Sep. 10th, 2009 11:51 pm
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It is amazing how I can suddenly realize that I haven't been online since at least a few days and have not much more than the vague feelings of guilt at not getting back to some people as negative reactions. The last few days have been filled with pretty happening things, so I guess that explains it.

First off: INTERNSHIP: SUCCESS! Hello, nice shiny formulaic confirmation letter that will hopefully be a bit of needed polish to my still quite average CV! All in all, and considering all my bitchery along the way, I remain confident that this internship was the right thing to do. Sure, it would have been nice to have actually been in the ad department like I wanted to in the first place, but I learned a lot in the PR department regardless, and it's not like knowing my stuff in this area will hurt my prospects. It's good to know that it's an area I could be good in, even if it might not be The One Job to rule them all. And the lessons in "Don't fucking underestimate the menial work.... oh you did, did you? Damn, that was stupid" smarted a bit, but ultimately? Were worth gold.

This didn't stop the fact of my last actual day being pretty lamesauce, because THEY FUCKING FORGOT IT WAS MY LAST DAY laaaaaaaaaaaaaawl and here I thought I was being pretty damn obnoxious in mentioning how often I was gonna be gone soon but uh, apparently not! So I ended up eating deliciously lunch all on my lonesome after waiting a bit for the lunch invite that never came ahahaha oh man, the "out of sight, out of mind" adage really was true, wrt to me not being at the PR floor anymore. They all seemed a bit ashamed after they found out though, and I got a chocolate "gold medal" from one of the staff, and multiple invitations for lunch the last week I am back in BKK. The unofficial feedback I got from the P' who supervised my weekly bank advertisement analysis of being "pretty much the best intern we've had so far who was doing this" was a welcome ego-boost, ngl.

AND NOW I AM IN CHIANG MAI, and it is awesomeness concentrated. I love being in Ma's gorgeous and airy house, our days are filled with joy and fun and I feel like a happier, prettier and all-round better person when I spend time here. I mean, I also get an added kick of slight self-loathing when I actually see myself in the nice lighting here, but it is at least the type of ".......jesus christ, I actually look like THIS??" that gets you out and about to do something about it, not the "I will lock myself in my room and binge-eat now :((" unproductive kind. Tomorrow we will be spending the day at the fitness studio, and I will have my first Pilates class! Man, I will be so screwed :D Good thing today was ~*SPA DAY*~ though, Andy bought Ma a hardcore birthday pampering session that we managed to whittle down a bit, because seriously? FIVE HOURS AT THE SPA? Seems a bit too much. We ended up doing a steam session, followed by a herbal scrub (tamarind and some herbal salt), an oil massage (some kind of floral oil.. Ylang-ylang), a Thai massage session AND a hair spa (kaffir lime treatment oh yes).

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__ Now that I am slowly but surely nearing the end of my internship, I've been getting to know some of the staff better, and I think a few of them really like me too, or at least they are A+ in acting somewhat interested in the random bits of personal or random info I feel compelled to blurt out when I am in a social situation. Lol, it figures.

__ I HAVE NEW GLASSES! They are basically my older frame's sexier new sister, because I am set in my ways most of the time and abhor change (unless it is the awesome kind of 'IMMA MOVE TO 'X' NOW' kind of change, lol priorities). BUT. Rectangular glasses work for me, and these have even larger lenses than before, which means I can see MOARRRRRR. This may sound not that newsworthy, but to me it has actually made the world a bit more interesting to look at again. More clearly mostly, too, now that the NETWORK OF SCRATCHES ON THE LENS are gone. Also, I don't have to turn my head so much and I look +10 snootier because the frames are heavier than before and I find myself tipping my head up more to compensate lol.

__ IT'S THE RAINY SEASON LIKE WOAH RIGHT NOW. Seriously, we have your LIGHTNING!!, your THUNDERRRRRRRRR! and torrential downpours of what seems like far more water than us Bangkokians can ever hope to deal with in the streets of the city. It almost vindicates the my lazy choice of wearing my Roma sandals all the time, at least they can survive when I am up to my ankles in water.
What this time has also brought with it that is not in the least on is the return of Nero's epileptic seizures. He's been having at least 3 moderate ones a day since Tuesday, and though he seems to deal with them better than before (he's missing teeth from previous years and previous, more intense fits), it's always very depressing to watch him try to pull himself up and wobble around on shaky legs. Especially now that he mostly gets the fits in the open spaces of the living room downstairs at night, and it is thus even harder to hear and come down and help him. I believe that his doggie meds do help as much as they can, and it has reduced itself to 'only' occurring every few months, but still. He should get better DD:
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Seeing as I am still too lazy to upload pics from my camera since uh, the last few weeks. Oh my.
Work sucked today, I was so unfocused and took ages to do four media reports (still not complete whoops) and had genius things happen like doing one I had already finished before but forgotten about. And then there were the random clippings that no one could account for and I had to hunt down. Ffffucking hell people, give me complete soft and hard copies to work with here :/


SATURDAY: Basterds, Greyhounds, Chillin' Like a Villain, Righteous Hanging out and Torrential Downpours (the last two not pictured lolol) )

SUNDAY: Shooting Things, Looking for P'Yai The Crocodile, MASSAAAAAGE, OM NOM NOM the Second )
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Looks like life is being if not shitty, then at the very least difficult and vexing for some darlings on my flist right now. What the hell, is there something in the air? ATTN: LIFE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, DON'T BE LIKE THIS D:<

I also had to drag myself out of a semi-funk at the office that was probably just my brain rebelling at having to do more competitive comparisons (BANKS AGAIN) and the frustration that the way I did the giant PPP yesterday was apparently not to the P's liking. And a good dose of tiredness and whenistheweekenditis too, I guess. Argh fail. ONE MORE DAY and I can treat myself to a weekend of pampering in town, fuck yes.

