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2005 - THE PRESENT, lol. Also mainly for my own personal reference, since I must admit to myself that my previous one isn't all that up to-date anymore. Clearly I just need to sign-up for more fests and challenges. And wow are a lot of my old Pbucket links broken. Whoops.

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- Cheer-inducing links: I WANT THIS NECKLACE SO BAD. LIKE REALLY BAD AHHHH *_*, Yay Lady Gaga fanart!, TONY STARK FACTS FUCK YEAH, My inner 8 year-old is SQUEEING at this (western) live action Sailor Moon casting picspam, Another SPN genderswitch casting that I think has some interesting ideas of the Not Winchester characters
- It was a beautiful and sunny day, and I had lunch and hung out with Ex-Tutor Georg, Clemens and Wido at the Stiegl Ambulanz. Delicious noms (Kärtner Kasnudeln!) and a fantastic rambling conversation that quickly went off the tracks and turned into an exercise in who could say the most outrageously perverted things and tell the stupidest jokes. I am pleased to say that I scored a few good zingers and played a part in making two grown men cry from laughter :DD I also feel that I deserve bonus points, as we made Georg laugh through most of his sudden phone-call and be basically unintelligible to someone who turned out to be his date for tomorrow. WHOOPS :DD And when we parted ways I got a hug from him that lifted me up a bit (always thrilling when guys do this to me as I am not petite and light and thus never expect it) and a last parting shot that broke his brain (the fact that Vulcan peen is very likely green XDD)
- Saw A Single Man with Olga today, and what an amazing experience. An utterly gorgeous, intensely well-acted and wonderfully well-made movie that delighted, made you cry and even laugh at certain parts. Seriously, the last thing I expected going in to watch this was that I'd be laughing a bunch of times thanks to the sprinkling of jokes and moments of surprise levity. Colin Firth rightly deserves all the accolades he got for his role as George Falconer, he was spectacular. As was Matthew Goode (the flashbacks to various memories that George and Jim had together! AHHH sobsob). Nicholas Hoult seemed weirdly orange (probably because his hair was so light, too) and I spent a lot of time in his scenes staring at his faaaace and his fuzzy white sweater get-up and marveling at how tall he apparently is. Another thing that HAS to be mentioned is the score. OH MAN. I need to get the OST as soon as possible.
Youtuuuuuube clips )

- THE SITUATION BACK HOME. "Deadly blasts hit Bangkok protest" (helpful maps), "Bomb terror grips Silom" and Thai grenade attack kills at least 3". WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. This is just getting worse and worse. And what is perhaps the most creepy part of these attacks to me is that I know that area, and normally like spending time there (especially in the evening browsing the night market that is set up on the sidewalks... which, oh, was AROUND THE TIME THE GRENADES WENT OFF :|||). The BK Magazine office I interned at are basically also on the opposite side of the street where the grenades went off. As I've mentioned before, Bangkok is becoming more and more inhospitable for all the plans I had made for slowly getting myself settled there on my own-- living near Langsuan (a stone's throw away from the red-shirt camp), shopping and perhaps also working at Ratchaprasong (REAAAALLY smack-dab in the red-shirt camp) and now this happening to Silom? I've heard that the shopkeepers in the area are mobilizing and ready to defend their homes and livelihoods though, which is great. Though I can already see that this'll just end with more injured, and more dead. AUGHHH.
My plan remains reaaaaaally hoping for the Singapore thing to work out (the lady won't be calling me tomorrow after all, and I'll just be dropping by for a face-to-face interview on the 28th, since we're going to Singapore regardless. Yay birthday present!).

...I now forgot what else I was going to say. OH RIGHT I AM WAAAAAAAAAY NOT DONE WITH PACKING AND MOST OF MY LAST ERRANDS YET. FUUUUCK. So gonna stay home and try to get this done on my last night in Vienna tomorrow, I don't care how anti-climatic it is.
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MY FEEBLE HUMAN MIND CAN'T CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING for more that half an hour at a time, all attempts to improve to the contrary :(( At the very least the one thing I am good at upholding is waking up at 8-9AM every day. I mean, I then fritter the day away nonetheless, but at least I have the delusion that the day lasts longer and I technically would have time to Get Things Done. Saturday evening, and I'll already be in a plane to Bangkok! I am super excited, but oh maaaaaaaan is there ever still a boatload of things to do and such little time to do them.

Tomorrow I will be heading over to Miss Olga's place, where I will be abusing her scanner (IF I HAD THOUGHT TO ASK EARLIER THIS COULD HAVE ALL BEEN SO MUCH EASIER lol faiiiil, self) and bothering her with my BAKK2 interview questions. Which I still need to polish a bit. Hooo. I think I have never had a lead in to my flights back home that weren't full of rushed OMGOMGUNISHITOMGOMG-ness.

