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Another GPOYYYYYY of GPOYs, oh internet how you always have a picture that sums up my lousy state of RL affairs!

Although I guess this is not wholly accurate, as I experienced somewhat of a late-night burst of energy (the only kind I get, these days) and sent off three additional job applications and am correcting more bits of dear [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's paper.

It still doesn't change the fact that most of the time, when I wind down from the excitement of getting to meet my friends or go for meals with them, I am starting to get more intense flashes of being pretty dejected about my lack of job-search success so far. It's a useless feeling, and I should be using this free time to at least be productive otherwise and tackle the multitude of little things I could be doing around the house, in my room or even just sorting crap out on my computer, if I don't feel like actively creating anything myself but ugh. SULKING IT IS, 95% OF THE TIME THEN! *proceeds to be a lump on the couch*.

I think it's the whole lack of any form of response to the job apps that is most depressing-- you feel like you're lobbing crap into a void, after a while. It's also just weird to me because I am then wondering if I'm explicitly yet inadvertantly doing Something Wrong in my apps, as for all intents and purposes I should be having an okay time in the job market. I'm a strong candidate on paper-- I have an overseas degree yet have local roots, I studied the correct thing for the specific jobs I'm applying for and have relevant internships, I have the language skills and yet would save any company work permit/visa fees if they were to hire a foreigner in my stead and have been steadily not mentioning the salary issue which means that I would be open to being underpaid. But still, NO DICE. I haven't even been THAT picky in where I apply to, though I do admit to eagle-eying location, if the advert is worded like crap and most importantly, if the company provides a hotmail/gmail/yahoo.com contact adress, because REALLY PEOPLE? That's just sad.

But off to finish Olga's paper and get ready for an early start tomorrow-- back to GYM again, as I shamefully skipped on Monday, and I might have a lunch and dinner date each with two of Ma's ex-colleagues/friends who both may be able to help me with getting a foot in their companies. Actually getting these meetings planned was quite nerve-wracking, as I was complaining about on twitter but THINGS KIND OF WORKED OUT IN THE END gahhhh phewww! FINGERS CROSSED
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Ahh Chiang Mai, the best place to be continuing with my life of leisure chez Maman. Though I am still sending off job applications, seemingly off into the void if the lack of response is anything to go by, things have been pretty relaxed. And awesome.

The past few days of leiiiiiisure, YAY SPN_J2_BB and gym etc etc )

- Mani/pedi and leg waxing ahhh I feel like a real girly girl again! This is a super relaxing way to spend time, one could positively get used to it :D Though holy crapola, it is HOT AS HELL here every day. Even the sudden onset of STORM and GUSTING WINDS really didn't do much after like the one hour it took for all the water to condensate. You actually start sweating like hell just by standing outside. And this happens at like 5PM, not just during noon like one would expect.


PEE ESS It took me ages, but I finally have new swank icons~~ *is proud*
...and still, I am pretty much psyched about the effects that these crash sessions of pilates+workouts that I have been having since last Friday. I GOT TO PUNCH THINGS THIS WEDNESDAY!! It's a damn shame I don't have more time here (ahhh leaving for Bangkok this Sunday :((( ), because I am wistfully imagining how much more awesome I'd look after that. Past the span until mid October when I will be wholly consumed by my Thesis, I do hope that I can still latch upon this feeling and try to exercise more in Vienna. There must be a fitness studio near the dorms that isn't either horrifically seedy or horrendously over-priced, right? I want to lose weight, I want to look fitter and better and be finally happy with the way I look in a mirror without my blinders of denial and 'who gives, it's only you who'll be seeing this' on, and I hope I can stick with this and make something gradual but long-lasting happen, so that I can at least have some prelim results by Christmas. The personal trainer who did a beginning fitness and consultation session with me in the beginning put it in lovely, tangible and slightly alarming numbers. When converted to kilos, the body fat measuring machine tells me that the 35% (with "healthy" being around 25%, apparently) becomes 26 kilos. 26 kilos! That's an entire suitcase filled with stuff that is apparently pasted somewhere around my hips, ass and thighs!

