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I have been meaning to post about this for ages; basically every time I have to drive the 100kms roundtrip into town I am mentally composing this entry. It certainly does wonders towards centering myself! I was nervous about this ever since I got the car in C'Mai and knew that I had to one day steer it through the streets of the capital but now I can with confidence say that DRIVING IN BANGKOK SUCKS. Ultimately dealable, but oh the frustration!

The actual act of driving is fine if various combinations of the following is true: A) you're on an expressway/tollway/elevated highway, B) you're either driving super early, smack dab in the afternoon or rather late at night or just C) YOU'RE NOT ACTUALLY IN BANGKOK BUT EVEN IF YOU ARE YOU THINK YOU'RE THE BIGGEST PIMP ON THE ROAD AND JUST DON'T GIVE A SHIT (and drive a hugeass pick-up or SUV). The roads here are mostly okay and I have been lucky enough not to live in areas where when it floods the roads are totally impassible (as often happens right now, pretty scary water levels up-country in certain provinces, augh), and I rarely actually have to drive IN town because this entry would be much, much more longer and bitter otherwise ...but the biggest problem about driving in Thailand in general remains EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ROAD.

CUT for venting and complaining! )

BUT, that venting aside, I still would take this over driving in Bali or Hanoi any damn day. The traffic there tended to be more than vaguely alarming to me and I have great respect for anyone who succeeds in driving there safely. Anyone have any driving stories to vent about with me? Now that I actually possess this skillset I want to hear other peoples' battle-stories, too :DD
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I seem to have fallen into that same old trap of living life in such a chillax way that I a) completely lose track of time passing (see also: mistaking last Saturday for Friday and nearly missing a Skype date with Carmen) and b) thus completely failed at posting. A few things have changed since I last posted! Bangkok is not so much with the distressing FIRE FIRE FIRE now and the quick trip Dad and I made to town today was even filled with traffic, so it was almost like everything is somewhat back to normal again. He's back to work tomorrow, and I look forward to what tales he has to tell then (apparently back when Shit Was Going Down, some stray gunfire even hit the hotel-- like way up in the 32nd floor even. How the fuck some people were aiming is clearly not the question one is supposed to ask). I am torn between just ignoring Current Affairs for a while now, though I did like the fact that over 4,000 Bangkokians showed up to help clean the streets of the worst-affected areas downtown. It was totally heartwarming viewing, ngl, especially as Bangkokians often get a bad rep that is lobbed at capital city residents (though sometimes not exactly undeserved) for being selfish and occupied with their own problems over such community activities.
Still, I feel the need to link this vid as a reminder to myself as well just how utterly atrocious the militant Red leaders were (and how awful Thaksin is, which is like a given though). One is still in hiding, afaik, and may he be smoked out like the filthy rat he is. "Bangkok Ablaze"-- it even has English subs, so that you may be horrified as well!

I will try to make either a long overdue picsss post or a TV/book/fanfic rec post soon, because if there is something I have been doing a lot of, it has been watching TV and reading (fic or otherwise). And tweeting, actually. Having a handheld mobile does wonders for my usage of Twitter, as it is perfect for those times when TV is boring me, but I am far too lazy to actually get out of my fantastically comfortable chair, walk up the stairs and switch on the computer.

Another thing that I have started is my BB art, which of course is due as a rough draft on the 1st of June. Lolol oh didn't I want to start earlier this time? Hee, oh well~~
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Bangkok is burning.

I've been watching the news again since I woke up today and a lot of things have changed. The "good": As a result of the government finally moving to crack down on the protest zones at Ratchaprasong and Lumpini Park/Sala Daeng, seven Redshirt leaders have surrendered (though I am not sure if the ones that fled like the craven cowards they are are also included) and officially called off the protest.

The bad: Though some have taken the chances offered and have left the city or are about to, there are a section of the reds who are highly unhappy with this turn of events and have taken the chance to show what despicable scum they are by destroying and setting fire to various parts in Bangkok, as well as shooting around with their live ammo, homemade bombs/molotov cocktails and the M79s that seem to be sprouting up on fields given how often the Reds or the mysterious Men in Black have used them. The large shopping center Central World has been burning since 3PM this afternoon and is in danger of collapsing, the Channel 3 news building was attacked and there are still people stuck there, the first floor of the Thailand Stock Exchange was or still is on fire and it is the same with other areas. Firefighters and ambulances have been hindered at their jobs by the protesters who fire shots at them. The shops throughout BKK (even in our corner of town, which is really far away) were all closed at 4PM and there is now an official curfew from 8PM til 6AM the next day. All Thai TV channels have switched to special broadcasting.

As I don't quite know what else to say, have some pictures )

Here is a FB album with some stunning pictures of what has been happening today and the last few days.