But! That aside, have some links that have been pretty damn awesome and entertaining:

__ THIS CREEPYCOOL SPN vid by [livejournal.com profile] proofpudding. I've loved all of her work so far, and was thus quite interested to see this vid she made for her [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang writer's fic and uh. Who knew that the Dandy Warhol's made such creepy music, too?? Lovely short vid that sets a mood up quuuite well.

__ THE COLORS IN THESE PICS, GAAAH by [livejournal.com profile] griseldajane. One of the BB art entries that is probably one of my favorites that I have seen so far. The sketchy lines + rough yet clearly thought through coloring are some of the things I wish I could emulate so much! But uh, I apparently like my solid lines + neat colors too much whoops. NEVERTHELESS, I just love this. The realism as well, ahh.

__ MMMH MANIPS by [livejournal.com profile] evenindeath. To round off the types of art mentioned here lol. This was just so breathtaking in how clean and smooth everything was formed together to make something new (since the majority of the art in this challenge IS CG/manip'd after all). And so creative, I love some of the images created here.

I'm too lazy to rec any fic, but I have basically been reading the ones from authors I recognize from other fic when I can squeeze the time in between Not Thinking of Uni, and what I've read has been pretty brill so far. And still so much to go, ahhh, BB is truly an embarrassment of fic riches ♥

Really good KHR fic about the girls in the Mafiaaaa by [livejournal.com profile] lysapadin. I always thought Kyouko and Haru got the short end of the stick in Reborn, and this fic fleshes out what they could be doing in the future of the series most excellently. The rest of this author's fic is also pretty great-- I enjoyed the one with Hibari and the constant time loop too lol it is basically a great explanation for the current ??? plot going on. Oh why do all the shounen series have to end up as such draaaaaaaaaaaaaagtastic fight scene after fight scene things?? :(

OH WAIT I HAVE A SPN FIC REC AFTER ALL by [livejournal.com profile] rivkat. SO this is basically what I never knew I wanted re: SPN and MBV coming together. OH TOM HANNIGER YOU POOR SOD. Where is the fic with Tom/Whatever Jared's character in F13 was called?? It must exist, right?

OH THIS DICTIONARY ...so perfect, asfkjhjkafsh ♥

.........maaaaaaaaaan, it is already past 12 and I haven't gotten my quote-typeage for uni done yet fff so much for that today. SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS MY DAMN CONCENTRATION D:
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Which means that I finally got the chance to watch the Korean movie version of Fumi Yoshinaga's brilliant, brilliant manga Antique Bakery someone put on YOUTUBE in its ENTIRETY (+IN ACE QUALITY!!)and honestly? IT WAS SO GOOD. I expected something shallow and fun, but was prepared to cringe a bit from the adaptation, but it was A-with-a-capital-A adorable, quite faithful and detail-oriented and just all around well-made. The casting for the actors! The fact that they actually didn't cop out on Jean-Baptiste and Sun-Woo (=Ono) actually kissing on screen! THE (ACTUALLY NOT ALL THAT BAD) FRENCH! The musical numbers, seriously! And I admit, the last few minutes of the movie had me tearing up a bit, just like every time I reread the manga. The sense of calm, of just moving on with your life-- kjafhk basically, Fumi Yoshinaga's work so owns my heaaaaaart. which is why I will NEVER EVER EVER watch the craptacular j-dorama, hissssssssss

IN CONCLUSION: IF ANY OF YOU GUYS FEEL THE NEED FOR A MOOD LIFTER, CLICK THAT YT LINK ASAP. OR TORRENT THE DAMN MOVIE. It is brilliant and full of hot guys and delicious cake and even more delicious plot and character interactions, and then you should buy the manga and I will then hook you up with the porny dojinshi that the mangaka actually continued with drawing, AND IT'LL BE ALL GOOD. I mean, I was in kind of a crappy mood, and hella tired to boot, but now I have watched the movie and am now quite cheerful! Still tired as fuck, but w/e~~


AND OF COURSE, the following meme, which is full of Truth and Moar Truth: If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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I am utterly and totally knackered, to steal a Brit way of saying things. Holy crap. And I have no real idea where this is coming from, but I just feel this resounding feeling of mental and physical lethargy-- so if I seem a little off to you guys these next few days, it is because I am running on what you'd call Stromsparmodus. This better not be my brain already preparing for Roma roma romaaa (NEXT WEEK HOMG!!), ugh there is so much unwanted uni crap to deal with still this week.

