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So the most rabid, ALLCAPS part of my glee has simmered down towards something more manageable, but I am still filled with warm fuzzies that the Mannschaft managed to pull together an awesome win in a seriously thrilling game against Uruguay. Twitter has never been more dear to me in these alone-in-front-of-the-TV moments and mad love towards [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer for always keeping me company there and have excellent taste in teams in which to support ;DDD

I am happy we managed to get third place, though part of me still wonders about the what-ifs of the game against Spain and what could have been. But! This has been a fantastic tournament showing and I am confident that these dudes will continue to improve and kick some everloving ass at the EM12 and the WM14 ♥ ALSO, IF MUELLER DOESN'T WIN BEST YOUNG PLAYER THERE IS SOMETHING DEEPLY WRONG ABOUT THE WORLD. This guy! Same goes for Neuer as goalie, because he was amazing~ (I MIGHT BE BIASED tho ahem ahem). And of course I am hoping for the other nominated German players to win big, Schweini throughout all this time has especially become FLAWLESS, AMAZING, AWESOME AND SO ON AND SO FORTH to me <3333 Still sad about Klose not getting his chance to play and try to crack Ronaldo's record though. Hang in there Miro, and stay fit enough for the EM at least, you hear??

Spending time after the games (yesterday was especially killer lol 5.30AM bedtime WHOOPS)stalking and right-click-saving my way through the party posts on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_football and other assorted picspams was another way of keeping my SCHLAAAAAAAAAAND joy on an ever constant high. And since sharing is caring, here are some of my particular favs behind the cut.


And since I promised to link this to Lal and C, the aforementioned super cute Jungs+Nutella ads!
This almost makes me want to eat Nutella rn )
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But I am stubborn and refusing to capitulate, or something. Today has so far been a day of trying to minimize all the tabs I have open and using the power of my brain to make certain people come online. So far I have failed to get a hold of Clemens (that dick, first he doesn't answer my calls, then smses me for lunch on Monday AND THEN doesn't reply to my calls/messages about uh, when to actually meet on Monday. WHY IS HE SO TEDIOUS SOMETIMES) but succeeded in talking to Ma. Which is yay, she's feeling better and all that and has new and shiny advice for me when for when I come back to BKK. Which basically amounts to "if you don't get a job at an ad agency, maybe you could become an English teacher for shits and giggles! I hear there are two week courses you can do to get a certificate that only cost 10'000 baht!" lolll man I'd feel like such a cliche if I were to actually go down that route, the fact that I am probably wholly unsuited to teaching aside. But speaking of home, I have been poking about the news sites a bit and AUGH the news about the Red-shirts' latest fuckwittery is just rage-inducing. Disgusting, foolish AND *headdesks*. Assholes. Also, I keep forgetting not to read the comments section of the articles, mooooooooar idiocy only lies in wait there.

The past few days have been awesome Viennese fun though, had drinks&snacks&drinks&POOL with Wido on Friday (a surprise turn of events if you know both of us and alcohol and my normal thoughts on pool) and spent Saturday going grocery-shopping with Miss Olga and camping out on her lovely sofa broadening my education in the finer points of Austrian Films of Note. Though I still can't remember where I saw bits of Komm, süßer Tod before, watching it and Silentium were great fun. Looking forward to Knochenmann (the third in the loosely-connected trilogy) soon!

