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I've claimed a story for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang! The summary: "RPS AU. A practical carpenter, Jensen doesn’t believe in magic or fairytales--but when a messenger appears from thin air looking for him, he finds himself drawn into a mission to rescue a wizard he has no memory of, who just happens to be trapped in a place no one knows how to get to. Set in modern times with fantasy elements, including a palace of birds, alchemy, and a tower east of the sun and west of the moon."
Akjsfhakjf I am already so psyched, lol I was eagerly scrolling through the stories for something that wasn't all too DARK!!1, because as awesome as that may be at times, I think it's the last word that can be used to describe my art (that I have been woefully lazy in actually bringing past sketch stage/posting on LJ whoops). But fairytale happenings! ACH ♥
Looking forward to using this as an occasion to really get to create something fun and awesome and COMPLETE, lol this is probably the main reason I feel the need to sign-up for such things, I need the pressure to actually do shit.

Speaking of Supernatural-- oh how I wish season 4 wouldn't be over so soon already D:! I haven't really been LJing any ep reactions lately, because youtube has been intensely vexing with the speed that it takes the eps down that people post for schmucks like me who aren't able to torrent things. I mean, I will probably spend the entire summer once I get the DVDs in BKK rewatching like a mofo, but it's the whole immediacy of getting to watch the eps NOW that is the real deal. THIS SEASON FINALE/LAST TWO EPS WILL SO KILL ME DEAD THOUGH. SAM! DEAN! DDD:!
(This difficulty is also the reason why I haven't been watching Southland, eventhough the first ep was really good and I am already intrigued by all the characters. Ben McKenzie, helllllo again~~)

But now for some (multi-fandom)links/recs:
_A Picspammers Guide to Picspamming ...I lovelovelove [livejournal.com profile] bellanut's SPN picspams, so this post was an extra treat to read/oogle through.
_"Five Signs Your Wolverine Might Be Gay" ...ffffff ahahahaha :D Something to keep in mind when I GET TO WATCH IT TODAY WOOOOO :Dbb GAMBIT BABY, HERE I COME.
_Raidou vs. King Abbadon Release Art Countdown ...[livejournal.com profile] amei and [livejournal.com profile] wredwrat are both brilliant, brilliant artists who have an immensely high turnout rate of awesome, mostly game-related art, and nothing exemplifies this better than having a look at this chock-full o' goodness blog. Megaten goods, unfff. Also IP cockblocking is keeping me from seeing the pics on their LJs, so I am hella thankful for this kind of 'Umweg' lol
_Seriously one of the BEST Iron Man vids I have seen in a while ...seriously, WATCH IT. Ace editing, and the song just fits like a fist to the face. Fantastic!
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Just watched The Fall today with Miss Olga, in an act of awesome socialization that basically saved my Saturday from being just the day where I failed to actually get myself showered and ready to go buy some groceries before they closed in the time-span of uh, six hours. When I say that I am sometimes a profoundly lethargic person, this is about the kind of stuff I get up to when at my low points, lol what. DID manage to clean the disgusting thing that is our toilet brush receptacle and actually change the old, FOUL one for a new one (actually a glass cleaner and thus totally small, but whatever). There seems to be no point in buying normal toilet brushes, as dearest Sabrina roomie seems to have ~mysterious~ bowel issues that always involve making the public bathroom toilet brushes look more pristine than ours. I hope I am not jinxing myself by typing this, but she has been gone for the whole last week! Left some trash to molder again (that I am currently ignoring), but she is not here, fuck yeahhhhhh :DD

BUT THAT ASIDE, back to the movie. My non-spoilery review: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS MOVIE IS GORGEOUS. The scenery! The colors! Everything was so insanely lushly costumed and sumptuously shot and breathtakingly and heartstoppingly beautiful and Lee Pace(♥ ♥) and the little girl were all kinds of wonderful (their relationship ngggg socute). My face during the movie could basically be summed up by the following emoticons-- :O, with sprinklings of D:!! and :D!!. I was ever so engrossed in the story and I loved how the two worlds of the actual hospital staff and patients and the fantastic world that Roy was telling Alexandria of were slowly merging together in Alexandria's imagination and ahh *flails*. If Olga wasn't sitting right next to me, I totally would have also started crying at at least two separate scenes in the movie, haaah.

SO BASICALLY, if you guys have the chance, you should all watch this ASAP! It will seriously blow your mind ♥ For further gorgeous eyecandy, please to be checking out THIS PICSPAM.

