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...where does the freaking time go, ughhhhh. A lot has happened since I last posted, and that wasn't even a "real post". Don't really feel much up to a detailed recap so here are random bullet points.

-work still enjoyable, semi-quiet lulls interspersed with STRESS STRESS I AM ANNOYED BY THE DESIGNER TEAM THEY VEX ME AUGHHHH STRESS
-house dry now, water's been gone for 2-3 weeks and Dad and Sue have been speedy in getting everything in somewhat fighting shape again. Tentative moving back date sometime in Jan, though of course the entire ground level is gutted and will be empty for a while. We even had new ceilings put in, hopefully the mold won't return. Might be pretty hardy, since the house was under 2-3m of water for 2 straight months.
-Ma's one year anniversary came and went without me breaking down into a useless gibbering heap too badly-- Dad was thoughtful enough to take me out to dinner that night so that I got back to the hotel room late and tired, and the next day I went and made merit with my aunt and uncle and spent some time at their house, where I got to see my grandma and the cat. Khun Yai still skinny, cat still FAT lol. Ex-stepdad didn't post anything about the date on FB, but he "liked" my status about it. WOW.
-speaking of moods, I have been up and down and all around these past few weeks but it's in times like these when friends and your remaining family can be so wonderful and lovely. I would go into more whine and cheese about how I seem to have gotten more anxious about a worrying amount of things when I have the time to think about them but I can't be bothered at the moment, hah!
-christmas eve was spent at a friend's party with my int'l school people. On paper it sounded like a kids party (but with tequila and baileys) but in reality it was awesome. Christmas day was spent making my other friend feed me (muslim friend & hotel kid brat unite in not really seeing this holiday as a family thing lol), watching the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and being introduced to the amazing world of REVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGE. Awesome. Eps 1-4 down, now gimme moaaar.
-in Europe I always thought I was too Thai to really fit in there. Now at work I realize that I am not broadly Thai enough to really fit in w/ my colleagues-- though this is different when I'm with my international school friends, who are themselves either Thai or half-halfs. Specialized identity it is then! Also then I will just own the fact that people don't expect me to own the sometimes unnecessary nuanced conversations in the office lol and here I thought I was passive-aggressive by European standards. This isn't to say that I am not enjoying my office and colleagues though, this is just something I've been trying to articulate to myself.
-should probably look into mirroring to DW soon but this is something I will ignore until I have constant net at home again. I miss comment subject lines though! UGH

...anyone have any decent end of year memes to pass around? I haven't had the time to really look.
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6.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Myanmar ... the article only states the distance to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai itself is around 3 hours away by car. I am blanking on the precise distance, but whatever it was, we were actually able to feel things shuddering lightly under our feet in the office (6th floor) at shortly around 9PM. At first I thought it was just MR kicking the connecting wall of our cubicle unit, but slowly the entire office seemed to realize that Something Was Wrong. Cue the vaguely confused cries of "earthquake?", and then our servers had a slight hiccup and all calls were fucked, which was ace timing as everyone basically dropped everything to file out down the stairs to the ground floor. We milled around for a bit, the smokers happy for the respite and soon enough we headed back in to continue work. It was pretty freaky, but seemed to be a one-off occurrence, though of course this was the beginning of rampant speculation to happen and people to post OUTDATED news reports of the 2006 earthquake on FB (seriously, it's like the French upstairs are unable to read posted news dates, sighhh) ...until we felt more slight wobbling shortly before 11PM. That was also right around my clocking out time, and MR and I were considering trudging down the office again before DI was all "uhh hello, it's all over now wtf, stay inside." And the dude did have a point, so I sent off some credit requests as we log ALL THE MINUTES EVER and this crap plus our server problems from yesterday mean I have some annoying time deficits..... only to then find out that we were closing the office early. The late shift people effectively didn't have to work 2 hours! God, couldn't they have had this bright idea at fricken' 9PM the first time we felt anything? Gah.

This may sound flippant to y'all, but let me reiterate that we were effectively so far away that what shaking we felt really wasn't enough to even damage anything, just disturb people in a country that isn't used to earthquakes AT ALL (EDIT: At least not in Chiang Mai, as I was typing this post at something AM I didn't hear about the one old lady who died in Chiang Rai, nor about the housing damage there.). Floods and forest fires, now those you kind of learn to expect here when you think about natural disasters. I would obviously have been more worried were we in Chiang Rai, but uh. We weren't. It must've been pretty disturbing for people in the way high highrises in BKK though, I imagine.

AND SPEAKING OF BANGKOK-- that's where I'll be headed tomorrow morning! Yet to have packed, I might add, and there's an eaaaaaaarly wake-up for me, awwww fuck.

