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Though most people try to at least offer better quality pics lolll you guys, I THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING OFF WITH MY BLACKBERRY PICTURE TAKING SKILLS. So uh, preemptive apologies for the graininess.

But before I continue, here have a picture that is at least somewhat okay-- the fantastic dessert spread that Dad brought for dinner yesterday from the Oriental bakery. Clockwise, starting from noon: Vanilla Bourbon (+white choc mousse & cake bottom), blueberry cheesecake, lemon tart, The Wave (giant macaroon with lychee cream and a raspberry center) and I forgot the name of the last one, but it had white chocolate and layers of cream, blackberry and raspberry.

And now, barring whatever I will probably still buy tomorrow (I HAVE 6 MORE KILOS OF WEIGHT FOR MY LUGGAGE, but no room lololol tragedy!), MY SHOPPING HAUL SO FAR:
Dresses like woah + bling )

APROPOS OF NOTHING, I have chewed enough gum the past few hours that my jaw hurts like the dickens. You all needed to know that, I'm sure.
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The past three days of BKK were filled with ups and downs, of which the downs were documented through that lovely outlet of Twitter. I still have a post in me about that that I might post tomorrow or later, but I feel that it shouldn't be smooshed in with this. Because don't get me wrong, this weekend was also filled with joy and awesome and the fact that I now truly recognize how Dad's actions speak louder than just plain words. HE FEEDS ME WITH LOVE.

One of the only requests that I had coming over was that I wanted steak. Figured we'd just head for a steak-house one night or something, but little did I expect the foodapalooza that was awaiting.




TODAY: Well, I was thinking about seeing if I could finagle a last-minute meet-up with someone in the roughly four hours I had in town before I had to leave for the airport, and I am somewhat ashamed to say I went FUCK THIS I WANNA SHOP. And well, shop I did! Now that the haze of intense shopping madness has somewhat died down, I remain quite happy with my haul.
What 3000 Baht and around 3 hours can get you in Siam & MBK )
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........for I have bought myself a pair of Crocs. They are the semi-legit looking black ballerina ones, though the shame I felt standing in front of the display was palpable anyways. The fact of the matter is that I simply need (plastic) shoes that can be soaked to hell and back, what with the near daily TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS occuring here. My el cheapo cloth-covered sandals had reached hobo-like status and I was actually gunning for a nice pair of chic Havianas before the limited selection in Chiang Mai cock-blocked me. Then I heard Ma's voice pleading with me to get some closed-toe shoes like a normal person... and well. They actually looked nice! And were in my size! So I figured, screw the price, it should be ~comfortable at least right?


I had barely worn them for an hour and now have 9 different stop-sign red blisters scattered all over my toes and heels. Add this to the horrible state of my face and so much for me trying to look chic for my imminent weekend in Bangkok (HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I WILL BE IN BANGKOK FROM SATURDAY TIL MONDAY YET FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH). I hope my 3kgs weight-loss since May so far will be noticable enough to distract everyone lol.

Good thing I bought another cheap pair of plastic/soakable flip-flops for back-up purposes!
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Before I go to bed, here the post I was meaning to make ever since I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] laulan on separate occasions about fashion and closet space. Uploading pics to Pbucket was so weird today, ugh why so laggy :(

A summer haul of dresses and what has been described as my vortex of a closet. Also, bits of Vienna! )

IN OTHER NEWS, when I was over at her place today to absorb productive Yuletarting waves and watch TV on the side, I showed [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby Adam Lambert's FYE video and she is weirdly ~~IMMUNE~~ to his awesome charm. Which is okay, and THAT JUST LEAVES MORE ADAM FOR MEEE. But dude, I do hope you realize that I will still be yammering at you about him anyways, eh? And there is no way that Gerard Way looks manlier that Adam. No fucking waaaaaaaaay~~
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1.) CARMEN HAS BEEN BACK SINCE SUNDAYYYYYYYY ♥! My dorm life, my uni life, my ~~life in general~~ now feels complete again! I mean, I functioned pretty well and was actually quite social on my own, all things considered, but it really is a different kind of complete awesome, now that she is back. We went shopping on Monday and I basically had an intensely productive haul, hello SWANK NEW BLACK ANKLE BOOTS and really awesome indigo blue Esprit EDC winter jacket that I can't direct link here, but believe me when I say that it is totally stylin' ♥ Also, I ordered Havemercy and the Generation Kill book from Thalia-- holiday reading, here I come!