"Don't blame Dan Rivers" ...not a weak apology for what many perceive as the biased reporting of Dan Rivers, CNN's Thailand correspondent and CNN's coverage of this in general-- but an excellent and interesting post about the differences between reporting a story when your language is not the same as the source language, and all the nuances that disappear from viewing material/footage and the dangers of getting your facts and your angle on things wholly messed up. It additionally gives a great overview of what happened before this all came to a head in Thai politics for the uninitiated or foreign.

Here is a clip of a Redshirt leader EXPLICITLY saying in a speech: "If you take our power, we will burn the country" ...iirc, he's one of the leaders who turned themselves in. Fucker better burn for this.

EDIT: CENTRAL WORLD HAS NOW COLLAPSED. I do not know yet to what extent, but still holy fucking nutballs this is insane. The property damage, the livelihoods lost! Are you happy now, you pyromaniac arsonists? Fuck.
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Twenty-two! I am inching closer and closer to what seems to be legit adulthood, though obviously there remains a long and winding road ahead of me and the fact that I in all seriousness have no real idea of what I will be doing beyond the following two weeks (besides apparently get a driver's license, come hell or high water. AAAUGH do not want). I would've thought that the idea of having time to chill, go to the gym and maybe brush up on my written Thai, my French or maybe learn Japanese/Mandarin would be the Best Thing Ever, but in actually I am wracked with occasional fits of anxiety about my future and not having anything fix in terms of internships or job prospects. Everyone I know keeps telling me to get the fuck over myself, and I am trying to do so. Today I thankfully had the healing power of TONY MOTHERFUCKING STARK and Iron Man 2, made even better then usual by being viewed in the SFX Cinema's cushy First Class seating (Ma doesn't care about the extra price because she can sleep more comfortably in these XD). They're giant reclining "velvet" La-Z-boys and you get a blanket and your popcorn + choice of drink brought to you by the staff. And when you have the apparent bladder of a pea (either the movie was hella long or I drank way too much today), the staff even run to hold the doors open for you when you try to subtly sneak back into the cinema ahh awkward. The movie itself was tremendously fun with oodles of little shout-outs and details (PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN IT COME SQUEE WITH ME IN THE COMMENTS), though woweee do enormous amounts of shit blow up in spectacular ways in this one. Also, I need to see it again for the sole reason so that I can find out what happened in the bits I missed on my bazillion toilet breaks lol.

GENERALLY AWESOME, WITH SPRINKLES OF FUCK YEAH but also a dash of "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--" though that was mostly due to Mindshare leading me on, the fuckers. Moar on a post to come soon! OH AND [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke is a darling and "so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute~~" as Ma and our two neighbors kept informing me ♥