So that's all from me for now~~

PS: OH AND [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, YOUR MAIL CAME kfhkjfj such a pleasant surprise THANK YOU SO MUCH, BB!! Love the cards, love the butterflies and the note book and also the caramels! Already ate two of the three and totally had to hang up on some incoming calls, as I was smart enough to eat time during work and wasn't expecting just how they'd meld my mouth together XDD. Also I was reading this list of badasses and saw this hardcore POLISH BEAR SOLDIER and had to share the awesome with you. SO AMAZING.


Feb. 10th, 2011 03:10 am
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Well okay, I've technically been back since Tuesday and didn't even make a holiday hiatus post in the first place (I HAD ONE PAINSTAKINGLY TYPED OUT ON FUCKING LIVEJOURNAL MOBILE ON MY BB AT THE AIRPORT, but of course that shit never works when you try to post ughhhhh).

So! Recap: I was in Hanoi, Vietnam meeting my dear old friend La from the 4th to the 8th of this month. Vietnam was quite the experience and not as empty as we feared over Tet/Vietnamese New Year. It was actually more like, INSANELY PACKED AND LOUD lolol and it is always weird for me to actually have that touristy feel of not understanding a single word of the local language when I travel. Most of the time I did either speak some form of the languages there or it was possible to kiiiind of guess at word meanings, but Vietnamese really was beyond my ken lolol. We had lots of awkward and/or random conversations with shopkeepers, waiters and our receptionist guy and muddled through everything. It's also the reason we sometimes ate truly strange and not really ~traditional Vietnamese food~ as planned, as we'd either inadvertently want to order breakfast foods at dinner, order things that were all out and as a result just randomly point at some of the weirdly translated food listings. Fact: THE HANOI BEER IS DELICIOUS THOUGH. And I say this as a person who normally really dislikes beer!

Will be working on uploading pictures soon and of course have all the postcards to sort out for people :DD. Everything was pretty cheap and I didn't really buy much besides an extra small poster, so I kind of went crazy with the postcards instead. The propaganda poster-based ones are simply so amazing!

...and I'd write more, but my eyes are nearly welded shut on me rn and I just wanted to at least post something on LJ again. LATERS, MY PRETTIES <33

PS AHHHH SO MUCH TV I AM TRYING TO CATCH UP ON! HAWAII 5-0! COMMUNITY! WHICO! GLEE! Re: that last one-- I take it back, my one true Puck pairing is now Puck/Lauren. MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR REALS, GLEE CREATORS. She is just unbelievably awesome. And we are getting more Kurt/Blaine action! Was halfway cringing through the GAP serenade bit, but I like Blaine's veneer of ~always knowing best~ being chipped away and him and Kurt approaching more equal footing with each other. AND AFTER A BIT OF PLOT DEVELOPMENT, MOVE STRAIGHT TO THE MAKE-OUTS PLEASE. It is becoming kind of weird that Blaine gets all the Warbler numbers though, as much as I love Darren Criss and his performances, this does fly against the Warbler borg motto of ONE VOIIIIIIIIICE and all that. AH WELL.
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Keeping everything else I want to post on the backburner AGAIN, have some YT clips that have been rocking my world lately. I must pack for my imminent wake-up in uh, 5 HOURS because I will be flying to BANGKOK!! again for 5 days FUCK YEAH. Three days without work, glory glory hallelujah.


NUMBER TWO: I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE ASAP. Historical anecdotes apparently spun to high heavens and movie-transformed! EPIC TRADITIONAL MUSTACHES!! FUCKING BADASS FIGHT SCENES! Muay Thai remains one of the most hardcore and awesome things everrrr *wipes away a tear of national pride*.

NUMMER DREI: THIS SONG HAS BEEN MY EARWORM FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS DURING WORK. And also the awesome banality of the lyrics never stop cracking me up-- a sample: "Found a wallet/but there were no thousand baht notes there/Want to go for a mountain road-trip/but there's no gas in the car" OR "Bought fancy wine/didn't know how to open it/now it's expired/Want to go to heaven/but forgot to make merit/so now it's probably hell for me" A+++ I LIKE.

(ughhhh why the fuck didn't embedding work just now?? *shakes fist at LJ*)

PEE ESS ...we still have to check out things + everything is still super tentative and dependant on a million things BUT I. AND I MIGHT BECOME HOUSEMATES (!!) SOON. There is a house basically across Ma's where the owners who live in BKK or whatever need tenants to uh, keep the mice away after they get the exterminator to do their thing. The rent would be something ridiculously low like 5,000 THB which I. and I would split anyways + utilities and just... This would be so much less than my current rent for my dinky apartment, an ACTUAL HOUSE and also: SEPARATE BATHROOMS (!!!) so I can happily live out my neuroses of not wanting to share bathrooms/toilets with other people! SWEET. Of course, we'd both actually have to get/renew our driver's licenses respectively, but one would have actual incentive now lolol
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My world feels like it has narrowed in a weird way again. For a while it almost seemed different but now it is WORKWORKWORK...WEEKEND!!WORKWORKWORK again. My main task that I always seem to fail at remains going to bed at a reasonable time and emerging well-rested. A WORK IN PROGRESS SINCE MY SCHOOL YEARS AND WHAT SEEMS TO BE A LIFELONG ENDEAVOR.