2.) So many fun things are planned for these next few days/weeks-- outings with Hazel and Marius, lunch and movies (NEW MOON LAWL) AND IMMINENT COPENHAGEN!1 with Carmen, girl's night in with Daniela and Romana, maybe something with Wido so he doesn't freak out over his thesis AAAAAAND I have been ace with skyping people recently ([livejournal.com profile] laliandra I LOVE OUR CONVOS, even if the internet is a cruel cocktease connection-blocker!) and JOHANNES even skyped me of his own volition. Good boy <33

3.) MISS OLGA AKA [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby is back from her trip to Chi-Town and I am already all a-quiver to hear ALL ABOUT IT and botherbotherbother her and her glorious bachelorette pad again. YOU BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS MISHA AND THE Js, DUDE I WILL FOREVER BE SO JEALOUS, AND THAT PICTURE WITH MISHA IS LOVELY ♥

4.) Fantastic mail from my RL friend La and dearest [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! C, I cannot state how much I adore those ginormous earrings, and lol now I am actually thinking about future wardrobe pieces to buy to wear around those earrings, as I fail at having neutral basics to really flaunt these babies :D Already got compliments from the two days I wore them though ♥ Must start on my own mail packages, haven't decided when I should time the sending off of stuff-- maybe one lot pre-Copenhagen and then the Copenhagen goods get smooshed with the intended Xmas mail? HMMMMM.

5.) MY WEEKEND WAS SO BOSS. Career-confirming, even! PR and magazine writing, you are doable, but you can never ever measure up to the joy that advertising brings me ♥ I never would have though that spending 12 hours doing uni seminars on a weekend would have been so enjoyable, even considering that *shudder* MATH was involved. Media Planning is crazy hard, but I can kind of see the fun in it, and the beauty in getting the numbers to align and fall into place. The CEO of a really big Media research firm in Austria was even our prof for this course, and lol he apparently was a graduate of this major, too? A SIGN THAT PUBLIZISTEN CAN ACTUALLY GET REAL JOBS lolol. Have a lot of time to work on our final assignment for the next session that is the weekend we get back from Copenhagen: A PPP on our own new media impulse and idea for an established brand-- mine are the tiny yet delicious D'Arbo Fruchtikus. I THINK IMMA BUY SOME AGAIN... for "research" purposes, ya know ;Db
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And I am slowly feeling that thrumming beat of OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK that will hopefully spur me on to greatness, or at least a passable okay-ish grade by the end of this month. I have to get in done by the 1st of November (Sunday), get in printed on Monday, and as that takes 24 hours to bind and etc., I will then hand it in on Tuesday the 3rd, which Teach thankfully approved, though I just realized I typo'd the date in the email. Oh well. So far: I HAVE 13 PAGES. Of at least 50, but I think the hardest part is basically the theoretical part I am struggling through now. I hate writing these parts, all you're doing is regurgitating quotes and trying to wring some sort of a logical order out of them, all the while hoping you quoted correctly and are not committing indirect plagiarism and hoping the Prof doesn't notice you've been using the same three sources over and over again for one page. Ugh! TWO MORE WEEKS!!

Other than that I have been a winner in procrastination and time-wasting-- as two of the previous days were basically lost and spent in a stupor in front of the computer... man, I think I need to unplug the internet when I continue work tomorrow. WORST WORKER EVER I AM, that's for sure.

I do have some awesome links again though!

Things probably relevant to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's interests:
"Twisted Princesses" ...basically this guy reworking the Disney princesses in ways that are creepy, scary and generally quite awesome. I like Mulan the most!
Fantastic "Lord of the Flies" illus ...got the link from [livejournal.com profile] wredwrat's LJ and I just loved the art. The cover is somehow supremely unsettling to me, lol wut.
ALLSAINTS IS SO EXPENSIVE BUT DAMN THIS COAT IS FINE ...seriously, it looks so damn swank and like the best damn trenchcoat ever ngggg the sexy, sexy detailing! The uneven edges! Also, THIS is also swoon-worthy. A double-breasted coat! The buttons! The almost suit-tails effect in the back! SIGHHHHHH ♥

Fashionistaaaa things:
Actually cute "vampire-inspired" jewelery ...well okay, it's a crocheted necklace, but still. I wouldn't wear it, but I'd strongly consider it for Halloween lol? Would make the perfect gift for some Twihard, I'm sure.
FFSkyer_nancy's Flickr photostream ...nabbed this link from [livejournal.com profile] bravecows and I simply adore how this girl also draws her outfits. So lovely and whimsical!

Supernatural vids:
A Charming Man by [livejournal.com profile] giandujakiss. Castiel-centric and ohhhh, how this makes the potential menace that Castiel had in early to mid-season 4 more present in my mind. I adore how tightly edited this vid is, in particular the sequences with Dean, Castiel and the Crossroads demon. And how the lyrics fit so damn well. Just noticed I still had the tab with this link still open lol, not that I haven't already downloaded it and watched it a kabillion times. Those of you who haven't should do so, asaaaap. So good!
Legion by [livejournal.com profile] sockkpuppett. A demon-POV-centric (Team Hell!) SPN vid set to a metal mash-up of Paramore's "Misery Business"? I would never have thought it, but it was pretty much AWESOME. And so fitting, given my still ongoing obsession with that damn song. Snappy editing here again, with some really smart moments and pretty neat, subtle effects.
Little Lion Man by [livejournal.com profile] killabeez. Featuring quite possibly one of the most addictive songs I have recently heard. It's one of the things I love about vids the most, getting introduced to these fantastic bands that I wouldn't ever have heard of before. Even if you aren't a SPN fan, I think the song itself is worth a listen to. That lead singer's voice! And of course, the BANJOSSSSS! And back to the vid-- oh holy crap, it's just a great depiction of the messy, intertwined relationship that our dear Winchesters have going on, and it especially shows that shoving blame on someone is a two-way game. The editing is nigh heartbreaking at times, gaah.



