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2005 - THE PRESENT, lol. Also mainly for my own personal reference, since I must admit to myself that my previous one isn't all that up to-date anymore. Clearly I just need to sign-up for more fests and challenges. And wow are a lot of my old Pbucket links broken. Whoops.

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God, has not getting all that much sleep yesterday been ever so worth it. Had an absolutely fabulous time last night spamming away on FB with ♥mah ladies♥ (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE :DD), though I am sorry I started lagging after a while, as my ultimate dude partner in crime and best photobuddy EVERRR Migel started into the fray too, and I got distracted uploading an album of our ~greatest photo hits~ together. WHOEVER LOOKS AT IT, YOU KNOW IT IN YOUR HEARTS TO BE BRILLIANT ;D Man, if he and I ever live in the same country at the same time again, it is going to be so damn EPIC. Our summer sessions these past few years have been awesome enough!

And speaking of spam and all things RBR-related, behind the cut I present to you a piece of POP CULTURE that I now own. Mwahahaha!

ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer: I FINALLY GOT YOUR POSTCARD! It is radiating Americanness and phallicness right next to my printer at them moment, thank you so much bb!

ALSO ALSO, a final link for you guys: THE MOST PURPLE PROSE IN THE WORLDDDD. Just read it. The mind, IT BOGGLE AND CANNOT DEAL XDD

LASTLY, because that 'final link' was a filthy lie, something that made the part of me that secretly still loves Naruto and is waiting for it to get better-- THE SHIPPU! KONOHA GAKUEN DEN! SPECIAL, by which they mean, NARUTO HIGHSCHOOL AU!!!!! I shit you not, it is glorious fanservice supreme, and I got such a kick of seeing the characters all school-ified! LEE AS A SOCCER PLAYER! Naruto as a gangstaaaa! Kakashi and his mask! BUT THE SAND SIBLINGS TAKE THE FUCKING CAKE. Fantasticccc ♥


Mar. 23rd, 2007 12:08 am
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NEED TO SLEEP but one last thing!!

Re: The latest chapter of Naruto

(and go go go Kishimoto! I might just start dling the manga again~ Sasuke's new shenanigans seem verrah interesting~ Here's hoping for the yay to stick for longer :DD)
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IT WAS ZERO DEGREES TODAY. ZERO FUCKING DEGREES. And I had to brave the throng of other last minute shoppers at the Mariahilfer street, gooood why didn't I just get my ass out of bed during the week? But! Got some retarded kiddie music CD for Sara, a Paris-map satchel for La, wrapping paper, ribbon aaaand legwarmers for me to wear under my jeans because OMG COLD. ...went looking for the other half of what Kat requested but they seem to have JIMI HENDRIX calendars of all things, yet no US5 D: Duuude, whut. Shall check again with La in Swizzieland too then. Menno, that really annoyed me. Decided to get Opa and V's presents there too, arrgh last names to go!

Also discovered that I should probably cut down on the McD's since my stomach doesn't seem to be agreeing with it.(BUT I HAVE FREE COUPONS FOR APPLE PIE)... And actually I should probably just stop eating altogether, as I seem to be cursed ever since I made the mistake of reheating those damn burritos. CURSES. :/

Was overcome with the odd urge to plug in the old graphic tablet and faff about with Photoshop aswell when I came back and thus, I present the results!

Hikaru no FASHION )

This one's for you KAAAAT <3 )

Something from last week )

Tomorrow will be the last gettogether of the year with Anja and Carmen and theeeeen I shall be nervously packing and chugging back cokes to STAY AWAKE until leaving for the airport on monday morning AKA 4.30AM WAKE UP aaah and if I come back from Anja's place at ten I DONT TRUST MYSELF TO WAKE UP IF I FALL ASLEEP aaaaaah... D:

Naruto 307

May. 19th, 2006 01:58 am
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Oh YES. Seems like the manga is getting back on track ♥

...and Sasuke really did age-up prettily. Hot damn. (And that one panel near the end? Oha oha my fangirl brain made a happy gasp there~)
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...wanted to go to bed now before I came across these two(2) Very Awesome Things.

_Number one(1)
Bleach chapter 226 )

_Number two(2)
Naruto 306 )



Apr. 15th, 2006 11:35 pm
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Prodding some more at Uni preparation things- it amuses me to discover that my major of choice is actually "Journalism and Communications" when translated into english. I mean, "Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaften" sounds so much better and more media-advertising-like.

Have finally decided to just screw the Angewandte Uni for Art option, eventhough their courses/the whole shebang sounds more interesting- but their site is so unwieldy to navigate, I have no idea what kind of paperwork that is required for an "EU-Citizen living overseas who does/will have(lol) have a secondary school leaving certificate that is not from an austrian school YET still is EU-based(go switzerland and bilateral agreements!)". Bah, and more importantly- if I go through all that paperwork stress and don't even make it past the first art-skills testing period? (Which is statistically a very likely possibilty plus the insider-info gotten from cousins that the Angewandte is kinda "ageist" regarding who they will admit...)
The getting artwork part shall still be attempted though, it'd be a good exercise in forced-productivity for me XD

And it has been proven possible/listed as one of the future job fields of the major that having an advertising-related job is possible after graduating... so, yeah.

