud one' when I'm sitting with the others. ...heeyyyy D: okay its totally true s-shut up I have hearing problems if I whisper too softly I can't actually hear my voice or like the answer whut
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..well it's safe to say that I feel a lot better now re: my superb financial management fuck-up skills. Haven't heard from Dad nor Krimml relatives yet and getting to talk to Ma and having her be not!angry and really quite supportive helped. And ahh everyones comments that I have to get to after this post, I was actually kinda teary-eyed when I read some late last night, curse my shallow tear-ducts...^^

Will be putting together a precise expense/cost overview template later that should uh, prevent this from happening again. Why does Europe have to be so expensive, it boggles the mind >___>;;

Spent yesterday and today in distracto-modus with Carmen, today we went only window-shopping to check out the Donauzentrum Complex(CRAP, but I only spent 1 euro on a McD's coke haah!)on the other side of the river, went back to the inner-city and walked around the Stefansplatz(beautiful lighting), checking out all the overpriced Parfumeries and clothing shops ... I mean, who the hell would pay 200 euro for perfume? And we ended up at the Marie-Theresien Christmas Bazaar, full of tourists and later full of cold and biting rain. Oh how it was cold. To think that we were earlier remarking on how oddly warm it was... Dinner was in the next best roofed restaurant we could find, the illustrious 'Wienerwald'(saddling to space between the austrian KFC and an actual restaurant)... I actually got more than my money's worth as I had my 2 euro soup and half of Carmen's chicken wings that she couldn't finish. Haah, a winner is me?
So a day's entertainment to the grand sum of 3 euros ain't that bad right? And tomorrow is going to be uh, cookie baking at Anja's place which is a free-of-charge event~

Ahh :)

(Oh and the movie watched yesterday was 'The Departed' which was a tour-de-force of awesome. I was blown away and on the edge of my seat with suspense for the better part of it, ahh and they actually did a more than decent job on the german dub voices too. Though it must go against some unwritten rule in the universe anyhow, giving Jack Nicholson a sub-par dub voice... I highly reccomend it! (we had a discount card so I didnt feel so bad about going to watch it? ...would've been moping in my room the whole time otherwise haaah... Frankie gave me a suprise call though, quite lovely and unexpected of him ♥))
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Am now surfing around and reading some quite disturbing HP smut that I will have to wash out of my brain with some funny and fluffy stuff soon. And yet I keep clicking on things like this, gaah ...at least it's kinda a measure of how far I haven't sunken yet? BDSM and all this dom/sub hardcore kink or chan or loli/shota really kinda still gives me the freakin' heebie-jeebies and uh, not hot. :/

Should actually be cleaning up my room as Carrrrmen and Mina are coming over tomorrow for some (spanish)movie watchings and I'm supposed to play the host, and come to think of it I still have to look up some receipes for HOW to actually make decent burritos, even if I could kinda wing it from what V made last time I was at her place. Am proud that I have enough plates for guests though, and heck I could always just BORROW em from Sabrina like it seems to now be around here with things. But I at least got to use MY pots before she did today HAHAH! Dinner before 8PM, what a novelty!

Was quite happy with the day otherwise-- got to Soz.psych in the morning only 5 mins late; and Carmen and I were treated to Fabian's particular brand of neuroses again re: another personality test we did ahhh. We then later went to check out the book for the lecture and JUUUST managed to get the last library copy... So the next hour was spent photocopying 240 pages x2, but goddammit we have the required 6 chapters now and when next week(last week before hols YAY) the others will be running around trying to get their copies done, Carmen and I can kick back, pat ourselves on our backs and laugh about those fuckers. This goes for Fabian too as he chickened out about getting the copies done at the same load with us. Pffft, as if he'd actually spend the FIFTY-FIVE EUROS to actually buy the book!

