Jun. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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As I have been bitching about it on Twitter and FB, my laptop/Windows decided to totally and utterly out of the blue crash on me on Thursday. It was to the extent that I could restart the computer, but Windows wouldn't run and thus it would reboot in an eternal loop before I switched it off... and had to wait until returning to Chiang Mai today.

Basically I have had my BB and the extremely easier than expected way I can read teeny tiny fic on it for utterly distracting me from my woes. Because I can easily freak myself out when I think about it, as I was also stupid enough to not have backed up my data/pictures since uh FEBRUARY of this year. Whiiiich would pretty much fuck me over hard if the computer whizzes I left my laptop with can't save anything. For instance, MY FUCKING [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang TITLE ART, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I knew I should've saved it on USB stick ASAP or at least sent someone the PSD. file. I mean, I have the screencaps that I sent people, but they are so small :/ BUT! [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver, have no fear: If I am totally screwed comwise I'll just draw something analog. Found my old COPIC markers that still seem to be in top shape (my ability to use them effectively notwithstanding XD) and some sketchbook paper. Luckily we still have time til posting and I'll definitely hold up my end of the partnership, THIS I PLEDGE YOUUUU <33

I also thought that LJ would've at least had autosaved the GIGANTIC ENTRY I was writing juuust before the crash, so uh GOODBYE painstakingly, nearly 90% done massive rec entry of SPN codas and STrek, BBT, White Collar and etc fic! *headdesks* MAYBE I'll get around to it again at one point, but definitely not on Ma's laptop here. I am already so out of touch in using the English keyboard... Anyways, nothing much I can do now but wait and cross my fingers and pray that even if my computer is borked to high heavens and I need to drop cold hard cash for a new one, I WILL STILL HAVE MY PICTURES D: The ones of the dogs in Feb, fuuuuuuck ;_;

IN CONCLUSION, have a clip of a song that had nudged away Rihanna's Rudeboy and thankfully that Bieberabomination song (they play it here incessantly argh). Thaitanium's "Sud Korb Faa(Edge of the Sky)". Thaitay is a rap group I normally am either disinterested or vaguely irritated by, but Ad Carabao for a guest star is like the apparently grizzled secret spice that can lure me. I just love his voice so much in the chorus and the ~inspirational lyrics AHHHHH ♥ Ignoring the usual hip hop posturing, I also adore the b&w sweeping shots of Bangkok and the orchestra parts. SWOOOOOOOOON. Now if only I could just buy the single and avoid the album XDD

PEE ESS totally borked the timezones on this for my friend in Germany who was born on the 6/6 too (DO YOU EVEN CHECK LJ ANYMORE,[livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos??) but! It is still Sunday somewhere in the world, so dearest awesome [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer carry on having a fab birthday celebration! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT <33
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I have been on a roll of productivity today, which probably means that I will probably fail a lot at doing things tomorrow just so that the universe is balanced. It's amazing what one can actually accomplish in a day if you set your sights higher than "wash hair, eat lunch, spend 5 hours reading fic" lol. Though I sure hope that the crappery with trying to book my flight and having the credit card be denied from the bank in Thailand (?? wtf) will be resolved without much hassle. I just want my fucking plane ticket, jeez. Running these errands and the subsequent lunch with Olga was another nigh point in the day though, and I am already intensely looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned for my remaining time here ♥

But before I forget, something I wanted to post about for aaaaaaaaages already: MUSIC to shaaaaare
Cut for song descriptions and DL links )

And in conclusion, some more links of interest:
Genderswitched SPN casting ...the ladies chosen are all exceedingly cool, but how much do I love the choices for male!Ellen and Jo? AN INSANE AMOUNT :Db
"A Striking Position to Take: SPN and economic instability" ...I really enjoyed this essay/meta. Some excellent points and wonderfully articulated.

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Looks like life is being if not shitty, then at the very least difficult and vexing for some darlings on my flist right now. What the hell, is there something in the air? ATTN: LIFE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, DON'T BE LIKE THIS D:<

I also had to drag myself out of a semi-funk at the office that was probably just my brain rebelling at having to do more competitive comparisons (BANKS AGAIN) and the frustration that the way I did the giant PPP yesterday was apparently not to the P's liking. And a good dose of tiredness and whenistheweekenditis too, I guess. Argh fail. ONE MORE DAY and I can treat myself to a weekend of pampering in town, fuck yes.