And to round this off, one of my favorite pics/production stills from an image search :DD )
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I'M BAAAaaaAAaaaAAAAAaCKkkKK <-- that formatting choice is actually a somewhat accurate depiction of how much my voice is currently cracking. Dad managed to gift me with a final farewell-gift besides the admittedly super awesome mounds of DRIED DELICIOUS FRUIT-- his goddamn cough and sore throat. Managed to get some last minute meds before I got onto the plane, but still basically am coughing and hacking and wheezing my way through life at the moment. UGHHHH. But it is basically a fitting sickness to have given the current depressing and GRAYGRAYGRAAAAY weather that Vienna is all about at the moment. I WAS IN THE TROPICS BARELY A DAY A GO :(( DO WANT THAT BACK INSTEAD OF THIS. Also managed to share a seat-row with this amazing douche, who snitted at me for telling him to switch off his damn phone as the plane was fricken half in the air already and he was still yammering away. I mean, I realize that one switched on plane won't plunge us all into death and disaster, but they're the rules for a reason! And his snooty 'well did YOU switch off your phone' 'as a matter of fact I did. Because that's what the signs say. You know, the RULES.' 'well isn't that NICE of you' 'I know, right? (mental shaz theater: GO SHOVE AN IN-FLIGHT MAG UP YOUR ASS YOU DIIICK)' and etc. I thankfully was asleep for most of the 12 hour flight, but every time I woke up and stared at Asshole Dude, I entertained myself by trying to come up with a creative inner monologue that was cursing him out. He also had this creepy tendency to read whatever he was reading out loud and in this quick whisper-murmer thing. Ugh.

But! Got here early this morning, lazed around a bit, actually unpacked on the first day(!!), managed to unlock my Austrian SIM card again (lol), discovered I had not paid the internet for this month, watched some Mad Men to distract me from my stupidity and make the day past faster. IT IS A FAB SHOW, JESUS CHRIST ~*JON HAMM*~ DO ME PLZ ♥. And everybody is smoking and coughing all the damn time at Sterling Cooper, which made me feel right at home coughing along with the actors on screen |Db After that I finally restocked on groceries and hung out with Carmen a bit and basically presented her with a mini fashion show of all the schwag I brought this trip and her Mitbringsel. IT WAS STILL ALL UNDER 22kgs, I am shocked and in awe~~

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THIS WEEKEND: insanely awesome and productive socially, and all the more a resounding failure on the get-shit-done-for-uni-FUUUUCK side! Saturday evening was spent being wined and dined chez Miss Olga, with the evening's entertainment being moaaar Skins (EVERYONE'S SUCH A DIIIIIIIICK GOD :DD) watching and my continued indoctrination of her into the cult of Punditry (Jon Stewart's '96 HBO Special, o how I have watched you about 7 times already and still you remain awesome). I am still thinking about that Himbeersahneschnitte though, dude that was so tasty.

Now this Sunday I spent with previously mentioned Scruffy St. Pölten Dude (Marc). We ended up meeting at one-ish at the Westbahnhof, and proceeded to spend the next six hours chatting up a storm and hitting up multiple Sbucks and McD's for warmth and coffee/hot chocolate breaks, a late lunch at the Vapiano and more coffee at the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. Our circuit was basically the entire Mariahilfer, then we walked from there to the Innenstadt past the Hofburg until we hit the Kärtnerstraße. Best walk of normally quite large distance, ever! Hot damn was it ever so much fun, we apparently do have a lot in common, yet enough differences to make friendly debates happen and it was just a blast. Though I did figure him for around my age, apparently he's 24 already (babyfaaaaaaace) and readily admits himself that he is a bit immature. Which uh okay, you could notice, but it was still in the acceptable adorable-jackass way that I am apparently susceptible to. I blame constant exposure to the dudes in my RIS Swiss Sec days lolol.

It was the oddest thing though, because I am still not sure if today was a date or not, because if you discount the fact that he paid for everything(!!) and kept asking if I was sure I didn't want anything else to eat/drink, I felt like I had just spent a very awesome day hanging out with Migel. He tried to go for the handshake when we parted ways, but I hugged him instead because lol, A HANDSHAKE?? Don't know if I'll have much time this January to really see him often though, but I've already wrangled a promise from him to show me around if I ever come down to St.Pölten. And I actually would like to, to be quite honest :)
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Internets! I come to you with yet another story about my ~lovely~ roommate, but this time I refrained from being a dick in dealing with it! I think! And I was so proud of myself I just had to write this down. THE SABRINA SAGA, Part 28462 )