Thai politics:
Watching the local news and reading the newspapers keeps making me angrier and angrier. This has quickly left the realm of "protesting" and is flirting with domestic terrorism-- the reds are clearly starting to lose their collective shit and are acting even more erratic than usual. I mean, as if the home-made sharpened bamboo street barricades and unauthorized car and bag checks that they'd force on random people weren't enough (of course, people who said no were either beaten up or had their cars smashed or otherwise fucked up until they agreed), they have now twice barged into Chulalongkorn hospital and interrupted medical proceedings and obstructed ambulances carrying actual sick people because "the vehicles/the hospital could have been used to harbor soldiers" who would be readying themselves for a strike against the reds. Or the time they forced the BTS Skytrain into a standstill by throwing tires up the stations because the trains could also have been used to transport soldiers into town. Or one of my favorite bits of idiocy-- handing out multi-colored shirts for the reds to wear in Ratchaprasong intersection to "confuse" the soldiers if they were to come and make them disperse. HMMMM PEOPLE NOT WEARING RED WHO ARE SOMEONE STILL IN THE TOTAL AND UTTERLY RED ZONE THAT IS GUARDED AND CLOSED OFF? HMMM WHO COULD THESE PEOPLE BE HMMM :| AND OF COURSE, tonight's expanded news that some of them tried to lob RPGs at fucking WAT PHRA KAEW? Thank the higher powers the fuckers missed the temple itself, but this is just a further example of how low these people have sunk. You just plain don't pull shit like that, you don't. Ma and I met with some of her ex-colleges today and of course the topic veered to this, and it was very amusing and awesome to also hear the latest rumors about our fugitive criminal Squareface, who apparently has some really fucked up prostate cancer at the moment and might be dead or dying soon?? Cue fantastically frank comments like "I'll believe the fucker is dead when I see his body", "well given the number of people who must be cursing him daily, it couldn't have happened sooner" and "I saw this famous mystic say on TV that she had a vision of the gods of death coming for him!". Bwaaah! I just ~can't wait to see what happens next here ughhhh and of course our police men are hugely incompetent because the majority are "watermelons" themselves (green on the outside, RED on the inside). And we're flying back to Chiang Mai tomorrow which of course is another bastion of red (Squareface's hometown), ahhhhhh .___.;; /RANT
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- Cheer-inducing links: I WANT THIS NECKLACE SO BAD. LIKE REALLY BAD AHHHH *_*, Yay Lady Gaga fanart!, TONY STARK FACTS FUCK YEAH, My inner 8 year-old is SQUEEING at this (western) live action Sailor Moon casting picspam, Another SPN genderswitch casting that I think has some interesting ideas of the Not Winchester characters
- It was a beautiful and sunny day, and I had lunch and hung out with Ex-Tutor Georg, Clemens and Wido at the Stiegl Ambulanz. Delicious noms (Kärtner Kasnudeln!) and a fantastic rambling conversation that quickly went off the tracks and turned into an exercise in who could say the most outrageously perverted things and tell the stupidest jokes. I am pleased to say that I scored a few good zingers and played a part in making two grown men cry from laughter :DD I also feel that I deserve bonus points, as we made Georg laugh through most of his sudden phone-call and be basically unintelligible to someone who turned out to be his date for tomorrow. WHOOPS :DD And when we parted ways I got a hug from him that lifted me up a bit (always thrilling when guys do this to me as I am not petite and light and thus never expect it) and a last parting shot that broke his brain (the fact that Vulcan peen is very likely green XDD)
- Saw A Single Man with Olga today, and what an amazing experience. An utterly gorgeous, intensely well-acted and wonderfully well-made movie that delighted, made you cry and even laugh at certain parts. Seriously, the last thing I expected going in to watch this was that I'd be laughing a bunch of times thanks to the sprinkling of jokes and moments of surprise levity. Colin Firth rightly deserves all the accolades he got for his role as George Falconer, he was spectacular. As was Matthew Goode (the flashbacks to various memories that George and Jim had together! AHHH sobsob). Nicholas Hoult seemed weirdly orange (probably because his hair was so light, too) and I spent a lot of time in his scenes staring at his faaaace and his fuzzy white sweater get-up and marveling at how tall he apparently is. Another thing that HAS to be mentioned is the score. OH MAN. I need to get the OST as soon as possible.
Youtuuuuuube clips )

- THE SITUATION BACK HOME. "Deadly blasts hit Bangkok protest" (helpful maps), "Bomb terror grips Silom" and Thai grenade attack kills at least 3". WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. This is just getting worse and worse. And what is perhaps the most creepy part of these attacks to me is that I know that area, and normally like spending time there (especially in the evening browsing the night market that is set up on the sidewalks... which, oh, was AROUND THE TIME THE GRENADES WENT OFF :|||). The BK Magazine office I interned at are basically also on the opposite side of the street where the grenades went off. As I've mentioned before, Bangkok is becoming more and more inhospitable for all the plans I had made for slowly getting myself settled there on my own-- living near Langsuan (a stone's throw away from the red-shirt camp), shopping and perhaps also working at Ratchaprasong (REAAAALLY smack-dab in the red-shirt camp) and now this happening to Silom? I've heard that the shopkeepers in the area are mobilizing and ready to defend their homes and livelihoods though, which is great. Though I can already see that this'll just end with more injured, and more dead. AUGHHH.
My plan remains reaaaaaally hoping for the Singapore thing to work out (the lady won't be calling me tomorrow after all, and I'll just be dropping by for a face-to-face interview on the 28th, since we're going to Singapore regardless. Yay birthday present!).

...I now forgot what else I was going to say. OH RIGHT I AM WAAAAAAAAAY NOT DONE WITH PACKING AND MOST OF MY LAST ERRANDS YET. FUUUUCK. So gonna stay home and try to get this done on my last night in Vienna tomorrow, I don't care how anti-climatic it is.
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Red, red, red. Fuuuuck. I've been reading along with the current happenings back home, and words and adequate emotional reactions are failing me. I mean, how many new ways can you react to news of escalating violence, and clashes that end in 21 dead and over 800 injured? I know that life still goes on alongside the protests, and that there shouldn't be this picture that the ~entire city is swamped in protesters and under total anarchy (because it isn't!)-- but what worries me is that the Redshirts won't fucking move. They've been here a month, after all. And even if the House does dissolve and new elections occur, well who's gonna bet that they'll be counter-protests from the Yellowshirts? All the same fuckery over and over again, and what is the result? The entire country is divided, suffers and takes hit after hit on our reputation and our credibility overseas. I have absolutely no idea how we'll get out of this fucking quagmire :|

