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Or at least the willpower to not go down the same road of "well I do have pressing things to do in the 2-3 hours I have after coming home from work past midnight BUT WAIT LET ME READ 20K OF FIC FIRST YES" every damn night. OH WELL, AT LEAST IT IS THE WEEKEND NOW. I survived a week of midnight shift without having to drink a single coffee! I even had a whole day without having to take calls today! Got to attempt and fail to translate 43 not quite jam-packed but very unevenly written and melodramatic Powerpoint presentation slides from German to English in 8 hours instead, and it is extra unpaid work that I will gladly take. Anything to keep me from having to talk to the idiotic callers that are somehow an extra special flavor of thick when it is a Friday.

Last weekend was also our very first new office office-party, and in retrospect that most exciting thing that happened was ........wait, I can't even think of anything besides the fact that a bunch of people seem to had gotten some mild stomach flu from the food, which isn't even exciting and more along the lines of depressing. We had "unlimited beer" though, which led to one of my colleagues (NB) coming up with the following charming statement about me to someone's plus one, said with the sincere belief of the blasted to their eyeballs wasted:
"Isn't her accent amazing?? It's just so American! *makes mock "American" noises to illustrate her point* And I sound so British instead, and sometimes when I hear her talk to clients in English I think that she is just so good BUT OH IT'S JUST SO DREADFUL-SOUNDING BECAUSE IT'S AMERICAN ENGLISH" ...yeah, idek what to say to that.

A lot of things have been happening and I have been remiss in blogging about them, so this weekend I will try to catch up!

Now for randomosity! Some links of Bangkok-related awesome that I have been clicking through during work:
Still-Life in Moving Vehicles ...ever want to see just how amazing Thai cabs can look like? Well then this is the blog for you <3

5 Movies That Offer Eyeopening Views of Bangkok ...some movies that I definitely have to check out. And speaking of Thai movies, I am very vexed that I will probably not get to see Insee Daeng/Red Eagle before it is out of theaters :// IF ONLY I COULD SKIP WORK TO GO SEE MOVIES INSTEAD NEXT WEEK, GODDAMN.

Paolo Bacigalupi's "Windup-Girl" ...waiting for my order to come in from Asia Books and super excited to read this already~~

AND BECAUSE I CAN, this vid somehow makes me really happy:

...Even after numerous repeat viewings I still have not managed to get any more of the lyrics into my brain than what is in the chorus, but the video just never fails to make me smile. Her hair actually looks really cute in that style! And she just looks so happy and is working the hell outta her outfits AND THERE IS SWINGING INTO THE SKY AND TRIUMPHANT FISTS AND THE SUN SHINING ON YOU AND BALLOONS AND JUMPING AROUND WITH FIREWORKS EXPLODING and ssdjkfhjfd <33 How can I not be charmed?? Can't wait to actually boogie to this in a club somewhere, this better be on heavy rotation on MTV Thailand soon!
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Time should just continue to exist in a molasses slow or limbo-like state until I manage to get all the shit I need to be done completed, okay?? Went to bed waaaay later than I was supposed to, but the fantastic skyping I had with Miss C and Andy was way more than worth it ♥ And of course the funtimes watching German TV shows of dubious quality with Miss Olga and nomming on her food that occurred beforehand.

White Collar S1x09
I will be transcribing the scrawled notes on my postits )

Supernatural S5x12
This is not the bodyswap you are looking for )

Sherlock Holmes
I still need to see this again to bask in the glory of RDJ's brit accent )

Oh, and before I forget- here are some great links:
__ The Uniform Project. 365 days, 1 dress. The sheer creativity and style in each picture so far is stunning, and there are a lot of nifty touches and ideas that you can adapt to wear yourself... AND it's a project for a good cause, which is just added awesome. I'd recommend checking it out in monthly view, for extra added impact.
__ If there ever is a movie where these three play brothers, the universe will implode from the hotness ...I mean, I think RDJ is the "weakest link" if compared to the freaky way that JDM and Javier Bardem look alike, but I could and would totally buy the idea that they could play blood-relations.
__ Jon Hamm's John Ham I have always wanted to see this fabled clip from the first time that Jon Hamm hosted SNL, and now I have finally found a version that isn't on hulu or some other vid platform that hates me. HA-HA :Db And I just love Jon Hamm so damn much, okayyyy ♥

LASTLY: CHECK OUT THIS EPIC KRIS ALLEN PICSPAM by [livejournal.com profile] pettyscenes. HOLY SHIT, THIS IS A WORK OF ART *swooons*, with A+ commentary.
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Before I head off to at least spend an hour doing TOEFL prep (AHH FAILED TODAY, FAILED SO HARD), have a link to something that can be classified as extremely good, yet should also come with a healthy warning, seeing as I have been reduced to full on bawling and weird-crampy faces OF SADNESS every time I watch it.

"Dreams (Marley & Me)" by [livejournal.com profile] fan_eunice. Summary: A life well lived. Good dog.

...I guess I am happy I didn't see this movie in theaters after all, because my reaction in the end wouldn't have been pretty and would have probably freaked out the other people sitting next to me. I am a total dog person anyways, and an utter sucker for stories about dogs being loyal and loving their family and people so damn much and ajkakasfj. I admit that just reading the freaking wikipedia page for Hachiko and other similar tales are enough to make my eyes well up already.