In an effort to not make this entry even more pointless and boring, have some links that have been at least moderately to quite entertaining, via Ye Old Youtube:
_Some person on YT who's uploaded a bunch of current anime ...I can highly recommend K-ON! as a fun and cheerful anime about a group of four girls who decide they want to start a band and make it big. Adorable character designs and relationships, and seriously solid animation.
_Their ED is also insanely catchy and one of the most addictive to watch that I have seen in ages. ...Or more likely: I am just totally transfixed by the moe moe character designs. And I am a sucker for lip-synching during OP/ED themes or just basically Band!actionn. Their dresses! So darling~ (And here's the Full Version of the K-ON! ED song btw)
_"The Monster without a Name" ...who here also read and LOVED Naoki Urusawa's brilliant Monster manga? Never really had time to watch the anime, but here are some clips of the animated versions of the creepy and wonderful fairytales that were woven into the plot of the series. GAAH. Lovely visuals, but GAAAAH. Further tales: "The Person with the Big Eyes & The Person with the Big Mouth" and
"The Troubled God"

_Wonderfully clear and understandable YT vids on different hairstyles ...Non-anime/manga lol, and FINALLY, a vid that makes me understand how one does a fishtail braid. And the sheer variety of things this woman can do with her hair is fascinating. It's so long and glorious O_O

Also, it occurs to me that I haven't really posted about last week's Supernatural. Huh. Suffice to say that it pretty much blew my fucking mind and I am on the edge of my seat to find out what happens in the SEASON FINALE this week. Expect mindless ALLCAPS and cursing of Kripke to occur thereafter!

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Since I have been constantly neglecting my other hobby of maaaaaanga, I've spent large bits of yesterday evening alternating the now usual punditry/RBR and SPN with catching up on my old series on onemanga.com:

Koukou Debut/Highschool Debut: IT'S OVER NOW??? D:! Now where will I get my occasional cute and fluffy highschool romcom fix? But oh, on what an adorable note it ended! Haruna and Yoh's relationship is just so adorable and I think this will be a series I will reread just for sheer 'DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!1' factor.

Bleach 353: ...never has it been more obvious in these last few dozen chapters that Kubo Tite is clearly working on autopilot or whatever, because uggggggggggggh I still like the art a lot, but holy hell has it turned ever so boring. And loosely plotted. Poor Ishida for lying around getting [SPOILERED] whilst everybody else was getting distracted by Ulquiorra/Ukelelelele's [SPOILER]. The color spread for this chapter was pretty boobtastic though, and Rangiku/Orihime's bikinis fit this time! >_>;;

Fullmetal Alchemist 94: AND BY CONTRAST, THIS IS HOW GRIPPING AND AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT that is true to the character's development, fitting with the overarching plot and just damn fine to read is done. HOT DAMN, ROY MUSTANG, YOU CRAZY SCARY FUCK ♥ EPIC EPIC EPIC ♥ For more spoilery discussion of HOW FANTASTIC!!!!!!11 it was, please to be checking out this post. Hiromu Arakawa just keeps on bringing it, and on that note-- how great is it that Sarah Reese Brennan/[livejournal.com profile] sarahtales's book's Japanese edition is getting a cover drawn by Arakawa-sensei?? SO MUCH WIN.

AND IN OTHER RL NEWS, I am currently headdesking-slash-being infuriated at the stupid shit that is currently going on back home in Thailand. WHAT THE FUCK, RED SHIRTS, WHAT THE BLEEDING FUCK. Forcing the cancellation of the ASEAN summit in Pattaya? Breaking into the hotel? Fighting in the streets? Good to see you have clearly given up on trying to have the "moral high ground", though in my opinion the actions of the Chiang Mai fraction what with their random beat-ups of radio guys who allegedly support the Yellow shirts and the way you forced the gay pride parade to be canceled (SINCE THAT HAS SO MUCH TO DO WITH GETTING THAKSIN BACK) totally lost that tenuous hold since at least last November :/// And now the country is even more down the drain, re: international reputation, good job! Also, way to ring in the Thai New Year :|||. Akjhfekjhsfa it is just so terribly frustrating, and I honestly don't really know how this will get resolved, besides there just being a constant wave of protests and counter-protests ad infinitum. I don't profess to have a full view of the situation, but I like what I have heard of Abhisit so far, and I do think that he is a good choice, especially since he is ARTICULATE and SMART-- but there is only as much as he can do, especially since the fact that about 95% of the current politicians in the country are just fat, lazy and irreparably corrupt and self-centered anyways. UGHHHHH.
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Have plowed through all 122 chapters of Skip Beat available so far over the last 2 days and OMG NO WONDER THE WEEKEND WENT BY SO FAST. This is high quality FUNFUNFUN shoujo as it should be, with a kickass heroine(KYOUKO AND HER INNER-DEMON SPIRITS AND EVIL LOOKS LOL) and a great leading man(REEEEN), who even though he is burdened by the cliche-tastic tall(seriously, the proportions in this manga are WHACK), dark and handsome character design trope, manages to be a really interesting dude in his own right. I was squeeing and gushing and sighing all throughout reading this, and if this were a manga I could have actually held in my hands, I sure as hell would have been cackling like a crazy bitch and rolling around on my bed at the same time, THAT'S how fun reading this has been! Will continue to watch Kyoko act her heart out like a pro and interact with the other characters for many more chapters yuss yuss :Dbb
This is what onemanga says about the plot: "Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!"

