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...I think my glasses are a wee bit bent or crooked now ever since Sara kind of leaped into my arms/face the other day. WARGH. And lol the amount of times I've now mentioned her should warrant a tag of some sort, but oh am I too lazy to think of one. AH WELL. I HOPE THEY WON'T BE BACK TOO SOON TODAY kjaffajkh at least I got to post the [ profile] rahmbamarama artses I intended to today already though!
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Fuck yessss, for Silvia, Andi and Sara heading off for some quality family ski time, thus freeing up their living room AND MODEM!!!!!! for yours truly to get her internet fix. But this was also highly unexpected, so I have naught to offer but a recounting/bitchery of yesterday's events AKA MY WORST TRAVEL DAY EVER, HOLY FUCKING SHITSTICKS.


But in other news, Krimml is as pretty in a total wintry country-side wonderland as always, my relatives are also the same, Sara is still inexplicably fascinated with me and now wants to 'teach me Pinzgäurisch', as the high German I speak to everybody is Not Up To Her Four-Year Old Standards, lolol. WILL SHE SUCCEED WHERE COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE FAILED?? I just really feel weird and embarrassing trying to mimic the dialect here, can understand it well enough of course, but actually trying it? Lol no, I'd sound like Fakey Mcfakerson. The Christmas/holiday cards will all be sent off tomorrow (LOL WHOOPS), wanted to get em all done today but I apparently overslept a bit, thus losing my bit of morning advantage and then it was time for lunch already. Which is also the time the Post bus drives away, GOD DAMN YOU POSTBUS!!

Am already curious how well I will get with my various academic To-do's, but have also made a list of fandom things I need to get done ([ profile] jorajo! Have not forgotten your pic, am just slow as fuck atm, sorry DD:) and hopefully headway shall be made on both areas~

OH AND BTW, this is also basically a ~*SEMI HIATUS~* declaration, as I truly will have no idea when I can beg off the next few hours of net in the following days. Here's hoping there will be a lot of skiing in store for Sara?? KEEP ME POSTED ON WHAT HAPPENS ON THE INTERNETS PEOPLE PLZZZ D:
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Dearest Sabrina has somehow managed to eff up her key situation again! This time managing to forget her keys in her friend's car in Niederösterreich! Man, is she ever so lucky that I am a total internet addict and thus always to be found awake and at home, even at a quarter to 1AM. But seriously, this is now the THIRD TIME THIS YEAR ALONE that she has lost and in this case, 'misplaced' her keys. Is a part of her somehow morally opposed to the things? Does she not like the safety of a security lock clicking shut?? How can one person keep losing their keys so often? I grope for my keys in my bags basically every other hour to make sure that they're there, and I have em attached to these giant keychains and all. I forced myself to actually talk about what to do about this with her though, as I am leaving on Monday for winter hols at my grandparents, and like fuck am I not gonna be doing so without locking the shit out of our front door thing as well. So I shall probably be making a pit-stop to the Keysmith's at the MC tomorrow! I hope they can get a duplicate done in a day, ahh. But I also hope they charge a buttfuck of cash for it, Sabrina gave me 50€ for it after all (I drew the line at actually offering to pay for it in advance myself lol eff no).

BUT THAT ASIDE: I HAVE NO MORE EXAMS THIS SEMESTER! NO MORE IMMEDIATE DEADLINES! JUST THE LOOMING ONES OF JANUARY THAT I WILL HAVE TO ADDRESS NEXT WEEK ALREADY BECAUSE I WILL BE SCREWED OTHERWISE! WOOO! The Soziologie exam went okay, as always it could've been better, but I am still hoping and praying for just a pass. LET ME PASS THIS LAST ELECTIVE COURSE PLEASE OH PLEASE. The Bakk1 assignment that I was supposed to hand in this Tuesday, didn't and just effed something down in MS Word in a blind panic and gave the print-out to the teacher this session was also okay, she apparently is really super chill. I mean okay, she said to give a 'status report' of what we have done so far, and mine is basically: "UHHH I copied about 400 pages that I have stuck in binders and not read yet? HERE HAVE A VAGUE INDEX. AND A PARAGRAPH OF INTRODUCTION. WITH PARENTHESIZES. AND SOME 85 WORDS ON WHY I WANT TO DO IT :DD PLEASE DON'T FAIL ME (YET) I DIDN'T KNOW EVERYBODY ELSE WOULD ALREADY HAVE SO MUCH DONE AHHHHH."
To end this academic BAWW-ing on a more positive note though: I got the HIST and PR exam grades back! PR was an admittedly embarrassing 4 (I TOOK THE EXAM TWICE AND STILL BARELY PASSED *headdesk*), but I was pleasantly suprised by the 2!! I got in HIST. A TWO!! Motherfuck! :DD

