Thailand is currently experiencing its most intense flooding in recent history. It's all but reaching catastrophic levels, in terms of scope at the very least. As of today, SIXTY of 77 provinces have been affected in some manner, with 12 severly affected (water above 3 meters and counting) and 17 critically affected. Over 2.3 million people are currently affected, with over 252 dead. Most of our dams are operating at peak or more capacity, which means that along with the flooding caused by rains alone, you also have the water that needs to be systematically released downstream to deal with.

I've been tweeting intermittenly about this since the flooding situation has really started getting worse here and is now kind of affecting me directly (always makes a thing different, doesn't it), but it has actually been ongoing since about July and I've mostly just discussed it with local friends and my family before. But the last few weeks and most importantly DAYS have shown that these are not the usual floods that are a yearly occurence in Thailand. Quite frankly, and what many are saying is that it's never been flooding THIS much before. People are used to a certain amount of hardship because of the floods, but it seems that now we have a perfect storm of the recent string of tropical depressions hitting SE Asia back to back, the monsoon rains from the rainy season and just not enough planning for effective waterways and deforestation over the years all culiminating into the epic shitshow that is going on here. We're not a country used to natural catastrophes-- now (military-backed) coups, on the other hand....--, so people aren't trained to make the "right" decisions, to evacuate instead of stubbornly staying in their houses with their possessions (again, also understandable) and this makes all the rescue and relief efforts all the more difficult.

(flood footage starts after ca 40 seconds. The aerial shot is just stupendous)
The water is UP TO FOUR METERS HIGH in parts of Ayutthaya. 80% of that province is under water, and Lopburi, Singhburi and other low-lying provinces like Ang Thong are equally hard hit. At first one worried about the Northern provinces and they had had some pretty nasty floods earlier in the year, flash floods from the mountain rivers, some mudslides, but now it's Central and pretty much the rest of Thailand's turn. Only time will tell how long it'll take us to collectively drag ourselves out of this mess, and I can only hope our politicians get their heads out of their useless, corrupt asses to tackle this matter effectively. The military at least seems to be acquitting itself well in dispensing aid to people, I must admit. But what Thailand really needs to wake-up to after this is the fact that you fucking have to think of the enviromental factors when you plan/build things, especially in a country with our soil make-up, with our history of flooding. Our ancestors got it right, but of course greed makes you do other things instead. We're all so very short-sighted when it comes to this kind of planning and it is so, so completely frustrating to hope that this will change soon. Ugh.

But just to reassure everyone, we're fine here. Our province, being one of the surrounding ones between BKK and Ayutthaya is flooded, although the worst has thankfully still left our mooban and house untouched. The communities near the klongs and river are a whole 'nother matter though, and the flooding on the roads around those areas meant that I am inadvertantly stranded this weekend, as my tiny car wouldn't have been able to make it through the wall of water. Luckily Dad's Ford can still hack it, otherwise getting to work on Monday and the following week will sure be very interesting for all three of us. The next doomsdate that people are fearing is the 11th, when we're expecting the next amount of water to come down from one of the big dams. We shall see. Now that the waters are starting to rise in BKK, people there are suddenly panicking and emptying all the supermarkets etc of food and stockpiling. Everyone was counting on BKK to stay unscathed and now they're all rattled out of their "well it's upcountry. Not affecting me, tch" mentality. I mean, to give credit, people have really been donating a helluva lot and helping with the relief efforts but the last heavy flood that BKK had was over a DECADE ago. Bangkokians never expect to have to deal with such things.

The worries about the dams and if we can drain enough of the water through the dykes into the sea kind of feels like the BKK of The Wind-Up Girl now, I have to say XD.
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I still consider myself relatively lucky for stumbling into GoT fandom so relatively late in the game (ie. early this year-- February, I believe). This meant that I had a tasty backlog of 4 books to sink into over what was probably a too short period of time (my obsessive tendencies, let me show you them!) and when that was done, the HBO version to ooh and ahh over and "only" a few months of wait for this fifth book.

So without further ado, some thoughts!

