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My recent fandom Big Deals: Watching Captain America and finishing A Dance with Dragons in two days after a two week wait. YEAAAAH. Thoughts on the latter to come in a seperate post, but first:

THIS ENTIRE MOVIE, AHHH. SO MUCH AMAZING. How adorable and just plain ol' FUN was this movie, even in hated 3D? The Marvel movies are on a motherfuckin' roll. I clapped, squeed and glee'd my way through basically all of it, (though I did rolll my eyes at the ueber cheesy 3D action bits) and I have to say that New Friend Lydia (my BKK ladies are widening my social circle and it hilariously includes people who know people I know from school, the BKK int'l school graduates crowd is so teeny and incestuous ahhh) was amazing company to watch it it.


OH AND THIS SONG IS GREAT. Beirut, you have done it again *plays on endless YT loop*
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God, has not getting all that much sleep yesterday been ever so worth it. Had an absolutely fabulous time last night spamming away on FB with ♥mah ladies♥ (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE :DD), though I am sorry I started lagging after a while, as my ultimate dude partner in crime and best photobuddy EVERRR Migel started into the fray too, and I got distracted uploading an album of our ~greatest photo hits~ together. WHOEVER LOOKS AT IT, YOU KNOW IT IN YOUR HEARTS TO BE BRILLIANT ;D Man, if he and I ever live in the same country at the same time again, it is going to be so damn EPIC. Our summer sessions these past few years have been awesome enough!

And speaking of spam and all things RBR-related, behind the cut I present to you a piece of POP CULTURE that I now own. Mwahahaha!

ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer: I FINALLY GOT YOUR POSTCARD! It is radiating Americanness and phallicness right next to my printer at them moment, thank you so much bb!

ALSO ALSO, a final link for you guys: THE MOST PURPLE PROSE IN THE WORLDDDD. Just read it. The mind, IT BOGGLE AND CANNOT DEAL XDD

LASTLY, because that 'final link' was a filthy lie, something that made the part of me that secretly still loves Naruto and is waiting for it to get better-- THE SHIPPU! KONOHA GAKUEN DEN! SPECIAL, by which they mean, NARUTO HIGHSCHOOL AU!!!!! I shit you not, it is glorious fanservice supreme, and I got such a kick of seeing the characters all school-ified! LEE AS A SOCCER PLAYER! Naruto as a gangstaaaa! Kakashi and his mask! BUT THE SAND SIBLINGS TAKE THE FUCKING CAKE. Fantasticccc ♥
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Man, this Dexter vid is seriously cool. And earwormy. Frontier Psychiatrist is one helluva fun song!. THIS is another very awesome vid, too. Very appropriate song call!

Speaking of other things that have been filling my life with awesome, and helping me forget about the myriad of deadline approaching (damn june is about to be over WAAAAY too quickly ://), here be a listing of them:

My love for Tony Stark in all in incarnations continues to burn strong. (15€ Iron Man bobblehead doll I failed to buy in Stockholm, your ass will be mine sooooon~~)
What is so great about the new Iron Man (movie) fandom is that there is also an evergrowing amount of awesome fic that is begging to be read and keysmashed about. Most of the ones I have been reading can be found under this LJer's handily tagged memories.
So much brilliance to be found, it makes me positively FLAILY-HANDED with joy! Some of my personal favorites are
__'8 Things That Could Happen After Pepper and Tony Have Sex With Each Other' by [livejournal.com profile] quigonejinn and her other works 'For A Long Time' (THE CONCEPT BEHIND THIS WAAARGHjafhjfah *SHIVERS*), its sequels 'Hearing' and [mark 2 and 3], AND ESPECIALLY THIS vid jahfjkfah gaah I already kind of adore Kanye West's song "Stronger" and to have it set to an Iron Man vid?? Fricken sweet. And made from camvid footagem, even!

__Here be also two very interesting ficlets by [livejournal.com profile] amonitrate. I can totally see the first one having happened before and the 'seperate orbits around Planet Stark' bit is just so cute and so accurate ♥. 'Sentinel I' and its subsequent parts are also really worth checking out! She also has interesting meta about Pepper by her here.

__lakfhjalkj AIEE GO/Iron Man crossover drabble. I uh, couldn't really wrap my head around how this would work out and then I read this and lo, the lightbulb switched on. Great idea XDD. [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn has another detailed Iron Man rec list post here.

__'Posthuman' by [livejournal.com profile] gabby_silang is now my personal headcanon until the next movie to what happens after the press conference at the end of Iron Man. *_* The author's other story 'Proof' is pretty damn adorable, too. Tony builds Pepper a robot! Eee :D

__[livejournal.com profile] hackthis is also writing Iron Man fic. And it is just as fab as one would expect. akjsfh kj

__And for a touch of comicverse!Iron Man, this space opera AU scenario starring Cap' and Tony and the rest of the Avengers by [livejournal.com profile] elspethdixon is pretty great :D. The ending is especially A+

HOO BOY this was a lot of html! Off to bed for me nowww
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...I was late to a party yesterday (@Michelle's, got a lovely belated b'day present from her, Elli and Clara-- Starbucks tumblers ftw) because I was so involved in reading EPIC fic about Iron Man. And the Avengers. But mostly about Iron Man and Captain America and their EPIC LOVE for each other. I started out with searching for some movie-verse centered fic, but somehow landed on the comic-verse pages and well, after reading THIS ship manifesto, I was sure as hell $$SOLD$$ on the idea of the pairing.

Cue 6 hours give or take of last night that I count as intensely well spent reading "Resurrection, Reconstruction and Redemption" and its sequel "Readjustment" (eventhough I kind of hated myself at 4AM and had to force myself to go to bed XD), as well as "The Roughest Day", another Cap/Iron Man novella I spent the past two or three hours reading just now.

MUST force myself to veer back into uni stuff in an hour or so, I mean-- I doubt the P+L I skipped this morning will really make a difference in the way I suck at it already, but I really should do some other work at least!



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