May. 14th, 2012 12:19 am
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Again, it has been way too long since I last posted! So much for being good and sticking to one of my admittely many futile new year's resolutions. Super duper compressed update though, as it is midnight and I need to be up in less than 5 hours FUCKKKKK

WORK: BUSY! April was especially hellish re: events and GUESS WHAT LAST WEEK WE SIGNED UP FOR TWO MORE kjdhfkjhsdf sweet baby jeebus I am turning into an event planner now? Work continues to consume most of my active attention and I am starting to drop balls in the intricate juggling act that makes up my myriad and seemingly ever-growing responsibilities. The balls seem to be normal balls and and not explosive-rigged ones yet though, so there is that. Tomorrow one of our overseas distributors will be in the office and I will have to figure out a way to tell him why I haven't had the time to do the things for him he requested from me sighhhh.

LIFE: I am now 24! Totally and utterly in my mid-twenties now, which is still a very strange thing to get used to. I still feel like I need to embark on a vision quest or something to get the last badge of official young adulthood (and by that I mean a dude to bang or I guess ~SPEND MEANINGFUL TIME WITH~), but ehhh fuck that THERE IS NO TIME. My birthday fell on a Monday and ended up being a most excellent day at the office-- didn't really expect or want anything save for maybe some well-wishes from the colleagues but I got presents! The sales team gave me two amazing pairs of earrings, our intern gave me a donut-shaped cord holder, our designer gave me a futuristic coin purse and spa boss bought me CAAAAAAAAAKE! And I bought donuts for the office and then there was another farewell cake for the intern (her last day) and there was really too much food. Especially since I had tapas tapas TAPAS + wine and dinner with Dad, Sue and their friends afterwards, too. FOOD COMA.

FANGIRLING: Part of the reason why I have been bad at posting is because I bought myself a kindle fire and have actually just been using it to look at Facebook on a larger screen before bed and also uh READ ALL THE FIC. I am still super against typing on touch-screens, and I keep swiping something my accident that ERASES EVERYTHING I WROTE BEFORE kjshfdjhgajshfghg FUCK!!!! so uh, don't hold your breath expecting many mobile posts from me soon.

I DID watch The Avengers and Cabin in The Woods these past two weekends though, so I am ALL AFLUTTER WITH FEELS and great fannish love. Especially the Avengers-- I did not expect to come out of it having that many Natasha and Bruce feelings. They better be making a Black Widow movie and then it could tie in with the Winter Soldier and the Captain America movies and then back into the Avengers sequels AND THEN MY MIND WOULD BURST FROM THE AMAZING, THE END.

Also someone talk to me about Cabin and SPOILERSSS in the comments-- how great was it seeing those tropes subverted? I still crack up thinking about it days afterwards.

OOF this got longer than expected okay okay leaving noww---
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TODAY IS A MAGICAL DAY, FOR IT IS THE DAY THAT A CERTAIN MISS OLGA GRACED THE WORLD WITH HER PRESENCE, and then 18 (? or was it 19 lol my memory) years later came into my life and vastly improved my time in Austria and also my life in general.

WHY IS OLGA SO COOL? Why gentle readers, let me count the ways:




The happiest of birthdays for you dearest, and I wish I could be there to partaaaaaaaaaay with you! Your present is just waiting to have the last touches assembled and for my uh, salary to come in (Friday!!) so I have enough money to send it off XDD