Some articles from the Bangkok Post (I was on The Nation's site too, but holy fucking shit every second article there has like 5 typos and grammatical errors. What the hell, ONE OF BANGKOK'S MAIN ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPERS? "Hepatatis" and "bloods"-- seriously? And oh btw, apparently the blood that the Redshirts ~symbolically spilled in front of parliament/Abhisit's house/etc? Some were tested to have had Hepatitis A, B, C and some were HIV positive. Ugh.)
Govt weights earlier dissolution
Civic groups, scholars call for peace talks (Yeah, we'll see if this happens!)
Fatal clashes drive businesses to despair (Such a melodramatic headline.)
Redshirts raid hospital, take bodies of fallen (WHAT THE FUCK)
Sad Thaksin: Let the Reds decide (ASSHOLE. ASSHOLE ASSHOLE ASSHOLE. As if he isn't the main instigator and puppetmaster behind all of this. For all that the core purpose of the Redshirts is sound-- to protest against the injustices against the poor perpetuated by the rich elite in Bangkok-- it is their persistence in trumpeting this fugitive criminal as their champion that makes me want to throw up in my mouth. His way of "solving" the problem, is and was throwing money at it and back when he was in office, making "quick-fix" populist policies that actually haven't really done much in the long-term. AND OH WAIT, WHAT'S THIS? Nepotism and fuckery and corruption, juuuust about like every other politician here.)

AND ON A SHALLOW NOTE, way to make me now hate a color I normally liked to wear. Am tempted to donate my snazzy Adidas jacket and red shirt-dress now. Or at least I should've left them at my grandparents as "Europe-only" wearable things.
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OF COURSE WHEN I HAVE TO LEAVE FOR MY GRANDPARENT'S PLACE, THE PREVIOUSLY UNSEASONABLY WARM WEATHER TURNS. OF-FUCKING-COURSE. My already rock-bottom mood at the prospect of this journey (my luggage that I crammed full of winterwear and random stuff to hoard there probably weighs 30 kilos man I am afraid of it breaking! I HATE TRAVELING ON TRAINS WITH LARGE LUGGAGE) has now started to dig deeper for oil and other underground treasures. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK.
I also fully foresee that the train from Vienna will arrive in Salzburg delayed, which will mean that my next train is a full hour later and has ANOTHER stop before Zell. AND THEN I WILL MISS MY BUS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE EVEN MORE DELAYED. And Wien and Salzburg are currently renovating their railway stations, so OF COURSE everything is gonna be even harder to navigate in the mini timewindows they give you to catch your second train.


so uh yeah, semi-hiatus of not constant internet until the 8th of April or so!

PS HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] yukitheawesome!! You might get something something in the mail like uh, in three weeks lol I was too cheap for priority mail, sry2say XDD
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And I haven't packed yet, but hey-- why deviate from my normal last-minute pattern, eh? Good thing we only have to leave from here at noon, so I still have time~~

Still, things I have done today:

UNO: Hate my roommate, who came back sometime late Sunday. I was all in a fantastic mood from choc fondue with Carmen and Hazel that we had at Marius' place and thennnnn. Argh. This woman needs to STOP USING MY FUCKING STUFF, and in such a blatant manner that it is puzzling and insulting. Does she want me to notice and freak out?? Fucking hell. IT'S NOT LIKE SHE HAS FIVE TOILETRY BAGS IN THE BATHROOM RIGHT NOW THAT ARE FULL OF STUFF. And I have reverted to my fallback position of PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE post-it notes, though I guess this is a bit aggressive, too? I was shaking so hard when I wrote it, though I don't know whether it was from rage or because it was cold in my room and I was tired XDD.

DOS: FINISHED MY YULETART IN TIIIIIIIME! Woo! This year, I am actually quite happy with what I managed to draw, and I really hope my recipient likes it, especially since they are a hella awesome artist themselves and I actually got super nervous the first time I saw who I got assigned for a second time (as my first one dropped out? Or something. Hmm). I got to use lots of colors too, which is always fun ♥

DREI: WATCHED THE NEWEST DEXTER EPISODE, "LOST BOYS". Two more to go, and I just can't wait! Fffffffuck me, the suspense in the last 15 mins of this episode were simply exquisite. I just love watching this series so damn much, and yelling at the screen as I watch is very satisfying, when my nerves aren't been wracked from all the ANTICIPATION and PLOT ♥. And speaking of Dexter, here be an awesome recipe how to make the famous blood-slides as lollies!. The pictures alone look fucking fabulous!

VIER: Watched some awesome vids, and now that I have to slowly start clearing out my tabs that have been open since foreeeeeeeeever, have some of the links! First off, "Capital G (True Blood)" by [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar. Eric! Godric! And a sexy, sexy song... guh ♥. Then there is "A House Inside of You (Supernatural)" by [livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever. Sam and Castiel, and a short but utterly effective and awesomely edited vid. I love the new angles on Castiel's face that you hardly see in most other SPN vids- it feels fresh and well, Misha Collins is hot as fuck, so there is also that.

