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My recent fandom Big Deals: Watching Captain America and finishing A Dance with Dragons in two days after a two week wait. YEAAAAH. Thoughts on the latter to come in a seperate post, but first:

THIS ENTIRE MOVIE, AHHH. SO MUCH AMAZING. How adorable and just plain ol' FUN was this movie, even in hated 3D? The Marvel movies are on a motherfuckin' roll. I clapped, squeed and glee'd my way through basically all of it, (though I did rolll my eyes at the ueber cheesy 3D action bits) and I have to say that New Friend Lydia (my BKK ladies are widening my social circle and it hilariously includes people who know people I know from school, the BKK int'l school graduates crowd is so teeny and incestuous ahhh) was amazing company to watch it it.


OH AND THIS SONG IS GREAT. Beirut, you have done it again *plays on endless YT loop*
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Mostly seen alone, as I am apparently not European or at least German enough as my friends have informed me to see that a) going to movies alone is weird and hints at friendlessness and b) going to see movies during the way is just a waste of daylight. FIE ON YOU ALL I SAY and anyways, watching movies during the day when I am in town, have no one to meet up for lunch and no real desire to spend most of the afternoon actually eating my way whatever shopping center I am in (always tempting though!) is an excellent way to pass the time and not spend TOO much money. Even if ticket prices are getting horrendous and admittedly, it does suck when you have no one to discuss the movie with later. WHICH IS WHY THE INTERNET WAS INVENTED, I GUESS.

X-Men: First Class: Currently seems to be the fandom flavor du jour (at least on tumblr) due to no small part to the beautiful and epic romance of Charles and Erik and Fassbender and McAvoy's portrayal of them and why yes, I throughly enjoyed my viewing (having supressed just how horrible Kevin Bacon attempting foreign languages sounded) and am still tempted to watch it a second time as long as it's still playing here. Super super gay and super fabulous (60s!) and I admit that my biggest thrill in the X-Men movies is still seeing all the mutant characters and their powers. And the casting in this movie was eyecandy galore-- I do agree with the general consensus that January Jones was weirdly wooden as hell though, but visually I felt she was spot on. I refuse to believe that (SPOILER) is dead though (and how quickly into the action-y bits of the movie this occurred. WE WERE ROBBED), and thankfully there is enough fic to fanwank that into something acceptable for me. Also I ship (SPOILER) with Havok like burning, accept no substitutes. Anybody want to talk to me about the epic fic for this fandom they've read? I've mostly been reading along on my blackberry's eensy screen and man there are some amazing ones out so far <333. PS [livejournal.com profile] taurenova  I'M STILL WAITING FOR YOU TO DE-ANON those two WIP!Fills of yours ahhh I am so enticed by your constant twitter mentions about them already.

Killing Bono: A movie I went in knowing nothing about besides the fact that it involved Bono, was set in the 80s and had Robert Sheehan & Ben Barnes with Irish accents. The latter reason was sadly just about enough for me. Such a sucker for nice accents I am, yes. The movie was surprisingly good though I did spend most of it with my hands in front of my face from intense embarassment squick as Ben Barnes' character seemed to make BAD LIFE DECISIONS, like momentually horrible, no-good ones with every damn breath he took and shit kept piling on him. But it was sweet and funny and Robert Sheehan as the long-suffering brother was cute. The best part has to have been the music, which was fucking fantastic (I had no idea Ben Barnes could sing, and could sing THIS well. Color me impressed, Prince Caspian!)-- my favorite has to be "Where We Want To Be" but "The Great Beyond" and "Kicking Off Again" are also great.

Super 8: Another movie I went in on a whim and was very impressed by (barring that ending ughhh cop-out to the max! WHAT HAPPENED AFTERWARDS, I want to know). I heard that Coach from FNL was going to be in it and had a vague idea of the plot, but I wasn't expected to be so wholly charmed by the story and the kid actors and their character's relationships. The movie they were filming!Their improvisations and epic squabbles! Elle Fanning was seriously adorable and will grow up gorgeous, sheesh, but it was the main kid (Joel Courtney) that impressed me the most. I wasn't expecting the dead!mom angst to start with though, which was again a bit of a "whyyyyyyy movie, whyyyy with the dead mothers" and I quite possibly over-identified a bit with the grieving process he was going through but his acting choices and just the whole thing was spot on and felt so real.

HARK! A BOOK--- Deadline, by Mira Grant: The second book of her Newsflesh trilogy (Zombies! Bloggers!) and it was just a compelling read, if not more so than the first. Keeping it vague as not to spoil, but we have Shaun Mason barely clinging to his sanity and dealing with the huge events at the end of the first book and uncovering what looks to be a bigger conspiracy than they ever expected with the rest of the End of Times crew.  This one ends with just about a big a twist ending/cliff hanger as Feed did and now I just can't wait for the last book to come out next year, ahh. THOUGH SERIOUSLY, people who have read this, tell me if this is just my finely honed incest-googles tricking me or is it basically now confirmed canon that the Mason siblings love each other that way? Because I couldn't quite believe the book would go there, but apparently it is so and I think that's great <33. Them against the world, baby!

