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Though most people try to at least offer better quality pics lolll you guys, I THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING OFF WITH MY BLACKBERRY PICTURE TAKING SKILLS. So uh, preemptive apologies for the graininess.

But before I continue, here have a picture that is at least somewhat okay-- the fantastic dessert spread that Dad brought for dinner yesterday from the Oriental bakery. Clockwise, starting from noon: Vanilla Bourbon (+white choc mousse & cake bottom), blueberry cheesecake, lemon tart, The Wave (giant macaroon with lychee cream and a raspberry center) and I forgot the name of the last one, but it had white chocolate and layers of cream, blackberry and raspberry.

And now, barring whatever I will probably still buy tomorrow (I HAVE 6 MORE KILOS OF WEIGHT FOR MY LUGGAGE, but no room lololol tragedy!), MY SHOPPING HAUL SO FAR:
Dresses like woah + bling )

APROPOS OF NOTHING, I have chewed enough gum the past few hours that my jaw hurts like the dickens. You all needed to know that, I'm sure.
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Before I go to bed, here the post I was meaning to make ever since I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] laulan on separate occasions about fashion and closet space. Uploading pics to Pbucket was so weird today, ugh why so laggy :(

A summer haul of dresses and what has been described as my vortex of a closet. Also, bits of Vienna! )

IN OTHER NEWS, when I was over at her place today to absorb productive Yuletarting waves and watch TV on the side, I showed [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby Adam Lambert's FYE video and she is weirdly ~~IMMUNE~~ to his awesome charm. Which is okay, and THAT JUST LEAVES MORE ADAM FOR MEEE. But dude, I do hope you realize that I will still be yammering at you about him anyways, eh? And there is no way that Gerard Way looks manlier that Adam. No fucking waaaaaaaaay~~
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Though I guess I can count cleaning things up a bit and FINALLY skyping for nearly 2 hours with dearest ♥MIGEL♥ as teeny tiny victories of awesome.

But whatever. HAVE SOME AJ PICS INSTEAD! These are the latest batch that Ma has sent me, with this particular hilarious dog-costume being something she was v. thrilled about finding in her most recent BKK trip. I adore how she manages to capture the sheer DISDAIN and CONTEMPT that AJ manages to exude from his prissy cat pores every time she takes a picture of him :DD

Photobucket Carmen was all "this looks more like a wasp costume if you consider his expression, whut" XDD


TOMORROW: HARDCORE YULETART SESSION WITH [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, FUCK YEAAAAH!!
...and still, I am pretty much psyched about the effects that these crash sessions of pilates+workouts that I have been having since last Friday. I GOT TO PUNCH THINGS THIS WEDNESDAY!! It's a damn shame I don't have more time here (ahhh leaving for Bangkok this Sunday :((( ), because I am wistfully imagining how much more awesome I'd look after that. Past the span until mid October when I will be wholly consumed by my Thesis, I do hope that I can still latch upon this feeling and try to exercise more in Vienna. There must be a fitness studio near the dorms that isn't either horrifically seedy or horrendously over-priced, right? I want to lose weight, I want to look fitter and better and be finally happy with the way I look in a mirror without my blinders of denial and 'who gives, it's only you who'll be seeing this' on, and I hope I can stick with this and make something gradual but long-lasting happen, so that I can at least have some prelim results by Christmas. The personal trainer who did a beginning fitness and consultation session with me in the beginning put it in lovely, tangible and slightly alarming numbers. When converted to kilos, the body fat measuring machine tells me that the 35% (with "healthy" being around 25%, apparently) becomes 26 kilos. 26 kilos! That's an entire suitcase filled with stuff that is apparently pasted somewhere around my hips, ass and thighs!