But speaking of shitty things to have to think about, I had another conversation with Dad on the way home about my ~*after uni future*~ -- and IF I do manage to get an actual job by the time I finish, or one that I could at least semi-immediately start in February, it really is looking more and more of a surety that I would be staying in Vienna. For a year or two longer, tops. Still. I always keep trying to ignore this, because I love the idea of living in Bangkok again so much, but Vienna would be a smart choice in setting down the foundations for actually reaching somewhere in my future career and earning a good salary, instead of languishing in the lower echelons of the local staff pool forever. I could always somehow hack it here, even if it would depend on what kind of an office I come into, and how much inner-office politicking is going on. I suck ass at the appropriate Thai-style of navigating this lol, this I have learned here already (and by observing how the previous interns acted shudder shudder). Yet there is also the salary matter and the fact that the average entry wage for an office worker wouldn't even crack 10'000 baht (8'000 is more likely). Half-decent studio apartments in town start at 15'000 a month! I don't want to lean on my parents financially THAT much. Blargh.

TL;DR OLGA YOU BETTER BE STAYING IN VIENNA FOR A WHILE, and I am so trying to get into your apt. complex too okay?? (=my favoritest pipe dream ever, TELL ME WHO I HAVE TO BRIBE)

EVERYONE ELSE: Come visit me in Vienna sometime in ze future then lolol

To end this on a musical note, here be YT vids of three songs that basically are on repeat when I do my media clippings menial work. DAMN YOU, KOREAN MUSIC FOR BEING QUITE AWESOME AND CATCHY
BIGBANG - "Haru Haru"
BIGBANG - "Lies"
BIGBANG - "Last Farewell" (song starts after 1:00-ish)
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I guess I should learn by now that if I don't post before Friday, nothing will happen, LJ-wise before Sunday evening (like now!) because I will spend most of the weekend asleep, eating and bothering the dogs. While I do feel a bit anti-social re:my spotty keeping in contact skills, is was still pretty refreshing, I gotta say! Managed to finally get my ass around to cleaning up my room a bit, we bought two new mini shelves, so now my excess stuff is now somewhat neatly shoved in spaces in an organized manner, as opposed to piled in random stacks all over my desk.

As whoever has me on FB already knows, my Friday was actually ~*pretty damn awesome*~. Another sign of advertising being inherently superior to PR? WHY YES I THINK SO. Basically, I managed to get to observe an actual print ad shoot for a client (some local bank) being shot in a photo studio with the Account Exec P' and some of the creative team. I didn't really know what would be waiting for me, and I wasn't really expecting anything thrilling-- which made the actual reality all the more sweeter. And by reality I mean the entire shoot consisting of one (1) very attractive, very built and very tall male model swing a golf club, over and over again for about 2 hours. The way this guy managed to fill out what should have been nice and safe business casual-wear, it was positively indecent. THAT ASS, OH MY GOD I think I spent the first half hour standing around trying to stifle the gleeful giggles that were trying to burst out of me, all the while attempting to ogle in the most non-blatant way I could. The rest of the shoot was spent sitting down, munching on the provided fruit and ogling some more, lol. It's a shame that the end-result won't really make much of his face visible, because he really had a quite fascinating look-- mostly your expected 'strapping traditional young Asian man', but something exotic 'round the eyes... They seemed almost grey? I was totally debating to myself if he was a luk-khrueng too, but hmm. HOTASS IS STILL HOTASS (seriously he was so taaaaaaaaaall nggg). Also got to have some pretty nice conversations with the creative team staffers, and the studio actually gave us all free t-shirts! So, all round yay for that experience ♥

And now, some links that have been awesome or otherwise tickling my fancy:
Super swank fashion sketch-esque SAILOR MOON art ...yesyes, I know, but damn if Sailor Moon wasn't one of my gateway drugs to this work of animanga. Love the way the outfits have been tweaked-- Neptune's dress!
ZOMBIE PROPAGANDA POSTERS!! ...seriously, so cool. I love that you can also order them all 'aged' and shit, for added retro-authenticity.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] laulan posted some links that gmail fed her, and one of them was this pretty hilarious tee-shirt place. Whilst I may be trying to move my style beyond tee-shirt+jeans, this does not mean I can't appreciate and yearn for some of these. Like UNLUCKY CAT,
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ONE:This is probably going to make me sound like some secret 80 year-old woman, but wow does my back hurt. It's times like these where I imagine having a boyfriend would be handy-- I mean, assuming the dude is the type to offer these things. It's always boggled me a bit that some of my couple-y friends have said that their SO is not so much with the willing massaging, I'd always figured that this would be one of the more awesome things to do with your relationship partner, besides the obvious?? Hmm. Regardless! Fuck that, I'mma go get me a professional Thai massage again soon~~

TWO: I am reaching a good equilibrium with the internship, methinks. I still don't really know how to connect with the staff correctly, something all the more obvious when one of the ex-interns came and helped out with an event launch at the VIE Hotel today ([livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, this was the hotel you stayed at, right?) and everyone was suddenly so bubbly, fun and saucy with each other. But! That ex-intern was pretty awesome and friendly in her own right, and I am thankfully past that part in my life where I would have been wracked in throes of intense self-doubt because I couldn't deal with the idea that people didn't like me/find me dull and uninteresting, omg *eyeroll*.