So, because telling things to the internet means that they should eventually happen, I hereby declare my intent to sustainably give this ~*losing weight/getting fitter*~ thing, another good old college try! It would be unbelievable to have a 6- in front of my weight again, and hey, I'm in my 20s, that should be the age where we are at our most young and spry and hot, ne? Lolol. I am sure that Carmen will be an added health policeman and curb my baser impulses (and urges for COCA-COLAAAAAAA and salami pralines) once she gets back, Clemens has been muttering things about also looking to get fit again (and he's always good to drag around for things) and [livejournal.com profile] gwy and I are apparently now internet support buddies! LET'S FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT :D! ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, this goes without speaking that I will probably be dragging you grocery shopping and invading your lovely apartment for flimsy reasons again :DD

AND IN OTHER NEWS: [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and soon [livejournal.com profile] laulan (AHHH LOOKING FORWARD TO FRIDAY) should all receive shiny internet medals and lovings for being the sparkling and darling people who are playing a massive part in helping me not miserably fail at my Bachelor's Thesis. I COULDN'T HAVE CHOSEN BETTER ARTICULATE AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE TO FAKE NOT-KNOW FOR THE SAKE OF ~ACADEMIC PURITY~ IN INTERVIEWING ♥ ♥



Sep. 10th, 2009 11:51 pm
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It is amazing how I can suddenly realize that I haven't been online since at least a few days and have not much more than the vague feelings of guilt at not getting back to some people as negative reactions. The last few days have been filled with pretty happening things, so I guess that explains it.

First off: INTERNSHIP: SUCCESS! Hello, nice shiny formulaic confirmation letter that will hopefully be a bit of needed polish to my still quite average CV! All in all, and considering all my bitchery along the way, I remain confident that this internship was the right thing to do. Sure, it would have been nice to have actually been in the ad department like I wanted to in the first place, but I learned a lot in the PR department regardless, and it's not like knowing my stuff in this area will hurt my prospects. It's good to know that it's an area I could be good in, even if it might not be The One Job to rule them all. And the lessons in "Don't fucking underestimate the menial work.... oh you did, did you? Damn, that was stupid" smarted a bit, but ultimately? Were worth gold.

This didn't stop the fact of my last actual day being pretty lamesauce, because THEY FUCKING FORGOT IT WAS MY LAST DAY laaaaaaaaaaaaaawl and here I thought I was being pretty damn obnoxious in mentioning how often I was gonna be gone soon but uh, apparently not! So I ended up eating deliciously lunch all on my lonesome after waiting a bit for the lunch invite that never came ahahaha oh man, the "out of sight, out of mind" adage really was true, wrt to me not being at the PR floor anymore. They all seemed a bit ashamed after they found out though, and I got a chocolate "gold medal" from one of the staff, and multiple invitations for lunch the last week I am back in BKK. The unofficial feedback I got from the P' who supervised my weekly bank advertisement analysis of being "pretty much the best intern we've had so far who was doing this" was a welcome ego-boost, ngl.

AND NOW I AM IN CHIANG MAI, and it is awesomeness concentrated. I love being in Ma's gorgeous and airy house, our days are filled with joy and fun and I feel like a happier, prettier and all-round better person when I spend time here. I mean, I also get an added kick of slight self-loathing when I actually see myself in the nice lighting here, but it is at least the type of ".......jesus christ, I actually look like THIS??" that gets you out and about to do something about it, not the "I will lock myself in my room and binge-eat now :((" unproductive kind. Tomorrow we will be spending the day at the fitness studio, and I will have my first Pilates class! Man, I will be so screwed :D Good thing today was ~*SPA DAY*~ though, Andy bought Ma a hardcore birthday pampering session that we managed to whittle down a bit, because seriously? FIVE HOURS AT THE SPA? Seems a bit too much. We ended up doing a steam session, followed by a herbal scrub (tamarind and some herbal salt), an oil massage (some kind of floral oil.. Ylang-ylang), a Thai massage session AND a hair spa (kaffir lime treatment oh yes).

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Today is the first time since about half year that I have actually engaged in strenuous physical activity. After our day full of errands, Ma dragged me to our housing community/mooban's gym and I proceeded to wheeze my way through a half hour of the cardio machines on middle setting. IT FELT LIKE I WAS ABOUT TO DIIIIIE AFTERWARDS, lol I am so out of shape >_>;; (aaaand we're gonna try for longer tomorrow! Ahhh)

This suddenly willingness to be dragged to vaguely sportive activities on my side was perhaaaaaps prompted a bit by what happened at the hospital the last time we were there for some of Ma's check-ups. There was this fitness promo stand that was offering free blood pressure and body fat percentage measurements, and yours truly, masochist that I am went for a go of the latter option. It's amazing what these newfangled weight things can measure now, I got this whole barrage of data out of it. APPARENTLY, at 176cms/72kgs (5'8/158lbs) I am still in a normal weight range, but for my age class I am officially a "fatty" with my body fat percentage being a whopping 32,4% (over 30% pushes you over that mark, it seems. DAMN THE JUNK IN MY TRUNK). Lolllll the poor guy explaining the data to me was all trying his best to be ~tactful~ and ~optimistic~ about what I could do to change and I was just standing there cracking up because, wow, it sure is something to see that number black on white. But I also have a very good to extremely high bone density and an average muscle mass. Which would end the flood of data on a positive note, but nooo, I then got the memo that I apparently have the metabolism of a 30 year old, too XDD (my first reaction to that was basically 'WTF HOW CAN THEY MEASURE THIS BY ME STANDING ON SOME METAL BITS ON A SCALE?? XDD)