Tomorrow I attempt to get my remaining Christmas shopping done! And start getting used to not seeing Carmen again until January :( the worst part for both of us is always the first few days not at the dorms where you realize you suddenly CAN'T always call the other person 24-7 for no real reason other than to just share deep, deep thoughts like 'DUDE HAVE YOU SEEN WEBSITE XY' and 'I'M BORED WHAT ARE YOU DOING'. Though I did possibly save her from missing her flight tomorrow morning, because I tried calling her after my BAKK1 to complain about how cold it was at the bus station and that the bus just left (=like I said, we have deep conversations) and it didn't work because she still had her phone on silent mode from the exam, and would've forgotten to switch it back to normal otherwise XDD. GOOD DEED OF THE DAY, KER-DONE!
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SO I THINK I AM GOING TO BE VERY STRESSED THE MOMENT I WAKE UP AGAIN(BAKK1 Zwischenbericht deadline ahhh I have nothing ahhh) AND UNTIL THURSDAY (hardcore sociology exam AHHH). EFFFFFF.
But! There is shining brilliant light in the midst of these unsavory things that I will now elaborate on in list form, because I am tired and should really try toddling off to bed :(

DEXTER SEASON 3 FUCKING SEASON FINALE. Moaaaaar plz! I love this series so much for being so consistently good. Definitely one that I will also be buying the orig box-sets for!
♥ The delicious and sumptuous Mövenpick CREME BRULEE ice cream that Carmen and I shared as we watched Dexter, topped with a generous helping of forest berries and richly drizzled with Mozart Chocolate Liqueur
♥ Trading early X'mas presents! Carmen really liked the shirt I got her from BKK and the papaya hand cream and mangosteen hairmask, score. And I totally adored my gorgeous cookie tin filled with chocolate and the personalized snowglobe!! she made with one side being a silly pic of us both during ice-skating, and the other being one of our swank Prague pics ! AHH :DD
♥ Following the awesome of the DVD/Present thing with Fondue at Wido and Lena's! Clemens and this friend of Lena's, Katja, was there too and it was so much fun. THE FONDUE WAS DELICIOUS, even though I was actually full from the ice cream I ended up pigging out all over again. SO WORTH IT THOUGH. EFFING HOME-MADE CHEESE FONDUE. Mhhh~ And we played UNO later and I won twice. HAH.
Clemens wasn't a dick! Seriously, he was so pleasant and fun, it was almost like last year in not-a-dick levels. Absence doth make the heart grow fonder? He better come to Punschen tomorrow too though.
♥ Punschen at the Karlskirche tomorrow! I get to see Tutor Georg and Dominik again! I could take or leave Georg O. and totally pass on Lis and Harry though, man this could possibly turn out so ~awkward~ tomorrow lolol

But one thing I am not looking forward to tomorrow is having to pay fucking EIGHT EUROS in library fines. Fun story: The BWZ bib closes at 4PM. I had borrowed four books over the weekend and admittedly left the house a bit late. Got to the BWZ at ten to 4PM, but figured I would have enough time to copy my needed pages out. Our IPKW library always takes a while to close, so I thought that if I took until ten past 4PM, I could still squeeze in and return the books. So I copy and copy and am finally done, toddle over to the library and seriously, it was TEN MINUTES PAST FOUR PM and the lights were out, nobody was there and the (glass) door was locked. ERGO, due to these ten minutes I will be 8€ poorer tomorrow. I almost want to just keep the books longer now since I have to pay the fine anyways (and lol, after the first 2€ pro book fine, they just add 20 cents a day whaaat). BUT FINE BWZ BIB, BE THAT FUCKING WAY D:
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Internets! I come to you with yet another story about my ~lovely~ roommate, but this time I refrained from being a dick in dealing with it! I think! And I was so proud of myself I just had to write this down. THE SABRINA SAGA, Part 28462 )