...I kind of want to be at home and pet our dogs now.
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The past few days have been very informative re: WHEN CAN WE FINALLY GRADUATE fuckery. So, as far as we know, there is no problem with the electives as we have written them in the fancy Yellow Paper of Potential Graduation, no problem with the random electives still floating around being unsorted in the UNIVIS online account and I heard back from my UE WERB prof that the grades from our blockseminar last Nov will be handed in by January. And at this week's UE HIST I actually found out from the teach that by volunteering for inputting some questionnaire data in pre-made MS Excel tables (referring to a pre-made code book!), I will a) get a grade by the end of January and b) apparently not have to write the 4-5 page reflection that everyone who isn't coding will have to do?? I mean, shit, this is freaking fantastic news for me, but lol if it doesn't reek of intense unfairness. I keep expecting there to be some kind of catch, but ah well, if that is so then I will find out next week. Now I just have to hope that the SPL will actually upload the grades by early Feb, ahh that typical UNIVIS grade appearance lag better not fuck me up! At least Carmen got to hand her stuff in already, and I can just observe her example :Db

In other happier fun times news, I got mail from [livejournal.com profile] taurenova, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer and [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! LADIES YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT. I loved the cute little cards and C, I am sorry to say that I have already nommed the lollipop and maple syrup candy. YOUR DELICIOUSNESS, I EATED IT :D. The heron card is really gorgeous, and I am kind of cracking up about that fact that all three of the mail have turned out to have bird related content/motifs... GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, I PRESUME <33

Tiny Art Director ...basically some illustrator dude getting art critiques from his young daughter. It kind of cracks me up because I can just imagine my own tiny cousin dissing her Dad when he tried and failed to meet her expectations in that classic game of "draw shit in futile attempt to entertain bratlings".
LOOK AT THIS MAN'S FACE ...oh Chris Pine, you adorable perv ♥

Everybody has probably already heard about this, or is actually bidding or offering something up for bids themselves, but signal boosting never hurts, right? There is a humongous fandom charity auction going on over at [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti, and just clicking through some of the stuff and seeing the variety and scope of what is on auction for a good cause is pretty damn awesome. Fandom kicks ass ♥
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Started to do so since yesterday, and managed to suddenly wind up in front of the computer at 3AM again. DAMMIT, SELF!! Simon Amstell is probably my favorite host though, he is so hilarious and snarky ♥ Cracked up so much at the episode with Kelly Rowland who kept looking at turns vaguely confused and disturbed by the shenanigans going on XDD.

Because thinking up smooth transitions from paragraph to paragraph is too much of a fucking hassle atm, a random list of things I have been up to:

- Watched Gamer with Carmen on Friday, starring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall amongst others and it was quite possibly one of the most stupid and insulting movies I have ever seen in a good long while. I mean, though the topic is interesting and merits discussion, I had no real expectations of ~depth~ from a movie that is basically about REAL VIDEO GAMES!!1 in the future and nanobots and death-row prisoners fighting to win the game and gain freedom but OH WAIT they are controlled by players!1 and the head of the game tech developing company is EVIL!1, but the cliches the movie traded in were extensive and dated, the way women and people who weren't fit white men were treated was disgusting and demeaning and quite frankly, the action wasn't all that great. It was quite clear that the makers specifically tailored everything in the movie to their core audience of 16-twentysomething year old dudes, and it was evident in things like the titsapalooza in every possible scene, the groupies who vidchat the Gerard Butler Character's gamer calling themselves Cumdumpstaaz (....seriously), fake!lesbians galore and various demeaning things happening to GBC's wife during her "job" as some virtual reality meatpuppet.
The only good thing about the movie was basically Michael C. Hall's unrepentantly hammy yet entertaining performance as the villain (with a southern accent, even >_>;), and I just basically kept imagining him in character as Dexter for the lulz, I do admit it. This scene in particular was perfection. His creepy dancing and lip-synching!

- Finally got around to cleaning up my yahoo!mail account, which was heading towards the big 10'000 of emails, so I uh, spent the afternoon trying and eventually succeeding in deleting 6'000 emails. Phew! All those FB and LJ notifications from ahem, 2006 and 2007, GOODBYE!

- Had delicious delights with Hazel and Carmen today at the Pure Living Bakery. Exceedingly charming place and lovely, home-made pastries. I had a "monster cinnamon roll" that was baked with apple slices in it, om nom nom ♥. Also discovered that Hazel has a crazy, crazy schedule and Carmen and I are basically hobos who complain about actually having to leave the house every now and again in comparison, lol.

- For the last few days, and basically since I came back from Salzburg, I have meant to post a bit about [livejournal.com profile] yuletart. Have probably spammed the same favorites I had over and over again to different people on skype, but never did I actually remember to mention it here. Well consider this the day I change this! My Yuletart pic this year was from Pushing Daisies and I received a lovely Steampunk!DDS picture of Serph from [livejournal.com profile] mashimero. Here is a small selection of personal favorites from this year's lot (go check out the rest!):
A)ZOMBIES AND VIOLENCE! Two tastes that go well together (Left 4 Dead/Team Fortress 2)
B)Gorgeous pencil sketches of Morgana and The Fall (Merlin, The Fall)
C)Utterly fantastic craft-y knitting idea (Merlin)
D)STUNNING genderswap of the main four (Merlin) ...idek why I liked the Merlin stuff so much this year XDDD
E)Bonafide story-tale beauty (Merlin) [livejournal.com profile] nebst, you got some mad skills, lady ♥

ALSO!! Check out these FIERCE LADY GAGA BARBIE DOLL MODS ...the little costumes! GLORIOUS.
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Bits of 2009, the Nearly Done Now Edition:
...first off, I gotta say that I have given up the idea of posting any pics of Copenhagen or assorted summer things I meant to do, so uh. ADD ME ON FACEBOOK if you haven't already, it's all nice and sorted with ~genius~ commentary, even. OR APPROVE MY FRIEND REQUEST AHEM AHEM YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ;DD lol j/k take your time, dude ♥

That said, here be a commentated ~~List of Viennese restaurants~~ that Carmen and I (with assorted guest stars and other friends adding to our numbers randomly, of course) visited last year. I was talking to her about how things were waaaay back in the first semester when we weren't that close yet, and remembered that our friendship was basically built on lunch dates. Which we had weekly at the Coffee Day near the uni. Lolol oh how we've improved, to say the least!