Oct. 10th, 2009 12:18 pm
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The weather barely dips into cold territory, or at least 'jacket advisable when running around outside' status, and already I feel as if I have been hit by a two-by-four of apathy and lethargy. I am wasting time, valuable time, and it is still a bit hard dredging up the emotion to care. SACK THE FUCK UP, SELF, what is this bullshit. Today and tomorrow will be used productively, make it fucking work. God.

I did have fun yesterday though, went shopping with Wido and basically played fashion stylist for the better part of a day. Even if we didn't end up buying much (men's wear is so expensive!), he was a doll to "work" with, and I am very satisfied that I have managed to spread the gospel of slightly form-fitting dark jeans or pants and the inherent appeal of v-neck sweaters to a former non-believer. Also: the tweed-ish gray pants I forced on him for funsies ended up being his ultimate favorite. Hah! His girlfriend better appreciate my efforts, lol. And speaking of her, they both apparently have a really high estimation of my fashion sense, because now Lena even wants me to go shopping with her. I mean, I love me some fashion, but don't consider myself all that fashionista-like, though I guess even this seems like a lot when you are from the "well I'll just throw on this old thing here" camp. Nevertheless, it does sound like fun ♥

Today I will be a productive person, answer people on the internet, email real people, maybe skype a little and manage to actually cook something to eat. Sabrina is gone for the day, and I seriously don't understand why my brain is convinced that I must never leave my room whenever she is there, too. At the very least, I have my snack cabinet all stocked with healthy things (ish) now.



Jul. 15th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Instead of using my scant free time to finally update and catch up extensively, I am halfway through a very engrossing Superman/Batman fic and listening to the new Lily Allen album that I managed to score for a pittance, along with David Cook's album, at the lunchtime open market near the office. Also bought some truly hideously kitschy Barapapa and Tigerman earrings that were 20 baht a pop, just because I could.

An attempt now to keep things brief, as always I will try and answer comments and other posts tomorrow!


SO I GUESS THIS IS A BIT LONG NOW whoops. Bed time for reals now, over and outtt :D
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NOTE: I had this all typed up yesterday evening, but then my net went on the fritz, so I went to bed instead and had the 5 hours of sleep that made today veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hard to get through at times, oh boy. Here it is, posted anyways!

---------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST WITH MEEEEEEE----------------------------------

SO LIKE, I should be in bed now, ahhh wake-up in 5 hours ahhh FIRST DAY OF MY INTERNSHIP TOMORROW AHHHH!! and I have this unfinished monster post about the last few days to type up, so I am only leaving you guys with the following tid-bit--

I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF THIS GLORIOUS, SUPER FANTASTIC HANDBAG! It was Ma's belated 21st birthday present for me, afhkjfhfkjjs I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It is the most expensive and gorgeous thing besides my laptop that I have ever owned, and I will love it and pet it and call it Sparky and NEVER LET GO OF IT AGAIN oh my god, I will wear the fuck out of this. Lovingly and with due care to the leather, of course. I seriously keep petting it. So luscious. AND MINE ♥. We found it as we were just strolling around and looking in all of the fancy brand name stores just for shits and giggles, and while one of my (uh, more materialistic) goals in life IS to be able to afford an original Chanel bag from my own paycheck before I am thirty-- I must say that 50'000 BHT/1'466 USD for a Gucci bag that isn't even a special edition or made completely out of leather is just crazy-ass bullshit. CLOTH! Who pays that much for cloth that is just randomly stitched and doesn't even really show much worksmanship, tss!

I admit that I did feel a bit guilty about accepting the bag-- it is an amazing amount of money for what is basically a good that I normally buy at a tenth of the price, but Ma insisted** and it is also something that I can actually use for the next five or even ten years without it falling out of style, so. An investment! ALSO I LOVED IT AT FIRST SIGHT, I CANNOT DENY THIS.

**Lol, she said that in the end, it was still cheaper for her than taking me on some short trip somewhere (CHINAAAA~~), so she'd gladly cough up the cash lol okay then :))

OKAY NOW THAT I HAVE SHARED MY DISGUSTING MATERIALISTIC GLEE, off to bed! Ahhhhhh I am so pumped already and yet I will probably be so dead tomorrow ahhh tired ahhh nerves. Will try and catch up with all LJery tomorrow, too!

