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...for I have yet to accomplish anything besides having rolled out of bed, somehow having assembled a hobo lunch and currently having my ass parked in front of the computer. I MEAN, I did revamp some of my icons (*points to new default as an especially AWESOME ONE) and make shuffling attempts at internet action. Have signed up to this XING website thing, which is supposedly this job and etc practical online network thing, but I'll be damned if looking at the blank profile spaces that I should fill out are stressing me out already. :|

Have a housewarming party to be going to later tonight, chez Lis and Nathalie with basically my whole uni people gang and the added Luxembourger fencing team, courtesy of Lis XD. Am looking forward to amusing shenanigans already, especially since the weather is warming up a bit (even if it was STORMY AS HECK last night) and this means not so many layers, yesssss...

The dinner meet-up thing of Michelle's that I went to yesterday was pretty damn awesome, as I got to check out the food at a TGIF's (giaaant tasty portions that barely made up for how expensive and tempting everything else was ;3; hate being on a budget waah), see some new corners of Wienna and meet new people, who were really nice and especially Michelle's new roomie Elli, who as it turns out is an ENORMOUS FANGIRL JUST LIKE MEEEEE. Ahaha if you could map our initial conversation, tentatively starting out with '...So, uh, what kind of series do you watch on TV?', 'Oooh, so you watched XX and YY too?? And what did you think of ZZZ?? God, TTT is so HOT' to ending at 'OMG... YOU READ FIC TOO? SLASH AS WELL?!! And know [fic XX]?? *flail!!* WHAT DID YOU THINK OF blablabla' and so forth. Heeee. So uh, if Elli is reading this now... *waves!!*

And ach ja, before I forget, here be some awesome links I was clicking around yesterday:
'Getting on and getting off: Or How Touya Akira got his Groove Back Part 1/2' ...LOLOLOL AWESOMESAUCE. Go go hilarious Hikago fic! Part two is linked at the end of this one, no worries~

I don't even care much about The Godfather movies and still think this is awesome.

'My Wingman' (SPN/Scrubs X-over fic) ...ahahaha this is brilliant. The brothers Winchesters as doctors, rowr~
'20 Favorite Sam Winchesterisms' ... I think I posted a link to the '20 Dean Winchesterisms' a while back, right? Here be the counterpart for dear Sammy. SO. DAMN. ACE XDDD
MOAR SPN boys picspam ...mhhh. Hotassery~ Especially love that last picture of Jensen. THOSE ARMS. GUH
'Postcards from the Edge- SPN EP' ...a damn kickass selection of music, jeebus! Have been listening to the songs on repeat since yesterday ♥ Love love loooove eet.

LAST but not least-- [livejournal.com profile] gwy! Danke für die Postkarteeeeeeee~~~ ♥ ahh it came yesterday and it was so cute! And ahaha the one stamp-- 'München, Stadt weltberühmter Biere'! Shall now proudly decorate my bulletin board, heeee :3
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Have surprisingly spent the last two or so days listening to some German music and watching German movies and uh, Pro7 reality TV(I LOVE GERMANY'S NEXT TOP MODEL OKAYYYY XDD Gina Lisa is actually awesome :Db).

__ "Barfuss". IMDB summary says: 'Nick, a hedonistic bachelor, falls for an escaped mental patient.'. I say: 'Heyyyy it has ♥Til Schweiger♥ in it. Heyyyy the music is really nice! I dig the cinematography! ...heyyy the actual love story that starts out cute is kind of creepy and co-dependent and unbalanced and the situation-comedy is hitting on all my embarrassment squicks ugh ugh erghh :|' All in all, an okay movie, but I don't really get why so many people seem to rabidly love it so much?

__ "Sommersturm". IMDB summary says: 'Tobi and Achim have been best mates for years. As cox and oarsman, they have lead their rowing club to win several rowing cups in the past and are now looking forward to win a big regatta in the countryside of Germany. But this trip isn't your usual summer camp experience and problems soon arise. As Achim's relationship with his girlfriend Sandra, who's also on the team, grows more and more serious, Tobi starts to realize that his feelings for Achim run much deeper than he's willing to admit to himself. He feels confused, unsure of himself and increasingly left out by his friend Alex and the team. When Sandra's best friend Anke shows her interest in him, his anxiety starts to grow. When it turns out that the much-anticipated Berlin girls' team has been replaced by a team of athletic, cliché-bursting young gay men, Tobi and his teammates are suddenly forced to grapple with their prejudices, their fears, and, perhaps, their hidden longings. As the tension grows, Tobi, Achim and the others head towards a confrontation as fierce and liberating as the summer storm that's gathering over the lake. And Tobi realizes he has to start facing some facts about himself he didn't dare to face before.'.
I say: 'WATCH THIS NOW, the entire movie is ON YOUTUBE, do eeeeet. Wow. Just a lovely and funny coming-of-age and coming-out movie and Robert Stadlober really is working it in this role as the main dude, even if I normally stare at his face with a mixture of revulsion and fascination. He just. Seems really weird. BUT that aside, wow the rest of the cast is great, too. Solidly written and filmed (the muuuuuusic!). Loved the boys who play Leo(hottt), Schorschi(lolll o Georg your role in this movie was great), Malte and Achim XD'