I actually don't have nifty work stories, I reckon it is a deadly combination of my soul becoming deadened and also the callers suddenly becoming boring. Slowly decorating my cubicle remains enjoyable though and I have now turned I. into a true believer when it comes to Kate Beaton's awesome comics. HELP ME HANDSOME DOCTOR graces both our walls and still remains the best everrr <3

Last Saturday was actually another exercise in "Yes, You Should Act Like a Twenty-Something" where the ladies and I made a go at more of Chiang Mai's nightlife. This time, Fabrique, a club/disco in an actualfax (but slightly iffy looking) hotel that had ace soundproofing, l-lol. In true Thai fashion there was also an extra charge of a 300 Baht drink voucher for the foreigners (we were three Thais and three Germans/Dutch-mixes). Our casual and institutionalized racism, let me show you it! True facts: 1) Mixing drinks remains inadvisable and 2) No matter how hard you try, the average Thai lady will out-awesome you with her party outfit. So much classy sexiness to be seen. Perhaps I should invest in fancier flip-flops, but I just can't be fucked to wear heels with the amount of walking/dancing we do and before she left this weekend :( I always did stuff with PL who is still under 160cms with heels.
It was a great deal of fun though, especially when we wandered off to the still empty at midnight "House music" room, basically commandeered it and tried to bribe the DJ to play more RnB instead XD. I am not against house music per se, but daaaaamn I do appreciate the greater ease to boogie to RnB/Hip-Hop. And of course the following Sunday was mainly spent guzzling water, ahhh I am such a light-weight.

Things to look forward to: THIS FRIDAY I AM OFF AND THIS SUNDAY WE WILL BE SEEING TIGERS! That are probably drugged to high heavens at the Tiger Kingdom, but well. I guess I can get to see things with my own two eyes there, too? AND MONDAY I AM OFF AGAIN, WOO!


Aug. 13th, 2010 05:41 pm
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OFF TO BANGKOK UNTIL MONDAY EVENING! In an act of trying to ensure I will be social and free have decided to leave my laptop behind. But I will probably end up stealing Dad's to watch shows on TV-Dome.net though ahhh. And will be semi-connected anyways thanks to my trusty BB. So this post is kind of pointless, ahaha.

See y'all on the flipside though! People who are expecting mail, I have actually bought envelopes and started filling them. So at my current rate, you will most def get things in ...two months?? Ahahaha oh man, I suck.

AND NEXT WEEK IS LATE SHIFT :(( This is good for me on Tuesday, but generally ugh. I seriously do not look forward to when it's winter and the time-delay extends the working-hours of this shift to be 4.30PM-1AM ;_____;

PS I WONDER HOW FLOODED MY APARTMENT ROOM WILL BE WHEN I GET BACK THOUGH. Accidental death by slipping on tricky water that always seeps in from the rain thanks to weird and shoddy construction? Not a way I want to go!
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Twenty-two! I am inching closer and closer to what seems to be legit adulthood, though obviously there remains a long and winding road ahead of me and the fact that I in all seriousness have no real idea of what I will be doing beyond the following two weeks (besides apparently get a driver's license, come hell or high water. AAAUGH do not want). I would've thought that the idea of having time to chill, go to the gym and maybe brush up on my written Thai, my French or maybe learn Japanese/Mandarin would be the Best Thing Ever, but in actually I am wracked with occasional fits of anxiety about my future and not having anything fix in terms of internships or job prospects. Everyone I know keeps telling me to get the fuck over myself, and I am trying to do so. Today I thankfully had the healing power of TONY MOTHERFUCKING STARK and Iron Man 2, made even better then usual by being viewed in the SFX Cinema's cushy First Class seating (Ma doesn't care about the extra price because she can sleep more comfortably in these XD). They're giant reclining "velvet" La-Z-boys and you get a blanket and your popcorn + choice of drink brought to you by the staff. And when you have the apparent bladder of a pea (either the movie was hella long or I drank way too much today), the staff even run to hold the doors open for you when you try to subtly sneak back into the cinema ahh awkward. The movie itself was tremendously fun with oodles of little shout-outs and details (PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN IT COME SQUEE WITH ME IN THE COMMENTS), though woweee do enormous amounts of shit blow up in spectacular ways in this one. Also, I need to see it again for the sole reason so that I can find out what happened in the bits I missed on my bazillion toilet breaks lol.

