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2005 - THE PRESENT, lol. Also mainly for my own personal reference, since I must admit to myself that my previous one isn't all that up to-date anymore. Clearly I just need to sign-up for more fests and challenges. And wow are a lot of my old Pbucket links broken. Whoops.

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I have returned since Monday and have already managed to feel like my sense of time is out of whack. And have gone to bed at midnight or half past midnight the last two days. I wonder if these feelings of being tired are the depressing truth that jetlag is now finally affecting me? Ugh. Have so many things to do in the limited time I am here, and am already feeling the danger of falling into a lump of Not Caring and Not Doing Enough.

Productive Things Done So Far, Though:
__ AN "OFFICIAL" GRADUATE IS ME (AKA I now have the complete papers in my hand). Three and a half years of university that ended up crystallized on a few pieces of unspectacular paper, handed to me even WITHOUT the cheap-ass carton folder (Uni Wien ran out. SO CLASSY). Ended up with a slightly better GPA than I expected, which is nice. I will probably still not really have internalized the fact that this part of my life is now well and over with, though I am already feeling very chill when I hear about everyone's uni assignments and go "I AM FREEE". Bring on a whole new set of other problems though lol. I do like the fact that my semester sticker only runs out on my birthday, which means that for Getting Shit Cheaper purposes, I am still a student next month. Because damn the transit tickets are hellaciously expensive once you can't use a semester ticket anymore.
__ Met with Wido yesterday to hang out and give him his belated birthday present (assorted Thai curry pastes and dried fruit), he made such an adorable :DD face when he saw it, ahhh. Have also been hanging at Miss Olga's domicile in the evenings and we watched Charlie Bartlett yesterday. ANTON YELCHIN IS SO ADORABLE and I basically spent the entire movie being ridiculously charmed and making eeeee noises whenever RDJ appeared as well. I still stand by the fact that Charlie's love interest had an ENORMOUS HEAD though. And the punkass dude looked like a poor-man's version of Puck from Glee. Or is it the other way around, since the movie came out first? Hmm. Speaking of movies, I also saw Precious on the flight to Vienna. While I guess a bit of the sheer impact of the film was diminished by seeing it on such a tiny screen, it was still a very intense experience and Gabby Sidibe and Mo'nique's performances were truly amazing. I spent a lot of time just making horrified faces at Mo'nique's character's actions especially, JFC.
__ Made an email inquiry to a travel agent re: my ticket back to BKK, made some prelim checks of when I should go to see my grandparents.

Things that should be done tomorrow, goddammit self:
__ Buy the train ticket, go to MC and see about canceling my phone contract, get the dorm cancellation contract filled out, pay for April net
__ Throw some stuff out, sort through paperwork, see what to do with my bank accounts and insurance, MAKE LIST OF SHIT TO DO

Things that I will be doing right now:
__ Get ready to see Olga and go to some talk that our Bundespräsident Heinz Fischer is actually holding in the dorm campus here. Though I have never really involved myself with Austro-politics much, I still think that seeing him in the flesh would be kind of cool. And Olga has the best anecdotes about him (the last time he did this talk, he actually laid some tracks-- old school jazz!-- at the post-talk party thing lolol what)
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Slight progress is also progress, amirite? Failed at getting my cover letters done today, yet managed to send off two applications that didn't need any, so that is a mark in the WIN column. One was one of my favorite ad agencies in Vienna (Draft FCB Kobza, one of their higher-ups actually came to do a guest presentation in one of my WERB ATs, ahhh) and the other was this TUI Travel PLC International Management Trainee thing. Again, the latter is probably one of these fantasy goals a la the SONY EGP, but it never hurts to try! Just reading their program description of all the travel involved makes me kind of excited, ngl.

I did manage to leave the rooms to go drop off that last batch of mail, do some grocery shopping (and treat myself to an utterly delish Kümmelbratensemmel ahhhhh ♥) as well as bite the bullet in getting rid of my old uni notebooks and photocopied study material. It always takes me a while to work myself up to these things, hoarder that I am. Not to say that I didn't flip through everything to look for doodles that I wanted to save (since all my notebooks ended up as sketchbooks, lol I never stood a chance what with my notetaking fail starting with like my second uni lecture ever XDD). It was a bit depressing to read through most of my study notes and not really remember much of what was covered in the classes though, whoops. Still have a shitload of clutter and things that I guess I don't necessarily need, but I guess I'll have to slowly work myself up to purging some things, too. Lol Olga, do you know people who want some cookbooks? WOULD YOU LIKE SOME?? XDD