__ "Ein Freund von mir". IMDB summary says: '...nothing. Dammit. So here be the keywords instead: Car driving/Friendship/Friendship between men/Porsche/Love triangle/'. I say: 'Clemens really loves this movie, and gave me a copy of the movie to watch in the easter hols. And I must say, I can see where he's coming from about this one. It's kind of a mellow, yet really touching and all round well-made buddy movie that at the same time is also about finding who you really are and overcoming personal crises. Daniel Brühl (I really need to rewatch 'Goodbye Lenin!' again)is interesting to look at in this movie, you can really see his turmoil in his eyes or something like that. Well, I kept staring in rapt fascination anyways XD. Also there are fast cars and nice cars and that's probably why it's popular with guys, too. And Jürgen Vogel seems to be a big draw as well?

__ Nina Hagen & Automobil- 'Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen'. Clicking through wikipedia articles about recent german movies reminded me of 'Sonnenallee' that Michi and I recently rewatched at Joachim's place and the song that featured in the ending credits. 'Sonnenallee' itself really seemed so much funnier when we watched it in school, but ah well. This song is just really catchy (MICHAAAA) and it's always kind of a head trip to see Nina Hagen looking relatively normal, lol.

__ Muff Potter- 'Fotoautomat' ...best first verse everrrr 'Hallo comma paragraph new line...' XDD

__ Die Ärzte- 'Junge' Even the Ärzte realise how awesome Shaun of the Dead is in this video, which is undoubtable an homage (the scene where they take a picture of a zombie chick lying on top of the singer and trying to eat him ahahaha) and the fact that the video features ZOMBIESSS!!1 makes the lyrics, that I couldn't resist translating into English, all that more hilarious...
Junge... )
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Today was the day I THOUGHT Clemens and I would start Taekwondo at the USI (finally convinced him to join with me, having failed to brainwash Carmen and not actually wanted to do it alone :D) and we appeared all minty-fresh and willing to start, even if we were dirty dirty mid-semester smugglers, since the course is technically 'fully-booked'. 'FULLY-BOOKED' MY ASS. We could have started but noooo, USI policy dictates that we were at most allowed to get our sign-up forms signed by the course leader and then leave. So we still have to make our way to the USI on the Schmelz and cough up the 21€ fee (quite cheap!) before we are able to kick some ass. AH WELL.

Here be yet some more links/recs now, as I need to clear out my tabs before I can finally shutdown my com. Poor laptop's been running on stand-by for a while now XDD

ART @DevArt:
__ Crossing MSG with Spongebob SquarePants will never be not funny 8D
__ TSUNA SO CUTE. Also, mmmmh SUSHI~
__ Ishiiiiiida!. Ach, what a great expression on his face :3 THAT HINT O BLUSH.

AWESOME @Youtube:
__ Nneka- 'Heartbeat'. Such an earworm-y song! Got played to infinity and beyond on MTV when I was in Krimml, which was actually one of the times where this aspect of MTV was kinda nice XDD.
__ 5cm per Second AMV- 'Momentum'. WOW. Gotta watch this one day. Lovely lovely AMV otherwise, a large part also due to the song, which is so pretty, especially the build-up to the chorus and the third minute or so of the song. Guh ♥
__ Tokikake AMV- 'Time Waits for No One'. TOKIKAKE MADE ME CRY, ALRIGHT. And feel really happy, and then sad some more. Love the mood of this AMV.
__ Britney Spears vs. Perfect Blue. ...this is basically a really genius idea. Take the audio from the trailer to Perfect Blue and overlay it on some carefully assembled clips of Miss Spears and voila, here be one creepily awesome vid. A++
__ SPN Vid- 'Impulse' ...so okay, this really isn't on Youtube, but I'm too lazy to slap up a new section for it. Tis basically a dark as hell AU re-imagining of Dean, and oh man, is it ever so well done. The technical skill in the vid and the way the scenes were selected and then skewed for the purposes of the vid. Niiiice. O_obbb

__ I STILL KIND OF LOVE CHRIS PRATT OKAY. Lol apple commercial. Dude needs to shave a bit tho :< and look less like a trucker hobo, albeit a really hot one.

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Back! After eight long days of no internet chez grandparents! Yesterday evening was already spent vegging out gleefully, and here a post to collect some of the links that tickled me pink:

via [livejournal.com profile] tomomichi
The Final Fantasy girls vs. the Dead or Alive girls. Yuna, Rikku, Tifa and later on Rinoa and Kairi (no idea bout the DoA chicks, just squeeing for the FF ladies here XD). No holds barred Battle Royale. IN OTHER WORDS: SO FUCKING EPIC. This are the fanmade(!!) vids I never knew I had to have seen. The detailed and awesomely choreographed fights! THE BEAUTIFUL CG MODELS for the girls! The weapons! The final moves and limit breaks! More squee behind the cuts! GO WATCH THE VIDS FIRST AND BASK IN THEIR GLORY

Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Tis nothing better when you are randomly link-hopping and then come across some mighty fine picspams of gorgeous men (TAYLOR KITSCH(Timmy Riggins on FNL) and JENSEN AND JARED(These names should already speak for themselves :D)) and then stumble upon a HI-RES shot of this pic:
HELLO NEW WALLPAPER! And by hi-res I mean 'takes up a third of my display, and the rest is beautiful clean whiteness. Must unclutter desktop to accommodate this ♥'

I WANT THIS T-shirt.