RANDOM LINKS TO ROUND THIS OFF: THIS EPIC VIOLIN COVER OF THE GAME OF THRONES THEME SONG. I have been remiss about blogging about it but tl;dr: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and I cannot have Dance with Dragons in my hands too fricken soon ahhh is it next week yet?? An excellent article about fan-fiction by TIME aaaaaaand this wonderful THOR fic: Sigyn (binding is not punishment). That ending, fuuuuuck! Also: I totally ship it now.

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AND NOW IT IS PAST 4AM. I had plans for tonight, but then I got sucked into reading fic, amongst others this epic Arthur/Eames AU ficverse where Arthur's a pianist and Eames is a lyric baritone and their love is so lieder, omg. SO GOOD, AHH. Especially love how the author has embedded links to all the ~significant music that is mentioned, so that I can click on the videos and try to force myself into having more of a nuanced appreciation for classical music beyond "hurf durf pretty sounds".

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I present a version of Danny Williams as an angry, angry otter that I doodled between callers today.

This is all part of something very cracktastic that dearest [livejournal.com profile] laliandra shared with me, the idea of the Hawaii 5-0 team as sea animals with Kono & Chin as sleek, amazing dolphins, Steve the SEA LION SEAL (dur!) and of course, Danny as the slightly odd one out aka THE HUMBLE OTTER. This means that my brain is mostly overcome by otters, though googling "how big are otters", "cute otters", "otters standing up" is not exactly a hardship. Also I keep trying to figure out a way to convey his hair, so until I figure that out y'all have to deal with tiny, tiny ties for now.


PS: A nicely creepy version of "Sweet Dreams" (Sucker Punch OST) I am pretty looking forward to seeing Sucker Punch, negl, if only for the amazing spectacle it promises to be. I was so shocked to find out that A) the main chick is that girl from the Lemony Snicket movies and that B) she can actually sing, as evidenced here.
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I have again fallen into the trap of forsaking LJ again (RL! READING ALL THREE REMAINING SONG OF ICE AND FIRE BOOKS IN ABOUT TWO WEEKS), though at least I have been pretty up to date on Twitter and my actualfax agenda-keeping so I can actually remember what I have been spending my days doing and there is proof that I have not reverted into an antisocial hermit.

Some links that have been perking my mood up lately:

Thailand's Got Talent: One-handed Guitarist ...Filed under: Amazing and inspirational things that make me tear up. And now with English subtitles for your edification, too (there are even notes on the dialects! And the song lyrics! I can't even). His relationship with his older brother and what he says in the end about how if there's another life, he wishes that they'll be born as brothers again because he still owes so much to his older brother? AUGHHHHHH ;___;. This is the kind of thing that I would normally be watching on TV with Ma, or have her send me a link on YT.

Thailand's Got Talent: Belle Nantita ...Wait for the 1:23 mark. I LOVE IT (imho a better rendition than the original versions) and I just adore the crowd's and judges' reactions of glee and amazement. She also passed through that round, it case it wasn't obvious already XDD.

Tex Perkins & Murray Paterson- "Beautiful Kate(Main Theme)" ...found this from random tumblr stalkage, such a lovely and haunting melody.

Glee - BIG ASS HEART ...YES I HAVE A LEGIT EARWORM FROM THIS SONG. Such a catchy beat and I'd rather have it then say, FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY lol.

Graffiti60 - Stare Into the Sun ...I spent most of the song mistakenly thinking that the lead singer was a suddenly very young and svelte looking Nick Lachey and as such being very impressed with how groovy and great the song was. This band is pretty damn good, as it turns out. Good on you, fake!Nick Lachey!

Only the Best by maderr on the AO3. Filthy hot Green Hornet porn.

F*cking Machine by Icka M. Chif on the AO3. MOAR Green Hornet fic. SERIOUSLY, UNF.

this famine that carries me by [livejournal.com profile] nevcolleil. Inception/RED. Frank Moses is Arthur's father. Here are three times Arthur's crazy-ass family scared the crap out of Eames (and one time when he didn't mind so much). .....SO MUCH YES TO THIS.

The Case of the Interloper by [livejournal.com profile] imogenedisease. Inception/Sherlock (BBC). “What if I told you I knew the world’s only consulting detective?” Eames asks.
“I’d ask what the fuck that is,” Arthur says, and Eames only answers with a huff of laughter.
...I laughed so much through this brilliant fic and its equally amazing sequel, The Case of the Extraction of England. Arthur meets his match in Sherlock and is amusingly furious and FULL OF RIGHTEOUS >:((!!-face for most of the time. Fantastic character interaction and just the idea of Sherlock in the dream-sharing world? AMAZING (and scary like hell, ahhh).

