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2005 - THE PRESENT, lol. Also mainly for my own personal reference, since I must admit to myself that my previous one isn't all that up to-date anymore. Clearly I just need to sign-up for more fests and challenges. And wow are a lot of my old Pbucket links broken. Whoops.

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Since I have been constantly neglecting my other hobby of maaaaaanga, I've spent large bits of yesterday evening alternating the now usual punditry/RBR and SPN with catching up on my old series on onemanga.com:

Koukou Debut/Highschool Debut: IT'S OVER NOW??? D:! Now where will I get my occasional cute and fluffy highschool romcom fix? But oh, on what an adorable note it ended! Haruna and Yoh's relationship is just so adorable and I think this will be a series I will reread just for sheer 'DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!1' factor.

Bleach 353: ...never has it been more obvious in these last few dozen chapters that Kubo Tite is clearly working on autopilot or whatever, because uggggggggggggh I still like the art a lot, but holy hell has it turned ever so boring. And loosely plotted. Poor Ishida for lying around getting [SPOILERED] whilst everybody else was getting distracted by Ulquiorra/Ukelelelele's [SPOILER]. The color spread for this chapter was pretty boobtastic though, and Rangiku/Orihime's bikinis fit this time! >_>;;

Fullmetal Alchemist 94: AND BY CONTRAST, THIS IS HOW GRIPPING AND AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT that is true to the character's development, fitting with the overarching plot and just damn fine to read is done. HOT DAMN, ROY MUSTANG, YOU CRAZY SCARY FUCK ♥ EPIC EPIC EPIC ♥ For more spoilery discussion of HOW FANTASTIC!!!!!!11 it was, please to be checking out this post. Hiromu Arakawa just keeps on bringing it, and on that note-- how great is it that Sarah Reese Brennan/[livejournal.com profile] sarahtales's book's Japanese edition is getting a cover drawn by Arakawa-sensei?? SO MUCH WIN.

AND IN OTHER RL NEWS, I am currently headdesking-slash-being infuriated at the stupid shit that is currently going on back home in Thailand. WHAT THE FUCK, RED SHIRTS, WHAT THE BLEEDING FUCK. Forcing the cancellation of the ASEAN summit in Pattaya? Breaking into the hotel? Fighting in the streets? Good to see you have clearly given up on trying to have the "moral high ground", though in my opinion the actions of the Chiang Mai fraction what with their random beat-ups of radio guys who allegedly support the Yellow shirts and the way you forced the gay pride parade to be canceled (SINCE THAT HAS SO MUCH TO DO WITH GETTING THAKSIN BACK) totally lost that tenuous hold since at least last November :/// And now the country is even more down the drain, re: international reputation, good job! Also, way to ring in the Thai New Year :|||. Akjhfekjhsfa it is just so terribly frustrating, and I honestly don't really know how this will get resolved, besides there just being a constant wave of protests and counter-protests ad infinitum. I don't profess to have a full view of the situation, but I like what I have heard of Abhisit so far, and I do think that he is a good choice, especially since he is ARTICULATE and SMART-- but there is only as much as he can do, especially since the fact that about 95% of the current politicians in the country are just fat, lazy and irreparably corrupt and self-centered anyways. UGHHHHH.
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Or at least one should always START WITH THE LOW WEIGHTS WHEN TRYING A NEW MACHINE AT THE GYM, damn you 30kg calf raise and my ego! Monday: I had always stuck to a regime of cycling, then hip adductions/abductions, some more fiddly exercises for the hips/thighs region and my pussy attempts at some arm exercises lol 5 kg bicep curls and such. BUT I remembered back in school when we were forced to do weight-training that I was always pretty kick-ass with the leg-exercise machines (thanks to Taekwondo woo!), yet now neglected to realize that I have been sitting on my ass for the better part of the time since Uni started and whatever condition I used to have is all shot to shit now. So I do my 3 times 15 reps on the machine, got a bit hard during the end, but doable. Normal after-gym day to day occurrences occur.
I wake up the next day, make my way to the bathroom and discover that HOLY FUCK IT HURTS TO WALK. Sitting is A-ok, and after an extended period of limping or tip-toeing along I am able to actually extend my calves and have my feet firmly on the ground. I look so stupid and Ma is half-disbelieving of me, especially as I begged off gym today, BUT OWW IT STILL HURTS D: *whiiiiiine* (one never really values the different muscles that enable one to walk before things like this happen XDD)