AND! I actually got praise from the Media clipping P' for doing something I thought self-evident, but apparently none of the previous five interns managed to consider: ARRANGING THE FINISHED CLIPPINGS IN NUMERICAL PAGE ORDER. Whut. And apparently I do what at least three of them were doing in the same or even less time. It is surprisingly pleasant work, as far as menial tasks go. Also, I WONDER HOW MY TRANSLATED SCOOP WENT THIS TIME, ahhh I will get this P' to be happy with my work if its the last thing I do here. *shakes fist*

THREE: Since the event meant an earlier leave for us + since it was near six and around Siam I could leave immediately without returning to the office, I went for a smidgen of shopping. My ultimate goal? ~*A ROGER FEDERER NIKE DUFFEL BAG*~. But what I failed to consider was the actually quite obvious fact that it would be a cold chance in hell to get such a specialized collection in your average Nike store, especially for Tennis. DURRR. Obscure footie crap might even be more likely, given the obsession in this country. So with a heavy heart and lots of grumbling to the hapless staff, I ended up buying a boring, normal red one. Oh well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and all, but I still yearn for the pizzazz that the Fed bag would've sprinkled over the quotidian task of lugging my larger amounts of stuff around.

*REALLY SHAKES FIST AT NIKE STORE, for futility's sake*
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First of all:, MY WEEKEND WAS GREAT and I am loath to see it over. Oh life in town and being ensconced in a cushy serviced apartment, leaving only to eat, shop and meet friends. ACH HOW BRILL. Got to see Ginger 'n Ploy, Migel and Bell scattered throughout Friday til Sunday, and always had dinner with Andy and Ma (+/- other friends and family), so I was actually pretty active in the social area. Haah. Talking with Bell again was especially lovely, and we got to trade internship stories (obvs. due to her hi-so-ness she had more classy things to do than me, but even she had the same issues with the ....special way some of the Thai interns always act, so it was a relief that it was not ALL IN MY HEAD lolol).
Super frustrating raaagh of Missed Opportunities is the following though: Bell had got to act as an interpreter for the foreign celebs who came to the events that the Event PR company she interned at organized-- she got to assist Verne Troyer (MINI MEEEE!), amongst others! Now there would be the Bangkok Film Festival coming up soon, starting on the 26th of September, with apparent guests being Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and most relevant to my interests: RUPERT GRINT (I have no idea why they would be coming to BKK, but gj Film Fest organizers if they managed to score these dudes!). Since Bell would be caught up in her other internship, she couldn't jump in, but would have been able to GET ME AN IN TO WORK AS AN INTERPRETER FOR THEM. But uh, alas and alack, my flight back is on the fucking TWENTY-FIFTH. Auuuuuugh I could have quite possibly interacted with Rupert Grint!!1 Or even just Jason Statham and Vin Diesel would have been massively cool enough, ahhh. Mom was like "rebook your flight then!" but I really can't because I actually need to be back a bit earlier to handle the organisatorial shite for the next semester. BAWWW Rupert, I hope they find some more than half-way competent person to help youuuu.

NOW (mid morning): I am typing this entry from work at the new workstation on the lower floor that I have been "banished" down to, lolol new staff upstairs has apparently made in necessary, spacewise, to shove off unimportant schmucks like me downstairs ahhh I have already ran up and down the stairs 5 times and it is only been an hour and a half since the workday started. I look forward to my toned legs after I finish interning?? All the other interns are now GONE, leaving me the sole survivor (and probable candidate to do their shit work now, fuckerolaaaa). Met and talked to another new intern today though, but she's in a totally different department, le sigh. Had those CREEPY as fuck "Big-Eye" contact lenses on though ffffff I have such difficulties holding eye contact with these people ahh shudder shudder.

NOW (late afternoon): I have been sitting up here in the PR floor again. To be on stand-by for things to do lolol so much for staying downstairs. Nothing's really come up yet that has to be done by today, and I sure as hell hope I can leave at six. Am just still filled with momentary irrational rage-- well okay, not rage but maybe STRONG IRRITATION that I am being held to the two months I agreed to in the first place lol. I want to leave earlyyyyyyyyyyyy and okay, it's just me acutely feeling the shortage of time left if I stop on the 8th and have to fly back on the 25th of September already. I want an entire month of chillaxing instead, why won't the world bend to my whims wah wahh etc etc.