Am still in the middle of uploading pictures for the first of a few image-posts, so until that gets down have some Links of ♥:
__ Casting the Greek Gods in a modern dramedy by [livejournal.com profile] zombres. I am basically a sucker for all thing Greek god-related, and this was just catnip, delicious delicious catnip to me. And even better, there is a Part Two and Part Three! Kyaaa, some of the casting choices *_*b
__ Ke$ha's Tik Tok rewritten a la Tony Stark also by [livejournal.com profile] zombres. I WISH THIS WERE THE ACTUAL SONG NOW. So excellent!
__ I am behind on my SPN news, but this is just a further sign that Misha Collins is unbelievable <33. SERIOUSLY THIS DUDE. THIS DUDE
__ Harmony Drawing Tool ...not news that this thing is intensely cool. AHH *goes and doodles some more*
__ THE DOGGIE GAGA PROJECT ...yessssssss. I now intensely desire to put Ace and Nero in similar get-ups *_*
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I have been on a roll of productivity today, which probably means that I will probably fail a lot at doing things tomorrow just so that the universe is balanced. It's amazing what one can actually accomplish in a day if you set your sights higher than "wash hair, eat lunch, spend 5 hours reading fic" lol. Though I sure hope that the crappery with trying to book my flight and having the credit card be denied from the bank in Thailand (?? wtf) will be resolved without much hassle. I just want my fucking plane ticket, jeez. Running these errands and the subsequent lunch with Olga was another nigh point in the day though, and I am already intensely looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned for my remaining time here ♥

But before I forget, something I wanted to post about for aaaaaaaaages already: MUSIC to shaaaaare
Cut for song descriptions and DL links )

And in conclusion, some more links of interest:
Genderswitched SPN casting ...the ladies chosen are all exceedingly cool, but how much do I love the choices for male!Ellen and Jo? AN INSANE AMOUNT :Db
"A Striking Position to Take: SPN and economic instability" ...I really enjoyed this essay/meta. Some excellent points and wonderfully articulated.

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<-- Rin (if you're reading this), I don't even think I was peripherally involved in this in-joke or whatever, but only just seeing it on your LJ page was enough to make me continue to crack up every time I see it spelled that way :Db


Wolverine 'thoughts', out of order reactions and braindribble of no real redeeming value. OH AND A CLIP OF GAMBIT BECAUSE EVERY LJ ENTRY NEEDS MOAR GAMBIT )

AND ALSO: Have some pretty cool TV-Spots for Wolverine, Gambit, Sabretooth, Wade Wilson and Wraith! THE MENANCE IN LIEV SCHREIBER'S VOICE. Gambit's hat! EEEE :Db
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Just watched The Fall today with Miss Olga, in an act of awesome socialization that basically saved my Saturday from being just the day where I failed to actually get myself showered and ready to go buy some groceries before they closed in the time-span of uh, six hours. When I say that I am sometimes a profoundly lethargic person, this is about the kind of stuff I get up to when at my low points, lol what. DID manage to clean the disgusting thing that is our toilet brush receptacle and actually change the old, FOUL one for a new one (actually a glass cleaner and thus totally small, but whatever). There seems to be no point in buying normal toilet brushes, as dearest Sabrina roomie seems to have ~mysterious~ bowel issues that always involve making the public bathroom toilet brushes look more pristine than ours. I hope I am not jinxing myself by typing this, but she has been gone for the whole last week! Left some trash to molder again (that I am currently ignoring), but she is not here, fuck yeahhhhhh :DD

BUT THAT ASIDE, back to the movie. My non-spoilery review: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS MOVIE IS GORGEOUS. The scenery! The colors! Everything was so insanely lushly costumed and sumptuously shot and breathtakingly and heartstoppingly beautiful and Lee Pace(♥ ♥) and the little girl were all kinds of wonderful (their relationship ngggg socute). My face during the movie could basically be summed up by the following emoticons-- :O, with sprinklings of D:!! and :D!!. I was ever so engrossed in the story and I loved how the two worlds of the actual hospital staff and patients and the fantastic world that Roy was telling Alexandria of were slowly merging together in Alexandria's imagination and ahh *flails*. If Olga wasn't sitting right next to me, I totally would have also started crying at at least two separate scenes in the movie, haaah.

SO BASICALLY, if you guys have the chance, you should all watch this ASAP! It will seriously blow your mind ♥ For further gorgeous eyecandy, please to be checking out THIS PICSPAM.