So, because telling things to the internet means that they should eventually happen, I hereby declare my intent to sustainably give this ~*losing weight/getting fitter*~ thing, another good old college try! It would be unbelievable to have a 6- in front of my weight again, and hey, I'm in my 20s, that should be the age where we are at our most young and spry and hot, ne? Lolol. I am sure that Carmen will be an added health policeman and curb my baser impulses (and urges for COCA-COLAAAAAAA and salami pralines) once she gets back, Clemens has been muttering things about also looking to get fit again (and he's always good to drag around for things) and [livejournal.com profile] gwy and I are apparently now internet support buddies! LET'S FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT :D! ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, this goes without speaking that I will probably be dragging you grocery shopping and invading your lovely apartment for flimsy reasons again :DD

AND IN OTHER NEWS: [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and soon [livejournal.com profile] laulan (AHHH LOOKING FORWARD TO FRIDAY) should all receive shiny internet medals and lovings for being the sparkling and darling people who are playing a massive part in helping me not miserably fail at my Bachelor's Thesis. I COULDN'T HAVE CHOSEN BETTER ARTICULATE AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE TO FAKE NOT-KNOW FOR THE SAKE OF ~ACADEMIC PURITY~ IN INTERVIEWING ♥ ♥

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Seeing as I am still too lazy to upload pics from my camera since uh, the last few weeks. Oh my.
Work sucked today, I was so unfocused and took ages to do four media reports (still not complete whoops) and had genius things happen like doing one I had already finished before but forgotten about. And then there were the random clippings that no one could account for and I had to hunt down. Ffffucking hell people, give me complete soft and hard copies to work with here :/


SATURDAY: Basterds, Greyhounds, Chillin' Like a Villain, Righteous Hanging out and Torrential Downpours (the last two not pictured lolol) )

SUNDAY: Shooting Things, Looking for P'Yai The Crocodile, MASSAAAAAGE, OM NOM NOM the Second )
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It seems like every night since I started the internship is an exercise in "WHAT EXCUSE WILL KAZ FIND NOW IN NOT BEING IN BED BY ELEVEN THIRTY EVEN THOUGH SHE WILL BITTERLY REGRET IT IN THE MORNING?" I am coming up with a variety of somewhat passable-- okay, not really-- ones though.

SO I GUESS I CONTINUE IN HOPING that you guys will tolerate the spotty comments that I occasionally managed to squeeze in before this doomtime. I have a bunch of tabs open that I've been meaning to get to (KAT OMG I AM SO LATE IN REPLYING WILL TRY TO DO SO TOMORROW KAY DUDE?? DD:), and I am confident that I will! Just uh, soon. And by soon I mean this might take a few days lolol o man.

TODAY I SAW THAI CELEBRITIES (that I recognized!) at the beauty cream X launch AND QUITE POSSIBLY BROKE THE ICE WITH THE OTHER INTERNS (!!). The HBIC of their little group still seems a bit too much for me sometimes, but they're all nice enough and I guess some socializing never hurts. Even if I DO like eating alone like the asocial loner I must seem lolol whoops.

IN CONCLUSION, have three pics from my past weekend:
Photobucket ...I'd never really given much thought as to where dragonfruit grows before, doesn't this look AWESOME??

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My dear mother seems to find great joy and personal fulfillment in buying suspiciously HOT PINK merchandise for her very male cat. She is transcending color-cliches, I guess XDD. Lolol I wonder what costumes he'll be getting for this years batch of holidays? His pink Easter bunny get-up was pretty cute though, I must admit!

The weather is otherwise insanely dreary and affecting my (already meager) productivity levels. FFFF whyyyy, I need to get so many things done, ahhhhh. Must go eat delicious fresh fruit to bolster my spirits now.

OH-- and lastly, check out this awesome vid: Buffy vs. Edward. Smartly edited and just the thing to watch when the Twilight ~movement~ is particularly eye-roll inducing.
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Which means that I finally got the chance to watch the Korean movie version of Fumi Yoshinaga's brilliant, brilliant manga Antique Bakery someone put on YOUTUBE in its ENTIRETY (+IN ACE QUALITY!!)and honestly? IT WAS SO GOOD. I expected something shallow and fun, but was prepared to cringe a bit from the adaptation, but it was A-with-a-capital-A adorable, quite faithful and detail-oriented and just all around well-made. The casting for the actors! The fact that they actually didn't cop out on Jean-Baptiste and Sun-Woo (=Ono) actually kissing on screen! THE (ACTUALLY NOT ALL THAT BAD) FRENCH! The musical numbers, seriously! And I admit, the last few minutes of the movie had me tearing up a bit, just like every time I reread the manga. The sense of calm, of just moving on with your life-- kjafhk basically, Fumi Yoshinaga's work so owns my heaaaaaart. which is why I will NEVER EVER EVER watch the craptacular j-dorama, hissssssssss

IN CONCLUSION: IF ANY OF YOU GUYS FEEL THE NEED FOR A MOOD LIFTER, CLICK THAT YT LINK ASAP. OR TORRENT THE DAMN MOVIE. It is brilliant and full of hot guys and delicious cake and even more delicious plot and character interactions, and then you should buy the manga and I will then hook you up with the porny dojinshi that the mangaka actually continued with drawing, AND IT'LL BE ALL GOOD. I mean, I was in kind of a crappy mood, and hella tired to boot, but now I have watched the movie and am now quite cheerful! Still tired as fuck, but w/e~~


AND OF COURSE, the following meme, which is full of Truth and Moar Truth: If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.