AH WELL, MUST TRY TO VAGUELY TOUGHEN UP*. Summer in Vienna is approaching! I am friends with Carmen and Hazel, both tiny and petite ladies! I do not want to look like their giant beached whale friend on our pictures! FIGHT FIGHT etc etc 8DD

*it seems that Carmen is going to sign me up for beginner's rock climbing classes with her at the USI anyhow?? Oh boyyyy~~


Apr. 21st, 2008 10:48 pm
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Have apparently reached the 'EVERYTHING. I MUST EAT YOUU. NOW' stage of monthly cursing my hormones-ness! At least I did attempt to make it healthy, some tasty iceberg SALAD for dinner and some seedless grapes, buuut I suppose this gets canceled out by the half bar of nougat I had, the packet of salami pralinen and the 500g serving of Dr Oetker's Rote Grütze. God that shit is TASTY.

Have just found this receipe that sounds like a simple and vaguely healthy thing to make in May, when more cash is here though! Thank god for Spar supermarkets now letting you pay with credit cards, my budget is otherwise verrah strapped due to ultimate FAIL!!1 orz

And to continue on the ULTIMATE FAIL!!1 note, my Sprechstunde with Gouma about my STEP3 Arbeit was... illuminating, to say the least. Turns out that even if I did make a 2 on the final grade due to previous good homework assignments and my in-class participation, the final essay itself was merely a 3. Which, even if I now know what the flaws and bits and bobs were that she didn't like or that I did a bit shoddily, kind of is another stab in the heart of 'WHY AM I APPARENTLY SO DAMN DUMB IN UNI'. Gah. Must learn from this, must pass the three exams in store for me this week and I FUCKING MUST get at least a 2 in the subsequent STEP5 incarnation of this essay. This is starting to become a bit humiliating, the extent of my constant uni average-ishness. If only I could be lazy AND not give a damn about my grades, but nope, am lazy AND get disappointed when the obviously inadequate fruits of my near to non-existent labor are borne.


Taekwondo was awesome as usual today though! Sidekick actionnn and we had to do these weird stretching exercises with our partners, and mine was this short and kinda prickly guy. Never really knew if what he was saying was meant in a joking manner or if he was subtly dissing me or something. AH WELL~ But this POURING RAIN on the way back that IS STILL HAPPENING was kinda shittastic, I must add!
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1.) So like, in Taekwondo today we had to warm up by using a jump-rope. Sounds like a fun return to the days spent happily frolicking in the playground in our childhood right? JESUS CHRIST NO, this shit be HARDCORRRRRRRRE. I was panting, whacking myself in the head with the jump-rope(NEWSFLASH: THIS HURTS) and and just plain standing and wheezing my way through the I dunno how many minute-intervals we were supposed to be hopping and skipping away. Felt so good to know/see that I wasn't the only one being owned in the room though, that's for sure! The rest of the session was a-okay, we even got to kick a sandbag (another OWWW/yay good pain though moment) AND I think I managed to piss this chick off in my row because I suggested she should maybe not flail so much with her arms when she kicks... OOPS. I mean, I knew it would probably come across as really condescending and I am the first to admit my condition is off like hell, but MAN was she ever flailing about. BUT OH WELL, shall have to remember to shut up in the future *shrugs*.
Speaking of sports, I am even considering maybe doing a second session of Taekwondo a week next semester, Michi's been talking my ear off on how I don't do enough sport if I keep bitching to him about having Muskelkater (LIKE HE NEVER BITCHES OR REPEATS HIMSELF ABOUT THINGS NOOOO) and okaaay, even if I am not a fan of his idea of jogging(urggh) another training session Taekwondo might not be such a bad idea. Get me all fit again, lolz. (I was looking at the pics of the party on Saturday-- which was awesome and we stayed until 5 am btw lolol-- and hot damn I kinda put on some pounds. And not in the awesome 'ooh I am more stacked' way, either D:)

2.) The new Kellogg's cereal "ZimZ", or whatever it's called, SUCKS MAJOR ASS and should be ashamed to even call itself a cinnamon-flavoured cereal, because it looks awesome and kind of smells tasty but urrrrrrgh the texture! The flavour! BLARGH, so much for trying new things-- I will now stick FOREVER AND EVER to my Cini Minis, that's for damn sure!