And to round this off, one of my favorite pics/production stills from an image search :DD )
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Again, the internet and getting to watch JAMES EFFING BOND: QUANTUM OF SOLACE!!!1 just now in the original soundtrack pull through and succeed in distracting me from the grand funk and self-pity party I had going on the last few days. Shitty uni news/grades and a general underlying sense of inexplicable rage that is probably partly due to hormones, yay. BUT! Quantum of Solace was SO FUCKING GOOD. One of the things I love about the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies, besides the obvious ahem, physical attributes of Mr. Bond, is the fact that the action scenes are really thrilling and top-notch, yet at the same time still remain intensely entertaining. And perhaps I was never really into Pierce Brosnan or every other Bond that wasn't Sean Connery but I never laugh as much at a Bond's quips or comments than I do now. It must also be noted that Daniel Craig really is a fucking feast for the eyes, godddddd the way he wears ANY- AND EVERYTHING, but especially a suit. Fuck me, he is so intensely attractive, I almost can't deal. SO MANLY, UNFFFF (EXTRA BONUS: When he is all roughed up, dirty and bloody. HOT DAMN SON.) Olga whatshername playing Camille was also surprisingly awesome and utterly kickass. Such a gorgeous lady ♥

In other happy internet things, the following links/clips have brought at least the RL approximation of this :DDDD

__I don't care if it's not Halloween anymore, Heidi Klum's Kali costume is still ten flavors of AWESOME.
__This Dissidia FF game is REALLY intriguing me. ESPECIALLY AS TIDUS IS IN IT FUCK YEAHHHHHH ♥
__I shouldn't be finding Zac Efron so attractive. But boy is one helluva looker now, holy shiiiiit.
__...I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. At least I haven't watched the Highschool Musical movies. YET. ...dammit.
__Lady Gaga has such awesome songs. I almost wish she had another name though, because I mean, whaaaat.
__So like, I found the earwormy Thai indie rock band song that was haunting me on YT yesterday. The lyrics/chorus are SO RANDOM, but I really dig it.
__Speaking of Thai music, there is no such thing as posting too many links of the same Moderndog song over and over again. I LOVE 'TA SAWANG' SO FUCKING MUCH. Moderndog songs are my forever girl. AHHH.
__I wish I had too much money and could buy dresses like this SNAP SNAP. When Anna Sui has it, oh hell yes she has it.
__Jude Law saves RDJ crotch!! So heroic~~
__...especially after reading this article too. Lol holograms lol
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My various plans for today (LAST DAY BEFORE PRAAAAAAAAGUE) are not off to the best start, but I guess having two more hours sleep is more important than getting my laundry done early in the long run. Ahh I hope the machines aren't full later :/. Have been having the weirdest dreams lately, and by weird I just mean the fact that I can actually remember them so vividly and for that, they are so fucking normal. Two days ago I dreamt I was a Spanish call-center employee and it was excruciating listening to myself so utterly fail at Spanish. Shouldn't we automatically be awesome in our dreams?? Lol. And today I actually got so excited because I thought I saw lots of cardboard boxes in front of Sabrina's room, but it actually turned out just to be TRUE wishful thinking. TOO VIVID DREAMS DAMMIT. She should be done with uni now or something whyyyyy >_>;; Now that for some reason our kitchen really looks better now, it's the bathroom that is covered in snarls of her hair. IT'S EVERYWHERE. Isn't that gross? I mean, I am grossed out when I see my own hair everywhere, so I don't really understand how this can not be an issue for someone.

MY NEW PHONE continues to be awesome though, and lol after I spent ages composing a carefully constructed email to dad telling him about it I get a one-liner in reply telling me to check out hotels in Prague because that's where we are also going to go in Spring next year. NOOOOOOO I want to go to Italy instead nnnngh. Must bug Carmen later to show me the PICTURE!! of No. 49 that she managed to snap for me today at Schottentor though, she tried to send it to me but I couldn't seeeeeeeee it :((( BUT HE IS STILL OUT AND ABOUT OOOOH ♥
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The trailer for the Korean movie version of ANTIQUE BAKERY ...THEY KEPT IN THE FRUITY GAAAY. It looks full of fabulousness, delish cakes and seriously hot men. I mean, the actors for Chikage? Ono's french ex? ONO? *fans self*. Everyone has probably seen this by now, but I feel the need to spread the awesome, just in case!

