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I have again fallen into the trap of forsaking LJ again (RL! READING ALL THREE REMAINING SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS IN ABOUT TWO WEEKS), though at least I have been pretty up to date on Twitter and my actualfax agenda-keeping so I can actually remember what I have been spending my days doing and there is proof that I have not reverted into an antisocial hermit.

Some links that have been perking my mood up lately:

Thailand's Got Talent: One-handed Guitarist ...Filed under: Amazing and inspirational things that make me tear up. And now with English subtitles for your edification, too (there are even notes on the dialects! And the song lyrics! I can't even). His relationship with his older brother and what he says in the end about how if there's another life, he wishes that they'll be born as brothers again because he still owes so much to his older brother? AUGHHHHHH ;___;. This is the kind of thing that I would normally be watching on TV with Ma, or have her send me a link on YT.

Thailand's Got Talent: Belle Nantita ...Wait for the 1:23 mark. I LOVE IT (imho a better rendition than the original versions) and I just adore the crowd's and judges' reactions of glee and amazement. She also passed through that round, it case it wasn't obvious already XDD.

Tex Perkins & Murray Paterson- "Beautiful Kate(Main Theme)" ...found this from random tumblr stalkage, such a lovely and haunting melody.

Glee - BIG ASS HEART ...YES I HAVE A LEGIT EARWORM FROM THIS SONG. Such a catchy beat and I'd rather have it then say, FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY lol.

Graffiti60 - Stare Into the Sun ...I spent most of the song mistakenly thinking that the lead singer was a suddenly very young and svelte looking Nick Lachey and as such being very impressed with how groovy and great the song was. This band is pretty damn good, as it turns out. Good on you, fake!Nick Lachey!

Only the Best by maderr on the AO3. Filthy hot Green Hornet porn.

F*cking Machine by Icka M. Chif on the AO3. MOAR Green Hornet fic. SERIOUSLY, UNF.

this famine that carries me by [livejournal.com profile] nevcolleil. Inception/RED. Frank Moses is Arthur's father. Here are three times Arthur's crazy-ass family scared the crap out of Eames (and one time when he didn't mind so much). .....SO MUCH YES TO THIS.

The Case of the Interloper by [livejournal.com profile] imogenedisease. Inception/Sherlock (BBC). “What if I told you I knew the world’s only consulting detective?” Eames asks.
“I’d ask what the fuck that is,” Arthur says, and Eames only answers with a huff of laughter.
...I laughed so much through this brilliant fic and its equally amazing sequel, The Case of the Extraction of England. Arthur meets his match in Sherlock and is amusingly furious and FULL OF RIGHTEOUS >:((!!-face for most of the time. Fantastic character interaction and just the idea of Sherlock in the dream-sharing world? AMAZING (and scary like hell, ahhh).

Alex O'Loughlin interview&pics from InStyle April '11 ...how is Alex O'Loughlin EVEN REAL?? This man is amazingly charming and lovely ugh I cannot deaaaaaaaaal <333. ALSO HIS CLOTHES-SNOBBERY IS ENDEARING.

...tomorrow I will try to write an actual post of text and substance, but the actual minuscule coding for these few links has tired me too much lol. /A FAILURE AT BLOGGING AND THE INTERNET
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Supernatural S5x11
I want him now. He's larger. )

Everything else is loading so slow for me, ahhhh man I still have Project Runway, Community, Friday Night Lights and Vampire Diaries to go... Will I get anything else done today? HMM HMM HMM. At the very least one of my cover letters is done, and I just have to get everything finished by Monday so I can send everything, or at least a big bunch of them off.

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Slight progress is also progress, amirite? Failed at getting my cover letters done today, yet managed to send off two applications that didn't need any, so that is a mark in the WIN column. One was one of my favorite ad agencies in Vienna (Draft FCB Kobza, one of their higher-ups actually came to do a guest presentation in one of my WERB ATs, ahhh) and the other was this TUI Travel PLC International Management Trainee thing. Again, the latter is probably one of these fantasy goals a la the SONY EGP, but it never hurts to try! Just reading their program description of all the travel involved makes me kind of excited, ngl.