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Because you all would have otherwise been treated to an extended version of this already long venting and pity-party session about my day(s). The main gist of the matter basically is that hormones make everything worse, as this sampling of my thought processes today might show:


AAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS, to bring this away from the all-internship whining, all the time (I truly am happy I am getting to experience this, no matter how much it might seem otherwise. I AM LEARNING. I might not be happy that I am being exposed to the glaring deficits in my work skills/traits, but whatever.) --- THE COMIC-CON TRAILER FOR DEXTER SEASON 4!!!!!! SO FUCKING EXCITED, OMG. This, Glee and Supernatural are pretty much gonna rock my Fall program watching worlddddd~~
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AND SAW NO REAL FREE TIME AT ALL, JEEBUS FUCK I should take this as a lesson never to promise doing things by my next entry, because uh, laaaaaaaawl so much for that. Ugh, self.

The weekend starting Thursday evening with HAIRY POTTA!!1 was awesome though, and then CHIANG MAI!!-- ahh god I wish I could still be there now. I was so unbelievably grateful for Ma this weekend, while I laid about being a lump of extra useless and tired flesh slowly regaining hours of sleep and brain function, she'd be pushing a plate heaped with delightfully cut fruits in front of me (Gold and green kiwis! Dragonfruit! Pomegranate! Mangoes!) or a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. She'd take us for a much needed session of Thai masssage (nggg I basically died on my pillow oh god it was heavenly), let me buy apple chips and other snacks en masse at the supermarket and even not yell at me for falling asleep in the afternoon or early evening because the couch was too comfortable, reading took too much concentration or I was just still that plain tired. And then when I would wake up again she'd just corral me gently into the next thing I was supposed to do, or show me that she had repacked my bags, or loan me some of her extra things because I was too dumb to think about packing enough clothing when I was in Bangkok.

BUT NOW I AM BACK IN BKK and back to the grueling 5AM-8PM days and ffffffff do not totally want at all :((( The work at the internship has amped up, I really should have gotten the competitive comparison done last week, I thought I'd have enough time this week but now I am apparently being piled on with a shitload of other things. All not that hard, some even irritatingly banal (GO WASTE HOURS IN TAKING SHADY PICTURES OF PRODUCTS IN SUPERMARKETS, REALLY??) but oh how they are time consuming.

Also I have discovered via bouts of amazing naps and feelings of incapacitation when I didn't drink any that I have become caffeine-addicted, even if it is only by necessity. FOUL THROBBING COFFEE HEADACHES HOW I HATE YOU. HISSSSS.
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It seems like every night since I started the internship is an exercise in "WHAT EXCUSE WILL KAZ FIND NOW IN NOT BEING IN BED BY ELEVEN THIRTY EVEN THOUGH SHE WILL BITTERLY REGRET IT IN THE MORNING?" I am coming up with a variety of somewhat passable-- okay, not really-- ones though.

SO I GUESS I CONTINUE IN HOPING that you guys will tolerate the spotty comments that I occasionally managed to squeeze in before this doomtime. I have a bunch of tabs open that I've been meaning to get to (KAT OMG I AM SO LATE IN REPLYING WILL TRY TO DO SO TOMORROW KAY DUDE?? DD:), and I am confident that I will! Just uh, soon. And by soon I mean this might take a few days lolol o man.

TODAY I SAW THAI CELEBRITIES (that I recognized!) at the beauty cream X launch AND QUITE POSSIBLY BROKE THE ICE WITH THE OTHER INTERNS (!!). The HBIC of their little group still seems a bit too much for me sometimes, but they're all nice enough and I guess some socializing never hurts. Even if I DO like eating alone like the asocial loner I must seem lolol whoops.

IN CONCLUSION, have three pics from my past weekend:
Photobucket ...I'd never really given much thought as to where dragonfruit grows before, doesn't this look AWESOME??

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IT IS SATURDAY AND I STILL HAVE TO GET UP AT 6.30AM WTF. Or was it leave at 6.30AM?? I sure as shit hope its the former, I need to wash my hair and I sure as hell am not gonna do it at 1AM anymore. THIS IS NOT MY 2nd SEMESTER OF UNI, anyways, pff!

I think I am slowly finding my groove in the internship! There are niggling bits, bits that are amazingly boring, and bits that are intensely frustrating, but the main thing that really shines out is that there is always such VARIETY in what you have to do and when you interact with the different clients and oh, I would love to do this forever (but maybe in the damn ad department this time lol). Got to act like a junior staffer and go w/ two P's to see a client (credential presentation), and it was a really interesting experience-- both in how clients can be utter dicks (it's like they had a checklist! Slightly sneering and condescending boss, a double-team of clueless and assholish, unrealistic to the max expectations-- SERIOUSLY, A PITCH IN A WEEK?? PFFF craaazycakes) and how the PR presenters can also drop the ball (there were a smattering of English errors in the PPP and the presenting P fumbled a bunch of the Boss's questions and gave the kind of blabla, bullshit answer one gets so infuriated about, and the stupid thing was that it could've been avoided because I think it was just a failure to communicate clearly what he wanted to know).