AND SPEAKING OF MISHA: Here are pictures of Misha and mini!Castiel from that Collectormania con. TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS, EEEEEEEEEEE ♥ ♥!!

FIVE: Surfed around randomly and found things like a website dedicated to all the shirts that the guys wear on The Big Bang Theory! There are some pretty tempting ones, I have got to admit~.

OH AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO. So everyone's been making holiday card posts and I have been diligently adding my addresses because I sure love me some mail. I actually think that I have everyone's addresses already and don't need to make a post asking for them, unless I have somehow forgotten you or you are a new addition to the flist-- in which case, PM me your address and I shall add it to my ~~address book of Awesome. BUT! What I do want to do is the following: Most of you who've already received mail from me once know that I mainly communicate via awesome postcards. Well, now is your chance to specially request some! I have a giant stockpile of ones from our various European trips (Prague, Bratislava, Stockholm, Paris, North Germany and Münich, Zürich), ones I can run out and buy for Vienna/Salzburg (Any particular sights you want? NAME IT) and the random weird cards you get from the city freecard booths. I also should still have some good ones from Thailand and of course, the ones that I will be buying in Copenhagen. Basically, REQUEST away and save me the anguish of having to decide who gets what XDD I just know that [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight wants a Copenhagen one of the Little Mermaid, right?
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At the very least I was overcome by righteous disgust and rage and totally cleaned the fuck outta that under-sink area that is technically not my responsibility to clean, as I don't use and have never used it for anything, but fuck it. Everything in the kitchen and bathroom is cleaned-up now, there are new mats and towels and everything, and I am happy when I step out of my room. I am happy whenever I am alone of course, but now this is like an extra helping of yay and joy. Which means that this won't last long, so I must savor it as long as I can. I still regret not taking a picture of how everything looked pre-cleaning though, ahh.
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I have been back in Vienna since yesterday, and already what good and what fun I have experienced so far (to be mentioned later) simply pales in comparison to the shitshow that is my roommate. I don't know if it is the fact that I have become soft, accustomed to cleanliness and hygienic surroundings when I was in Bangkok, or maybe the fact that even the four odd months I still have left til (hopeful) graduation suddenly seems like forever or some other reason, but already I am feeling this low-grade, constant thrum of anger and rage towards her. How can someone bear to live in such a hell-hole? Why must I too be dragged into living like this? We fucking have tiny insects whirring around the common room areas now! I don't even know where to start in cleaning things there up, especially with the knowledge that it'll all go to shit soon again anyways (not to even mention I still have to clean up my own room after three months of dust and absence). And the kicker is that this status is even the "cleaned up" one. Because, if she is to be believed, she also 'had just arrived for a two days' before I did... yet that was enough time to throw the sort of party that has left weird purple markings on the floor that won't go away and a veritable pile of trash that was the first thing I saw after arriving home, after a 12+ hour flight (yay for flight delays ugh).

I hate her, I despise every single goddamn fiber of her being-- she could be a saint on the sly and I wouldn't give a fuck, and I honestly wish she would one day leave and never, ever come back. Ma tells me that I have only two options: confront her or just simply move out. The latter is not an option at the moment, and I already know how the former will end (= not successfully), but I guess I should try again the next time I see her. I wish I could be direct to her, give her the laundry list of her sins that I have been compiling since early 2007, but part of me is wary of the fact that she could very well make my life hell, or just ignore it and increase the filth (since it so obviously doesn't faze her as much as me) and I probably couldn't deal with it, not with the close quarters that we are living in.

One day, I will live alone, and it will be awesome and fantastic and this will just be a smudge on the reminiscences of my university days. Though I guess I am forever ruined on cohabitation, thanks to this. Never again, no fucking way. EVERYONE WHO HAS NICE HOUSE OR ROOMMATES, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

But still, in conclusion: HATE HATE HATE

...........and I miss Carmen ;_;
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You guys remember my one PR UE course that I was bitching about a few weeks ago? The one with the special and ~super productive~ group members? Well, we're in our final weeks and our end concept presentation is this Tuesday. Your simple and average PPP, and basically it is just a summary and rewording of all our assignments so far. Of the six of us, only three appear to class these days anyways, and one left after 20 minutes. Still, I discussed what we wanted to do with Lena and Martin, the former would be presenting with me, whilst the latter and the others who weren't here would do the PPP work instead. Sounded like a fair plan, right? Well, since I know these dudes by now, I sent another email off about meeting in person during this week. We had a location already (that had to be changed, because our usual one wasn't just Sven's "kind of world, you know....") and today was bandied around as a possible date. Only to then have the guy who originally volunteered(!!) to do the PPP say that he couldn't make it and that he basically didn't do anything yet (!!!), two just ignore the email, Lena saying that she could only make it at 10AM instead of noon and Sven emailing me that 10AM is TOO EARLY, as he works at night and it is "just inhuman to make him wake-up at such an hour".

