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Dear LJ,

What has happened in January 2012 so far?

1) I've moved back into the house, and besides having to get up at 5AM or thereabouts since Monday also seem to be coming down with something. UGH UNCOOL, BODY. Though going to sleep at 10PM ish gets easier when you have a throbbing headache and can't quite breathe through your nose. I cannot get sick, I have an important meeting on Friday!

2) Work is AWESOME. Passed my probation period (it wasn't officially declared or anything, but I think I can consider it a success when my boss calls me in to discuss my self-evaluation form and asks me how long I've been working here anyways, "it feels like so long already")! We're busy like hell now and sometimes I make the kind of mistakes that make me want to headdesk when I don't catch them in time and BigBoss has to point them out to me in various stages of annoyed, but all in all it's going great. MyBoss is at least easier to please, and we have a new designer who is good and also SOLELY here for the unbrand stuff and I have been gleefully piling up aaaaall the projects I wanted to do since last year but couldn't, due to lack of aforementioned unbrand designer. He is also v. dryly sarcastic, snipes w/ my desk neighbor in a very entertaining way and wears things like randomly flowery shirts and bright purple dockers lol I love Asian male fashion.

3) As a result of both points, I thus have next to no real time to LJ at the moment and I STILL haven't many any 2011 recap posts yet baaaaaaaaaaaaalls, soon soon soon I promise (myself). Hopefully our internet at home gets fixed soon! Until then, I shall see most of you on the Twittersssssssphere and FB XD Eventho I am also massively behind on uploading pictures to the latter and just also ANSWERING EMAILS in general, sigh!

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[livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang, YEAR TWO!

Here be my art for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver's adorable RPS J2 fic, I Dream of Jared.

This year's BB arting main theme for me was "EMBRACE THE COLO-- PIIINK AGAIN" and "stylize, stylize, stylize!". I sure as hell had a fun time drawing all of these (the subject matter alone proved irresistable), and I hope I can somehow convey a bit of happy and good cheer to y'all as well~.

Large images, a LOT of pink and some arteeeest ramblings await within )

EDIT: Apparently there is some kind of fuckery with regards to seeing all the pics. AM ON IT RIGHT NOW augh man, I swear I can use LJ you guys! PLEASE HOLD THE LINE.

SON OF EDIT: ALL IN THE CLEAR NOW. Looks like I was just wee bit too overzealous in marking every single picture as private in my scrapbook settings, whoops! Sorry for the delay + dumbassery. CARRY ON.

Also, just to make things clear this is only the art. Will add the fic link whenever it is done and ready! Which I don't personally don't know when exactly. But still. Enjoy!
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I have been on a roll of productivity today, which probably means that I will probably fail a lot at doing things tomorrow just so that the universe is balanced. It's amazing what one can actually accomplish in a day if you set your sights higher than "wash hair, eat lunch, spend 5 hours reading fic" lol. Though I sure hope that the crappery with trying to book my flight and having the credit card be denied from the bank in Thailand (?? wtf) will be resolved without much hassle. I just want my fucking plane ticket, jeez. Running these errands and the subsequent lunch with Olga was another nigh point in the day though, and I am already intensely looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned for my remaining time here ♥

But before I forget, something I wanted to post about for aaaaaaaaages already: MUSIC to shaaaaare
Cut for song descriptions and DL links )

And in conclusion, some more links of interest:
Genderswitched SPN casting ...the ladies chosen are all exceedingly cool, but how much do I love the choices for male!Ellen and Jo? AN INSANE AMOUNT :Db
"A Striking Position to Take: SPN and economic instability" ...I really enjoyed this essay/meta. Some excellent points and wonderfully articulated.

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As of this afternoon, my Bakk2 thesis was officially out of my hands and off at the printers to be binded nicely and cost me far too much cash (38€ WHAT THE FUCK). I FINISHED IT! And I must say, with no small thanks to the glorious ladies [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and [livejournal.com profile] laulan and their eagle eyes and willingness to listen to my extensive complaining (if you think I was bad on LJ/FB, just imagine me on a mobile phone) and go "YOU ARE BEING VAGUE HERE. CLARIFY" at the bits where I was lazy and throwing around words like ~aspects of identity~ and being all hand-wavey.