But speaking of shitty things to have to think about, I had another conversation with Dad on the way home about my ~*after uni future*~ -- and IF I do manage to get an actual job by the time I finish, or one that I could at least semi-immediately start in February, it really is looking more and more of a surety that I would be staying in Vienna. For a year or two longer, tops. Still. I always keep trying to ignore this, because I love the idea of living in Bangkok again so much, but Vienna would be a smart choice in setting down the foundations for actually reaching somewhere in my future career and earning a good salary, instead of languishing in the lower echelons of the local staff pool forever. I could always somehow hack it here, even if it would depend on what kind of an office I come into, and how much inner-office politicking is going on. I suck ass at the appropriate Thai-style of navigating this lol, this I have learned here already (and by observing how the previous interns acted shudder shudder). Yet there is also the salary matter and the fact that the average entry wage for an office worker wouldn't even crack 10'000 baht (8'000 is more likely). Half-decent studio apartments in town start at 15'000 a month! I don't want to lean on my parents financially THAT much. Blargh.

TL;DR OLGA YOU BETTER BE STAYING IN VIENNA FOR A WHILE, and I am so trying to get into your apt. complex too okay?? (=my favoritest pipe dream ever, TELL ME WHO I HAVE TO BRIBE)

EVERYONE ELSE: Come visit me in Vienna sometime in ze future then lolol

To end this on a musical note, here be YT vids of three songs that basically are on repeat when I do my media clippings menial work. DAMN YOU, KOREAN MUSIC FOR BEING QUITE AWESOME AND CATCHY
BIGBANG - "Haru Haru"
BIGBANG - "Lies"
BIGBANG - "Last Farewell" (song starts after 1:00-ish)
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It was a horrible and dreadful exam though, and our mental state could have been best summed up by this pic: Photobucket TRU FAX.


And now for something else that will make me type a lot! A 5 questions meme from [livejournal.com profile] sirdrakesheir~ Just comment if you guys want me to attempt to formulate some half decent questions for you too, eh?
THINGS YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ME?? IDK well there are at least some music links beyond the cut... )
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Admittedly, using such things for something as banal as turning back the time I did Not Do Exam Prep would be a horrific waste, but whatever. My point remains. Amazing how fast time can pass when one is trying to the best of one's abilities not to study.

Suddenly, cleaning things becomes so appealing! )

In other news, I will be meeting Miss Olga tomorrow morning for a quick and yet much needed hang-out session and Sunday is apparently lunch at the Ra'mien again with Sven, Manfred and Nikki for Carmen and I. So much to do for a weekend that I should technically be spending crying over my study material. I SEE ANOTHER 4 OVER THE HORIZON, if I even pass lolol

Aaaand to round this entry of with something of actual interest to you guys-- ~*MUSIC*~!! [livejournal.com profile] gwy wanted some new tunes, and I took to the task in the zealous manner of someone desperately trying to distract herself. A selection from various Fanmixes and etc that I have had the pleasure of dling off the interwebs (btw [livejournal.com profile] metatarsus basically has crazy awesome music taste you guys, holy shit). HEEERE'S THE LINK TO THE FOLDER.

Personal favorites include:
__ Bat For Lashes- "I'm on Fire" ([livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight I THINK THIS MIGHT BE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. Delicate and shivery-fine.)
__ Chicken Legs Weaver- "John the Revelator" (If you only knew the Depeche Mode version like I did, this is just so awesome, too)
__ Pedro the Lion- "Bad Things to Such Good People (the geetaar strumming throughout this song basically kills me)
__ Beirut- "La Banlieu" (...not so much new as a band I listen to eternally. Love the main singer's voice and the richness of the songs. Mhhh)

PS. ATTN: [livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos!! KAT!! WHAT IS THIS ANNA IS FB-ING ME ABOUT YOU POTENTIALLY BEING ABLE TO COME TO FUCKING VIENNA NEXT WEEKEND AND NOT EXACTLY WANTING TO??? DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE COME ON YOU MUST! I haven't seen you in ages and we can have cake! And wander round Vienna! OR we could just bum around my dorm room and watch DVDs if you want (hopefully Sabrina will be away that WE), lol it'll be business as usual except you get to listen to the dulcet tones of my live-commentary again. DUDE I COMPEL YOU TO COME ;_____; I HAVE A GIANT EXAM THAT COMING MONDAY AND OTHER DEADLINES AND I WILL GLADLY FLING THEM ASIDE FOR YOU MY DEAREST. COME ON COME ON COME ON. IT'S BEEN YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS.
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......because now I only have a smidge of time before we have to leave for the train station. AHHHH ROMA ROMA ROMA BECKONS!!

SO. I declare a short FIVE DAY HIATUS!!.

Everyone, your mission if you choose to accept it entails the following:



oh and before I forget.