I did manage to leave the rooms to go drop off that last batch of mail, do some grocery shopping (and treat myself to an utterly delish Kümmelbratensemmel ahhhhh ♥) as well as bite the bullet in getting rid of my old uni notebooks and photocopied study material. It always takes me a while to work myself up to these things, hoarder that I am. Not to say that I didn't flip through everything to look for doodles that I wanted to save (since all my notebooks ended up as sketchbooks, lol I never stood a chance what with my notetaking fail starting with like my second uni lecture ever XDD). It was a bit depressing to read through most of my study notes and not really remember much of what was covered in the classes though, whoops. Still have a shitload of clutter and things that I guess I don't necessarily need, but I guess I'll have to slowly work myself up to purging some things, too. Lol Olga, do you know people who want some cookbooks? WOULD YOU LIKE SOME?? XDD

Oh and speaking of which, here are my meme answers that you tagged me with:
A. List ten habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag ten people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1) I literally flinch, turn away and have to close my eyes at even the slightest hint of people doing things to their noses like making piggy snouts or pressing it up again window-panes and etc. I AM TWITCHING IN DISCOMFORT just typing this skjfhaj it grosses me out so much DD:
2) I can listen to the same song on a loop for hours on end, but will still never be able to tell you the complete lyrics to it.
3) One of my favorite things to do is just comb my hair after it has been freshly washed, conditioned and blow-dried. The simple pleasures of vanity lol.
4) There is no current superior sweet sandwich filling atm to me than Carmen's Mom's Jam (blueberry & rum) + Ovomaltine chocolate creme.
5) I always miss being able to lean on or otherwise be touchy-feely and cling on my parents when I am not home, I don't care how old and mature I am supposed to be now.
6) I never seem to be able to come up with satisfying OCs, so one day I will totally snap and just draw gijinka versions of our cats & dogs and use their random anecdotes as plot
7) Sometimes I think I just want a boyfriend mainly so that I can fully live out my hairtouching fetish. Other stuff is of course also appealing, but the hair.
8) When I tend to extremes, I always lean towards too much than too little of a good thing. It's been a project trying to reel this urge back, but I sometimes succeed in not going overboard.
9) I seriously do not think that I will ever be able to do a forward roll. Pigs will fly and ice-skate in hell before I try it ever again.
10) My love for Salami-pralines/mini salamis/Jean Caby's Croc'Sec cannot be adequately rendered in textual form.
...I TAG [livejournal.com profile] laulan, [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight and the rest of the spamthread ladies, [livejournal.com profile] gwy and WHOEVER WANTS TO DO IT :Db
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Things I managed to do today, albeit with massive time delay:
1) Translate my CV into German, which was as hard as I figured and thus always procrastinated on. Had to fiddle for ages with the formatting to make it all fit on that one page, as what you can efficiently say in English always seems to grow to encompass a few more words when you try to translate it to German. Also, Carmen gave me some pretty big pointers on the way I structured my internship descriptions that I wouldn't have even have recognized as being hinky and incorrect from a German point of view. Which is something that always irritates me about myself, the fact that a part of me just clings to doing everything in English all the time even though I should know better and surround myself with more German, since there is a very high probability that I will need a more nuanced style when I start working. Though I have heard that my grammar fail is improving to just being "often kind of effed up", as opposed to like, "always".
NEXT UP: COVER LETTERS (in BOTH languages, woe)

2) Addressed and sealed the very last batch of mail that will finally be sent off this Monday. This was something I started ever since Fantastic Pizza Friday at darling [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's place, so I'm happy I can finally say that this year's wholly delayed batch of mail will soon be out of my hands. [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] nebst and [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, expect some goods in a week or two or less, I guess :D