May. 27th, 2009 03:33 pm
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It seems like I am experiencing some form of post-travel downer-time, because what the fuck is wrong Sharon, GET OVER YOURSELF ughhh I am feeling oddly lethargic and overly emotional and vacillating between wanting to ignore what I have to do for uni and panicking about fucking it up AHHH I ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER AUGHHH. Also I want to finally fucking know when the Prüfungseinsichttermin for Korre will be. I can't believe I fucking flunked communications law, I thought I had done enough for a pass, at least. Now I still have three exams left in PKW, greaaat. And then there are other BAKK2 related things, and after that there are just simple things like doing laundry and cleaning up, not even mentioning CALLING OR REPLYING TO PEOPLE that I have been trying to do more than halfheartedly since Monday. It's so stupid, I know that many people have actual serious problems and worries, and here I am still just moping about with my bullshit. Hopefully once I type this I can get on with my life?? TODAY CAN STILL BE SAVED. USED PRODUCTIVELY. Yeah.

I think I'll go check and see if TV-Dome has the pilot of Glee up, was looking through YT and coming up with bumpkiss that was watchable. CHEER ME UP PLEASE, HAPPY-LOOKING TV SHOW


AND ALSO THIS COOL LINK that I got from [livejournal.com profile] gallo_de_pelea --The "I Can Read Movies" Set. Fantastically cool book covers!
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God, has not getting all that much sleep yesterday been ever so worth it. Had an absolutely fabulous time last night spamming away on FB with ♥mah ladies♥ (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE :DD), though I am sorry I started lagging after a while, as my ultimate dude partner in crime and best photobuddy EVERRR Migel started into the fray too, and I got distracted uploading an album of our ~greatest photo hits~ together. WHOEVER LOOKS AT IT, YOU KNOW IT IN YOUR HEARTS TO BE BRILLIANT ;D Man, if he and I ever live in the same country at the same time again, it is going to be so damn EPIC. Our summer sessions these past few years have been awesome enough!

And speaking of spam and all things RBR-related, behind the cut I present to you a piece of POP CULTURE that I now own. Mwahahaha!

ALSO, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer: I FINALLY GOT YOUR POSTCARD! It is radiating Americanness and phallicness right next to my printer at them moment, thank you so much bb!

ALSO ALSO, a final link for you guys: THE MOST PURPLE PROSE IN THE WORLDDDD. Just read it. The mind, IT BOGGLE AND CANNOT DEAL XDD

LASTLY, because that 'final link' was a filthy lie, something that made the part of me that secretly still loves Naruto and is waiting for it to get better-- THE SHIPPU! KONOHA GAKUEN DEN! SPECIAL, by which they mean, NARUTO HIGHSCHOOL AU!!!!! I shit you not, it is glorious fanservice supreme, and I got such a kick of seeing the characters all school-ified! LEE AS A SOCCER PLAYER! Naruto as a gangstaaaa! Kakashi and his mask! BUT THE SAND SIBLINGS TAKE THE FUCKING CAKE. Fantasticccc ♥
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Another post because I realized that after having finally come into the sweet sweet embrace of the internet, I am being carted off to the boondocks of Petchaburi as ass o'clock tomorrow morning for at least until Monday to check out our new ~summer residence~ and/or Dad's Retirement Farm (no seriously, we apparently have fruit orchards and a shack for ducks and chickens now. My mind, it is boggling).