And now for bedtime so that I can repent for today and go to the gym tomorrow (my careful schedule, fucked!). Hopefully not through pouring rain, though it seems like the entire country is under water at the moment. Certain provinces in the North have been flooded for the 4TH TIME this year, this is just unreal and fucked up. And on Thursday I was caught in such a downpour on the way home that I was basically crawling at 60kms/h on the fucking Expressway with a visibility of about near zero. That was some scary shit :///
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........for I have bought myself a pair of Crocs. They are the semi-legit looking black ballerina ones, though the shame I felt standing in front of the display was palpable anyways. The fact of the matter is that I simply need (plastic) shoes that can be soaked to hell and back, what with the near daily TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS occuring here. My el cheapo cloth-covered sandals had reached hobo-like status and I was actually gunning for a nice pair of chic Havianas before the limited selection in Chiang Mai cock-blocked me. Then I heard Ma's voice pleading with me to get some closed-toe shoes like a normal person... and well. They actually looked nice! And were in my size! So I figured, screw the price, it should be ~comfortable at least right?


I had barely worn them for an hour and now have 9 different stop-sign red blisters scattered all over my toes and heels. Add this to the horrible state of my face and so much for me trying to look chic for my imminent weekend in Bangkok (HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I WILL BE IN BANGKOK FROM SATURDAY TIL MONDAY YET FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH). I hope my 3kgs weight-loss since May so far will be noticable enough to distract everyone lol.

Good thing I bought another cheap pair of plastic/soakable flip-flops for back-up purposes!
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I SHOULDN'T BE AWAKE NOW. And if I must be awake, I shouldn't be in front of the computer, but since I am, I might as well be productive and make a post.

It is still asstastically cold in Vienna (-13 degrees Celsius a few days ago when I WAS OUTSIDE, and -7 today WHILE I WAS OUTSIDE, TOO), but I still have errands to run tomorrow. The TOEFL Test registry place will hopefully be taking my money (ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EUROS UGH THESE RAT BASTARDS) so that I can register to give this test a whirl come January 30th. Might as well see how much ass I can kick at it, nearly everyone I know was been skeptical why I want to do it, but seriously. I can say that I am basically a Native speaker of English and that it was my first language until I'm blue in the face, but unless you talk to me in person, you can't tell for sure just by looking at my stats on paper. I'm either an Austrian or Thai citizen, depending on where I am applying, and the subsequent fact that neither my ~technical~ mother or father tongue is English. Which is where the TOEFL test would come in! I bet the hardest part for me will be concentrating for FOUR CONSECUTIVE HOURS AHHHH THE HORROR.

Sent off some of the holiday mail at least (met up with Michelle and dragged her on my errands with me, ahhh she was so patient ♥), the second batch will be up up and awaaaaaaaay tomorrow! AND SPEAKING OF MAIL, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra's glorious package arrived in my mailbox today and I am the swankest girl who ever swanked now, HAH HAH ♥ LALEX I LOVE YOUUUU! I seriously look forward to wearing those fab red earrings, Lal, and I will be spicing up my Salzburg cowtown-time with the cute bag that is now my official EARRING AND SHINY THINGS transportation :DD.

HAVE SOME ~~LINKS OF AWESOME~~, since I need to kill some tabs again:

__ Top 100 Reuters Photos, Part I ...often heavy and graphic stuff, but worth seeing. Wonderful photography and striking images, which sounds kind of obvious/redudant, but whatever.
__ Castiel Picspam! ...and KABOOOM, we've veered right back into fandom. [livejournal.com profile] aesc has a talent for graphics (and fic. Oh man, her fic *_*), and this picspam is gorgeous. This Favorite Dean Clothing Moments from S4 picspam by [livejournal.com profile] bellanut is also full of the pretty <33.
__ Community picspam of 1.07 AKA ABED AS BATMAN!! ...I keep forgetting to mention here how completely crazy I am for this how and how much it makes me laugh, but it really is one of my favorite comedy series now and this episode is particularly full of massive win. ALSO: everyone needs to have seen the SPANISH RAP. I WANT TO BE A DISCO SPIDER, TOO.
__ PERFECT PERFECT BIG BANG THEORY CAST PICS ...that first one!! I am ridic charmed by Jim and Kaley doing Edward and Bella, I must admit (THE HAIR)! AND JOHNNY AS SUSAN BOYLE. That likeness, bwaaaa. Hope you see these, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer!
__ THIS PRINCESS AND THE FROG SPAM PARTY POST hosted by [livejournal.com profile] halcyonjazz is well worth checking out. FIC! ICONS! ART! Delightful. And on the subject of awesome, [livejournal.com profile] mekosuchinae has been churning out adorable, sweet and sexy-brilliant Tiana & Naveen fic and I heartily recommend everything she writes. It's so good! This and this (!!!!!) one are also two TPaTF artworks on DevArt that I thought were fantaaastic. I FEEL LIKE AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL AGAIN, EEEE DISNEY~~. And seeing the wedding outfits in actuality is even better than I expected. I love Tiana's lilypad gown SO DAMN MUCH.
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Even though time continues to hurtle by at quite alarming an alarming speed, I am at least happy that things seem to be looking up now. Because I remain far too fond of this easy format, again I present a list of HAPPY:

__ I PASSED ABWL!!. Just about made it with a four (Carmen kicked my ass with a 3, but woo we are both through!), and hoooooooo fuck am I ever so relieved! This means that I can hand in my Freie Wahlfächer form early Jan, hope it gets approved in the three weeks it takes to process, and theeeen once my final last two seminar grades are in the system by what will hopefully be early Feb, submit my Bachelor's Degree application form thingamajiggers so that I can finally fucking GRADUATE already after the additional three weeks it will take for that to hopefully go through the system. Graduating university seemed so much more easier and full of pomp and ceremony in the American movies, lol. I guess it's still just true that no one here gives a flying fuck about Bachelor's Degrees, though I am not about to start my Masters just because part of me does kind of want a nice ceremony

__ [livejournal.com profile] jorajo!! I GOT YOUR CARD YESTERDAAAAY ♥!! Thank you so much Rhonda, I loved the adorable penguins~~~ Your signature is so loopy and cute, ahhh I AM ALL FULL OF FUZZY PENGUIN FEELINGS NOW. And ironically, I am still sitting on my large pile of mail for EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE, lol whoops?? EXPECT THEM TO BE SENT OFF MONDAY/TUESDAY OR SO. I hope. At least I can guarantee that it will be extra awesome mail? (Especially [livejournal.com profile] laulan, I am already curious how much the shipping will kill me, but PREPARE TO GET YOUR MIND BLOWN with this Chrismabirthday package ;DD)

More HAPPY within ♥ (Vampire Diaries, The Princess & The Frog )


Oh and THIS was pretty cool. A "gibberish rock song written by an Italian composer to sound like English". Interesting things about how language sounds to be heard here, and I for one really did think at times that it sounded understandable at times, but more in the nonsensical words in the trippiest lyrics ever way. A link for the language nerd in all of us!

PS OH WOW THIS ENTRY IS LIKE A GIANT WALL OF TEXT. But it felt good to type. So yeah. Feel free to TL;DR or something XDD
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For I managed to write 1700 words on my thesis yesterday, have managed to fiddle with the formatting of everything to my satisfaction, and have managed to wring out 200-odd words before I head out for a day of helping Clemens pick out some fancy costume in the WINDY WINDY WASTELAND OF COLD AND DESPAIR that is Vienna right now, before toddling back home for dinner and awesome hospitality at [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's place again. MISS OLGA, I ADORE THAT WE LIVE SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHERRR ♥. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can come back and manage at least 500 words before I zonk out. I still have time, and I reckon if I manage to write at least 1000 words each day I would be in the green zone of at least 50 pages before the end of October.