VIENNESE NOMS 2009. Tried to add the restaurant links if possible for future refs and all that. )

AND IF YOU READ THROUGH ALL THAT, you now know why I hardly ever go clubbing: I spend all my money on food and eating out :Db And I DO NOT REGRET A THING ♥

...wow coding and typing this up took ages. THREE AM AGAIN, DAMN YOUUUUU.
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I SHOULDN'T BE AWAKE NOW. And if I must be awake, I shouldn't be in front of the computer, but since I am, I might as well be productive and make a post.

It is still asstastically cold in Vienna (-13 degrees Celsius a few days ago when I WAS OUTSIDE, and -7 today WHILE I WAS OUTSIDE, TOO), but I still have errands to run tomorrow. The TOEFL Test registry place will hopefully be taking my money (ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EUROS UGH THESE RAT BASTARDS) so that I can register to give this test a whirl come January 30th. Might as well see how much ass I can kick at it, nearly everyone I know was been skeptical why I want to do it, but seriously. I can say that I am basically a Native speaker of English and that it was my first language until I'm blue in the face, but unless you talk to me in person, you can't tell for sure just by looking at my stats on paper. I'm either an Austrian or Thai citizen, depending on where I am applying, and the subsequent fact that neither my ~technical~ mother or father tongue is English. Which is where the TOEFL test would come in! I bet the hardest part for me will be concentrating for FOUR CONSECUTIVE HOURS AHHHH THE HORROR.

Sent off some of the holiday mail at least (met up with Michelle and dragged her on my errands with me, ahhh she was so patient ♥), the second batch will be up up and awaaaaaaaay tomorrow! AND SPEAKING OF MAIL, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra's glorious package arrived in my mailbox today and I am the swankest girl who ever swanked now, HAH HAH ♥ LALEX I LOVE YOUUUU! I seriously look forward to wearing those fab red earrings, Lal, and I will be spicing up my Salzburg cowtown-time with the cute bag that is now my official EARRING AND SHINY THINGS transportation :DD.

HAVE SOME ~~LINKS OF AWESOME~~, since I need to kill some tabs again:

__ Top 100 Reuters Photos, Part I ...often heavy and graphic stuff, but worth seeing. Wonderful photography and striking images, which sounds kind of obvious/redudant, but whatever.
__ Castiel Picspam! ...and KABOOOM, we've veered right back into fandom. [livejournal.com profile] aesc has a talent for graphics (and fic. Oh man, her fic *_*), and this picspam is gorgeous. This Favorite Dean Clothing Moments from S4 picspam by [livejournal.com profile] bellanut is also full of the pretty <33.
__ Community picspam of 1.07 AKA ABED AS BATMAN!! ...I keep forgetting to mention here how completely crazy I am for this how and how much it makes me laugh, but it really is one of my favorite comedy series now and this episode is particularly full of massive win. ALSO: everyone needs to have seen the SPANISH RAP. I WANT TO BE A DISCO SPIDER, TOO.
__ PERFECT PERFECT BIG BANG THEORY CAST PICS ...that first one!! I am ridic charmed by Jim and Kaley doing Edward and Bella, I must admit (THE HAIR)! AND JOHNNY AS SUSAN BOYLE. That likeness, bwaaaa. Hope you see these, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer!
__ THIS PRINCESS AND THE FROG SPAM PARTY POST hosted by [livejournal.com profile] halcyonjazz is well worth checking out. FIC! ICONS! ART! Delightful. And on the subject of awesome, [livejournal.com profile] mekosuchinae has been churning out adorable, sweet and sexy-brilliant Tiana & Naveen fic and I heartily recommend everything she writes. It's so good! This and this (!!!!!) one are also two TPaTF artworks on DevArt that I thought were fantaaastic. I FEEL LIKE AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL AGAIN, EEEE DISNEY~~. And seeing the wedding outfits in actuality is even better than I expected. I love Tiana's lilypad gown SO DAMN MUCH.
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-Watched (500)Days of Summer with [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby! It was wonderful and exceedingly charming and just a movie that was made with such care and love, though you really were in it just preemptively feeling sorry for JGL's character already. But if you were to get your heart broken to smithereens by someone, I guess Zooey Deschanel would be a worthy candidate. HER EYES ARE SO UNREAL AND GORGEOUS, HOLY CRAP. And JGL does "head over heels in glorious and all-encompassing love" so damn well, I actually felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable staring directly at his face sometimes. THIS GUYYYYY. The music was also a delight, and Olga I most def want to borrow the OST from you sometimes! PS. I STILL HAVEN'T DECIDED ON WHICH RINGTONE I WANNNNT :O

-Watched the first three episodes of season 9 of Scrubs. I must admit-- it ain't that bad! Nothing can measure up to Scrubs back in its heyday of awesome, but I actually like the new characters, though I still have difficulties remembering their names (Number one/Drew and Angry RA are my two favorites so far though)
-Distracted myself from everything ever (I AM RUNNING OUT OF FANFIC TO READ NOOOOOO)
-Received [livejournal.com profile] quirkytaverna's AWESOME, AWESOME Christmas card ♥ ♥! Thank you so much~~ It is simply adorable, I love the über-Australian X'mas on the beach motif :DD