Oh and speaking of which, here are my meme answers that you tagged me with:
A. List ten habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag ten people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1) I literally flinch, turn away and have to close my eyes at even the slightest hint of people doing things to their noses like making piggy snouts or pressing it up again window-panes and etc. I AM TWITCHING IN DISCOMFORT just typing this skjfhaj it grosses me out so much DD:
2) I can listen to the same song on a loop for hours on end, but will still never be able to tell you the complete lyrics to it.
3) One of my favorite things to do is just comb my hair after it has been freshly washed, conditioned and blow-dried. The simple pleasures of vanity lol.
4) There is no current superior sweet sandwich filling atm to me than Carmen's Mom's Jam (blueberry & rum) + Ovomaltine chocolate creme.
5) I always miss being able to lean on or otherwise be touchy-feely and cling on my parents when I am not home, I don't care how old and mature I am supposed to be now.
6) I never seem to be able to come up with satisfying OCs, so one day I will totally snap and just draw gijinka versions of our cats & dogs and use their random anecdotes as plot
7) Sometimes I think I just want a boyfriend mainly so that I can fully live out my hairtouching fetish. Other stuff is of course also appealing, but the hair.
8) When I tend to extremes, I always lean towards too much than too little of a good thing. It's been a project trying to reel this urge back, but I sometimes succeed in not going overboard.
9) I seriously do not think that I will ever be able to do a forward roll. Pigs will fly and ice-skate in hell before I try it ever again.
10) My love for Salami-pralines/mini salamis/Jean Caby's Croc'Sec cannot be adequately rendered in textual form.
...I TAG [livejournal.com profile] laulan, [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight and the rest of the spamthread ladies, [livejournal.com profile] gwy and WHOEVER WANTS TO DO IT :Db
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The past few days have been very informative re: WHEN CAN WE FINALLY GRADUATE fuckery. So, as far as we know, there is no problem with the electives as we have written them in the fancy Yellow Paper of Potential Graduation, no problem with the random electives still floating around being unsorted in the UNIVIS online account and I heard back from my UE WERB prof that the grades from our blockseminar last Nov will be handed in by January. And at this week's UE HIST I actually found out from the teach that by volunteering for inputting some questionnaire data in pre-made MS Excel tables (referring to a pre-made code book!), I will a) get a grade by the end of January and b) apparently not have to write the 4-5 page reflection that everyone who isn't coding will have to do?? I mean, shit, this is freaking fantastic news for me, but lol if it doesn't reek of intense unfairness. I keep expecting there to be some kind of catch, but ah well, if that is so then I will find out next week. Now I just have to hope that the SPL will actually upload the grades by early Feb, ahh that typical UNIVIS grade appearance lag better not fuck me up! At least Carmen got to hand her stuff in already, and I can just observe her example :Db

In other happier fun times news, I got mail from [livejournal.com profile] taurenova, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer and [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! LADIES YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT. I loved the cute little cards and C, I am sorry to say that I have already nommed the lollipop and maple syrup candy. YOUR DELICIOUSNESS, I EATED IT :D. The heron card is really gorgeous, and I am kind of cracking up about that fact that all three of the mail have turned out to have bird related content/motifs... GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, I PRESUME <33

Tiny Art Director ...basically some illustrator dude getting art critiques from his young daughter. It kind of cracks me up because I can just imagine my own tiny cousin dissing her Dad when he tried and failed to meet her expectations in that classic game of "draw shit in futile attempt to entertain bratlings".
LOOK AT THIS MAN'S FACE ...oh Chris Pine, you adorable perv ♥

Everybody has probably already heard about this, or is actually bidding or offering something up for bids themselves, but signal boosting never hurts, right? There is a humongous fandom charity auction going on over at [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti, and just clicking through some of the stuff and seeing the variety and scope of what is on auction for a good cause is pretty damn awesome. Fandom kicks ass ♥
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But I have a limited time-frame of internet time again, and a bunch of things to post still. Just posted my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas picture in the previous entry and sent off my last UE Hist that was transformed into something almost beautiful thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's Mad German Beta Reader skillz. Hopefully my Prof will be so tired from the holidays that she accepts my vague yammerings and doesn't notice/mind that the 2 pages and spare change are in 1.5 Zeilenabstand XD.

Here, mainly for my own reference and "journaling" purposes, a summary of the previous, internetless days. Also known as, THE COWTOWN CHRONICLES, Winter 2009 Edition
Behind a cut for better scrolling by, and also because it is long as fuck. TL;DR ALAAAARM )

Today I got dragged out for a rousing round of Bockareiten, or bobsledding as I guess one would call it in English. And by rousing I mean that I refused to get on one and basically dragged Sara's sled around and up and down hills, sweating and wheezing all the time. Again, awesome work-out though. I hope the constant yawning that I was doing all the time is something that won't happen every time I leave the house, though. That and the ever present pressure imbalance in my ears sucked, too. Makes talking very strange, when you can hear your own voice echo in your head...
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Even though time continues to hurtle by at quite alarming an alarming speed, I am at least happy that things seem to be looking up now. Because I remain far too fond of this easy format, again I present a list of HAPPY:

__ I PASSED ABWL!!. Just about made it with a four (Carmen kicked my ass with a 3, but woo we are both through!), and hoooooooo fuck am I ever so relieved! This means that I can hand in my Freie Wahlfächer form early Jan, hope it gets approved in the three weeks it takes to process, and theeeen once my final last two seminar grades are in the system by what will hopefully be early Feb, submit my Bachelor's Degree application form thingamajiggers so that I can finally fucking GRADUATE already after the additional three weeks it will take for that to hopefully go through the system. Graduating university seemed so much more easier and full of pomp and ceremony in the American movies, lol. I guess it's still just true that no one here gives a flying fuck about Bachelor's Degrees, though I am not about to start my Masters just because part of me does kind of want a nice ceremony

__ [livejournal.com profile] jorajo!! I GOT YOUR CARD YESTERDAAAAY ♥!! Thank you so much Rhonda, I loved the adorable penguins~~~ Your signature is so loopy and cute, ahhh I AM ALL FULL OF FUZZY PENGUIN FEELINGS NOW. And ironically, I am still sitting on my large pile of mail for EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE, lol whoops?? EXPECT THEM TO BE SENT OFF MONDAY/TUESDAY OR SO. I hope. At least I can guarantee that it will be extra awesome mail? (Especially [livejournal.com profile] laulan, I am already curious how much the shipping will kill me, but PREPARE TO GET YOUR MIND BLOWN with this Chrismabirthday package ;DD)

More HAPPY within ♥ (Vampire Diaries, The Princess & The Frog )


Oh and THIS was pretty cool. A "gibberish rock song written by an Italian composer to sound like English". Interesting things about how language sounds to be heard here, and I for one really did think at times that it sounded understandable at times, but more in the nonsensical words in the trippiest lyrics ever way. A link for the language nerd in all of us!

PS OH WOW THIS ENTRY IS LIKE A GIANT WALL OF TEXT. But it felt good to type. So yeah. Feel free to TL;DR or something XDD


Dec. 16th, 2009 06:23 pm
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DEAR IMMUNE SYSTEM, I would like you to stop right there and not even think about starting to fail on me. The raspy cough that is beginning to get more intense as the hours go on, the weird way I seem to be aching everywhere, the delicate beginnings of a headache and the surprising lack of appetite? Kindly fuck off and die. I have already taken two Vitamin C tablets today, I am guzzling enough water and will be bundling up like woah when I head out for dinner with Carmen and her visiting sister, so THAT WILL BE THAT. Ugh, cold weather sickness woes, DNW!

Today has not been all that good of a day so far, so I really hope dinner at the Shanghai Tan will lift things up a bit. Thought I'd have a long-overdue nice phonecall with my Dad again, but that turned sour real quick. It's my fault for forgetting the key rule when Talking To Dad About University/My Future: LIE. LIE LIKE THE DICKENS. It's apparently useless trying to explain that given the unknown timespan getting all my paperwork processed will take, I haven't actually sent out any job applications yet. All the agencies and what-not right now are only looking for positions to start Jan or early Feb, and that is a time I know for sure I won't be done yet (even in the best case scenario when I pass ABWL). But of course, all this reads as excuses to him, and me not holding up my end of the apparent bargain we eked out in the summer. Thus, he was also not all that happy with my plan to come back home for a month in mid Feb, and well. Oh man. I know he only means well, and has my best interests at heart, but the way he says it never fails to rankle or reduce me to ridiculous tears because it always sounds like he is disappointed and insinuating things about my failure/idiocy/naivete/whathaveyou. Which is at least somewhat dealable over the phone, but hah, there have been many awkward and super snot-filled bawlfests in person in the past.

But, nothing I can do I guess. Will continue to try and at least get my CV and cover letters translated, my application papers scanned in and such this month, and I'll just start sending off things in the beginning of January then. It's times like these where I intensely wish that I could just say FUCK IT and go back to Bangkok, but even super-whiny self-pity party queen me knows that it's a stupid idea given the pittance I would earn. If only if only. I guess this is one of the things I at least enjoy about this half-life you live in university: You have all this time, and you can sometimes hid from decisions behind it, but eventually the clock does run out. I know that immediate Masters programs are out of the question for me, both due to intense personal disdain for the theoretical/dry curriculum in Vienna and parental no-nos-- but the idea of postponing it all some more did have its moment of temptation.