So of course, Lena and I ended up being the only ones there at the phil. Cafe, which was a nice enough place, but well. We did manage to whip up a presentation in two hours that I think is quite good, and we even left a bit FOR THE OTHER FOUR PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING GROUP TO DO. In the end, I sent off the PPP to the rest of the group, with a nice little passive-aggressive "joke" of hoping they like it, and if not it would be tough titties because THEY WEREN'T THERE. But of course Sven can't let anything like that fly. Oh no. He seriously writes that he doesn't really like the PPP "because of the colors we used" and that it "doesn't look professional enough". THE GLORIOUS GLORIOUS GALL OF THIS GUY. I type a reply explaining why I think that he should get off his damn high horse as people who didn't show GET NO SAY IN ANYTHING!!! not generalize that colors = unprofessional and childish-- and really? It was one of these templates with a white background/black text, the only "color" comes from two circles overlapping each other in the left hand side that are red and a warm yellow and the title of the slides which is a royal blue. Colors that mind you, are actually featured in the Bezirkswappen of the damn 10. Bezirk, which is why I chose it, HMMM.

And how does he reply to this? Well, he wants to make a ~*WHOLE NEW BETTER AND SHINIER PPP*~ instead that the rest of the group is supposed to choose from, instead of you know, ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK THAT STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE. As of now he is apparently designing T-shirts for our campaign. WE NEED THE SWOT-ANALYSIS AND THE EVALUATION METHODS URGENTLY YOU DUMBASS, STOP TRYING TO ALPHA MALE IT UP IN MY FACE.

Reasons why I still win are the mock-up posters for promoting 10. District love that I whipped up in Photoshop yesterday though, they turned out pretty nicely~ if I might say so myself. )

IN CONCLUSION: Motherfuuuuuuuuck our group better get a good grade for this damn course, eventhough it doesn't really feel like a group project anymore, what with the brilliant participation of never more than TWO FUCKING PEOPLE AT ONCE.
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#1 "Now I am quite positive that you are using my toiletries willy-nilly, as they are always scattered throughout the bathroom instead of where I usually put them (like my razor), or suddenly empty, like the La Roche-Posay face wash I use that you also now have suddenly acquired two different tubes of. How nice to know that we both have oily skin, and that using MY STUFF helps you so much, Miss I Have Chanel and Shishedo Products Lining The Bathroom Shelves! BUT what kind of alarms me is the thought that my towels are the only ones in the bathroom currently, and that you never really seem to have a face towel. I really hope you're the type of person who just takes them into their room!"

#2 "While I should be quite used to the ...wonderful things you share with me in the bathroom, I must say that your uh, blood-smeared or otherwise stained thong lying in a puddle face up on the bathroom floor is always something that I wish I never would have to see. Do you have issues accepting the fact that you get a period? Do you seriously run out of pads/tampons?? And don't you realize that if you can tell that even when I leave the dorm, I do eventually come back and also have to use the bathroom??"

#3 "Admittedly, you seem to not be committing heinous crimes in the kitchen area yet, I mean, it's still dirty as fuck, but I am avoiding that by spending the least amount of time there and eating simple things like SALAD and FRUITS and okay, POP TARTS in my room, but I figure that it's just a matter of time before something is rotting again. BUT. Another thing that normally I wouldn't even think should be worth mentioning, BECAUSE NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T DO THESE THINGS and yet you keep doing this OVER AND OVER is the following: Just sticking your used wads of chewing gum on the kitchen sink OR the cloth towels to wipe the dishes is not the correct way to throw gum away. IT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR. Or maybe the fact that I eventually scrape it away because it grosses me out constitutes 'disappearing' for you, I can never tell."