3) Somewhat cleaned the rooms! Well my actual plan of a leisurely evening spent cleaning was disrupted by the sudden and unexpected return of Sabrina, who just left yesterday at noon, what the hell. I knew that I should have vacuumed in the afternoon instead of procrastinating, but she left again pretty abruptly for a while and I used that time to hurriedly wipe down everything in the kitchen and bathroom with the magical goodness that are these household wetwipe towelette things. All the dust and hair is gone, and whatever I missed I will vac tomorrow once she leaves, and I can go back to feeling okay again. Sabrina's been oddly adherent to our new policy of wiping the kitchen down and keeping things in order, so it's important for me to be on my toes all the time, as well. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Though, keeping with the niggling feeling of ~it's too perfect, I have noticed lipstick marks on my milk packets and more weirdly, on my toothpaste tube, too. Which is interesting, given that though I do drink from the milk packet, I haven't actually worn lipstick for ages (yes I am a slob, but it is only my germs, OR SO I THOUGHT). I don't even want to think about what she does to the toothpaste, but like I told Carmen (who was all "I will never understand the way Sabrina's mind works"), this is positively innocuous given previous happenings. I do feel kind of disturbed about drinking my milk now though :|

GORGEOUS BAG UNO ... I will never stop fantasizing about designer bags that are currently way beyond my means. I mean, I am a sucker for bowling bags anyways, but look how classy this is! The dark green and the black and that cut-out effect, ahh.
GORGEOUS BAG DOS ...I swear, if my memory doesn't fail me, this is the same bag that one of the PR higher ups owned at the internship and that I swooned over every day for nearly three months. Or it could've been one of the YSL Muse ones that have more structure. EITHER WAY. ONE DAY I WILL OWN THIS. So huge, so glorious.
Super cute White Collar vid ...seriously, just watching it made me have a big stupid grin on my face.
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Started to do so since yesterday, and managed to suddenly wind up in front of the computer at 3AM again. DAMMIT, SELF!! Simon Amstell is probably my favorite host though, he is so hilarious and snarky ♥ Cracked up so much at the episode with Kelly Rowland who kept looking at turns vaguely confused and disturbed by the shenanigans going on XDD.

Because thinking up smooth transitions from paragraph to paragraph is too much of a fucking hassle atm, a random list of things I have been up to:

- Watched Gamer with Carmen on Friday, starring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall amongst others and it was quite possibly one of the most stupid and insulting movies I have ever seen in a good long while. I mean, though the topic is interesting and merits discussion, I had no real expectations of ~depth~ from a movie that is basically about REAL VIDEO GAMES!!1 in the future and nanobots and death-row prisoners fighting to win the game and gain freedom but OH WAIT they are controlled by players!1 and the head of the game tech developing company is EVIL!1, but the cliches the movie traded in were extensive and dated, the way women and people who weren't fit white men were treated was disgusting and demeaning and quite frankly, the action wasn't all that great. It was quite clear that the makers specifically tailored everything in the movie to their core audience of 16-twentysomething year old dudes, and it was evident in things like the titsapalooza in every possible scene, the groupies who vidchat the Gerard Butler Character's gamer calling themselves Cumdumpstaaz (....seriously), fake!lesbians galore and various demeaning things happening to GBC's wife during her "job" as some virtual reality meatpuppet.
The only good thing about the movie was basically Michael C. Hall's unrepentantly hammy yet entertaining performance as the villain (with a southern accent, even >_>;), and I just basically kept imagining him in character as Dexter for the lulz, I do admit it. This scene in particular was perfection. His creepy dancing and lip-synching!

- Finally got around to cleaning up my yahoo!mail account, which was heading towards the big 10'000 of emails, so I uh, spent the afternoon trying and eventually succeeding in deleting 6'000 emails. Phew! All those FB and LJ notifications from ahem, 2006 and 2007, GOODBYE!

- Had delicious delights with Hazel and Carmen today at the Pure Living Bakery. Exceedingly charming place and lovely, home-made pastries. I had a "monster cinnamon roll" that was baked with apple slices in it, om nom nom ♥. Also discovered that Hazel has a crazy, crazy schedule and Carmen and I are basically hobos who complain about actually having to leave the house every now and again in comparison, lol.