--------------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST OVER-----------------------------------
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This Saturday I met Wido with Carmen for yet another ice cream/gelato session (after the time spent with Dad and co. gorging on the stuff) and proved yet again that I am currently incapable of making sound decisions for eating ice cream. As was with the Tiramisu coupe that was the size of my head, I totally couldn't finish my chestnut parfait :((. WASTE OF FOOD, UGH SELF. We also looked around and found the Brit/Ami food shop "Bobby's", holy high prices batman! They were smack dab sold out of Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but I still felt the urge to buy 6€ chocolate chip cookie dough Poptarts though whoops. AND I ATE ONE TODAY AND THEY TOTALLY SUCK ugh ugh my poor teeth :(
We then hung out at Wido's apartment for a bit, chatted some and got to know more about how adorably sappy and head over heels he is for Lena, even after three(!) years together. He is seriously the type of guy who tapes 'Welcome Home, Sweetie ♥!' messages on their door to welcome Lena back, dawwww! MAKES ONE STILL HAVE HOPE FOR DUDEKIND, especially if the only other guy I have lots of interaction with is Clemens lolol he of the current long-reigning streak of Douche-itude.

Walked a scenic tour of Vienna on our way back and stopped at the Meinl (considering we started at the Kettenbrückengasse area! So need to buy a Pedometer one day.) for Carmen's overpriced Weetabix and I proceeded to buy some overpriced butter for my toast and some overpriced carrot salad and tiny French Parmesan cheese-covered delicatessen mini salamis, as my usual brand is ironically sold more expensively than these special made ones (4€ INSTEAD OF 2.50€ FFF YOU MEINL). I needed my savory fix! Money well spent though, om nom nom carrot salad!

...Clearly I am due for a monthly visit, seeing how food-fixated my thoughts have been these last few days! UGHHH as long as it's not during ROMA ROMA ROMA!!

MAN AND I STILL HAVEN'T DONE JACK SHIT FOR UNI WHOOPS. NOR LAUNDRY. NOR MY OTHER CHORES. Well okay I defrosted some berries for this evening's GNTM session, lol guess what we're having again? FUCKING ICE CREAM *headdesk*

PS Seriously, awesome anon who gifted me with the free time, I repeat that I am your drawing bitch for this generous gift, tell me your wishessss :D
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Dad is back from Prague today! We met up at their hotel (The Holiday Inn in Margaretengürtel, surprisingly nice rooms for European standards), Dad gave me the two pairs of earrings he apparently bought for me there (!!!) and we waited for Robert to come pick us up for dinner at the Silberwirt, which is apparently part of a collective of wine bars/restaurants in what used to be an actual castle. Nice, solid and delicious Austrian fare-- had a enormous Styrian corn-fed chicken thigh with Krautsalat and a chocolate Palatschinken/Crepe that was filled with a chestnut-marzipan filling and slathered in forest berry sauce, accompanied with vanilla ice cream! OM NOM NOM. Prague was apparently a grand success on all accounts, and Dad apparently is convinced that he's gained about 10 kilos since he arrived in Austria. The food in Prague was uniformly delicious, and what we have planned for the following days until their flight this Friday evening is also going to be pretty hardcore for the waistline. BUT SO GOOD. To wit: Schnitzel at the famous Figlmüller again tomorrow, another sumptuous old-skool Viennese meal at the Plachutta and probably my birthday dinner at the Orpheus (I can even schlep Carmen along, woo!).

Keeping with the food related blathering of this entry, Carmen and I also intended to finally check out the Schwarze Kameel, one of the most famous and oldest delicatessen/cafes in Vienna. So we finally got there, took a quick view of the premise, sat down for about five minutes and promptly got up and left again. The place didn't look to be worth the 6€++ for even your most basic nibbles-- the waitstaff was clearly harried and everything was just kind of messy and eh. AH WELL. It totally counts as a 'done' on our "Places in Vienna we have to eat at" list :DD. I would still say that the actual delicatessen shop is worth paying a visit to though! We still ended up having us some decadent joy-- ICE CREAM AT THE DEMEL, blueberry and violet+mango sorbet ffffffff A GLORIOUS MEDLEY OF FLAVORS IN MY MOUTH ♥.

Oh and in preparation of ROMA ROMA ROMAAAA coming in a few weeks, we also went shoe shopping, being both firmly convinced that we NEED roman sandals for ultimate tourist GLEE. We were more than successful, and I even managed to find a pair of 'size 41's that for some crazy reason fit me. Thank you, shoemakers who feel the urge to lie to your consumers! Mine also ended up being an utter STEAL at 30 fucking Euros, and whilst I can apparently not find them on the online version of the shop, here is a similar, yet clearly not as awesome one that looks like mine. Another reason why my shoe was Perfect and Made for Me? It actually has a zipper/support thing at the heel, so I don't actually have to do each and every one of those fiddly roman sandle-buckles! Wonderfulllll~~ Shall start wearing them tomorrow, here's hoping I won't get too many blisters!