Dec. 15th, 2009 03:25 am
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-COMPLETED ABWL EXAM. I can be social again, now that the crunchtime is over! Or tomorrow, when I wake up again. But back to the exam. Well. What to say about it? It would be lying to say otherwise: This was one of the most difficult tests I have ever written. Due in part to the pressure (IF I PASS: LAST UNI EXAM EVER) but also because I had no real concept of how to do a large part of the math in it. Still, there were bright points, most notably the fact that the BWZ people are lazy fucks and apparently like to reuse the same exam questions, so some of the answers I tried to halfheartedly memorize off the ~dubious answer sheets~ were actually featured. And drilling some simple formulas into my brain actually paid off. Made it even more embarrassing that I got really mixed up on some of the theory though, what the hell. Hope that won't be my undoing, hah! All in all, I still wouldn't be surprised to have failed, but oh how I hope that luck is on my side and that I made the correct guesses... I do not want to have to redo this exam, all the note-taking I actually ended up doing has got to have been the most physical writing I have done since forever. I am such a horrible uni student. ANOTHER REASON WHY GRAD SCHOOL WOULD BE SUCH A HORRIBLE IDEA FOR ME

-Carmen and I looked utterly fab, dressed to the nines even headed to our academic doom in the JESUS FUCK IT'S GETTING COLD of Viennese weather. Her: Kickass yet feminine leather jacket, roughly-knit dark red scarf, dark blue fitted v-neck sweater and her swank long-ish dark blue/green/white plaid skirt with boots. Moi: my awesome new indigo winter jacket, black shirtdress with silver/black sequined squiggle pattern, dark grey tweed shorts + grey stockings & boots.

-Early X'mas present exchange time! Swapped our gifts since we won't have much time together once her sister arrives on Wednesday and combined it with watching the Dexter S4 finale and the first four episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Will probably have to make another separate post tomorrow, but suffice to say HOLY SHITTTTTTT re: the former, and GODDAMN, THIS IS SO FUCKING ADDICTIVE to the latter. Damn you, vampire show that I actually wholeheartedly enjoy. True Blood doesn't really count, as I am really just interested in what Eric and his entourage are up to... ANYWAYS. So I had no idea what this giant rectangular thing wrapped in aluminum foil (in lieu of wrapping paper, wut) on Carmen's bed was, amidst little tiny gifts like hairbands, pudding and caviar(!) face masks, which made my mind even more blown when I opened it and saw: THE FUCKING COSMOPOLITAN MEN'S B&W CALENDAR FOR 2010!! LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PIECE OF ART. The size alone pretty much blows me away (71 x 49,2cm!!) and the men pictured are all just simply gorgeous. And naked. I don't know how much I have mentioned this on LJ, but it is pretty much something I have always done since I started uni here-- treating myself to a nice b&w male nude calendar every year. My uni friends are apparently at turns either delighted or vaguely weirded out at how enthusiastic I get about it, tss~~. This year's calendar was quite disappointing, which meant just using some old favorites as decoration, but now? I am extra-thrilled to hang this baby up in January ♥
And I was pretty happy that Carmen liked my present for her-- basically assembled a set of blue and nautical themed accessories (batik sky-blue scarf, turquoise+anchor earrings and matching bag keychain, blue & white glassbead flower earrings) as well as a pair of Nepalese and Indian bracelets snagged in Bangkok and the last of the fancypants Green tea I set aside. Buying presents for her is so satisfying, ahhh :D

.....is it nearly 3.30AM already? FUCK. Sleep calls! Man, I hope that when I wake up, Sabrina's male ~visitor~ will be gone. I knew there was a reason behind her cleaning the bathroom all hardcore like that a few days ago! Good thing I spent so long over at Carmen's room, ugh I remember the previous visits all too well. NOISE POLLUTION. They should go back to fucking at his place, ugh I despise them so :|
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So I didn't want to admit it, but the ABWL/Intro To Business Endtest (due Monday!!) is seriously gonna eat me up and spit me right out. I am woefully, woefully unprepared for it, I cannot parse the math behind it, nor can I fully and accurately remember the theoretical parts, and I will be basically screwed. And then everything will be delayed and less I pass the retake in January, my graduation will be delayed again. For 5 measly ECTS extra-credit points. FUCK.

So, I have decided that since even considering all these Serious Factors, my concentration is wobbly at best, I will have to declare a quick LJ/FB/email hiatus until Monday is over. I'll be trying to get the last few tabs I have open answered, but after that-- I guess it's see ya on the flipside, ladies! Please think genius and math & business-y thoughts my way on Monday :(

ALSO: DEAR SABRINA, WHY ARE YOU BACK AGAIN. Please have another screaming fight with someone on the phone and then disappear for more than 2 days this time, please please please? You are also welcome to interpret "more than 2 days" as forever, be my guest!
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-Watched (500)Days of Summer with [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby! It was wonderful and exceedingly charming and just a movie that was made with such care and love, though you really were in it just preemptively feeling sorry for JGL's character already. But if you were to get your heart broken to smithereens by someone, I guess Zooey Deschanel would be a worthy candidate. HER EYES ARE SO UNREAL AND GORGEOUS, HOLY CRAP. And JGL does "head over heels in glorious and all-encompassing love" so damn well, I actually felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable staring directly at his face sometimes. THIS GUYYYYY. The music was also a delight, and Olga I most def want to borrow the OST from you sometimes! PS. I STILL HAVEN'T DECIDED ON WHICH RINGTONE I WANNNNT :O