Also got to see the movie Inkheart/Tintenherz with Carmen today. Lovely and heartwarming fantasy fare, good fun! ALSO FEATURES PAUL BETTANY SHIRTLESS (for a few scenes), which is an added incentive if I ever heard of one. Ashfinger's scenes were clearly the best, and his rapport with Farid and his ferret thing were hilarious. I would so watch a road movie of their excellent adventures! I am filled with a sudden urge to rewatch Paul Bettany in Wimbledon (♥ that movie). Speaking of movies/dvds, also dropped some cash at Saturn today for The Departed and a double-disk feature of Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead on DVD, woo! I mean, I already have numerous fakes of the latter, but this time I have the original DVD extras <33

I LEAVE YOU WITH THIS CUTE CLIP OF LEE PACE AND AMY ADAMS SINGING. I seriously love Lee Pace's voice, and apparently he sings quite nicely too, as this clip shows :>. Anyone know if he's read for any audiobooks??
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Found by Carmen somewhere in the depths of Flickr? Or We♥Everything or whatever site she was at and passed on to yours truly:
...SPOILER ALERT: This probably won't be happening soon! And now I think I can safely say that I wholeheartedly failed to accomplish anything today that involved actually leaving the dorm. I replied to my outstanding internet correspondence? I sorted out my computer a bit? EFFFF, INSUFFICIENT. I seriously need to get my ass to the BWZ library tomorrow, I need those books copied for the Zwischenbericht of my BAKK1 Arbeit that is supposed to be handed in this coming TUESDAY. AHHH. And the yet un-studied for hardcore Soziologie test that is on THURSDAY. At least I have unzipped the file that has all the Lernunterlagen for that already?? And now Clemens is SMSing me that we probably have to meet up for our HIST AT project next week, too. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIIIIME, SERIOUSLY. And winter just screws everything up just that little bit more-- you try to set yourself some time-limits, but it's all worthless after 4PM anyways, because then it's dark and I at least automatically stop wanting to go outside at that point.

Something else I learned today: I seem to have reached what can be described as a bodily limit on consuming pesto. I must have spent at least half a semester last year constantly mixing pesto (dried tomato pesto mmmmh) to my rice and pasta or whatever, and now? I just had a tin of canned tuna with pesto flavor and some toast and holy hell do I feel sick. Like, imminent upchuck-sick :(( First McD's/BK, Mexican food and now pesto are being cockblocked by my digestive system? Whyyy~



Dec. 9th, 2008 04:30 pm
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SO these past few days, I have managed to:

♥ go to bed LATE AS FUCK (3AM-4AM baaaw), but also wake up LATE AS FUCK (1PM-2PM) so I hope this at least means my amount of sleep stored is somewhat back to normal. Thank god for long weekends! Now if only my L-esque eye-rings would go awaaay.
♥ finish YULETART! Sent it off on the 7th, and I must say that even if I think my uh 'concept' was better last year, this year was much for fun to color! I GOT TO USE MORE THAN BLACK, SHADES OF GREY, YELLOW AND DARK RED WOO XDD. Shall slap on a link here when the entries all go up!
♥ marvel at the fact that the new Firefox is THE BESTEST THING EVER. I do not know what suddenly happened with this update, but I am now able to actually save things on the computer when I'm surfing without having to not touch anything on the browser for 5 seconds, lest everything suddenly hang and CRASH. This. This feeling it freedom?? Picspam entries, I am fucking ready for you again!
♥ get waaaaaaaay too excited by the awesome happenings at [ profile] rahmbamarama! Everyone is so crazy-awesome-enthusiastic there and the sheer volume of fantastic fanworks, I am so not used to being so 'active' in commenting! MUST GET ASS AROUND TO POSTING SOMETHING. Also helloooooo new friends from that awesome friending meme! Man, I really need to get some new superlatives/adjectives. I am already wearing out AWESOME and OH MY GOD as it is XDD
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Sabrina is learning! I was treated to this ~*lovely*~ note in front of my door this morning:
Vielleicht schaffst du es auch Verantwortung zu übernehmen und mal 'vor der eigenen Tür zu kehren' (im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes) und den Boden zu wischen im Vorraum und im Bad.
Danke, Sabrina.