This is by far the most I have ever written in my life for a single purpose or course or whatever. I know I kept whining about how I hope I just pass, but honestly I have become kind of proud of it, and I hope the prof likes it and gives it a good grade. Tomorrow morning, all I have to do is pick up the thesis paper from the printers at nine, half past nine-ish and head off to the institute to drop it off in the secretary's office tomorrow morning before noon and I should be hopefully set and really and truly done with it. It is such a strange feeling, I mean, I just spent the evening kind of blankly sitting and staring at stuff online because I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Lol somehow looking for distractions doesn't work as well when one doesn't really have anything actually pressing anymore XD.

ALSO,TOMORROW ONWARDS I now have no more excuses for the following: starting with Yuletart and SPN/J2 Xmas artings, translating my CV into German and writing cover letters to apply for shit, DOING MY LAUNDRY WHOOPS and thinking about what other uni things I need to get done. Ahhhh!

IN CONCLUSION: Have a typically strange video from my favorite Thai band ever, MODERN DOG ♥ The best part of their songs is how they build to a gradual crescendo (at ca. 3:00 ish in this song), wait for it~~ And this version at least has subs so you all can understand the random spoken bits in between. I still want to know more about the story in the beginning though :<
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EINS: I sent off my rough art draft for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang! Finished up a background for the title banner, added the characters and did the lineart (well except for Jared as he is Being Tricky). There are obviously still loads of things to fiddle with and improve on, and I am already impatient to finally get to color out everything and add accessories and little details on the girls, but I am quite happy with it so far. [livejournal.com profile] laulan, imma send you a copy probably later in the evening when I have another few hours to work on it or something ,aiiiight?

ALSO I AM TOTALLY SMSing [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer RIGHT NOW ABOUT IT AND SHE CAN'T COME ONLINE NEENER NEENER okay so she actually has a job and responsibilities and I am still sitting here in my pajama pants BUT STILL :DDD

สาม: I am already reading Star Trek porn and fic and pornfic without having seen the actual movie yet. WHOOPS. But I am already shipping Kirk/McCoy like woaaah and Spock/Uhura is awesomesauce. CHRIS PINE'S EYEBROWS STILL SOMETIMES FREAK ME OUT THOUGH. And this is why 'I'M ON A BOAT (MOTHERFUCKER)' will never get old to me. SO awesome ahhhkjajk~~. Oh and this interview has me torn between feeling uncomfortable watching because of the interviewer, and laughing because Chris Pine and Zach Quinto are clearly on something. LOUD NOISES!

สาม POINT FIVE: Literal Music Video- Total Eclipse of The Heart aka, START WHEEZING WITH LAUGHTER NOW. I never noticed how fucked up and weird the original video is. DANCING NINJA MEN WHO KNOW HOW TO TWIRLLLLL.

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Today has been a moderately productive day of running errands and slowly attempting to ease myself back into the rhythm of university life. Judging by the speed in which I proceeded to doodle and try to calculate my GPA based on the transcripts I had picked up before the EVA (Communications evaluation methods) lecture, my concentration is pretty much shot to shit. LE SIGH, LE DOOM, etc etc. The lecture itself seems pretty okay though, a mountain of literature to work through and Folien up to here, but as far as I can tell it's all set up pretty student-friendly on the web platform. And the TA is pretty hot, even if his name is BENJAMIN-TIMON. Who names their kid that, honestly.