Other manga recently read there include: Hana Yori Dango(FINALLY! And oh my god it is SO EPIC O3Ob), Shinshi Doumei Cross(super shoujotastic fun once I could finally distinguish the different character O Tanemura-sensei this always happens to me with your work >_>;;), some Tenjou Tenge(LOL o man how Oh Great!'s art changes for the better) and the recent bits of XXXHolic
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I meant to do something else, probably be all productive for uni and all, but then I reread 'Good Together' AND IT BROKE MY HEART ALL OVER AGAIN. Waaargh, Asapin TAT. Was hungering for moooar afterwards, but shame that 95% of the rest of the Karekano fics on FFNet continue to kind of well, suck. But I guess it's one of these fandoms that don't actually leave much room or give an urge for fic-writing? I remember being on Rhoddlet(of HP fic fame)'s webpage once and seeing a Karekano section on her fic page and there was this ficlet that featured the trio? Or referenced to Asaba's interest in Arima and I wanted so badly to click it but the link was incorrect or something like that, and I was so very bummed, heh. It is obviously one of the great fic losses that will forever haunt me, much like how I wish Rage Point's "On Moonlight's Leash"(HP AU, what-if James Potter didn't survive coming between Snape and Werewolf!Remus during the night of the Prank and the rippling effects this would have had on everybody. Super gritty and very noir-ish and exceedingly awesome) was a)continued and b)still be able to be found in some form on the Internets. Ahh :(.
But back to Karekano-- got around to reading some of the later volumes again and besides admitting to myself that I was kind of let down by the later bits/the end resolution, I was also kind of sad to note how Masami Tsuda's art style seemed to be getting blander and blander. Could hardly tell some of the characters apart and I must say that the 'not showing the eyes of a character because the ANGST/undefinable emotion is so strong' tick is fine and dandy, but not when it's executed as such that it looks more like the mangaka forgot to fill in the eyes. So I guess the point of this blather is that I will always love Karekano with a fierce love, Yukino, Arima and Asaba are just such great and lovable and interesting characters-- but my selective-perception shutters fall after around the halfway point of the manga, with certain scenes in the end being well and good, yet. I always wonder how it all would have been shown in the anime version, had it not sputtered off and died in the end a la GAINAX...
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I must say, I had totally forgotten to check on what was happening with the Ouran manga so far, having stopped reading as far as the published volumes went the last time I was in BKK (volume 8??), but surfing CFO reminded me that YES, there was more and UP UNTIL MID VOLUME 12!!! And lo it was wonderful. Oh, Ouran ♥.

Spoilerly SQUEE henceforth~~ )

Actually, these past few days have actually been quite good to me in nerd-hobby catching-up-ness. Have been rereading my manga here (GENSHIKENNNNNN ♥) and Youtube is even playing along most of the time so that I have finally finished Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni(CREEPY CREEPY I LOVE RENAAAA CREEPY CREEPY MION AND SHION AAAAH) and Lucky Star (KONATAAAA ♥)!

Oh, and I am starting with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! now and hot diggety, it is SO MUCH FUN. And I am kind of in love with the art. AND GOKUDERA-KUN. AND YAMAMOTO-KUN. Gaaaaah, everyone is just so much fun so far. BATSHIT MAFIA INSANITY A+++

Tomorrow I shall try to make a post about uni things. Hmm~

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Theoretically I am not all that ill-prepared for my Umweltssoziologie test on Thursday.

I am HORRENDOUSLY unprepared for Step6, Step4 and Sozial Psychologie II next week though. And I have to be awake in six hours for the latter's last session and also need to wash my hair as I will be death warmed over later in this morning. :/


BUT! Had a delicious dinner followed by DVD watching at my place with Clemens tonight~ Pasta with cream sauce and prawns and artichoke hearts with a lovely italian white wine aaaaand dessert: choco pudding interspersed with forest berries premade by yours truly earlier during the day. :D Dude better have appreciated my culinary attempts XDD Cooking really is more fun when you're not alone ♥
The DVD of the night was 'Ali' and I was pleasantly suprised at how awesome it was, especially the soundtrack. Fantastic music and Will Smith was great in his role!