ALSO. A Gossip Girl dude 'going gay'. TEN BUCKS SAY IT'S CHUCK. His big gay love for Nate is PALPABLE when you watch GG *srs nods*

Catching up on 8 days of awesome! A truth or dare post! Mafia and AT-tard antics! PW cast! More series noted down to check out (Vinland Saga, Pandora Hearts...)

Ahh, that was lovely ♥. And now a note to self: GO TO FUCKING BED EARLIER. My dorm has better lighting than my Krimml room, and okay life in Wienna has the added incentive of actually seeing OTHER PEOPLE on a day to day basis that aren't related to me, which makes the fact that I currently look like a wreck very worrying (=stronger bags under the eyes, skin break-out and my hair is rebelling... Noooooooo D:)
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If I can get these done I can finally switch off my computer, guilt free! (It's been on standby for the last ...three days? LOL OOPS)

ART @DevArt:

__ SWEENEY TODD!. Man, the movie was so much more FUN than I expected. Ace music (who knew that Johnny Depp could sing so nicely) and I was consistently amused by the HP reunion that seemed to be happening in the movie. Snape! Wormtail! Bellatrix! Hehehe~
__ MOAR Sweeney (and Mrs. Lovett. My favorite songs were 'Try the Priest', the medleys that featured Sweeney and Anthony AND the song where you see Mrs. Lovett's dream sequence (A++ HILARITY o god I think I nearly choked on my popcorn at that bit). 'Pretty Women' just made me snicker like hell (but Alan Rickman has a really nice singing voice :D) and 'Johanna'.... ahahaha o man.

__ THIS just made me think of [livejournal.com profile] gwy. Pretty, pretty Kuchiki Byakuyaaaa-taichou.
__ Keeping with the Kuchiki theme, here be a really beautiful picture of 'real'!Rukia releasing her Zanpakutou.

__ DANTE IS BADASS. Enough said!
__ CLOUD STRIFE ain't too shabby either, in the badass video-game character category :Db. Love the way this is coloured so damn much.

__ LOLOLOL ...'Batman in Wonderland'. PERFECTION. Ahaha I need to send this to my ex-comics tutor!

__ GUH, the girl's outfit is gorgeous ♥. Love the details and the texture.

__ AXEL! I adore how this pic looks like a still from some KH2 anime or something ♥

BADASS Tutorials:
Reference for the day that I will get off my lazy ass and draw some more! (GOAL FOR THE EASTER HOLS??)
__ UNO
__ DOS
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EASTER HOLS HAVE STARTED (okay, since Friday actually, BUT whatever :D) and it is time to laaaaaaaaaaze around! And of course I have been hop-skip-clicking my way through far too many tabs at the same time. Internets, never leave me ♥
I hereby apologize for my constant changing template for such rec posts, laziness and short-term memory failings are hard to overcome, indeed ;D

(again, some have possibly already been posted before, but I am lame enough that I keep listening to the same songs over and over again, sometimes just with a few months/years gap. Hehe ^^)

__ Utada Hikaru- 'Stay Gold'(not the real vid, but this version has lyrics instead) and 'Heart Station'. OH MY GOD. Utada Hikaru again cements her status as the female vocalist of my heart. Love, love, love these new songs ♥. How can she consistenly be so awesome?? AHHH *__*

ALSO I stumbled over some techno-y remixes of some of her songs that, I must admit, are pretty awesome... well, I am addicted, at least XDD. 'Beautiful World (Official UDM Remix)', 'Sanctuary (Hikki's Remix), 'You Make Me Want to Be a Man (Bloodshy and Avant Remix) and 'Keep Tryin' (Acoustic Morning Remix) ...okay this kind of falls out of the 'techno-y' category, but is just really nice, ahh ♥

__ LUNA SEA- 'gravity' ...RETRO AWESOMENESSSSS ♥. Pimping them to [livejournal.com profile] gwy kind of rekindled my love for them, heh. 'I For You', 'Rosier'(warning for wonky and jarringly hilarious engrish in one part XDD), 'True Blue' and 'Tonight' also are TOP GRADE ROCKING songs of rockingness ♥. Man, I remember buying the tapes back when Tower Records wasn't 'CD Warehouse' in BKK and then listening to them OVER and OVER again on my walkman. GOOD TIMES ♥

__ Namie Amuro- 'Baby, Don't Cry'. 'Hanazono no Himitsu'(or 'Himitsu no Hanazono, I keep getting the title switched around) was such a fun dorama, and the constant playing of this theme song really helped in my enjoyment of it :D ALSO it was one of the few series, where when I mainlined it, I consistently let the credits always run. Such a happy, head-bopping melody~

__ Ayaka- 'Mikazuki'. Most people might recognize her voice from the FF7 Crisis Core game OST ('Why', a helluva BEAUTIFUL SONG god, add that song to the ending FMV= *BAWLING FOREVER* ;3;), and here's another song of hers I found really pretty. She has such a fantastically unique and deep/powerful voice for a japanese vocalist (to steal what some person on youtube said) and it makes her songs a treat to listen to.
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Step 3 assignments kind of DONE so far fuck yessss. Sent 'em over to Carmen for proofreading, will then get to post it tonight and for now I guess I can fully concentrate(HAHAHAHAHA) on what will be my next two academic blights AKA the looming specter of the OEKO and KSOZ exams. Especially now that Mme. Carmen has opted out of KSOZ and I am too stubborn to do the same, even if my practice so far has amounted to having browsed through 5-odd paltry pages of the 84-page Reader. Umm.

