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NOT A SPOILER: I LOVED THE BOOKS and was utterly consumed by them for large parts of February when I read the first book and then March when I somehow managed to finish the other three available books in what felt like two and a half weeks. It was glorious timing that I was subbing for England that time and actually had nothing better to do at work, because otherwise I would have been in a world of not so delightful sleep deprivation.

--------------------------SPOILERS FOR ALL THE BOOKS---------------------------------------
Somehow I never got around to typing this entry up so everything is vague and *handwaves* and I have smooshed it all together in my brain )
--------------------------SPOILERS FOR ALL THE BOOKS---------------------------------------

A Game of Thrones, S1x01:
cut for thoughts! )

And ughhh, just to complain but damn if HBO isn't being super zealous in shutting down all the streaming links I have tried accessing via sidereel.com to check out the second episode. I NEEDS THIS, PRECIOUSSSSSSS. Speaking of TV, I also got to watch most of Glee S2x18 and again, I seem to need to selectively pick and choose what I want to acknowledge from this show.
The only straight I am is straight up bitch. )
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Short and barely articulated, BECAUSE I WILL BE TIRED TOMORROW ANYWAYS + WILL NEVER GET THIS POSTED OTHERWISE. A Game of Thrones comments some other time, though SPOILER ALERT: I LOVED IT.

SPN S6x17

TVD S2x18
Caroline is still my queeeeeeeen )

Community S2x20
The Professor was so old... )

Hawaii Five-0 S1x20

Hawaii Five-0 S1x21
Where did they hide Jenna during this ep?? )

Glee S2x17

Whip It
Ellen Page is amazing, kickass ladies are amazing, and roller derby looks like a helluva lot of fun.

The Ghost Writer

SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE, I almost expired from joy and joyfulness. Jesse Eisenberg was such a treat to hear and the gorgeous way they animated Rio! *SWOON*


Feb. 10th, 2011 03:10 am
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Well okay, I've technically been back since Tuesday and didn't even make a holiday hiatus post in the first place (I HAD ONE PAINSTAKINGLY TYPED OUT ON FUCKING LIVEJOURNAL MOBILE ON MY BB AT THE AIRPORT, but of course that shit never works when you try to post ughhhhh).

So! Recap: I was in Hanoi, Vietnam meeting my dear old friend La from the 4th to the 8th of this month. Vietnam was quite the experience and not as empty as we feared over Tet/Vietnamese New Year. It was actually more like, INSANELY PACKED AND LOUD lolol and it is always weird for me to actually have that touristy feel of not understanding a single word of the local language when I travel. Most of the time I did either speak some form of the languages there or it was possible to kiiiind of guess at word meanings, but Vietnamese really was beyond my ken lolol. We had lots of awkward and/or random conversations with shopkeepers, waiters and our receptionist guy and muddled through everything. It's also the reason we sometimes ate truly strange and not really ~traditional Vietnamese food~ as planned, as we'd either inadvertently want to order breakfast foods at dinner, order things that were all out and as a result just randomly point at some of the weirdly translated food listings. Fact: THE HANOI BEER IS DELICIOUS THOUGH. And I say this as a person who normally really dislikes beer!

Will be working on uploading pictures soon and of course have all the postcards to sort out for people :DD. Everything was pretty cheap and I didn't really buy much besides an extra small poster, so I kind of went crazy with the postcards instead. The propaganda poster-based ones are simply so amazing!

...and I'd write more, but my eyes are nearly welded shut on me rn and I just wanted to at least post something on LJ again. LATERS, MY PRETTIES <33