Alex O'Loughlin interview&pics from InStyle April '11 ...how is Alex O'Loughlin EVEN REAL?? This man is amazingly charming and lovely ugh I cannot deaaaaaaaaal <333. ALSO HIS CLOTHES-SNOBBERY IS ENDEARING.

...tomorrow I will try to write an actual post of text and substance, but the actual minuscule coding for these few links has tired me too much lol. /A FAILURE AT BLOGGING AND THE INTERNET
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...but never actually get around to doing, because the past week and change has been chock full of GRADE A work dramarama bullshit and my attempts at dealing by diving headfirst into distractions and MOAR TV. Loy Krathong last weekend was pretty damn fabulous though, and did wonders for my mood... will post pics soonish, probably as a form of procrastination** from my next looming deadline: .......YULETART *DRAMATIC MUSIC*

**today's procrastination (DAY OFF WORK YESS), broken down:
-went to the gym with I.
-decided to go watch Captain Fine in Unstoppable, which honestly was a very solidly entertaining action movie. How they made trains! and railroads! and railway infrastructure! interesting was just about the biggest shock for me. AND OF COURSE, SEEING CPINE'S FACE ON A GIANT MOVIE SCREEN = money well spent. What I didn't expect was the amount of ass Rosario Dawson's character would kick though, so no-nonsense and awesome <33 And as an added bonus since I just rewatched last weeks episode of Community this morning: PROFESSOR PROFESSORSON is in it, too :DDD
-ran some errands, bought dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert (OM NOM NOM)
-ate dinner and read 20K of Hawaii Five-0 fic and moar Glee fic. Watched Darren Criss being a charming mofo singing "Hey Soul Sister" for the bazillionth time.
-decided to spend 4 HOURS backing up my pictures and vids and mounting a (futile) attempt to sort out my fandom pic folders.

-look at the clock, see that it was nearly 1AM, curse and finally open Photoshop.

BUT! I have made good progress, and have thus rewarded myself with this post and the SWEET GIFT OF SLEEP. Tomorrow/later today, I will finally see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS kjafjkah am so excited, ngl.
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Thanks to what I figure is the swirling morass of germs I call my office, I ended up sick for most of the weekend. Delightful hacking cough, headache and wooziness, the works. I actually went to bed at 10.30PM on Saturday and woke up at 8AM the next morning, which is just all kinds of disturbing. Felt well enough on Sunday for a movie with the ladies, but couldn't be arsed to go to work today so I figured I'd call sick for once. First time in nearly 4 months of working here, so even if they suspect this is less than honest, I doubt I'd get any flack for it. Though have totally learned something of vital importance for next time. DEAR SELF, REMEMBER TO CALL IN SICK THE DAY OF WORK, NOT SUNDAY NOON BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON YOU THINK "GIVING ADVANCE NOTICE" IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD. Took Ma, D. and I. going "how stupid are you??" for this to finally sink in, but ah well.

Have spent this day reading far too much fic and actually more than half-heartedly cleaned my apartment! Still doesn't change the fact that I really don't like it here all that much any more. So glad it's just me in here and I will never have so show any one the premises XD.


Community S2x05
Ice-cream is everywhere, but never on your thighs )

Supernatural S6x05
How many t's are there in Pattins-- )

The Vampire Diaries S2x06
I should be having vampire burnout, but apparently it hasn't set in yet )

Dexter S5x05
Julia Stiles will always be Kat in Ten Things I Hate About You to me )

...and heyyy, that was more blather than I thought I had in me. Huh.

PS coughing so hard you give yourself headaches sucks. But then I look at my new CPine icons and I feel slightly better. HOW CAN THIS SHOOT NOT IMPROVE ONE'S LIFE. Can't get over that first pic, hello wallpaper at work! There better be some way for me to get my hands on this magazine here *plots*
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Or at least the willpower to not go down the same road of "well I do have pressing things to do in the 2-3 hours I have after coming home from work past midnight BUT WAIT LET ME READ 20K OF FIC FIRST YES" every damn night. OH WELL, AT LEAST IT IS THE WEEKEND NOW. I survived a week of midnight shift without having to drink a single coffee! I even had a whole day without having to take calls today! Got to attempt and fail to translate 43 not quite jam-packed but very unevenly written and melodramatic Powerpoint presentation slides from German to English in 8 hours instead, and it is extra unpaid work that I will gladly take. Anything to keep me from having to talk to the idiotic callers that are somehow an extra special flavor of thick when it is a Friday.

Last weekend was also our very first new office office-party, and in retrospect that most exciting thing that happened was ........wait, I can't even think of anything besides the fact that a bunch of people seem to had gotten some mild stomach flu from the food, which isn't even exciting and more along the lines of depressing. We had "unlimited beer" though, which led to one of my colleagues (NB) coming up with the following charming statement about me to someone's plus one, said with the sincere belief of the blasted to their eyeballs wasted:
"Isn't her accent amazing?? It's just so American! *makes mock "American" noises to illustrate her point* And I sound so British instead, and sometimes when I hear her talk to clients in English I think that she is just so good BUT OH IT'S JUST SO DREADFUL-SOUNDING BECAUSE IT'S AMERICAN ENGLISH" ...yeah, idek what to say to that.