The elevator kiss scene from 'No Night is too Long' ...got this from [livejournal.com profile] leviosa8 and ooooh, how hot and fraught with delicious sexual tension can 46 seconds even be? Well, this clip from a Canadian thriller-mystery sure shows you how! Tim (the brunet) looks so gorgeous and Ivo (the blond) is no slouch either. Apparently his actor was even in Wanted, but uh I guess I never really cottoned on to his hotness there, being fully distracted by James McAvoy! Chris Pratt! and ANGELINA JOLIE, heh.

The Youtube channel where you can watch SPN S4x03 'In the Beginning' ...WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY THAT WAAAAAAAAAAATCH EEEEEEET. Winchesters ♥!!! And here are some ep reaction posts that are awesome and full of squee, too! *flaily hands*, I am so looking forward to the next ep, given the spoilers I have checked out/Kripke's interview about it. EEEE.

AND to make a total jarring topic transition-- have you guys heard about the Austrian who burned his elderly in-laws to death by a home-made FLAMETHROWER?? Crazy shit and extra creepy and disturbing, when you read that his mother-in-law was 84 years old and bed-ridden because she had both her legs amputated due to diabetes complications. BRRR.
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...okay, I can somehow see how depressing it is that when faced with nothing! of interest! to do this fine evening, I immediately whip out the laptop, even if I had already spent the entire day in front of it, instead of doing something like MAYBE DRAWING  AGAIN SELF, YOU LAZY FUCK or like, even reading the tour-guide book on Prague I bought yesterday. HMM o internets, how large your stake in my soul and mental wellbeing is! I was seriously antsy when I was thinking of the fact that I hadn't checked my mail in GASP two hours lolol not a good sign, eh?

BUT what I had meant to write about since BKK was getting to see Bangkok Dangerous with Migel! Now, we went into the movie expecting something quite shitty that we could spend the entire movie mocking and I was hoping for some nice shots of BKK and a rousing game of "spot the location!" in a place that I finally know quite well, BUT! Surprise suprise, it turned out to be quite fun to watch! Now, my disdain for Nicholas Cage is great, especially in his latter ratty toupee-wearing days and the eyeliner he seems to be sporting in this movie, which manages to utterly throw me out of every serious scene he's in, yet all in all he's an okay lead. The story of a hitman who gains a heart isn't exactly groundbreakingly rewritten here, but the Thai "sidekick" Kong is cool, funny (and HOT), and the bits in the beginning before he warms up to Nic Cage and vice versa are a hilarious lesson in how to say "Fuck you", "Duck-fucker" and "Fuck your mother" in Thai :Dbb Also, the main henchman to the Baddie is played by a platinum-haired Dom Hetrakul, which is like, extra LOLS. But fear not, there are still enough scenes that had us cringing in our seats and slapping our foreheads in sheer visceral embarrassment, because OMG the "romance" between Nic Cage's chara and the deaf-mute local girl pharmacist is so painful to watch (the orig BKK Dangerous had the main assassin dude as a deaf-mute, the Hollywood version obv made some rewrites, though it's still directed by the Pang Brothers). It just hits all the cliches of "jaded farang falls for sweet, docile local chick", and makes it all the more creepy and weird for the even larger lack of real communication gap between them and main assassin dude's stalkeresque courtship. BRR. This movie also feature ELEPHANTS OF METAPHORICAL SIGNIFICANCE! That SUDDENLY APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE. DOWNTOWN! EATING MORNING GLORY BY A KLONG! ON A PAINTING! DURING A STREET FAIR! Etc, etc. All in all, the movie is really just a good case of popcorn flair, but it was entertaining enough and I liked the way it was shot, the BKK visuals and locations and the sheer lols for monetary value you get out of it. C-check it out, if any of you guys can!