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY. I wish to share some random pics, and amongst these is this awesome find.
APPARENTLY ANDERSON WASN'T JUST IN THAILAND TO FILM THOSE BITS OF PLANET IN PERIL AFTER ALL, OH HO HO ;DDDD. I love the ~high fashion~ model on the board! Ma didn't let me go in and get a wash 'n blowdry though :(( BOOO. The prices all seemed pretty steep though, TSK ANDYPANTS WE ARE NOT ALL AS AFFLUENT AS YOU OKAY. THOUGH YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO HIDE BEHIND THE 'OF LONDON' LIE BB, 'A CUT ABOVE' IS TOTALLY TRUE I BET~~

It's all just food and cats from here onwards though... )

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THIS JUST IN: I AM STILL KIND OF REALLY IN LOVE WITH SUPERNATURAL. Rambly and more than slightly incoherent squee follows the lj-cut, I keep reaching this point where I am too tired to sound like a legit human being, but am also too lazy to fucking leave the computer. AHH WELL.

KINDA spoilery but TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME pic for SPN Season 4x13 )


ALSO, speaking of SPN, guess who signed up for the ~artist~ part of [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang? Why yes, that would be meeee. Be prepared for May, and my posts whining about how stupid I am doing this when I am probably gonna be jetting around +up to here in uni deadlines. AHH :DD
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OH ANDY COOP. I think I have been meaning to make this post if not since something last summer, but then at least in November, when my dormant obsession really started flaming up again. I just keep getting distracted and start fangirling him in other people’s LJs instead, lol. So now, even if others have already done so much better before, just for my own reference and maybe as a little bit of help to the newly converted (Miss Olga~~ *winkwink*), a quick and dirty selection of awesome links about one Anderson Cooper, hotass and serious business news journo extraordinaire ♥

GOD THEY WERE SO ADORABLE, I CANNOT DEAL. Carter looks so much like his mom in this pic, his eyessssssss. And I just want to pinch their little cheeks, ach!

1)Anderson Cooper is Not John McEnroe AKA 'THE DRUNK GIRLS STORY'. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ♥ Kelly Ripa cracking up as he tells it is also super cute :DD
2)CNN Planet in Peril Outtakes ...AKA Anderson Cooper is ~squeamish~ and easily startled by critters, for all that he is a hardened war correspondent XD And Jeff Corwim loves to be a dick to him ♥ "I trusted you, and you made me bleed??". LOVELY. (BONUS: Jeff, Anderson and a FROG)
3)Anderson Cooper hosts the CNN Pick of the Litter Puppedential Debate AKA INSTANT FAVORITE ♥ "WHO'S A GOOD BOOOOOOY"

CNN/AC360/The Shot w/Erica Hill
Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin shooting the shit for their NYE countdown promo AKA I could watch these two talking and making jokes all the time ♥ Hilarious!
'Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt, for god's sake!' AKA Kathy's mom thinks her daughter shamed the family for Kathy's awesome 'Knock the dicks outta your mouth' heckler remark during the NYE broadcast XDD.
Anderson Cooper co-hosting anything with Kathy Griffin is GOLD AKA I am too lazy to look for the entire NYE countdown show, but this clip features the bit where she punches him, which is lolarious, so.
Anderson Cooper gets a 'Wy'/Wii ...and utterly fails to get why it is awesome, hee!
Anderson Cooper asks his Mom for Mother's Day gift advice AKA Gloria Vanderbilt is Awesome.
Anderson Cooper turns 40 and gets some birthday wishes from his Mom ...the cardboard cutout!
Anderson Cooper gets interviewed by Larry King. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 ...Basically one of the interviews when Anderson was on the Dispatches promo tour. And I gotta say, hot damn was Larry a weeeee bit blunt and insensitive with some of the questions in Part 3 re: Carter's suicide. I love the footage of young!Anderson you see scattered throughout this interview though.
Anderson Cooper talks Paris in jail and dog/duck friendship ...I love the bit where he's all "and I'm sure the dog will love the duck even more when it gets slaughtered for food' and Erica goes "That's horrible!" "What, it's true!."
Anderson Cooper loves cute bears ..."with the little SCHNOZZZ ♥" lolol O Andy.
Anderson Cooper tries his hand at cooking AKA it is so obvious that this dude lives off take-out XDD
Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill have fun with stoned cops ...oh, some people.