Spoiled myself for the end of Honey and Clover yesterday and jeeeesus shit when I was watching that scene from the anime version on Youtube the TEARS were rolling down my eyes like kajfhkjfh aaaaah HURTS SO GOOD. PERFECT INSERT SONGS. SIMPLY DIVINE. Ganked some off random LJ comm hoppings and shall probably be uploading em in the next post or so... AHhhhh *bliss*


Mar. 23rd, 2007 12:08 am
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NEED TO SLEEP but one last thing!!

Re: The latest chapter of Naruto

(and go go go Kishimoto! I might just start dling the manga again~ Sasuke's new shenanigans seem verrah interesting~ Here's hoping for the yay to stick for longer :DD)
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...here I am, sitting in Ma's apartment, typing away online in the wee hours of the night. Before we even had a little squabble about when I'd drag my ass in the bathroom and take a shower. ...I-it's like I NEVER LEFT FOR OVER 6 MONTHS ahahahaha AWESOME XDD

Long story short, the flight from Wienna was better and quicker than expected, although I will always hate the last two hours before you actually land, because that's when most people start to get restless and twitchy, myself included lol. The Suvannabhumi airport, for all it's grandiose size still seems to be incomplete at places and as per the news tonight even has pock-marks on some runways? Oha oha... Also it just pissed me off like hell that immigration took so damn long.

The subsequent being picked-up by Ma and then later dinner at Central Ladphrao (JAPANESE FOOD IKURA HOKKIGAI TAKO BEEF TERIYAKI MHH MHH MHH) and manga buying extravaganza lifted my spirits like hell, though! SO many new titles and new volumes! Bleach is up to v23, Nodame Cantabile to v6! ES21 to god knows where! There's Pluto from Naoki Urasawa! And new shoujo volumes like Hanakimi 18 or NANA 13 ooor stuff like Gokusen 10 and 11 that I'd been waiting for! AHHHH ♥ And all this for the price I'd pay in Wienna for ONE MANGA gawd.

Am sadly typing this w Ma's kinda crappy laptop though, but am hoping to get moaar internets on MY laptop sometime tomorrow! PS Kaaat that's why I didnt get to send you the promised picspam yet as the dorm took me too much by my word and froze my net there for the month of February, as requested, buuut they started counting ab 00.01, which was unluuuukcy for me >_<;;

Hrrrm I do think that this must be Taktik by the Opposition then...if that last sentence didnt make sense to you, OOO JOIN THE CLUB!!
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Which is why I am sitting here and trying to glut myself with as much internets as possible, as I have the sneaking suspicion that I will return to my dorm tomorrow night to find my internet cut off ...Forgetting to pay for the next month in December makes that happen, I guess! ...which means daily pilgrimages to the Coffee Day at uni for their free wireless, gaaah I think I will get how Carmen always had to feel :/ BUT FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME BEING WRONG :DDD?!

Hope everyone had a happy New Year btw! Mine spent in Krimml ended nicer than expected-- the sheer amount of fireworks that were set off were mind-boggling and quite lovely against the mountain backdrop, actually! Tried making pics of it but pathetically failed to get decent ones, sadly.

And I even spent the first day of the year doing some Uni work, though admittedly not much, yet I take whatever I can to make the guilt lessen XDD Watched the first disc of "Lawrence of Arabia" though, and it is still one of the BEST MOVIES EVER ♥ ♥ ♥ Peter O'Toole is simply wonderful in this role and the scenery! The dialogue! And the costumes! THE SHEER GRANDIOSITY OF IT ALL aaaaaah this is what a period piece should be and it is even the more impressive given WHEN the film was actually made. Ahhh. LOVE.

Today was spent catching up on CFUD happenings too-- and ahhhh! SO many new counselers! Isshin, the gay lawyers, Gil aaaand shit, a bunch of others and it was good amusing RP as always :Db
(Oh and I had a lovely 'first dream of the year' that involved apparent Ryuuken and Isshin official sidestory in the Bleach manga and there were ACTUAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS and hijinks and and AWESOMENESS all around. And speaking of the manga, chapter 258 had the loveliest chapter art since a while, ignoring the SeeleN Schneider thing XDD MORE ISHIDA is always a good good gooood thing :Dbbbb)