-Watched the first three episodes of season 9 of Scrubs. I must admit-- it ain't that bad! Nothing can measure up to Scrubs back in its heyday of awesome, but I actually like the new characters, though I still have difficulties remembering their names (Number one/Drew and Angry RA are my two favorites so far though)
-Distracted myself from everything ever (I AM RUNNING OUT OF FANFIC TO READ NOOOOOO)
-Received [livejournal.com profile] quirkytaverna's AWESOME, AWESOME Christmas card ♥ ♥! Thank you so much~~ It is simply adorable, I love the über-Australian X'mas on the beach motif :DD

-Was debilitated by the most overwhelming cramps I have ever experienced in my 21 years of life. Seriously, I had taken two painkillers which are normally more than enough, but didn't do jack shit this time round. I was actually pale in the face, felt nauseous, dizzy and my entire lower back and my lower abdomen were hurting like hell. Didn't know if I needed to throw up or not, and was considering spending the evening sitting in the bathroom with my back to the (glorious) heater and deciding whether or not crying would be a good idea, when Sabrina came back and proceeded to have what sounded like a very intense phone conversation in her room, with foot-stomping and yelling, so I dragged myself over to Carmen's place instead. Probably alarmed her a bit with my insistence of staying seated on the floor of her bathroom, clutching her god-send water bottle and trying not to moan in pain at random intervals. But it helped, and eventually, after about an hour and after a lot of water and tea I felt well enough to head back to my own place. Jeebus christ, I sure as hell hope that this won't start to be a usual occurrence! DNW to be utterly fucked up over this every damn month, ughhhhh. /womanly woes

-Get mail (+presents) started for people and ready to send off (or at least a first batch)! Have already laid out all potential postcards that were carefully hoarded in Copenhagen and collected over the years... and wow that was an exercise that shouldn't have taken as long as it did. Shows how ingrained my pack-rat mentality is that it took me at least multiple attempts to put a travel location card in the "to-send" pile. I mean, I KNOW I do not need at least 3 different motifs for each city I've been in, but tell that to my inner-rabid collector.

OH AND EVERYONE!, if you are not already, this is me telling you to go check out all the goodness that is being posted over at [livejournal.com profile] yuletart right now! I can't wait to see when mine is gonna get posted, but until that happens, there are other super cool artworks and handicrafts being posted three times a day! LIKE THIS FUN STAR TREK ART. Ahhh, so cute!!
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Before I go to bed, here the post I was meaning to make ever since I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] laulan on separate occasions about fashion and closet space. Uploading pics to Pbucket was so weird today, ugh why so laggy :(

A summer haul of dresses and what has been described as my vortex of a closet. Also, bits of Vienna! )

IN OTHER NEWS, when I was over at her place today to absorb productive Yuletarting waves and watch TV on the side, I showed [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby Adam Lambert's FYE video and she is weirdly ~~IMMUNE~~ to his awesome charm. Which is okay, and THAT JUST LEAVES MORE ADAM FOR MEEE. But dude, I do hope you realize that I will still be yammering at you about him anyways, eh? And there is no way that Gerard Way looks manlier that Adam. No fucking waaaaaaaaay~~
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when!?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

If you like, copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

Out of boredom, I thought that I would just check my UNIVIS account and see if my BAKK2 Thesis grade was in already. Didn't really expect it to be in yet, but checking never hurt, right?


....OKAY WAIT CARMEN JUST SAW ON FB AND CALLED ME. I AM NOW SLIGHTLY LESS HOPPED UP ON EXCITEMENT NOW THAT I HAD THAT CONVO, THOUGH I AM TOTALLY CALLING MY PARENTS AND MY GRANDMA TO PREEN/GLOAT TOMORROW. ESPECIALLY THE LATTER-- so I might not be as academically accomplished as my cousins, and this grade won't really drag my cumulative GPA up much, BUT IT IS STILL THE HIGHEST GRADE on what is one of the main academic papers of my ~university career~, and this means that BOTH of my big BAKK/Bachelor's Thesis papers have been 1er grades. SO SUCK ON THAT, HAH!


[livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] laulan, THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN SO MUCH FOR BEING MY GRACIOUS, ARTICULATE LJ INTERVIEW PEEPS ~*and*~ extra super special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and [livejournal.com profile] laulan for going beyond the call of duty and awesome and being wonderful beta readers ♥ ♥ ♥. It probably wouldn't have been much without your crit and eagle eyessss. ILU ALLLLL!
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1.) CARMEN HAS BEEN BACK SINCE SUNDAYYYYYYYY ♥! My dorm life, my uni life, my ~~life in general~~ now feels complete again! I mean, I functioned pretty well and was actually quite social on my own, all things considered, but it really is a different kind of complete awesome, now that she is back. We went shopping on Monday and I basically had an intensely productive haul, hello SWANK NEW BLACK ANKLE BOOTS and really awesome indigo blue Esprit EDC winter jacket that I can't direct link here, but believe me when I say that it is totally stylin' ♥ Also, I ordered Havemercy and the Generation Kill book from Thalia-- holiday reading, here I come!