Moar Co-hosting The Regis and Kelly Show with Kelly Ripa
Anderson Cooper tries Coke Blak and well, '...loves its spirit?' AKA the vid where Anderson Cooper spits Coke Blak onto the studio floor. STAY CLASSY, ANDY COOP ♥
Anderson Cooper refuses to do the 'Thigh Dance' AKA LOOK AT HIS FUCKING PHYSIQUE GOD THOSE FUCKING BICEPS.
Anderson Cooper has a stalker! ...oh boy Andy, oh boy XDD
Anderson Cooper on the Lohans AKA Catty awesome Andy is awesome ♥ I love how much he is a fan of crappy reality TV shows XDD

Anderson Cooper on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, PART 2. ...Love Craig Ferguson and love "I do the frisky monkey pony thing at home" ahahaha :D
Anderson Cooper get spun around by Rob Riggle AKA the awesome DNC TDS clip everyone knows where the gif comes from XDD
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Man, time sure flew by, I guess! Have been busy with supraaaise!uni, planned!activies (IKEAAA) and surpraaaaaaaise!socialness--including surpraaaaise!finally snapping at Michi not to be such a fucking bitch when we are at a mutual friends and their friends ask me something about Thailand and even before I open my mouth he is already starting with his stupid supercilious 'I know so much better than you' face. Hah, guess I shocked him something good? Carmen maintains that it was one of the most awesome things I did that she got to witness, anyways. The actual words I said were uh, "Ey Michi fang du ned scho wieder mit deine scheiß' Fressen an, da kanns ich gleich lassen mit dem Erzählen!" "!! Ich zieh doch keine--" "VOLL. Du ziehst da immer deine scheiß' Fressen und ich hab da so was von kein Bock mehr drauf!" ......*awkward sileeeeeeeence until Carmen prompts me to continue lolol*. I am a picture of prim and proper German communication, tru fax. Now he is super creepily nice to me, as we have reached the occasional occurrence when the dude realizes that, WAIT we were actually his close friends for a while! Friends should be valued! And treated nicely! But it never really lasts, and soon I predict a return to his usual self-centered douche-baggery. What changed, what chaaanged :|

I should actually be up to here in reading for uni now, since this week is my hardcore block week, but alas, the last few hours of today and most of yesterday have been spent rereading the best of Speranza's Due South Fanfic, which is as you know, EVERY-FUCKING-ONE of them ♥, so there are worse ways to waste valuable brainspace and time, I guess!

And in lieu of anything else interesting to say, have some cute animal pics of AJ and some WEE!PUPPY pics of Ace that I managed to earth up again. GOD HE WAS SO TINY AND CUTE AND TIIIIIIINY *cooos*
kitty and puppyyyyyyyyy eeeeee )
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I spent nearly two hours discussing the most recent DRAMALLAMALLAMA shit that is going down about Michi with Carmen (BOY NEEDS TO GET HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS and stop blaming it all on Carmen jesus fucking christ), instead of working on my STEP5. It is nicely fermenting in my brain, though it does need to be set free to actually count lol WHYYY can't I have a telepathic computer typing thing that does all my work for me? ;(

Met with Phil earlier today though, and it was a lovely chat over coffee that was made even more lovelier by the fact that he actually got me a belated birthday present and a really sweet letter-message thing. So now I am the joyful and proud owner of some Lindt chocolate, A LARGE BOTTLE OF MOZART CHOCOLATE CREAM GOLD LIQUOR ....and a mini gold-colored mechanical MANEKI NEKO!!!!!! KLAjdh kafshjkah SO. DAMN. AWESOME! I am my own mini Japanese restaurant! Kitty better call in some good luck and grades into my casa~~ ♥


May. 5th, 2008 11:31 am
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IF ONLY I HAD REALIZED THAT THE ONLINE iMAR SELF-STUDY QUESTIONS WERE ACTUALLY QUITE HELPFUL. Will blunder through them now in a last minute attempt at braiiins, though! And uh, keep taking breaks every five minutes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME I THOUGHT I WANTED TO BETTER MY GRADES >_>;;

Have some pics of our growing (dog)weed, AKA ACE, at about four months! HE USED TO BE SO WEE. What a cute bugger eeeee last time I skyped with Dad he was ambling in the background and jkasjakjsfh SOCUTE ♥

Photobucket A maturing face~~

Photobucket Nero apparently deigns to touch him/have Ace near him now lolol
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...okay no, actually not-- this is just the INSANELY CREEPY fake Rottweiler statue that my Dad's secretary got him as a wedding gift. We put it in the living room for a day and it collectively creeped out the entire house (it was like 'why is Nero in a bow? Oshi-- no *doubletake*') so it is now shunted off IN EXILE aka the maid's room or somewhere out in the back.