ALSO: Even if Kat's internet ain't working right now (WAAAH I MISS YOU ALREADY!!), here be the promised next-wisdom tooth sketch! Didn't quite turn out to be Tamaki, as I uh was kinda doodling Karekano the past day aaaand dear Asapin seemed a likely candidate as any to pop inna nurse's outfit? XDDD JUDGE FOR YOURSELF, my dear! (Shall try and colour it at some later point in time maybe? Quite like it :D)

And I just kinda really liked how this pic turned out mmmh Winter wonderland indeeed~~ )
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IT WAS ZERO DEGREES TODAY. ZERO FUCKING DEGREES. And I had to brave the throng of other last minute shoppers at the Mariahilfer street, gooood why didn't I just get my ass out of bed during the week? But! Got some retarded kiddie music CD for Sara, a Paris-map satchel for La, wrapping paper, ribbon aaaand legwarmers for me to wear under my jeans because OMG COLD. ...went looking for the other half of what Kat requested but they seem to have JIMI HENDRIX calendars of all things, yet no US5 D: Duuude, whut. Shall check again with La in Swizzieland too then. Menno, that really annoyed me. Decided to get Opa and V's presents there too, arrgh last names to go!

Also discovered that I should probably cut down on the McD's since my stomach doesn't seem to be agreeing with it.(BUT I HAVE FREE COUPONS FOR APPLE PIE)... And actually I should probably just stop eating altogether, as I seem to be cursed ever since I made the mistake of reheating those damn burritos. CURSES. :/

Was overcome with the odd urge to plug in the old graphic tablet and faff about with Photoshop aswell when I came back and thus, I present the results!

Hikaru no FASHION )

This one's for you KAAAAT <3 )

Something from last week )

Tomorrow will be the last gettogether of the year with Anja and Carmen and theeeeen I shall be nervously packing and chugging back cokes to STAY AWAKE until leaving for the airport on monday morning AKA 4.30AM WAKE UP aaah and if I come back from Anja's place at ten I DONT TRUST MYSELF TO WAKE UP IF I FALL ASLEEP aaaaaah... D:
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Haaaah. Sometimes you just get lucky with certain things- like the lecture today I would have overslept for that ended up being canceled anyway. (Poor Carmen for being punctual and having to get up at six to be there at eight... tho >_>;;). Aaand I spent the boring PAED lecture drawing my STEP2 Tutorial 'homework' i.e one A4 of whatever we want(I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL). Was going for random things and ended up with Ishida in kinda gay winter-wear standing in a room with really fruity accessories. Um, I was improvising? Was really relaxing and fun to get drawing again, even if I am HELLA RUSTY and poor Ishida looks so stiff gaaah I need to relearn more interesting poses!

...aaaand since I don't have a scanner(waah), here be pics of a pic AND random other doodles/things while I was at it.

what do you mean COLLEGE IS FOR LEARNING??! i.e PICS >actual notes lol )

Now to search if I have the Naruto chapter that is the end of the last big Naruto-Sasuke fight before the time-skip(Part 2 of my Step2 Tut homework-- a comic panel/scene that really resonated with us ie. I CRIED LIKE A BABY DURING THIS PART OMG)... Haven't actually kept up with Naruto anymore save for the big *SPOILER* recently. Meeeh, bring back the good times with Team 7 DDD:
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And guess what: SHE READS MANGA(well okay she borrows from her friend Olga, who ...is apparently my manga reading soulmate as far as we compared series lol. Nat reads the girliest shoujo ever tho, hee)
...oh and the best part:SHE LIKES OURAN(!!!)and knows about shounen-ai/yaoi too cuz this Olga really digs it apparently. She was all 'ahh my friend also really likes these gay comics*shifty look over to me*' and I'm like all *DYING INSIDE and alksflfglk keyboardmashing in my mind* and '...ahahahaha. Um. Duuuude same here ahahah. Hah'. So that makes her the first person (kinda) from school that knows about my deep dark SEKRIT LOVE. Haaaah XDD

We just met up for some eats, ice cream and strolling around the admittedly quite packed for saturday streets in the shopping area of town. Aaand dropped by the Thalia bookstore under the pretense of getting a book that Nat needed for school and both ended up walking out with a haul o' english books. :D

__ Lewis Carrol, 'Alice in Wonderland' ...always wanted my own copy! And 'The Jabberwocky' is possibly my all time favorite poem in english :D

__ Collected Sketches of Monty Pythons' Flying Circus ...was kinda hearing a Chrissie-voice in my head telling me to buy this. Must pester him to burn me the DVDs or something

__ Dave Eggers, 'You Shall Know Our Velocity' ...I know I already have this in BKK but dammit I needed a second copy~

__ Dave Eggers, ''How We Are Hungry' and other short stories' ...I think I kind of shrieked when I saw this in the bookshelf. AHH. Bought it mostly for the short story 'After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned', which is from the perspective of a dog and I can't even begin to describe it adequately but this story never fails to make me cry a bit everytime I read it and has my favorite description of heaven, hands down. BLISSSSSS