PS AHHHH SO MUCH TV I AM TRYING TO CATCH UP ON! HAWAII 5-0! COMMUNITY! WHICO! GLEE! Re: that last one-- I take it back, my one true Puck pairing is now Puck/Lauren. MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR REALS, GLEE CREATORS. She is just unbelievably awesome. And we are getting more Kurt/Blaine action! Was halfway cringing through the GAP serenade bit, but I like Blaine's veneer of ~always knowing best~ being chipped away and him and Kurt approaching more equal footing with each other. AND AFTER A BIT OF PLOT DEVELOPMENT, MOVE STRAIGHT TO THE MAKE-OUTS PLEASE. It is becoming kind of weird that Blaine gets all the Warbler numbers though, as much as I love Darren Criss and his performances, this does fly against the Warbler borg motto of ONE VOIIIIIIIIICE and all that. AH WELL.
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...but never actually get around to doing, because the past week and change has been chock full of GRADE A work dramarama bullshit and my attempts at dealing by diving headfirst into distractions and MOAR TV. Loy Krathong last weekend was pretty damn fabulous though, and did wonders for my mood... will post pics soonish, probably as a form of procrastination** from my next looming deadline: .......YULETART *DRAMATIC MUSIC*

**today's procrastination (DAY OFF WORK YESS), broken down:
-went to the gym with I.
-decided to go watch Captain Fine in Unstoppable, which honestly was a very solidly entertaining action movie. How they made trains! and railroads! and railway infrastructure! interesting was just about the biggest shock for me. AND OF COURSE, SEEING CPINE'S FACE ON A GIANT MOVIE SCREEN = money well spent. What I didn't expect was the amount of ass Rosario Dawson's character would kick though, so no-nonsense and awesome <33 And as an added bonus since I just rewatched last weeks episode of Community this morning: PROFESSOR PROFESSORSON is in it, too :DDD
-ran some errands, bought dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert (OM NOM NOM)
-ate dinner and read 20K of Hawaii Five-0 fic and moar Glee fic. Watched Darren Criss being a charming mofo singing "Hey Soul Sister" for the bazillionth time.
-decided to spend 4 HOURS backing up my pictures and vids and mounting a (futile) attempt to sort out my fandom pic folders.

-look at the clock, see that it was nearly 1AM, curse and finally open Photoshop.

BUT! I have made good progress, and have thus rewarded myself with this post and the SWEET GIFT OF SLEEP. Tomorrow/later today, I will finally see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS kjafjkah am so excited, ngl.
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1.) CARMEN HAS BEEN BACK SINCE SUNDAYYYYYYYY ♥! My dorm life, my uni life, my ~~life in general~~ now feels complete again! I mean, I functioned pretty well and was actually quite social on my own, all things considered, but it really is a different kind of complete awesome, now that she is back. We went shopping on Monday and I basically had an intensely productive haul, hello SWANK NEW BLACK ANKLE BOOTS and really awesome indigo blue Esprit EDC winter jacket that I can't direct link here, but believe me when I say that it is totally stylin' ♥ Also, I ordered Havemercy and the Generation Kill book from Thalia-- holiday reading, here I come!

2.) So many fun things are planned for these next few days/weeks-- outings with Hazel and Marius, lunch and movies (NEW MOON LAWL) AND IMMINENT COPENHAGEN!1 with Carmen, girl's night in with Daniela and Romana, maybe something with Wido so he doesn't freak out over his thesis AAAAAAND I have been ace with skyping people recently ([livejournal.com profile] laliandra I LOVE OUR CONVOS, even if the internet is a cruel cocktease connection-blocker!) and JOHANNES even skyped me of his own volition. Good boy <33

3.) MISS OLGA AKA [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby is back from her trip to Chi-Town and I am already all a-quiver to hear ALL ABOUT IT and botherbotherbother her and her glorious bachelorette pad again. YOU BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS MISHA AND THE Js, DUDE I WILL FOREVER BE SO JEALOUS, AND THAT PICTURE WITH MISHA IS LOVELY ♥

4.) Fantastic mail from my RL friend La and dearest [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! C, I cannot state how much I adore those ginormous earrings, and lol now I am actually thinking about future wardrobe pieces to buy to wear around those earrings, as I fail at having neutral basics to really flaunt these babies :D Already got compliments from the two days I wore them though ♥ Must start on my own mail packages, haven't decided when I should time the sending off of stuff-- maybe one lot pre-Copenhagen and then the Copenhagen goods get smooshed with the intended Xmas mail? HMMMMM.