But I got the train tickets for when Dad, Sue and Ae arrive in April, I got my Semesterticket paid now too, the aforementioned transcripts to extend our dorm contract for Carmen and I AAAAAND I made it to the post office to finally send off some mail. Now that I finally got that done, I can also at last squee about this to my heart's content-- [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MOUNTIE+DANIEL CRAIG MAIL!!!! I got it when I came back last week and it really was a lovely surprise to receive amidst the BILLS and INSURANCE paperwork lol. But I told myself I wouldn't react to it before I had actually completed your mail package (sent it off extra early last friday), so I hope you didn't think I never got it or anything! The keychain also looks really swank ♥ And I must admit that I totally forgot to add the Vienna postcards(D'OHHH THAT WAS LIKE THE WHOLE POINT IN THE FIRST PLACE lol I got sidetracked with assembling some BKK goodies), so look out for those to come in some distant future ^^

Now I am off to try and sleep, early start tomorrow- UE WERB and BAKK2! Ach. And I don't even really have a plan for München on Thursday yet ahhhhhh this impulsive/lazy no prep traveling is faintly disconcerting~~
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Yes yes I know, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR AND ALL THAT. I seem to now be quite swamped! Thankfully with an amount that is easily pushed aside to at least next week, but still. The work, it LOOMS. I had another impromptu interview (this time: behind the scenes) to do at Sahamongkol Films, I lost a rousing battle of rock-paper-scissors with Bell, so I had to go interview Peter Manus, who is the director of this upcoming Thai film 'Burn (Khon look fai)'. Turns out that the guy, who looked quite scary on the google pics we managed to rustle up, was surprisingly friendly and super enthusiastic and eloquent! He also was the director of that Thai teen slasher flick that made Paula Taylor famous-- "999-9999 toh-tid-tai" and some western movie about ALIEN ANTS!!1 :D. We ended up doing the entire interview in English (since it was apparently his first language, his parents were both Thai and he grew up in the US) and I got to see some super-special footage from the film. I must say, I was sold! I had thought it was gonna be some hokey horror film about supernatural vengeance and Spontaneous Human Combustion, but it is more of a character driven piece that actually involves Shadowy Pharmaceutical Farang Companies!, Quests for TRUTH!, Characters reevaluating their previous glaring flaws!, all shot in this very pleasing and slick manner and starring Very Attractive People. Tak Bongkoch! KING NARESUAN (adult version, rowwr)! The only downside to this is now that I have 27 minutes to type up and cull for a really short interview wordcount. GAHH.

Since that interview led me all the way to Ari BTS station, I decided to try and kill two birds with one stone and look for the stupid fucking retarded helmet that the living editor was insisting I get for the Speedracer Lookalike article that was freaking finished 2 weeks ago. Thankfully BigC provided in the end, after some surprising duds at small local run motorcycle shops around Saphan Kwai (WHO SAYS NO TO FREE ADVERTISING?? MAI KAO JAIII), or I would have seriously lost my shit. SO HAH, HERE'S YOUR DAMN HELMET, STICK IT UP SOMEWHERE AND SMOKE IT. It was just so funny that when we started with the article she was all 'yeah, just do whatever' and then did a flip and kept repeating that IT WOULD NOT BE COMPLETE without it. Hmph! I also got a bit of a chewing out for not having archived the last two issues in the dinky binders we have lying around. BUT OH WELL. How should I know that this normally very non-urgent task suddenly gets upgraded to ass-kicking when someone suddenly needs!!1 something. It's not like there weren't always enough extra issues flying around the chaos of the office anyways.

I do get to do another living feature though, profiling this artsy cafe called Ubuntu tomorrow, so I must be doing something right. :>

PS Sven is in town now with his (quite TALL and maybe even HOT) buddy, so lunch was had with them, Chris and Bell. Good times~


Aug. 4th, 2008 10:16 pm
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5 days already?? Well I have been keeping busy, yet the tempo with what I hold forth in churning out BK Mag stuff is still pitiful. Ah well. P Tak is now gone since friday :((( and it's been me and the new girl, Bell, since then (well she came on thursday so we got to know her a bit more). It is still extremely fun, especially since Bell is such a DOLL and we have fun conversations during lunch and when doing random intern assignments. She's only doing it for a month though, so she's already gotten some pretty sweet deals-- phone interviews with ANANDA EVERINGHAM and Mamee! And Danai the tennis dude who isn't Paradorn. (Seriously, I'd be so jealous if that Ananda interview was in PERSON I mean, askjfhjka dude is smoking~)