BUT now onto the real pictures
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I HAVE NO SENSE OF TIME MANAGEMENT!! Am sucktastically prepared for the Soziologie exam later tonight, woes~

But uh, check out my sweet new LJ-layout([livejournal.com profile] kaiserkuchen), mmmkay? Yay for [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum, and this time I think I shall stick with it* longer than the coke burst o' colour one, even if the way the tags are listed in this style makes me kinda wanna overhaul the whole thing... why o why did I use to tag willy-nilly? >_>;;

*I do want another text on the header but have yet to come up with something suitably snazzy. Alas and alack!

Photobucket (man I love the xkcd webcomic sometimes)
This is probably a sign of intense imprinting from the time when I was still in the same class as Migel and Topa, but I am sorry(??) to say that YOUR MOM jokes will never not be funny to me. Ahhh ♥

REAL POST SOON (I mean, I actually have things happening in my life now that are worthy of telling, AND there is some gossip to boot, uhuhuhu)
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OLD SKOOL POKEMANS FOR THE WIN!! I was supremely tempted to add a mudkip to my team though, for the sheer lolz-factor~
(I had to photoshop the hair colour, but it is otherwise a stunning likeness of moi in what appears to be a modified Quincy outfit, no?)

OTHERWISE I have spent today basically sleeping, trying but failing at being productive and not eating food that involves a pot or pan in the preparation process, which meant the scrumptious delicacies of:
-handfuls of gummybears
-a gigantic orange cut into pieces, liberally drizzled with honey and cinnamon
-the last half of the Häagen Dazs Baileys ice cream that I bought for SPN watching night with Carmen last month(she finished the entire thing in that hour ahaha)
-a tin of tuna, sprinkled with salt and pepper
-half a jar of pickles
Good eatings! Except not really, and I am still hungry. ;3;

Tomorrow will hopefully be full of Things Happening, as I intend to do what I meant to do today and meet with Clemens to do some PKW library research. The STEP3 Forschungskonzept, how it looms over us all! And then copy about 200 pages of THEO and Soz study material. GO GO ME. Oh, and Harry apparently wants to meet me to discuss some Serious Business that he has been obliquely hinting about. Carmen and I are obv. dying to find out if it is actually dish or just Harry blowing things up out of proportion again. Humm.

PS This post will change this, but up until now I have had 555 LJ posts! Heh, nice number~~
PPS The PAED exam... hmm, it went well? Okay? I can't really quantify it, as even though I was able to write something down to all of the questions, it all sounded like the most vapid shit ever, so NO IDEA how this will be graded.
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_ Yuletart submission sent off at 3PM YUSSSSH. I hope my recipient will like it! Ended up being not so much like I planned it lol spontaneous art morphing, but I think I am mostly quite happy with it~ And I sure as hell learned a heck of a lot more about Photoshop C3 now ahaha o man~

_ Also bought myself a new train ticket back to Vienna, as it turned out that the one I bought first featured a detour to fucking TIROL of all places. Zell am See -> Wörgl -> Wien ...and here I thought Wörgl was just somewhere in Upper Austria?? But noo, Wörgl is actually near Kitzbühel. Ahehe. Serves me right for not actually checking for correct geographic locations ahahaha.My grandfather now thinks that I am an utter retard, thanks to this OOPS.

_ I have been super lazy these winter hols. AH WELL. 8DDDb

_ Binged the entire 12 eps of HANA KIMIIIIIII these past two days. SUPER HOT. My thoughts can basically be summarized as ~*ENDLESS FLAIL AND SQUEE*~, even if Oguri Shun kind of has about 5 facial expressions. But he really grows on you XDD And Maki Horiaki was fantastic~~ eee Mizuki ♥ (SHIROTAN AS KAGURAZUKA was so obvious with his mancrush on Sano and Sekime/Cosplay boy was just adooooorable ahhh :D)
Starting Hotaru no Hikari next!

_ OH AND MAY YOUR HOLIDAY/NEW YEARS HAPPENINGS BE AWESOME LIKE AJ's (Ma has such a ...gift in taking pics of the cat ahahah o god >_>;;)


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