Oh and the 'clubbing' yesterday? A resounding 'meh'. Alt-rock, whilst normally something I love to listen to, is in no way something that you can dance too. The Flex(...which can really be summed up as a 'DRECKIGE SCHUPPEN' o god eww) was full of weird people just standing around bopping their heads. GIVE ME CHEAPASS COMMERCIAL HIP-HOP ANY DAY DD:
So, whilst I did end up at home at 5.30AM I was still stone cold sober and had sore feet cause someone thought it'd be fun for us to walk from the club to the WUK('nother club thing), which turned out to be ...heck, I can't tell but normally something like 11 busstations/2 districts away. Good thing I had my sneakers on lol.
Hopefully the next times will be better!
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I wanted to upload some pics again, but alas photobucket is rebelling, so again the pics shall be postponed for later on...

Vienna redux was fun, I must say! The week just about passed by like a flash, even though I had to lug around my heavy luggage through trains and city and whathaveyou (hurray bruises and possibly hopefully more arm muscles??!)... The weather even mostly played along, only a teeny bit of rain and a touch of the famous icy cold and biting viennese wind... something I should get used to for October, lolz.

Spent a lot of time wandering around town on my own too, shopping(dorm stuff! SCARVES!) and seeing the sights and sounds(got to eat pastries at an authentic old school bakery that served the k.u.k monarchy!)
...AAAND getting lost in the subway system and getting on the wrong trains too of course! >_>;;


Moving into the dorm also went by without any problems, and what can I say- I seem to have lucked out re: size and furniture and all sorts of things~. I especially like the uh, 'welcome newbies' pack that they were handing out that included instant food, mayo etc ...and two pre-lubricated condoms... How thoughtful and practical? XDDD

In other news: Bleach 241? DADDY QUINCY!!! Ahhh ♥ I really, really want to know more about the backstory(if there is one and there better beee) between him and Daddy Kurosaki~

I also want to finally have constant internet again argh ...

And it's been said over and over again but I also want to say R.I.P Steve Irwin. ...man. He seemed like such an indestructible constant you know? :( :( :(
(I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me when I first saw the news on CNN...)
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Have been a bit preoccupied lately, I wish I could say doing things of consequence, alas...no. Although some of the things could be deemed as such re: Matura happenings and yay!friends-related things...
Am gonna be off to Ma's again for a bit and thought I'd whip together some links before I leave my lovely computer with it's lovely bookmarks...D:

Manga links!:

_Ouran Highschool Host Club (Volumes 1-4) ...KAT you haaave to read this! It is beautiful and lovely and on all sorts of crack, which makes it ultimate mood-lifting material after tests etc.! There is an anime which looks utterly fabulous as well, alas I haven't managed to get my hands on it yet. Have dropped a line to Ginger tho, maybe her sources can come up with something...
Hrmm, PLOT: Haruhi is a scholarship student from a 'common' background at the prestigious Ouran Highschool, where the offspring of the (filthy) rich and fabulous go to get their education. One day she comes across the school's resident Host Club (where the various young misses of Ouran come to get tea and entertainment from the six very attractive members). Stuff happens and BAM she accidentally knocks over an 8 million yen vase, which means she from now on has to work off her debt by joining the club. *DANDANDAN* Hijinks ensue! ...my shitty summary aside, this really is good fun- Haruhi is one of the more memorable heroines, so practical and sensible...in great contrast to all the other oddball rich kids in the series. ALSO: I LOVE TAMAKI. The twins are awesome, Kyouya is scarily cool, Honey-sempai is cute and Mori-sempai is nice ...but eeeee! Tamaki is King ♥ Such a spazz! Yet with a lovely sensible side that peeks out every now and then and reading his antics just make me happy ♥

_Bleach (until most recent chapter) Shinigami/God of Death action par excellence!
...:DD! If it doesn't strike your fancy at first, the art and plot improves at least by volume 7. But I felt that the awesomeness of Bleach really was cemented after Ishida's appearance ca. volume 4 or so (chapter 34 onwards)...♥ Aaaand it's an online viewer, so double yay for practicality? You can d/l from there too apparently~
(*enaaables youuu* come faaaangirl with meeeee)

Recent (fic) reading:

_Ashes, ashes ...Naruto fic. GAAAAAH. Creepy concept and realisation. *twitches*

_SNAFU:The World According to Schuldig ...Weiss Kreuz. Fucking hilarious XDD. Moooore~~ (rec from [livejournal.com profile] daegaer)

_Visiting Hours ...SV. Rereading this, or anything by Pru is always a joy. Arggh some people have just a way with words and it is embarrassing how often I actually teared up reading this series >_>;;

_Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity ...HP. Another take on Slytherin!Harry, this time with Harry/Ron as the later pairing. The author has an interesting spin on things and there is still alive!Sirius and lots of nice details on Pureblood customs and details. Especially re: the Potters. Had loads of fun plowing through this, eventhough I don't really go for Harry/Ron most of the time...