-Was debilitated by the most overwhelming cramps I have ever experienced in my 21 years of life. Seriously, I had taken two painkillers which are normally more than enough, but didn't do jack shit this time round. I was actually pale in the face, felt nauseous, dizzy and my entire lower back and my lower abdomen were hurting like hell. Didn't know if I needed to throw up or not, and was considering spending the evening sitting in the bathroom with my back to the (glorious) heater and deciding whether or not crying would be a good idea, when Sabrina came back and proceeded to have what sounded like a very intense phone conversation in her room, with foot-stomping and yelling, so I dragged myself over to Carmen's place instead. Probably alarmed her a bit with my insistence of staying seated on the floor of her bathroom, clutching her god-send water bottle and trying not to moan in pain at random intervals. But it helped, and eventually, after about an hour and after a lot of water and tea I felt well enough to head back to my own place. Jeebus christ, I sure as hell hope that this won't start to be a usual occurrence! DNW to be utterly fucked up over this every damn month, ughhhhh. /womanly woes

-Get mail (+presents) started for people and ready to send off (or at least a first batch)! Have already laid out all potential postcards that were carefully hoarded in Copenhagen and collected over the years... and wow that was an exercise that shouldn't have taken as long as it did. Shows how ingrained my pack-rat mentality is that it took me at least multiple attempts to put a travel location card in the "to-send" pile. I mean, I KNOW I do not need at least 3 different motifs for each city I've been in, but tell that to my inner-rabid collector.

OH AND EVERYONE!, if you are not already, this is me telling you to go check out all the goodness that is being posted over at [livejournal.com profile] yuletart right now! I can't wait to see when mine is gonna get posted, but until that happens, there are other super cool artworks and handicrafts being posted three times a day! LIKE THIS FUN STAR TREK ART. Ahhh, so cute!!
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And I am doing absolutely nothing for it, besides visiting Michelle and Elli for a bit later tonight. Can't say I really mind I guess, still have many more years in front of me to do the whole Halloween bash and dress-up thing where I don't have the niggling pressure of imminent BAKK2 thesis at the back of my head. Am basically at the 50 page mark now, with no more than three or four pages more to come if at all from some extra theory padding. I have been staring at it so long that I cannot feasibly tell how my prof will like it. I remain hopeful for a pass, first and foremost, though I admit that the embers of what used to be the fire of my nerd pride still hope for at least a 3 or MAYBE, TPTB willing a 2?

Have been existing in weird semi-work/semi-distraction limbo these past few days still, so here be another attempt at flushing some of my open tabs by posting them here:

MUUUSIC: I had heard a bunch of these Live Lounge covers seperately before, but I had no idea that they were from an entire series. Covers are always something I enjoy listening to, and these are pretty fantastic.
Lily Allen does The Kooks "Naive" ...Lily Allen's singing voice remains endlessly charming to me, and I love what she does with a song that I am already very fond of.
White Lies do Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" ...say what you will about the dude, but Kanye really has a flair for songs, and these songs lend themselves so well to being covered by others. (See also Exhibit A, Kris Allen and Heartless, ahem). The dude's voice is kind of strange, but it fits the song.
Jamelia does Linkin Park's "Numb" ...I admit to having been a massive LP fan back in the day, and I miiiiight still have some of their songs on my ipod ("Bleed it Out" has ridic lyrics but gets me pumped up like woah, ngl), so obviously I am not that much of a hard-sell to like this. Still! I think it's a fab version that might appeal to LP haters, too.
Lee Ryan does Foo Fighters "Best of You" ...I was thrown a bit a first to who this dude was, but it was the hot one from that one UK boyband! "Blue" or something like that. So on that factor I am kind of fond of this version, though NOTHING EVER can top the Dave Grohl vocals on the original ♥
The Fray doing Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" ........LAWWWWWL, just. Ahahaha. And still, the dude's voice is fantastic.
The Noisettes do The Killers "When We Were Young" ...This is by far my ~favorite~ of the batch, and I really like what they do with the song. It sounds so lovely with the female vocals, ahh.

Random lulz:
The gossip corners of the internet seem to be a-flutter with news of Anderson Cooper in India with his supposed boyfriend? ...first off, good for Andy and daaamn that hotel looks swank. And secondly: DAAAAAAAAAAMN the arms on those two. This is veering into Jared Padalecki at his beefiest category now! I am also again in awe of the sheer information seeking stalker-power</> that many denizens of the internet seems to possess. No wonder Anderson is off somewhere in India for his holiday.

A Very Potter Musical ...yes, yes... FIVE MILLION YEARS LATER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, I also finally get around to watching this. Am halfway through and it is amazingly random and somewhat amusing, and I can't stop clicking the next part to see what weirdness will happen next, so there is that. Also, Voldemort is kind of hot. As is Harry. Ahem.
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Today in a week, I should have my printed BAKK2 thesis in hand, ready to dump it at the secretary's office at the institute, because apparently my prof isn't in town yet. Am at 37 pages so far, two more of the interviews to analyze (or rather, summarize, man I am totally winging it), the conclusion and hypotheses and additional theories to add in the beginning to go! I hope it's gonna be good enough to pass, and maybe even get a 2 or something out of it. I really can't tell how she's gonna grade it, but ahh nothing I can do but get it finished in time eh?

But of course, I haven't spent the last few days solely working on my thesis like a good student would do, I have instead been trawling rec lists and reading oodles of Gleefic, as Puck & Rachel have kind of overtaken my brain and are sharing space with the overwhelming love I have for Kurt. So to spread the joy and distraction, here be some of the ones I really liked beyond the cut!
Thank god, there is decent Glee fic out there, woo! )

Some other worthy distractions:
The Fun Theory ...stolen from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] laulan and her wonderful "Awesome-up your Monday" posts, here be a link to what the good people at Volkswagen have been coming up with to make every day activities more fun. I ADORE THE PIANO STEPS LIKE WOAH.
FOOD GAWKER ...aka "WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL HUNGRY AND MAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO EAT ATM SEEM HORRENDOUSLY INADEQUATE?" If you answered: OF COURSE, well this site is perfect. Ahhh, the delicious looking fooooooooood~~
Accidental Dong ...it is kind of hilarious, okay?? I own up to my sometimes lamesauce sense of humor, though I take solace in still not finding fart/poop/puke jokes & humor funny :|
WHYYYYY ...SPEAKING OF DONGS, ugh 1) why is it 500$ and more importantly 2) WHY DOES IT HAVE MY NAME DD: Why can't there be better things named after meeee, bawww.