Anyways, I think I better go for now-- but here be two awesome Star Trek fanworks that I have been adoring these past few days (as I am yearning for whatever I can to procrastinate between my written 100 word increments oh I am horrible, I know >_>;;)

Dr McCoy's flowchart for dealing with frequent sexual harassment by [livejournal.com profile] mangotrills


The Little Vulcan [AU] written by [livejournal.com profile] ayalesca and with illustrations by [livejournal.com profile] mangotrills (oh how I adore her art!)

♥ ♥
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My dear mother seems to find great joy and personal fulfillment in buying suspiciously HOT PINK merchandise for her very male cat. She is transcending color-cliches, I guess XDD. Lolol I wonder what costumes he'll be getting for this years batch of holidays? His pink Easter bunny get-up was pretty cute though, I must admit!

The weather is otherwise insanely dreary and affecting my (already meager) productivity levels. FFFF whyyyy, I need to get so many things done, ahhhhh. Must go eat delicious fresh fruit to bolster my spirits now.

OH-- and lastly, check out this awesome vid: Buffy vs. Edward. Smartly edited and just the thing to watch when the Twilight ~movement~ is particularly eye-roll inducing.
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Over these past few days, I have realized a thing or two. Mainly, HOLY SHIT THE SUMMER SEMESTER IS NEARLY OVER ALREADY AHHH THE EXAMS ARE UP ALREADY AHHH THREE EXAMS THESE NEXT WEEKS BESIDES ALL MY OTHER DEADLINES AHHHHHHHH. I shall probably start fervently praying that I pass all three of the PKW exams, holy crap my next semester (and laaaaaaast one!) would be so chill if that were true... COMMUNICATIONS LAW (take two, bawww), COMMUNICATIONS ETHICS AND ...uh, COMMUNICATIONS/QUALITY EVALUATION METHODS, I VOW TO AT THE VERY LEAST ATTEMPT TO PASS YOU. Kicking academic ass is more of a surprise bonus, lol I am such a bad written exam taker-- give me an oral exam where I have to defend my work or present anything to strangers ANY DAY.

The weather is also intensely moody, we keep swinging from CRAP --> SWELTERING --> RAIN --> CRAP all the damn time. Have at least finally bought a fan though, so at least the nights of tossing and turning and feeling like I'd choke on the warm air that would lie like a dead weight in the bedroom are over, at least! MMMH FAN ♥

I have also made quite good progress on my SPN Big Bang banner, if I might say so myself! Shading people decently still remains something beyond my grasp, but I think I can muddle my way through it... It still needs a few sessions, but I think I can soon move on to some other pictures. Posting deadline for us is the 26th of June, and I'd feel bad if I could only offer [livejournal.com profile] laulan a measly banner lolol >_>;;

Tomorrow will be another day of frantically trying to get uni deadlines done, have a UE Hist presentation on Friday with the boys that is basically non-existent yet (WHOOPS), a UE PR presentation on Tuesday and our UE Werb presentation on Wednesday. And the last of these is basically all done already, which is fantastic and the reason why I love to sign up for presenting duties --> means I don't have to make the PPP, though I can already see this plan not working with my PR presentation. BLARGH.
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Good thing my only plans today were A)puttering around my room and B)just staring out of the window. BUT STILL. I protest on principle!
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I'M BAAAaaaAAaaaAAAAAaCKkkKK <-- that formatting choice is actually a somewhat accurate depiction of how much my voice is currently cracking. Dad managed to gift me with a final farewell-gift besides the admittedly super awesome mounds of DRIED DELICIOUS FRUIT-- his goddamn cough and sore throat. Managed to get some last minute meds before I got onto the plane, but still basically am coughing and hacking and wheezing my way through life at the moment. UGHHHH. But it is basically a fitting sickness to have given the current depressing and GRAYGRAYGRAAAAY weather that Vienna is all about at the moment. I WAS IN THE TROPICS BARELY A DAY A GO :(( DO WANT THAT BACK INSTEAD OF THIS. Also managed to share a seat-row with this amazing douche, who snitted at me for telling him to switch off his damn phone as the plane was fricken half in the air already and he was still yammering away. I mean, I realize that one switched on plane won't plunge us all into death and disaster, but they're the rules for a reason! And his snooty 'well did YOU switch off your phone' 'as a matter of fact I did. Because that's what the signs say. You know, the RULES.' 'well isn't that NICE of you' 'I know, right? (mental shaz theater: GO SHOVE AN IN-FLIGHT MAG UP YOUR ASS YOU DIIICK)' and etc. I thankfully was asleep for most of the 12 hour flight, but every time I woke up and stared at Asshole Dude, I entertained myself by trying to come up with a creative inner monologue that was cursing him out. He also had this creepy tendency to read whatever he was reading out loud and in this quick whisper-murmer thing. Ugh.