2.) So many fun things are planned for these next few days/weeks-- outings with Hazel and Marius, lunch and movies (NEW MOON LAWL) AND IMMINENT COPENHAGEN!1 with Carmen, girl's night in with Daniela and Romana, maybe something with Wido so he doesn't freak out over his thesis AAAAAAND I have been ace with skyping people recently ([livejournal.com profile] laliandra I LOVE OUR CONVOS, even if the internet is a cruel cocktease connection-blocker!) and JOHANNES even skyped me of his own volition. Good boy <33

3.) MISS OLGA AKA [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby is back from her trip to Chi-Town and I am already all a-quiver to hear ALL ABOUT IT and botherbotherbother her and her glorious bachelorette pad again. YOU BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS MISHA AND THE Js, DUDE I WILL FOREVER BE SO JEALOUS, AND THAT PICTURE WITH MISHA IS LOVELY ♥

4.) Fantastic mail from my RL friend La and dearest [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! C, I cannot state how much I adore those ginormous earrings, and lol now I am actually thinking about future wardrobe pieces to buy to wear around those earrings, as I fail at having neutral basics to really flaunt these babies :D Already got compliments from the two days I wore them though ♥ Must start on my own mail packages, haven't decided when I should time the sending off of stuff-- maybe one lot pre-Copenhagen and then the Copenhagen goods get smooshed with the intended Xmas mail? HMMMMM.

5.) MY WEEKEND WAS SO BOSS. Career-confirming, even! PR and magazine writing, you are doable, but you can never ever measure up to the joy that advertising brings me ♥ I never would have though that spending 12 hours doing uni seminars on a weekend would have been so enjoyable, even considering that *shudder* MATH was involved. Media Planning is crazy hard, but I can kind of see the fun in it, and the beauty in getting the numbers to align and fall into place. The CEO of a really big Media research firm in Austria was even our prof for this course, and lol he apparently was a graduate of this major, too? A SIGN THAT PUBLIZISTEN CAN ACTUALLY GET REAL JOBS lolol. Have a lot of time to work on our final assignment for the next session that is the weekend we get back from Copenhagen: A PPP on our own new media impulse and idea for an established brand-- mine are the tiny yet delicious D'Arbo Fruchtikus. I THINK IMMA BUY SOME AGAIN... for "research" purposes, ya know ;Db
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At the very least I was overcome by righteous disgust and rage and totally cleaned the fuck outta that under-sink area that is technically not my responsibility to clean, as I don't use and have never used it for anything, but fuck it. Everything in the kitchen and bathroom is cleaned-up now, there are new mats and towels and everything, and I am happy when I step out of my room. I am happy whenever I am alone of course, but now this is like an extra helping of yay and joy. Which means that this won't last long, so I must savor it as long as I can. I still regret not taking a picture of how everything looked pre-cleaning though, ahh.
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As of this afternoon, my Bakk2 thesis was officially out of my hands and off at the printers to be binded nicely and cost me far too much cash (38€ WHAT THE FUCK). I FINISHED IT! And I must say, with no small thanks to the glorious ladies [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and [livejournal.com profile] laulan and their eagle eyes and willingness to listen to my extensive complaining (if you think I was bad on LJ/FB, just imagine me on a mobile phone) and go "YOU ARE BEING VAGUE HERE. CLARIFY" at the bits where I was lazy and throwing around words like ~aspects of identity~ and being all hand-wavey.


This is by far the most I have ever written in my life for a single purpose or course or whatever. I know I kept whining about how I hope I just pass, but honestly I have become kind of proud of it, and I hope the prof likes it and gives it a good grade. Tomorrow morning, all I have to do is pick up the thesis paper from the printers at nine, half past nine-ish and head off to the institute to drop it off in the secretary's office tomorrow morning before noon and I should be hopefully set and really and truly done with it. It is such a strange feeling, I mean, I just spent the evening kind of blankly sitting and staring at stuff online because I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Lol somehow looking for distractions doesn't work as well when one doesn't really have anything actually pressing anymore XD.

ALSO,TOMORROW ONWARDS I now have no more excuses for the following: starting with Yuletart and SPN/J2 Xmas artings, translating my CV into German and writing cover letters to apply for shit, DOING MY LAUNDRY WHOOPS and thinking about what other uni things I need to get done. Ahhhh!

IN CONCLUSION: Have a typically strange video from my favorite Thai band ever, MODERN DOG ♥ The best part of their songs is how they build to a gradual crescendo (at ca. 3:00 ish in this song), wait for it~~ And this version at least has subs so you all can understand the random spoken bits in between. I still want to know more about the story in the beginning though :<
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And I am doing absolutely nothing for it, besides visiting Michelle and Elli for a bit later tonight. Can't say I really mind I guess, still have many more years in front of me to do the whole Halloween bash and dress-up thing where I don't have the niggling pressure of imminent BAKK2 thesis at the back of my head. Am basically at the 50 page mark now, with no more than three or four pages more to come if at all from some extra theory padding. I have been staring at it so long that I cannot feasibly tell how my prof will like it. I remain hopeful for a pass, first and foremost, though I admit that the embers of what used to be the fire of my nerd pride still hope for at least a 3 or MAYBE, TPTB willing a 2?