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I guess I should learn by now that if I don't post before Friday, nothing will happen, LJ-wise before Sunday evening (like now!) because I will spend most of the weekend asleep, eating and bothering the dogs. While I do feel a bit anti-social re:my spotty keeping in contact skills, is was still pretty refreshing, I gotta say! Managed to finally get my ass around to cleaning up my room a bit, we bought two new mini shelves, so now my excess stuff is now somewhat neatly shoved in spaces in an organized manner, as opposed to piled in random stacks all over my desk.

As whoever has me on FB already knows, my Friday was actually ~*pretty damn awesome*~. Another sign of advertising being inherently superior to PR? WHY YES I THINK SO. Basically, I managed to get to observe an actual print ad shoot for a client (some local bank) being shot in a photo studio with the Account Exec P' and some of the creative team. I didn't really know what would be waiting for me, and I wasn't really expecting anything thrilling-- which made the actual reality all the more sweeter. And by reality I mean the entire shoot consisting of one (1) very attractive, very built and very tall male model swing a golf club, over and over again for about 2 hours. The way this guy managed to fill out what should have been nice and safe business casual-wear, it was positively indecent. THAT ASS, OH MY GOD I think I spent the first half hour standing around trying to stifle the gleeful giggles that were trying to burst out of me, all the while attempting to ogle in the most non-blatant way I could. The rest of the shoot was spent sitting down, munching on the provided fruit and ogling some more, lol. It's a shame that the end-result won't really make much of his face visible, because he really had a quite fascinating look-- mostly your expected 'strapping traditional young Asian man', but something exotic 'round the eyes... They seemed almost grey? I was totally debating to myself if he was a luk-khrueng too, but hmm. HOTASS IS STILL HOTASS (seriously he was so taaaaaaaaaall nggg). Also got to have some pretty nice conversations with the creative team staffers, and the studio actually gave us all free t-shirts! So, all round yay for that experience ♥

And now, some links that have been awesome or otherwise tickling my fancy:
Super swank fashion sketch-esque SAILOR MOON art ...yesyes, I know, but damn if Sailor Moon wasn't one of my gateway drugs to this work of animanga. Love the way the outfits have been tweaked-- Neptune's dress!
ZOMBIE PROPAGANDA POSTERS!! ...seriously, so cool. I love that you can also order them all 'aged' and shit, for added retro-authenticity.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] laulan posted some links that gmail fed her, and one of them was this pretty hilarious tee-shirt place. Whilst I may be trying to move my style beyond tee-shirt+jeans, this does not mean I can't appreciate and yearn for some of these. Like UNLUCKY CAT,
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Because you all would have otherwise been treated to an extended version of this already long venting and pity-party session about my day(s). The main gist of the matter basically is that hormones make everything worse, as this sampling of my thought processes today might show:


AAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS, to bring this away from the all-internship whining, all the time (I truly am happy I am getting to experience this, no matter how much it might seem otherwise. I AM LEARNING. I might not be happy that I am being exposed to the glaring deficits in my work skills/traits, but whatever.) --- THE COMIC-CON TRAILER FOR DEXTER SEASON 4!!!!!! SO FUCKING EXCITED, OMG. This, Glee and Supernatural are pretty much gonna rock my Fall program watching worlddddd~~
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My dear mother seems to find great joy and personal fulfillment in buying suspiciously HOT PINK merchandise for her very male cat. She is transcending color-cliches, I guess XDD. Lolol I wonder what costumes he'll be getting for this years batch of holidays? His pink Easter bunny get-up was pretty cute though, I must admit!

The weather is otherwise insanely dreary and affecting my (already meager) productivity levels. FFFF whyyyy, I need to get so many things done, ahhhhh. Must go eat delicious fresh fruit to bolster my spirits now.

OH-- and lastly, check out this awesome vid: Buffy vs. Edward. Smartly edited and just the thing to watch when the Twilight ~movement~ is particularly eye-roll inducing.
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I've claimed a story for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang! The summary: "RPS AU. A practical carpenter, Jensen doesn’t believe in magic or fairytales--but when a messenger appears from thin air looking for him, he finds himself drawn into a mission to rescue a wizard he has no memory of, who just happens to be trapped in a place no one knows how to get to. Set in modern times with fantasy elements, including a palace of birds, alchemy, and a tower east of the sun and west of the moon."
Akjsfhakjf I am already so psyched, lol I was eagerly scrolling through the stories for something that wasn't all too DARK!!1, because as awesome as that may be at times, I think it's the last word that can be used to describe my art (that I have been woefully lazy in actually bringing past sketch stage/posting on LJ whoops). But fairytale happenings! ACH ♥
Looking forward to using this as an occasion to really get to create something fun and awesome and COMPLETE, lol this is probably the main reason I feel the need to sign-up for such things, I need the pressure to actually do shit.