Also: I seriously need to stop going to bed at 4AM- woke up at 4.30PM today, to my great shock, about fifteen minutes before Dad came home from work XDD. Had some lovely dreams though ♥

Edited to add: Naruto 303? Man, those last few pages of Naruto's love confession? Why was my first reaction to it "D'AWWW"? XDD Need more Sasuke soon though Kishimoto, sans shadows plz XD

Naruto 302

Apr. 8th, 2006 12:54 am
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... D:<

*waits for next weeks chapter*

Naruto 298

Mar. 11th, 2006 11:13 pm
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Holy shit.

Is this plot I'm actually reading...?!!

PS I miss the crazy creative chapter covers of the early Naruto chapters D:
PPS chapter cover 297- Hinata has BOOBIES now :P
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So like, it's finaaaally friday again!! This week was particularly shite re: school, tests and blah and more blaaaah. But! Fridaaay! Eventhough I could be theorectially at Adam's party right now, but fuck was too tired earlier. Would've been totally dead if alcohol were added. Just about fell asleep during french plus exam anyhow earlier today. (Seriously, I had a pillow on my desk and everything...that's gonna be one crap french grade, waaah).
But! Got to be productive on the artses side, finished the Bleach Exchange Pic and did a bunch of other doodles~ ♥

Bleach Exch, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Naaarnia :3 )
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Here be the pic spammage I meant to put up ages ago, and actually even yesterday- but eh LJ you sucked. Hope this time is better!

=Loads of images up ahead, dial-up bewaaaare=
Naruto and Bleach and etc Merchandise of DOOM!! )

Also: FFVIII art site linkpimp- DEEP FOREST ...pretty pretty stuff from what I could see from a quick browse through. Love the way the artist uses (ths sometimes soft) lighting and the way she draws clothing folds~
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Gaah finaally! One would think that I'd get to use the damn computer more, seeing as I've been off since Thursday (LONG WEEKEND SCORE)...My fault for sleeping in and being in a dazed stupor in front of the couch by the time Ae gets back from school= Computer rights for Shaz unofficially forfeited. Ach, the silent rules of my household~ -.-;

Got to really progress with Lucifer's Call though, level 36 with lovely beasties~ (seriously need to get a guidebook, if only for the monsterpics! Makami hs grown on me, the damn weasel thing and Uzume is a vision of beauty!) How I look forward to Karasu evolving even one more stage! Eee~, I hope he'll look smashing~ ♥ ... The only problem I seem to have is that I STILL can;t decide on my "Reason"... Decisions, decisions ...I'll prolly end up with "Neutral" though, knowing me. Going for World Domination seems fun in retrospect, but I wasn't hardcore enough in the past so I think I screwed that up. Oops.

Loy Krathong was on Wednesday, and I proceeded to make the most ugliest one I have ever made in the nearly ten years I have been attending this school. Then I took off the name tag and left it at school, haha. Is prolly rotting on the table in front of our old classroom those damn eighth graders took now. Haaaah. My orange sticker MASTERPIECE still is in existance there though, which is a relief. Shame we never got around to completly covering the whole thing~
(Made pics with the cam, hopefully will have em uploaded sooon)

New Naruto Chapters: GAH, Timeskip!Charas all so hot! Ino, Kiba and Hinata? THUMBS UP YESSS ~~♥! SHINO WHY ARE YOU SO GHETTO WHHHYYY Am curious as to how new dude will turn out to be, hafta get the scantalation soonish...

New Bleach Chapters: ...the colourspread! Mrooow, that's one hot Orihime there! Such a look on her~ ♥! Although: There is one grave thing missing- WHERE THE FUCK IS ISHIDA~?! Waah, there better be a few chapters focussing on him and his Ryuuken daddyemo!issues. Or at least he should've been on the colourspread too. He would have so worked that chinese outfit- not like that's a far cry for his Quincy get-up anyhow...


Oct. 14th, 2005 10:07 pm
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I finally have spent more than half an hour dicking around on PS7 and hrmm, this was kinda fun!
(smaller version, just because)
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Busy busy past few days and da~yam I'm already looking forward to the weekend. AND next week, with school only until wednesday. Scooore.