Um, wasted the time waiting for Ma to get her gym-time done by burning cash and buying little trinkets(mobile phone accessories! cutesy things!) for people, though! Have more than enough crap for Carmen now, and Olga's set is complete, got some little things for Angie and La AND YOUR PRESENT, KAT :D. Am just too lazy to send it yet, shall get around to it maybe tomorrow? Or later XDD Also lurked around B2S and got me some thai music-- Gancore Club's newest and Crescendo (lol hip-hop and jazzy pop woo), must chuck on ipod later~. Other consumer trappings included some bells to sew on my shiny new purple dress that keeps losing it's little pompom thingies, cheap ass markers and a cheap ass sketch book. If I am not studying, than at least I should try and force myself to draw!! FAITO

SAD NEWS: MY CAMERA DIED (???!!!) TODAY. Just as I was about to transfer the latest batch of pics too, fuuck. Brought it to the service center, hope they can work their magic DDD: MY BABYYYYYYY

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Am talking to Patty via googlechat right now! Ahh, this is very gratifying as it debunks the vague paranoid theory I had been starting to form re: keeping in contact with what I term as my core raburabu♥ group of friends: Kat, La, Patty and Angie and Ginger (Frank is there as well, but as he is a dude and operates under dude-rules of long silences and then sudden bouts of contact like nothing has changed booyah! he is an exception. And okay, Migel kinda counts too). Seemed to be for a bit that I'd always hear from a few at a time, never all at once and since Kat was being cockblocked by CHINNNNA!Firewall for a while and due to Austrotimezones I guess I had a very lively email-sms-phone thing with La/Frank/Patty going on... Now it's almost completely flipsided (AND I AM ALSO GLEEFUL ABOUT THIS EEE KAT and LJ and MEEE OTP :D :D) and I am kinda wondering what is up with mademoiselle La now that I've heard from Patty finally (WHO WILL BE HERE ON THE 26th WOOOOO)... Ginger and Angie operate under special communication protocol...I just keep sending em stuff and eventually a reply trickles in lol. But both are completely lovely and yay!! in person so I guess it's just a case of the internets warping our communication!!!1 Or a sign that they're just not as com-addicted as I am, probably!

In other news I have been all over CFUD these past few days, as there is major drama! and angst! and *shaz clutching her heart and making weird noises at the monitor*! character happenings between the good doctor Ishida aaaand Rikuou. With late guest-starring appearances by the little Ishida and Goyjo from Saiyuki as well! AHH ALL CHARACTERS I LOVE.
What was happening? I think the Rikuou-player says it best with 'RYUUKEN GOT CLUEBATTED AND SHARED THE LOVE', referring of course to the delicious sexuaaal tension that has been between the two characters since... heck, since a looong while back! ...I think I have the relevant threads bookmarked in trifecta somewhere in the bowels of my favorites folder, yes yes ♥.

And after all those links here from a recent post: Ryuuken and Uryuu and Ryuuken and Rikuou

AHH I EAGERLY AWAIT to see where this will go and I must admit, my desire for sexings aside(that's what the AUs are for), I really like how the RPers have handled this situation. What the characters 'do' rings true and it is things like this that keep me still following CFUD after all this time... *happy sigh*. (I keep imaging what happens in manga format and it aches me to try and draw some fanart but half-hearted poking at Corel painter X aside I think I can still safely say that I am in a longstanding art rut :/ ARGH)

PS new default and some Life on Mars and Mucha art icons!


Jun. 27th, 2006 08:06 pm
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Ohoho, online registration of Uni GET! :D

aand omg the colour spread(s) for Bleach 232! The library scene ahahahakljasdljfl XDD They all look so swanky and cute, but prepster!Ichigo(PINK GLASSES socuuute) and prepstaaa!Renji even more so. Ahaha Renji, you so ghetto wit' yo "FUCK" cap paired with braided hair and a tucked-in shirt 'n tie combo~ Must we mention the colours, too? XDDD this is at least one spread where I can accept the lack of Ishida... altho this would be right up his alley re:fashion sense ♥

For football today- LES BLEUS! ALLONS-Y TO VICTORYYYY, plz :DD?