- For the last few days, and basically since I came back from Salzburg, I have meant to post a bit about [livejournal.com profile] yuletart. Have probably spammed the same favorites I had over and over again to different people on skype, but never did I actually remember to mention it here. Well consider this the day I change this! My Yuletart pic this year was from Pushing Daisies and I received a lovely Steampunk!DDS picture of Serph from [livejournal.com profile] mashimero. Here is a small selection of personal favorites from this year's lot (go check out the rest!):
A)ZOMBIES AND VIOLENCE! Two tastes that go well together (Left 4 Dead/Team Fortress 2)
B)Gorgeous pencil sketches of Morgana and The Fall (Merlin, The Fall)
C)Utterly fantastic craft-y knitting idea (Merlin)
D)STUNNING genderswap of the main four (Merlin) ...idek why I liked the Merlin stuff so much this year XDDD
E)Bonafide story-tale beauty (Merlin) [livejournal.com profile] nebst, you got some mad skills, lady ♥

ALSO!! Check out these FIERCE LADY GAGA BARBIE DOLL MODS ...the little costumes! GLORIOUS.
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My days here since Saturday evening have been lethargic and unproductive in RL-terms, though I just finished updating of my icons and did spend Sunday having delicious cookery funtimes with Miss Olga again (mmmh rice with tiny veggie bits, turkey breast and tomato sauce). NEXT TIME: Pictorial evidence! Not that it ends up like October 2009 again-- a month of awesome and being social, but with no pics to back it up lol. But! Carmen is also back today, and I was so excited to see her agaaaaaaain, and also welcome the fact that her presence means I get off my ass and do things like a normal, productive person. She brought me more homemade jam from her mom (plum and cinnamon this time ♥, am still having the best sandwiches ever with the blueberry, rum and vanilla one I got in December when Ines came) and some homemade cookies, too! Delightful ones dipped in chocolate with a walnut and orange marmalade filling and super cinnamon-y cinnamon stars with delicious icing. IT ALL SMELLS SO DAMN GOOD, I could happily just sit here and huff the bag like some crazy addict :D

One of the minor, but personally important things I need to focus on is getting my sleeping patterns back to normal again-- have fallen back to my first year at uni levels of bad habits. 4AM bedtimes and regaining consciousness at 11AM is not a good thing, and the rings under my eyes are approaching panda territory :/ I've managed to dial it back to 3AM last night though, and plan on going to bed at 2.30AM today. Slow increments! THE INTERNET BETTER NOT SUDDENLY BECOME INTERESTING NOW, OKAY.

Also, I managed to drag myself downstairs to check my mail (was too lazy before, for the usual stupid reasons) and lo and behold my mailbox held two glorious treasures:
TREASURE ONE: [livejournal.com profile] rainrockstar, thank you so much for the super cute gingerbread-men card! Their wee buttons!And I must say that I am tremendously jealous of your handwriting-- it look so classy and stylish!

TREASURE TWO: [livejournal.com profile] nebst, THE PACKAGE CAME!! OH MY GOD ♥. Thanks a milliooooooon, eee! I am super exited to try out the imps now, and have decided to start tomorrow when I am actually gonna be leaving the house and not just lounging 'round in my PJs all day. I just keep opening the little sachets and sniffing them happily :DD. I'll just email you after this post for your German address, eh? My bad for not sending my package off earlier, ahhh.