Speaking of Supernatural-- oh how I wish season 4 wouldn't be over so soon already D:! I haven't really been LJing any ep reactions lately, because youtube has been intensely vexing with the speed that it takes the eps down that people post for schmucks like me who aren't able to torrent things. I mean, I will probably spend the entire summer once I get the DVDs in BKK rewatching like a mofo, but it's the whole immediacy of getting to watch the eps NOW that is the real deal. THIS SEASON FINALE/LAST TWO EPS WILL SO KILL ME DEAD THOUGH. SAM! DEAN! DDD:!
(This difficulty is also the reason why I haven't been watching Southland, eventhough the first ep was really good and I am already intrigued by all the characters. Ben McKenzie, helllllo again~~)

But now for some (multi-fandom)links/recs:
_A Picspammers Guide to Picspamming ...I lovelovelove [livejournal.com profile] bellanut's SPN picspams, so this post was an extra treat to read/oogle through.
_"Five Signs Your Wolverine Might Be Gay" ...ffffff ahahahaha :D Something to keep in mind when I GET TO WATCH IT TODAY WOOOOO :Dbb GAMBIT BABY, HERE I COME.
_Raidou vs. King Abbadon Release Art Countdown ...[livejournal.com profile] amei and [livejournal.com profile] wredwrat are both brilliant, brilliant artists who have an immensely high turnout rate of awesome, mostly game-related art, and nothing exemplifies this better than having a look at this chock-full o' goodness blog. Megaten goods, unfff. Also IP cockblocking is keeping me from seeing the pics on their LJs, so I am hella thankful for this kind of 'Umweg' lol
_Seriously one of the BEST Iron Man vids I have seen in a while ...seriously, WATCH IT. Ace editing, and the song just fits like a fist to the face. Fantastic!
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Dad is back from Prague today! We met up at their hotel (The Holiday Inn in Margaretengürtel, surprisingly nice rooms for European standards), Dad gave me the two pairs of earrings he apparently bought for me there (!!!) and we waited for Robert to come pick us up for dinner at the Silberwirt, which is apparently part of a collective of wine bars/restaurants in what used to be an actual castle. Nice, solid and delicious Austrian fare-- had a enormous Styrian corn-fed chicken thigh with Krautsalat and a chocolate Palatschinken/Crepe that was filled with a chestnut-marzipan filling and slathered in forest berry sauce, accompanied with vanilla ice cream! OM NOM NOM. Prague was apparently a grand success on all accounts, and Dad apparently is convinced that he's gained about 10 kilos since he arrived in Austria. The food in Prague was uniformly delicious, and what we have planned for the following days until their flight this Friday evening is also going to be pretty hardcore for the waistline. BUT SO GOOD. To wit: Schnitzel at the famous Figlmüller again tomorrow, another sumptuous old-skool Viennese meal at the Plachutta and probably my birthday dinner at the Orpheus (I can even schlep Carmen along, woo!).

Keeping with the food related blathering of this entry, Carmen and I also intended to finally check out the Schwarze Kameel, one of the most famous and oldest delicatessen/cafes in Vienna. So we finally got there, took a quick view of the premise, sat down for about five minutes and promptly got up and left again. The place didn't look to be worth the 6€++ for even your most basic nibbles-- the waitstaff was clearly harried and everything was just kind of messy and eh. AH WELL. It totally counts as a 'done' on our "Places in Vienna we have to eat at" list :DD. I would still say that the actual delicatessen shop is worth paying a visit to though! We still ended up having us some decadent joy-- ICE CREAM AT THE DEMEL, blueberry and violet+mango sorbet ffffffff A GLORIOUS MEDLEY OF FLAVORS IN MY MOUTH ♥.

Oh and in preparation of ROMA ROMA ROMAAAA coming in a few weeks, we also went shoe shopping, being both firmly convinced that we NEED roman sandals for ultimate tourist GLEE. We were more than successful, and I even managed to find a pair of 'size 41's that for some crazy reason fit me. Thank you, shoemakers who feel the urge to lie to your consumers! Mine also ended up being an utter STEAL at 30 fucking Euros, and whilst I can apparently not find them on the online version of the shop, here is a similar, yet clearly not as awesome one that looks like mine. Another reason why my shoe was Perfect and Made for Me? It actually has a zipper/support thing at the heel, so I don't actually have to do each and every one of those fiddly roman sandle-buckles! Wonderfulllll~~ Shall start wearing them tomorrow, here's hoping I won't get too many blisters!

PS PR PRESENTATION IS OVER AND DONE WITH! I think we did well to okay. Snob!Boy was also one of his groups presenters and wow did his partner keep on blathering and blathering. I just wanted to listen to snob!boy talk! And look in my direction and kind of unnerve me with his INTENSE ICY-BLUE SNOB STARE unfffffffff why is this dick so damn good-looking??
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In lieu of actually doing serious work today, I have managed to wash two whole loads of laundry (MY BEDSHEETS SMELL LIKE A FIELD OF FLOWERS NOW AHH BLISS), talk to both parental units and plan my BKK itinerary, upload all my audiobooks to my iTunes library (appaaaarently my ORIGINAL COPY of I am America (And So Can You!) isn't immediately recognized as an audiobook? Mmmkay) and rewatch all my downloaded fandom vids so far. Also, I found out that 80% of the course for next semester are online already and I have already pored over it for a good hour and made a tentative plan for the summer semester. NOW IF ONLY I WOULD GET THE STUFF DONE SO THAT I CAN PASS MY CURRENT CLASSES AND ACTUALLY ATTEND THESE WONDERFUL HYPOTHETICAL CHOICES *headdesk*.

OH WELL I STILL HAVE FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL MY FINAL BAKK1 PP PRESENTATION 8DD (thank god the actual hand in date for the finished deal got stretched to the 13th of Feb lol).

AND NOW have some delicious distractions instead!

Words cannot describe how much I am looking forward to this week's SPN ep :DD! I wish you could see Dean's "The whistle makes me their god." comment in this one preview though~


OLGA these are the Rahm badges I was telling you about :D

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert's Reality Show segment on TDS NEVER GETS OLD. THE FOX AND GOOSE SHOW FTMFW!