GENERALLY AWESOME, WITH SPRINKLES OF FUCK YEAH but also a dash of "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--" though that was mostly due to Mindshare leading me on, the fuckers. Moar on a post to come soon! OH AND [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke is a darling and "so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~~" as Ma and our two neighbors kept informing me ♥

Thai politics:
Watching the local news and reading the newspapers keeps making me angrier and angrier. This has quickly left the realm of "protesting" and is flirting with domestic terrorism-- the reds are clearly starting to lose their collective shit and are acting even more erratic than usual. I mean, as if the home-made sharpened bamboo street barricades and unauthorized car and bag checks that they'd force on random people weren't enough (of course, people who said no were either beaten up or had their cars smashed or otherwise fucked up until they agreed), they have now twice barged into Chulalongkorn hospital and interrupted medical proceedings and obstructed ambulances carrying actual sick people because "the vehicles/the hospital could have been used to harbor soldiers" who would be readying themselves for a strike against the reds. Or the time they forced the BTS Skytrain into a standstill by throwing tires up the stations because the trains could also have been used to transport soldiers into town. Or one of my favorite bits of idiocy-- handing out multi-colored shirts for the reds to wear in Ratchaprasong intersection to "confuse" the soldiers if they were to come and make them disperse. HMMMM PEOPLE NOT WEARING RED WHO ARE SOMEONE STILL IN THE TOTAL AND UTTERLY RED ZONE THAT IS GUARDED AND CLOSED OFF? HMMM WHO COULD THESE PEOPLE BE HMMM :| AND OF COURSE, tonight's expanded news that some of them tried to lob RPGs at fucking WAT PHRA KAEW? Thank the higher powers the fuckers missed the temple itself, but this is just a further example of how low these people have sunk. You just plain don't pull shit like that, you don't. Ma and I met with some of her ex-colleges today and of course the topic veered to this, and it was very amusing and awesome to also hear the latest rumors about our fugitive criminal Squareface, who apparently has some really fucked up prostate cancer at the moment and might be dead or dying soon?? Cue fantastically frank comments like "I'll believe the fucker is dead when I see his body", "well given the number of people who must be cursing him daily, it couldn't have happened sooner" and "I saw this famous mystic say on TV that she had a vision of the gods of death coming for him!". Bwaaah! I just ~can't wait to see what happens next here ughhhh and of course our police men are hugely incompetent because the majority are "watermelons" themselves (green on the outside, RED on the inside). And we're flying back to Chiang Mai tomorrow which of course is another bastion of red (Squareface's hometown), ahhhhhh .___.;; /RANT
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BECAUSE IT IS HOT AS HELL HERE. Ahh, you know you're back in (South-East) Asia when leaving the airport, even at half past 5 in the morning feels like walking into a SOLID WALL OF HUMID HEAT. Either I will acclimatize again soon, or start counting "taking cold showers" as one of my new hobbies. This entry will be shorter than I want, because I actually should be in bed right now, for another 5AM wake-up to go into town with Dad looms and of course I am still awake now. FOR TOMORROW I FLY TO ~*SINGAPORE*~ and will be hopefully getting that internship interview aced, see cool things and have a fab time with Mother dearest and our two neighbors who're tagging along aaaaaaaaaand meet the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke. I AM EXCITE ALREADY <33

AUSTRIA, packing:
- Utterly and completely failed at this mysterious thing called ~TIME MANAGEMENT~
- Freaked the fuck out about my luggage weight, made last minute package that I dropped off at the post (11kgs lol), threw away a few things that I really shouldn't have (Carmen's naked man calender gift! sobsobsobbbb) BECAUSE MY ACTUAL LUGGAGE ENDED UP WEIGHING 15 FUCKING KILOS *headdesks foreverrr*
- Sabrina gave me the greatest gift ever by not being home on Saturday, so I didn't go through with my plan of sticking a big ol' grand FU note on her door. I was so pressed for time that I wouldn't have had the time anyways, but I am choosing to believe that this will help my karma lol. I pity the poor fool that moves in after me though...

AUSTRIA, airport/flight:
- Clemens totally saved my ass with helping me run and haul my luggage from the bus stop to the S-bahn station, making me safe from just about missing my train. I was telling him that my farewell gift was showing him all the shitty sides of my personality though lol(procrastination leading to epic missing of things and general tardiness). He was a tremendous help, and I admit that I felt a bit bad for thinking badly about him before (well, okay he IS actually a selfish dick most of the time. Which makes his actions now even nicer, I guess?)
- Flight was actually awesome-- great food (seriously!), I sat near the toilets and a nice old auntie who turned out to be a really famous Thai author?? A fact that made me kind of retroactively wish I engaged in smarter chit-chat, but I seem to have amused her either way? (She was gently mocking of the way I cracked up and generally fidgeted when I was watching the inflight entertainment, lol whoops). Hardly slept during the flight due to the movies I was watching: Avatar (admittedly pretty visuals but oh the faiiiil, how it burned), It's Complicated (more fun than expected, and god the food in this flick looked delish) and The Young Victoria (more interesting and engrossing than expected. Kept thinking about that hilarious Kate Beaton comic though, which possibly added to my enjoyment <33)