ALSO before I forget and it is vaguely uni-related anyhow, yet with an added touch of Awesome that is sorely not happening in the exam-prep area waah, I hereby pimp the short film that Georg, Lis and Dominik were making in their TV-tAT. It is quite well done and I personally love the music choices and the way they handled the subject (Student restrictions in applying for a place in our major. What the hell do you call it in English anyways?) and the 'Lebenslauf' pun is cute. But mainly it just kills me to see them on film. Especially Georg and his flippy girly hair (that is now cut a bit shorter again XDD)

(Basically: Dominik is the black-haired dude, Georg is the blond in the tracksuit, Lis is the girl that 'succeeds' and the other girl is someone I don't know lol)

I should be typing something about the dramatastic happenings at the PKW Festl too, I suppose, but suffice to say for now that I was far too sober, other people were far too drunk, the music was far too undanceable AND there was drunken make-out and gropings (not involving yours truly *sigh*) that make or may not have been captured on digi-cams ... ;Db
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Have been reading some [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie as usual and was shocked to discover that Gwendal and Wolfwood aren't together anymore?? WHAT?? HOW? and eeeeh whyyy ;3;. I remember avidly reading the build-up to their relationship a year ago and adoring it so, aaaah good times. Must sharpen my eyes when skimming threads/posts again, I admit to only really have been following a few characters lately and missing these kind of things is always argggh!backtracking time frustration-inducing

Otherwise this day has so far been spent in the same manner as Thursday and Friday have been, with waking up at 2.30PM and all. It's almost decadent, being able to be so lazy~ and of course now that Carmen and Michi are gone it feels like I am existing in some kind of weird time-vacuum -- I am still in my pyjamas and fully awake, yet it is dark as hell outside again because WINTER IS EVIL AND PITCHBLACKNESS AT 5:18PM REALLY IS UNCOOL D:

But on to the glories of the internet: LINKS (I really should make some kind of system or format for posting these, but ehh supreme laziness beats over my sometimes urge for neatness!1 >_>;;)

"God Knows (Drums Part)" ...I will always have an incredible fondness for this song, and seeing all the vids for it with guitar, bass and whatnot parts is simply awesome. This drummer dude really is rocking out, heh~

"God Knows (...Super Mario Sequencer version??)" ...yeah. I just. Wow. The internet is a wonderful place XDD Though this really is cute and catchy in it's own way :D

"Cruel Angel's Thesis (Super Mario Sequence version) ...LOLLLLLLLLLL

HOT HOT IchiIshi ...The newest Bleach colourspread made me happy as hell (ISHIDAAAAAAA) and this fanart by [livejournal.com profile] emlan only makes it even better! Hands being shoved in pants! Eee~ Also v cute Rukia and Hime doodles~

Harry Potter 1-6 in 100 words or less ... I am particularly fond of what the chick from Nottingham wrote. ACES.

'When It's Twelve O'Clock, We Climb the Stair' ...delightfully creepy as hell SPN fic. Spoilers through AHBL2 and here's the author's summary: Eleven days after Dean's death, Sam does a ritual to bring him back.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni 'You' (HIMEKA cover version)' ...I really need to one day watch this anime. But in the meantime, have a link to this fan-cover of one of the songs featured therein. Nice~~
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Halloween is slowly nearing! And for the first time in quite possibly AGES, I actually have a party to go to! Which on one hand, is kind of verrah awesome, but on the other hand brings the untold HASSLE of finding a costume. That is cheap. And yet still kind of awesome. Am gonna set out with Michi tomorrow/later today to start our quest for the perfect last-minute outfit... What wonders will the Mariahilf behold to me?? Have already kind of decided on going as a witch though, I snitched dark red nail polish from Carmen and can recycle one of my black tops... all I will need now is a longish black skirt(for cheap in H&M??) and some net/lacy gloves THEN the wig that I am intending on buying (because WIGS ARE SUPER COOL) and maybe a hat and I should be set! Michi has already doomed my costume-idea as lame ass, but I don't really think the guy who intends to wear a skull mask on the back of his head can talk about super-special costume creativity!!1!, yanno~~

In other awesome internet happenings, I would like to present these next few links~

CHARLIE THE UNICORN MERCHANDISE!!!!!!!! EEEEEEE ...lolll I have already UNSUBTLE-Y hinted to Carmen that I *ahem* wouldn't mind a pink unicorn SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNah t-shirt hehehe. I mean, shit I have the damn thing as a sms ringtone anyways XDD A+++ HOT STUFF

Ayaka - Why PV ...THAT song that plays during the end-credits/scene in the Crisis Core game. GAWD. *BAWLING* Such a beautiful song ♥!!