3.) It sure is frustrating when you show up for a pre-approved and set appointment with your Proseminar-Leiter and she turns out to have forgotten to pencil you in, and thus does not have your work with her! Lol, I still managed to talk at her for nearly half an hour re:my questions though. Here's to better luck next week!

4.) The WGKK somehow hates me. WHY AM I RECEIVING MAIL THAT TELLS ME I NEED TO PAY MONEY AGAIN?? That's the whole point of the Abbuchungsauftrag that mailed to them that one time, for them to just take the money from my damn bank account gaaah what is so hard about that? Tomorrow be some srs bizness calling time again. *sigh*.


Apr. 7th, 2008 11:06 pm
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No matter how much I bitch around, am lazy or try to deny it, the fact remains that once I'm really into it, Taekwondo is the ~*♥sport of my heart♥*~. You're active! You punch things! YOU CAN KICK THINGS AND YELL LOUDLY! Release pent-up aggression whilst doing something for your general physical condition and endurance! (Learning Katas sucks but ahh well lololol)

So basically, this session earlier this evening was really just awesomeness spread out on a cake of FUCK YEAH. And it wasn't even the real instructor! The warm-up itself was intense already, and thankfully I wasn't the only one wheezing my way through simulating jumpkicks whilst hopping in a clockwise direction (amongst other such exercises XD). The actual lesson today was just an intro on how to punch correctly and a walk-through on how to do a front kick(or whatever the Korean title for it is that I can never remember anyway-- Teacher in school always taught us the simple english version I guess :P), which is actually MORE tricky when you break the move up into these tiny little steps but okay. The REAL fun came where we had to partner up and practice the front kicks by hitting the targets our partner was holding, always KI-YAHing, and then we moved up to JUMP front kicks. GOD IT WAS SO AWESOME ♥
And I think I kind of freaked my partner out by really getting into it and kicking as hard as I could. AH WELL. She asked what the hell I was doing in the beginner's course after I let slip how long I actually used to do Taekwondo, but honestly I would rather be in a beginner's course and redo the fun fun kicks than have to just work on katas and what not and do hardcore training or whatever happens in the advance course. Also, I KNOW I'd suck in any advanced course, my memory of katas that I should remember for being brown 1 is nonexistent and quite embarrassing and I am not really in the mood to try the jump front kick with BOTH legs I remember being a requirement for the test to brown 2. My tailbone already shudders in pain thinking about that, lol~

IT'S STILL SUPER FUN THOUGH and I am looking forward to next week already (even Clemens is hunky dory with it, even though he seemed reserved in the face of my immediate 'WASN'T THIS AWESOME? HUH???' reaction XD)

AND SPEAKING OF AWESOME: KAT I GOT YOUR MAIL!! EEEEE THANK YOUUUU SO MANY AWESOME SERIES TO WATCH NOW I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO START!!! And ahahahaha the cover! DUDE I actually didn't recognize Tamaki Hiroshi at first... My mind was still filled with those stubble!Kame and Jin pics that I thought it was one of them and was really confused as to why the facial features were so different rofl faiiiiiiiiil Shaz, faiiiil XDD And to think I was actually complaining to Clemens this morning about my lack of mail~ HACH DAS LEBEN IST SCHÖN ♥
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Today was the day I THOUGHT Clemens and I would start Taekwondo at the USI (finally convinced him to join with me, having failed to brainwash Carmen and not actually wanted to do it alone :D) and we appeared all minty-fresh and willing to start, even if we were dirty dirty mid-semester smugglers, since the course is technically 'fully-booked'. 'FULLY-BOOKED' MY ASS. We could have started but noooo, USI policy dictates that we were at most allowed to get our sign-up forms signed by the course leader and then leave. So we still have to make our way to the USI on the Schmelz and cough up the 21€ fee (quite cheap!) before we are able to kick some ass. AH WELL.

Here be yet some more links/recs now, as I need to clear out my tabs before I can finally shutdown my com. Poor laptop's been running on stand-by for a while now XDD

ART @DevArt:
__ Crossing MSG with Spongebob SquarePants will never be not funny 8D
__ TSUNA SO CUTE. Also, mmmmh SUSHI~
__ Ishiiiiiida!. Ach, what a great expression on his face :3 THAT HINT O BLUSH.