#4 "STOP FORGETTING TO LOCK THE FUCKING OUTER DOOR WHEN YOU COME BACK DRUNK AND HORNY WITH YOUR FUCKBUDDY/BOYFRIEND. SERIOUSLY. LOCKS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I do not want to have to have to actually LOCK MY inner door as well every night, jesus christ this is the FOURTH TIME you have forgotten to do so, IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK."
I forsee myself snapping again soon, and the return of the passive aggressive sticky notes. O god how I despise her!! Go away go away go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy D:
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SABRINA, YOU DIRTY DUMB WHORE. IN WHAT WORLD IS IT OKAY TO A) RANDOMLY THROW MY FRESH STRAWBERRIES I BOUGHT ON MONDAY OUT (fuck you, I checked and they are still good and I sure as hell took them out of that open faced bag you are abusing for your 'trash'. MY BREAKFAST!!) and B) USE MY TOOTHPASTE, AND IN SUCH AN UNSUBTLE WAY THAT I NOTICE IT (aka my fingers were covered in toothpaste the next time I flipped the tube open.) IS EVEN DOING THIS IN A SNEAKY WAY TOO HARD FOR YOU? BITCH YOU USE CHANEL BEAUTY PRODUCTS, SPRING THE GODDAMN 2€ FOR SOME FUCKING TOOTHPASTE.
AND WHAT IS UP WITH THE SELFISH WAY YOU ARE SHOVING ALL YOUR CRAP IN THE FRIDGE? Are you somehow punishing me for not cleaning the dust and dreck THAT YOU SWEPT IN OUR COMMON AREA (WHICH, BTW IS FUCKING DISGUSTING)?? FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU SO MUCH. Words can never truly describe the seething mass of hate that overtakes me every damn time I sense that you are also here. Every time that I hear your obnoxious laugh, every time I go in the bathroom and see that state it is in, or rather THE FUCKING WASTELAND that is our kitchen, as you seem to still occasionally clean the bathroom. I WOULD SAY THAT YOU ARE A CANCER ON MY LIFE, A JACKAL PICKING AT MY BRAIN, AND THAT I HATE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU SAY AND HOW YOU SAY IT, but while that is all true, it would also involve tarnishing an awesome quote with the grossness that is your continued existence. Also, right now I can't tell if your stupid boyfriend is gone yet. At least I didn't have to listen to you two have sex again last night, thank the heavens for that small mercy.


EDITED TO ADD: lolol, so I wrote a pissy ALLCAPS status thing on FB basically wishing syphilis and a bad sexlife amongst others to Sabrina and her dude to vent AND MY MOM JUST CALLED ME FROM BANGKOK ABOUT IT. And wanted me to delete it because she doesn't like "the hateful way" it makes me look and what it reflects on me. Uh. While I guess I can see where she is coming from, I still think that it is my FB and my right to post whatever, and as far as I can remember, I don't really have any important RL people to worry about seeing it? I sure as hell wouldn't do it if I had Leo Burnett people added, but I doubt that the BK Mag crew give a shit. But I replaced it with something else now. Hope this is enough, Ma!
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Dearest fellow group members of my UE-PR,

Words cannot fully describe the extent to which I am currently yearning to collectively throttle each and every one of you (though some of you more harder than others), run your lifeless corpses through some kind of shredding machine and feed the rest of you to hordes of wild dogs, cats or pigs. OR HIT YOU ALL HARD ENOUGH UNTIL CANDY STARTS COMING OUT, I truly can't decide!

How lovely of all of you to spend the week being okay with our initial group method of newspaper article analysis to uncover the public/media opinion on Favoriten, but now suddenly decide that, wait-- READING AND CATEGORIZING ARTICLES IS HARD! And what's easier and ~less of a hassle~ than reading stuff online? STREET INTERVIEWS! Three per person! Eighteen in total to give us a TOTALLY conclusive picture of the whole thing, sure! Pull the other one, fuckers. And where are your questions and ideas for the length of this supposedly easy questionnaire? Where is the barest sign of having thought about this for more than 'hurf durf talking to people is coooool :B'?? Talking to people on the street SUCKS. It is a fucking hassle and they don't want to be disturbed and you eventually feel like a giant DICK for having to and jesus christ. It's one thing to legitimately have a problem with Media analysis, but please, give me a better reason than 'it's such a hassle', and then go for a method that IS JUST AS BAD, AND ALL THE OTHER GROUPS ARE DOING, which would give Teach an ever better reference point to compare us with. And then she'll see that this was just a ploy because everyone is a lazy sad fuck. I mean, I don't want to expend so much effort either, BUT GIVE ME A BREAK.

And why am I the only one writing long emails trying to get people to discuss things? Is this some giant cultural divide in how people use fucking written correspondence nowadays?? I am already about 80% sure that they are all skimming my mails, which is why I am that jackass who BOLDS, ITALICIZES and UNDERLINES key passages because I am sorry to say that my collective impression of my groups intellects' is about level to that of a kindergarten classes. At least the kids would be willing to do things!

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I LEFT MY DORM ROOM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN uh *counts* ...THREE DAYS! Man, did Sven and Carmen ever give me a weird look when I mentioned that. I mean, I had food! Water! The internet! What more does one need? Also I totally saved money that way. Though I guess it was kind of sad and vaguely disturbing how I would actively strain to hear for signs of Sabrina-activity to die down and mean that I could leave my room for the bathroom/kitchen. I JUST DIDN'T WANT TO ACTUALLY SEE HER AT ALL COSTS OKAY. I did realize the folly of hoping she would actually just leave yesterday though, since it was then 8PM and I was kind of hungry since 2PM already (and had kind of run out of satisfying snack food). Ah well! She seems to be gone since this morning though... FINGERS CROSSED THAT THIS LASTS FOR A FEW DAYS, AHH.