A lot of things have been happening and I have been remiss in blogging about them, so this weekend I will try to catch up!

Now for randomosity! Some links of Bangkok-related awesome that I have been clicking through during work:
Still-Life in Moving Vehicles ...ever want to see just how amazing Thai cabs can look like? Well then this is the blog for you <3

5 Movies That Offer Eyeopening Views of Bangkok ...some movies that I definitely have to check out. And speaking of Thai movies, I am very vexed that I will probably not get to see Insee Daeng/Red Eagle before it is out of theaters :// IF ONLY I COULD SKIP WORK TO GO SEE MOVIES INSTEAD NEXT WEEK, GODDAMN.

Paolo Bacigalupi's "Windup-Girl" ...waiting for my order to come in from Asia Books and super excited to read this already~~

AND BECAUSE I CAN, this vid somehow makes me really happy:

...Even after numerous repeat viewings I still have not managed to get any more of the lyrics into my brain than what is in the chorus, but the video just never fails to make me smile. Her hair actually looks really cute in that style! And she just looks so happy and is working the hell outta her outfits AND THERE IS SWINGING INTO THE SKY AND TRIUMPHANT FISTS AND THE SUN SHINING ON YOU AND BALLOONS AND JUMPING AROUND WITH FIREWORKS EXPLODING and ssdjkfhjfd <33 How can I not be charmed?? Can't wait to actually boogie to this in a club somewhere, this better be on heavy rotation on MTV Thailand soon!
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Here are some pictures from Chua Fa Din Salai! SUCH GLORIOUS COSTUMING. I am somewhat depressed that I will probably have to watch it by myself though ughhh maybe Esara will still be in town then? Or I can somehow convince I or D to sit through what is probably 2 hours with no English subs. ....Yeah okay, probably not.



Oh and here is Jennifer Kim singing the beautiful song that goes with the movie. GOOSEBUMPS, I HAVE THEM.
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This weekend has been flying by at a pace that is most displeasing to me. I want more time to loaf about, catch up on fic and yet also finish the books that are tempting me. Have made slight progress on The Demon's Covenant though, and I keep pausing at bits to make happy sighs and/or go "that was so clever!".

I will be posting an actualfax extensive post later (well at least I have uploaded pictures for it), but because I must be off now here is just the trailer of a Thai movie ("Chua Fa Din Salai" or "Eternity") that I am EXTREMELY LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING. ANANDA EVERINGHAM + PERIOD MOVIE BASED ON CLASSIC THAI LITERATURE (something I shamefully know next to nothing about) = YESPLZ.

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I can has a sad that these precious days of being slob are again numbered. I had all these plans of Facial! Massage! Go to the gym to make up for missing Friday (DAMMIT but my PT wasn't there anyways and I am so lax on my own, ahh I BLAME THE SURPRISE EARLY SHIFT CHANGE)! What did I end up doing? Spending way too much time online of course, though I got some delightful phone calls with RL friends here and skyping with Carmen and others in. Carmen is now basically the one of us living up the 20-something life. She goes out occasionally! There are Hot Dudes of Interest vying for her affection! And I am basically on the edge of my seat going TELL ME MOAAAAR as we skype XDD. I am just so super pleased for her, and it is high time that dudes finally recognize the hot slice of fabulous my dear BFF is ♥

Did get some quality mother-daughter time with Ma too, delish Dimsum lunch at the Dhara Dhevi (CASTLE IN THE SKYYYY) Oriental, followed by raiding their cake shop for sweet noms. I had cherry sherbet, bought some berry cake, a chocolate scone and a mini box of macaroons (olive! pistachio! banana passion!), as well as an intriguing Tom Kha Gai(!!!) praline.

But to fill this entry with more than just RL yammering, here are
Things on the Internet That Have Made Me Happy:
"Alex Wong from Ballet to Hip-hop" ...SYTYCD is by far one of my favorite reality shows and it almost makes me want to take dance lessons, but I still always feel to uncoordinated and am still at the phase where I dislike looking at my sweaty, red-faced self in mirrors. ALEX IS THE BEST THOUGH, oh my god I love male ballet dancers so fucking much. And that hip-hop routine in the end! BRILLIANT and those bits where he was doing the ballet moves in that street gear? *swoooooons*
Alex Wong and Billy Bell on SYTYCD ...seriously, Alex Wong would've won this fucking season, aughhh it still is so horrible that he got injured. And he just looks smoking hot here, guh. More bonus points for that particular version of "This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight" unfff that song. SHIVERING RN.
"Kombat Dancers gone haywire" ...seriously, I MEAN LOOK AT THIS DUDE. The fact that they're dancing this in such full regalia penguin suits makes everything even more extra special XDD
EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE NEW OLD SPICE ADS ...SO GENIUS, THE END. The way Isiah Mustafa says HELLO LADIES (and well, everything tbqh) will never stop to crack me up <333333333. And [livejournal.com profile] ladypolitik made genius icons and animated gifs HERE!
Touhou Vid set to "Bad Apple" ...b&w and trippy as all get out. SO HYPNOTIC and just amazingly well made. It helps that I am also mildly obsessed with the song, but I know barely diddlysquat about Touhou and have already rewatched this a few times, ahh.
STAR TREK + GODGA FANART ...why didn't I realize that bits of the Alejandro are basically VULCAN PON-FARR as well sjakfhjafs ahahaha oh man I will never look at those bowl-cuts the same way again. Spock looks adorable, to boot ♥