OH and to conclude on some SPN fannish glee, apparently the internet tells me that JARED  AND  JENSEN  LIVE  TOGETHER NOW???. Oh god, it's like a million J2 RPS fic came true. I just... ♥♥♥!!! SO AWESOME. Also awesome is this picspam of the boys at some Redbull promo race thing, that further proves to me that A)JP is a GIANT HUNK OF MAN MOUNTAIN that begs to be mounted, B) Aviator sunglasses are NEVER NOT HOT, rowr (Jensen has the kind of lameass looking practical sport sunglasses that I have too lol) and C) Hockey jerseys are mysteriously insanely attractive to me. Gahh~
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Have finally Tennis-ized my usericons now, along with a batch of animated SPN icons I could not resist. OH DEAN, Y U SO FINE. But yes, now I may gaze at the amazing dorkness(also seen HERE) that goes along with Roger Federer's super smoooth visage. Dude is hot, one cannot deny. And that one 'King Arthur' shot that Annie Leibovitz made is also currently gracing my desktop wallpaper now, mhhh mythology and a nice picture make for often minimizing my open programs and just staring at the desktop screen ♥

Oh, and meant to write that I got to see Mamma Mia! the other day. Spent half of the movie laughing out of sheer delight because of the rampant YAY! and HAPPY! and come on, who can truly hate ABBA songs? But the second half was also spent wincing in embarassment, because OH MY GOD, Pierce Brosnan cannot sing. And he keeps getting all these duets with Meryl Streep! Ashkjfhas! Stellan Skarsgard also cannot sing, but at least he doesn't get as much lines. Colin Firth, my ~*main reason*~ to actually watch the movie, manages to carry a tune, though more of the 'strumming along with my acoustic guitar' type. It was so much fun seeing him SMILE so much in a movie though, and I was positively wiggling in GLEE everytime he was onscreen. Greece was GORGEOUS in the movie and Amanda Seyfried is tiny and CUTE and I bet her smile can also power small countries. People were also mostly skimpily clad and wet in the movie, which is always a bonus, though I think I have seen my quota of naked middle-aged man chest for a while. My love for Colin Firth apparently is strongest when he is fully clothed, thank you very much XDD

Will be heading off to see Ma and Andy later today, and then onwards to Chiang Mai until next Friday! Internet shall undoubtably be had, though maybe not so much this weekend. Just a heaaaaads-up :Db
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Ironic how the games are finally in a timezone that is currently A+ practical for me to watch, yet the most I do besides catching glimpses on the local news is halfheartedly scanning the Sports section of every day's Bangkok Post. Was rooting for Federer to rally up again after what seems to be a pretty harsh losing streak (compared to his admittedly extremely high standards) and reading that he's out of the tennis singles was kind of depressing. What a shit season this has been for him so far (even if EPIC Wimbledon final was EPIC)! And holy hell is Nadal in stunning form. I am torn between wanting him to win Gold now because I do like him, my ever burning love for Federer aside, and actually wanting some other dude to get it, so there at least isn't THAT great a gaping chasm between Nadal and Federer. There are even sports op-ed pieces I've read online that are asking if Federer's 'washed up' already... um, wtf?? How many years has he spent at the top? How skillful is his tennis game when he's in top form? Tss. I can't even imagine how much one would beat ones self up in the same situation, dude seems like the type to get all self-recriminatory, too. FINGERS CROSSED ROGERRRRR ♥!