AND OMG YOUR PACKAGE IS STILL AMAZING TO ME IN ALL WAYS. Ma dropped it by this week and akjfhkdfhksdfjh DYING. I keep it in the box still and reverently take bits of it out like I am some curator in a museum XDD AND THE ALL SAINTS CARDIGAN TY TY TY AHHHHHHHH ♥ I AM ONE OF YOU LADIES NOW. Can't wait for the colder weather to start here so I can proudly wear it everywhereeeeeeeee. :DDDDDD
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Twenty-two! I am inching closer and closer to what seems to be legit adulthood, though obviously there remains a long and winding road ahead of me and the fact that I in all seriousness have no real idea of what I will be doing beyond the following two weeks (besides apparently get a driver's license, come hell or high water. AAAUGH do not want). I would've thought that the idea of having time to chill, go to the gym and maybe brush up on my written Thai, my French or maybe learn Japanese/Mandarin would be the Best Thing Ever, but in actually I am wracked with occasional fits of anxiety about my future and not having anything fix in terms of internships or job prospects. Everyone I know keeps telling me to get the fuck over myself, and I am trying to do so. Today I thankfully had the healing power of TONY MOTHERFUCKING STARK and Iron Man 2, made even better then usual by being viewed in the SFX Cinema's cushy First Class seating (Ma doesn't care about the extra price because she can sleep more comfortably in these XD). They're giant reclining "velvet" La-Z-boys and you get a blanket and your popcorn + choice of drink brought to you by the staff. And when you have the apparent bladder of a pea (either the movie was hella long or I drank way too much today), the staff even run to hold the doors open for you when you try to subtly sneak back into the cinema ahh awkward. The movie itself was tremendously fun with oodles of little shout-outs and details (PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN IT COME SQUEE WITH ME IN THE COMMENTS), though woweee do enormous amounts of shit blow up in spectacular ways in this one. Also, I need to see it again for the sole reason so that I can find out what happened in the bits I missed on my bazillion toilet breaks lol.

GENERALLY AWESOME, WITH SPRINKLES OF FUCK YEAH but also a dash of "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--" though that was mostly due to Mindshare leading me on, the fuckers. Moar on a post to come soon! OH AND [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke is a darling and "so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~~" as Ma and our two neighbors kept informing me ♥

Thai politics:
Watching the local news and reading the newspapers keeps making me angrier and angrier. This has quickly left the realm of "protesting" and is flirting with domestic terrorism-- the reds are clearly starting to lose their collective shit and are acting even more erratic than usual. I mean, as if the home-made sharpened bamboo street barricades and unauthorized car and bag checks that they'd force on random people weren't enough (of course, people who said no were either beaten up or had their cars smashed or otherwise fucked up until they agreed), they have now twice barged into Chulalongkorn hospital and interrupted medical proceedings and obstructed ambulances carrying actual sick people because "the vehicles/the hospital could have been used to harbor soldiers" who would be readying themselves for a strike against the reds. Or the time they forced the BTS Skytrain into a standstill by throwing tires up the stations because the trains could also have been used to transport soldiers into town. Or one of my favorite bits of idiocy-- handing out multi-colored shirts for the reds to wear in Ratchaprasong intersection to "confuse" the soldiers if they were to come and make them disperse. HMMMM PEOPLE NOT WEARING RED WHO ARE SOMEONE STILL IN THE TOTAL AND UTTERLY RED ZONE THAT IS GUARDED AND CLOSED OFF? HMMM WHO COULD THESE PEOPLE BE HMMM :| AND OF COURSE, tonight's expanded news that some of them tried to lob RPGs at fucking WAT PHRA KAEW? Thank the higher powers the fuckers missed the temple itself, but this is just a further example of how low these people have sunk. You just plain don't pull shit like that, you don't. Ma and I met with some of her ex-colleges today and of course the topic veered to this, and it was very amusing and awesome to also hear the latest rumors about our fugitive criminal Squareface, who apparently has some really fucked up prostate cancer at the moment and might be dead or dying soon?? Cue fantastically frank comments like "I'll believe the fucker is dead when I see his body", "well given the number of people who must be cursing him daily, it couldn't have happened sooner" and "I saw this famous mystic say on TV that she had a vision of the gods of death coming for him!". Bwaaah! I just ~can't wait to see what happens next here ughhhh and of course our police men are hugely incompetent because the majority are "watermelons" themselves (green on the outside, RED on the inside). And we're flying back to Chiang Mai tomorrow which of course is another bastion of red (Squareface's hometown), ahhhhhh .___.;; /RANT
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♥ WHY ARE YOU GUYS ALL SO AWESOME, AHHH ♥. Seriously, thank you so much for all the lovely well-wishes and posts, ahhh I was basically going :D :D :D!! all day yesterday, ILU ALL SO MUCH!!