5.) MY WEEKEND WAS SO BOSS. Career-confirming, even! PR and magazine writing, you are doable, but you can never ever measure up to the joy that advertising brings me ♥ I never would have though that spending 12 hours doing uni seminars on a weekend would have been so enjoyable, even considering that *shudder* MATH was involved. Media Planning is crazy hard, but I can kind of see the fun in it, and the beauty in getting the numbers to align and fall into place. The CEO of a really big Media research firm in Austria was even our prof for this course, and lol he apparently was a graduate of this major, too? A SIGN THAT PUBLIZISTEN CAN ACTUALLY GET REAL JOBS lolol. Have a lot of time to work on our final assignment for the next session that is the weekend we get back from Copenhagen: A PPP on our own new media impulse and idea for an established brand-- mine are the tiny yet delicious D'Arbo Fruchtikus. I THINK IMMA BUY SOME AGAIN... for "research" purposes, ya know ;Db
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Today in a week, I should have my printed BAKK2 thesis in hand, ready to dump it at the secretary's office at the institute, because apparently my prof isn't in town yet. Am at 37 pages so far, two more of the interviews to analyze (or rather, summarize, man I am totally winging it), the conclusion and hypotheses and additional theories to add in the beginning to go! I hope it's gonna be good enough to pass, and maybe even get a 2 or something out of it. I really can't tell how she's gonna grade it, but ahh nothing I can do but get it finished in time eh?

But of course, I haven't spent the last few days solely working on my thesis like a good student would do, I have instead been trawling rec lists and reading oodles of Gleefic, as Puck & Rachel have kind of overtaken my brain and are sharing space with the overwhelming love I have for Kurt. So to spread the joy and distraction, here be some of the ones I really liked beyond the cut!
Thank god, there is decent Glee fic out there, woo! )

Some other worthy distractions:
The Fun Theory ...stolen from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] laulan and her wonderful "Awesome-up your Monday" posts, here be a link to what the good people at Volkswagen have been coming up with to make every day activities more fun. I ADORE THE PIANO STEPS LIKE WOAH.
FOOD GAWKER ...aka "WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL HUNGRY AND MAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO EAT ATM SEEM HORRENDOUSLY INADEQUATE?" If you answered: OF COURSE, well this site is perfect. Ahhh, the delicious looking fooooooooood~~
Accidental Dong ...it is kind of hilarious, okay?? I own up to my sometimes lamesauce sense of humor, though I take solace in still not finding fart/poop/puke jokes & humor funny :|
WHYYYYY ...SPEAKING OF DONGS, ugh 1) why is it 500$ and more importantly 2) WHY DOES IT HAVE MY NAME DD: Why can't there be better things named after meeee, bawww.

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If I ignore the fact that I have made PITIFUL progress on my thesis due to the following activities, these past few days have been quite fun! I was invited to a WG flatwarming party on friday, got to talk to a friend I haven't been in contact with for ages (he spent the previous semester in Shanghai, as well) and the assorted strangers who were also at the party. Yesterday I hung out at Wido's place with Clemens, and later two girls I also vaguely knew showed up and somehow I now have plans to go to an Australian pub with them next Wednesday? And after that I had to drop by another's friend's birthday/welcome back bash, to which I was uh, THREE HOURS LATE (whoops), but since we're not thaaaaaaat close it wasn't that much of a sin. Got some free cake to take home though, which was always a bonus. And all of this didn't cost me a cent, so at the very least I am wasting ~*Valuable Thesis Writing Time*~ frugally. I will also be heading off to meet Hazel and Marius later on today, the former of whom I haven't seen all summer and the latter for over a YEAR, as he one day decided to put his studies on hold and gallivant and work his way through America, Australia and Southeast Asia. He is also blond, blue-eyed, intensely attractive and fit (former gymnast!), and Hazel and I fully intend to hook him up with Carmen when she is back in town ♥. Oh, and I have some serious Jeeves and Wooster DVD watching planned with Olga later on this evening. Why is being social so unbelievably exhausting sometimes? I am not used to having things to do with so many people lol. Especially since I have insufficient self-control to get my uni shit done in time. SELF, WE NEED TO WORK ON THIS.