Made a quick stop to Cafe Central and got a really nice looking fancy praline box for the Hubers too, all made out of wood with gold inlay text. Can vouch for the tastiness of the pralines too, as we couldnt resist and bought 2 each to try. Mine were cinnamon(TASTED LIKE XMAS MMMH) and champagne ♥

And to end this post on a tasty note-- lunch was a particularly memorable affair as I met up with Marie and was thus introduced to this really tasty japanese restaurant(Nara) near the place where I go grocery shopping anyhow. I HAD SASHIMI AND SUSHI AGAIN and there was ikuuuuura!!! and okay it cost me about 300 baht more for about everything instead of BKK prices BUT it was freshish! and tasty! and didnt fuck with my stomach~ A++ will come by again :Dbb
(ironically the coke was flat and tasted of ass tho D: ahh well nothing's perfect? lol)
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Gnaaargh how the day passes by so quickly! And me with all my unsorted thoughts and thingamajigs I wanted to post, posts to reply to (KAAAAAT I shall get back to youuu twofold! but um not noww DD:) ...ahh some can wait for tomorrow/coherancy I say!
But some assorted things first~

When in doubt, make lists! )

Another thing that has been rocking my boat recently is another Ryuuken/Rikuou CFUD (smut) AU ...They moved up from 'just' kissing, guh so HOT (and IC!!!11). Man I swear if they ever move up to fullblown sex I shall possibly make bats deaf with my gleeful squeaking eeeeeeee-noises ♥ ♥

`Twas quite a lovely reward after dealing with the constant assery that is getting ones laundry done here(bedsheets, double wargh!) ... I mean, have finally figured out the key to getting the washmachines to work is to just stubbornly keep pressing the ON button til the damn thing decides to get it's ass into gear(was srsly poking it for 5 or more mins, v melodious 'beepbeepbeepBEEPBEEEPMOTHERFUCKINBEEEPbeep beep KACHING ...fucking finally!!' etc etc), but this time the dryer decided to uh, not actually do it's job 100%, so now I have about six shirts hanging around out tiny cramped bathroom and my jeans crammed over my heater on high--- very ghetto dryer of me, yessh I know >_>;;

Oh and I got to eat Sabrina's quite tasty leftovers(some kinda rice and curry thing with coconut milk and prawns, ahhh the flavours of Asiaa), quite right actually, since she kinda used MY POT to cook it in... Tcha, my pot is just that awesome~

Shall post some pics and be all reply-y later ...*checks watch* in the morning lolol

Tamaki :D

Dec. 2nd, 2006 12:21 am
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...fiddling around with the brightness things in Picture Viewer is fun! I should start bringing actual stationary to draw with during the lectures. Have been substituting with pencil/pen +hilighters or one of my three coloured pencils ahaha suck.

And am too lazy now to post the other doodles or other stuff 'cept that am v. tired now and my back hurts from all those FRIGGIN STEP3 BOOKS I had to lug around the whole day. Gnargh!
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Like, actually getting work done before 10PM for a change, especially since I'll be needing to get up and about by 8AM so that I can HEAD OVER THE FUCKING RIVER to try and get those damn books and head back in time for STEP3 in the PKW-Institute at 12AM. Sounds like plenty of time, but there will be asstastic suck factors like a)where precisely is this magical library?(website was v unhelpful grr) ; b)how long does it take to get to Floridsdorf and most importantly c)WILL I BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS CRAP HOME? ...and I bet some are only for the weekend aka the whole shebang journey on monday and the next friday since I won't be able to finish reading all three 200+ page books GAWRSH, rinse and repeat DIE DIE DIE.

Fucking literature research :/

Ooootherwise Thursday was enjoyable as always and I am full of fuzzy joy for STEP2 Tut and the places we go afterwards to chill and talk ♥ Ahhh this is what uni life should consistently be like!

Aaaand I made first steps in relative X-mas presents, blew 10 euros on an impulse buy for Cousin Robert(REM LP ...that he better not already have dammit I hope!) and I sent off the start for Oma's super special pressie.
Ain't much more embarrassing than handing an envelope addressed to the 'Hansi Hinterseer Fanclub' to the post lady ...XD (My master plan=as per website sending an adressed and already paid for reply envelope with the mail means that I will hopefully have my hands on an 'authentic' austrian folk song HERO of all little old ladies and housewives everywhere autographed card soon. SOOON! >_>;;)

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But I still managed to drag myself to Soz.Psych this morning at 8(not like Fabian, who totally sucks at excuses: like 'I have sleeping patterns that are, ähm, difficult to overcome and ähm...' DUDE you overslept, just admit to it, we weren't gonna lynch ya for it XDD) and there was a test the prof wanted all of us to take about our social self-perception and what-not, and it concluded that judging by our results I was one of about 10 from 100+ students in lecture hall that were 'overly egocentric' and Carmen has strong social anxieties. LOL! (I mean, with questions like 'Do you look in mirrors often?' ...um, let's just say ALL reflective surfaces alright? *preens*)
Good fun though!