PS PR PRESENTATION IS OVER AND DONE WITH! I think we did well to okay. Snob!Boy was also one of his groups presenters and wow did his partner keep on blathering and blathering. I just wanted to listen to snob!boy talk! And look in my direction and kind of unnerve me with his INTENSE ICY-BLUE SNOB STARE unfffffffff why is this dick so damn good-looking??
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Shopping with Dad can be heady in the 'money is not really an object' sense, especially when it comes to A) BOOKS and B) FOOD. Which makes shopping in Siam Paragon basically a stroll in the most decadent gardens of temptation, god. (SCALLOPS FOR FUTURE DINNER, woo!!). He pays for everything, and my vague protests of having parts of the money for stuff I want were thusly overruled. Ah well, that goes in the 'last haul solo shopping-trip' fund then! We managed to hit up Emporium, Central World Plaza and Siam P, not baaad.

_ SEXY BLACK IPOD CLASSIC 120GB, GET! (+clear case, clear foil and all that crap) ...what should I name it? I'm thinking 'THE IMPALA' lol SPN obsession is flaring up again :Db
_ AMERICA (THE BOOK), GET! Jon Stewart and his cadre of The Daily Show writers are just brilliant. The version I got even is the Teacher's Edition (lol) and has great comments and footnotes in the margins written by some professor dude.
_ DRIED PINEAPPLE, GET! This shit is delicious! I don't even like pineapple all that much anymore, but this is cracktastically delish and addictive.

IN OTHER NEWS, I totally need to make a post about the games I've been playing on the DS, which are surprisingly the dinky kiddie ones like Cooking Mama 2, Pokemon Trozei, Warioware: Touch! and New Super Mario Bros. They are just so easy to play for short bursts of time, and I don't need to feel the urge to obsessively save every ten seconds like I tend to do with the PW or FF games. And they are all also quite challenging in their own special ways, which is just the Nintendo DS' way of telling me how shitty I have become in gaming, I guess. What pisses me off the most is the fucking 'put shit in the fridge' step of Cooking Mama 2, though. I NEVER MANAGE TO GET THE HANG OF IT. I guess you have to drag the crap over to make some room, but it never works? Sometime it looks like there is already room for whatever needs to be refrigerated, but nooo. Cue Cooking Mama wreathed in ANGRYYY flames of doom :/. And I bet the answer to this would be really simple, like the times in KHI and II where I could never get the hang of those damn Winnie the Pooh minigames. AHHHH the flashbacks! I will be forever grateful that you helped me out there, Kat! (It was you, right?)

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It is always sad and at the same time utterly vexing when one's trusty electronic companions decide to give up the ghost and slowly die. As in the case of my dear pink 6GB Ipod mini, long has it served me (since late '05 I believe??). For some reason the sound is only coming through one earphone, something I thought had to do with my current ones, but even after changing them the problem persisted... And as it was, wandering through Central Airport Plaza yesterday also lead me past the Apple store, where I checked the prices, and lo and behold, a black 80GB Ipod classic is now around 9,400 baht! SO CHEAP, I was shocked. Compared to the 239 Euros/11,472 baht for the same model in Saturn in Wien, I would be saving quite a bit of money. For some reason I had always though the price to be lower in Wien? Nevertheless, my desire to get one now is muchly intensified *YEARNS*
... And the math of the state of my personal finances actually works out, if I just refigure what else I still want/NEED to buy from my time here, which, if I am totally honest is not THAT much. (Must always tamp down on urge to get MOAAR DVDS and ahh, maybe I should postpone the purchase of a guitar hero guitar console, AGAIN. There is never space!) Got the 200 USD/ 6,000 baht Ma gave me (ahh so generous ;3;), can probably beg some more cash off Dad and I still have the 1,900 baht check that BK Mag gave me when I finished my internship that I could cash in. And some backup money on my ATM account, I think... Man, I think I need to get a job in Wien for the sole reason that actually stone cold calculating how much money I could ask for from each parent to buy stuff like this that isn't exactly Uni-related or a Neccessity like FOOD or WINTER CLOTHING makes me feel uncomfortable and kind of GUILTY like woah. >_>;;;;

In other news, the weather in CMai remains annoying, as it keeps raining in the afternoons, especially on the days where I really want to go TAN myselfff. A tan is slimming! And would hopefully distract from the dreadful state of my face atm, was using Ma's NARS brand face cleanser and I was apparently allergic to it, as I proceeded to get the breakout from all breakouts on my face. It felt like FOURTEEN, all over again :/// Have switched to my usual brand now and the hideousness is slowly receeding. Gahh. Now another brand mah face cannot take, joining the ranks of Bebe, Biotherm and uh, Clearasil (though Clearasil is basically acid that everyone uses at least once when young eh?)