5) ADD ME ON DREAMWIDTH IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. I can has the same username because I am Uncreative Like Hell :Dbb

I might have internet in Rome, but if not---- see ya on Monday again!
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STIEGL AMBULANZ, YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON NOTICE! What the hell is this, making us wait for our food for over half an hour when you weren't even at full capacity, having really cranky waitstaff snap at us when we politely(!) asked if the order was even taken, and then when it finally comes, the food is stone cold. I mean, my slow-braised pork shoulder on Bärlauch risotto was still delicious, but it would have been better uh, warm. And the cardboard they served Carmen that was supposedly their 2€ House bread lolol oh man. Meeting Hazel again was lovely though, and we really need to hammer out some time together for a day trip to one of the other Austrian cities near Vienna... Linz maybe? Since it's the ~cultural capital of Europe 2009~ after all.

And I meant to post this already earlier, but mediafire was being a dick--- MUSIC! Was trawling Aurgasm the other day, and wanted to share some of my favorites.

Warpaint- "Billie Holiday" ...GOOSEBUMPS GOOSEBUMPS GOOSEBUMPS, this song is just simply beautiful (the female vocals! So breathy and delicate) and worms its way into your ears and never lets go.
Fredrik- "Na Na Ni" ...I like how the melodies here are layered on top of each other, and how the singing just slowly starts feeling more and more urgent, yet is still with a sense of smoothness?
Matt&Kim- "Daylight" ...This I adore because of the unfailing beat, it just up and grabs you and is bursting with energy and happiness :D
-Amplive- "15 Stepz (ft. Codany Holiday)" ...Awesome, awesome R'n'B-esque cover of the already pretty damn fantastic Radiohead song!

UGH, now I better go off and do some work for my UE PR. I swear, just as I was about to count myself as happy with them anyways, the fun group vibe we do seem to have going, the same old crap rears its head. PRAY TELL, WHAT IS THE DIFFICULTY IS USING POWERPOINT/MAKING A PRESENTATION, ARE WE NOT ALL UNI STUDENTS CAPABLE OF THIS?? Especially given that all that has to be done is to just simply succinctly summarize our already finished report contents. I didn't want to do it because I will be presenting it anyways with Andreas, but fffff if you want to get something done right I guess :/// Though lol, I am also 'just' summarizing the info, Sven will be making the PPP. AH WELL WHATEVERR.
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It's Carmen's 23rd birthday today! We went for a walk at Schönbrunn palace (with Sven), chilled a bit at Sbucks and have now returned for some quality vegging out and DVD's. Shall be showing her Big Bang Theory and probably Zach and Miri make a Porno and uh, Slumdog Millionaire. One of these things is not like the other, etc etc :DD. We actually went out yesterday for a bit, celebrated Wido's 23rd birthday (lol one day before Carmen). Had some Indian food that basically everybody besides me liked-- am just not a fan, le sigh-- but Wido was pretty stoked by our admittedly very awesome gift. Carmen, Clemens and I pooled our cash to get him and Lena some ~*edible chocolate body paint*~ that we found in this chocolate delicatessen shop. It was 34€ and looks really classy (marc du champagne, raspberry and pistachio flavors in these little test tubes), so it better be good XDD.

And in the spirit of giving, here be the music recs that I promised people (ahem ahem [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight and [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke ahem ahem) a bazillion years ago. I AM SO BEHIND ON ACTUALLY FULFILLING MY VARIOUS PROMISES everybody I apologize in advance and for all eternity >_>;;

Here's the thing about my taste in Thai music, or rather music in general. I tend to fixate on the output of certain bands that are basically my musical forever girls, so some of these ~might~ just be familiar to some of you who have known me for a while. BEAR WITH IT :DD