Oh and randomly- anybody remember the 'Bye bye baby' song that this Jennifer something chick covered in english a while back? I was wondering about the original j-artist- anyone remember her name? I'm thinking it was Nanako-something but I'm probably wrong? *sekritly still loves that song*
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...wanted to go to bed now before I came across these two(2) Very Awesome Things.

_Number one(1)
Bleach chapter 226 )

_Number two(2)
Naruto 306 )

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Drew this to spam [livejournal.com profile] bravecows with. Since I fail at cowboy outfits --Saloon Girl!Rukia, woohey? XDD
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So like, it's finaaaally friday again!! This week was particularly shite re: school, tests and blah and more blaaaah. But! Fridaaay! Eventhough I could be theorectially at Adam's party right now, but fuck was too tired earlier. Would've been totally dead if alcohol were added. Just about fell asleep during french plus exam anyhow earlier today. (Seriously, I had a pillow on my desk and everything...that's gonna be one crap french grade, waaah).
But! Got to be productive on the artses side, finished the Bleach Exchange Pic and did a bunch of other doodles~ ♥

Bleach Exch, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Naaarnia :3 )
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is bunny-boy!Byakuya btw...to partner bunny-girl!Rukia I doodled a while back XDD

...ohgod i'm drowning in homework math presentation tomorrow read 30 pages french o shit o shit *flails*...

ETA: Cuz I'm still online, fuck I suck at self control.... BLEACH 214! OMG OMG OMG *FLAILS* ♥ ♥ guesss who's baaack XDD *squeee*


Jan. 19th, 2006 05:12 pm
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Joined [livejournal.com profile] bleach_exchange for the Valentine's Day run. Should be fun~!

Also, there was this disturbingly thick fog during the morning at school. Felt like I was in frickin'
Silent Hill 5 or something... As if one doesn't already have badcreepywrong!associations with school XD

(Today was tiring yet fun though, Pausenantics! Oh how I missed thee...)
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Here be the pic spammage I meant to put up ages ago, and actually even yesterday- but eh LJ you sucked. Hope this time is better!

=Loads of images up ahead, dial-up bewaaaare=
Naruto and Bleach and etc Merchandise of DOOM!! )

Also: FFVIII art site linkpimp- DEEP FOREST ...pretty pretty stuff from what I could see from a quick browse through. Love the way the artist uses (ths sometimes soft) lighting and the way she draws clothing folds~
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Gaah finaally! One would think that I'd get to use the damn computer more, seeing as I've been off since Thursday (LONG WEEKEND SCORE)...My fault for sleeping in and being in a dazed stupor in front of the couch by the time Ae gets back from school= Computer rights for Shaz unofficially forfeited. Ach, the silent rules of my household~ -.-;

Got to really progress with Lucifer's Call though, level 36 with lovely beasties~ (seriously need to get a guidebook, if only for the monsterpics! Makami hs grown on me, the damn weasel thing and Uzume is a vision of beauty!) How I look forward to Karasu evolving even one more stage! Eee~, I hope he'll look smashing~ ♥ ... The only problem I seem to have is that I STILL can;t decide on my "Reason"... Decisions, decisions ...I'll prolly end up with "Neutral" though, knowing me. Going for World Domination seems fun in retrospect, but I wasn't hardcore enough in the past so I think I screwed that up. Oops.

Loy Krathong was on Wednesday, and I proceeded to make the most ugliest one I have ever made in the nearly ten years I have been attending this school. Then I took off the name tag and left it at school, haha. Is prolly rotting on the table in front of our old classroom those damn eighth graders took now. Haaaah. My orange sticker MASTERPIECE still is in existance there though, which is a relief. Shame we never got around to completly covering the whole thing~
(Made pics with the cam, hopefully will have em uploaded sooon)

New Naruto Chapters: GAH, Timeskip!Charas all so hot! Ino, Kiba and Hinata? THUMBS UP YESSS ~~♥! SHINO WHY ARE YOU SO GHETTO WHHHYYY Am curious as to how new dude will turn out to be, hafta get the scantalation soonish...