(Basically in English: Hi, maybe you'll also manage to assume responsibility and 'clean up your own messes', specifically wiping down the common area and the bathroom floors. Thanks, Sabrina).
OH SNAAAAAAP. Ahahaha, oh my fucking god. I mean, I must give it to her, that note is good. The way she throws the word responsibility I used in my other note right back in my face? The thinly-veiled disdain in those oh so polite sentences? Nice move, nice move. I honestly felt bad for a few minutes, before I realized that, wait, she is basically trying to give me shit for letting the dust settle. And the fact that the stuff to 'sweep' up is apparently my job, even if it SOMEHOW always magically is way more than could just feasibly be from the common areas and SOMEONE seems to be allergic to the thought of actually using a vacuum cleaner for her own cleaning. I vacuum my room and the common areas weekly or at least every two weeks. She can not make me believe that that much accumulates in the time between. But! Okay, I can get with the program. I wiped down the fucking bathroom, I wiped down the common area floor, I cleaned the bathroom mirror, I unclogged the shower drain (always a joy) AND I even fucking bought new bathroom and kitchen mats. Sabrina wants to have a motherfuckin' CLEAN-OFF? BRING IT ON, BITCH. I'll show you fucking clean living. I am indifferent to living in a certain measure of dusty surroundings, guilty as charged, but man, at least I never actually make the kitchen regularly look like THIS ). TCH!

ALSO: Today is my FOUR YEAR LJ Anniversary! Man, how time flies and how LJ has managed to be the gaping black hole of AWESOME TIME-CONSUMING YAY in my life that it is. I wouldn't have it any other way~ It's been more soothing than expected to have a place to just type my random thoughts and just follow various fandoms with, I've gotten to know so many cool ladies through this (some with RL meetings woo) and it is probably LJ that I have to thank for Kat and I being in such constant contact with each other after all these years apaaaaaaart (LOVE U BEBE XOXO). Here's to many more years!

ALSO ALSO: I forgot to post about this yesterday, but Happy Belated Birthday to His Majesty The King ♥!!! I wish he wasn't ill and had to cancel his annual speech, but I hope and pray that he'll soon be healthier again. I did manage to SMS Dad and wish him Happy Father's Day though, and even got a very nice abrupt 'thanks.' in return. Oh, Dad.
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Like this meme! Instead of being halfway through an essay that I have had 2 weeks to complete and actually had to hand in half an hour ago. WHOOPS SELF, what was that about wanting to be better in university matters? HAHAHA NO.

STUPIDITY MEME. I do stupid things 57% of the time! I was expecting worse, to be quite honest! )

ALSO while I am at this post of no redeeming value whatsoever, another meme: The "Be Pete Wentz" Poetry Meme!
Olga, you would probably also really dig this one! ), why is it 1AM already blargh.
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Because I sure as hell needed 'em these past few days!