OH AND HERE BE: another year end meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight
MMH DELICIOUS WALL OF TEXT. I am so not done with recapping '09 yet lol )
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I guess this is a true sign of HOW MUCH DAMN TIME I normally spent parked on my ass in front of the computer, if I can't deal with surfing and actually commenting on LJ at the same time in the hour or so I have of free net every evening. Let me introduce you to my lazy and hassle-tastic system: First I click through all the entries, have em all open in nice new tabs, and mostly already have replies or comments thought out. AND THEN I go look at something else or read fic because a sensible person would immediately comment! But no, I don't because I am mostly either hunched over on my chair in some caveman slouch (Vienna) or lying on my stomach (Bangkok) and it is somehow such a choooore to pull myself together and free my hands enough to type. I keep telling Carmen that I fake competence and activeness so well, it is mainly the self-imposed pressure of OMG I CAN'T POSSIBLY DISAPPOINT PERSON A OR B!!1 that gets me actually moving.
....And I see that I am reaching the deadly five hours of sleep left mark of nearly midnight, so this'll be brief again. PREPARE TO BE FULLY SPAMMED THIS WEEKEND THEN, GUYSSSSSS.

It kind of feels like I am level-grinding in the slowest dungeon ever. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE TRANSLATED 4 LINES OF TEXT, YOU MAY LEVEL UP! AND BY LEVEL UP WE MEAN THAT YOU WILL MAYBE GET A THREE PAGE TEXT TO TRANSLATE TWO HOURS AFTER YOU SAID YOU WERE DONE AND WE WILL BE WEIRDLY SURPRISED THAT YOU MANAGE TO GET THAT FINISHED IN THE SAME DAY (...which seriously, was the weirdest part. What the eff how is that fast?? I took like three hours to do that and had fricken news articles about guys falling into chocolate vats and dying reading breaks after every damn paragraph I translated)
Tomorrow I will be part of an interview team for some focus group research?? I just keep seeing what the other interns are doing and they seem to be copying shit all day long. HMMM doesn't sound all that more thrilling than what I'm doing, but that still doesn't stop me from resenting them a bit for getting to do ADVERTISING RELATED COPYING, tsss. I wonder if I'll get to talk to them at some point? They seem to move around in flocks and I am just sticking to my computer and sometimes flinging random sentences into the staff convos around me. I think they're warming to me slowly though? One of them used to be an intern at BK Mag, too!

I DID make an attempt to talk to one of the interns yesterday though...
So we're in the office restroom, the stalls are full and Intern A and I are waiting for them to be free.
SETTING: *silence*
SETTING: *silence: the sequel*



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Clearly I am a person who needs regimented activities in her life, because left to my own devices I revert to an ooze of a person who blankly stares in front of the computer screen. But thankfully there is always Carmen a dorm-phone call away to make me at least interact with someone socially, and we both had just spent about 45 minutes on the phone together doing what basically amounts to simultaneous internship- and apartment surfing and rambling about what our ideal future would be (she is getting more and more drawn into the idea of spending some time in Thailand, careerwise! Woo would that ever be awesome ♥). I sure hope something turns up for her, though I keep telling her how hilarious it would be if she ends up in Thailand next year and I am stuck in Vienna still in some dumpy job. AHH THE THOUGHT OF FUTURE IS STARTING TO BECOME HARD TO IGNORE. At the very least after the summer hols I should know some more fix details though, ahh.

Speaking of uni-- one of my experts for BAKK2 actually wrote back! Requesting more information, but still. Though I am kind of hoping she declines, so that I can at least tell teach that I tried and failed, and can thus interview other people in a more chill manner. Which brings me to my next question/entreaty, oh flist that I talk to a lot on a regular basis and/or is just randomly interested:

I'm writing my senior thesis paper on blogging and young women (ages 16-24), with a focus on how the written content of the entries (the sociolinguistic nuances as such) reflects the search/construction/establishment of identity, and would need to interview either 3-5 bloggers about their thoughts on this. As far as I've thought it out, the questions would be along the lines of why one blogs (subject matter/motivation etc), how one started, the readership/amount of interaction with commenters, the amount of thought that goes into the actual posting (are the entries planned reflections, or more stream of consciousness, or just daily listings of activities) and so on and so forth. No more than half an hour and probably done over a skype conversation that I'll record with Audacity, since the only one of you guys I see in person is [livejournal.com profile] chesire_tabby (ILU OLGAAA). I could probably also ask Ginger or Ploy in Bangkok, hmmm. But yeah. That would be my main thing to do and thus: Anybody interested?? Any information would of course be treated confidentially, and honestly, you could just about ramble about god knows what or lie about your age and it'd still be okay. I think 8DD