My current list of STUFF TO DO:
  • FINISH Train article by tomorrow. Will probably not turn out to be 2 pages after all?? I called the Thai State Railway about their travel deals and it's like half of the deals are off now, and the ones that are on are with the caveat of being NO AIRCON CARS. Uhh, 4 hours to Hua Hin with a fan?? Shyeaaaah right. Ach my poor baby article :(
  • START roughly a page of blah about the Nong Khai fireball phenomenon (totally cliche title: GREAT BALLS OF FIRE hurf durff :B), what it is, how to get there, etc etc
  • INTERVIEW the current Thai bartender/'mixologist' tomorrow. I current have such hard-hitting questions like 'What was the most disgusting drink you were ever served and what was in it?' lol I r serious journo
  • PREP interview for curator person, questions somewhat done, still need to call and set it up, maybe sometime next week??
  • START Australia guidebook obligatory texts on Melbourne and Sydney (waaargh crap intern jobs nooo), due THURSDAY
  • START BK+ Listings for Sonia, blaaargh haet listings :////
  • ............ask for MOAR to do. I want another living article or something. No interviews plzzzzzz.
OTHER than that, I have now decided I need to lose weight. I WEIGH 74 KILOS NOW WTFFFF not goooood. But I uh, promptly fissioned mailed today as Sonia brought a giant tin of biscuits to the office, as well as this GINORMOUS box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. SHIT. I scarfed down about 6 of those delicious fuckers. Som tam for lunch was healthy... but then I couldn't resist having some fried chicken and spring-rolls with sticky rice filling(!!) to go with them, thusly negating any healthy effect. The blended dragonfruit was fantastic, though, SO MAGENTA and refreshing! Dinner was another play of opposites-- I had a lovely small portion, then proceeded to eat like HALF A DURIAN. But oh what a revelation that durian was. SO CREAMY AND GOOOD.

...clearly I love food too much and am doomed to failure. ORZ


Jul. 8th, 2008 11:54 pm
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Hot damn. It just feels like I've only just arrived in BKK and it's been 5 days already. Time sure flies when you're busy like hell and shopping shopping shoppinggg! And okay, the last two days HAVE been spent in a more productive manner (INTERNSHIP GET!).

To sum up, a quick listing of Things Done So Far:

AND NOW ITS MIDNIGHT. My 5 hours of sleep beckon! Will reply to all posts and such tomorrow-- already have stuff tabbed and bookmarked~~
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IKEA trip today with Michi, Carmen, Nathalie and Lis! Hilarity and mass spending abounded, where I was finally not the one who spent the most money! (That dubious honour went to Michi this time with 63 € hohoho vs. my 51€ XDD)

Things I have awesomely managed to build together:
_ STATIST (OKAY this doesn't really count ahahaha ^^)
_ ... two magenta storage boxes that I am currently unable to find on the website

Ahhh, am long not done with the IKEA-trip inspired remodeling of my room (TBC tomorrow lol), but even so the difference is already really pleasing. Things have their place! It is all so orderly! I am finally throwing away the crap I had somehow hoarded since my first semester here (...empty caviar jars??)! BLISS. Will be posting some before and after pics, fo' sure~

OTHERWISE I now have to quickly read and make intelligent notes about my assigned Business English II reading due tomorrow-- "International Financial Instability in a World of Currencies Hierarchy". 31 pages of NOT INTERESTINGNESS woooooooo.
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SO IT'S BEEN LIKE NEARLY A WEEK AGAIN HUH? Umm, ahehehe! Well, what can I say, time has been fucking speeding away ever since I arrived in Wienna sometime during monday morning. The flight went by in a blink, this mostly helped by the fact that it took off around my usual bedtime of 3AM, which meant that 7 of the 11 1/2 hours it took were spent sleeping like the dead. The rest were whiled away by my NEW NINTENDO DS LITE (black), a thing of utmost beauty and entertainment. ELITE BEAT AGENTS IS RULING MY SOUL NOW :D