Also, news of my mad translation/general English skills has apparently spread to the extent that Art dept. people are flagging me down to love over some copy for them. Uhuhuhu I will totes need to capitalize on this more as being my main selling point to all of them (because holy craaaap some of the mistakes that make it past the Client's eyes and the other office's eyes). AS LONG AS I AM NOT SHUNTED OFF TO PRESS KIT MAKING DUTY LIKE THE OTHER INTERNS now dat is some quality gruntwork wow D:

...and man, I actually had another post idea that wasn't internship related (I will probably peter down with the frequency of mentioning it once I get settled), but am currently too braindead to remember what. Ugh hate it when that happens...

SO IMMA OFF TO SEE SOME REAL LIFE "HARVEST MOON" GAMEPLAY, and most likely spend the day dozing on the deck chair. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME.

OH AND LASTLY: I PASSED EVA AND I PASSED KORRE!!!1 Now only the KOMET grade is missing and then I can go back to starting to worry about the other deadlines wooo <33


Jul. 15th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Instead of using my scant free time to finally update and catch up extensively, I am halfway through a very engrossing Superman/Batman fic and listening to the new Lily Allen album that I managed to score for a pittance, along with David Cook's album, at the lunchtime open market near the office. Also bought some truly hideously kitschy Barapapa and Tigerman earrings that were 20 baht a pop, just because I could.

An attempt now to keep things brief, as always I will try and answer comments and other posts tomorrow!


SO I GUESS THIS IS A BIT LONG NOW whoops. Bed time for reals now, over and outtt :D
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Seriously, I think I have cumulatively spent about 22 hours asleep this weekend. And it was glorious. Saturday was especially spent in a flashback to high school manner-- zonked out from 3AM-3PM lol, don't ask why I was still awake until three though. Of course, this meant I basically dropped everything else, barely got anything done but bothering the dogs, bothering Dad, watching crappy TV and eating delicious food-- but all in all, I think it was worth it. With these batteries charged, I'll hopefully be more in the swing of things now!

I think asking you guys for spam was the magical nudge I needed for them to finally give me shit to do-- as I was about to reply to some mail ([livejournal.com profile] laulan, [livejournal.com profile] chesire_tabby-- I WILL SO GET BACK TO YOU GUYSSS) I got to work on another project! I had to type up a product introduction/explanation text that expanded a bit on the virtues that were explained in the product factsheet. This was some famous brand's newly formulated baby/toddler milk formula, and it apparently filled with sunshine and rainbow dust, all the best to "optimize the miracle of learning in your young child's life". I had to do some googling about what foodstuffs normally contained the magical ingredients used in the formula, and what fun diseases you could have if you didn't get enough of these nutrients.

FUN FACTS: Did you know that our brain is apparently made out of 60% fat? Or that if you'd stretch out all the nerves in your brain in one straight line, it'd be 75 kilometers long? Well that's what the internet told me! Shame I didn't get to use it, but I gladly proceeded to work this into every conversation I had with RL people that day lolol.

Anyways, this wasn't supposed to be a really hard assignment to do, but of course I am sometimes blindingly stupid, and didn't really get enough sleep the previous night (note to self, 5 hours is okay, FOUR AND A HALF SCREWS YOU). I had two cups of coffee for breakfast at 7AM, which served me fine for the part of the morning where I was still waiting around for people to come to the office and give me shit to do (aka 9-11AM), but damn if the caffeine didn't just exit my system like a thunderclap the moment I fired up that word document. It was almost hilarious, I couldn't even focus on the screen, everything was flashing, my eyes were that heavy. It felt like I was almost high lolol thankfully it was almost lunch-time, so I basically excused myself off alone. Scarfed down a middling meal at the food court and followed that up with a large cafe latte with two espresso shots and 5 packets of sugar to actually make it palatable and we were back in business. I wonder how my super liked that article? Will find out soon I guess, though I hope I won't have to correct it as much as the cosmetics one. Turns out that she told me I could freestyle the translation/tone, but neglected to mention that the client wanted certain key phrases repeated EVERY DAMN PARAGRAPH, and I unknowingly always switched things up a bit because I thought that would make for boring reading. It was again a faintly amusing process of back and forth, her correcting it and making me correct her grammar in turn and rinse and repeat. Oh well, now I've internalized it for sure though. I think I'm even getting to go to the press con/product launch event for it tomorrow too, "white dress-code" ooh err, better go pack my stuff now.


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I guess this is a true sign of HOW MUCH DAMN TIME I normally spent parked on my ass in front of the computer, if I can't deal with surfing and actually commenting on LJ at the same time in the hour or so I have of free net every evening. Let me introduce you to my lazy and hassle-tastic system: First I click through all the entries, have em all open in nice new tabs, and mostly already have replies or comments thought out. AND THEN I go look at something else or read fic because a sensible person would immediately comment! But no, I don't because I am mostly either hunched over on my chair in some caveman slouch (Vienna) or lying on my stomach (Bangkok) and it is somehow such a choooore to pull myself together and free my hands enough to type. I keep telling Carmen that I fake competence and activeness so well, it is mainly the self-imposed pressure of OMG I CAN'T POSSIBLY DISAPPOINT PERSON A OR B!!1 that gets me actually moving.
....And I see that I am reaching the deadly five hours of sleep left mark of nearly midnight, so this'll be brief again. PREPARE TO BE FULLY SPAMMED THIS WEEKEND THEN, GUYSSSSSS.