Also got to see the movie Inkheart/Tintenherz with Carmen today. Lovely and heartwarming fantasy fare, good fun! ALSO FEATURES PAUL BETTANY SHIRTLESS (for a few scenes), which is an added incentive if I ever heard of one. Ashfinger's scenes were clearly the best, and his rapport with Farid and his ferret thing were hilarious. I would so watch a road movie of their excellent adventures! I am filled with a sudden urge to rewatch Paul Bettany in Wimbledon (♥ that movie). Speaking of movies/dvds, also dropped some cash at Saturn today for The Departed and a double-disk feature of Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead on DVD, woo! I mean, I already have numerous fakes of the latter, but this time I have the original DVD extras <33

I LEAVE YOU WITH THIS CUTE CLIP OF LEE PACE AND AMY ADAMS SINGING. I seriously love Lee Pace's voice, and apparently he sings quite nicely too, as this clip shows :>. Anyone know if he's read for any audiobooks??


Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:50 pm
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HURTLING BY MY WINDOW AT HIGH SPEEDS. And I actually wanted to leave in an hour to go study in the MC (and mostly just have an excuse to wear real pants and throw my trash away but yeah) and the way it seems now?? FAT FUCKING CHANCE I AM SETTING FOOT OUTSIDE. Okay self, channel that urge to NOT FAIL and start studying! You know you can do it! jksdfhjskaSA!

But before that and since I am actually typing this new post right now some thoughts/incoherant squeebabble on
SPN S4x10 )
a mishmash of S1 GG and the most recent eps )



Oct. 14th, 2008 04:46 pm
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It is so weird to actually be typing this, but I think I am actually pretty happy right now with my life at the moment. It really is the small things sometimes, I mean, I was totally fucking stoked that I actually got to wore my new beetle-wing earrings and have it color-coordinate with my (re-discovered) green pashmina and green bon bon-esuqe Zara bag, something that shouldn't be making me this happy normally?? But lol okay. The weekend was spent sorting out and cleaning my room and our 'antechamber', and when Sabrina came back I actually talked to her about things and maybe setting up a putzplan. And it seems that I succeeded in inadvertently guilting her into cleaning a bit of the bathroom!!! MINOR VICTORY YESSS. I mean, today I can already see signs of backsliding into slob country, and the fridge is currently 70% full of her crap because she managed to somehow acquire 5 kgs of hardboiled eggs(???), but it's okay, I am still in an ace mood! Really needed to sort out my room a bit too, because Carmen and I are planning to hit up IKEA this friday, and I must say that being pleased with one's living arrangements does wonders to lift a mood. Uni is also not yet down the shitter (watch this space for CHANGES!) and I am looking forward to going to PRAGUE!! the end of this month already, too ♥. AND I STILL HAVE MONEY.

WHAT MORE DOES ONE NEED FOR NOW. A hot naked dude at my beck and call for one ;((

Not much ♥!

Also, Dexter S3 ep3 was completely watchable on youtube and akjsfa Michael C. Hall gets foxier every time I see him on my computer screen. Wish there were more eps so I could mainline 'em. And speaking of series I can't get enough of, I am so very psyched for the next SPN ep. LEDERHOSEN!!1
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OH SWEET SENSE OF (semi) FREEDOM! No more exams, scooooore~~. Started the day by being rudely awakened by a very drunk Clemens who called me at 4.30AM just because he could, but thankfully I am skilled in all things concerning sleep and how to immediately fall into deep slumber afterwards. Not so much luck for Michi in that department, as Clemens called Lis next and she didn't hear the phone ring and the honor of clicking DISCONNECT CALL fell to the monsieur. SOMEONE'S STARTING TO GET JEALOUS AND INSECURE ahaha especially since Lis isn't as pissed by Clemens' cutesy flirty act as Michi would hope/want her to be. HAH.

Shopping for UEFA merch is getting harder and harder now! I dropped by the Gerngross in town with Carmen after we went to show Phil some solidarity as this gig his band won (they were filmed by GOtv on the top area of the Stadtsbibliothek because they were the winners of some competition... it was a great mini gig, but the sad thing was that hardly no one was there?? Some unlucky combo of no PR/spreading the word on Phil's side, I guess? So uh, we are now possibly on TV though ahehehe >_>;;). The sports merch has been sorely depleted, but thankfully I only had to buy some stuff for my thai relatives who basically don't really give a rat's ass what motives their shirts have. TOMORROW I shall go into town again (yay for sunday opening times!) and see about getting me a German national team player trikot! Hopefully there'll be a Podolski one, though Lahm (or Schweinsteiger) would also be ace ♥ ...and a fitting accessory for watching THE FREAKIN' FINAL TOMORROW EVENING WOOOO :DD