Tattoo Color - "Gohok(Lies)" ...My newest not exactly new find! Their music is just insanely peppy, they have cute MVs and I just love this song.
Tatto Color - "Cinderella" ...SERIOUSLY this song is so darling, the Cinderella of this song is a chick who is swift like a ninja! Who drives the main dude to sobbing into his pillow at night! And the melody is just insanely addictive~~
AB Normal - "Faen Chan (My Girl)" ...Theme song from the movie of the same name, that contrary to my shallow movie poster-based expectations turned out to be this bittersweet ode to nostalgia and childhood days. I TOTALLY CRIED AT THE END OKAY ;( And I just love how the lead singer's voice lilts in the verse part of this song.
Moderndog - "Gorn (Before)" ...Here the barrage of Moderndog music starts. I wish I could have found my copy of 'Ta Sawang' boo. BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. And this is my all time favorite Thai ballad ever.
Moderndog - "Gorn (Acoustic Version)" ...OKAY I LIED, THIS VERSION IS. BAWLING NOW KAY.
Moderndog - "Busaba" ...their first big rocking single that came out in the early nineties and basically heralded the age of MODERNDOG ♥ One of the first songs I actually remember hearing in Thai, too (that wasn't by P'Bird lolol)
Moderndog - "Bang Singh (Something)" ...the beginning bits of this song never fail to give me shivers of GLEE. And how the lead singer's voice is pitched so low.
Moderndog - "Isarn Special" ...one of their more stranger offerings, but I really grew fond of this one. The way the melody slowly builds and the song gains momentum, ahh ♥ Perfect for when you're on a car trip and the scenery just flashes by.
Silly Fools - "Khi Hueng (Jealousy)" ...another one of my all-time favorite songs and bands, and I admit that ever since I found out that P'Toe left as a front man, I now refuse to listen to their new stuff. I LOVE P'TOE OKAY DD: This song also has the best kind of chorus to yell along too ♥
Silly Fools - "Pleng Nii, Kiao Gab Kwam Rak (This Song is about Love)" ...EPIC EPIC EPIC ♥ Words fail to describe how much I adore this song.
Silly Fools - "Sing Thi Mai Keu Bork (Unspoken Things)" ...another lovely and hella depressing ballad. Khan said once listening to this after a break-up almost made him cry lolol.

AKA The Wonder Girls~~. I TRIED TO RESIST. I OBVIOUSLY FAILED. Here be the different versions of their hit single "Nobody" I have. Sadly I somehow wasn't able to get the Disco Version uploaded, grrr.

Wonder Girls - "Nobody" ...just try and not have the chorus echo in your inner mind for all eternity. HELLA CATCHY O YAS.
Wonder Girls - "Nobody (Rainstone Remix)" ...slower and now with moar acoustic guitar! Also kind of pretty.
Wonder Girls - "Nobody (Ballad Version)" ...I was so disappointed when this turned out to only be 36 seconds. But it is a pretty 36 secs, so here it is nonetheless (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke! MY EARS DECEIVED ME)
Wonder Girls - "So Hot" ...their OTHER insanely catchy single!

SO BASICALLY, enjoooy! And tell me if there is something wrong with the Mediafire links. Also, if anyone wants any lyrics translations/approximations of the Thai songs, feel free to hit me up :DDb
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Again, the internet and getting to watch JAMES EFFING BOND: QUANTUM OF SOLACE!!!1 just now in the original soundtrack pull through and succeed in distracting me from the grand funk and self-pity party I had going on the last few days. Shitty uni news/grades and a general underlying sense of inexplicable rage that is probably partly due to hormones, yay. BUT! Quantum of Solace was SO FUCKING GOOD. One of the things I love about the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies, besides the obvious ahem, physical attributes of Mr. Bond, is the fact that the action scenes are really thrilling and top-notch, yet at the same time still remain intensely entertaining. And perhaps I was never really into Pierce Brosnan or every other Bond that wasn't Sean Connery but I never laugh as much at a Bond's quips or comments than I do now. It must also be noted that Daniel Craig really is a fucking feast for the eyes, godddddd the way he wears ANY- AND EVERYTHING, but especially a suit. Fuck me, he is so intensely attractive, I almost can't deal. SO MANLY, UNFFFF (EXTRA BONUS: When he is all roughed up, dirty and bloody. HOT DAMN SON.) Olga whatshername playing Camille was also surprisingly awesome and utterly kickass. Such a gorgeous lady ♥

In other happy internet things, the following links/clips have brought at least the RL approximation of this :DDDD

__I don't care if it's not Halloween anymore, Heidi Klum's Kali costume is still ten flavors of AWESOME.
__This Dissidia FF game is REALLY intriguing me. ESPECIALLY AS TIDUS IS IN IT FUCK YEAHHHHHH ♥
__I shouldn't be finding Zac Efron so attractive. But boy is one helluva looker now, holy shiiiiit.
__...I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. At least I haven't watched the Highschool Musical movies. YET. ...dammit.
__Lady Gaga has such awesome songs. I almost wish she had another name though, because I mean, whaaaat.
__So like, I found the earwormy Thai indie rock band song that was haunting me on YT yesterday. The lyrics/chorus are SO RANDOM, but I really dig it.
__Speaking of Thai music, there is no such thing as posting too many links of the same Moderndog song over and over again. I LOVE 'TA SAWANG' SO FUCKING MUCH. Moderndog songs are my forever girl. AHHH.
__I wish I had too much money and could buy dresses like this SNAP SNAP. When Anna Sui has it, oh hell yes she has it.
__Jude Law saves RDJ crotch!! So heroic~~
__...especially after reading this article too. Lol holograms lol
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EASTER HOLS HAVE STARTED (okay, since Friday actually, BUT whatever :D) and it is time to laaaaaaaaaaze around! And of course I have been hop-skip-clicking my way through far too many tabs at the same time. Internets, never leave me ♥
I hereby apologize for my constant changing template for such rec posts, laziness and short-term memory failings are hard to overcome, indeed ;D