...and now that I'm thinking back I also basically spent the whole day with Carmen and Anja, as we went to have a late brekkie at Anja's place (where Carmen and I managed to get into the wrong U-Bahn AND S-Bahn A+++ team us!) and just hung around there and town before THE UTTER THRILLING EXCITEMENT(*gag*) that is PAED. Man, am so happy I'm not taking the exam for it next semester! Am just sitting in the lecture and like, pre-warming my brain for it next next year or something~
Got some library research done too, to appease my inner nerd. Ahh. Now I only have to get my ass over to the WU- library in goddamn FLORIDSDORF(...it's over the DONAU. I mean, am over the canal myself, but THE RIVER is a wholly different matter!) to get the majority of said reading material. On friday morning. That I most likely will not touch at all during the weekend.

...Such is life!

Yet to end this on a more positive note: Maya has a new H/D that is fricking hilaarious as usual(though I do want some more Quality of Mercy HOMG getting so gooood~): http://mistful.livejournal.com/93520.html#cutid1

Aaaand this Ron/Draco that is looking mighty innnteresting(am on part three of six atm):
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(just a quick one, as I have to be awake in 5 hours lol)

...I never thought I'd say this given the movie and the new actor but:

BEST FUCKING BOND MOVIE EVER. From the starting credits, to the opening scene(THE CHASE SCENES. RUN BITCH RUN ♥!!) and the rest of the whole shebang. This 'new' Bond(or actually the old Bond, as the movie is chronologically THE first Bond movie ever) is still a cocky-ass bastard(none of the slick debonair charm yet), ooh so snarky and HOT. Daaaaamn, Daniel Craig really blew me away in this movie, the man OOZES charisma. For all that he's not so good-looking at first in the pictures...you really gotta see him moving about and in action for it to really hit you. ALSO: BUFF and toned bod and killer baby blue eyes. Mmmmh~ ♥
And it was frequently laugh out loud hilarious, something I can't remember the other ones being (at least not on purpose lol) The Martini line! Hee~

Definately purchasing the DVD for this one!

(Went for a drink and some chatting later with Marie and am now 'fully booked' this weekend(Christmas bazaaaars~) haaah and here I was wanting to save some money XDD STUDY? WHAT STUDY? lolol)


Nov. 28th, 2006 12:28 am
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If this pattern of late-night dinners keeps up I will have to take preventative action soon, gah. But Mama noodles aren't that bad, comparatively, right?

Today was an uni day spent mostly chatting and drawing during the lectures, as I had to write notes during STEP2 I seem to have spent all my Concentration Points for that and was basically useless for the other two lectures. Got to see tons of people from the tutorials though and got Horst and Florian to sit next to us/meee. Funtimes! And have a date to go punsch-drinking with Phil and the others this Thursday~ AND tomorrow is gonna be James Bond: Casino Royale watching with Marie from STEP3. I think am kinda getting the hang of the social juggling thing? Here's hoping!

Oh and in more Uni news-- I got my first graded assignment back from Georg, the Anime/Manga/Comic Gender Construct analysis I did about Ouran and Haruhi: 92 points! Kind of awesome for a start right? Apparently I got deducted for using different fontsizes(...why the heeeell did I do that X[)and too many english terms thrown in. Buut! I think I can be happy about it, 92/100 is like a german 1- right? Or 2+? the shallow competetive part of me wants to know what the others got so I can compare and react accordingly though. Ummm

Btw, the movie yesterday- "Science of Sleep" was suprisingly lovely, Gael Garcia Bernal is one charming mofo and I loved the whimisical and vaguely fucked-up dream sequences, the multi-lingualness of it all(french and english and spanish a bit!), the fact that the ending was kinda ehh and most of all the dialogue.

Guy: *explaining something* "It's kind of like touching your penis with your left hand."
Girl: "...I don't have a penis."
Guy:"But you have a left hand."
Girl:"... ..... ..... ...:/"
OKAY it's not so funny out of context like this BUT STILL DD:
And Fabian(my fellow movie watcher) is kind of a Dorkus Maximus, but we like him anyway XDDD

PS Note to self: NEVER surf around the 4chan wikis at the Unencylopedia again. While learning new stufff is always interesting- there are PICTURES I could've quite happily spent my life not seeing. EVER. Especially now that they seem to be burned into my retinas. ...oaifhskjfsh. WHY. >___<;;;;;;


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