EDIT to add: Lol Migel just called all "I hope someone is not forgetting that we will be going out later tonight.", to which I went "Uh, no?? Am in Cmai right now?" and he was all "But you said you'd be back on Tuesday" "No I said my mother's BIRTHDAY is on Tuesday." "Aww shit, now I went and told everybody and planned shit" "DUDE stop making me feel guilty for not being thereeee, you screwed up" "I neverrrrrrr" etc etc. Man I really wanna go outttt. And it is twice now that I (apparently) cockblocked myself in appearing to these things. NEXT CHANCE I WILL SUCCEED. 
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The MORNING started off on a lovely note, as Ma and Andy overslept and we didn't have to go merit making at 5am! The bad thing is we are doing so tomorrow which means I should be long asleep now WHOOPS. Gave Ma a congratulatory hugggggg and I LOVE YOUUUU, and handed her the present --a dazzling feat of uncreativity of my part this year, woe is me who actually bought my mother a tiny stuffed cat that kind of maybe looks like AJ and a set of cat-shaped paperclips, as well as a (suprisingly cool) hedgehog-shaped paperclip magnet holder. Why? Because Ma's Thai nickname is "Meow" of course! Lol faiiiil. The original plan of a swank jewellery box went up in flames once Ma happily showed me the one she already bought for herself (oh how I mentally screamed CURSSSSSSES and yet was also happy I hadn't actually got one already yet because I was lazy).

BUT THEN I switched on the TV and was greeted by the twin news of A)finally managing to tune in to Anderson Cooper 360 on time on CNN  and B) finding out ROGER FEDERER WON THE US OPEN!!!1!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!1 Go Rog! Fuck yeah, and how he beat- no,  trounced Andy Murray! Man I hope that match comes up on rerun on True's sportschannels at some point akjhaskf. And it is intensely validating to go around and read all the news articles now on how MAAAAYBE the pundits were all a little bit too hasty in writing off Federer. Well, duh you fooools. The US Open official website has some nice articles, as well as a cool "Top 50 Expected and Unexpected Moments of the US Open 08" page, that amongst other hilarity features this on Federer: "EXPECTED: Federer glides silently about the court UNEXPECTED: Emits howls & screams in anguish in several languages" ...ahaha this still makes me giggle when I read it XDD

The AFTERNOON was spent tagging along Ma and Andy's grand shopping tour for the new house, with the looong waits being made bearable by playing copious amounts of Pokemon Trozei!, addictive little game that is, and bumming around in BigC. Made the most extraordinary find when the cheap-ass export clothes shop I checked out of boredom turned out to have American Eagle Outfitter(or however that brand is called), GAP, H&M and Old Navy tops and longsleeves... for an average price of 79-150 baht. AND THEY WERE ALL SO AWESOME. Ended up getting 5 ytops for around 550 baht, which is the average price you might pay for ONE standard local brand top here. AHH :D. The shopping experience was made all the sweeter because the going US dollar/Euro prices were also still attached, so in your face 15 Euro H&M white wool v-neck! I got you for 150 fricken baaaht! *shopping gleeee*

The EVENING was spent prepping for and then going for a delightful and utterly delicious dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel aka THE CASTLE IN THE SKYYYY. God, it is even more imposing and gorgeous at night, with scores of little candles lighting the way to the main Chedi-building-type thing and you get carted around in a chaffeured pimped-out golf cart and the staff! Oh the staff are so fantastically attentive, it actually makes you feel really bad to be served on hand and foot. I requested some mosquito spray becase we were dining outside (Mediterrean food, mhhh) and the lady just about kneeled on the floor and was ready to spray my legs for me before I could stop gaping. Akjhdskjh. The food was sheer poetry, from starting course to dessert. Had thinly sliced extra-virgin olive oil -marinated tuna with endive salad for starters, RACK OF LAAAAAAAAAMB (SO TENDER) with rosemary jus, grilled potatoes and ratatouille for main and topped that off with some warm rosemary cake and lemon sorbet (it had candied rosemary sprigs! Which were quite tasty mhhh) and a salty caramel macaroon that was chewy and delightful. Still didn't manage to finish my ONE glass of wine throughout the entire meal though, ahh a drinker I am not and apparently will never be.

ALSO one last LOLYEAH before I go pass out in bed regarding Thai politics: SAMAK BAI BAI. Lolol I love how his cooking show eventually came to kick him right back in the ass. Yessss.
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SO THIS FRIDAY, I went to make my Thai passport with Ma. Were promptly served a number in the waiting room, got to a desk quite chop chop and thus set to fill out the various forms in Thai and English. All went well enough, except for the following two ..situations:

LADY AT DESK: Before I input this data, I need your consent that the information is correct, and you are standing by this unorthodox and incorrect spelling.
SHAZ: Huh what? Did I misspell my last name in thai again ahaha this happens all the- WAIT a minute, why are you pointing at my English name?
LaD: This is wrong, there shouldn't be an "H" here.
SHAZ: ......what uh no. There should. I should know. It being my name and all.
LaD: Are you quite sure?
LaD: *IMPASSIVE STARE* So please sign here to prove that you have seen and approved of this incorrect spelling.
SHAZ: Grkkkk-- okay fine HERE.

I mean, "SARON"? That isn't even a Thai name, if my uh, very western last name didn't hint at that already. "CHARON" I could have bought as an alternative, but "SARON" just seems one "U" away from ~*SAURON*~ to me.