It kind of feels like I am level-grinding in the slowest dungeon ever. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE TRANSLATED 4 LINES OF TEXT, YOU MAY LEVEL UP! AND BY LEVEL UP WE MEAN THAT YOU WILL MAYBE GET A THREE PAGE TEXT TO TRANSLATE TWO HOURS AFTER YOU SAID YOU WERE DONE AND WE WILL BE WEIRDLY SURPRISED THAT YOU MANAGE TO GET THAT FINISHED IN THE SAME DAY (...which seriously, was the weirdest part. What the eff how is that fast?? I took like three hours to do that and had fricken news articles about guys falling into chocolate vats and dying reading breaks after every damn paragraph I translated)
Tomorrow I will be part of an interview team for some focus group research?? I just keep seeing what the other interns are doing and they seem to be copying shit all day long. HMMM doesn't sound all that more thrilling than what I'm doing, but that still doesn't stop me from resenting them a bit for getting to do ADVERTISING RELATED COPYING, tsss. I wonder if I'll get to talk to them at some point? They seem to move around in flocks and I am just sticking to my computer and sometimes flinging random sentences into the staff convos around me. I think they're warming to me slowly though? One of them used to be an intern at BK Mag, too!

I DID make an attempt to talk to one of the interns yesterday though...
So we're in the office restroom, the stalls are full and Intern A and I are waiting for them to be free.
SETTING: *silence*
SETTING: *silence: the sequel*



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For the sake of my mental health tomorrow, I will again fuck with my intended posting order and leave you with a selection of conversations from ~*MY LIFE AS AN INTERN: SEASON TWO, EPISODE ONE: DAY ONE. WELCOME TO THE AD AGENCY, SUCKAAA~*

KAZ: *is here* ... *waits*
JANITOR: What are you doing here, no one is here yet!
KAZ: Oh snaaap! .............*waits some more, reads*
TIME: 9:15AM
BOSS LADY A: Oh haaaaai, you're here early! Come come, we never start before 9AM here, didn't you know??
STAFF LADY B: So basically, we're all really busy with catch-up work from the long weekend. You just... sit over there and chill for a moment, okay?
KAZ: ....okay! *chills* ............... *fiddles around with computer* ........*computer sucks*
KAZ: *gets really antsy, starts feeling guilty*
KAZ: .....are you sure there's nothing I can do to help??
SLB: Okay here, translate this--
SLB: No, seriously, just go read for a while.
SLB: :|
KAZ: Oh, so this will be all PR all the time then?
STAFF LADY C: Well yes, the advertising account management department is currently full up with interns already.
STAFF LADY D: Could you get us some post-its/markers/A3 paper?
KAZ: Sure!!
STAFF LADY E: I have something for you to do!
SLE: I need you to research XX about football sponsorship things and type it up.
KAZ: Niiice, you mean XX, right? Okay *40 mins later*-- Doneski!
SLE: Whaaat, why are you so fast-- I told you to do it like YY!
SLE: Oh did I? Whoops, I meant YY.
KAZ: ........................wow YY is unbelievably hard to google grrr.


Since there might be nothing for me to do tomorrow, I shall endeavor to reply to comments per y!mail notifications and send em off tomorrow night. I do not daaaaaaaaaaaaaare to access LJ on the LB computers, oh hell naw.
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NOTE: I had this all typed up yesterday evening, but then my net went on the fritz, so I went to bed instead and had the 5 hours of sleep that made today veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hard to get through at times, oh boy. Here it is, posted anyways!

---------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST WITH MEEEEEEE----------------------------------

SO LIKE, I should be in bed now, ahhh wake-up in 5 hours ahhh FIRST DAY OF MY INTERNSHIP TOMORROW AHHHH!! and I have this unfinished monster post about the last few days to type up, so I am only leaving you guys with the following tid-bit--

I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF THIS GLORIOUS, SUPER FANTASTIC HANDBAG! It was Ma's belated 21st birthday present for me, afhkjfhfkjjs I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It is the most expensive and gorgeous thing besides my laptop that I have ever owned, and I will love it and pet it and call it Sparky and NEVER LET GO OF IT AGAIN oh my god, I will wear the fuck out of this. Lovingly and with due care to the leather, of course. I seriously keep petting it. So luscious. AND MINE ♥. We found it as we were just strolling around and looking in all of the fancy brand name stores just for shits and giggles, and while one of my (uh, more materialistic) goals in life IS to be able to afford an original Chanel bag from my own paycheck before I am thirty-- I must say that 50'000 BHT/1'466 USD for a Gucci bag that isn't even a special edition or made completely out of leather is just crazy-ass bullshit. CLOTH! Who pays that much for cloth that is just randomly stitched and doesn't even really show much worksmanship, tss!

I admit that I did feel a bit guilty about accepting the bag-- it is an amazing amount of money for what is basically a good that I normally buy at a tenth of the price, but Ma insisted** and it is also something that I can actually use for the next five or even ten years without it falling out of style, so. An investment! ALSO I LOVED IT AT FIRST SIGHT, I CANNOT DENY THIS.