TASTY TASTY BAKED DELIGHTS!! ...man, I hate my masochistic urge to surf such sites when it's ASS AM and I am hungry besides that DDDD:

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I put aside my Jensen/Dean Winchester girl hat for the following link:

SO CUTE SO CUTE AHH THAT ACCENT SUCH A DARLIN' SOUTHERN BOY. Man his texan roots are really noticeable when he says 'I know, you would think, right?'(raaaaite) and 'Country music'(kowntree) and they all keep saying 'We do do that' eeeeee :D :D :D


and another cute link is:

and one of these: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/generic/887e/ WOO ROFLCOPTER :D

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...but over the past few days I have been reading RPF/RPS and kind of really enjoying it. Umm. Well I kind of rationalize it away that since it is 'just' CW RPS(with Tom Welling, Mike Rosenbaum and Jared/Jensen with random Chad Michael Murray and Chris Kane) it's just a furthering of my SPN/SV fic consumation and it's all good. I stay away from the schmoop, but I must admit to finding the fics where there are these booze and drug-filled parties and everyone is kind of a douche to be really amusing. Such asses, who occasionally fuck and make out! Am still strong in staying away from bandslash though, which is good and also partly because I still keep getting mixed up as to who is who and which band and whut whut bzwuh. Did see a really funny clip of Ryan Ross (...which band is he again, Olga? Panic?) giving an interview and obv. being TOTALLY STONED. I mean, he kept drifting off topic and was all with randomness like "heyyyy, that's a really professional microphone you got there, man...."

but on a back to SPN fic note: here some recs
'Nothing up my sleeve' ...lol Dean and Sam make use of his shiny new ...powers. IN VEGAS WOO

'Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too' ...remember the Trickster from S2? He's got a little something something for the boys, they just don't know it yet. HILARITY god I was laughing so hard throughout this!

LOL the dojinshi entry at the SuperWiki ...I would totally buy this dojin. TRU FAX

A clip of the SPN pilot in jap dub! ...man it's kind of weird watching this. Nothing beats Sammy and Dean's real voices though, mmmmh sexy and deep ♥

AND other links of OOOH:

'Japan is very small' LOL Dorama chara X-over of DOOM. Kat, this should be right up your alley! I at least couldn't recognize all of the charas yet. Which also reminds me I should watch some more of your DVDs yessss~~

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I will NEVER EVER EVER stop loving ~*Tidus and Yuna*~. And watching all the relevant FFX and X-2 FMVs only serves to reinforce and cement this thought in my mind. THEY ARE SO CUTE AND CHEESY AND HAPPY TOGETHER ahhhh it is almost too much ♥ ♥
And uh on a FFX note, the '1000 Words' single actually sounds really nice in japanese... Am ironically so used to the dub version, but damn if I don't really like Koda Kumi's more huskier voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c-UmNUhxxI

Other than that, my days have been spent trying to study for the OEKO(Media Economy) exam that is coming up this tuesday... with uh, MIXED results, as I keep getting sidetracked by things like spending 4 hours ploughing through a 36 part Supernatural fic(SO FUCKING GOOD -->http://nilchance.livejournal.com/tag/of+bastard+saints) and so on. I am actually quite suprised by how hard I seem to have been hit by the SPN bug, though it might also be that I am saving many more fics to HD now then back when I was up to here in my HP reading frenzy. ...which actually reminds me that I should get around to ferreting up some of the classics again~~ Ahh.

Went and watched Disturbia with Carmen, Michi and Harry too... and damn, if that wasn't some effective suspenseful editing. You KNEW what was going to happen and still, once it did-- cue the ARRRRGH!!! effect XDD. Better movie than I expected and yaaay the previews were of Stardust and THE GOLDEN COMPASSS aaaaaaaah wanna watch that so bad. IOREK! DANIEL FUCKING CRAIG(although I could totally pass on the beard, wahh)! ETC!!! Also Stardust has Robert DeNiro as a fucking SKY PIRATE, which is like utter hilarity in itself already...
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Things of yay:
♥ lots of sleep gained. Fun dreams involving flying?? and attractive men
♥ went last-minute grocery shopping, am set for next few days
♥ fiddled around with Facebook etc.
♥ had tasty tasty simple meals (avocado salad, cereal, salami snacks (okay not a meal))

Things of naaay:
UNI SCHEDULE NOT DONE, also due to the fact that not all the lecture dates are up yet GNARGH GNARGH
WU Mitbelegung not started yet :/
room needs sweeping before Olga comes tomorrow
need to sort out and eventually do laundry :(, AND LIKE GET THE LIGHT IN THE VORZIMMER FIXED god why am I so lazy?? It has been over 5 months now gaaaawd. This keeps flaring up and annoying me
Cutouts not all pasted in scrapbook yet, Paris travelogue not finished


...but uh other than that, this interview quote from Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki cracked me up:
JA: We're late because he [indicates Padalecki] partied hard last night and apparently fell asleep in the shower.
JP: I couldn't attend an interview without having a shower.
JA: Sure ... but you're always in there for hours. What do you do in there?
JP: There's a lot of me to wash, okay?