May. 27th, 2009 03:33 pm
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It seems like I am experiencing some form of post-travel downer-time, because what the fuck is wrong Sharon, GET OVER YOURSELF ughhh I am feeling oddly lethargic and overly emotional and vacillating between wanting to ignore what I have to do for uni and panicking about fucking it up AHHH I ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER AUGHHH. Also I want to finally fucking know when the Prüfungseinsichttermin for Korre will be. I can't believe I fucking flunked communications law, I thought I had done enough for a pass, at least. Now I still have three exams left in PKW, greaaat. And then there are other BAKK2 related things, and after that there are just simple things like doing laundry and cleaning up, not even mentioning CALLING OR REPLYING TO PEOPLE that I have been trying to do more than halfheartedly since Monday. It's so stupid, I know that many people have actual serious problems and worries, and here I am still just moping about with my bullshit. Hopefully once I type this I can get on with my life?? TODAY CAN STILL BE SAVED. USED PRODUCTIVELY. Yeah.

I think I'll go check and see if TV-Dome has the pilot of Glee up, was looking through YT and coming up with bumpkiss that was watchable. CHEER ME UP PLEASE, HAPPY-LOOKING TV SHOW


AND ALSO THIS COOL LINK that I got from [livejournal.com profile] gallo_de_pelea --The "I Can Read Movies" Set. Fantastically cool book covers!
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CUT for not all that interesting-ness! Alas and alackkkk )
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Today has been a moderately productive day of running errands and slowly attempting to ease myself back into the rhythm of university life. Judging by the speed in which I proceeded to doodle and try to calculate my GPA based on the transcripts I had picked up before the EVA (Communications evaluation methods) lecture, my concentration is pretty much shot to shit. LE SIGH, LE DOOM, etc etc. The lecture itself seems pretty okay though, a mountain of literature to work through and Folien up to here, but as far as I can tell it's all set up pretty student-friendly on the web platform. And the TA is pretty hot, even if his name is BENJAMIN-TIMON. Who names their kid that, honestly.

But I got the train tickets for when Dad, Sue and Ae arrive in April, I got my Semesterticket paid now too, the aforementioned transcripts to extend our dorm contract for Carmen and I AAAAAND I made it to the post office to finally send off some mail. Now that I finally got that done, I can also at last squee about this to my heart's content-- [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MOUNTIE+DANIEL CRAIG MAIL!!!! I got it when I came back last week and it really was a lovely surprise to receive amidst the BILLS and INSURANCE paperwork lol. But I told myself I wouldn't react to it before I had actually completed your mail package (sent it off extra early last friday), so I hope you didn't think I never got it or anything! The keychain also looks really swank ♥ And I must admit that I totally forgot to add the Vienna postcards(D'OHHH THAT WAS LIKE THE WHOLE POINT IN THE FIRST PLACE lol I got sidetracked with assembling some BKK goodies), so look out for those to come in some distant future ^^

Now I am off to try and sleep, early start tomorrow- UE WERB and BAKK2! Ach. And I don't even really have a plan for München on Thursday yet ahhhhhh this impulsive/lazy no prep traveling is faintly disconcerting~~
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Throughout the day, I am either constantly sounding like a chain-smoking, seventy year-old grandma OR a eleven year old boy whose voice just broke. And my nose is congested like all fuck, which means that breathing(through my mouth) is one hell of a pleasure right now. My throat feels like raw hamburger, and I really liked the one moment last night where I was coughing so hard I thought for a moment that I'd be throwing up on my bed. GOOD TIMES. At least Sabrina is out at the moment so I can fully give in to all my disgusting throat-clearing choking noises. I clearly need to go rob a pharmacy tomorrow, my cough syrup clearly isn't cutting it anymore.