New Bleach Chapters: ...the colourspread! Mrooow, that's one hot Orihime there! Such a look on her~ ♥! Although: There is one grave thing missing- WHERE THE FUCK IS ISHIDA~?! Waah, there better be a few chapters focussing on him and his Ryuuken daddyemo!issues. Or at least he should've been on the colourspread too. He would have so worked that chinese outfit- not like that's a far cry for his Quincy get-up anyhow...
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Waaaaaaaah~ so damn tired today! Who knew that 9 holes of GOLF could leave one so bone weary? and ahaha it wasnt even really 9 it started to rain and lightning flashed around hole 7 oops DANGER! caddy said that someone even got hit by lightning on the last hole aswell last year=DED. ....o.O;; It's a wonder these pro golfer's aren't more fit! Although hmm they cruise around on their cutesy little golf-carts no? Heh, no way I was gonna pay 600baht for that!

Fucked up math aswell ...a GTR Arbeit, which is a travesty, really wtf me? -.-;; Got the other one back- 3.7! ...compared to my other grades, rockage! But then there are BASTARDS like Marco who get 5.9. Asssss, I'm so taking his test for my korrektur~

This week ends on wednesday(Loy Krathong- am not in bastelgroup with 11klaessler BORING D:)- long weekend BOOOYAH! Harry Potter4 premiere too! ...Oh shit, need to reserve tickets though I doubt I'll get any good ones ...;_;

PS Bleach 15 thai style OUT! Awesome mini colour poster inside- Kubo Tite could seriously start a fashion label- I adooore the clothes the Bleachers are in! (and the cover! Kiiiiiraa~~)

PPS ...IS that chicken I smell? DINNER, FANTASTIC~!


Sep. 14th, 2005 10:43 pm
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Well~. Turns out that the big ol net problem was dad not paying last month's bills, thus making TRUE suspend our account. At least there were no lasting damages to the modem...^^;

The week without 'net turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because with added net I would've prolly never finished my stuff for school before XAM because school suddenly decided to EAT MY BRAIN this week.
Dear neverending flood of homework, YOU SUCK. ):<

Yesterday afternoon was fun tho, got to finally try out the PS2 games that Johann lent me- Shin Megami Tensai: Lucifer's Call and Shin Megami Tensai: Digital Devil Saga. Both were fun to play so far, altho the character's creep me out a bit with their vaguely blank expressions. Especially in Lucifer's Call. I think I made a mistake in naming the protagonist Naruto though, because he's so expressionless even a rock seems to emote more! "Oh damn,the world as I knew it just ended and I seem to have become infused with demon-ness(with really cool markings woo). Hmm. Now I shall wander about and look for my two classmates, and my pretty teacher who seems to be invoved with the cult that made the world end in the first place. But no hurries."
And he can make demons come into his party. It's just like Pokemon!
But in Digital Devil Saga, you and your friends turn into demons. And eat the ones you defeat for shits and giggles and even more power. My kind of fun~ ♥

Also: have acquired swanky new glasses. And on thursday I was locked in teh bathroom for twenty minutes. Got out eventually due to the master keys and losta doorknob jiggling by Ae. Wasn't so easy for him later when he locked himself in- Sue had to screw the doorknob out. Now we are doorknobless in the second floor. :( I miss it.

And now some art:

'hime )


I love this song so much, it's unhealthy... It's just so ♥ and all purpose- great for listening as background music on the bus, or just as it is, and damn if it didn't nearly make me cry whilst rereading Naruto vol 26 yet again.
Can't seem to find the lyrics anywhere tho, which is sad. Must keep an eye open for their CDs next time at CDwarehouse...

Off to catch up w friendlist now~
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Oh damn, but this is fuun. This dollmaker truly speaks to to the fashion fanactic and little girl in side of me. Ah, how time but flies when you're clicking to and fro... *sighs*

Naruto, FFX, Bleach )

Mary Sue Meme )

ETA: Kat, I got your mail!! Eee the postcards! The pens! &hearts!! (and am so loving the chicken feather :D)


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