AHAHA I BET THERE IS ♥ ...see more bits at this post ->http://monkiedude.livejournal.com/57305.html

...I need to go wash my hair now. At 1.30AM gg me
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I wanted to post these links yesterday already, but I got too sucked into reading diverse Apocalypse scenario Supernatural fic and more multiparters that I eventually got kind of creeped out, and then in a stunning display of logic and common sense, went to Youtube to look at Silent Hill clips and OST songs as that shit ain't creepyness-enhancing enough noooo >_>;;
BUT SINCE THE SUN IS STILL SHINING NOW I figure I am okay to post these XDD

http://kestrelsan.livejournal.com/70088.html ...'t figured that when Dean finally got a dog, it turned out to be a zombie.' SO AWESOME. Ringooooo~
http://travelwright.livejournal.com/6344.html ...from that first funny one to this AUUGH DARK one. Spoilers for the end of Season 2! Ava and the five months afterwards.
http://hiyacynth.livejournal.com/225194.html ...'Mockingbird', 10 long parts of plotty goodness. Heck, I wish this could've been a longer ep arc on the show... The OC's are great, the relationship between the brothers and the writing just zings. Who says het can't be good eh? :D
http://intimations.org/fanfic/supernatural/Old%20Country.html ...A HP/SPN crossover that works so good. The Winchesters do Hogwarts! And the fact that Dean is a Hufflepuff is now firmly cemented in my brain. LORD TAVERSHAM *snickers*

http://community.livejournal.com/spn_gen/322823.html ...The summary says it all: 'Some Goth teenagers accidentally resurrect John Winchester. No, seriously.' HILARIOUS POV XDD

AND here the creepy yet super cool as always Silent Hill music from yesterday:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAKMKcw_mYY&mode=related&search= ...'Theme of Laura(Piano Version)'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO7Z_lXmrwI ...'Promise(Piano Version)'. This song gives me the goosebumps ahh
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1TLZxhsgns ...'Promise' again, this time some guys added vocals to it and it's quite an interesting thing to listen to. Like what one of the commentators said-- the vocals sound a bit off-key but it fits to the Silent Hill feel? If that makes sense...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd8rBt0OUQQ&mode=related&search= ...'Promise' for the last time, but without doubt the best version I found. ACOUSTIC GUITAAARS! And they even made an actual video to it, not just only them playing the instruments. Niiice.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H_uWBQJZjg ...Silent Hill's 'Theme of Laura', done in a Trip-Hop remix. I-i just. FABULOUS ♥ ♥ and I don't even like trip-hop most of the time lol...
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To my great surprise, today actually ended up being quite productive! I mean, okay, I did only start doing stuff after 7PM, which left about 6 hours frittered away on and around the computer BUT STILL. Also typing that precise time kind of disturbs me. BUT I did take time off and call people and take some trash down, yes yes *rationalizes woo*

♥ Cleaned out closet
-->NEXT STEP: Tiny pictorial representations of the contents of closet so I don't forget what is actually in there, which is as sad as it sounds totally normal for me. Classic case of 'Out of sight, out of mind' here, *sigh*
♥ Sorted out 80% of shelf/drawers clutter and debris
-->NEXT STEP: Buy big boxes tomorrow to put clutter and scraps in that can be shoved under bed. Clearly label contents of boxes. FINISH SCRAPBOOK (buy glue??)
♥ Put Trinkets and assorted gifts for people in temporary storage
--> wait till those dudes get there asses back in town D:

Finish the rest
-->URGENCY: MEDIUM, for own peace of mind
Clean bathroom
-->URGENCY: LOW, am lazy
Clean fridge and throw out Sabrina's half-rotting crap
-->URGENCY: TOMORROW. I CAN ALMOST SENSE THE BACTERIA EMANATING from what I thought was müslipaste in a tupperware bowl but now smells like tuna ... D:

AND here be some things I was rewarding myself with:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QRCKNoUgko&mode=related&search= ...feast your eyes on GABELSTAPLER KLAUS or Forklift-driver Klaus, or the clip better known as the most gory and bloody safety film ever. It is macabre as heck, but simply HILARIOUS :D Now with english subs!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mTUN18AFP4 ...'The Official Supernatural Drinking Game'! Heeeee must ponder doing this with Carmen one day!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeCLKRWAAEs ...Sam and Dean answer YOUR burning questions! :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P72XkJ68rE4 ...this was possibly the only good part about the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime ...>_>;; A++ for dancing chocobos though!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w86e4S3AJ6s ...DanRad is funny! Who'da thunk! And his banter/flirtation with this other talkshow fellow is SO CUTE EEEE

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI3hsg9HkhQ ...I will love Utada Hikaru FOREVER and EVER and songs of her like this make me go all happy inside~
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=642syLMYpEA&mode=related&search= ...I often forget, since one associates it with KH so much, that 'Hikari' is such a gorgeous, gorgeous song and I positively got goosebumps from this live rendition. And no, it was not due to what she was wearing (which was quite baffling, really XDD)
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http://akusoft.livejournal.com/68912.html -->Harry Potter (GoF) and the Subtitles of Doom!!! Ultimate hilarity, omg~