No Sense At All by [ profile] tabaqui. Cute and cracky Castiel/Dean fic. My Wincest OTP heart beats ever-strongly, but I admit to be quite ~*intrigued*~ by Dean & his angel. I blame Misha Collin's soulful blue eyesssss.
Smite Your Bitch Upby [ profile] eighth_horizon. Dean continues to corrupt educate Castiel in how to successfully hang out with humans. Or make them stare at him with open-mouthed horror. Sam lives in fear. ...bwaaa, what more needs to be said?? Hilarious stuff :D
Outcast on a Cold Starby [ profile] not_refined. Dean’s alone, except he’s not because Castiel’s there – what Dean can’t figure out is why exactly. Just lovely.
Nestfallenby [ profile] not_refined. A conversation over cocoa. Sequel to the above linked fic. Another delightful read and the image of Dean making Castiel a cup of cocoa with basically turned milk is somehow oddly adorable to me. Made me make embarassing N'AWWWWW noises when I read this through, iirc.
Never Travelledby [ profile] dotfic. Now THIS one is just plain smoking hot. And still touches upon the iffy aspects like what exactly is up with the fate of the vessel, and yeah. Read and weep at the lovely writing, though. Guhhh.

Pink Shirts and Tin-hats: A J2 2008 Retrospective by the illustrious [ profile] missyjack, who is this mad source of SPN info that I gladly stalk, ahh. But this post! ACH, BOYS ♥ How can they be real?? And so adorable and sexy and brilliant?? God, it is almost enough to spoil one for actual RL dudes >_>;;
THE EPIC LOVE STORY OF SAM AND DEAN by [ profile] proofpudding. This vid totally deserves the ALLCAPS!!11 of squee and more, because holy fuck, it is SO EPIC. Everytime I watch this vid, it's like my heart swells up 2 extra sizes or something. Gorgeously made and guh, the vidfile that is downloadable is so HQ, you can basically lean back, fullscreen that sucker in Windows Mediaplayer and bask.

Iron Man:
Get Your Gun, I'm Done by [ profile] rocknload. “I don’t wanna be a superhero/I don’t care so don’t call me.” ...holy fuck. This fic. Oh shiiiit, Tony. So sparsely written, but in that elegant and beautiful way that just lures you in, all the better to shiv you in the emotional gut later. I admit to tearing up like whoa during the end. Hurts so goooood DDD:
Genius by [ profile] quigonejinn. The possible story of Movie!verse Maya Hansen that meshes a lot of her comic!verse origins. Engrossing is one word I'd call this fic. Love what the author does with the repetition in this fic. Ajhdjjf. And the fact that she linked Lykke Li's "I'm Good, I'm Gone" as a writing inspiration. Now that song is firmly lodged into the back of my brain. The vid is especially at turns fascinating and somehow intensely creepy O_o;;

ZOOLANDER AT CFUD!!1 ...seriously, isn't that app perfection??? And Hansel is there, too! The recent counselor round was all kinds of win anyways, ffffffuck, there's the Millenium Earl, General Marian Cross, THE WINCHESTER BROTHERS (mark 2!), moaaar Hetalia countries, Maes Hughes!, Hakkai, and JD and Dr. Cox to name a few! Ahhh, following CFUD will be blissfull again ♥

Papa Don't Preach by [ profile] fan_eunice and [ profile] greensilver. Jack is keeping his baby...yeah, we went there. ...SO PERFECT AHAHAHA. Who knew that TW/Who and Madonna could be such a stunning mix of perfection?? [ profile] gwy, I bet you've already seen this, right??

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: THIS WEBSITE, IT WAS MADE FOR ME. genius (that URL!), and such a wonderful place to lose track of time in the wee hours of the morning. AHH. My scribbles to Sabrina feel so ...normal, in comparison to some of the stuff posted there, lol.
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Ffffffuck yeah, VO-HIST and VO-PR(2nd try sobsob) exams all done with! Now there is only the agonizing wait and the praying that I passed both, especially PR because fuck if I want to do it again for the third time. The sheer SHAME would probably end me :| The last Personal+Organisation midterm is something that will just be halfheartedly prepped for, not like there is a real chance to pass it, but one might as well give it a stab.