DUDE MEASURING HEIGHT: Okay, please stand here. HEIGHT: 176cms!
SHAZ: What! No wait, you must be mistaken, I'm actually taller than this. RETAKE IT.
MA: Sharon! Sit down and stop being such a baby!
DMH: Whatever. *redoes* HEIGHT: 176cms! Look.
SHAZ: I REJECT THIS REALITY, there is obviously something wrong with your measuring thing.
MA: This is the standardized Thai national height measure, Sharon.

(the next day at the BRH hospital for my vacc)
SHAZ: So nurse, could you also measure my height please?
NURSE: ...HEIGHT: 176cms!

Fucking hell, where did I get the notion I was taller? I liked being 179cms! Now I'm just ...on the large size of average, instead of being a short tall person. URGH. It is amazing how much I was actually at turns pissed off and really sad at this, lolol Dad kept making fun of meeee.

Cut for blather and What's up UP NORTHHHH )

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  • Still can't believe that my INTERNSHIP IS OVERRR! Freedom! Man,  I must say that all in all I do not regret signing up for this. Made some pretty good experiences, learnt a fair share of Usable Work Skills, met awesome people that I will hopefully keep in touch with and I think I made a good impression with my work? Deputy Editor said that I 'kicked some serious butt' at least, so :D, and the goodbyes from the editorial staff was really sweet. Here I thought I would go without much fanfare like the other interns, but yay for not being so! And I got  1,900 baht moneys as a small recompense, which was a pleasant suprise. ......of course, now that I have tasted the ambrosial honey of NOT-UNI, getting my nose back to the academic grind will be even more of a hassle >_>;;
  • How was everybody's weekend+mon+tuesday? MINE WAS KIND OF AWESOME. Hung with Ma, actually had pleasant times with my Thai relatives (I think the secret behind my cousins actually speaking to me now is the magical lure of my Nintendo DS. It's like crack for children!), stayed in the swank Centara Grand Hotel in town (SO SWANK GNUH), SHOPPED, ATE and OH, SHOPPED SOME MORE. I genuinely felt bad about how quick I burned through my cash until I realized that this were all on the to-get list and that it just SEEMS that way because I am buying everything on one go. The Shaz brain is easily tricked by spreading her purchases out over days, you know, and the Shaz brain also hates to see her money dip below a random sum, mostly a thousand baht or any amount that is a large bill-- which while sometimes useful in RL is totally retarded in say, HARVEST MOON. 999 moneys will not kill the farm!1
  • Nero is living it up now that Ace is gone to doggie bootcamp. The living room looks so empty without his giant cage... :( But Nero is now totally making up for that by acting like a puppy again, albeit one prone to ~*diva-tastic*~ fits of 'LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE, LOOK AT MEEEE! TOUCH MEEEEE! LOVE MEEEEE! OKAY ENOUGH TOUCHING GO AWAAAY'
  • The richtext editor's bullet point feature is so fun to use. Which is why the last few posts have so many in them, even though I am basically writing complete paragraphs. OOPS


Aug. 12th, 2008 05:07 pm
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Happy Thai Mother's Day!!! My Mother's Day present for Ma was a phone call yesterday telling her I got home safely after having to take the taxi home alone lol okay no, I still gotta get her something before the next time she comes back to BKK. Which is like soon. AHH.

Man, am I ever so happy for this free day off from interning-- I mean, it's still mega fun and I think I've found a good friend in Bell, but hot damn is it ever so tiring. And I am totally procrastinating on certain assignments WHOOPS. Speaking of which, after much more waffling around and the final verdict from the Art Department, my train article is fix at a page again. Warghhhh. It's a GIANT WALL OF TEXT like that, they should at least cop out to half a page more?? Ah well ;( Have two more interviews to write up (well one is v low priority) and a 800 word article on Boutique Travel to co-write with Bell. Doing the research on it really makes me want to go somewhere... Prague this fall MUST HAPPEN. The traveling itch, it burnsss~

This entire weekend was pretty damn sweet~ Spent Friday-Saturday with Ma, we went to one of Ma's old colleague's wedding (8/8/08 best date everrrr XDD) and yay Chinese roundtable dinner and meeting some people who I've not seen since a few years. They all knew me when I was a bratty brat, lol. We stayed overnight at the Sofitel Central Ladphrao, which was nice enough... albeit I think our room's carpet was a wee bit prehistoric and very much with the triggering of my allergies. ;3; Saturday was spent in prime mother-daughter bonding, with high points being street shopping in Silom and the buffet at the Dusit Thani, even if I am still feeling the digestive aftereffects of foolishly overloading on what were probably frozen oysters. OWW MEIN DARM. (maybe I'll lose weight from this?? XDD)