And last but certainly not least,
25 Lives [livejournal.com profile] tongari's submission to SSBB defies description in how gorgeous, moving and brilliant it is. I have had this open in a tab for AGES, and I still don't get sick of coming back and just staring at it again and again. The second panel is one of my favorites, though all the scenarios are just. AHHH ♥ Highly recommended!


Jun. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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As I have been bitching about it on Twitter and FB, my laptop/Windows decided to totally and utterly out of the blue crash on me on Thursday. It was to the extent that I could restart the computer, but Windows wouldn't run and thus it would reboot in an eternal loop before I switched it off... and had to wait until returning to Chiang Mai today.

Basically I have had my BB and the extremely easier than expected way I can read teeny tiny fic on it for utterly distracting me from my woes. Because I can easily freak myself out when I think about it, as I was also stupid enough to not have backed up my data/pictures since uh FEBRUARY of this year. Whiiiich would pretty much fuck me over hard if the computer whizzes I left my laptop with can't save anything. For instance, MY FUCKING [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang TITLE ART, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I knew I should've saved it on USB stick ASAP or at least sent someone the PSD. file. I mean, I have the screencaps that I sent people, but they are so small :/ BUT! [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver, have no fear: If I am totally screwed comwise I'll just draw something analog. Found my old COPIC markers that still seem to be in top shape (my ability to use them effectively notwithstanding XD) and some sketchbook paper. Luckily we still have time til posting and I'll definitely hold up my end of the partnership, THIS I PLEDGE YOUUUU <33

I also thought that LJ would've at least had autosaved the GIGANTIC ENTRY I was writing juuust before the crash, so uh GOODBYE painstakingly, nearly 90% done massive rec entry of SPN codas and STrek, BBT, White Collar and etc fic! *headdesks* MAYBE I'll get around to it again at one point, but definitely not on Ma's laptop here. I am already so out of touch in using the English keyboard... Anyways, nothing much I can do now but wait and cross my fingers and pray that even if my computer is borked to high heavens and I need to drop cold hard cash for a new one, I WILL STILL HAVE MY PICTURES D: The ones of the dogs in Feb, fuuuuuuck ;_;

IN CONCLUSION, have a clip of a song that had nudged away Rihanna's Rudeboy and thankfully that Bieberabomination song (they play it here incessantly argh). Thaitanium's "Sud Korb Faa(Edge of the Sky)". Thaitay is a rap group I normally am either disinterested or vaguely irritated by, but Ad Carabao for a guest star is like the apparently grizzled secret spice that can lure me. I just love his voice so much in the chorus and the ~inspirational lyrics AHHHHH ♥ Ignoring the usual hip hop posturing, I also adore the b&w sweeping shots of Bangkok and the orchestra parts. SWOOOOOOOOON. Now if only I could just buy the single and avoid the album XDD

PEE ESS totally borked the timezones on this for my friend in Germany who was born on the 6/6 too (DO YOU EVEN CHECK LJ ANYMORE,[livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos??) but! It is still Sunday somewhere in the world, so dearest awesome [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer carry on having a fab birthday celebration! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT <33
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Things I managed to do today, albeit with massive time delay:
1) Translate my CV into German, which was as hard as I figured and thus always procrastinated on. Had to fiddle for ages with the formatting to make it all fit on that one page, as what you can efficiently say in English always seems to grow to encompass a few more words when you try to translate it to German. Also, Carmen gave me some pretty big pointers on the way I structured my internship descriptions that I wouldn't have even have recognized as being hinky and incorrect from a German point of view. Which is something that always irritates me about myself, the fact that a part of me just clings to doing everything in English all the time even though I should know better and surround myself with more German, since there is a very high probability that I will need a more nuanced style when I start working. Though I have heard that my grammar fail is improving to just being "often kind of effed up", as opposed to like, "always".
NEXT UP: COVER LETTERS (in BOTH languages, woe)

2) Addressed and sealed the very last batch of mail that will finally be sent off this Monday. This was something I started ever since Fantastic Pizza Friday at darling [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's place, so I'm happy I can finally say that this year's wholly delayed batch of mail will soon be out of my hands. [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] nebst and [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, expect some goods in a week or two or less, I guess :D