Before I get to some fandom links of yay, some RL BKK news first:
Protesters force partial closure of Bangkok airport. have got to be fucking kidding me. And the skirmish in Vipawadee Rangsit Soi 3. I just. The words, they desert me. What an everloving clusterfuck we seem to be in! this better not happen again to the airport when I'm flying in next Feb dammit
MOAR news on The Nation's website ...ah, so they unblocked the airport again. 10'000 people stranded? Hot damn.
Chaos in Thailand: Machtkampf nach Guerilla-Art. .......and the SPIEGEL makes it sound like THE BUILDINGS ARE BURNING RIGHT NOW!!1. I mean, uh, certainly they have a point about the chaotic situation, but wow, seeing it worded that way in the headline like that and the way the article is somehow written? Raises my hackles a bit. :| MAYBE I AM OVERREACTING. Hmm.

......So okay, now I may have kind of worked myself up into a really annoyed and frustrated mood. BALLS. HAVE ONE LINK INSTEAD, as I must still pimp the stirring duet of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart that was on Stephen Colbert's Christmas Special: The Greatest Gift of All.
"Can I Interest You... In Hannukah?"... so fucking cuuuuuute ♥. JON AND STEPHEN ILUSOMUCH. 'I'll keep Jesus, you keep your potato pancakes...' ajkfhfa oh man.

EDITED TO ADD: ...the shitstorm continues! Blasts bring chaos to Bangkok's airport. ...what the fuck, what the fuuuuuuck. The airport will still be blocked through today, the control tower has been seized and over 10'000 people have been affected, with 3000 stuck in the terminals right now. What. Seems like the PAD is up and gunning to lose ALL their public support, or at least the neutral opinion of people who didn't really want to take sides before, because this mess will for sure push people in the other direction. And not to even mention the fucking blow on the already sluggishly bleeding corpse of the tourism industry back home. Might as well just take it out back and shoot it in the head if this keeps up. :|
Another article: 'We'll be here until PM quits: PAD and two opinion pieces: From Skywalker to Darth Vader (lol what) and PAD wrong to block airport.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:50 pm
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HURTLING BY MY WINDOW AT HIGH SPEEDS. And I actually wanted to leave in an hour to go study in the MC (and mostly just have an excuse to wear real pants and throw my trash away but yeah) and the way it seems now?? FAT FUCKING CHANCE I AM SETTING FOOT OUTSIDE. Okay self, channel that urge to NOT FAIL and start studying! You know you can do it! jksdfhjskaSA!

But before that and since I am actually typing this new post right now some thoughts/incoherant squeebabble on
SPN S4x10 )
a mishmash of S1 GG and the most recent eps )

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I SHOULD BE USING THIS AS MOTIVATION TO STUDY MOOOAR, but it is still light out and I am still headachy, so distraction per LJ first it is! Basically, I found out two days ago that the fact that I resigned myself to only being finished with university/my Bachelors Degree by next December could actually not be necessarily true. I could be done by next summer! We need a combination of 60 SWS (weekly semester hours) of Publizistik main subject classes and 30 SWS of our various electives to complete this major, and lo and behold I actually have 28 SWS for the electives already. So if I actually pass Personal + Organisation this semester (...even if that is very unlikely baaw), I would actually have 1/3 of my major all wrapped up, and if I put some back into taking as many exams for next semester now or in January as possible and pass everything now, the chance of me getting done in the projected 'normal' 6 semesters is actually doable! I have 26 SWS for PKW right now, but if I pass everything I will get an additional 18 SWS and start the summer semester with 46 SWS and asjhfas the math looks possible! I mean, I will probably hate myself and die from the stress, but it is a very warming and reassuring thought that I could do it! I can still 'take my time' and be done by December (as predicted to the parental units), but I could also see if I can try to get my shit together. AHH. AND THEN A SIX MONTH (PAID??) INTERNSHIP IN SINGAPORE OR SOMETHING WITH CARMEN before getting back to the drudgery of doing a Master's somewhere here. Good that would be awesome. Even better would be somewhere in the Staaaaaaates (Patty!), but even my dreams get cockblocked by the fact that I know that shit would be too expensive ;((

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THE SINK IS CLEAN! THE MOTHERFUCKING BATHROOM SINK IS CLEAN AND NOT FULL OF GROSS YELLOW SPLOTCHES! Fuck yes, she cleaned it! SUCK ON THAT CLEMENS, HOW IS THAT CONFLICT AVOIDING HUH?? HAH. Communication (be it per passive aggressive notes) totally works too, fucker!