THAILAND, homecoming:
- Dad actually picked me up, which was wonderful and I totally annoyed him in like ten minutes flat because I was keyed up as hell from my flight and he had just dragged himself out of bed at 4AM to come get me <33
- Doggies freaked the fuck out when they saw me, which is always super gratifying. Nero looks older and older every time I see him but he at least seems fit. Ace is a GIANT DOOFUS, the end.
- Khun Yai MADE A GIANT BATCH OF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE BANANA CHIPS. Just because she knew I was coming! AHHHH BLISS *noms* Also, I have already had fresh ripe mangoes from our gardens and from the farm and more fruit to come~. And in food news, Dad snagged me a pot of Foie Gras spread, and has been making the most delicious things as per my whims. He has an invitation to attend a Chef's Dinner at the Oriental hotel this Thursday that features a TWELVE COURSE PASTA MENU, along with the accompanying wine and I am just horrendously jealous.
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OF COURSE WHEN I HAVE TO LEAVE FOR MY GRANDPARENT'S PLACE, THE PREVIOUSLY UNSEASONABLY WARM WEATHER TURNS. OF-FUCKING-COURSE. My already rock-bottom mood at the prospect of this journey (my luggage that I crammed full of winterwear and random stuff to hoard there probably weighs 30 kilos man I am afraid of it breaking! I HATE TRAVELING ON TRAINS WITH LARGE LUGGAGE) has now started to dig deeper for oil and other underground treasures. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK.
I also fully foresee that the train from Vienna will arrive in Salzburg delayed, which will mean that my next train is a full hour later and has ANOTHER stop before Zell. AND THEN I WILL MISS MY BUS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE EVEN MORE DELAYED. And Wien and Salzburg are currently renovating their railway stations, so OF COURSE everything is gonna be even harder to navigate in the mini timewindows they give you to catch your second train.


so uh yeah, semi-hiatus of not constant internet until the 8th of April or so!

PS HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] yukitheawesome!! You might get something something in the mail like uh, in three weeks lol I was too cheap for priority mail, sry2say XDD
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Still have a bunch of stuff I meant to post (also: ep reactions for last weeks SPN/White Collar), but time slipped right past by me.

Need to switch off the computer now and get my last minute things together, as it's OFF TO BANGKOK FOR ME TODAY BABYYYY ♥! I can't wait, but I sure as hell hope my flight will be most excellent, or at least not have me seated next to some snorer or smelly person. Eventhough the snoring thing shouldn't matter, because if we're honest and I do fall asleep myself, there is a high likelihood that ~I~ am that embarrassing person who snores and/or drools a little bit in her sleep. Another reason why I never want people to wish me some hotties seated next to me or something, because lol that'd scare em off quick XDD

Will try and see how fast I can get internet when we get settled in the first week that Ma and I will be spending in town, I'm sure addiction won't keep me away from you guys for long though!
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2010 is upon us! And has been since a few days already. But since I have just arrived back from ~the provinces~, I'll start counting tomorrow. Still, HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Hope it has been a good start for y'all so far! Expect me finally catching up again and oodles of backlogged and 2009 in summary memes to come tomorrow onwards, since I am fond of the idea of filling things out so that I actually have some sort of knowledge what I spent the previous year doing, curse my feeble memory otherwise.

Holiday log of 29.12 - 2.1, Musings on bratlings, Conversations with idiot teenage boys, New Years Resolutions and a healthy dash of ALLCAPS SABRINA VITRIOL )
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But I have a limited time-frame of internet time again, and a bunch of things to post still. Just posted my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas picture in the previous entry and sent off my last UE Hist that was transformed into something almost beautiful thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's Mad German Beta Reader skillz. Hopefully my Prof will be so tired from the holidays that she accepts my vague yammerings and doesn't notice/mind that the 2 pages and spare change are in 1.5 Zeilenabstand XD.

Here, mainly for my own reference and "journaling" purposes, a summary of the previous, internetless days. Also known as, THE COWTOWN CHRONICLES, Winter 2009 Edition
Behind a cut for better scrolling by, and also because it is long as fuck. TL;DR ALAAAARM )

Today I got dragged out for a rousing round of Bockareiten, or bobsledding as I guess one would call it in English. And by rousing I mean that I refused to get on one and basically dragged Sara's sled around and up and down hills, sweating and wheezing all the time. Again, awesome work-out though. I hope the constant yawning that I was doing all the time is something that won't happen every time I leave the house, though. That and the ever present pressure imbalance in my ears sucked, too. Makes talking very strange, when you can hear your own voice echo in your head...