(again, some have possibly already been posted before, but I am lame enough that I keep listening to the same songs over and over again, sometimes just with a few months/years gap. Hehe ^^)

__ Utada Hikaru- 'Stay Gold'(not the real vid, but this version has lyrics instead) and 'Heart Station'. OH MY GOD. Utada Hikaru again cements her status as the female vocalist of my heart. Love, love, love these new songs ♥. How can she consistenly be so awesome?? AHHH *__*

ALSO I stumbled over some techno-y remixes of some of her songs that, I must admit, are pretty awesome... well, I am addicted, at least XDD. 'Beautiful World (Official UDM Remix)', 'Sanctuary (Hikki's Remix), 'You Make Me Want to Be a Man (Bloodshy and Avant Remix) and 'Keep Tryin' (Acoustic Morning Remix) ...okay this kind of falls out of the 'techno-y' category, but is just really nice, ahh ♥

__ LUNA SEA- 'gravity' ...RETRO AWESOMENESSSSS ♥. Pimping them to [livejournal.com profile] gwy kind of rekindled my love for them, heh. 'I For You', 'Rosier'(warning for wonky and jarringly hilarious engrish in one part XDD), 'True Blue' and 'Tonight' also are TOP GRADE ROCKING songs of rockingness ♥. Man, I remember buying the tapes back when Tower Records wasn't 'CD Warehouse' in BKK and then listening to them OVER and OVER again on my walkman. GOOD TIMES ♥

__ Namie Amuro- 'Baby, Don't Cry'. 'Hanazono no Himitsu'(or 'Himitsu no Hanazono, I keep getting the title switched around) was such a fun dorama, and the constant playing of this theme song really helped in my enjoyment of it :D ALSO it was one of the few series, where when I mainlined it, I consistently let the credits always run. Such a happy, head-bopping melody~

__ Ayaka- 'Mikazuki'. Most people might recognize her voice from the FF7 Crisis Core game OST ('Why', a helluva BEAUTIFUL SONG god, add that song to the ending FMV= *BAWLING FOREVER* ;3;), and here's another song of hers I found really pretty. She has such a fantastically unique and deep/powerful voice for a japanese vocalist (to steal what some person on youtube said) and it makes her songs a treat to listen to.
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Or: how I am trying to do anything but work so hard that I am trawling the internets for simple, yet cool origami diagrams (besides the CRANE that I can now fold in my sleep *IS PROUD*). So far I have sadly not found my perfect easy-peasy T-rex, though I can (with copious referring back to the paper) now fold a shrimp, a dragonfly, a weird looking fox, a star box, a heart AND a Seismosaurus. Not to forget various napkin styles now, as they were my refuge when I became confused by the various fiddly bits and/or refolding with the origami...

To spread the love, HERE, HERE(GODZILLA) and HERE be some quite awesome resources! Happy folding~

And: DL this wonderful song, Miyano Mamoru AKA Tamaki's theme song "GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE". The lyrics, they are fabulous and the song itself, is extremely catchy ♥
I quote to you the first verse alone:
"God’s crime was to make someone as beautiful as I
I can see the reflection of me in your eyes and it’s no good
My divine punishment is that the love I give will make your heart burst
Nevertheless I am in love with you so I should probably stop this…

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My imminent breakdown in Step6 is naught but less than a day away! And I still have a considerable amount to review, seeing as I spent this day/sunday faffing about and having the attention span of a gnat >_>;; I even ate/stuffed myself throughout the day out of avoidance and boredom, how female-cliche is that kind of behaviour ...*SHAME*

The Um Soz exam on Thursday went well though, I was suprised to note! Especially since when the prof said that the review questions after each lecture would be useful for the exams I never actually realized she meant THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS would be used XDD. If only Haas could be as merciful! The weather was hella shitty that day though... We seem to be alternating between sweltering almost tropical but without delicious humidity and air-con HEAT and RAIN RAIN HAIL argh. Got me some sweet summer-y shorts in H&M for this exact purpose, too ♥

Friday and Saturday I spent trying to practice in vain for Step6, but eventually getting distracted by various things like 'study session' at Clemen's place (read: I get there, he's watching Stargate, I do some reading during that, then The Simpsons comes on, followed by Scrubs and theeen X-Men 2. Ahem. Needless to say not much else got done than that mass TV vegging spree ^^;; The good sir seems to be in another one of his mopey moods again though, who knew that guys could be this whiny and moodswingy~).