**Lol, she said that in the end, it was still cheaper for her than taking me on some short trip somewhere (CHINAAAA~~), so she'd gladly cough up the cash lol okay then :))

OKAY NOW THAT I HAVE SHARED MY DISGUSTING MATERIALISTIC GLEE, off to bed! Ahhhhhh I am so pumped already and yet I will probably be so dead tomorrow ahhh tired ahhh nerves. Will try and catch up with all LJery tomorrow, too!

--------------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST OVER-----------------------------------
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Clearly I am a person who needs regimented activities in her life, because left to my own devices I revert to an ooze of a person who blankly stares in front of the computer screen. But thankfully there is always Carmen a dorm-phone call away to make me at least interact with someone socially, and we both had just spent about 45 minutes on the phone together doing what basically amounts to simultaneous internship- and apartment surfing and rambling about what our ideal future would be (she is getting more and more drawn into the idea of spending some time in Thailand, careerwise! Woo would that ever be awesome ♥). I sure hope something turns up for her, though I keep telling her how hilarious it would be if she ends up in Thailand next year and I am stuck in Vienna still in some dumpy job. AHH THE THOUGHT OF FUTURE IS STARTING TO BECOME HARD TO IGNORE. At the very least after the summer hols I should know some more fix details though, ahh.

Speaking of uni-- one of my experts for BAKK2 actually wrote back! Requesting more information, but still. Though I am kind of hoping she declines, so that I can at least tell teach that I tried and failed, and can thus interview other people in a more chill manner. Which brings me to my next question/entreaty, oh flist that I talk to a lot on a regular basis and/or is just randomly interested:

I'm writing my senior thesis paper on blogging and young women (ages 16-24), with a focus on how the written content of the entries (the sociolinguistic nuances as such) reflects the search/construction/establishment of identity, and would need to interview either 3-5 bloggers about their thoughts on this. As far as I've thought it out, the questions would be along the lines of why one blogs (subject matter/motivation etc), how one started, the readership/amount of interaction with commenters, the amount of thought that goes into the actual posting (are the entries planned reflections, or more stream of consciousness, or just daily listings of activities) and so on and so forth. No more than half an hour and probably done over a skype conversation that I'll record with Audacity, since the only one of you guys I see in person is [livejournal.com profile] chesire_tabby (ILU OLGAAA). I could probably also ask Ginger or Ploy in Bangkok, hmmm. But yeah. That would be my main thing to do and thus: Anybody interested?? Any information would of course be treated confidentially, and honestly, you could just about ramble about god knows what or lie about your age and it'd still be okay. I think 8DD

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I GOT THE LEO BURNETT INTERNSHIP!! OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, AHHHHHH ♥. All I need to do now is send them my precise starting date the moment I get my flight back to BKK for the summer. AHH. Suddenly, the three days in a row of around 4 hours sleep a night are totally worth it. LEO MOTHERFUCKING BURNETT!!! The ladies interviewing me were extremely friendly and nice, and afterwards they gave me their name cards and it turns out they weren't from HR like I thought at first, but the Group Account Director and Regional MDO Director themselves!! I'd be working with them in mostly Below-the-Line stuff, and their main account is basically all the Proctor & Gamble products for the five Asian countries of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. AHHH I AM SO PSYCHED JUST TYPING THIS. The whole vibe of the agency looks to be fantastic too, lol they were even asking me about my hobbies and normal fashion style, and when I mentioned that my three interests of food, taking pictures of food and the internet neatly dovetail by my constant blogposting of food pics, one of the ladies was all "...well I can tell you'll fit in with the rest of the staff no problem-- one does that with her Blythe dolls and the other staff member with pictures of herself." I must also say that they had the office layout that I liked the most since yesterday too, open yet still cozy and pleasant, with lots of awesome accents like fun yet comfortable furniture and chic little touches.

I gotta mention Saatchi & Saatchi as the most dramatic yesterday though, what with their HEWN STONE RECEPTION DESK!! and GLORIOUS BI-COLOR WOOD FLOORS!! with RANDOM STRIPES OF GREENERY!! you have to step over, but that effect was always ruined by the fact that their staff that I saw whilst there at least was always schlubbing around in this super casual get-up. Saatchi & Saatchi also had the most typo-ridden and invasive of all the employee application forms I had to fill out (the same one page had questions like 'Have you ever been addicted to narcotics? Have you ever had a mental illness or a serious accident, if yes to any of these, what did you have and what was the name of the doctor who treated you?' and 'What are your favorite sports? Tell us about your hobbies' lol nice contrast). Ma tells me that this is typical Thai application procedure, I was just mainly unnerved that even when you are like in your mid-thirties and applying, you are still required to state your parent's ages and job titles. AH WELL. Young & Rubicam had the best receptionist everrrrrr, and was the only place that wanted to know my height and weight, lol whut. Finding McCann Erickson turned out to be quite the odyssey (IT IS SO FAAAAAAAAAR) and I wasn't as blown away as I expected to be. Shorthand skills were also something that was mentioned on nearly all the applications and I was a bit surprised that it is still expected? The scales of the different 'describe which languages you speak and rate your fluency' parts had very interesting jumps like poor->satisfactory->FLUENT!!1 sometimes, too.