And now to pervert that quite innocently fangirling paragraph, I shall now admit that I actually stumbled across the sordid world of ........tennis RPS yesterday. I like clicking on links to shipping manifestos generally, because at the very least there are always amusing and or interesting facts and pictures to look at and hey, nice pics of Roger Federer in his swank Wimbledon get-up? Always up for that. But then. I see a that [livejournal.com profile] louiselux has written some fics. 'Oooooh' the lizard-brain goes 'now that's a good author. LET'S CHECK IT OUT 8DD'. And lo and behold, it was really, really good. And extremely hot. BUT I FELT SO GUILTY READING IT ORZ. It was such a novel feeling, actually catching myself going 'lalala this just normal lalala OGOD WHY DO I FEEL SO DIRTY AHHHH WHY IS THIS GOOD akjsfdhaf *scrolls down some more*'. I mean, CW Network and SPN RPS? Love it! Random RPS-- if I trust the author's fic skill and like the actors involved? Why not! AI RPS? Surprisingly enjoyed guiltfree and with much teeheeing (god [livejournal.com profile] astolat's stuff is amazing)! ...so it was interesting finding that elusive feeling of awkward squirmyness again, heh.

BUT in contrast, the latest offering by the skillful [livejournal.com profile] hackthis is some Olympian porn that can be enjoyed 100% guilt-free, about the two super fine French swimmers I know absolutely nothing about that can be ogled here. MHHH, Clement Lefert, you gots a purdy face (that your NBC profile does no favors to! AND HELLO 1987 ACE AGE RANGE :DD). And what a smashing hot swimmer's bod, Jesus Christ. Almost all of the pics I've seen of the male swimmers have their trunks basically failing at keeping a modicum of decency and makes everything veer into vaguely seedy manporn territory, something which I wholeheartedly approve of. (Michael Phelps' TORSO and his amazing low riding pants of wow-this-is-really-low :Db)

WHOOPS THIS IS PAST MIDNIGHT AGAIN. Man am I looking forward to being a zombie tomorrow!


Aug. 7th, 2008 11:10 pm
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Apparently in unofficial celebration for my supraise!!BRAINS in STEP5, Dad and Sue treated me to a delicious seafood dinner at Kuang Seafood in Soi Rangnam! FRESH GRILLED RIVER PRAWNS. FRESH SEA CRABS STEAMED WITH GLASS NOODLES. FRIED SQUID WITH GARLIC. STIR-FRIED SCALLOPS AND BROCCOLI IN OYSTER SAUCE. MHHHHH &hearts;

As for interning, I am somewhat behind in my self-appointed to do list... I seem to vacillate between either having TOO much to do and thus no time for my byline and having enough time, but NO attention span whatsoever. >_>;; So now I need to still repimp the train article, type up the two Almost Famous mixologist interviews AND type up the SUDDEN!! scene stealer interview I subbed for P Nut at noon today. I got to go to the 87 in the Conrad hotel again (thankfully mosquitoless lol) and got to interview Jamie Scott. Who besides being a quite talented music dude, also starred in Step Up! Lol he was the singer in the club dancing scene, I was all 'heyyyyyy you were that guy right? Yeah I uh watched the movie a bunch of time. Yeahh MMH CHANNING TATUM'. But seriously, dude was really courteous and had good answers and uh was also REALLY HOT (but kinda short). Piercing green eyes, rowrrrrr~. Yay for unexpected perks on the job (btw, his wiki pic is not accurate! Dude has a slick new 'do now and seems to have lost weight??)! ....it was kind of embarrassing though when I realized after the first question that A) the other journo who was filming the interview (with me thankfully off-cam) was not actually 'my people' and B)I FORGOT MY TAPE RECORDER AT THE OTHER TABLE. Lolll I hope other journo dude edited the bits of the interview out where I suddenly go '......OSHI-- I uh... gotta go get my recorder aaaah shittt shit shit sorry one moment ahhhh'. What can I say, I was dazzled by his Jamie Scott's eyes and brit accent XDD.