And what's this I hear about LJ going to be down for the whole of tomorrow?? Server move? Man, it's like the world is forcing me to actually study for the exams next week, hurfdurffff. Shall try to whip my laziness into shape! And even if I fail, there is less on the internet to distract me? SMALL MERCIES?? I do not know!

But to spice things up, a random collection of links that have piqued my interest these past few days, yet again in a random formatting because I can never ever really remember to stick to one. Structure, I am apparently not a fan of you!

__Why have I never seen this TDS clip of The Best F*$kin' News Team Ever at the DNC?? The bits where they are 'harassing' Anderson Cooper is the best. THE BIT AT THE END WHERE ROB RIGGLE PICKS HIM UP kjsafhjkasfh "My. Oh my...Oh my." alskj SO CUTE I CANNOT DEAAAAL.
__T REX T-SHIRTS!!! It looks like such a happy shirt!
__The Victorian lady's PERFECT bitchface will never not crack me up like hell ♥
__BEARS WITH FUCKING SAWS!!!!! WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE ON A SHIRT. That shade of yellow is also totes cute.
__EETS THE CIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIFE! Such an epic design of awesome.
__Hilarious roast of Stephen Colbert by Rahm Emanuel at this charity thing. OR where THAT one picture comes from that everyone has been posting like crazy. It's ~*awesome*~ okay?? Also I will not link to the uh, new wave of pundit/Rahmfic that I have been reading over at [ profile] rahmbamarama but uh, suffice to say I have been, and enjoying it MIGHTILY and whatever was left of my sense of shame has shriveled up anyways. IF IT HELPS I ALREADY CONSIDER THEM REALLY AWESOME SEMI-FICTIONAL CHARACTERS? Lol.

THAT'S IT. OFF TO BED NOW holy shit am I ever so tired.
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In a stunning feat of probably sleep-deprivation, I was one of the many fools who clicked on the link that was posted on the hacked shoebox lj-community yesterday, before reading all the posts going ABORT ABORT DON'T CLICK THE FUCKING LINK ABORT a few hours later. ARRRGH! Turns out it was one of these suspect Russian sites that apparently installs a keystroke-logger on your computer if you access the site the fake!link sent you to?? And after having myself a moderate fit of kajfhynmb!!PARANOIA DELUXE and running my Avira Anti Vir full scan with no recorded evil hits, I admit that I am still wary. Cue some intense poring over the relevant posts over at and the downloading of Ad-Aware 08, only to of course realize that DURR I already have 4 different anti-virus program on my computer that I hid the desktop shortcuts for in another folder (classic case of 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' for me I guess!). And now, instead of turning in for the day and doing all this tomorrow I am hunched over the computer at nearly 3AM waiting for the next scan to be done and ajsfhjkfs what the eff Ad-aware is telling me I have 376 detected infections so far on my laptop?? What the shit is this, there better be an explanation for this after the scan is done. *BOGGLES and is VAGUELY NAUSEATED*.

I hope that mine is one of the cases where nothing is wrong and I am being needlessly wary, but oh fuckkkk this is the part I hate about computers. WHAT IF I LOSE ALL MY SHIT AHH ajsfhjkfh I still need to check my online banking account with this laptop hot damn good thing this only happened yesterday! WANT TO CHANGE ALL MY PASSWORDS NOW but lol shouldn't really do that if I have a keylogger now eh? LOL FUCK.

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UNBELIEVABLE, but true-- I am making a snails pace with my assignments for this week! Admittedly, I have to hand them in tomorrow, so I would have no other fucking choice, but I am fond of this selective look at my academic reality. It is sad to see how I have gotten my procrastinatory work rhythm down cold now though, and it basically boils down to the following points:


Hot damn... I uh, kind of suck! OH WELL. Tomorrow is also the bi-annual PKW-Festl' though, so here's me tentatively looking forward to that. Carmen will thankfully be there this time around though, eff yes. Here's hoping Lukas and his Angewandte buddies come again, the entertainment will otherwise be solely lacking (gambling on meeting random acquaintances there is always risky business lol).