In other news, I AM LEAAAAAAAAAVING, ON A JET PLANE AND I DO KNOW WHEN I'LL BE BACK AGAIN but that'll be like in February which is a hell of a long time to gooooooooooo~~~ D: D: D:! Three more hours till we leave for the airport and from that around 4 more till our flight actually leaves at 23:55. I am so happy that Sue managed to use her connections to get us all 30 kilos weight on our luggage instead of the usual 20 something! I sure as hell need every extra kilo, given the sheer amount of crap/clothing/DVDs/gifts for people I seem to have amassed in this time spent here. Thankfully I have Sue and Dad's luggage to kind of smuggle my extra things into and I am thankful that we are stopping by in Wienna long enough before taking the train to Krimml/Zell am See that I can pop by the dorm and dump most of the stuff I got for people there... No point in schlepping all that around with me!

Yeah, and the last few days were basically spent buying last minute stuff and me being really lazy and not wanting to realise that I'll be leaving again so soon. Still need to make a few phone calls and take some pictures with the dog and the swank extendable lazyboy sofa chairs...

Will be with net access again sometime this weekend and only time will tell how often I'll get to go up to Silvia's living room as I assume that when Dad is there I will be dragged around the great Outdoors more...

GOODBYE BANGKOK!!!!!!!!!!!1 D: D: D:
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...am currently muddling my way through the esteemed academic institution of Bullworth Academy, AKA I have started to break in my copy of Bully: Canis Canem Edit on the PS2. My first verdict? FUUUUUUN, but with vaguely confusing controls and a map that makes me wish I bought the walkthrough booklet(must remedy this!). I kind of am fond of Jimmy already, and have also already purchased some new clothes for him so that he/I might be more successful in macking on the ladies( ..and guys I hear? Must further investigate this possibility). Have been to all my 'classes' so far and am steadily beating bullies up and maybe the occasional nerd when it strikes my fancy. Keep getting busted by Prefects, though :/

Shall try and get some more Okami playing done tomorrow, too~

Other than that I slept for far too long today, even with a bedtime at 1AM which ISN'T THAT LATE, which made waking up at 3.30PM today all the more confusing. Then I forgot to take my antihistamines, which meant the rest of today was/is spent sneezing and generally feeling kinda shitty. Dog must be exceptionally dusty today I guess?

And now here something
I found surfing around, o you crazy HP kids! Also here be Dan Radcliffe's new role? I must say the moustache is kind of VERY DISTURBING OKAY. Jeeez O_o;;
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...after more than two years(...has it been that long? Gawrsh), due to a collective effort between Dad and I, my king-size bed is now pushed to the far upper-left corner of my bedroom, which magically leaves me with a HELL OF A LOT MORE SPACE than what used to be there (since the bed was kind of SMACKDAB in the middle of the room). Colour me surprised and actually quite pissed off that we never thought of this earlier, as I can actually walk in my room now without hitting the bed or my cabinet or some other room fixture every second step!
KAT IT IS LIKE A WHOLE NEW PLACE maaan I gotta take some pics after I spruce things up a bit-- spent the whole afternoon tearing the place apart, dusting like a crazy woman(and discovering new colonies of empty gecko eggs yeaaaah >_>;;)... Flipping through my compulsively kept and decorated school agendas for 2002-2005 was kind of fun, especially the random input some people would scribble in and the fact that I'd basically abuse the homework planer as an impromptu diary. Which I uh, still do with my current ones ahahaha ^^. Also found a number of notebooks and sketchbooks and am again amused at my attempts at being 'deep and nearly emotastic' in some of them. I WROTE A POEM ABOUT THE COLOUR BLUE IN FIRST PERSON AND COMPARED IT TO MY FICTIONAL DEAD LOVER'S WATERBLOATED CORPSE ahahaahaha oh the SHAME. It was in one of the austro-summer hols notebooks though, so maaaybe that explains my emotional state a bit, lol. And okay more than half of the fics I had printed out in '02-03 are really aaaaaaaaaangsty.
So it seems I did have a teenaged waaah-phase, only subliminally experienced through fandom ...which I am quite thankful about in retrospect XDD

And as I am maaaybe meeting Patty again tomorrow and Migel I shall stop here and slowly go up and get me some beauty sleep.

With a few parting shots~
http://one-if-by-land.livejournal.com/225663.html ...KAT BECAUSE OF YOU I CAN NOW ACTUALLY READ JE FIC AND KNOW WHO THE HELL IT IS ALL ABOUT besides like Yamapi and MatsuJun who like everyone knows. Tegoshi is so cuuute in this one and if it is in any manner the way he actually is in real life I am a little bit smitten XDD
http://leviosa8.livejournal.com/534676.html ...I feel like I am drifting away a bit from PoT BUT hummina hummina these be some puuurdy artses! I kind of want to touch Oshitari ♥