Sunday was  ~*LA DAY*~!! She was flying on Monday and we decided to meet up for one last hurrah... Got to see her far too little this month that she was here... blast and damn our conflicting schedules!! Chris and Migel expressed interest in joining, but thankfully flaked out like the pussies they are so I had NINE HOURS of prime grade A hang-out time with darling La ♥. We ate! We wandered the entire perimeter of Siam-Paragon-MBK and later Central World Plaza (for dinner)! We shopped (or rather I bought stuff and monologued relentlessly at La who is a totally picky shopper XDD)! We got fantastic footmassages (because I was the idiot whose only pair of shoes that weekend were heels)! WE TOOK LOTSA STICKERS (I was too lazy to take pictures OOPS)! ...basically, I had a helluva time :D

Pictures to come in another post when I've uploaded em (so lazyy)


Jul. 8th, 2008 11:54 pm
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Hot damn. It just feels like I've only just arrived in BKK and it's been 5 days already. Time sure flies when you're busy like hell and shopping shopping shoppinggg! And okay, the last two days HAVE been spent in a more productive manner (INTERNSHIP GET!).

To sum up, a quick listing of Things Done So Far:

AND NOW ITS MIDNIGHT. My 5 hours of sleep beckon! Will reply to all posts and such tomorrow-- already have stuff tabbed and bookmarked~~
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OH SWEET SENSE OF (semi) FREEDOM! No more exams, scooooore~~. Started the day by being rudely awakened by a very drunk Clemens who called me at 4.30AM just because he could, but thankfully I am skilled in all things concerning sleep and how to immediately fall into deep slumber afterwards. Not so much luck for Michi in that department, as Clemens called Lis next and she didn't hear the phone ring and the honor of clicking DISCONNECT CALL fell to the monsieur. SOMEONE'S STARTING TO GET JEALOUS AND INSECURE ahaha especially since Lis isn't as pissed by Clemens' cutesy flirty act as Michi would hope/want her to be. HAH.

Shopping for UEFA merch is getting harder and harder now! I dropped by the Gerngross in town with Carmen after we went to show Phil some solidarity as this gig his band won (they were filmed by GOtv on the top area of the Stadtsbibliothek because they were the winners of some competition... it was a great mini gig, but the sad thing was that hardly no one was there?? Some unlucky combo of no PR/spreading the word on Phil's side, I guess? So uh, we are now possibly on TV though ahehehe >_>;;). The sports merch has been sorely depleted, but thankfully I only had to buy some stuff for my thai relatives who basically don't really give a rat's ass what motives their shirts have. TOMORROW I shall go into town again (yay for sunday opening times!) and see about getting me a German national team player trikot! Hopefully there'll be a Podolski one, though Lahm (or Schweinsteiger) would also be ace ♥ ...and a fitting accessory for watching THE FREAKIN' FINAL TOMORROW EVENING WOOOO :DD

And to end this entry on a football note, too (Kat I bet you are so sick of reading this by now, eh?), I must say that "Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen" is a really great documentary about the Worldcup 06. I'd bought it earlier today for a steal at 10€ in Saturn and we watched it earlier this evening. Seeing the little bits and pieces of the player's and team staff's personalities is always so great-- Poldi and Schweini BFF action! Kahn vs. Lehmann stuff! Random player antics! Klinsi's Lockerroom speeches! Random sightings of Jogi Löw in the background that are all the more awesome in the EM context! Jogi Löw wearing colour and talking (his voice will never not make me double-take)! Ballack being called MICHAAA or el capitano! ...and just stuff like getting a look into how the players lived, their schedule, the organisatory bits of the WM, ahh. All the more better to raise one's spirits in preparation for the finale cheering!

PS I actually wanted to make a post on some current uni dudes bullshit (dr)ama, but I am in far too much of a good mood now. Maybe tomorrow.


Jun. 21st, 2008 05:24 pm
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The first thing Carmen said to me when I told her about my sweet score of fruity goodness: "DON'T YOU EAT ALL OF THEM AT ONCE AGAIN OKAY??". Ahh, such caring friends :D. The Digles family stand at the U4 Heiligenstadt station is truly a thing of beauty-- their cherries, raspberries and especially STRAWBERRIES are always consistently fresh, ripe, smell like heaven and are delicious ♥ Went to Hofer/Aldi later to get the seedless grapes also pictured, and to try the Ranjo brand smoothies there. SO TASTY! And for 1€ you get 237ml of truly fruitastic smoothies in flavors like Banana/Pineapple/Coconut and Mango/Orange, so it's a really good deal!

Am otherwise in a very chill state of mind, disregarding the looming exams, BECAUSE I GOT TO TAPE AN INTERVIEW FOR STEP5 YESTERDAY! With the editor for the online version of the Biber magazine, even. And I already have the second one confirmed(CHIEF EDITOR WOO) for this wednesday, FUCK IT'S SUCH A RELIEF~~ The only problem is that even with all my attempts to extend the length of the interview, it doesn't clock at more than half an hour, which is 30 minutes short of the length we are supposed to have as a minimum. Must talk to teacher at the Sprechstunde this Monday if it is acceptable as is... I mean, I did get all I wanted to out of it and my interview-partner was delightfully eloquent, as well. HMM.


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