Dec. 23rd, 2009 08:23 am
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I wanted to make a nice picture post before I left, but time is again one of the last things I have at hand, so maybe later. Leaving for my grandparents place in less than an hour, and I still need to get some last minute things around the room cleaned kjashfjf auggggh. AND I AM SO TIRED. I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep. DNW four hour plus train ride! At the very least I will be able to hitch a ride from Zell with Andi it seems, which is at least a relief. No bus for meeee!

Will have intermittent internet when I'm there, and ugh I do not look forward to it (and getting my SPN_J2_Xmas done fffffffffff). WILL TRY AND GET ON AND C&P pre-written posts when I can though!

ROCK OUT LADIESSSSSSSSSSSSS, and keep me posted on internet happenings or something XDD.

Have one picture though, from the Christmas market at Schönbrunn:
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And I haven't packed yet, but hey-- why deviate from my normal last-minute pattern, eh? Good thing we only have to leave from here at noon, so I still have time~~

Still, things I have done today:

UNO: Hate my roommate, who came back sometime late Sunday. I was all in a fantastic mood from choc fondue with Carmen and Hazel that we had at Marius' place and thennnnn. Argh. This woman needs to STOP USING MY FUCKING STUFF, and in such a blatant manner that it is puzzling and insulting. Does she want me to notice and freak out?? Fucking hell. IT'S NOT LIKE SHE HAS FIVE TOILETRY BAGS IN THE BATHROOM RIGHT NOW THAT ARE FULL OF STUFF. And I have reverted to my fallback position of PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE post-it notes, though I guess this is a bit aggressive, too? I was shaking so hard when I wrote it, though I don't know whether it was from rage or because it was cold in my room and I was tired XDD.

DOS: FINISHED MY YULETART IN TIIIIIIIME! Woo! This year, I am actually quite happy with what I managed to draw, and I really hope my recipient likes it, especially since they are a hella awesome artist themselves and I actually got super nervous the first time I saw who I got assigned for a second time (as my first one dropped out? Or something. Hmm). I got to use lots of colors too, which is always fun ♥

DREI: WATCHED THE NEWEST DEXTER EPISODE, "LOST BOYS". Two more to go, and I just can't wait! Fffffffuck me, the suspense in the last 15 mins of this episode were simply exquisite. I just love watching this series so damn much, and yelling at the screen as I watch is very satisfying, when my nerves aren't been wracked from all the ANTICIPATION and PLOT ♥. And speaking of Dexter, here be an awesome recipe how to make the famous blood-slides as lollies!. The pictures alone look fucking fabulous!

VIER: Watched some awesome vids, and now that I have to slowly start clearing out my tabs that have been open since foreeeeeeeeever, have some of the links! First off, "Capital G (True Blood)" by [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar. Eric! Godric! And a sexy, sexy song... guh ♥. Then there is "A House Inside of You (Supernatural)" by [livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever. Sam and Castiel, and a short but utterly effective and awesomely edited vid. I love the new angles on Castiel's face that you hardly see in most other SPN vids- it feels fresh and well, Misha Collins is hot as fuck, so there is also that.

AND SPEAKING OF MISHA: Here are pictures of Misha and mini!Castiel from that Collectormania con. TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS, EEEEEEEEEEE ♥ ♥!!

FIVE: Surfed around randomly and found things like a website dedicated to all the shirts that the guys wear on The Big Bang Theory! There are some pretty tempting ones, I have got to admit~.

OH AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO. So everyone's been making holiday card posts and I have been diligently adding my addresses because I sure love me some mail. I actually think that I have everyone's addresses already and don't need to make a post asking for them, unless I have somehow forgotten you or you are a new addition to the flist-- in which case, PM me your address and I shall add it to my ~~address book of Awesome. BUT! What I do want to do is the following: Most of you who've already received mail from me once know that I mainly communicate via awesome postcards. Well, now is your chance to specially request some! I have a giant stockpile of ones from our various European trips (Prague, Bratislava, Stockholm, Paris, North Germany and Münich, Zürich), ones I can run out and buy for Vienna/Salzburg (Any particular sights you want? NAME IT) and the random weird cards you get from the city freecard booths. I also should still have some good ones from Thailand and of course, the ones that I will be buying in Copenhagen. Basically, REQUEST away and save me the anguish of having to decide who gets what XDD I just know that [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight wants a Copenhagen one of the Little Mermaid, right?
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Especially when my usual train is somehow not running today and I need to change stations twice in one station that doesn't have lifts because they've been under construction since the LAST BAZILLION YEARS UGH.