And to end this entry on a football note, too (Kat I bet you are so sick of reading this by now, eh?), I must say that "Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen" is a really great documentary about the Worldcup 06. I'd bought it earlier today for a steal at 10€ in Saturn and we watched it earlier this evening. Seeing the little bits and pieces of the player's and team staff's personalities is always so great-- Poldi and Schweini BFF action! Kahn vs. Lehmann stuff! Random player antics! Klinsi's Lockerroom speeches! Random sightings of Jogi Löw in the background that are all the more awesome in the EM context! Jogi Löw wearing colour and talking (his voice will never not make me double-take)! Ballack being called MICHAAA or el capitano! ...and just stuff like getting a look into how the players lived, their schedule, the organisatory bits of the WM, ahh. All the more better to raise one's spirits in preparation for the finale cheering!

PS I actually wanted to make a post on some current uni dudes bullshit (dr)ama, but I am in far too much of a good mood now. Maybe tomorrow.
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  • Finished watching Yukan Club! I stand by my initial opinion of 'LOLOLOLOL WTF LOLOLOL' and have an added dollop of ULTIMATE RABUU for Jin's character (so 'tough' on the one side and such a fucking crybaby softtouch on the other side, ahjkahfjk hee!). Other favorites were Noriko (Kashii Yu) and Seishiro (Yokoyama Yu), and I fully admit that I was kinda shipping it as the episodes progressed... Classy childhood friends ftw! And Seishiro was kinda hot, yah? So competent~~. Junno as Bidou was just hilarious (such a pussy XDD), though I never did understand why just didn't make him quarter french instead-- I mean 'D'ACCORD' and 'MERCI' IS NOT SWEDISH and I doubt that Granmarie is a swedish surname either? This kept throwing me off instead of any other of the cracky antics, lol. Yuri just got on my nerves-- the whole character-type and the way the actress acted was just TOO slapstick cartoony, even if the food she was constantly scarfing down looked hella tasty! Hmm~~.
    Surfing the DramaWiki's afterwards was fun though, had no idea that Yokoyama Yu was in Kanjani8 or that Kashii Yu was the hot teacher in My Boss, My Hero! And that she's so YOUNG! One year older than me and already married! Hossa~

  • ONLINE SHOPPING (in theory) IS AWESOME. Carmen sent me a link to the Topshop website and apparently they have multiple shops (including a Flagship Store!!) in Stockholm, and judging by what they have so far on the internets, I can look forward to some fun fun shopping indeed~. Can already say that I will be buying THIS and THIS, whereas THIS and THIS appeal to my girly-girl FRILLS!!1 side as with the ace colours AND THIS just looks cool. Tigers~~

  • Speaking of T-shirts of coolness, the following aren't all that shoddy either~ Love the AC/DC ref in THIS one, THIS one is just perfect for all ones sushi-related needs, and THIS and THIS are the missing members of the Miss Naughty and co. shirts that were all the rage in BKK XDD

  • AND KAT-- if you ever feel like getting back into some quality H/D loooong!fic again, read THIS post for some really great pickings/recs from the entries of the H/D Worldcup 'Fest that is currently running. ALL ARE SOOO GOOD! "Arc of the Pendulum" and "Take a Sad Song (and Make it Better)" are my particular favorites!

  • Here be also an extremely interesting artmeme, where various people draw themselves as teens and compare that to their current selves. I was kind of shocked to realize that I could actually do this meme too, ACTUALLY BEING TWENTY NOW.

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    AHHHHHHHH am so dying here! NO NET!! Okay not really, since I have a shitload of DVDs to watch and the thought of PARISPARISPAAARIS soon to tide me over. And now since Sara's arrival is imminent, here a copypasted fake LJ post!
    Or rather a SPN S2 DVD commentary interspersed w/ other stuff loll )

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    The uh, black-out the last few days was due to a number of reasons, actually!
    - me apparently overloading Ma's ADSL modem on my last day in Chiang Mai, OOPS
    - suprise!re-booking of our flight, which lead us to be in BKK a day earlier
    - more cavorting around town by day with Ma, being at Na Paew's by night= no net, but lotsa AJ poking (HE IS ENTERING CAT PUBERTY and gets all pissy, so hilarious)
    - A NIGHT IN THE AMARI BOULEVARD, where we got an upgraded room due to high occupancy! Sweet. Even sweeter the dinner that night at 'Tsu' in the JW Marriott! Pricey gourmet Japanese cuisine, oh how I love you~~~

    BUT, am now at Dads and yay with the art of plugging random cables in to get me some good ol' connectivity~


    MY BOSS MY HERO IS SO COOL LIKE ULTIMATE SUPAA MAGICAL COOL. I am kind of in love with Sakaki Makio/Nagase Tomoya. MAKKY YOU ARE MY HERO~~~ AND VERY, VERY ATTRACTIVE(the Dramawiki has a very freshy pic of him lol), despite(OR MAYBE BECAUSE) the retarded faces you keep pulling~. Man, first Shirotan, then Tamaki Hiroshi and now him? I see my conviction that I don't really find many male Asian celebs that hot CRUMBLING. Shit, I was lost ever since Andy Leung and Jay Chou anyhow >_>;; Ooh and some thai celebs I keep forgetting the names of ahaha...