AWESOME @Youtube:
__ Nneka- 'Heartbeat'. Such an earworm-y song! Got played to infinity and beyond on MTV when I was in Krimml, which was actually one of the times where this aspect of MTV was kinda nice XDD.
__ 5cm per Second AMV- 'Momentum'. WOW. Gotta watch this one day. Lovely lovely AMV otherwise, a large part also due to the song, which is so pretty, especially the build-up to the chorus and the third minute or so of the song. Guh ♥
__ Tokikake AMV- 'Time Waits for No One'. TOKIKAKE MADE ME CRY, ALRIGHT. And feel really happy, and then sad some more. Love the mood of this AMV.
__ Britney Spears vs. Perfect Blue. ...this is basically a really genius idea. Take the audio from the trailer to Perfect Blue and overlay it on some carefully assembled clips of Miss Spears and voila, here be one creepily awesome vid. A++
__ SPN Vid- 'Impulse' ...so okay, this really isn't on Youtube, but I'm too lazy to slap up a new section for it. Tis basically a dark as hell AU re-imagining of Dean, and oh man, is it ever so well done. The technical skill in the vid and the way the scenes were selected and then skewed for the purposes of the vid. Niiiice. O_obbb

__ I STILL KIND OF LOVE CHRIS PRATT OKAY. Lol apple commercial. Dude needs to shave a bit tho :< and look less like a trucker hobo, albeit a really hot one.



Mar. 19th, 2008 10:17 pm
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URGH is this just my dorm net connection fucking around or is LJ also loading sluggish as hell for anybody else? TRES frustrating, that's for sure. Another thing frustrating is my utter lack of motivation to pack for my 8 day stay at my grandparent's place (wake-up time tomorrow @8.40AM arrgh) and the JOY for the 6+ hours travel that await... Because picking me up from Zell am See apparently ranks below my oma getting an appointment at the hairdressers, for her 'to look her best when the guests come later'. Lolllll I feel so treasured >_>;;. But ah well, after 5 hours on a train, 1 1/2 on a bus won't exactly kill me.

So, uh, I hereby declare another mini-hiatus, since I can never actually predict the frequency of my getting to feed my net addiction :( Shall attempt to finally type up the BKK posts and some other srs bizness RL posts that have been floating around in my head (I can haz uni ppl gossip?!), BUT who knows what'll happen.

Clemens keeps bugging me about my 'blog' but I am strong in my refusal to show him this LJ and since I think he doesn't even know my username I can breath a sigh of relief for now. Especially if you search for 'kaiserkuchen' on google you are inundated by cake recipes and such :Db. Have convinced him to join me for beginners Taekwondo after the Easter Hols so that is at least another yay thing, though~
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...from rural Austriaaaaa! And I must say that thanks to these nifty upgrade coupons, I am slowly but surely beginning to acquire the taste for traveling in the 1. Class of the ÖBB Trains. I mean, the seats are marginally bigger and the REAL LEATHER OMG!! isn't actually the main points of awesome that one would expect, it is more the fact that THERE ARE SO LITTLE PEOPLE, it is fabulous. For I am one of these people, that when traveling alone, turn immediately and intensely paranoid and it is always a wringing with myself to actually leave my bags to go the bathroom and such (often unavoidable given the five odd hours I am on the trains). SO, the lack of the hordes of travelers in my partition was sweet sweet delight. Sadly my coupons aren't everlasting and I suppose I shall swing back to 2. Class when going back in march, unless I can overcome my inner miser and spring for the 15 euros more that the 1. Class entails... HMMM.

Now it's back to REEEL LAIF and srs uni business and hopefully not fucking up royally, as January is shaping up to be a hell of a month, deadline wise. But at least my fellow compatriots seem to all be languishing in a similar state of Not Productive, so I am at least in good company! Note to self: GET THE FUCKING STEP3 EXZERPT DONE BY SUNDAY YOU FUCKING IDIOT DDD: orzzzz not like I was swamped in Krimml but did I think of actually doing schoolwork? 'Wellll noo, let's turn on the TV again instead yayyyy' was my MO, oops.

Speaking of Krimml, yesterday Andi was awesome enough to take me skiing and ran me through the ropes again for nearly two hours. Damn, my knees hurt! And I can safely say that I am finally beginning to seeing the appeal/fun factor of skiing. My previous feelings on this based on last Decembers attempts could be safely summed up as 'AHHHHH SHIIIIT I AM SPEEDING TO MY DOOOM FUCKKK DDD:', and now I am down to just making vaguely unattractive 'HGURKKK AHH' sounds when I hit an icy or particularly steep patch of the slope. Also I might just be a contender for the title of World's Slowest Skiier, but I am totally down with this even if it means that if I were to ski just a tiiiny bit slower I'd be friggen skiing backwards in time. BUT STILL. +10 EXP GET!
We shall apparently either attempt a try on the big Sessellifte in March again OR do a beginners Snowboard course, though I must say that the idea of snow boarding freaks me out more than skiing. I want to have control over BOTH my legs okaaaaay D:


In more sad RL news that I had to read first from the good ol' Krone-- The King's sister, Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana passed away from cancer at the age of 84 two days ago. The linked article has a really interesting read about her life story. RIP.