AND btw KAT, I am today quite incapable of replying to your post as my computer is frozen on the part of the entry where Nagase Tomoya is WET and in the onsen and has that sultry LOOK and there's whatshisface's hand on his shoulder and my eyes are drawn to Nagase's lips and kind of are staying there and it is physically impossible to SCROLL DOWN. GUH GUH GUH. PLS CONTINUE TO MAKE SCREENSHOTS IN THAT VEIN! (do you have a sharper shot of that one btw? NEEDS TO BE A WALLPAPER MAN :D :D :D)
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For I am what seems to be miraculously healed?? Or at least I seemed to have purged the last of VILE MBK CHINESE FOOD from my system and am now only left with a comparatively mild throbbing headache! Thanks for small mercies, etc. et al~

Still spent most of the day sleeping and kind of zoning out in front of the TV, so much for my grand plans of rearranging the furniture in my room! Maybe tomorrow AHAHAHAA?
Got to watch the majority of Cruel Intentions again, though and oooh the nostalgia! I remember watching this at Maew's place all those years ago with her and La and being so SCANDALISED!!1 at the naughty bits and squeeing when Annette and Sebastian got together. Whodathunk that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe would end up divorced like all the other Hollywood couples in the end, eh? They sure were so wee and cute in the movie though! Ahh, young love. And I continue to love the music they included in the film-- especially the 'Colourblind'-sequence 8)

And to continue on the music I am loving-vein/random recs: 'Kiss & Cry'by Utada Hikaru and 'Beautiful world'! THE BEAT! EARWORM-FACTOR! I have never regretted the purchase of any Utada album so far and have throughly enjoyed her work and due to works like these singles that keep coming out I highly doubt I will stop being such a fan of hers any time soon ♥ ♥ ♥
Needless to say I am also very looking forward to the Rebuild of Evangelion remake. And featuring 'Fly Me to the Moon' sung by Utada Hikaru as well~~~ Ooh and here's the second trailer, this one featuring an abridged version of 'Beautiful World'.

Here is also an anime that has throughly entertained me with its SUPREME crack factor and fun: 'Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei/So long, Despair-Teacher' ep 01. GLORIOUS. GLORIOUUUUS. I am kind of in love with the ED song and just the whole damn thing. Wish there were more subbed eps than just four out! What's it about? Basically a teacher who is nigh-suicidal and his assortment of crazy-ass female students and their hijinks, but really everyone should check it out regardless. The art is tight and the visuals are unique(at least the ED is uh very speeecial ... so is the OP to ep04 actually ahaha)...My err, initial expectations were quite turned on their head thats for sure! XDDD. SO MUCH CRACK. And the subs are very well done~

OH and dinner was a delicious seafood EXTRAVAGANZA that was a JOY to eat-- fresh grilled river prawns, juicy, sweet and firm flesh with lotsa delightful and creamy prawn goo; grilled squid in a tasty Dad-made marinade and the ending flourish-- fresh steamed runner/horseshoe crabs that were warm and had lots of sweet and delectable meat. Messy affair, eating all that but oh so worth it ♥ ♥ Yay for the curse of the crap chinese MBK food having left already by then~~


Jul. 30th, 2007 01:26 am
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Today was awesome. Lunch overlooking Chiang Mai on a mountain restaurant that is basically behind the Chiang Mai zoo. Food was so-so (fresh river prawns, though!) but the VIEW more that made up for it. Found a heavenly place called the '65 baht for every item' shop near where we buy our groceries. Never really went in before because the displayed items all looked cheap and shitty, but oooh, inside is a veritable Cave of Wonders. Markers! Fans! Handy Täschchen! Maneki Neko chopsticks! Assorted cat toys! Pocket mirrors shaped like hearts! All imported from Japan and all criminally cute and quite useful. The evening's entertainment was spent at the Sunday Walking Street Market that seemingly goes on forever and is filled with all kinds of wonderful things, too. Bought a stupendous amount of bits and bobs and really, shopping (ESPECIALLY in BKK/Thailand... or heck, ASIA) is such an intensely gratifying experience for me, especially with Ma ♥. I wonder how Personal Shoppers feel after a while... does the joy that once was there bleed out after time?

Interesting Links of the daaaaay:
http://candyaddict.com/blog/top-10-grossest-candies/ ...link says all
http://candyaddict.com/blog/2005/11/26/review-bertie-botts-every-flavor-beans-just-the-gross-ones/ ...I have the odd urge to want to try these with people just to be able to say that 'I ate a vomit flavored Bertie Botts...' lollll

http://iconseeyou.livejournal.com/54107.html ...pretty DH text icons! SPOILER WARNING, obviously!
http://rexluscus.livejournal.com/254445.html ...Snape in book 7 META. MOAR SPOILERS. This is quite a long yet fascinating read, I do recommend it!
http://rexluscus.livejournal.com/253358.html ...MORE spoiler-y Meta!

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43545099/ ...this appears to be Invader Zim fanart?? Thought of you, Olga! Also general rec of this artist's other stuff, their 'Aurens' pic is my new wallpaper aaah LAWRENCE OF ARAAAAABIA ♥

Man this post got more wordy than my sleepy mind intended it to be. Go go typing fingers!

PS KAT I WATCHED NARNIAAAA again today and kept snickering every time Peter and Aslan were in the same screen. Which pretty much means I was laughing through the entire movie lollllll I scared the cat >_>;;


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