But! Got here early this morning, lazed around a bit, actually unpacked on the first day(!!), managed to unlock my Austrian SIM card again (lol), discovered I had not paid the internet for this month, watched some Mad Men to distract me from my stupidity and make the day past faster. IT IS A FAB SHOW, JESUS CHRIST ~*JON HAMM*~ DO ME PLZ ♥. And everybody is smoking and coughing all the damn time at Sterling Cooper, which made me feel right at home coughing along with the actors on screen |Db After that I finally restocked on groceries and hung out with Carmen a bit and basically presented her with a mini fashion show of all the schwag I brought this trip and her Mitbringsel. IT WAS STILL ALL UNDER 22kgs, I am shocked and in awe~~

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...or at least it was for about two hours before it all melted and became the disgusting grey, lumpy GATSCH/slush that all city-dwellers in places that experience winter know and hate. MY BOOTS, THEY ARE CONSTANTLY WET AND GROSS :( At least I have handycam pics of when it was still pretty though!

Today was a chock-full uni day, and I am at least pleased to note that at least SOME of my uni things are going well. I might even get a 1 in PR-AT! Eee. But what I'm looking forward to is our final assignment in Werb-AT-- our prof apparently gave all of us a blanket 3er, and if we want to get a better grade, we're supposed to hand in either an A4 page of copy or some graphics that show a advertorial campaign explaining WHY he should give us that top 1er grade :DD I have a bunch of ideas already, but we'll see how they look on paper, because I have the sliiiight feeling that my prelim concepts are not so much advertising as they are 'almost parodist examples of shameless self-promotion' 8DD. Still: coolest assignment everrr! And to think we were wondering how he'd grade us, as it is always very evident that even after one semester, he has no idea who over half the people in our course are.

Off to watch ~DANIEL CRAIG~ on yesterday's The Daily Show, woo! "He is very handsome." WHY YES I DO AGREE WITH YOU ON THAT, JON ♥
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Found by Carmen somewhere in the depths of Flickr? Or We♥Everything or whatever site she was at and passed on to yours truly:
...SPOILER ALERT: This probably won't be happening soon! And now I think I can safely say that I wholeheartedly failed to accomplish anything today that involved actually leaving the dorm. I replied to my outstanding internet correspondence? I sorted out my computer a bit? EFFFF, INSUFFICIENT. I seriously need to get my ass to the BWZ library tomorrow, I need those books copied for the Zwischenbericht of my BAKK1 Arbeit that is supposed to be handed in this coming TUESDAY. AHHH. And the yet un-studied for hardcore Soziologie test that is on THURSDAY. At least I have unzipped the file that has all the Lernunterlagen for that already?? And now Clemens is SMSing me that we probably have to meet up for our HIST AT project next week, too. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIIIIME, SERIOUSLY. And winter just screws everything up just that little bit more-- you try to set yourself some time-limits, but it's all worthless after 4PM anyways, because then it's dark and I at least automatically stop wanting to go outside at that point.

Something else I learned today: I seem to have reached what can be described as a bodily limit on consuming pesto. I must have spent at least half a semester last year constantly mixing pesto (dried tomato pesto mmmmh) to my rice and pasta or whatever, and now? I just had a tin of canned tuna with pesto flavor and some toast and holy hell do I feel sick. Like, imminent upchuck-sick :(( First McD's/BK, Mexican food and now pesto are being cockblocked by my digestive system? Whyyy~



Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:50 pm
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HURTLING BY MY WINDOW AT HIGH SPEEDS. And I actually wanted to leave in an hour to go study in the MC (and mostly just have an excuse to wear real pants and throw my trash away but yeah) and the way it seems now?? FAT FUCKING CHANCE I AM SETTING FOOT OUTSIDE. Okay self, channel that urge to NOT FAIL and start studying! You know you can do it! jksdfhjskaSA!