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I survived BILDUNGSPSYCH II! I sure as hell hope I am not jinxing myself when I say that I am at least sure I got a 4, and am crossing my fingers for a 3. JUST PASS ME PLZ. It is amazing how much one can actually miss a good ol' short answers handwritten test with NO MINUS POINTS FOR WRONG ANSWERS, thank you dicktastic multiple choice MO of 80% of PKW stuff! I knew a few things cold, wibbled on some other ones and just plain made shit up for the rest I blanked on. HERE'S HOPING FOR VICTORYYYY. And now I only have 3 1/2 more looming deadlines to go, all but one of which are due this coming friday! YAY??

Carmen and mine's traditional 'Let's get dressed up a bit and go eat at nice restaurants' thing was another resounding success ♥ We went to the Limes and it was a shining beacon of classy yet understated decor, seriously attentive staff and STUPENDOUSLY DELICIOUS FOOD. I had the Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Herb Sauce and biting into each gnocchi was like tasting a slightly chewy, yet springy pillow of potato-ey fluffy goodness. IT WAS DIVINE, FOR REALS. Also their portions were more generous than one would expect, Carmen especially got her money's worth (all 16€ of it lol) with her order of Nero Risotto with Grilled Prawns. My dessert of Pumpkin Flan with a Honey-Cinnamon Sauce was also deeeelish~ ♥ Seriously a place to rec to the parental units if they ever make it here.

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OH ANDY COOP. I think I have been meaning to make this post if not since something last summer, but then at least in November, when my dormant obsession really started flaming up again. I just keep getting distracted and start fangirling him in other people’s LJs instead, lol. So now, even if others have already done so much better before, just for my own reference and maybe as a little bit of help to the newly converted (Miss Olga~~ *winkwink*), a quick and dirty selection of awesome links about one Anderson Cooper, hotass and serious business news journo extraordinaire ♥

GOD THEY WERE SO ADORABLE, I CANNOT DEAL. Carter looks so much like his mom in this pic, his eyessssssss. And I just want to pinch their little cheeks, ach!

1)Anderson Cooper is Not John McEnroe AKA 'THE DRUNK GIRLS STORY'. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ♥ Kelly Ripa cracking up as he tells it is also super cute :DD
2)CNN Planet in Peril Outtakes ...AKA Anderson Cooper is ~squeamish~ and easily startled by critters, for all that he is a hardened war correspondent XD And Jeff Corwim loves to be a dick to him ♥ "I trusted you, and you made me bleed??". LOVELY. (BONUS: Jeff, Anderson and a FROG)
3)Anderson Cooper hosts the CNN Pick of the Litter Puppedential Debate AKA INSTANT FAVORITE ♥ "WHO'S A GOOD BOOOOOOY"

CNN/AC360/The Shot w/Erica Hill
Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin shooting the shit for their NYE countdown promo AKA I could watch these two talking and making jokes all the time ♥ Hilarious!
'Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt, for god's sake!' AKA Kathy's mom thinks her daughter shamed the family for Kathy's awesome 'Knock the dicks outta your mouth' heckler remark during the NYE broadcast XDD.
Anderson Cooper co-hosting anything with Kathy Griffin is GOLD AKA I am too lazy to look for the entire NYE countdown show, but this clip features the bit where she punches him, which is lolarious, so.
Anderson Cooper gets a 'Wy'/Wii ...and utterly fails to get why it is awesome, hee!
Anderson Cooper asks his Mom for Mother's Day gift advice AKA Gloria Vanderbilt is Awesome.
Anderson Cooper turns 40 and gets some birthday wishes from his Mom ...the cardboard cutout!
Anderson Cooper gets interviewed by Larry King. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 ...Basically one of the interviews when Anderson was on the Dispatches promo tour. And I gotta say, hot damn was Larry a weeeee bit blunt and insensitive with some of the questions in Part 3 re: Carter's suicide. I love the footage of young!Anderson you see scattered throughout this interview though.
Anderson Cooper talks Paris in jail and dog/duck friendship ...I love the bit where he's all "and I'm sure the dog will love the duck even more when it gets slaughtered for food' and Erica goes "That's horrible!" "What, it's true!."
Anderson Cooper loves cute bears ..."with the little SCHNOZZZ ♥" lolol O Andy.
Anderson Cooper tries his hand at cooking AKA it is so obvious that this dude lives off take-out XDD
Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill have fun with stoned cops ...oh, some people.

Moar Co-hosting The Regis and Kelly Show with Kelly Ripa
Anderson Cooper tries Coke Blak and well, '...loves its spirit?' AKA the vid where Anderson Cooper spits Coke Blak onto the studio floor. STAY CLASSY, ANDY COOP ♥
Anderson Cooper refuses to do the 'Thigh Dance' AKA LOOK AT HIS FUCKING PHYSIQUE GOD THOSE FUCKING BICEPS.
Anderson Cooper has a stalker! ...oh boy Andy, oh boy XDD
Anderson Cooper on the Lohans AKA Catty awesome Andy is awesome ♥ I love how much he is a fan of crappy reality TV shows XDD

Anderson Cooper on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, PART 2. ...Love Craig Ferguson and love "I do the frisky monkey pony thing at home" ahahaha :D
Anderson Cooper get spun around by Rob Riggle AKA the awesome DNC TDS clip everyone knows where the gif comes from XDD
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Because I sure as hell needed 'em these past few days!