But yes, where was I before drifting off in that tangent that might have revealed some of my neurotic tics-- FOOD! Sven, Carmen and I had some Thai food at the Thai Lotus, also in our 20. district, and apparently as per lokaltipp.at one of the best Thai restaurants in Vienna? I had Somtam and Yam Woonsen Talae, which was pretty good if a little bit bland-- and I got to talk to the staff in Thai, so I was pretty happy. The Thai food I always have a craving for just mostly never is the stuff they serve here, I am normally not so much a fan of the Pad Thai or all the curries, so it was great to finally get to om nom nom on tasty papaya salad and glass noodles ♥. Will probably be heading there again when the weather gets more sunnier, especially since it is right near the Augarten for some awesome post-fooding walks.

AND NOW I should probably do a smidge of research for my PR-Übung that I will probably end up doing myself, as the group I am with has proven themselves to be a bunch of non-communicative incompetent asswipes. WHAT IS SO HARD WITH USING EMAILS TO DISCUSS THINGS. How hard is it to collectively come up with a PR Agency name that is not some bullshit like 'Forgive Us' or 'Miscommunication'?? I understand the sentiment to make things fun, but calling it names like that just smacks of self-fulfilling prophecies, especially since we are all collectively too incapable of staying in touch. And the agency name isn't even the only thing we are supposed to do-- so much for getting collective input on our hypothetical budget for the image improvement campaign we are supposed to do for the Viennese 10th district, or how we should precisely formulate our mission statement. AND WE KNEW ALL OF THIS SINCE TUESDAY. Heck, I thought I could send them an email early Thursday afternoon, and we'd have something by Saturday evening at least, but no. GOD, I HATE LONG TERM GROUP ASSIGNMENTS WITH PEOPLE YOU ALREADY DON'T KNOW (because then you at least know who you can yell at to get their asses on with it.) I am so going to get the rep as the goody-two-shoes of the group, but goooooood I was just so tempted to type a font-size 40 missive at them that would just blink over and over again "WHY DO YOU ALL SUCK SO MUCH??".

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FUCK I FAILED METHODEN DER SOZIOLOGISCHEN FORSCHUNG. FFFFFFFFFFFFUCKSTICKS. Another 5! Dammit dammit fucking shit dammit, now I have to find some other random elective exam to take, fuck fuck fuck I wonder why I failed, I was actually quite confident. WHY AM I APPARENTLY SO STUPID. I wonder what Carmen had. Ahh. GODDAMN YOU UNI, I JUST NEEDED THIS LAST ELECTIVE TO BE ALL DONE WITH THE WAHLFÄCHER. Now I have to find some other random elective to do and just. More time, more effort and just. EFFFFFF.

Now I have even more of a reason to drown my sorrows in the internet. FUCK CLEANING AND UNPACKING AND EATING, I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO.
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Fuck yessss, for Silvia, Andi and Sara heading off for some quality family ski time, thus freeing up their living room AND MODEM!!!!!! for yours truly to get her internet fix. But this was also highly unexpected, so I have naught to offer but a recounting/bitchery of yesterday's events AKA MY WORST TRAVEL DAY EVER, HOLY FUCKING SHITSTICKS.


But in other news, Krimml is as pretty in a total wintry country-side wonderland as always, my relatives are also the same, Sara is still inexplicably fascinated with me and now wants to 'teach me Pinzgäurisch', as the high German I speak to everybody is Not Up To Her Four-Year Old Standards, lolol. WILL SHE SUCCEED WHERE COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE FAILED?? I just really feel weird and embarrassing trying to mimic the dialect here, can understand it well enough of course, but actually trying it? Lol no, I'd sound like Fakey Mcfakerson. The Christmas/holiday cards will all be sent off tomorrow (LOL WHOOPS), wanted to get em all done today but I apparently overslept a bit, thus losing my bit of morning advantage and then it was time for lunch already. Which is also the time the Post bus drives away, GOD DAMN YOU POSTBUS!!

Am already curious how well I will get with my various academic To-do's, but have also made a list of fandom things I need to get done ([livejournal.com profile] jorajo! Have not forgotten your pic, am just slow as fuck atm, sorry DD:) and hopefully headway shall be made on both areas~

OH AND BTW, this is also basically a ~*SEMI HIATUS~* declaration, as I truly will have no idea when I can beg off the next few hours of net in the following days. Here's hoping there will be a lot of skiing in store for Sara?? KEEP ME POSTED ON WHAT HAPPENS ON THE INTERNETS PEOPLE PLZZZ D:


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