SO! Off to ~*BANGKOK*~ now, will try and get internet as soon as possible, though Monday should be likely. And that'll be constant, since I'm at Dad's place. JUST +6 HOURS FOR TIMEZONE FUN AHHHHHHH. OMG I WILL BE STARTING THE INTERNSHIP AT LEO BURNETT SOON AHH SO PSYCHED.

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Okay, if you were on FB you could see that this was true as of yesterday, but apparently I got so distracted on the ~interwebs~ that I forgot to post here. And now I have to run for my UE PR meetup to discuss something I have not prepared and doubt that any of the others did either. HO-HUM, what can you do! Will try to catch up on things fully when I'm back at the dorms!


The trainride to- and fro, not so much! But everything else, oh my gooooooooood. THE GELATO ALONE, seriously we ate Gelato twice a day everyday lolol AND STILL DIDN'T GET THROUGH ALL THE FLAVORS WE WANTED TO TRY.

My complete listing, to make you all ~*jealous*~:
- Honey + Cinnamon and Ginger @ San Crispino
- Fig + Blueberry + Pistachio @ Giolitti
- "Black Venus"(Rosewater+black rice) + Toasted Almond @ Fata Morgana
- Honey @ San Crispino
- Cinnamon + Fig + Black Cherry @ Giolitti
- Blackberry + Black Cherry + Pistachio @ Giolitti
- Raspberry and Sage @ Del Teatro
- Black Cherry + Straciatella + Peach @ Giolitti

...as you can see, I was pretty much in LOVE with the Black cherry flavor, amongst others. SUCH DELICIOUSNESS I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE. And the honey at San Crispinos! But in total Giolitti's was pretty banging, they've been around since 1900 and apparently even Berlusconi stops by for some delicious Gelato from time to time. Carmen had flavors like Coffee, Sabayon, Green Apple, Pear, Frutti di Bosco and diverse rice-pudding ones.

.....aww crap gotta go now ugh PR :(
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......because now I only have a smidge of time before we have to leave for the train station. AHHHH ROMA ROMA ROMA BECKONS!!

SO. I declare a short FIVE DAY HIATUS!!.

Everyone, your mission if you choose to accept it entails the following:



oh and before I forget.

5) ADD ME ON DREAMWIDTH IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. I can has the same username because I am Uncreative Like Hell :Dbb

I might have internet in Rome, but if not---- see ya on Monday again!
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-KORRE grades are finally in: HELLO FAILURE! What the fffffffffuck, I was so sure that I had at least written enough correct to pass. Ugh ugh ugh, so I guess I can't sell my script off yet then! Weirdly enough I am more annoyed and slightly embarrassed than in abject despair. This better be the only PKW subject I flunk this semester (...probably not, given EVA and KOMET looming on the horizon, but who knows!).
-Sabrina is back! And spent the first few hours of her return having her special phone conversations that consist of so much yelling that I can hear it in my room. She has some serious emotional issues, methinks! Now, I must say that this is actually the best kind of timing though-- I'm leaving for five days, everything is clean and my half of the fridge is full. I am almost curious as to how fucked up things will look like when I'm here again.

-I have more than half packed everything!
-Angie sent me a postcard from the Jungfraujoch that arrived today! MMM MAIL.
-I read this monster of a brilliantly well-written Norrington/Sparrow PoTC fic. "Between Wind and Water" is its name, and the author really makes 90'000 words fly by in an instant. And actually made me interested in the navy/ship happenings. I admit, the Narniaaaaa fic of the weekend has given me a hankering for some elaborate fic with battles and war, and this totally hit the spot. Glorious! The porn is hot too, of course, but not even the main point of it.
-Speaking of fic, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra is a goddess amongst us feeble mortals, and posted the most DELIGHTFUL and GLEE-INDUCING NBNW fic everrrrrr she wrote for my ~*birthday*~ over at RBR, so run, don't walk to gaze upon its greatness. ILU ILU LAL ♥
-LAST BUT NOT LEAST, [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang posting schedule is reveaaaled! We're due on the 26th of June, [livejournal.com profile] laulan!! AHHH SO EXCITED ALREADYYYYY :DD

-Some more drafts to send to [livejournal.com profile] laulan before I leave late tomorrow afternoon(...we'll see how much I get done d'ohh)
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Dad is back from Prague today! We met up at their hotel (The Holiday Inn in Margaretengürtel, surprisingly nice rooms for European standards), Dad gave me the two pairs of earrings he apparently bought for me there (!!!) and we waited for Robert to come pick us up for dinner at the Silberwirt, which is apparently part of a collective of wine bars/restaurants in what used to be an actual castle. Nice, solid and delicious Austrian fare-- had a enormous Styrian corn-fed chicken thigh with Krautsalat and a chocolate Palatschinken/Crepe that was filled with a chestnut-marzipan filling and slathered in forest berry sauce, accompanied with vanilla ice cream! OM NOM NOM. Prague was apparently a grand success on all accounts, and Dad apparently is convinced that he's gained about 10 kilos since he arrived in Austria. The food in Prague was uniformly delicious, and what we have planned for the following days until their flight this Friday evening is also going to be pretty hardcore for the waistline. BUT SO GOOD. To wit: Schnitzel at the famous Figlmüller again tomorrow, another sumptuous old-skool Viennese meal at the Plachutta and probably my birthday dinner at the Orpheus (I can even schlep Carmen along, woo!).