ANYWAYS, onwards to some reactions to the crazy amounts of distract-o TV I have been watching on TV-dome.net these past few days as well~~

GLEE 1x05 )

SPN 5x04 )

BBT 3x01&02, Project Runway, The Biggest Loser, Dexter 4x01 )
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My gratitude for TV-dome.net will possibly never end, for it is glorious and lets poor non-torrenting me actually have a chance to keep up with all the awesome shows starting up again now.

Ergo, here be some random thoughts on the following:


GLEE 1x02 )

AND NOW FOR ~*BORINGCAKES ACADEMIA*~. Do you guys remember me posting about my BAKK2 bachelors thesis that I was writing about young women and blogging, and asked if I could interview a few of you? Some of you guys offered, and I guess I am now asking if you still feel like doing it, because I should slowly get my shit into gear now. LESS THAN A MONTH AND I HAVEN'T WRITTEN ANYTHING YET GO ME. Ahem. So, my plan is to get some, or most of the interviews done by this week or the next. The best way to do this would be per skype, my username there is the same as here, barring that you can search for me through my gmail account, which would be shaz.[mylastname]@gmail.com. We'd have to fiddle with the timezone a bit, am currently on GMT +7:00.

I've booked Miss [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby for the 15th (what time would be best for you, btw?), and IIRC correctly [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] elfmanfan also volunteered? I haven't heard from [livejournal.com profile] properly_stored for a bit, so I am assuming she's on an LJ or internet hiatus? And I seem to have successfully convinced [livejournal.com profile] gwy to also take part (YESSSS).

ANYWAYS, ARE Y'ALL BAD ENOUGH DUDES TO SAVE THE PRESIDENT MY ASS? Let me know if you're still in & if yes, what times would be best for you plz ♥
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Seeing as I am still too lazy to upload pics from my camera since uh, the last few weeks. Oh my.
Work sucked today, I was so unfocused and took ages to do four media reports (still not complete whoops) and had genius things happen like doing one I had already finished before but forgotten about. And then there were the random clippings that no one could account for and I had to hunt down. Ffffucking hell people, give me complete soft and hard copies to work with here :/


SATURDAY: Basterds, Greyhounds, Chillin' Like a Villain, Righteous Hanging out and Torrential Downpours (the last two not pictured lolol) )

SUNDAY: Shooting Things, Looking for P'Yai The Crocodile, MASSAAAAAGE, OM NOM NOM the Second )
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(and haaaah Clemens got a 3-er! I beat him! Yessssssss)
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♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you, internets, for changing my opinion about this movie! Instead of the kinda eh, ANOTHER superhero movie I expected and was ready to ignore, I found myself raptly staring at the screen in fascination and excitement and SQUEEE-- here is a movie that was a great superhero film, the action was exhilarating, the characters fantastic and the dialogue snappy and witty (THAT LAST LINE jkafhkjasfh DYING OF AWESOME XD), the special effects!! and THE MUSIC, fuck yeaaaah! "AJKahaskjfhjkfhkfhakh!!1 *FLAIL*" just about sums up my reaction after the credits rolled.

...and holy hell, Robert Downey Jr. is A HOTASS. I actually missed half of the 'product placement' with Stark scenes that Michi was discussing with Carmen afterwards, because I presume that I was at the time otherwise occupied by staring at his BICEPS, and like entire upper torso, GOD.

PS The bonus scene after the credits was cool indeed, but what really made it for me was the reaction of the dude in the row in front of me when faced with [SPOILER]-- "--I SCHEIß MI AN!!!" ...such awesome and pure fanboy shock and joy jkakjfh heee
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Back! After eight long days of no internet chez grandparents! Yesterday evening was already spent vegging out gleefully, and here a post to collect some of the links that tickled me pink:

via [livejournal.com profile] tomomichi
The Final Fantasy girls vs. the Dead or Alive girls. Yuna, Rikku, Tifa and later on Rinoa and Kairi (no idea bout the DoA chicks, just squeeing for the FF ladies here XD). No holds barred Battle Royale. IN OTHER WORDS: SO FUCKING EPIC. This are the fanmade(!!) vids I never knew I had to have seen. The detailed and awesomely choreographed fights! THE BEAUTIFUL CG MODELS for the girls! The weapons! The final moves and limit breaks! More squee behind the cuts! GO WATCH THE VIDS FIRST AND BASK IN THEIR GLORY

Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Tis nothing better when you are randomly link-hopping and then come across some mighty fine picspams of gorgeous men (TAYLOR KITSCH(Timmy Riggins on FNL) and JENSEN AND JARED(These names should already speak for themselves :D)) and then stumble upon a HI-RES shot of this pic:
HELLO NEW WALLPAPER! And by hi-res I mean 'takes up a third of my display, and the rest is beautiful clean whiteness. Must unclutter desktop to accommodate this ♥'

I WANT THIS T-shirt.