    KAT WE MAY COMMENCE SQUEEING. Or like I'll go read you old posts about it tomorrow :D
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    _ why, self, whyyyyyy must I have no self-control! Also was the same story with 'Oh, I'll just wait until I can buy the next season of 'Life on Mars' before reading fic and looking at meta'... and what do I do the next time I go online? *SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER woooooooooooah oh man...* -->*binges on fic* -->*late moment of realisation: ohshit :(*
    OH and whoever doesn't already know this should WATCH IT NOW, I was positively blown away... even moreso than with my Nip/Tuck DVDs I think, as I wasn't that impressed by the DVD Box cover (I stand to my often shallow consumer decisions) I was looking at in Saturn, but bought it on a whim. And well, I must say I TAKE IT ALL BACK, I LOVE JOHN SIMM and the guy who played Gene Hunt(the Gene Genie! Hee) and ANNIEEEE... top notch acting, and oh the tension! The Mancunian accents! The smashing soundtrack! The plot sucked me in, simply brilliant and all around tight directing, very solid ♥ I was talking at the laptop and flailing at it at some points I believe ^^ I HEARTILY RECOMMEND THIS, PEOPLE and go google the plot, I can't possibly do it justice (two words and punctuation tho: TIME TRAVEL??!)

    _ DAY ONE OF 'BODY COMBAT' class at the California! Wow Gym: PAIN. SO MUCH PAIN.
    BUT: I can feel my muscles in my thighs again! Ahaha I am so out of shape, it can only be hilarious and at the halfway point of the 55 minute class I had to force myself not to look at my reflection as I was huffing and puffing and wheezing and fucking up all the choreo >_>;;. THE KICKS ARGHHH...That was also the only problem I had with the choreo-- since it's a mix of all these different 'fighting style' watered down with cardio and aerobic moves the stances and forms for all the kicks were all slightly different and I kept getting confused as I've burned the oldskool Taekwondo way down (My right Roundkick is still fabulous at least XDD)into my muscle memory and added to the fact that I am sometimes confused by which side we are supposed to be using (the cons of eagle-eye focus on the instructor and not realising that DURR it's all mirrored! I r so smart) I must have looked so bumbling. Was gratified to see other people in the class, who even if they werent as sweaty and redfaced as me, kind of lagging as well and sometimes doing the moves in a sissy energy-conserving way. The instructor is SO UPBEAT MY GOD he was jumping all over the place!
    All in all I am quite happy with this class and admittedly already mentally in the place where all this cavorting will have paid off and I will be toned! Can this happen in two weeks???

    _ had pastries and deliciousness and a photosession with Ma at the 'Mandarin Oriental Dharathevi', which is A FRIGGIN CASTLE IN THE SKY jesus christ the compound is so GORGEOUS and the thai word would be 'alangkarn' and ahhh the visitors aren't allowed to drive past a certain point so it's all so tranquil. AND PRETTY HAVE I MENTIONED THAT YET?? Will post pictures soonish~~
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    Am now FINALLY firmly ensconced in Ma's casa with WIRELESS INTERNEEEEEEEEET!!! No more cold turkey at Na Paew's place, though I must say the Nip/Tuck Season 3 DVDs I had were instrumental in making me honestly not really notice the lack of glorious net. Twas all the more bitter when I discovered that the LAST HALF HOUR of the Season 3 two-hour season finale was mysteriously missing from my admittedly dubiously acquired box set :( ...anybody in the know willing to tell me what happens? Obviously nothing groundbreaking, since season 4 exists (and I have already burned through disc one of 7 there, and already I have some skips and freezing. Oh fake DVDs, why are you not my friend this time round??)
    But oh how I adore the sheer high-intensity DRAMA! and EXPLICIT SURGERY FOOTAGE! paired with some truly convulted character relationships this show has... Christian(**) and Sean's friendship is really something, their highs and their lows and the fucking around with patients and the weird patchwork family thing they have going... The little in-jokes and pop-culture details in the whole series! Ahh ♥. And I found myself really liking Julia and Kimber, the latter who besides being a really interesting character herself is sublimely gorgeous-- geez I wish I could work hair like that. Hot stuff.