Arriving in my dorm and checking my mailbox, I was then confronted by the whammy of having multiple Mahnungen/warn notices from my health insurance about not having paid any fees for the months of february and march, then finding out that my semester fees were still not paid yet AND that 4 of the 5 courses I signed up for at the BWZ institute (for my marketing free electives) were the wrong ones-- I had managed to get into all of the ADVANCED courses. ...so these last few days were spent running around and/or writing emails like a crazy fool, basically.

Thankfully all seems to have resolved itself, will be trying to make heads or tails of the bank thing this friday, along with paying for the uni semester fees directly (no more bank transfer crap and then 2 weeks wait for my damn Semesterpickerl :|) AND I was able to switch into all the beginners courses at the BWZ (that I apparently also share with Michi, so yay bonus study partner get!)

...and I still haven't truly unpacked yet ^^;;. Pigsty, thy name is my room!

BKK wrap-up posts to be written up soonish, am just experiencing a bit of story burnout, as I have rehashed all the happenings with Carmen again, as well as having told large chunks of the gossip to Clemens and Michi (and to a latter extent Migel) already.
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Have been BUSY like all fuck ever since I came here way back in the early days of feb, first with getting STEP3 DONE and then random running around and then Carmen and the boys already arrived aaaaaand then stuff really started happening. We have been intensely productive so far, seen oodles of things and eaten enormous amounts of food...

and no, I do not want to kill my friends (YET).

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Pai in Maehongson province for a day, here's hoping it'll be fun! ONE DAY I SHALL CATCH UP AND MAKE A FULL POST ISH THING.

So I hereby apologize for being MIA, this will sadly cont' for a while aadkhasfjkhf
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Today I have been alternating wasting time on the internet(am caught up on CFUD happenings now score!) and cleaning at intermittent intervals. So far I have scrubbed my section of the pantry and resorted my foodstuffs(especially after grocery shopping today. I can has delicious food that will all be eaten by Tuesday latest yess), scrubbed the bathroom sink, toilet and shower(the drain is still somewhat clogged tho, dammit I thought I sent off an email to the Heimwartung over a week ago already :| Hmm, but maybe they were closed for the hols... shall try again next week yush), resorted my tops in the closet by colour, unpacked my luggage from Krimml and put it away...

and still I have a lot more left to do. Like rearranging my entire shelves, my uni work, cleaning the desk/all things ever(MUST do in the day where there is actual light to SEE said dust) and, OH, HOW ABOUT STEP3. Arrrgh, must get around to it now. At least two of the four 20-page articles should be summarized. DO IT, SELF, DO IT. DDDD: meh

OH and here be a link I thought was cute:

The Daily Coyote ...a blog about this lady who lives with a coyote pup she took in and a cat in a one-log cabin in Wyoming. Awesome pictures and Charlie(the coyote) is just darling ♥

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To my great surprise, today actually ended up being quite productive! I mean, okay, I did only start doing stuff after 7PM, which left about 6 hours frittered away on and around the computer BUT STILL. Also typing that precise time kind of disturbs me. BUT I did take time off and call people and take some trash down, yes yes *rationalizes woo*

♥ Cleaned out closet
-->NEXT STEP: Tiny pictorial representations of the contents of closet so I don't forget what is actually in there, which is as sad as it sounds totally normal for me. Classic case of 'Out of sight, out of mind' here, *sigh*
♥ Sorted out 80% of shelf/drawers clutter and debris
-->NEXT STEP: Buy big boxes tomorrow to put clutter and scraps in that can be shoved under bed. Clearly label contents of boxes. FINISH SCRAPBOOK (buy glue??)
♥ Put Trinkets and assorted gifts for people in temporary storage
--> wait till those dudes get there asses back in town D:

Finish the rest
-->URGENCY: MEDIUM, for own peace of mind
Clean bathroom
-->URGENCY: LOW, am lazy
Clean fridge and throw out Sabrina's half-rotting crap
-->URGENCY: TOMORROW. I CAN ALMOST SENSE THE BACTERIA EMANATING from what I thought was müslipaste in a tupperware bowl but now smells like tuna ... D:

AND here be some things I was rewarding myself with:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QRCKNoUgko&mode=related&search= ...feast your eyes on GABELSTAPLER KLAUS or Forklift-driver Klaus, or the clip better known as the most gory and bloody safety film ever. It is macabre as heck, but simply HILARIOUS :D Now with english subs!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mTUN18AFP4 ...'The Official Supernatural Drinking Game'! Heeeee must ponder doing this with Carmen one day!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeCLKRWAAEs ...Sam and Dean answer YOUR burning questions! :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P72XkJ68rE4 ...this was possibly the only good part about the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime ...>_>;; A++ for dancing chocobos though!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w86e4S3AJ6s ...DanRad is funny! Who'da thunk! And his banter/flirtation with this other talkshow fellow is SO CUTE EEEE

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI3hsg9HkhQ ...I will love Utada Hikaru FOREVER and EVER and songs of her like this make me go all happy inside~
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=642syLMYpEA&mode=related&search= ...I often forget, since one associates it with KH so much, that 'Hikari' is such a gorgeous, gorgeous song and I positively got goosebumps from this live rendition. And no, it was not due to what she was wearing (which was quite baffling, really XDD)
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Have spent the last hour or so culling some of my more random and half-assed tags and still I have a shitload. Ahh, if only I had somehow groked the whole point of these when I first started using them in the middle of 2005... which is, come to think of it, also a whole load of time ago. Damn, I think I'm reaching my third year on LJ this December, even? Whodathunkit~
Also have a shiny new laaaayout, yaaay rainbows! Should really one day get around making my own layout, but alas laziness! and indecision re: what to actually feature in it always gets in my way.

Have had an otherwise brilliant and productive day with Ma, wore my pretty new purple dress for a spin, matched with my new small white bag and white lacoste aaand Ma's white earrings and bolero jeans jacket and basically flounced around like a Khun Nu~~ :D! Even convinced her to MAKE SOME STICKERSSSS yesssss success! Ah how I love magic sticker machines... ours is a love that will last forever~ ♥. Lunch was also scrumptious and at the Chinese restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Thevi that I showed pics of in the last post... 1'600 Baht for two people and a shitload of delicious, delicious Dimsum and dessert, simply fabulous! We were apparently in the same space as some Hi-So people as well, or at least Ma said so...

Ack gotta go now apparently :/ dinnnnner function at god knows where?? Hope the food will be good at least??
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PARIS TRIP GET!!! AHHHHHHH :D!!! September 4th to the 8th, baby! Woo woo! Got up at nine-thirty today to get to the travel agent before their sissy noon closing-times (damn you european weekend hours!) and the flight's booked, all that is left is to wait for wednesday and see if the hotel reservation we wanted is possible ♥ -->http://montparnasse.concorde-hotels.com/index.html

Aaand since I was up and about anyways and the SUN WAS SHINING I decided to park my ass in the swanky Cafe Landtmann's(been standing since a 100 years apparently!) outside sun-terrace area and enjoy a slooooow breakfast and lunch snack~ Also known as 'how much should be spent so that the waitstaff doesn't give me the evil eye for staying there for two hours haaah'. Must say that the scrambled eggs with ham and the strawberry strudel were extremely tasty and affordable, too :Db Now if only I were somewhat of a coffee-person so I could fully experience the atmo of one of Wienna's prime coffee houses with a cup of the gazillion types they had, but alas *shrug*. Must drag Ma there if she ever comes to visit!