ALSO. A Gossip Girl dude 'going gay'. TEN BUCKS SAY IT'S CHUCK. His big gay love for Nate is PALPABLE when you watch GG *srs nods*

Catching up on 8 days of awesome! A truth or dare post! Mafia and AT-tard antics! PW cast! More series noted down to check out (Vinland Saga, Pandora Hearts...)

Ahh, that was lovely ♥. And now a note to self: GO TO FUCKING BED EARLIER. My dorm has better lighting than my Krimml room, and okay life in Wienna has the added incentive of actually seeing OTHER PEOPLE on a day to day basis that aren't related to me, which makes the fact that I currently look like a wreck very worrying (=stronger bags under the eyes, skin break-out and my hair is rebelling... Noooooooo D:)
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I HAVE NO SENSE OF TIME MANAGEMENT!! Am sucktastically prepared for the Soziologie exam later tonight, woes~

But uh, check out my sweet new LJ-layout([livejournal.com profile] kaiserkuchen), mmmkay? Yay for [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum, and this time I think I shall stick with it* longer than the coke burst o' colour one, even if the way the tags are listed in this style makes me kinda wanna overhaul the whole thing... why o why did I use to tag willy-nilly? >_>;;

*I do want another text on the header but have yet to come up with something suitably snazzy. Alas and alack!

Photobucket (man I love the xkcd webcomic sometimes)
This is probably a sign of intense imprinting from the time when I was still in the same class as Migel and Topa, but I am sorry(??) to say that YOUR MOM jokes will never not be funny to me. Ahhh ♥

REAL POST SOON (I mean, I actually have things happening in my life now that are worthy of telling, AND there is some gossip to boot, uhuhuhu)
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So Michi decided that today was the day we should swap our presents with each other, as he is leaving on the 13th already and I must say that Carmen and I were really, really surprised by what he got us(after all his vague hints about it)...

And now, I am the proud owner of "Tribute zu Bruce Lee: KAMPF DER GIGANTEN", which as the fantastic(!!) poster already shows, apparently features CHUCK NORRIS!!1 too. The amazon reviews seem to aimed at harshing my squee but still! Oh god I think I laughed for five minutes straight when I opened the packet... Talk about an unexpected, yet totally awesome and cheesetastic gift ahaha O Michi ♥!!

Carmen got some 90's splatter black comedy flick starring Cameron Diaz and Christian Slater and the caveat of: "I can't really gauge your sense of humor, so I wasn't sure what to get you- but I figured that so many people die in this movie that you have GOT to love it." ...XDDDD

Our joint gift of a coffee mug of Michi in a silly pose and the text 'Oberscheggaaaa' filled with Kinder Schokobons and chewing gum seemed to have delighted him too, so all in all a job well done to all of us! Heh~

And now I shall be off to Robert's for another cousins in Wienna gettogether dinner. PAELLA NIGHT wooo I am so fucking hungry DD:


Nov. 16th, 2007 05:04 pm
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ARGH ;3; WHY. GAWD. This wasn't happening yet last year??
Well, at least I already have my super schweeet MNG coat since Tuesday. IT IS FABULOUS and I love it so ♥
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And I spent yesterday evening/early morning lol searching for some new icons, in celebration of having finished the Higurashi anime and having plowed through 18 volumes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (SO COOL eeeeeee). My current default icon is SO CUTE Gokudera makes the best faces everrrrrr~~