Have been existing in weird semi-work/semi-distraction limbo these past few days still, so here be another attempt at flushing some of my open tabs by posting them here:

MUUUSIC: I had heard a bunch of these Live Lounge covers seperately before, but I had no idea that they were from an entire series. Covers are always something I enjoy listening to, and these are pretty fantastic.
Lily Allen does The Kooks "Naive" ...Lily Allen's singing voice remains endlessly charming to me, and I love what she does with a song that I am already very fond of.
White Lies do Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" ...say what you will about the dude, but Kanye really has a flair for songs, and these songs lend themselves so well to being covered by others. (See also Exhibit A, Kris Allen and Heartless, ahem). The dude's voice is kind of strange, but it fits the song.
Jamelia does Linkin Park's "Numb" ...I admit to having been a massive LP fan back in the day, and I miiiiight still have some of their songs on my ipod ("Bleed it Out" has ridic lyrics but gets me pumped up like woah, ngl), so obviously I am not that much of a hard-sell to like this. Still! I think it's a fab version that might appeal to LP haters, too.
Lee Ryan does Foo Fighters "Best of You" ...I was thrown a bit a first to who this dude was, but it was the hot one from that one UK boyband! "Blue" or something like that. So on that factor I am kind of fond of this version, though NOTHING EVER can top the Dave Grohl vocals on the original ♥
The Fray doing Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" ........LAWWWWWL, just. Ahahaha. And still, the dude's voice is fantastic.
The Noisettes do The Killers "When We Were Young" ...This is by far my ~favorite~ of the batch, and I really like what they do with the song. It sounds so lovely with the female vocals, ahh.

Random lulz:
The gossip corners of the internet seem to be a-flutter with news of Anderson Cooper in India with his supposed boyfriend? ...first off, good for Andy and daaamn that hotel looks swank. And secondly: DAAAAAAAAAAMN the arms on those two. This is veering into Jared Padalecki at his beefiest category now! I am also again in awe of the sheer information seeking stalker-power</> that many denizens of the internet seems to possess. No wonder Anderson is off somewhere in India for his holiday.

A Very Potter Musical ...yes, yes... FIVE MILLION YEARS LATER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, I also finally get around to watching this. Am halfway through and it is amazingly random and somewhat amusing, and I can't stop clicking the next part to see what weirdness will happen next, so there is that. Also, Voldemort is kind of hot. As is Harry. Ahem.
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Today in a week, I should have my printed BAKK2 thesis in hand, ready to dump it at the secretary's office at the institute, because apparently my prof isn't in town yet. Am at 37 pages so far, two more of the interviews to analyze (or rather, summarize, man I am totally winging it), the conclusion and hypotheses and additional theories to add in the beginning to go! I hope it's gonna be good enough to pass, and maybe even get a 2 or something out of it. I really can't tell how she's gonna grade it, but ahh nothing I can do but get it finished in time eh?

But of course, I haven't spent the last few days solely working on my thesis like a good student would do, I have instead been trawling rec lists and reading oodles of Gleefic, as Puck & Rachel have kind of overtaken my brain and are sharing space with the overwhelming love I have for Kurt. So to spread the joy and distraction, here be some of the ones I really liked beyond the cut!
Thank god, there is decent Glee fic out there, woo! )

Some other worthy distractions:
The Fun Theory ...stolen from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] laulan and her wonderful "Awesome-up your Monday" posts, here be a link to what the good people at Volkswagen have been coming up with to make every day activities more fun. I ADORE THE PIANO STEPS LIKE WOAH.
FOOD GAWKER ...aka "WOULD YOU LIKE TO FEEL HUNGRY AND MAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO EAT ATM SEEM HORRENDOUSLY INADEQUATE?" If you answered: OF COURSE, well this site is perfect. Ahhh, the delicious looking fooooooooood~~
Accidental Dong ...it is kind of hilarious, okay?? I own up to my sometimes lamesauce sense of humor, though I take solace in still not finding fart/poop/puke jokes & humor funny :|
WHYYYYY ...SPEAKING OF DONGS, ugh 1) why is it 500$ and more importantly 2) WHY DOES IT HAVE MY NAME DD: Why can't there be better things named after meeee, bawww.