But before that and since I am actually typing this new post right now some thoughts/incoherant squeebabble on
SPN S4x10 )
a mishmash of S1 GG and the most recent eps )

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I mean, now I am in a waaay better mood than I was throughout the day (and only mildly displeased at myself for failing to fucking sleeeeeeep) but hot damn, IT IS GETTING COLD. And foggy. And I feel the urge to do ANYTHING that is not actually something which forces me to interact with people socially that I can't weasel my way out of dwindle to null. And I am beset with fits of intense lethargy infused with bouts of inexplicable RAGE!!. Which means I was really fucking hungry today as I didn't really have food left due to refusing to go shopping because I had worked myself into such a snit over the crap that was the "Personal und Organisation" lecture at the BWZ. IT FELT LIKE MATH IN SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN: Me, sitting and staring at the blackboard in incomprehension as it is rapidly covered by the prof's hideous and indecipherable scrawl of mathematical formula that I do not follow, not in the least. Incomprehension slowly slides over to annoyance, then blooms into anger because I am pissed off that: I am too stupid to get this, that the prof is such a smarmy assholish lecturer, that I thought this lecture wouldn't be chock-full of maths crap and boring other things like this and the stubborn fact that part of me refuses to actually internalize and understand this, even if someone would slowly explain it to me because FUCK I HATE MATH. So very happy I never even considered studying business or whatever, I would have seriously had to either switch majors or drop-out. SO MUCH CRAP THAT IS BORING AND TEDIOUS AND AHHH. At least the tediousness of PKW is words that are marginally easier for me to bully into my brain :|

To distract from this ranting, some assorted SPN goodness that has been cheering me up lately:
S4x05 "Monster Movie" Picspam! [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis always has some of the best caps of SPN eps, ever. Carmen even has the one of Dean winking as her wallpaper! Lol I would've taken the one of the boys and their simultaneous badge-flashing instead~~
Another MM picspam! by [livejournal.com profile] hellopoe. Because there can NEVER be enough of the Winchesters in glorious black and white. SEXYYYYYY (and funny!), such an awesome episode.

A really nice Dean and Castiel picspam by [livejournal.com profile] true_enough. Does what it says on the tin, to steal a quotation from somewhere ^^

Super cracky and awesome SPN comic written by KRIPKE ...everybody's probably seen this by now, right? Hilarity ♥

JENSEN ACKLES ILUUUUUUUUU ...just. Click and bask in the wonderful silly. SUCH A GORGEOUS DORK.
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It is always sad and at the same time utterly vexing when one's trusty electronic companions decide to give up the ghost and slowly die. As in the case of my dear pink 6GB Ipod mini, long has it served me (since late '05 I believe??). For some reason the sound is only coming through one earphone, something I thought had to do with my current ones, but even after changing them the problem persisted... And as it was, wandering through Central Airport Plaza yesterday also lead me past the Apple store, where I checked the prices, and lo and behold, a black 80GB Ipod classic is now around 9,400 baht! SO CHEAP, I was shocked. Compared to the 239 Euros/11,472 baht for the same model in Saturn in Wien, I would be saving quite a bit of money. For some reason I had always though the price to be lower in Wien? Nevertheless, my desire to get one now is muchly intensified *YEARNS*
... And the math of the state of my personal finances actually works out, if I just refigure what else I still want/NEED to buy from my time here, which, if I am totally honest is not THAT much. (Must always tamp down on urge to get MOAAR DVDS and ahh, maybe I should postpone the purchase of a guitar hero guitar console, AGAIN. There is never space!) Got the 200 USD/ 6,000 baht Ma gave me (ahh so generous ;3;), can probably beg some more cash off Dad and I still have the 1,900 baht check that BK Mag gave me when I finished my internship that I could cash in. And some backup money on my ATM account, I think... Man, I think I need to get a job in Wien for the sole reason that actually stone cold calculating how much money I could ask for from each parent to buy stuff like this that isn't exactly Uni-related or a Neccessity like FOOD or WINTER CLOTHING makes me feel uncomfortable and kind of GUILTY like woah. >_>;;;;