Which is why I basically spent today watching some more Mad Men and hacking a lung up in tandem with the guys on screen some more. Joan Collins is one hell of a minx and god do I ever still want to do Don Draper. Or rather, Jon Hamm dressed up like Draper, because the character is sometimes a giant effed-up douche, so yeah.

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I'M BAAAaaaAAaaaAAAAAaCKkkKK <-- that formatting choice is actually a somewhat accurate depiction of how much my voice is currently cracking. Dad managed to gift me with a final farewell-gift besides the admittedly super awesome mounds of DRIED DELICIOUS FRUIT-- his goddamn cough and sore throat. Managed to get some last minute meds before I got onto the plane, but still basically am coughing and hacking and wheezing my way through life at the moment. UGHHHH. But it is basically a fitting sickness to have given the current depressing and GRAYGRAYGRAAAAY weather that Vienna is all about at the moment. I WAS IN THE TROPICS BARELY A DAY A GO :(( DO WANT THAT BACK INSTEAD OF THIS. Also managed to share a seat-row with this amazing douche, who snitted at me for telling him to switch off his damn phone as the plane was fricken half in the air already and he was still yammering away. I mean, I realize that one switched on plane won't plunge us all into death and disaster, but they're the rules for a reason! And his snooty 'well did YOU switch off your phone' 'as a matter of fact I did. Because that's what the signs say. You know, the RULES.' 'well isn't that NICE of you' 'I know, right? (mental shaz theater: GO SHOVE AN IN-FLIGHT MAG UP YOUR ASS YOU DIIICK)' and etc. I thankfully was asleep for most of the 12 hour flight, but every time I woke up and stared at Asshole Dude, I entertained myself by trying to come up with a creative inner monologue that was cursing him out. He also had this creepy tendency to read whatever he was reading out loud and in this quick whisper-murmer thing. Ugh.

But! Got here early this morning, lazed around a bit, actually unpacked on the first day(!!), managed to unlock my Austrian SIM card again (lol), discovered I had not paid the internet for this month, watched some Mad Men to distract me from my stupidity and make the day past faster. IT IS A FAB SHOW, JESUS CHRIST ~*JON HAMM*~ DO ME PLZ ♥. And everybody is smoking and coughing all the damn time at Sterling Cooper, which made me feel right at home coughing along with the actors on screen |Db After that I finally restocked on groceries and hung out with Carmen a bit and basically presented her with a mini fashion show of all the schwag I brought this trip and her Mitbringsel. IT WAS STILL ALL UNDER 22kgs, I am shocked and in awe~~

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and yet I still can't sleep and it is currently 2.30AM or will be, and daaaamn it all to hell yesterday was the final nail in the coffin that is the death of a chance at a normal sleeping cycle before Vienna. Damn uni sign-ups that ended up being delayed til THREE AM BKK time, gaaaaaaah fuckers should know by now that the system crashes like clockwork this time of the year where about a thousand students log in at the same damn time. FUCKING UNI. Thank god I got into all of my first choices, though I am curious as to what they will do about the fact that we have ratios like 57 people signing up for a 30 max. only class. Not to mention the clusterfuck that was the AT-Hist sign-ups, with numbers like 76/35, 49/35 and the like. UGH UNI WIEN PKW FACULTY, YOU DUMBFUCKS ://

this is also a placeholder for things I want to post about when I get back to Vienna, since I was so bad with uploading pic posts and basically everything that involved effort that didn't get channeled into uni deadlines etc this time around: ACE&NERO POST (they are so cuuuuute and dumbbbbbb aaah my darling Rottweilers ♥), BKK FEB TRIP 09 SUMMARY, BOOKS/SCHWAG TALLY AND REVIEW and I must steal the Books-To-Read Masterlist thing that [livejournal.com profile] yukitheawesome was doing, 'tis a pretty cool idea~