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BUT!! In other, epic-ly delightful and stunning news-- [livejournal.com profile] laulan, I GOT YOUR MAIL!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT DUDE AHHH. Color me utterly, totally and relentless charmed and happy and over-joyed. So much awesome-- the Trader Joe's Choc Pudding that I am saving for a special occasion, and damn if the packaging is not simply retro-glorious beauty. Ahhh, I admit that I was always curious about Trader Joe schwag, and now I can find outtt! Eee! BUT THE MOST ULTIMATE WINNER OF EVERYTHING EVER IS THE PERSONALIZED DOMO-KUN THESIS COUNTDOWN ADVENT CALENDER. I MEAN!!! No wonder you were saying something about days. And lolol dude, you are almost making me look forward to the days passing so I can open a new box! I ALSO ADMIT, I BASICALLY TEARED UP WHEN I GOT IT, OH MY GOD one of the most sweetest things anyone has ever mailed me ♥ ♥ ♥ ILU FOREVER MY DARLINGGGGG! *TWIRLS IN GLEE*

Other than that, my life remains the same as always, though I went to uni today and apparently there are over a 1000 students who have barricaded themselves in the Audimax, and who have been doing so since the afternoon (I went there at ca. six thirty). Apparently they'll even be sleeping there overnight. It's going to be interesting to see if the Minister of Education will actually do something about their protest and their demands, though I must say I get why the people are protesting because seriously, it's like the rules and regulations of the universities change with each goddamn semester. And amongst other things, we do have a problem in Austria with all the Germans coming over to study who couldn't make it past the admissions/Numerus clausus back home and overload the courses and the resources. Ahhh.

Random ♥ links ♥ to round this entry off:
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And I am slowly feeling that thrumming beat of OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK that will hopefully spur me on to greatness, or at least a passable okay-ish grade by the end of this month. I have to get in done by the 1st of November (Sunday), get in printed on Monday, and as that takes 24 hours to bind and etc., I will then hand it in on Tuesday the 3rd, which Teach thankfully approved, though I just realized I typo'd the date in the email. Oh well. So far: I HAVE 13 PAGES. Of at least 50, but I think the hardest part is basically the theoretical part I am struggling through now. I hate writing these parts, all you're doing is regurgitating quotes and trying to wring some sort of a logical order out of them, all the while hoping you quoted correctly and are not committing indirect plagiarism and hoping the Prof doesn't notice you've been using the same three sources over and over again for one page. Ugh! TWO MORE WEEKS!!

Other than that I have been a winner in procrastination and time-wasting-- as two of the previous days were basically lost and spent in a stupor in front of the computer... man, I think I need to unplug the internet when I continue work tomorrow. WORST WORKER EVER I AM, that's for sure.

I do have some awesome links again though!

Things probably relevant to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's interests:
"Twisted Princesses" ...basically this guy reworking the Disney princesses in ways that are creepy, scary and generally quite awesome. I like Mulan the most!
Fantastic "Lord of the Flies" illus ...got the link from [livejournal.com profile] wredwrat's LJ and I just loved the art. The cover is somehow supremely unsettling to me, lol wut.
ALLSAINTS IS SO EXPENSIVE BUT DAMN THIS COAT IS FINE ...seriously, it looks so damn swank and like the best damn trenchcoat ever ngggg the sexy, sexy detailing! The uneven edges! Also, THIS is also swoon-worthy. A double-breasted coat! The buttons! The almost suit-tails effect in the back! SIGHHHHHH ♥

Fashionistaaaa things:
Actually cute "vampire-inspired" jewelery ...well okay, it's a crocheted necklace, but still. I wouldn't wear it, but I'd strongly consider it for Halloween lol? Would make the perfect gift for some Twihard, I'm sure.
FFSkyer_nancy's Flickr photostream ...nabbed this link from [livejournal.com profile] bravecows and I simply adore how this girl also draws her outfits. So lovely and whimsical!

Supernatural vids:
A Charming Man by [livejournal.com profile] giandujakiss. Castiel-centric and ohhhh, how this makes the potential menace that Castiel had in early to mid-season 4 more present in my mind. I adore how tightly edited this vid is, in particular the sequences with Dean, Castiel and the Crossroads demon. And how the lyrics fit so damn well. Just noticed I still had the tab with this link still open lol, not that I haven't already downloaded it and watched it a kabillion times. Those of you who haven't should do so, asaaaap. So good!
Legion by [livejournal.com profile] sockkpuppett. A demon-POV-centric (Team Hell!) SPN vid set to a metal mash-up of Paramore's "Misery Business"? I would never have thought it, but it was pretty much AWESOME. And so fitting, given my still ongoing obsession with that damn song. Snappy editing here again, with some really smart moments and pretty neat, subtle effects.
Little Lion Man by [livejournal.com profile] killabeez. Featuring quite possibly one of the most addictive songs I have recently heard. It's one of the things I love about vids the most, getting introduced to these fantastic bands that I wouldn't ever have heard of before. Even if you aren't a SPN fan, I think the song itself is worth a listen to. That lead singer's voice! And of course, the BANJOSSSSS! And back to the vid-- oh holy crap, it's just a great depiction of the messy, intertwined relationship that our dear Winchesters have going on, and it especially shows that shoving blame on someone is a two-way game. The editing is nigh heartbreaking at times, gaah.



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