Yesterday can also be counted as one of the nicest birthdays I've had since uni started-- now this might sound cheesetastic, but it really is lovely to spend it with at least half of the parental units, too. We met for aforementioned Greek food at Orpheus at 7PM, they had spent the day in Bratislava and I was running around town on errands with Carmen. And holy crap, was Orpheus ever so delicious-- super swank and better than I'd expected, and eating out with Dad is generally great because he believes in full course meals and not giving a damn about the costs when it's a special occasion (also, Carmen got invited too woooo!). Because I love to blog about this and predictably had taken pics (that I have yet to upload, whoops some other time), my list of dishes: Scallops wrapped in speck on beds of mashed potatoes with balsamico glaze (entree), GIANT Veal chop served with sauteed green beans and artichoke (main) and a cinnamon parfait served with marinated strawberries (dessert). And to accompany that, a glass of Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon red wine. IT WAS ALL SO DELISH, and I loved getting to try a bit of everyone's dishes (Sue's Baklava was the bombbb).

Other things that were truly fantastic and happy-making on my birthday/list of schwag:
_Carmen's present: the "1000 Places To See Before You Die" book (!!), a giaaaant traveler's size mentos, color-coordinated bio chocolate and the cutesy animal stickers at Monsoon that I was always shamefully ogling
_Parental presents: Sue got me a matching set of turquoise earrings and a wristcuff, Dad is apparently giving me some mad cash in my bank account when I'm back in the summer (...seriously, he said the sum and I just about keeled over in shock :O I'M TECHNICALLY RICH, BITCH lol what) and Ma has promised that we'll go on some short trip in September (I'm pushing for somewhere in Chinaaaa)
_ALL THE MAIL I RECEIVED/WILL RECEIVE! [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight, you ladies are ON NOTICE for really making my day with your beautiful packets, chock full of style and mood-lifting post ♥ Seriously Lalex, that Onitsuka Tigers poster is all kind of swank and C, I LOVE THE SPIDER THING. Well okay I actually hate spiders with a fiery passion in RL, but I can totally appreciate the coolness of such a fake artsy one :DD
_The birthday spam on Studivz/FB, ahhh I feel loved!
_Surprise telephone calls! Wido serenaded me with his ~touching~ rendition of Happy Birthday, my austro-relatives called, Ma did and [livejournal.com profile] hyourinmaru CALLED FROM THE US aksjfhajfkh that was seriously such a fantastic surprise, RIN YOU ARE WONDERFUL. Clemens was on thin ice the whole day for never showing a peep, but then calling at like 9PM, yammering some excuse about how he knew it was my birthday since yesterday but (insert excuse involving beer and sunning himself here) TSSS

AND NOW I AM OFF TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH DAD, SUE AND AE (THEIR LAST DAY AWWW), will reply to everything this evening!
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Met Joachim in PR though and got his belated gift for me, this adorable mug that was filled with pralines and mars bars! Which was perfect timing, as I was actually really really hungry at that moment, heh! MARS BARS GLUE YOUR JAW TOGETHER THOUGH! Apparently I can also still expect Clemens and Nardo's gift on friday-- something to do with watching "Be Kind Rewind" akjssfa, which is awesome~~. La's present came last friday, and the Uni Basel purple shirt of ~*STYLE*~ contained therein (along with pear-chili bathgel and a mix CD) is now up in my new favorite T-shirts to wear all the time AHH SO COMFY AND STYLISH~~! Makes me jealous in a way, Uni Wien's shirts aren't even half as cool XDD

The iMar test turned out to be tricksy only in the SHEER VOLUME of the questions, and it turns out doing the last minute cram session with the online self-tests was very smart indeed. Must keep in mind for the Final~. Business English I midterm is tomorrow, followed by II on Thursday and I must say that I feel guilty for not really preparing for it, but the sad truth is that no matter how shoddy I would actually write the exam, it would probably still be better than most of the class... that's how bad the general english skills in B E I are >_>;; MUST NOT GET COCKY THOUGH, shall do some last minute checks tomorrow morning~

OH AND I WANT THIS KEYCHAIN akjdhs ISHIDA FINALLY SOME MERCHANDISE WITH YOUU AGAIN! My phone yearns for your presence! And lol I'd probably buy two just to be safe XDD

+ One more Youtube link for the road. PIANO VERSION OF 'GOD KNOWS' ♥
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The big 2-0! HUZZAH~ :D And what better way to ring it in than by being invaded by Michi and Carmen, bearing gifts of ~*MY VERY OWN TOASTER*~ and a giant gift box of (healthy and breakfasty) FOOD. Apparently I need to finally learn the proper value of a well-rounded breakfast, hee!