Am gonna be kinda MIA this weekend I think, unless I somehow ninja on some net when I am chillaxing in town with Ma and meeting La. Yay~
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...SEEMS LIKE I REALLY AM SICK AFTER ALL. Fuck, here's to hoping this is just the hacking-cough-and-raspy-throat-from-hell and not the harbinger of something worse (MANDELENTZÜNDUNG??? MASERN??). Am sitting here half-heartedly reading through the last few working papers for the Business English II exam tomorrow morning-- I must say that today's was indeed a fucking stroll in the park. Besides the usual vocab shit, he gave us the choice to summarize and discuss one of two papers: 1)HOW TO WRITE A COVER LETTER AND RESUME (srsly) and 2)Capitalism and Poverty. Waaaanna guess which text about all of the thirty-odd people in the room chose? Lol. Am fervently hoping for a similar gap in text quality for our final exam tomorrow as well~

Still have more important uni stuff to do, but I am happy with myself for getting a number of pesky personal errands finally done today. WOO SMALL VICTORIES~

The weather still sucks though with its SUDDEN DOWNPOUR!!1 that has been happening the last few days :/

But looking at this hilarious Iron Man comic (SO CUTE) and THIS RDJ picspam (THE QUOTES!) and speaking of picspams of hot dudes THIS James Marsden picspam made me feel a bit better. And okay, have SOME MORE Iron Man awesomeness :D BRIGHTENS UP YOUR LIFE MANNN (and make you want to eat cheeseburgers :>)

PS This weird herbal tea I am drinking for my throat that is supposed to be steeped in cold to lukewarm water for half an hour before drinking TASTES LIKE A RIP-OFF :///
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...of all the episodes to watch on Lis and Nathalie's new HD giant flatscreen, this one with the MALE MODEL CASTING WOOO was certainly one of the best. Dudes stripping! Parading around in skimpy bathing costumes! The myriad examples of male fashion (hot and not)!

The reason for the casting was to get the four guys who would star in next year's German Cosmopolitan calendar, and here are the final four with the hosts of the mini-segment, Sarah and Gina-Lisa (I hope you all treasure my helpful annotations):
Photobucket ...Those two are seriously HOT HOT HOT. Dude to the left is Jojo and tall, dark and RIPPED next to him is Flo. Hot damn how we (or at least Carmen and I) were rooting for our favorites to get in and spending lots of time avidly discussing the pros and cons of the various other dudes who didn't make it that far. HIGHLY enjoyable :DD

MOAR pics behind the cut ;DD )
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__Shirota Yuu's blog! (he has such a nice dress sense! and the selbstauslöser pics are so great!)
__An english translation of some of the entries!
__... I WANT THIS PHOTOBOOK! askjfhfs

I am also shortly before starting what seems to be an epic Jin/Yamapi fic that has like 40'000 words (have been clicking my way through [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's old JE posts/recs, god she is such an awesome fandom resource!!) but hot damn I think I shall postpone till tomorrow because IT'S THREE AM AGAIN. Gaaaah!

Haven't even started with iMar (due monday, TEST!!) yet. OOPS.


PS have been spending lots of the past few days inbetween birthday shenanigans just retardedly clicking around the internets-- expect a post o' links soon!
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Back! After eight long days of no internet chez grandparents! Yesterday evening was already spent vegging out gleefully, and here a post to collect some of the links that tickled me pink:

via [livejournal.com profile] tomomichi
The Final Fantasy girls vs. the Dead or Alive girls. Yuna, Rikku, Tifa and later on Rinoa and Kairi (no idea bout the DoA chicks, just squeeing for the FF ladies here XD). No holds barred Battle Royale. IN OTHER WORDS: SO FUCKING EPIC. This are the fanmade(!!) vids I never knew I had to have seen. The detailed and awesomely choreographed fights! THE BEAUTIFUL CG MODELS for the girls! The weapons! The final moves and limit breaks! More squee behind the cuts! GO WATCH THE VIDS FIRST AND BASK IN THEIR GLORY

Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Tis nothing better when you are randomly link-hopping and then come across some mighty fine picspams of gorgeous men (TAYLOR KITSCH(Timmy Riggins on FNL) and JENSEN AND JARED(These names should already speak for themselves :D)) and then stumble upon a HI-RES shot of this pic:
HELLO NEW WALLPAPER! And by hi-res I mean 'takes up a third of my display, and the rest is beautiful clean whiteness. Must unclutter desktop to accommodate this ♥'

I WANT THIS T-shirt.