In other news, the weather in CMai remains annoying, as it keeps raining in the afternoons, especially on the days where I really want to go TAN myselfff. A tan is slimming! And would hopefully distract from the dreadful state of my face atm, was using Ma's NARS brand face cleanser and I was apparently allergic to it, as I proceeded to get the breakout from all breakouts on my face. It felt like FOURTEEN, all over again :/// Have switched to my usual brand now and the hideousness is slowly receeding. Gahh. Now another brand mah face cannot take, joining the ranks of Bebe, Biotherm and uh, Clearasil (though Clearasil is basically acid that everyone uses at least once when young eh?)

EDIT to add: Lol Migel just called all "I hope someone is not forgetting that we will be going out later tonight.", to which I went "Uh, no?? Am in Cmai right now?" and he was all "But you said you'd be back on Tuesday" "No I said my mother's BIRTHDAY is on Tuesday." "Aww shit, now I went and told everybody and planned shit" "DUDE stop making me feel guilty for not being thereeee, you screwed up" "I neverrrrrrr" etc etc. Man I really wanna go outttt. And it is twice now that I (apparently) cockblocked myself in appearing to these things. NEXT CHANCE I WILL SUCCEED. 


Jun. 23rd, 2008 11:44 pm
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RAIN!! YES RAIN PLEASE MAKE THE CRUSHING HEAT GO AWAYYYYYY godddd it is like my inherent laziness is being augmented by the fact that the pre-rain heat of nearly 29 degrees in my room makes it hard to concentrate. There are still oodles of irritating bugs buzzing in my tiny room though, crap side-effect of having the windows open as wide as they can get for AIIIR, FRESH AIIIR.

Only two more exams to goooo! One more interview! One more Gruppenref and irritating STEP5 lesson! We had a Sprechstunde today and holy hell, our teacher finds errors in every little thing, it is enough to drive you to rampant paranoia and expecting to FAIL FAIL FAIL. Ahh.

Have been otherwise amusing myself on youtube as always, and all the more with all the weird and wacky vids you can find about some of the German team. Subjects range from slideshow vids devoted to Schweinsteiger's and Podolski's BFFness that is sekritly ETERNAL TWU LUV (which if I am totally honest here, is really damn cute no matter if the fangirl goggles are on or not okay XDD), comedians making fun of them, best of GOAAAL collections, fan/popular football songs like the LU LU LU LUKAS POLDOLSKIIII song, (funny)interview clips ...and best of all SUPER random clips of Schweini, Lahm and Poldi on some japanese game show, where they have to do some speed challenge (+PART 2). Not surprisingly, they all take a second try to actually get an okay time, Lahm is the quickest, Poldi the last, yet is the only one to get his thighs (OF STEEL HOLY HELL) fondled by the Japanese MC who keeps saying 'sugoiiii' and Schweini has the best snide comments when watching Poldi kind of not immediately ace the challenge ('And this is supposed to be a striker?', 'If you didn't get the last one in, he would have sold you off, man'), Lahm was also a doll with his whole 'I hope I get a better score than Lukas, but he still has a chance so... It's a matter of honour!' ajhsjkda SO CUTE.