Keeping with the food related blathering of this entry, Carmen and I also intended to finally check out the Schwarze Kameel, one of the most famous and oldest delicatessen/cafes in Vienna. So we finally got there, took a quick view of the premise, sat down for about five minutes and promptly got up and left again. The place didn't look to be worth the 6€++ for even your most basic nibbles-- the waitstaff was clearly harried and everything was just kind of messy and eh. AH WELL. It totally counts as a 'done' on our "Places in Vienna we have to eat at" list :DD. I would still say that the actual delicatessen shop is worth paying a visit to though! We still ended up having us some decadent joy-- ICE CREAM AT THE DEMEL, blueberry and violet+mango sorbet ffffffff A GLORIOUS MEDLEY OF FLAVORS IN MY MOUTH ♥.

Oh and in preparation of ROMA ROMA ROMAAAA coming in a few weeks, we also went shoe shopping, being both firmly convinced that we NEED roman sandals for ultimate tourist GLEE. We were more than successful, and I even managed to find a pair of 'size 41's that for some crazy reason fit me. Thank you, shoemakers who feel the urge to lie to your consumers! Mine also ended up being an utter STEAL at 30 fucking Euros, and whilst I can apparently not find them on the online version of the shop, here is a similar, yet clearly not as awesome one that looks like mine. Another reason why my shoe was Perfect and Made for Me? It actually has a zipper/support thing at the heel, so I don't actually have to do each and every one of those fiddly roman sandle-buckles! Wonderfulllll~~ Shall start wearing them tomorrow, here's hoping I won't get too many blisters!

PS PR PRESENTATION IS OVER AND DONE WITH! I think we did well to okay. Snob!Boy was also one of his groups presenters and wow did his partner keep on blathering and blathering. I just wanted to listen to snob!boy talk! And look in my direction and kind of unnerve me with his INTENSE ICY-BLUE SNOB STARE unfffffffff why is this dick so damn good-looking??
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As most of you already know through FB and what-not, I've been back in Vienna since late Sunday evening. Civilization, it is a pleasure to be nestled in your welcoming, internet-access enabled bosom yet again! Krimml as a whole was as always predictable and enjoyable if one knew where to get one's little happy moments, and I fully admit that this time was made even better with the presence of Dad and co., AND DAD'S BRILLIANT COOKING ♥ We had Tafelspitz with creme spinach and potatoes! Assorted asparagus concoctions! Irish Stew (LAMB!!), Jungkitz chops and LAMB CORDON BLEU THAT WAS FILLED WITH FRESH PECORINO CHEESE AND DRIED TOMATOES AND BLACK OLIVES INSTEAD of the usual way of doing Cordon Bleu (which is a dish I normally am v. bored of. Like with Meatloaf) ...nggggh that dish basically made me die in foodgasmic glory.

Now the academic monster that is uni and exams is continuing to rumble, and I am slowly but surely realizing that I have a truckload of things to Get Done, and Get Done Well. All UE-HÜ that I should really have known better than to procrastinate until now aside, I think the WIRK(Media Results/Influences basically) exam went well enough today-- fingers crossed for a pass or better!-- and I've already done some of the exam prep and reading of the KORRE (Communications Law) exam that is due on Friday, so. Cautious optimism is me!

And on a more serious note, I really must say that my love for [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama is all the more strengthened in face of the constantly classy and respectable way the mods and everyone handle things that come up, and the care that is put into ensuring that it remains a pleasant, tolerant and safe space for all the fans. Which makes it all the more appalling to me how idiotic and hurtful I was being too with my ignorant actions and I'd just like to also apologize here as well for the sheer levels of lose I must have been radiating. I swear, I am normally not such a tool! "I had never really thought about it being seen that way," is such a weak and lame excuse, but it what I thought at first-- but really reading through the posts and comments linked to in the latest Modpost only served to bring home the message again and again, how privileged and wholly inappropriate and wrong I was and how lazy (to say the least!) it was to even think of using that as an excuse in the first place. This was a hell of a wake-up call to my previous belief that even if I consider myself multicultural/of mixed cultural heritage, my specific experiences are in no way wide-ranging and there are a lot of areas that I am shamefully under-aware of and under-educated in, and that is something that needs to change. Clearly I have a hell of a lot to still learn and work on, and I hope you guys will not hesitate to smack me hard if I fuck up again.


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