ALSO. A Gossip Girl dude 'going gay'. TEN BUCKS SAY IT'S CHUCK. His big gay love for Nate is PALPABLE when you watch GG *srs nods*

Catching up on 8 days of awesome! A truth or dare post! Mafia and AT-tard antics! PW cast! More series noted down to check out (Vinland Saga, Pandora Hearts...)

Ahh, that was lovely ♥. And now a note to self: GO TO FUCKING BED EARLIER. My dorm has better lighting than my Krimml room, and okay life in Wienna has the added incentive of actually seeing OTHER PEOPLE on a day to day basis that aren't related to me, which makes the fact that I currently look like a wreck very worrying (=stronger bags under the eyes, skin break-out and my hair is rebelling... Noooooooo D:)


Jan. 21st, 2008 02:30 am
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why cant i be home in bkk already sob ;3;
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2)I want someone male in my immediate group of friends to wear this. Since there is obv. no boyfriend for me to buy this for and oogle lol ;3; Carmen and I have decided that Michi needs to buy it. Tis right up his vaguely preppy ally... Though of course it would be the best if Mr. 49er would wear it~~ *_*b HACH.
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This Daylight Savings-Time or whatever this is, is hella confusing. So I'm losing an hour now? Gah :?
And I even have a picture that documents my 'bzwuhh' reaction, as I seem to have thought that the perfect place to adjust the time on my watch was at Anna's house party at 3AM yesterday. I look so very concentrated, it's vaguely embarassing XDD The party itself was okay, though it kind of got a weee bit out of hand-- some 70 people in a three room altbau apartment and the subsequent music and alcohol consume could ONLY lead to the cops coming in at like 1AM and causing for some order to occur. Dudes were thrown out, the music was off and the conversations as a whole were always punctuated by frequent SHUSSSHes from that point onwards. Spent most of the time just chillaxing and talking to Carmen and Michi, everyone else was either too busy, too drunk, were weird assholes we didnt know OR weird people we did know. Like Clemens, who I normally like a lot... but asking me to 'hit him, come on, do it do it?' ...And that jackass had me in a leg-lock while we were sitting on a sofa so I obliged him and whacked him a few times and even landed a slap on his face(wow, my first guy I slapped lol) before Anja decided to use her vicelike fingers to pinch the HELL out of both of us to get it to stop. OWWW. D:
Oh and we met Fabian's twin bro Philipp--- CLONES CLONES CLOOOONES.

Crashed at Carmen's place, where I spent the most of today just vegging at the TV with her, we watched some 'Hogan knows best'(HULK HOGAAAAN) and 'Germany's Next Top Model' lolol which was kinda hilarious and man some of the styles were horrendous! Which also brought me back to some nostalgic surfing-- Anybody besides Kat and I use to watch 'Manhunt: America's Next Top Male Model'? Becauuuse I went surfing and found THIS PICTURE again, GUHHHHHHHH ♥. Jon was such a doll and really deserved his win~~ THIS was lovely as well, rowr~. Didn't one guy have to model toilet paper on that challenge? How unsexy... OH RIGHT, it was Rob XDDD~ OOH and I remember liking THIS GUY a lot too, hmm blonds :D

Also am reading my way now through the contents of http://lucereta.home.insightbb.com/fiction.htm, mhh well written DC Comics and more fic!


Jun. 9th, 2006 02:47 am
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(between this and the one pic of Chris Pratt, I am beginning to equate mint-ish green polo shirts with UNBRIDLED HOT omg omg omggggg)


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