And whilst on the topic of Thailand, a resounding URRRGH from me about the current political fuckery re:elections going on again. Samak you are so fugly and suckkkk. Though his quote about the 'invisible dirty hand' that is fucking everything up!! has it's hilarious qualities. I mean, whaaaat. :|


Dec. 12th, 2007 09:21 pm
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The last session of Karate before the winter hols was today, and I must say that I was happy I did end up dragging my ass to there in the end-- Carmen opted out as she wasn't feeling too peachy-keen and I was shortly overcome by an intense bout of laziness BUT. Oh maaan it felt so good to get to spar!! Was up against Doro(who is totally more pleasant to spar with now), Tall Dude X(soo gawky in the typical I am too tall and can't really control my limbs way hee), Markus(I keep having to tell him to wipe his arms off before we start, it is vaguely disgusting how much he can sweat XDD), the Teacher's Pet(STUPID BITCH bla bla 'owww you hit my breast' yeah boo fricking hoo well I wasn't complaining when you stepped on my feet multiple times or punched me in the damn throat DID I :|) and to cool down there was anorexic looking Dreadlocks chick(whom I probably outweigh by about 30kgs she is sooo tiny whaa). I can already feel the bruises blossoming on both my arms this time and it actually kind of twinges when I type on the laptop. In a GOOD PAIN AAAH kind of way ahaha XDDD. Am quite curious to the colour and extent of the bruising tomorrow though~~ 8Db

AND keeping in the vein of fantastic happenings, this time in academia, I

a) AM APPARENTLY ON AN 1-er/A+ GPA IN STEP3?? WHAT THE FUCK this is too awesome I nearly couldn't believe it. I still am vaguely shocked. FRAU GOUMA, WHERE WERE YOU MY FIRST SEMESTER?? Oh man~~


b) FUCKING PASSED KSOZ. JUST BARELY AND WITH A 4, BUT JEEBUS CHRIST I DON'T HAVE TO RETAKE IT YESSSSS one more subject down that I don't have to do next semester BOOYAH, bitches! (Carmen is already complaining that I now have three more exams done than her ahahaha XDD)

Life is currently quite fantastic ♥ and tomorrow I am meeting Carmen in town before KPOL to go buy fuzzy handcuffs in a sex shop(Spartacus @Mariahilfer). Because we are invited to another one of Lucas' themed parties and the motto for this one is, waiiiit for it.... AMATEUR PORNO. Y-yeah. >_>;; WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOD OL' 'LETS JUST CHILL AND GET WASTED' PARTIES HUH?


Dec. 5th, 2007 06:47 pm
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HOW COULD I FORGET THAT TODAY IS FATHER'S DAYYYYYY aaaaaaaaah and now it's too late to call BKK and talk to Dad >_>;;




PS skipped Karate today tee hee oops
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GOKUDERA IS SO ADORABLE ajsffjsnkj ♥ And I am reading my way through assorted Reborn! fic and I am slowly groking the number/pairings thing yaaay~~

Numero tres:
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KYAAAAA~ I can't wait to see the special eps next January!! Eeee this pic is super cute, too :DD

...and I would post a picture of my newest fascinating bruise from Karate sparring training, but I guess it's not something that should be inflicted on the internets. Or maybe later. Suffice to say that it is at least 15-20 cms long and about 5-8 cms in length and in varying red to purplish colours. Georg and co. were very suprised to see it when we were in Lecture and group consensus is that I look like a victim of domestic abuse. O-okaaay XDD. I am rather amused by it though, and I never did figure I'd bruise easily. And hey, as long the hurts from Karate restrict themselves to NOT IN THE FUCKING FACE I am totally a-okay with it. Wonder if the dude I was sparring against(who asked me later if I had done martial arts before, as I was more 'offensively active than all the other girls'...sounded like he was looking for a polite way to say 'why are you such a crazy violent chick' heh) has some bruises too?
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Karate is proving to be educational in various ways, including a step-by-step guide in How Exactly Shaz Bruises. Which is mainly easily and longlastingly. My bruises are getting new bruises! Yays. Thankfully I learned from last weeks dumbassery and borrowed a wristband from Michi so that my wonky right wrist was at least marginally cushioned during the first hour of what is basically warming up by sparring, but Carmen and I prefer to call 'bitchfightery'. But it is all a matter of picking the right opponents to attempt to slap and punch and poke and kick in the chest and stomach area(...like I said, bitchfighteryyy)-- not the wispy petite girlies, nor the crazy blocking fiends that forgo punching for slamming their forearms of steel onto one's wrists over and over again OWWW and not even the smarmy bastard in the blue shirt (who is ever so irritating. Oh how I dislike his stupid face and his only aiming for the breast area in what is not even a 'oops my bad' manner, but a smarmy ass ':> hur hur' way. GAAH).
Sun, the chubby asian dude is fun to spar against, as we both eventually digress into making video game jokes and Mortal Kombat FINISH HIM!!!1 moves with the fitting sound effects ♥. Berni is also verrah fun, at first we only knew of him as 'der Mediziner' and had put him in firm 'smarmy bastard' category, but upon having sparred and chatted with him a bit he really is amusing. And he keeps getting beat up and picked on by Kurt. Hee :3