SATURDAY was also the day Carmen, Michi and I met up with Dario at the Donauinselfest, apparently Europe's biggest Open-air festival(??). We decided just to go to see the fireworks at 10, which were really spectacular and GORGEOUS and went on for what seemed like an eternity of awesome, but was 'only' 20 minutes ♥ Really made squishing our way through the unwashed and drunk masses worth it! We even ended up wandering to the FM4 Stage aswell and got to see a large bit of the Gentleman concert, who in retrospect I am told was apparently one of the headlining Events that night and a really famous german Reggae star. Needless to say I had no fricking idea and had to be edumacated from Michi and Dario. The music was okay, too ...again I am probably a bad person to describe it as all Reggae ever sounds the freaking same to me and I kept laughing at inappropiate times to what hilarity Gentleman kept saying to the crowd: "Austria! Show me some FIYAAAH! Show me some LOVE! Children of Babylon dem all ride da storm!" , "Dis next song be called 'Vibe Killers' cuz dey be sum people dey tink dey always be KILLING DE VIBES", "Raise you hands Austria! Can you feel de MOONLIGHT??!" ...clearly we were not stoned enough to fully appreciate the experience! And I really felt happy to be as tall as I am, as Carmen had to be taken piggy-back by Michi to actually see the happenings on the Stage ahaha the curse of being short-ish at concerts XDD

Here some Youtube clips of his videos:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Dx0zTl7JI "Runaway"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8uJX2tI2VY&mode=related&search= "Dem Gone" ...I kept hearing Them Guns at first, oops. This is quite possibly Michi's favoritest EVERRRE Gentleman song, as he was actually yelling the chorus along and generally acting all !!11! and un-Michi-like XDD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4OvmYpxOHI "Superior" I actually like this one :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1VE0GxhUlw&mode=related&search= "Intoxication" --'DIS BE A SONG FOR ALL DA LOVAAHS OUT DERE' lolol yet okay, I admit it, my favorite out of the whole lot. The live version with his female backup singers was sweet.
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I continue to skillfully underwhelm in my academic endeavours! Have the whole of tomorrow at least to gain some headway? And whatever I can still amount to in the following wee hours of the night... though I doubt it will be much. Managed to get some other minor stuff that had been niggling at me done, so at least that is a victory... inasmuch clicking around the bargain flyer websites for Dad can be considered as so.

Have gotten around to uploading some sweet new icons though, and have finally made up for the dearth of NORRINGTON iconses(u.a) I have, although this Ron one is glorious ♥ I wish I had some chicken right NOW, too D:

Wanted to do some bedsheet laundry too, alas the washing machines of my dorm seem to have all decided to meet their makers in one go, so all are currently bunk ...except one?? That never seems to be free anyhow, gragggh. Wish that bastard Clemens were back already so I could at least hijack his washing machine.

Weather's gone to shit now, too. Raiiiiiiiiin the whole day D: AH well, not like I would've left the room nonetheless, even if I feel so lazy when I hear about Carmen and her morning jogging routines >_>;;

BUT to end this post on a pimping and positive note: http://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJoSlIycWYyWGMwTVE9PQ ...a song that has been earworming me for the past few days: Rotten Graffty's "Warudakumi- Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" ...AH LOVE IT. The background melody, the build-up to the crescendo of the song and the ROCKING OUT AHHHH

and here the song that started it: http://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJoSlIvYWJ3TGcwTVE9PQ Sakamoto Ryouichi "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" ...gorgeous~~~
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Am making baby-steps in getting all my prep for the start of term done ...and okay if I am QUITE honest I have yet do much yet but by food for this week, which is admittedly a very important thing too! And I paid for my internet! Ahhh ♥ Tomorrow will also be a meet-up with Carmen and maybe Karim somewhere in town, for lunch goodness and some catching-up, which I am already looking forward too. Also, everyone else I kinda talked to about this hasn't been very studious either, so I am feeling better. At least I have my naked!Men calendar to put in all my study dates now though ;Db A+ motivation, that!

And on a more giving note-- here be some mp3s that I've either ripped off YouTube or dled from FST(some seriously great ones this month!)

http://www.yousendit.com/download/LFPiCIx3kY95TA%3D%3D ...The girls choir Scala covering "Something New", originally by Eskobar ft. Heather Nova. LOOOVE this version!

(http://download.yousendit.com/B108FEBA49574A1F ...this be the aforementioned original! Tis actually a vid, but heck the file isnt that big and Windows Media Player usually glitches playing it so you only hear the music anyhow lol)

http://www.yousendit.com/download/LFPiCIA6BId5TA%3D%3D ...Mia.'s "Hungriges Herz", discovered first being butchered by someone at the Soho Karaoke bar and I looked for the orig on YouTube. I just really like Mia., I dunno :D The chorus is certainly hella catchy!