Also tomorrow I shall be baking COOKIES with Carmen!! Moo ha ha ha~

(if only I could now motivate myself to do schoolwork... hmm. ...naaah)
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I AM FREE FROM EXAMS NOW yesssss! Or at least until November rolls about and I fervently hope that I will only have to do the KSOZ exam and retake the OEKO one... Please, Any Higher Deity Up There, don't make my pitiful WERB exam a failing grade!! ;3; The Intro to Psychology II went positively swimmingly in comparison. We only had 20 multiple choice questions, as opposed to 10 multi-choice and 3 essay questions that the first group taking the exam had (hahaha Michi was so annoyed hearing that :Db)

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent asleep, chilling and in vague fits of activity doing stuff like going to watch "Stardust/Der Sternenwanderer" with Carmen. SUCH AN AWESOME MOVIE EEEEEEEEE INSTANT HAPPINESS GUARANTEED ♥ The leads were simply ADORABLE(Tristan you EEDJIT), the plot was a deft mix of fantasy!adventure! mixed with a dash of romance and HUMOR that was actually funny and of course, Michelle Pfeiffer playing an awesome witch of eviiiiil and ROBERT DENIRO as a flying airship PIRATE CAPTAIN ♥. I loved the book version from Neil Gaiman, but never would I have expected the movie to turn out so well. Would have gladly paid the full price for this(we had a voucher for 5 euros yesss), no fucking questions asked. :DDDDb

Here some other LINKS of interest:

In case there is someone on the internets who HASN'T seen this yet: JKR outs Dumbledore~! I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING GOING ON WITH GOOD OL' GELLERT WHILE I WAS READING BOOK 7 :3

Not really new news, but still ...will I have to reconsider my dreams of the highlife in BKK? Ahh potential flooding DOOMSDAY SCENARIOS :(

The Speech Accent Archives ...totally fucking awesome site! Spent ages just clicking my way through the different regions, all the variations in the US and of course I had to check out the thai(spot on! XDD) and austrian(ehh) accented english, too :D Good browsing fun!

'Blast' ...great IchiIshi j-fanart website~ ♥

'Make a Word' Test ...this shit is SO DAMN ADDICTIVE. AHHHHHH~ LOVE IT!

THIS IS HALLOWEEEEEN~ ...this one's for you, Olga! :Db
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Am now FINALLY firmly ensconced in Ma's casa with WIRELESS INTERNEEEEEEEEET!!! No more cold turkey at Na Paew's place, though I must say the Nip/Tuck Season 3 DVDs I had were instrumental in making me honestly not really notice the lack of glorious net. Twas all the more bitter when I discovered that the LAST HALF HOUR of the Season 3 two-hour season finale was mysteriously missing from my admittedly dubiously acquired box set :( ...anybody in the know willing to tell me what happens? Obviously nothing groundbreaking, since season 4 exists (and I have already burned through disc one of 7 there, and already I have some skips and freezing. Oh fake DVDs, why are you not my friend this time round??)
But oh how I adore the sheer high-intensity DRAMA! and EXPLICIT SURGERY FOOTAGE! paired with some truly convulted character relationships this show has... Christian(**) and Sean's friendship is really something, their highs and their lows and the fucking around with patients and the weird patchwork family thing they have going... The little in-jokes and pop-culture details in the whole series! Ahh ♥. And I found myself really liking Julia and Kimber, the latter who besides being a really interesting character herself is sublimely gorgeous-- geez I wish I could work hair like that. Hot stuff.

(**)= I have slowly come to terms that watching Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck is like watching a glorious, charismatic and bastardly trainwreck of a character. Was hanging off my seat most of Season 3 and tearing up or blathering at the laptop screen during PIVOTAL happenings. 'Oh, Christian... why must life keep shitting on DDD:' seemed to have been a note I scrawled down at some point, I think.

...and my original purpose in posting this has been forgotten in lieu of squeeing.. Ahaha, typical >_>;; Because I am now suddenly lazy and cognizant that I promised Ma I'd be in bed nearly two hours ago (I screwed up the whole day today by having binged on BLISSFUL WIRELESS on Ma's shitty laptop for five?? hours last night and thus was in no presentable state of consciousness this morning ^^... Thankfully Ma was in a state of laziness herself) the rest of BKK in paragraph fragments:


...well shit now this turned out to be a long post after all! Oops XDD SLEEP NOW :Db
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NO MORE EXAMS FOR THIS SEMESTER, which is like over this friday anyhow WOO!