Furthermore I am shocked that I am actually coming along quite well with my practising for my various exams... 2 more weeks for the big four and Social Ecology is up on this coming thursdaaaay ahhh!

Last thursday was also RACLETTE TIMES at Harry's dorm, with most of the crew all present--- and especially awesome was that Flo could make it ♥. Ahh good food was had, Carmen and mine's super cool punschbowle(orange/peach/passionfruit +vodka and champagne) was drunk and slighty sloshed activity games were played! TEAM YELLOW~~ And we pissed off Harry's RA, too lol XDD
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Got a bunch of things done today, albeit none of which are actually directly relevant to the exams and deadlines starting in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AKFJSAL KJSKJ LKSADJKLD AAAAAAH DOOM MOTHERFUCKING DOOM ---buuut still. Progress is being made!

_ cleaned up room; 80% completion rate!
_ hung up naked male calendar, put in DOOM dates for easier panicking
_ finally unpacked suitcase, daaaamn I have a lot of clothes
_ ...got called by Dad and aahaha oops I should've let him now I got to Wienna okay >_>;;

_ ..........read various Due South epics and HP holiday fic for at least five hours aaaaah HOW TIME FLIES ummm umm *shifty eyes*

God, I'm so fucked!

But to end on a more positive, yet still academically irrevelant note: Met with Carmen (and later even Karim!) for a souptastic lunch and after the hols catch-up talk and then wandered about Mariahilfer Street. Will be seeing 'em for TEA TIME at the Cafe Central tomorrow too, yay ♥

PS OLGAAAA!!, are you and Nat free for a quick meet-up or something along those lines this Sunday? Or like next wednesday afternoon or so? :D? Am too lazy to sms or call as I am running low on my freshly charged handy geld already...

(btw KAT that phonecall on the 31st cost 10 euros for 6 minutes lolol and I was wondering how fast I blew that batch o cash...XD Curses how the phone card was somehow retarded that day. Yet the story that Karim told me and Carmen today about how he once had a phone bill of SIX HUNDRED EUROS(!!!!! 30'000 motherfrickin BAHT whut whut) kinda makes me feel better about myself XDDD)
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Am making baby-steps in getting all my prep for the start of term done ...and okay if I am QUITE honest I have yet do much yet but by food for this week, which is admittedly a very important thing too! And I paid for my internet! Ahhh ♥ Tomorrow will also be a meet-up with Carmen and maybe Karim somewhere in town, for lunch goodness and some catching-up, which I am already looking forward too. Also, everyone else I kinda talked to about this hasn't been very studious either, so I am feeling better. At least I have my naked!Men calendar to put in all my study dates now though ;Db A+ motivation, that!

And on a more giving note-- here be some mp3s that I've either ripped off YouTube or dled from FST(some seriously great ones this month!)

http://www.yousendit.com/download/LFPiCIx3kY95TA%3D%3D ...The girls choir Scala covering "Something New", originally by Eskobar ft. Heather Nova. LOOOVE this version!

(http://download.yousendit.com/B108FEBA49574A1F ...this be the aforementioned original! Tis actually a vid, but heck the file isnt that big and Windows Media Player usually glitches playing it so you only hear the music anyhow lol)

http://www.yousendit.com/download/LFPiCIA6BId5TA%3D%3D ...Mia.'s "Hungriges Herz", discovered first being butchered by someone at the Soho Karaoke bar and I looked for the orig on YouTube. I just really like Mia., I dunno :D The chorus is certainly hella catchy!

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4j0X1qWbc0&mode=related&search= ...this is how the Scala version sounds like! SO pretty eh?)

http://download.yousendit.com/64C4C40A0E0535BD ... M-flo "Planet earth/ram-jam world". This was just groovy listening during the train ride to Wienna. Ahhh fabulous <3 Recommended if you have to travel somewhere or just wanna chill~

http://download.yousendit.com/9C84079C7772D976 ...Mia Doi Todd "Autumn". Dled off a simply awesome SamCham Character FST a while ago and this is a beautiful song in it's own right, but if you think of Fuu in the last two eps of SamCham while listening to this song? GUUUUH .__. so fitting! And wistfull and ahhhh...