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4j0X1qWbc0&mode=related&search= ...this is how the Scala version sounds like! SO pretty eh?)

http://download.yousendit.com/64C4C40A0E0535BD ... M-flo "Planet earth/ram-jam world". This was just groovy listening during the train ride to Wienna. Ahhh fabulous <3 Recommended if you have to travel somewhere or just wanna chill~

http://download.yousendit.com/9C84079C7772D976 ...Mia Doi Todd "Autumn". Dled off a simply awesome SamCham Character FST a while ago and this is a beautiful song in it's own right, but if you think of Fuu in the last two eps of SamCham while listening to this song? GUUUUH .__. so fitting! And wistfull and ahhhh...

Happy dl-ing and Kat I hope this works for you more than me just posting the Youtube linkses that your net shuns?? :D?

Off to read some more epic fics that I should prolly rec at some point or something haaah and maybe! like, UNPACK my luggage aaahahahaha well.


PS ...it has occured to me that my "austria 2006" doesnt really count anymore ahaha well then! Shall change to 2007 with the next post ahh the force of habit! And I don't really know why I keep adding new tags that I forget and never use anyway ...um ^^V I is a weiner, obviously!


Nov. 12th, 2006 06:54 pm
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Before I get starting with anything-- let it be known here that these two following links are extremely catchy songs/vids and you might end up like me-- listening to them on repeat ever since the last two days...

How exactly does one rip audio from youtube clips? Cause if someone can or has the mp3s to these songs, SHARE PLZ??? Internet cookies for you! Or I could doodle something, sure (regardless of the fact that I still owe one or two people stuff ahehehe) :D :D :D?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOjo7gaBe6I&mode=related&search= ...Chatmonchy "Shangrila". SO CATCHY AND AWESOME AND I LOVE THE SINGERS VOICE even if it seems a bit high but it's really nice once after the first listenthrough or so. AND THE MELODY OF THE CHORUS awajekhkje awww (The vid is hella cute too!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgOuMVlCNOQ ...Chatmonchy "Koi no Kemuri". AHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS. SO MUCH. Especially the chorus again, the second half of the song where the bassist and the drummer give backing vocals? jsafhf ♥ ♥ Nyaaaaaaaaargh why am I in Wienna now it would be so much easier to look for their CDs and stuff in BKK
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Figured I'd kill two birds with one stone with this, the two birds being the passing of time until 6-ish and the fact that up until an hour ago I was about ready to fall asleep on my feet. Damn one hour of sleep...- and this time I actually went to bed at before three. Just. Couldn't. Sleep. Waargh. But am all better now, booyah for the invigorating powers of the internet? XD

Had lunch with Ginger earlier, which was fun and I even got to make some random pics with her in central, scoore! And apparently Patty will be comin' back to BKK!! Ironically a month after I leave though, argggh.
Still have a few things to buy in Paragon for Austria... oh and Kat? Duuuude I asked if they had Silent Hill and PoTC2 already but it wasn't good quality, so I didn't buy it in the end. Really wanted to rewatch the fun Norrington parts too... D: But I got S1 of Veronica Mars... now the true test will be if I can hold off watching it until Austria! Heh, I can already see the outcome of this >_>;;

Have also been relistening to my Modern Dog Greatest Hits Compilation and ahhhh~ they really have some great songs ♥! Yay for Thai bands that aren't just pop-balladers or soft-rockers! And Buddha Bless are really funny --- you just gotta love what appears to be a low-beat balladish song set to lyrics like "I really would like to get to know you better/if only you weren't so wasted/I bet you'd be real pretty/if only you were sober/I'd tell you how I feel/but I doubt you'd understand anything right now" etc etc ...ahahahaha ♥ They just seem like three dudes having a hell of a lot of fun with their music, and that is always awesome :DD (And they make the funniest music videos~)
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Because I am bored, and feeling somewhat restless: MUSIC! (gotten from various parts of flist and other random surfing!)

Herbert ft. Dani Siciliano "Birds of a Feather" _ grooovy.

Nelly Furtado "Maneater" _ I am sorely tempted to buy her new album, love the chorus~.

Arashi "Kitto Daijoubu" _ Courtesy of Rin, this was coupled with certain NewS vids that ultimately broke my denial re:actually liking j-pop boy bands ...s-shut up, TeniMyu sooo didn't count ahahaha? This is also total fantastic happy-happy mood booster music.