Productive things done:
_SMV Kantine Umfrage
_called Red Bull, just only need to send an email and BAM! FA infos ^^V
_called my designated hotels for Matura Ball price quotations- Holy fuck the Oriental starts their pro person dinner buffet prices at 2'000 baht(other 5star hotels start with 700-900 baht) with the clause that the minimum revenue of the ball's activities have to be 400'000 baht!!! ...D:!! And the suite prices start at 600++ USD. Verdammt. There goes our fancy fantasies of that place then... ;_;
But! We might get the Banyan Tree, and since they don't have a ballroom, this could mean VERTIGO. That would be so fucking sweet, having your prom on the 64th floor! The views! ♥!
...time and the other quotations from the different hotels shall tell I guess...

_Mathearbeit auf Freitag verschoben! Thanks to Sven and his fucked-up pancreas! Bless that lil defunct organ~ (he has to eat two weeks of unseasoned kartoffel and broccoli etc tho. le suck...)
_have figured out how to get to the Boss of the Solid's base in DDS! And it turns out I was walking by the answer quite a few times, d'oh. And it turns out I forgot a key step after the first major level. Yay for backtracking. Reading Walkthroughs makes me realise how damn stressfull RPGs really are. It hurts the braiiiiin, yo.

_now that the two kiddies in my bus know that I like Naruto (have a pin on my school bag) I get to play the GBA game every day after school! And I get helpful tips on how to do all the secret moves and such... Was interrogated by them(ages 4 and 6) today, starting with why I sleep in the mornings("because I haven't finished my homework in time and have to stay up late" "why don't you it earlier?" "...because I'm lazy, kiddo, don;t be like me when you grow up ne?"), and ending with me trying to lecture them on the finer points of Naruto trivia and answer all their questions. "Who is the coolest teacher?", "Why is there a ninja school?", "What are the squiggly things on their headbands?", "Why did you say that the guy with the mask is a pervert?"("because he reads PORN" "ohhhh. But why?" "...") and etc etc etc.
Fostering the ninja love amongst the young ones is haard~ ^^;
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Oh damn, but this is fuun. This dollmaker truly speaks to to the fashion fanactic and little girl in side of me. Ah, how time but flies when you're clicking to and fro... *sighs*

Naruto, FFX, Bleach )

Mary Sue Meme )

ETA: Kat, I got your mail!! Eee the postcards! The pens! &hearts!! (and am so loving the chicken feather :D)
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Have just finished watching the copy of the Naruto movie I miraculously managed to procure somehow at the MBK DVD shop. Oh the randomly subtitled joy!! I love the manga to bits and pieces and more, but there's something to be had when there are moving ninjas acting all ninja-cool and all.

The Konoha Sports Day short, was uh, amusing enough. I could so picture my four and seven year old cousins enjoying Naruto's quest to find an unoccupied toilet to attend to his ...needs. (apparently Ma showed it to them when she had to nephew-sit and was all astounded that they knew Naruto. Well, this serves to prove the theory of Universal Ninja Appeal! Mwahaha)

The Naruto world's mix of technology is fun. Loved the opening bit with Team 7 watching the movie upside down from the ceiling! Yuki-hime and the plot were okay, blah, whatever... am here to watch the ninjas in action. The Snow ninjas had extremely ugly uniforms, altho their earflap thingies were cool. I shall get one too, one day when I'm somewhere wintery. Would Vienna count?

Naruto was love. From start to finish. How he eventually badgered Yuki-hime to get a grip and step up for her country! And the chases in the beginning, hee :D

The extremly WTF?subtitles also added much to the fun of watching the movie, as they were directly transcribed from the chinese ones. "Watch out, Purple Mingren!" (=Naruto) "Oh, it's Mr. Quoacui Kakaci!" etc etc. The Jutsus sounded engrishly funky though.
(and yay for the extras! Naruto's and Kakashi's Seiyuus chattering excitedly about something! Understood about every 15th word, but was entertaining to watch)

Look forward towards hitting the shop again w/ Patty on Thursday. Dunno what to get yet though...Wolf's Rain? Maybe Kyou Kara Myou? Or see if they have the rest of the Samurai Champloo episodes, "ends at ep 17" my ass! >:(

Also, watched a lot of Cartoon Network today. Teen Titans is growing on me, dammit! I miss Kim Possible and SpongBob Squarepants in german. Woe.

PS: More fic recs! The new HP book seems to have reawakened my urge for fic.
Quality of Mercy, Maya's new WiP after Underwater Light. Link is to the LJ post, part 2 is also up already.
Ye Gods, she's done it again! Harry and Draco after HBP. "Malfoy was weird." What to do when your rival/that irritating bastard git from Slytherin has the locket with the Horcrux you so desperatly need. Or so. There is no summary yet and I suck at giving one. Still am so totally sucked in to this and really wanna sees how the plot unfolds...

Another good H/D (this one's finished too!) is Transformation by Amalin. Still have to review it but the smart words are failing me now. Booyah.

PPS: Holiday Post tomorrow. Have uploaded the pics to the com already and all
PPPS: The "Succession Of Witches" FF8 FST is vaguely disturbing to listen to.


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