    (**)= I have slowly come to terms that watching Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck is like watching a glorious, charismatic and bastardly trainwreck of a character. Was hanging off my seat most of Season 3 and tearing up or blathering at the laptop screen during PIVOTAL happenings. 'Oh, Christian... why must life keep shitting on DDD:' seemed to have been a note I scrawled down at some point, I think.

    ...and my original purpose in posting this has been forgotten in lieu of squeeing.. Ahaha, typical >_>;; Because I am now suddenly lazy and cognizant that I promised Ma I'd be in bed nearly two hours ago (I screwed up the whole day today by having binged on BLISSFUL WIRELESS on Ma's shitty laptop for five?? hours last night and thus was in no presentable state of consciousness this morning ^^... Thankfully Ma was in a state of laziness herself) the rest of BKK in paragraph fragments:


    ...well shit now this turned out to be a long post after all! Oops XDD SLEEP NOW :Db
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    Theoretically I am not all that ill-prepared for my Umweltssoziologie test on Thursday.

    I am HORRENDOUSLY unprepared for Step6, Step4 and Sozial Psychologie II next week though. And I have to be awake in six hours for the latter's last session and also need to wash my hair as I will be death warmed over later in this morning. :/


    BUT! Had a delicious dinner followed by DVD watching at my place with Clemens tonight~ Pasta with cream sauce and prawns and artichoke hearts with a lovely italian white wine aaaaand dessert: choco pudding interspersed with forest berries premade by yours truly earlier during the day. :D Dude better have appreciated my culinary attempts XDD Cooking really is more fun when you're not alone ♥
    The DVD of the night was 'Ali' and I was pleasantly suprised at how awesome it was, especially the soundtrack. Fantastic music and Will Smith was great in his role!


    Spoiled myself for the end of Honey and Clover yesterday and jeeeesus shit when I was watching that scene from the anime version on Youtube the TEARS were rolling down my eyes like kajfhkjfh aaaaah HURTS SO GOOD. PERFECT INSERT SONGS. SIMPLY DIVINE. Ganked some off random LJ comm hoppings and shall probably be uploading em in the next post or so... AHhhhh *bliss*

    Well damn

    Apr. 14th, 2007 12:04 am
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    So it's uh been two weeks since I last posted? Ahehe. Um. Well, the first week was Krimml-induced doom and this one was due to the gleeful invasion of my domicile from dear Frank and La, who both have left meeeeee since like 10AM today(WAAAAAAAH i am still kinda mopey and alternating that with a sudden urge to now just not do anything until uni starts and aaah so much?? work to do? People to catch up with etc etc). ;___;

    Was a fantastic time, seriously-- what is better than having guests who do all the (very tasty and healthy--duh it's LA)cooking for you? :D Ah, and shopping for grocery together made me so quietly happy, because what point or fun is there in cooking something elaborate for yourself? It's the little discussions of carrots vs. cucumbers and what weird bargain bin bio crap to buy(note: Bio Lachs Schinken is bullshit) that make the experience. As are impulse buys of bubble blowing kits(? sp?), ahh ♥

    We walked around a LOT and started early on in the day(...the perils of being the only long sleeper with two morning people guests XDD) and I like to think that though I managed to FAIL in showing them the viennese nightlife(..lol like I am an expert) we made a sizeable dent on the cultural attractions~ Some of which I had also not seen yet-- like the originals of the works of Gustav Klimt('The Kiss'!) and Egon Schiele etc. in the Belvedere castle. CULTURE POINTS GET.

    I was almost a bit jealous of La today though-- she and Frank might have had a five hour drive from here back to Münich(where she'd get her train back to Versailles) but it'd still be a continuation of the RRROAD TRIP and they made stops at pretty sounding places like the Kaiserssee and castles! Or even the idea of wandering around Münich is appealing... My own memories of that are fuzzy at best, ahh time.

    But I dragged my ass over to Clemen's place after bumming around for a long while and used his washing machine to do some laundry while we watched some 8 odd eps of Samurai Champloo. Have left him with a large list of to watch anime, too aaand probably offhandedly outed myself as a yaoi fangirl while I was at it. Go me >_>;; (I probaaably was a wee bit obvious when I made him watch the first ep of Gankutsuou and made flailing noises about Albert and Franz. Gah)

    Now my eyes are burning and I shall go to sleep now. Pictures and more words to come tomorrow! OR something.