No Sense At All by [livejournal.com profile] tabaqui. Cute and cracky Castiel/Dean fic. My Wincest OTP heart beats ever-strongly, but I admit to be quite ~*intrigued*~ by Dean & his angel. I blame Misha Collin's soulful blue eyesssss.
Smite Your Bitch Upby [livejournal.com profile] eighth_horizon. Dean continues to corrupt educate Castiel in how to successfully hang out with humans. Or make them stare at him with open-mouthed horror. Sam lives in fear. ...bwaaa, what more needs to be said?? Hilarious stuff :D
Outcast on a Cold Starby [livejournal.com profile] not_refined. Dean’s alone, except he’s not because Castiel’s there – what Dean can’t figure out is why exactly. Just lovely.
Nestfallenby [livejournal.com profile] not_refined. A conversation over cocoa. Sequel to the above linked fic. Another delightful read and the image of Dean making Castiel a cup of cocoa with basically turned milk is somehow oddly adorable to me. Made me make embarassing N'AWWWWW noises when I read this through, iirc.
Never Travelledby [livejournal.com profile] dotfic. Now THIS one is just plain smoking hot. And still touches upon the iffy aspects like what exactly is up with the fate of the vessel, and yeah. Read and weep at the lovely writing, though. Guhhh.

Pink Shirts and Tin-hats: A J2 2008 Retrospective by the illustrious [livejournal.com profile] missyjack, who is this mad source of SPN info that I gladly stalk, ahh. But this post! ACH, BOYS ♥ How can they be real?? And so adorable and sexy and brilliant?? God, it is almost enough to spoil one for actual RL dudes >_>;;
THE EPIC LOVE STORY OF SAM AND DEAN by [livejournal.com profile] proofpudding. This vid totally deserves the ALLCAPS!!11 of squee and more, because holy fuck, it is SO EPIC. Everytime I watch this vid, it's like my heart swells up 2 extra sizes or something. Gorgeously made and guh, the vidfile that is downloadable is so HQ, you can basically lean back, fullscreen that sucker in Windows Mediaplayer and bask.

Iron Man:
Get Your Gun, I'm Done by [livejournal.com profile] rocknload. “I don’t wanna be a superhero/I don’t care so don’t call me.” ...holy fuck. This fic. Oh shiiiit, Tony. So sparsely written, but in that elegant and beautiful way that just lures you in, all the better to shiv you in the emotional gut later. I admit to tearing up like whoa during the end. Hurts so goooood DDD:
Genius by [livejournal.com profile] quigonejinn. The possible story of Movie!verse Maya Hansen that meshes a lot of her comic!verse origins. Engrossing is one word I'd call this fic. Love what the author does with the repetition in this fic. Ajhdjjf. And the fact that she linked Lykke Li's "I'm Good, I'm Gone" as a writing inspiration. Now that song is firmly lodged into the back of my brain. The vid is especially at turns fascinating and somehow intensely creepy O_o;;

ZOOLANDER AT CFUD!!1 ...seriously, isn't that app perfection??? And Hansel is there, too! The recent counselor round was all kinds of win anyways, ffffffuck, there's the Millenium Earl, General Marian Cross, THE WINCHESTER BROTHERS (mark 2!), moaaar Hetalia countries, Maes Hughes!, Hakkai, and JD and Dr. Cox to name a few! Ahhh, following CFUD will be blissfull again ♥

Papa Don't Preach by [livejournal.com profile] fan_eunice and [livejournal.com profile] greensilver. Jack is keeping his baby...yeah, we went there. ...SO PERFECT AHAHAHA. Who knew that TW/Who and Madonna could be such a stunning mix of perfection?? [livejournal.com profile] gwy, I bet you've already seen this, right??

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: THIS WEBSITE, IT WAS MADE FOR ME. ...so genius (that URL!), and such a wonderful place to lose track of time in the wee hours of the morning. AHH. My scribbles to Sabrina feel so ...normal, in comparison to some of the stuff posted there, lol.
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THE SINK IS CLEAN! THE MOTHERFUCKING BATHROOM SINK IS CLEAN AND NOT FULL OF GROSS YELLOW SPLOTCHES! Fuck yes, she cleaned it! SUCK ON THAT CLEMENS, HOW IS THAT CONFLICT AVOIDING HUH?? HAH. Communication (be it per passive aggressive notes) totally works too, fucker!

And what's this I hear about LJ going to be down for the whole of tomorrow?? Server move? Man, it's like the world is forcing me to actually study for the exams next week, hurfdurffff. Shall try to whip my laziness into shape! And even if I fail, there is less on the internet to distract me? SMALL MERCIES?? I do not know!

But to spice things up, a random collection of links that have piqued my interest these past few days, yet again in a random formatting because I can never ever really remember to stick to one. Structure, I am apparently not a fan of you!

__Why have I never seen this TDS clip of The Best F*$kin' News Team Ever at the DNC?? The bits where they are 'harassing' Anderson Cooper is the best. THE BIT AT THE END WHERE ROB RIGGLE PICKS HIM UP kjsafhjkasfh "My. Oh my...Oh my." alskj SO CUTE I CANNOT DEAAAAL.
__T REX T-SHIRTS!!! It looks like such a happy shirt!
__The Victorian lady's PERFECT bitchface will never not crack me up like hell ♥
__BEARS WITH FUCKING SAWS!!!!! WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE ON A SHIRT. That shade of yellow is also totes cute.
__EETS THE CIIIIIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIFE! Such an epic design of awesome.
__Hilarious roast of Stephen Colbert by Rahm Emanuel at this charity thing. OR where THAT one picture comes from that everyone has been posting like crazy. It's ~*awesome*~ okay?? Also I will not link to the uh, new wave of pundit/Rahmfic that I have been reading over at [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama but uh, suffice to say I have been, and enjoying it MIGHTILY and whatever was left of my sense of shame has shriveled up anyways. IF IT HELPS I ALREADY CONSIDER THEM REALLY AWESOME SEMI-FICTIONAL CHARACTERS? Lol.

THAT'S IT. OFF TO BED NOW holy shit am I ever so tired.


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