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Since I should probably write about fandom things beside abusing my twitter for sporadic bursts of fangirlish FEELS, some short words about Movies Wot I Have Watched recently (in cinema and on TV):

Snow White and The Huntsman )

I also finally got to see The A-Team and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I find it telling that in both I fell asleep half-way through, but re: Mission Impossible-- Ethan Hunt has to be a cockroach in human form because that dude DOES NOT DIE. And his face is made out of steel, for all that slamming into things face-first that happens in that movie, he comes out without being a gigantic human bruise. Finally got to see that scene with Jeremy Renner and DAT ASS that is all over tumblr, and my friends were sick of me whispering "his assssssssssssss" every time he was on screen before that XD

In other fandom-y news: I don't really see myself signing up for any big bangs this time soon... defaulted out of the SPN one because of crucial lack of interest anymore (I WILL REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD THOUGH, SHOW <3) and only time will tell if I can work up the effort and also work-life-sleep balancing skills to make a go of it for any other fests.

As for RL, I have been keeping busy with my friends here and it is still oddly thrilling and just super fun to have this core group of people that are up for all kinds of activity beyond the usual Bangkokian triad of FOOD-MOVIE-SHOPPING.
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........for I have bought myself a pair of Crocs. They are the semi-legit looking black ballerina ones, though the shame I felt standing in front of the display was palpable anyways. The fact of the matter is that I simply need (plastic) shoes that can be soaked to hell and back, what with the near daily TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS occuring here. My el cheapo cloth-covered sandals had reached hobo-like status and I was actually gunning for a nice pair of chic Havianas before the limited selection in Chiang Mai cock-blocked me. Then I heard Ma's voice pleading with me to get some closed-toe shoes like a normal person... and well. They actually looked nice! And were in my size! So I figured, screw the price, it should be ~comfortable at least right?


I had barely worn them for an hour and now have 9 different stop-sign red blisters scattered all over my toes and heels. Add this to the horrible state of my face and so much for me trying to look chic for my imminent weekend in Bangkok (HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I WILL BE IN BANGKOK FROM SATURDAY TIL MONDAY YET FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH). I hope my 3kgs weight-loss since May so far will be noticable enough to distract everyone lol.

Good thing I bought another cheap pair of plastic/soakable flip-flops for back-up purposes!
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Ahh Chiang Mai, the best place to be continuing with my life of leisure chez Maman. Though I am still sending off job applications, seemingly off into the void if the lack of response is anything to go by, things have been pretty relaxed. And awesome.

The past few days of leiiiiiisure, YAY SPN_J2_BB and gym etc etc )

- Mani/pedi and leg waxing ahhh I feel like a real girly girl again! This is a super relaxing way to spend time, one could positively get used to it :D Though holy crapola, it is HOT AS HELL here every day. Even the sudden onset of STORM and GUSTING WINDS really didn't do much after like the one hour it took for all the water to condensate. You actually start sweating like hell just by standing outside. And this happens at like 5PM, not just during noon like one would expect.


PEE ESS It took me ages, but I finally have new swank icons~~ *is proud*
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But I have a limited time-frame of internet time again, and a bunch of things to post still. Just posted my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas picture in the previous entry and sent off my last UE Hist that was transformed into something almost beautiful thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's Mad German Beta Reader skillz. Hopefully my Prof will be so tired from the holidays that she accepts my vague yammerings and doesn't notice/mind that the 2 pages and spare change are in 1.5 Zeilenabstand XD.

Here, mainly for my own reference and "journaling" purposes, a summary of the previous, internetless days. Also known as, THE COWTOWN CHRONICLES, Winter 2009 Edition
Behind a cut for better scrolling by, and also because it is long as fuck. TL;DR ALAAAARM )

Today I got dragged out for a rousing round of Bockareiten, or bobsledding as I guess one would call it in English. And by rousing I mean that I refused to get on one and basically dragged Sara's sled around and up and down hills, sweating and wheezing all the time. Again, awesome work-out though. I hope the constant yawning that I was doing all the time is something that won't happen every time I leave the house, though. That and the ever present pressure imbalance in my ears sucked, too. Makes talking very strange, when you can hear your own voice echo in your head...
To counteract the last one (though I still hope Sabrina remains gooooooone for a while, ugh at least now I have somewhat cleaned things. WHY IS THERE ALWAYS HAIR IN THE FRIDGE, FOR REALS D:), a list of reasons why life is pretty boss right now:

♥ I found out that my BAKK2 Thesis deadline is "the end of October". Which still mean I should start with the actual writing soon (tomorrow!), but it is excellent news. TIME, PRECIOUS TIME.
My university courses have all also finally aligned! Got into my two necessary seminars, and managed to successfully sign up for two sociology electives that total over my needed 5 ECTS AAAAND I am probably going to attempt the ABWL Intro to Business exam at the BWZ in November/December that would be 6 ECTS if I pass, so either way I seem to be set for graduation! NOTE TO SELF: DON'T FUCK THIS UP
♥ Have been purposely trying to eat healthily now- yogurt and whole-wheat toast, fruits and salads and it has been nom nom nom-licious so far! Totally used the +honey idea from C in my Lamb's lettuce salad with Serrano ham and figs yesterday, and it was pretty much ~*tastebud heaven*~. And tonight I dine with Miss Olga again, double yay for nomming healthy food in company, even! :D

♥ ♥ I WANTED TO GIVE THIS DESERVING SPACE, SO HERE IT IS. EVERYBODY WHO SENT ME MAIL OVER THE SUMMER, I GOT IT AND I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL! Even my RL crazy travelling peeps did not disappoint (Pisa! London! Milan! Berlin!) and seriously, it was an amazing feeling opening my mailbox and not having it only be filled with bills and bank statements. [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight, your DEE CEE mail is fabulous and I am rolling about in glee just looking at it again, GORGEOUS POSTCARDS AND COOL FLYERS ACHHH. Also, your namecard is gloriousss nggg TOY EXPERT! Does this mean I can legit call you up and get a consultation when I have a ~Toy emergency~?? THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS COMING UP, AFTER ALL
AND [livejournal.com profile] laulan, duuuuuuuuuude a double-whammy of mail? Be still my beating heart! And the postcard of the San Fran bridge is epically ~dramatic~ and mysterious, and it totally makes SF look like a magic land of mystery and possibly DINOSAURS. I associate dinosaurs with fog?? My brain just told me this, idk. And I can only state again that the post-it letter was one of the best things that I have ever received in a (fantastically be-stickered ♥) envelope and I will not stop until everyone in my immediate RL circle knows about its color-coordinated brilliance ♥ ALSO I WILL REPLY TO THE CONTENTS IN AN EMAIL, COMING TO YOU ...SOON :DD

...HMMM this entry seems pretty long, so I'll save the Wat Rong Khun pics for a seperate entry. Which I will probably post in like an hour lol SORRY FOR THE SPAM BBs
...and still, I am pretty much psyched about the effects that these crash sessions of pilates+workouts that I have been having since last Friday. I GOT TO PUNCH THINGS THIS WEDNESDAY!! It's a damn shame I don't have more time here (ahhh leaving for Bangkok this Sunday :((( ), because I am wistfully imagining how much more awesome I'd look after that. Past the span until mid October when I will be wholly consumed by my Thesis, I do hope that I can still latch upon this feeling and try to exercise more in Vienna. There must be a fitness studio near the dorms that isn't either horrifically seedy or horrendously over-priced, right? I want to lose weight, I want to look fitter and better and be finally happy with the way I look in a mirror without my blinders of denial and 'who gives, it's only you who'll be seeing this' on, and I hope I can stick with this and make something gradual but long-lasting happen, so that I can at least have some prelim results by Christmas. The personal trainer who did a beginning fitness and consultation session with me in the beginning put it in lovely, tangible and slightly alarming numbers. When converted to kilos, the body fat measuring machine tells me that the 35% (with "healthy" being around 25%, apparently) becomes 26 kilos. 26 kilos! That's an entire suitcase filled with stuff that is apparently pasted somewhere around my hips, ass and thighs!

So, because telling things to the internet means that they should eventually happen, I hereby declare my intent to sustainably give this ~*losing weight/getting fitter*~ thing, another good old college try! It would be unbelievable to have a 6- in front of my weight again, and hey, I'm in my 20s, that should be the age where we are at our most young and spry and hot, ne? Lolol. I am sure that Carmen will be an added health policeman and curb my baser impulses (and urges for COCA-COLAAAAAAA and salami pralines) once she gets back, Clemens has been muttering things about also looking to get fit again (and he's always good to drag around for things) and [livejournal.com profile] gwy and I are apparently now internet support buddies! LET'S FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT :D! ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, this goes without speaking that I will probably be dragging you grocery shopping and invading your lovely apartment for flimsy reasons again :DD

AND IN OTHER NEWS: [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and soon [livejournal.com profile] laulan (AHHH LOOKING FORWARD TO FRIDAY) should all receive shiny internet medals and lovings for being the sparkling and darling people who are playing a massive part in helping me not miserably fail at my Bachelor's Thesis. I COULDN'T HAVE CHOSEN BETTER ARTICULATE AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE TO FAKE NOT-KNOW FOR THE SAKE OF ~ACADEMIC PURITY~ IN INTERVIEWING ♥ ♥



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