3) Somewhat cleaned the rooms! Well my actual plan of a leisurely evening spent cleaning was disrupted by the sudden and unexpected return of Sabrina, who just left yesterday at noon, what the hell. I knew that I should have vacuumed in the afternoon instead of procrastinating, but she left again pretty abruptly for a while and I used that time to hurriedly wipe down everything in the kitchen and bathroom with the magical goodness that are these household wetwipe towelette things. All the dust and hair is gone, and whatever I missed I will vac tomorrow once she leaves, and I can go back to feeling okay again. Sabrina's been oddly adherent to our new policy of wiping the kitchen down and keeping things in order, so it's important for me to be on my toes all the time, as well. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Though, keeping with the niggling feeling of ~it's too perfect, I have noticed lipstick marks on my milk packets and more weirdly, on my toothpaste tube, too. Which is interesting, given that though I do drink from the milk packet, I haven't actually worn lipstick for ages (yes I am a slob, but it is only my germs, OR SO I THOUGHT). I don't even want to think about what she does to the toothpaste, but like I told Carmen (who was all "I will never understand the way Sabrina's mind works"), this is positively innocuous given previous happenings. I do feel kind of disturbed about drinking my milk now though :|

GORGEOUS BAG UNO ... I will never stop fantasizing about designer bags that are currently way beyond my means. I mean, I am a sucker for bowling bags anyways, but look how classy this is! The dark green and the black and that cut-out effect, ahh.
GORGEOUS BAG DOS ...I swear, if my memory doesn't fail me, this is the same bag that one of the PR higher ups owned at the internship and that I swooned over every day for nearly three months. Or it could've been one of the YSL Muse ones that have more structure. EITHER WAY. ONE DAY I WILL OWN THIS. So huge, so glorious.
Super cute White Collar vid ...seriously, just watching it made me have a big stupid grin on my face.
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As of this afternoon, my Bakk2 thesis was officially out of my hands and off at the printers to be binded nicely and cost me far too much cash (38€ WHAT THE FUCK). I FINISHED IT! And I must say, with no small thanks to the glorious ladies [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby and [livejournal.com profile] laulan and their eagle eyes and willingness to listen to my extensive complaining (if you think I was bad on LJ/FB, just imagine me on a mobile phone) and go "YOU ARE BEING VAGUE HERE. CLARIFY" at the bits where I was lazy and throwing around words like ~aspects of identity~ and being all hand-wavey.


This is by far the most I have ever written in my life for a single purpose or course or whatever. I know I kept whining about how I hope I just pass, but honestly I have become kind of proud of it, and I hope the prof likes it and gives it a good grade. Tomorrow morning, all I have to do is pick up the thesis paper from the printers at nine, half past nine-ish and head off to the institute to drop it off in the secretary's office tomorrow morning before noon and I should be hopefully set and really and truly done with it. It is such a strange feeling, I mean, I just spent the evening kind of blankly sitting and staring at stuff online because I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. Lol somehow looking for distractions doesn't work as well when one doesn't really have anything actually pressing anymore XD.

ALSO,TOMORROW ONWARDS I now have no more excuses for the following: starting with Yuletart and SPN/J2 Xmas artings, translating my CV into German and writing cover letters to apply for shit, DOING MY LAUNDRY WHOOPS and thinking about what other uni things I need to get done. Ahhhh!

IN CONCLUSION: Have a typically strange video from my favorite Thai band ever, MODERN DOG ♥ The best part of their songs is how they build to a gradual crescendo (at ca. 3:00 ish in this song), wait for it~~ And this version at least has subs so you all can understand the random spoken bits in between. I still want to know more about the story in the beginning though :<
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And I am doing absolutely nothing for it, besides visiting Michelle and Elli for a bit later tonight. Can't say I really mind I guess, still have many more years in front of me to do the whole Halloween bash and dress-up thing where I don't have the niggling pressure of imminent BAKK2 thesis at the back of my head. Am basically at the 50 page mark now, with no more than three or four pages more to come if at all from some extra theory padding. I have been staring at it so long that I cannot feasibly tell how my prof will like it. I remain hopeful for a pass, first and foremost, though I admit that the embers of what used to be the fire of my nerd pride still hope for at least a 3 or MAYBE, TPTB willing a 2?

Have been existing in weird semi-work/semi-distraction limbo these past few days still, so here be another attempt at flushing some of my open tabs by posting them here:

MUUUSIC: I had heard a bunch of these Live Lounge covers seperately before, but I had no idea that they were from an entire series. Covers are always something I enjoy listening to, and these are pretty fantastic.
Lily Allen does The Kooks "Naive" ...Lily Allen's singing voice remains endlessly charming to me, and I love what she does with a song that I am already very fond of.
White Lies do Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" ...say what you will about the dude, but Kanye really has a flair for songs, and these songs lend themselves so well to being covered by others. (See also Exhibit A, Kris Allen and Heartless, ahem). The dude's voice is kind of strange, but it fits the song.
Jamelia does Linkin Park's "Numb" ...I admit to having been a massive LP fan back in the day, and I miiiiight still have some of their songs on my ipod ("Bleed it Out" has ridic lyrics but gets me pumped up like woah, ngl), so obviously I am not that much of a hard-sell to like this. Still! I think it's a fab version that might appeal to LP haters, too.
Lee Ryan does Foo Fighters "Best of You" ...I was thrown a bit a first to who this dude was, but it was the hot one from that one UK boyband! "Blue" or something like that. So on that factor I am kind of fond of this version, though NOTHING EVER can top the Dave Grohl vocals on the original ♥
The Fray doing Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" ........LAWWWWWL, just. Ahahaha. And still, the dude's voice is fantastic.
The Noisettes do The Killers "When We Were Young" ...This is by far my ~favorite~ of the batch, and I really like what they do with the song. It sounds so lovely with the female vocals, ahh.

Random lulz:
The gossip corners of the internet seem to be a-flutter with news of Anderson Cooper in India with his supposed boyfriend? ...first off, good for Andy and daaamn that hotel looks swank. And secondly: DAAAAAAAAAAMN the arms on those two. This is veering into Jared Padalecki at his beefiest category now! I am also again in awe of the sheer information seeking stalker-power</> that many denizens of the internet seems to possess. No wonder Anderson is off somewhere in India for his holiday.

A Very Potter Musical ...yes, yes... FIVE MILLION YEARS LATER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, I also finally get around to watching this. Am halfway through and it is amazingly random and somewhat amusing, and I can't stop clicking the next part to see what weirdness will happen next, so there is that. Also, Voldemort is kind of hot. As is Harry. Ahem.
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After nearly two weeks of blessed non-Sabrina-ness, she hath returned since a few days ago. And already I am being driven to heights of irritation from her conduct, and I guess there is also the residual annoyance of the state of things last week before cleaned them. The hairy and suspiciously be-liquided fridge, the grime-tastic state of the showers, you name it. And now the hair in the sink, and the presence what will no doubt be the usual scattering of what could be termed food rests and crumbs in the sink and surrounding areas, clogging up the drains. So I plucked up my reserves of indignation, and set to talk to her briefly about things.

And of course, all my cutting arguments, valid reasons and just pleas for sanitation became pale whispers and awkward stammerings when faced with her blank, unimpressed face. And of course, the bald-faced denial that I really should know how to deal with by now, but of course let go unchecked. How could she answer "what did you do to the fridge that caused it to look like that" with "well, I don't know what you're talking about. I clean it, too, and I must have overseen it, then." WELL DAMN, YOU "OVERSAW" STREAKS OF BROWN GOO? ENCRUSTED FAT OR WHATEVER THAT WAS HUGGING THE GRATES? YOU MUST BE BLIND, I GUESS THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. So, all in all I guess that was another resounding failure in: Attempts to Negotiate with Slobs Part XIV-BILLIONTY, and I await what her next volley of filth will be. I saw that she has placed her own toothpaste on the counter, but still, mine remains ~*weirdly*~ moved from it's precise position every time I am in the bathroom after she's been in there. I think I need to hide my facewash or something, if this goes on. OH APATHY GOGGLES, PLEASE SWITCH ON AGAIN, I am feeling oddly all out of sorts because of this gaaaaaah I cannot have my own place too damn soon.

In other more pleasant news, am making slooooooow headway with the interview transcriptions, and hopefully will have them all done and at least a few pages of ACTUAL THESIS CONTENT by this Sunday! There is still time, I just have to remember that I finished my BAKK1 Thesis in basically two weeks and that managed to work out somehow (okay, that was also due to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's mindblowing beta work mainly ♥). DEEP BREATHS.
Apparently I will also be out for a Girls Night Out with some friends of Wido tonight, we will be hitting up an Australian Pub, and I for one am intrigued. And already confused about how the best way for me to get home from that corner of town will be. UGH I HATE RUNNING AROUND TOWN ALONE AT NIGHT :///

Things that have been unbelievable in cheering me up and distracting me from my woes are the following YT clips, that I will be embedding behind the cut in all their glory.

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Looks like life is being if not shitty, then at the very least difficult and vexing for some darlings on my flist right now. What the hell, is there something in the air? ATTN: LIFE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, DON'T BE LIKE THIS D:<

I also had to drag myself out of a semi-funk at the office that was probably just my brain rebelling at having to do more competitive comparisons (BANKS AGAIN) and the frustration that the way I did the giant PPP yesterday was apparently not to the P's liking. And a good dose of tiredness and whenistheweekenditis too, I guess. Argh fail. ONE MORE DAY and I can treat myself to a weekend of pampering in town, fuck yes.