    Oh, and Kaaat ♥-- we have a postcard for you! A group effort so to speak, though it took my klutzyness as a catalyst, but hey I shall prevail through the teasing if it gets Frank to actually write things!!! SHOCK, I know ;D Will send it mondaaaay along with some other stuff :D

    ALSO, OLGAAAA dankedanke for the magnetkarte! When should I give it back to you? I really owe you, man! LOVE


    Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:25 am
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    Lamb leg yesterday was simply sumptious, and I wish I could say the same thing about the DVDs I watched afterwards, too. Boo at the DVD dude, I've never had such a dud quality from a supposed 100% one before! Must watch the other ones I bought before I leave so I can exchange them in time... But the first 2/3 of "The Departed" in english was great, love getting to hear the Boston accents that were flying around, even if Deep South sounds much more awesome to my ears. But then the DVD started skipping and fritzing and now Dad's kinda annoyed that it stopped just when it got good. Oops.

    Went up and then watched "Driving Lessons", which I had vaguely meant to watch for a while now, but Kat's mentioning of it reminded me again and eeeee! RUPERT GRINT IS ADORABLE. All slouchy and shy (and kinda short, even if he's a giant in the movies next to Dan Radcliffe and Emma, but they're like midgets, so there) and ahaahah the TREE COSTUME. And the fact that all his crushes or girl-intrests were taller than him XDD Wish I knew what happened in THE LAST TEN MINUTES though, why such a lovely DVD, for dying right at that moment >_>;;

    Might watch "Thank You for Smoking" again, or try "Rocky Balboa" or "Pan's Labyrinth" later~

    And dinner shall be at the Steakhouse at the Landmark Hotel~~ LOOOKING FORWARD to that already mhhhh STEAK ♥
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    Soooo it turns out that the JOYS OF HISPEED INTERNET are yet to be bestowed upon my humble self during the duration of this trip in Chiang Mai aaaand the max 36.6kbps dial-up from Ma's new place(puuurdy tho) seems to think that loading LJ is a silly, unneccesary thing. DDDD: CUE MY SCREAMS OF DESPAIR and thus declaration of a sudden hiatus til ...well whenever I can load LJ again. *SOB* I have discovered HOW much net time I actually spend here, be it for friends, fic or CFUD(...so much to catch up on then aaaaah)

    On a happier side:
    Thank god for rec sites that also have non-lj stored fic and the collection of J-dorama I managed to procure before coming here! NODAME CANTABILE AND NOBUTA WO PRODUCE ARE SO SO SOOOOO AWESOME :DDD My alternative time-killers :D :D
    Am now working my way through Ma's movie collection too at night-- started off with the Constant Gardener yesterday and daaaamn is that movie a downer :( ...


    Send me links of love that I can open when I come back online! Random recs of joy and joyfulness??

    PS Am typing this from a net cafe
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    Viewed in the First Class with Ma, as she would rather spend 1000 baht on this instead of watching King Naresuan with me D: WHY COULD'NT SHE HAVE WAITED... Otherwise, the perks of First Class are great though, hurrah for cushy reclinable chairs with blankets!

    Moooovie! (spoilers within) )

    And in that note, also bought some more Asian movies to watch-- now am the proud owner of 'The Banquet'(Ma says it's similar to this one?), 'All about Lily Chou-Chou'(WHEN I WANT TO DEPRESS MYSELF :(( ) and the INFERNAL AFFAIRS TRILOGY yessss :D :D
    Must see about buying 'Faen Chan', 'Nana', 'Ping Pong' and 'In the Mood for Love' etc etc before I leave!

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    Am ironically experiencing the aftereffects of TOO much sleep at the moment it seems. Or this is just the bone-deep laziness inherant in me that is just flexing it's hold on my thought processes. It's funny how sensations manifest in people-- like when I feel tired it's either a pounding behind my eyeballs or like now, a heavy hand gripping and squeezing my brain. What about you guys?

    Other than facing a mound of work not yet touched my weekend was quite nice-- got to go see "Thank You For Smoking" with Nat and her friends, which is an incredibly genius film. Oh the sharp satirical writing! The wit! The brilliant way the film was shot! AARON ECKHARDT OMG! And the scattered cameos everywhere! But I especially liked the way the film chose to not end in the cheesy(lol Vermont) way of having Naylor's kid dislike his job and Daddy turning out to quit his job and work for Greenpeace or something. If anything, the movie kinda makes being a lobbyist look like a HELL of a lot of fun! (Also- the son was the kid from 'About a Boy'afjkshfs eeee XDD)
    Oh and finally got to meet Nat's anime/manga/comic fellow fangirl friend too, and we both proceeded to shut the others out with 'shoptalk'-squeeeage for random interverals ahahaha so awesome and HI OLGA *waves*! More people I know having LJs and okay with my fandom preferences is always faaantastic!