Happy dl-ing and Kat I hope this works for you more than me just posting the Youtube linkses that your net shuns?? :D?

Off to read some more epic fics that I should prolly rec at some point or something haaah and maybe! like, UNPACK my luggage aaahahahaha well.


PS ...it has occured to me that my "austria 2006" doesnt really count anymore ahaha well then! Shall change to 2007 with the next post ahh the force of habit! And I don't really know why I keep adding new tags that I forget and never use anyway ...um ^^V I is a weiner, obviously!
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Weeell I uh didn't exactly make it to the Mariahilfer Street to do the shopping I wanted today buut there's still Saturday for that. Am feeling kinda guilty that my idea for La's Xmas present this year is kinda insipid(am thinking about either getting her a fancy edition of some Oscar Wilde stuff or a hardcover of 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' aahh how we squeed about that one), but worst comes to worst I'll get her that and buy myself a ribbon to tie 'round my head or something when I touch down in Zürich.

Oh and Kat, you okay with us sending your present together at the same time i.e from Swissieland? Wanted to send it already this friday buuut it's not looking all too likely anymore. Oops?

But in other news it's 11PM, I have finished my manga presentation for tomorrow morning, info-dumped enough on my partner Jenny and could actually get started early on some stuff for friday! Hrmm. Have a very enticing open tab with a GW fic though, long and plotty... jars me a bit with Heero and Duo calling each other 'love' and 'my heart' ...but it's kinda a h&c fic and that comes with the 'comfort' part of the equation I guess...

Also we(Carmen, Anja, Fabian and I ...basically 'the girls' lolol) went for some cheap(I stayed in budget!) cocktails at the Soho in Millenium City(near my dorm) and had quite a good time. Were joined by Hannah and Mira later, plus some dude of Hannah's and his buddies after Carmen, Anja and Fabian(...he got into the wrong S-bahn(HOWWW) and was nearly stranded in Floridsdorf hahahahaha) had to leave to catch the last U-bahn. Which was a shame, as by that point I had stopped caring enough to actually sing Ace of Base' "Cruel Summer" with Mira (Soho doubles as a karaoke bar occaisionally)... Love that song! And I totally chattered like a hyper monkey at H-dudes's friends' as they were all from Salzburg originally aaaand this one guy was studying at the Angewandte Universität for Kunst, which was like MY ORIGINAL DREAAAAAM AAAAAAH. Cute guy too, but omg short :( ...
Also I never know if I come off too strong when I meet new people re:my chattiness factor, as I mean... I was bored and didn't know who the hell they were sooo obviously I'd try to start a conversation right? And uh start telling random anecdotes too. I mean, who doesn't, right?

H-dude also said that he recognised me from the STEPS lectures in the Audimax, because I'm 'always the loud one' when I'm sitting with the others. ...heeyyyy D: okay its totally true s-shut up I have hearing problems if I whisper too softly I can't actually hear my voice or like the answer whut


Nov. 21st, 2006 11:46 pm
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Dear self,

...never, EVER, buy the 'fresh' seafood from INTERSPAR again, no matter how much your heart yearns for some good old fruits of the sea. Stick to the crap from the can, IT'S SAFER. (And to think I heated it up for sauce=death to bacteria right??)



Oh and I am now swimming in a godly amount of TWENTY-FOUR packets of White TARO Fish-Snacks- the grand tally of the two care-packages that Sue sent me. Plus a ginormous Mama Instant Noodle value pack. AND MY PINK BLANKET *totally has it on a la superhero cape ♥ swiiish*

Stepped on one of my 10 euro earrings by accident and broke it too, which is one unfortunate side to an otherwise a-okay day.
Got some errands done! Did some shopping! Started(kinda) my assignments due for Thursday and Friday! Go go go!

I think I shall reward myself with some pornfic now~


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