Speaking of Kurt and beat-downs, he even challenged two of the boys in a 2-on-1 fight thing and the rest of us got to lean back, relax and enjoy the sight of Serious-faito-faito dude and Tall dude who lives in the other Dorm on our campus attempt to best our Karate instructor. Serious FF dude was clearly the bigger threat, with Tall dude being the one who was leading SNEAK ATTACKS!! when Kurt's guard down and everyone basically got a nice beating before Kurt eventually called for a stop as he was tired and old. LOLLL. And then of course, he told us a story about how he and his brother(but mostly him) once beat up 5 styrian punks who were looking for a fight with them. Yeaaah~~ XDD
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So! Yesterday was Carmen and mines first ever Karate lesson! First impression? Kind of fuuuuun~~ It was almost soothing, getting back to the patterns of martial arts training again. We just started with some basic punches and the footwork, which already is kind of challenging because the footwork is different(duuuh) from the Taekwondo one and of course 8 years of muscle memory in me are still firmly wired to Taekwondo Taekwondo Taekwondo XDD. Our teacher Kurt really does look like one of these hippy guys, with hair all down to his ass, but is a surprisingly good, badass and funny teacher. Who uh, is using a stick as a teaching aid, too ^^;; Am curious about how the others in class will turn out to be, there is a good balance between guys and girls in this beginners class and we didn't really have much time to do any group get-to-know-you exercises. Or maybe it's just me who like those things, haah. It's a bit odd changing in the USI's locker rooms though, I keep getting suprised by the random people who are bucknaked-ly walking around... Must be the locker room prude in me, I remember back when we had PE in school and still had the communal shower in the girl's locker room none of us would take a shower because, noooo.

Other than that... OEKO was kind of SHITTY, the end. God I hope I passed... And my WU-Mitbeleger sache is fraught with OBSTACLES and DOOOM and THIS SHIT IS PISSING ME OFF. And shit, I better start getting myself ready if I am supposed to be at uni at 13.30 ahhhhhhhh D:

Oh, and KAT you better not be rewatching those eps of Kamen Rider again!! What happened to 'having free time' now eh?? *bother bother*
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Which are amongst others-- Carmen and Michi being back!! Yayyy and a fact that I nearly mixed up due to kind of losing track what day of the week it precisely was sometime in the last few days. Ahem. My sleep schedule continues to remain fucked up and I actually have more prominent rings under my eyes now, which is just Not A Cool Way to start off a new semester.
Speaking of that too, am also in the middle of formulating my schedule and aaargh it's all dependant on such a varied number of things, like random ass lecture locations(DIFFERENT TOWN DISTRICTS fuck you Institution of Translation Sciences wtf is my Communications Theory lecture held there???), funky early morning asscrack times and WU-Wien Mitbeleger shenanigans. At the very least my STEP3(SECOND TRY LOL) thing is done, got into one of our newly restricted 4 from 30 choices and am in the same group as Clemens and Wido. THREE HOURS THOUGH. Achhh.

And uh, I signed up for KARATE classes once a week with Carmen, starting this Wednesday. I KNOW, ME AND SPORT?? But I hope it'll turn out to be fun, shame the Taekwondo courses were all booked out...

There is other stuff that is currently beyond me atm and will be added to later, I guess? The music I am listening to is depressing me, though I think that is more the fact of OEKO EXAM TUESDAY DOOM that actually sad-feelings on my part.
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Have been spending a large part of the day poring over digicam catalogues and reading consumer reviews on amazon and anguishing some more. The Sony center called back and said that my trusty ol' DSC-T7's hardboard was fritzed and only 7000 baht would be able to repair it... which is a pretty steep sum, considering that the camera cost 15'000 baht when I bought it 2 years ago. So a new one it is! And the other thing that is a sure bet is that I will be sticking to Sony, first and foremost due to easy sync up with my VAIO, then my admittedly shallow LOVE for the Sony designs and the slight weight that my old cam(sniff) so endeared to me. I admit to being a shameless Sony ho and Dad enables this and shares this trait with me, I might add ;D (my only 'infidelities' have been re: iPod and the Nintendo DS I intend to own someday... sorry lah the PSP and the Sony digital music players just don't do much for me XDD).