    Even wanted to post about this yesterday, fresh from seeing it and all a-squee but somehow ended up lying in bed watching the last 8 episodes of Scrubs S3. Ahhh JD and Turk's friendship will never cease to crack me up! And Elliot's random german skills('NIMM MEINE LEUTE NICHT AUF DEM ARM CARLA' ahahahahahaha)! JANITOR in his baby blue outfit! Ahhhhh~ I NEED NO OTHER COMEDY DOCTOR SERIES ♥

    PS I HAVE A HOUSE PLANT NOW. It is a tiny Aloe Vera that I will love and nurture forever and ever and his name is Franzl. The name was decided after a lengthy powwow with Carmen and Anja(who are soon to become roommates as one of Anja's is fucking off to somewhere omg am so jealous! But means too that I will now have two rooms to crash in if and when I get really wasted going out one day, which is A+++) over coffee and bagels and IF I ever get a second one it shall be called SISSI.
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    ~~2 things that have brightened up my existance this past week(or so)~~

    1) ...suprisingly, Tennis! And by which I don't mean watching eps of Tenipuri or reading the manga, although I imagine that would be fun too- I'm talking about *gasp* RL Tennis, or more specifically the US Open. Got to watch Federer in the semis against Blake and in the finals versus Roddick and hooooly shit, I have never been more at the edge of my seat watching any type of sports matches before.
    Watching Federer play is simply a joy. The man knows his tennis, and oh, some of the shots he played ...So skillful and elegant! Plus when he was matched up against Roddick, who is also a fun player to watch, what with those smashing serves of his ...ahh it was all the more exciting to watch as a spectator~ ♥ ♥
    (something I haven’t actively done since the nineties as a wee kid with Sampras and Michael Chang(Asians represent!)...ahh how I used to love tennis)

    Bits from the match that amused me:
    _ the also very random, yet amusing anecdotes of the german voiceover announcer, and thanks to him I now know that Roddick is, amongst others, a very fast eater and that he was kinda a precocious brat who once signed a bunch of tennis balls when he was six, gave them to a friend and said 'keep these, they'll be worth tons when I'm older'... which is actually quite adorable (...and probably true, too!)
    _ the times that Roddick kept changing his shirt- at least three times during a two hour match... I mean, maybe it's normal for some players but it just stood out more compared to Federer just chilling in his seat, wearing his same old shirt (...and leisurely scratching himself as Roddick is already on court waiting for the break to be over XDD)

    ...long squee short, I personally think that ‘King Roger’ is awesome and a really nice, sympathetic guy who plays mindblowingly good tennis and that he should go on and break all records ever. And the weird thing is, even if I don’t watch his next few matches... just the thought that somewhere out there Roger Federer is kicking major tennis ass makes me happy. Like all is right with the world or something ^^V

    Also: There is apparently a Federer beanie baby/Teddy bear, dressed in a blue shirt with a #1 on the back with a headband and a red racket ...and goddammit it is adorable and I waaaantssss it preciousssss DDD:
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    2) DVDs
    When nightfall reaches the Austrian province...and the nightly TV schedule is basically crap warmed over, nothing saves one from boredom more than rewatching one’s entire DVD collection. (Since of course I am somehow incapable to just go to sleep before 3AM noooo)
    I also relearned the lesson that watching Brokeback Mountain right before going to bed is also a bad idea, as being huddled in front of my laptop, clutching my stuffed turtle(IKEA is awesome) and sobbing my eyes out ... leads to a very extreme case of puffy eyes the next day and my Oma thinking weird things about what I do in my room. ...but it’s either that or funny stuff and apparently that too is also weird thought-inducing because one can hear my mad cackling when I decide to marathon Scrubs or Samurai Champloo(THE BASEBALL EP AHAHAHA OMG WHUUT XDDD) in the hallway as well....
    You just can’t win, I guess :P Wish I had some Everwood eps or Nip/Tuck...such a shiny interesting show, that the german dub didn’t manage to fuck up like it does to House(...*brrr* I believe that like it is the case with Alan Rickman, dubbing Hugh Laurie’s voice should be a crime). And the Ducklings are ‘Sie’zing each other, how stiff is that? Not to mention that the guys dub voices all sound the same. URGH.


    Oh and I WANNA WATCH 'DAS PARFÜM' D: D: D: ...in english though! *curses lack of kino in 60km radius*



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