_[livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie is utterly fun to follow now- especially now that the KH2 cast is mostly there (Roxas! Axel! Sora! and new arrivals: Larxene! Demyx! and Riku!). And the Tamaki there continues to make me squee, as are Gwendal, Wolfwood, the Ishidas, and well [insert list of usual favorites here] :DDD Oooh and Kami-sama is there too! *glees*

...aaanyways! It is now 3.30 AM and since I am supposed to get up in less than 3 hours I prolly should go to bed now :DD

Enjoy~~ ♥

Naruto 307

May. 19th, 2006 01:58 am
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Oh YES. Seems like the manga is getting back on track ♥

...and Sasuke really did age-up prettily. Hot damn. (And that one panel near the end? Oha oha my fangirl brain made a happy gasp there~)
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Have been plowing my way through the massive pile of manga I managed to buy over the last two days...and eee! I love this feeling ♥ (I have no ...poor impulse control...)

Ouran Hostclub 1-5:
Haaah Tamaki is such a darling! First character imprinting go! But have slowly grown to love the twins(Oh! Volume 5...) and have an odd fondness for Mori-senpai. Kyouya is intimidating, but oh so interesting to observe, and the bodyswitch omake with Tamaki was comedy gold~ ♥ Wonder if Ginger has the anime burned? Because argh I need to see this~~

Kimi wa Petto 1-8:
...I was certainly blown away by how much awesome this is! Sumire is a kickass, successfull hot lady protagonist, yet her issues about revealing her 'true self' to everybody else keep her from even thinking of entering Mary-Sue territory. I just adore how her relationship with Momo is...I mean of course, viewed from an outside perspective it is plenty odd and reeks of escapism from both sides but...! Agh I wibble and make awww sounds nonetheless. Hasumi-sempai too, is one of the most oblivious yet goodhearted characters ever...I am torn between rooting for Momo and Sumire to get togther or for Sumire to just let the mask drop in front of Hasumi.
(It's a sign of good shoujo for me if it's hard to 'hate' one of the characters or take sides)
Also, I think the art is beautiful, in it's own unique way. Say whatever of the faces, but Ogawa-sensei's anatomy is lovely, all slenderness and clean lines. (It's extremely easy on the eyes too- sometimes the art in shoujo like some of the Clamp works or even Ouran is too much for me...)
The chapter covers are always fun to look at as well.
And if that wasn't enough I was sold on the fact that Lucifer's Call is mentioned in a throwaway remark- Momo goes "Welll I have to free Hijiri from the Amala Network anyhow..." when Sumire gives him the cold shoulder for something. HEE ♥ I wonder what beasties Momo'd have in his party~

Cromartie High 7-9:
....BWAHAHAHAHAHA Gorillas everywhere! One of the best parts of this manga are the chapter outtakes, too- Kamiyama's received New Years Wishes! Childhood essays! XDDD

_BOOM : Yay for three Bleach chapters! And for the news that the gazillion colour pages in Volume 19 will be printed in the thai version too! Only have to pay like 10 baht more or something...(Oh and daaaamn Ichigo's lookin' mighty fine on that cover ♥)
_random BL manga: ...still need to read it ahehehe

Other than that- went up-country today to Ratchaburi to pay some respects and meet some distant-ish relatives. There was a cage full of seven kittens at the temple too, presumably dumped there by someone. They were sooooo cute! And very hungry so we kept feeding them some of the left over food that we didn't give to the monks... Ahh, the whole place was over run with animals actually- cats and dogs(tiny scraggly pot-bellied puppies, who were quite gutsy when it came to defending their food from the older dogs) and chickens, all running about.
My idiot cousins were fascinated the most by the kittens and started poking at them with sticks, along with some other stupid brat that I ended up smacking because he was such a punk ass. I mean, poking kittens, yanking their tails and trying to pour ice tea over them as well as trying to pull them out of their cage is just plain cruel and unneccessary- especially if they're still young. With older cats, they can still defend themselves at least. So we all ended up keeping a careful eye on that brat. (The kittens were later taken under the wing of one of the nuns there)

Oh and I have blue painted nails now ♥! Friday was facial and manicure/pedicure day~~


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