Because it was that awesome, a breakdown of the contents:
_ giant stick of salami (!!)
_ toast (Carmen:"You can count your blessings that we decided against getting you wholewheat!!")
_ D'arbo Tyrolean Blueberry marmalade
_ D'arbo Caramel cream (with cows on the packaging that make it look like cow-flavouredness XD)
_ D'arbo forest fruit-flavored fruit snack bar
_ chocolate milk
_ SALZBURG cheese
_ a pack of hardboiled eggs painted to look like tiny Austrian flags ('Fan-Eier' lololol)
_ an assorted selection of lotsa mini cereals
_ Giotto
_ blueberry Fruitt
_ small bottle of birthday champagne (Henkell)
_ sack of oranges~~

...♥ ♥ ♥ I seriously did not know what to expect as a gift from them, but this really blew my mind with yay. HACH~~ And I actually need food right now, so this saves me like a bunch of money that I can waste use otherwise, XDD.

AND IN OTHER RL NEWS, as we were sitting and talking, Michi suddenly said that he had 'an announcement to make'. And started turning red. Which of course made Carmen and I lean forward all the more interestedly and it turns out that Michi and Lis have been TOGETHER SINCE LAST WEEK ksjeakjfjfs heeeee!! "It just happened. And it was a mutual interest thing, and well...". THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH as to why he was so standoffish and just plain distracted and okay this didn't really come so much out of the blue BUT STILL. Our trio of singleness is no more! Lolol daaayum. I am so looking forward to friday now to see the new couple's dynamic in action (...I can't actually picture the dude being affectionate lol I bet Lis'll take care of that aspect!). At least this new development also neatly resolves the worries Carmen and I were kind of having about the changing dynamics in the group, that Michi, Harry, Nathalie and Lis +Joachim and his dudes were doing stuff without the two of us (they always had to ask when we never had time!!) BUT NOW it's all good, as a couple would naturally act as a core of sorts and the rest of us would rearrange accordingly. ACH THESE SPRING FEELINGS~~
Lol re:my spring feelings or rather, spring STALKAGE, Number 49 has also been sighted! Albeit not actually in lecture, but doing his thing somewhere on campus. Ahh~ *is pathetic, yes*

...STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I'm actually 20 now. It's like, helllloo adulthood~
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It's like nearly 4AM now, but I felt the urge to make my verraaah first post with my shiny new purchased Paid Account with 100 userpics add-on that was Ma's present to me. Or basically her allowing me to use her credit card buuuut yeah ;D. AND YES I DO NEED THAT MANY ICONS even if I just only have like 40 new ones uploaded so far. Ahh~~ SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM~~~! Man I never thought this day would come :D :D :D

Will update with birthday happenings and stuff later today? Have had a hectic day, helping Carmen move her shit(and ending up with a shopping trolley in my room lol) and I haven't even had the time to answer the diverse well-wishers on studivz.net or facebook yet, ahhh. Have also given up on the idea of going to Soz. Psych II again, which technically kinda sucks buuut I don't really think that going there on less than 3 hours sleep will be conducive to much learning on my part either?? Aheh.


Apr. 30th, 2007 03:20 pm
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So this is what 19 feels like, huh? So far, so good... Have Carmen over now and we'll be chillaxing 'til it's time for uni~ AND THEN SPIDERMAN 3 PREMIERE and sum drinkin' at the Kju bar~
Am curious to how it'll all turn out, though I did get birthday greetings from everyone in the divided fronts so far... Ohoho.

Thanks to Mone for the birthday greets too ♥


PS KAT IF YOU ARE READING THIS like call me or something DDDDDDDD:


Apr. 30th, 2006 11:59 pm
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Had an absolutely fabulous day today and am now a bit woozy from having cocktails at the Emerald Hotel w/ Andy and Ma. Must remember that B-52's will be excellent drinks for life in Austria, they warm you to the very core of your being and taste hell of a lot better than Schnaps! Met this one college of Andy's too and they were sitting there trading hilarious stories of all the hijinks that Deep Sea/Offshore Divers experience (...getting robbed by pirates, threatened with machetes, dealing with the local russian mafia etc etc... XDD)...

Will post more tomorrow (and post a pic of Oscar, who was very nice ♥)...sleep calls me now~



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