STILL WORKIN' ON THE MEME PICS THOUGH. COMING SOON as soon as I clean my room a bit fuuuuuc-


Nov. 9th, 2008 07:09 pm
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Man, I really wish La and Angie would be more obsessively addicted to the internet and refreshing their email like yours truly, because there are currently 1€ airberlin flights to München and back and it would be a hella sweet way to travel, especially versus the 4 hours traaaaaaaaaain BUT I need their input that the dates for our March 2009 meet-up are fix. ARGH. I really hope I'll hear from them tomorrow and that the flights will still be 1€=60€ plus taxes etc etc... *CROSSES FINGERS* ALSO: [ profile] gwy, kann sein dass ich ein batzen früher bzw. länger dann in München bleiben werde, könnten uns ja dann auf delicious fooooood etc mal treffen dann oder?? :DD?

Yesterday was a combination of being really studious and actually getting some uni work done at the uni library with Carmen, and later going to see Joachim's band play a gig. So of course the usual suspects were all there (even if Lis&Nathalie and Harry all came waaaay later) and ohoho how amusing the feeling of a ~*friendship cold war*~ is.
TBC under the cut to spare the uninterested lol )

ALSO--stolen from RINRINRIN, the following meme: Pick any aspect of my life you're curious about, and tell me to take a picture of it. My room, my car, my closet, the toilet, the fridge, you name it, I'll probably take a picture of it. (And lol feel free to make multiple choices, as I might as well take a few pics while I'm at it)
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Again, the internet and getting to watch JAMES EFFING BOND: QUANTUM OF SOLACE!!!1 just now in the original soundtrack pull through and succeed in distracting me from the grand funk and self-pity party I had going on the last few days. Shitty uni news/grades and a general underlying sense of inexplicable rage that is probably partly due to hormones, yay. BUT! Quantum of Solace was SO FUCKING GOOD. One of the things I love about the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies, besides the obvious ahem, physical attributes of Mr. Bond, is the fact that the action scenes are really thrilling and top-notch, yet at the same time still remain intensely entertaining. And perhaps I was never really into Pierce Brosnan or every other Bond that wasn't Sean Connery but I never laugh as much at a Bond's quips or comments than I do now. It must also be noted that Daniel Craig really is a fucking feast for the eyes, godddddd the way he wears ANY- AND EVERYTHING, but especially a suit. Fuck me, he is so intensely attractive, I almost can't deal. SO MANLY, UNFFFF (EXTRA BONUS: When he is all roughed up, dirty and bloody. HOT DAMN SON.) Olga whatshername playing Camille was also surprisingly awesome and utterly kickass. Such a gorgeous lady ♥

In other happy internet things, the following links/clips have brought at least the RL approximation of this :DDDD

__I don't care if it's not Halloween anymore, Heidi Klum's Kali costume is still ten flavors of AWESOME.
__This Dissidia FF game is REALLY intriguing me. ESPECIALLY AS TIDUS IS IN IT FUCK YEAHHHHHH ♥
__I shouldn't be finding Zac Efron so attractive. But boy is one helluva looker now, holy shiiiiit.
__...I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. At least I haven't watched the Highschool Musical movies. YET. ...dammit.
__Lady Gaga has such awesome songs. I almost wish she had another name though, because I mean, whaaaat.
__So like, I found the earwormy Thai indie rock band song that was haunting me on YT yesterday. The lyrics/chorus are SO RANDOM, but I really dig it.
__Speaking of Thai music, there is no such thing as posting too many links of the same Moderndog song over and over again. I LOVE 'TA SAWANG' SO FUCKING MUCH. Moderndog songs are my forever girl. AHHH.
__I wish I had too much money and could buy dresses like this SNAP SNAP. When Anna Sui has it, oh hell yes she has it.
__Jude Law saves RDJ crotch!! So heroic~~
__...especially after reading this article too. Lol holograms lol


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