My two end contestants:
_ hot design, sleek, simple, LARGE screen, HOT DESIGN
_ lightweight!!
_ most 'newest' specs, not likely to be obsolete for a while at least
_ fancy shit that looks fun like ZOOOMING in when making vid clips

_ EXPENSIVE. 17'990 baht! D: (then again, an investment! But then I might have to kiss the DS goodbye or have limited allowance due to this...)
_ apparently the interface is a bit fiddly and annoying to access? Why the hell would they rescind the delete button anyway? And the toggle-switch from the T7?? That shit was perfect :/
_ unnecessary options like 'slideshows with MUSIC' and 'HD TV plug-ins' for me

_ has its appeal design-wise(ONLY IN BLACK though ahh)
_ slightly cheaper than the T100 at 12'990 baht with most of the same specs
_ seems to be lightweight, too?
_ has a kind of busy and cluttered menu/display, but that also has its own appeal because you can see what is responsible for what function

_ I HATE lenses that extend out. Hate hate hate. And they can get broken or jammed real I heard?
_ ...it's kind of ehh :(
_ ...if I am already spending more than 10'000 baht, why not just spring 5'000 baht more? Okay, 5'000 baht is a lot of money, though. But not seen in the big picture. Yet... *ARGH*

...one can see my stellar decision making skills here! Ahh.

In other news I was barred from the gym today, as Ma's freebie visitor's pass that I was using ran out and you can't use a bunch in a row? Or something. Which marks the end of my shortlived fitness career then, I guess? Was actually kind of looking forward to it today, as I could actually WALK again >_>;;
Grooved out to a Guitar Hero machine that hat buttons instead of a guitar though whilst waiting for Ma and watched Ratatouille! SO CUTE AHHHHHH ♥ And heartwarming and hunger-inducing and EEEE-WILL BE IN PARIS SOON-reminding :Db
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Or at least one should always START WITH THE LOW WEIGHTS WHEN TRYING A NEW MACHINE AT THE GYM, damn you 30kg calf raise and my ego! Monday: I had always stuck to a regime of cycling, then hip adductions/abductions, some more fiddly exercises for the hips/thighs region and my pussy attempts at some arm exercises lol 5 kg bicep curls and such. BUT I remembered back in school when we were forced to do weight-training that I was always pretty kick-ass with the leg-exercise machines (thanks to Taekwondo woo!), yet now neglected to realize that I have been sitting on my ass for the better part of the time since Uni started and whatever condition I used to have is all shot to shit now. So I do my 3 times 15 reps on the machine, got a bit hard during the end, but doable. Normal after-gym day to day occurrences occur.
I wake up the next day, make my way to the bathroom and discover that HOLY FUCK IT HURTS TO WALK. Sitting is A-ok, and after an extended period of limping or tip-toeing along I am able to actually extend my calves and have my feet firmly on the ground. I look so stupid and Ma is half-disbelieving of me, especially as I begged off gym today, BUT OWW IT STILL HURTS D: *whiiiiiine* (one never really values the different muscles that enable one to walk before things like this happen XDD)

Um, wasted the time waiting for Ma to get her gym-time done by burning cash and buying little trinkets(mobile phone accessories! cutesy things!) for people, though! Have more than enough crap for Carmen now, and Olga's set is complete, got some little things for Angie and La AND YOUR PRESENT, KAT :D. Am just too lazy to send it yet, shall get around to it maybe tomorrow? Or later XDD Also lurked around B2S and got me some thai music-- Gancore Club's newest and Crescendo (lol hip-hop and jazzy pop woo), must chuck on ipod later~. Other consumer trappings included some bells to sew on my shiny new purple dress that keeps losing it's little pompom thingies, cheap ass markers and a cheap ass sketch book. If I am not studying, than at least I should try and force myself to draw!! FAITO

SAD NEWS: MY CAMERA DIED (???!!!) TODAY. Just as I was about to transfer the latest batch of pics too, fuuck. Brought it to the service center, hope they can work their magic DDD: MY BABYYYYYYY

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Still sore as hell from gym two days ago. What this says about my physical condition as a whole I really do not want to know XDD. And I'll be going again tomorrow. Haaah. Sadly there isn't a body combat course tomorrow but I suppose I shall putter around the various machines again ^^

Met with my Godfather and his family with Ma for lunch, and hot damn Renate has grown since February... And is taller than me now. AND half my size, aaand since she's 15 is likely to keep on growing. *ENVIES* >:!!

But on behest of Moooone and because I uploaded some randomly the other day anyways, here be some PICS OF BKK and CHIANG MAI so faaar )


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