Ahhhh~~ Now I can loaf around with a cleaner conscience than usual! And probably start preparing for my imminent departure to BKK... ahh, in just about a week I shall be HOME AGAIN ♥

And to celebrate this glorious occasion: YOUTUBE SPAMMAGE the thai version :D

Advertising (oh what one misses without a TV):
SMOOTH E Facial cleanser the moooovie ;D
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfGldW3PnE8 (part one)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC_qlKDv-8E&mode=related&search= (part two)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp40V9Usnnc&mode=related&search= (part three)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFKM0wfq73Y&mode=related&search= (part four)
... SO HILARIOUS AHAHAHA I never thought the creative brains behind smooth E would be up for this, as I remember their TV spots as being so fucking tedious and laaaame. But this, this is GREAT XDDD
The first part has english subs and the others have translations in the comments I think, but the general gist is easy to get anyways~~ JOOM/YAE :Db

random others
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4_ygnUilm4&mode=related&search= ...Coffee makes you multitask goooood XDDD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob09SylVQqM&mode=related&search= ...ahaha what the shit is this :D Sponsor energy drink being pimped by someone you least expect ;D
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K5Md4xakb4 ...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I wanna eat Puu ob wun senn now tooo D:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gVxLj97fmY ...XDDD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vWhvyfLKQU&NR=1 ...this ad does have a point ^^;;
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8lazBGgCck&mode=related&search= ...SO RETARDED. AHAHAHA Godzilla goes to BKK XDD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw1XKhhylkU&mode=related&search= ...Go pigeon mail~

Last but not least, this remains one of the best 'heartstring-tugging' ads I've ever seen. Saw it the first time in the movie preview timeslot and JEEBUS christ I was in tears afterwards. Which made a weird start to watching whatever comedy I was in for that time... AHHH WATCH THIS ONE (I mean, even if part of me is always kinda '...' when you find out for what this is an ad for, but it is still extremely well done I say)
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Theoretically I am not all that ill-prepared for my Umweltssoziologie test on Thursday.

I am HORRENDOUSLY unprepared for Step6, Step4 and Sozial Psychologie II next week though. And I have to be awake in six hours for the latter's last session and also need to wash my hair as I will be death warmed over later in this morning. :/


BUT! Had a delicious dinner followed by DVD watching at my place with Clemens tonight~ Pasta with cream sauce and prawns and artichoke hearts with a lovely italian white wine aaaaand dessert: choco pudding interspersed with forest berries premade by yours truly earlier during the day. :D Dude better have appreciated my culinary attempts XDD Cooking really is more fun when you're not alone ♥
The DVD of the night was 'Ali' and I was pleasantly suprised at how awesome it was, especially the soundtrack. Fantastic music and Will Smith was great in his role!


Spoiled myself for the end of Honey and Clover yesterday and jeeeesus shit when I was watching that scene from the anime version on Youtube the TEARS were rolling down my eyes like kajfhkjfh aaaaah HURTS SO GOOD. PERFECT INSERT SONGS. SIMPLY DIVINE. Ganked some off random LJ comm hoppings and shall probably be uploading em in the next post or so... AHhhhh *bliss*
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It's like nearly 4AM now, but I felt the urge to make my verraaah first post with my shiny new purchased Paid Account with 100 userpics add-on that was Ma's present to me. Or basically her allowing me to use her credit card buuuut yeah ;D. AND YES I DO NEED THAT MANY ICONS even if I just only have like 40 new ones uploaded so far. Ahh~~ SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM~~~! Man I never thought this day would come :D :D :D

Will update with birthday happenings and stuff later today? Have had a hectic day, helping Carmen move her shit(and ending up with a shopping trolley in my room lol) and I haven't even had the time to answer the diverse well-wishers on studivz.net or facebook yet, ahhh. Have also given up on the idea of going to Soz. Psych II again, which technically kinda sucks buuut I don't really think that going there on less than 3 hours sleep will be conducive to much learning on my part either?? Aheh.


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