Poldi especially seems to be gleefully mocked by most people as much as he is loved, even moreso due to the way he talks (I admit to having difficulties understanding him too sometimes >_>;;) and has the tendency to say the most darndest things like "football is like chess without the dice". What some call idiotic, I call fucking hilarious XDD! Dude's a stunning football player at such a young age already, he doesn't need to be a poet laureat, too. At least he's always entertaining~~ ♥

PS LOLOL nice underwear there, Poldi!
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...SEEMS LIKE I REALLY AM SICK AFTER ALL. Fuck, here's to hoping this is just the hacking-cough-and-raspy-throat-from-hell and not the harbinger of something worse (MANDELENTZÜNDUNG??? MASERN??). Am sitting here half-heartedly reading through the last few working papers for the Business English II exam tomorrow morning-- I must say that today's was indeed a fucking stroll in the park. Besides the usual vocab shit, he gave us the choice to summarize and discuss one of two papers: 1)HOW TO WRITE A COVER LETTER AND RESUME (srsly) and 2)Capitalism and Poverty. Waaaanna guess which text about all of the thirty-odd people in the room chose? Lol. Am fervently hoping for a similar gap in text quality for our final exam tomorrow as well~

Still have more important uni stuff to do, but I am happy with myself for getting a number of pesky personal errands finally done today. WOO SMALL VICTORIES~

The weather still sucks though with its SUDDEN DOWNPOUR!!1 that has been happening the last few days :/

But looking at this hilarious Iron Man comic (SO CUTE) and THIS RDJ picspam (THE QUOTES!) and speaking of picspams of hot dudes THIS James Marsden picspam made me feel a bit better. And okay, have SOME MORE Iron Man awesomeness :D BRIGHTENS UP YOUR LIFE MANNN (and make you want to eat cheeseburgers :>)

PS This weird herbal tea I am drinking for my throat that is supposed to be steeped in cold to lukewarm water for half an hour before drinking TASTES LIKE A RIP-OFF :///
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Today was clearly a day of tiny victories of being vaguely social, ignoring uni and blowing off a birthday party thingamajig. I BLAME THE WEATHER. God I hate it when it's cold and rainy in Vienna, and the ICY WIND is whistling by in warp speed. Fucks up umbrellas as well! Gaaah.

Met Kevin Goetz(of good ol' DsSB times) for some theoretical coffee and chat in Starbucks at the Mariahilfer today. I will say it over and over again, and my hate for Starbucks will never diminish, but at least the franchise in the Neubaugasse is really good to sit and talk for a while. Even took my laptop and external HD to show Kev some of the old pics I had, ahh those were the days! We seriously sat and yakked about assorted crap for about three hours straight, and thankfully he had overcome his ...delayed ...way of .........speaking that I was kind of afraid was usual for him the first time we met by chance in Thalia, so I guess that was just him under extreme shock XDD. Here's to keeping in contact better now~~

And as I am sitting here and typing this I still am not regretting lying to Michelle like hell about being too sick to make it to her B'day party. I was considering going if I could have roped Clemens into accompanying me, but ironically he is legitimately sick now so that was a no-go... and to be quite frank there are few things I hate more than running around town at night alone and cold because of the never ending RAIN. Must meet up with Michelle later next week and make it up to her or something... And now I can at least go to bed a bit earlier and maybe fucking finally clean my room and get my crap sorted out, am slowly descending into utter chaos again, OOPS.



Nov. 16th, 2007 05:04 pm
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ARGH ;3; WHY. GAWD. This wasn't happening yet last year??
Well, at least I already have my super schweeet MNG coat since Tuesday. IT IS FABULOUS and I love it so ♥
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And I spent yesterday evening/early morning lol searching for some new icons, in celebration of having finished the Higurashi anime and having plowed through 18 volumes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (SO COOL eeeeeee). My current default icon is SO CUTE Gokudera makes the best faces everrrrrr~~

Also tomorrow I shall be baking COOKIES with Carmen!! Moo ha ha ha~

(if only I could now motivate myself to do schoolwork... hmm. ...naaah)


Oct. 25th, 2007 10:33 pm
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Woaaah, I actually got tagged on one of these things (thanks Mone :P)! I remember filling this out as an email fwd AGES ago, haaah wonder how much my answers would have been different... XDD

THREE THINGS MEME, Shaz style! )

IN OTHER NEWS I feel cranky and vaguely dissatisfied with about everything ever. YAY FOR BEING AFFECTED BY SHITTY WEATHER :/

Also- Olga, if you want, feel free to think of yourself as tagged, too! ;DDb


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