AHHHHHHHHH INTERNSHIP GET!! Now to celebrate on the internet some more before I switch to the Austrian timezone because the sign-up frenzy for our UE and BAKK2 is at (BKK time) 5PM, 5.30PM, 7PM and 1AM. The one day I would actually have gone to bed at 11PM and I am actually REQUIRED to stay up late for uni, lolllll it just figures.
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But basically you guys can count yourselves lucky that technology isn't at the point where one can automatically compose LJ-entries in their brain and immediately post them, otherwise you all would have been treated to some A-class emotional roller coaster self-pitying venting. That would kind of go like this: BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW I AM SCREWED BECAUSE OF NO INTERNSHIP AND MY LOOMING DEPARTURE DATE ---> ...OH WAIT MAYBE I WILL NOT BE SCREWED AFTER ALL!! I CAN HAS SOME CAUTIOUS HOPE! ---> BUT WAIT SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO DRAG ME DOWN AGAIN ---> HA-HA! I HAVE OVERCOME THIS OBSTACLE, SOME INTERVIEWS GET! ---> AND NOW, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TIME FOR SHARON'S BI-ANNUAL SELF-WORTH ISSUES BORN OF SOME THROWAWAY REMARKS FROM DAD CRISIS, now with added blubbering in his office! ---> YAY MY NORMALLY KIND OF EMOTIONALLY STUNTED FATHER HAS AWKWARDLY BUT CLEARLY STATED AND REAFFIRMED HIS LOVE FOR ME AND THAT HE IS PROUD OF MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT 'I HAVE GAINED ON MY OWN MERIT' it continues to baffle both him and me how much a part of me always needs to hear him explicitly state elementary things like these, because somehow I decided to be supremely neurotic and full of issues about this, even though part of me should full well know that DUH MY PARENTS LOVE ME OKAYYY *headdesks*I love Ma so much for letting me cry over the phone at her while I was freaking the taxi driver out though too, ahh

...so okay, I guess you are all catching me on an upswing! I spent the last few days furiously prepping for, and calling up various big ad agencies here for a summer internship (seriously, I googled the Top 10 worldwide agencies and just went through looking for their BKK offices. Lolol might as well aim high, eh??). Spent 9 hours today running around town, submitting my cover letter + CV and filling out some uh, very interesting application forms at Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson and Leo Burnett. Have to go into town AGAIN tomorrow for a hastily on their part rescheduled interview with someone from Leo Burnett, third consecutive day on less that 5 hours sleep is goooooooo. BUT! I really hope the LB thing works out, because they are ~fantastic~ and I loved their office already from the moment I stepped into the threshold. Will still probably send off the requested email-only applications to Ogilvy and EURO RSCG on Monday too though, ONE CAN NEVER BE TOO SURE.

GOD I HOPE I GET IN. I CAN ALREADY SEE MYSELF DYING THIS SUMMER FROM THE STRESS, but oh myyyyyyyy just the thought of how my CV would look with an internship + certificate from one of these pimpin' agencies?? DREAM COME TRUUUUUUUUUE (part 1! Part 2 would actually be working their for cash money lolol)

and on that note! SLEEP. Moooooooar postings tomorrow~ MISS YOU ALL BBs! (well okay I had been good with commenting these past few days)
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  • Still can't believe that my INTERNSHIP IS OVERRR! Freedom! Man,  I must say that all in all I do not regret signing up for this. Made some pretty good experiences, learnt a fair share of Usable Work Skills, met awesome people that I will hopefully keep in touch with and I think I made a good impression with my work? Deputy Editor said that I 'kicked some serious butt' at least, so :D, and the goodbyes from the editorial staff was really sweet. Here I thought I would go without much fanfare like the other interns, but yay for not being so! And I got  1,900 baht moneys as a small recompense, which was a pleasant suprise. ......of course, now that I have tasted the ambrosial honey of NOT-UNI, getting my nose back to the academic grind will be even more of a hassle >_>;;
  • How was everybody's weekend+mon+tuesday? MINE WAS KIND OF AWESOME. Hung with Ma, actually had pleasant times with my Thai relatives (I think the secret behind my cousins actually speaking to me now is the magical lure of my Nintendo DS. It's like crack for children!), stayed in the swank Centara Grand Hotel in town (SO SWANK GNUH), SHOPPED, ATE and OH, SHOPPED SOME MORE. I genuinely felt bad about how quick I burned through my cash until I realized that this were all on the to-get list and that it just SEEMS that way because I am buying everything on one go. The Shaz brain is easily tricked by spreading her purchases out over days, you know, and the Shaz brain also hates to see her money dip below a random sum, mostly a thousand baht or any amount that is a large bill-- which while sometimes useful in RL is totally retarded in say, HARVEST MOON. 999 moneys will not kill the farm!1
  • Nero is living it up now that Ace is gone to doggie bootcamp. The living room looks so empty without his giant cage... :( But Nero is now totally making up for that by acting like a puppy again, albeit one prone to ~*diva-tastic*~ fits of 'LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE, LOOK AT MEEEE! TOUCH MEEEEE! LOVE MEEEEE! OKAY ENOUGH TOUCHING GO AWAAAY'
  • The richtext editor's bullet point feature is so fun to use. Which is why the last few posts have so many in them, even though I am basically writing complete paragraphs. OOPS


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