OKAY EVERYBODY GO LISTEN TO THIS SONG INSTEAD I'M GOING TO BED NOW ("Cinderella" by Tattoo Color! Love the lyrics ahhh so cute, so catchy and this Cinderella "moves like a ninja" and makes the singer "have to go home and cry" kajfh :DDD)
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THIS WEEKEND: insanely awesome and productive socially, and all the more a resounding failure on the get-shit-done-for-uni-FUUUUCK side! Saturday evening was spent being wined and dined chez Miss Olga, with the evening's entertainment being moaaar Skins (EVERYONE'S SUCH A DIIIIIIIICK GOD :DD) watching and my continued indoctrination of her into the cult of Punditry (Jon Stewart's '96 HBO Special, o how I have watched you about 7 times already and still you remain awesome). I am still thinking about that Himbeersahneschnitte though, dude that was so tasty.

Now this Sunday I spent with previously mentioned Scruffy St. Pölten Dude (Marc). We ended up meeting at one-ish at the Westbahnhof, and proceeded to spend the next six hours chatting up a storm and hitting up multiple Sbucks and McD's for warmth and coffee/hot chocolate breaks, a late lunch at the Vapiano and more coffee at the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa. Our circuit was basically the entire Mariahilfer, then we walked from there to the Innenstadt past the Hofburg until we hit the Kärtnerstraße. Best walk of normally quite large distance, ever! Hot damn was it ever so much fun, we apparently do have a lot in common, yet enough differences to make friendly debates happen and it was just a blast. Though I did figure him for around my age, apparently he's 24 already (babyfaaaaaaace) and readily admits himself that he is a bit immature. Which uh okay, you could notice, but it was still in the acceptable adorable-jackass way that I am apparently susceptible to. I blame constant exposure to the dudes in my RIS Swiss Sec days lolol.

It was the oddest thing though, because I am still not sure if today was a date or not, because if you discount the fact that he paid for everything(!!) and kept asking if I was sure I didn't want anything else to eat/drink, I felt like I had just spent a very awesome day hanging out with Migel. He tried to go for the handshake when we parted ways, but I hugged him instead because lol, A HANDSHAKE?? Don't know if I'll have much time this January to really see him often though, but I've already wrangled a promise from him to show me around if I ever come down to St.Pölten. And I actually would like to, to be quite honest :)


Dec. 29th, 2008 01:53 pm
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27/12 )

28/12 )

29/12 )

...I think my glasses are a wee bit bent or crooked now ever since Sara kind of leaped into my arms/face the other day. WARGH. And lol the amount of times I've now mentioned her should warrant a tag of some sort, but oh am I too lazy to think of one. AH WELL. I HOPE THEY WON'T BE BACK TOO SOON TODAY kjaffajkh at least I got to post the [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama artses I intended to today already though!
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Warm-up for ~*YULETART TIME*~ (deadline this sunday aaaah) meaaaaaans: PRACTICE DOODLING! I am apparently still able to draw, after all! Am working myself up to actually turning my sketchy Yuletart ideas into the finished product, and wow have I suddenly forgotten how to color seriously.

TWO scribblings made in OC lie beyondddd )

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Like this meme! Instead of being halfway through an essay that I have had 2 weeks to complete and actually had to hand in half an hour ago. WHOOPS SELF, what was that about wanting to be better in university matters? HAHAHA NO.

STUPIDITY MEME. I do stupid things 57% of the time! I was expecting worse, to be quite honest! )

ALSO while I am at this post of no redeeming value whatsoever, another meme: The "Be Pete Wentz" Poetry Meme!
Olga, you would probably also really dig this one! )

.......man, why is it 1AM already blargh.


Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:50 pm
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HURTLING BY MY WINDOW AT HIGH SPEEDS. And I actually wanted to leave in an hour to go study in the MC (and mostly just have an excuse to wear real pants and throw my trash away but yeah) and the way it seems now?? FAT FUCKING CHANCE I AM SETTING FOOT OUTSIDE. Okay self, channel that urge to NOT FAIL and start studying! You know you can do it! jksdfhjskaSA!

But before that and since I am actually typing this new post right now some thoughts/incoherant squeebabble on
SPN S4x10 )
a mishmash of S1 GG and the most recent eps )



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