Massive Attack "Teardrop" _ The theme from House M.D is from this song. It is so beautiful, ahhhh ♥

Jarabe de Palo "Bonito" _ I might not like having to write essays in the language, but it makes for a good listening music-language~!


Other than that- met up with Tanja today for LAST LUNCH together ever (she flies on friday) and some shopping around in MBK. Got some sensible(hah) longsleeved shirts for Austria- Krathing Daeng FTW! and this Tommy Hilfinger fake that was orange and pretty and 180 baht.
Also FINALLY got my paws on HOUSE SEASON 2 DVDS that will be delivered to Ma's place tomorrow. Wellll, I know where I'm gonna be this weekend for sure ♥!
Felt in a movie mood, so 'Scary Movie' and 'My Own Private Idaho'(for 79 baht!! wtf so cheap) were also acquired. The former is still idiotically funny, and even had Dad doing the sekritly standing-and-watching thing he does, where he doesn't want to admit that he likes what I'm watching and stalls by leaning on the couch and making transparent excuses to why he's not leaving. :DD Happend with 'the O.C' and 'Everwood', eventhough I think he liked Everwood more ahahaha...

Haven't quite finished watching 'Idaho' yet, but it's a weird, somehow lovely movie. And of course one cannot deny the appeal of KEANU REEVES (and the late River Pheonix, god his hair is beautiful in this movie) as RENTBOYS. And River's character saying 'I kinda wanna kiss you, man' and the camaraderie they have and Mikey's/River's narcoleptic fits, how the movie keeps hinting that somethings off with Mikey and asjfhkjf DD: ... I think I can already see how this will end. Waah. and srsly, seeing Keanu as anything else than a stoner dude or Neo will always be a big wtf...
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The cast listing for the new TeniMyu.
Okay, Ryoma is cute- and Oishi ain't bad to look at amongst others...BUT WRY SHIROTAAAAA WHY DID YOU LEAAAVE...The new Tezuka is so very...wroooong. He just ...*shuddertwitch*...somehow doesn't look imposing hot enough for the role. *had been spoiled by first Tezuka and SHIROTA aslkhflkasjfljf DD:*
Obviously I need to purchase a copy of the movie rapidamente, so that I might repress and deny by vigorously watching and rewatching all the Tezuka scenes there. Thai distributers! You've liscensed the anime (FINALLY), so hows about the movie? Bolster the interest for tennis boys in the nation's fangirls youth!!


Other than that! Had lovely day out in town with Dad- hit the Interconti buffet, which was sadly kinda crap... but there was CD-shopping, and Villa Supermarket goodies and Dad regaling me with Wild Tales from his Youth on the taxi ride home. Good times ♥


And the new Utada Hikaru album is pure, undiluted AWESOME and beautiful and I have been obsessively listening to it like I am wont to do with my music du jour. It has been momentarily been ursurped by the Feist remix album, but both are great. I totally recommend buying/downloading these two albums, excellent stuff ♥
Shall try to upload some songs later~


Jun. 4th, 2006 12:52 am
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Because I got distracted yesterday whilst looking for some german music recs for [livejournal.com profile] emlan...Thought I could just as well make it into a post! And now with added other stuff, too!

German musics x10, assorted genres )

The other stuff! x6, AMVs, J-Pop/Rock and Awesomeness )

Happy listening! :DD
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Have been listening to certain songs quite, ah, often these past few days, figured I'd share the love~

(Ganked off [livejournal.com profile] fst, flist and etc)

Man Man- "Van Helsing Boombox" Took a few times to get used to it, but damn, tis catchy~ The lyrics intrigued me to the extent that I actually sat down and typed them out(okay I wanted to sing-along correctly too, whut)

Blackbud- "Heartbeat" Song du jour. Like the singer's voice and how the chorus just ups the ante and is rockin' :D. Is slightly similar to Muse? Except with less shrill guitar-actionz, I guess...

Kanye West- "Jesus Walks" Okay, am mostly not so much with the Hip Hop/RnB aspect of things... unless it's Reggaeton or Dancehall and ...ALRIGHT I DO LIKE SOME) ...Umm anyways. This song is nifty, got it from the Jarhead OST- love the beat of the drums in this one mixed the chorus bits and yeah. Clickity-click.

Badly Drawn Boy- Another Devil Dies Heh from Jesus to the Devil now. Ignore the first 40 secs or so of this song, the real stuff starts after the crowd sound and tinkly piano. Love Badly Drawn Boy ever since I saw "About a Boy", must get around to buying the album...nice song, this is ♥

Semisonic- Completely Pleased This is one of these sweet songs that hide their utter dirtyness unless you really listen to the lyircs :3 Love the guitar in the chorus and this is just a lovely song to be mellow to~



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