But speaking of shitty things to have to think about, I had another conversation with Dad on the way home about my ~*after uni future*~ -- and IF I do manage to get an actual job by the time I finish, or one that I could at least semi-immediately start in February, it really is looking more and more of a surety that I would be staying in Vienna. For a year or two longer, tops. Still. I always keep trying to ignore this, because I love the idea of living in Bangkok again so much, but Vienna would be a smart choice in setting down the foundations for actually reaching somewhere in my future career and earning a good salary, instead of languishing in the lower echelons of the local staff pool forever. I could always somehow hack it here, even if it would depend on what kind of an office I come into, and how much inner-office politicking is going on. I suck ass at the appropriate Thai-style of navigating this lol, this I have learned here already (and by observing how the previous interns acted shudder shudder). Yet there is also the salary matter and the fact that the average entry wage for an office worker wouldn't even crack 10'000 baht (8'000 is more likely). Half-decent studio apartments in town start at 15'000 a month! I don't want to lean on my parents financially THAT much. Blargh.

TL;DR OLGA YOU BETTER BE STAYING IN VIENNA FOR A WHILE, and I am so trying to get into your apt. complex too okay?? (=my favoritest pipe dream ever, TELL ME WHO I HAVE TO BRIBE)

EVERYONE ELSE: Come visit me in Vienna sometime in ze future then lolol

To end this on a musical note, here be YT vids of three songs that basically are on repeat when I do my media clippings menial work. DAMN YOU, KOREAN MUSIC FOR BEING QUITE AWESOME AND CATCHY
BIGBANG - "Haru Haru"
BIGBANG - "Lies"
BIGBANG - "Last Farewell" (song starts after 1:00-ish)
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Because you all would have otherwise been treated to an extended version of this already long venting and pity-party session about my day(s). The main gist of the matter basically is that hormones make everything worse, as this sampling of my thought processes today might show:


AAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS, to bring this away from the all-internship whining, all the time (I truly am happy I am getting to experience this, no matter how much it might seem otherwise. I AM LEARNING. I might not be happy that I am being exposed to the glaring deficits in my work skills/traits, but whatever.) --- THE COMIC-CON TRAILER FOR DEXTER SEASON 4!!!!!! SO FUCKING EXCITED, OMG. This, Glee and Supernatural are pretty much gonna rock my Fall program watching worlddddd~~
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Seriously, I think I have cumulatively spent about 22 hours asleep this weekend. And it was glorious. Saturday was especially spent in a flashback to high school manner-- zonked out from 3AM-3PM lol, don't ask why I was still awake until three though. Of course, this meant I basically dropped everything else, barely got anything done but bothering the dogs, bothering Dad, watching crappy TV and eating delicious food-- but all in all, I think it was worth it. With these batteries charged, I'll hopefully be more in the swing of things now!

I think asking you guys for spam was the magical nudge I needed for them to finally give me shit to do-- as I was about to reply to some mail ([livejournal.com profile] laulan, [livejournal.com profile] chesire_tabby-- I WILL SO GET BACK TO YOU GUYSSS) I got to work on another project! I had to type up a product introduction/explanation text that expanded a bit on the virtues that were explained in the product factsheet. This was some famous brand's newly formulated baby/toddler milk formula, and it apparently filled with sunshine and rainbow dust, all the best to "optimize the miracle of learning in your young child's life". I had to do some googling about what foodstuffs normally contained the magical ingredients used in the formula, and what fun diseases you could have if you didn't get enough of these nutrients.

FUN FACTS: Did you know that our brain is apparently made out of 60% fat? Or that if you'd stretch out all the nerves in your brain in one straight line, it'd be 75 kilometers long? Well that's what the internet told me! Shame I didn't get to use it, but I gladly proceeded to work this into every conversation I had with RL people that day lolol.

Anyways, this wasn't supposed to be a really hard assignment to do, but of course I am sometimes blindingly stupid, and didn't really get enough sleep the previous night (note to self, 5 hours is okay, FOUR AND A HALF SCREWS YOU). I had two cups of coffee for breakfast at 7AM, which served me fine for the part of the morning where I was still waiting around for people to come to the office and give me shit to do (aka 9-11AM), but damn if the caffeine didn't just exit my system like a thunderclap the moment I fired up that word document. It was almost hilarious, I couldn't even focus on the screen, everything was flashing, my eyes were that heavy. It felt like I was almost high lolol thankfully it was almost lunch-time, so I basically excused myself off alone. Scarfed down a middling meal at the food court and followed that up with a large cafe latte with two espresso shots and 5 packets of sugar to actually make it palatable and we were back in business. I wonder how my super liked that article? Will find out soon I guess, though I hope I won't have to correct it as much as the cosmetics one. Turns out that she told me I could freestyle the translation/tone, but neglected to mention that the client wanted certain key phrases repeated EVERY DAMN PARAGRAPH, and I unknowingly always switched things up a bit because I thought that would make for boring reading. It was again a faintly amusing process of back and forth, her correcting it and making me correct her grammar in turn and rinse and repeat. Oh well, now I've internalized it for sure though. I think I'm even getting to go to the press con/product launch event for it tomorrow too, "white dress-code" ooh err, better go pack my stuff now.


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It was a horrible and dreadful exam though, and our mental state could have been best summed up by this pic: Photobucket TRU FAX.


And now for something else that will make me type a lot! A 5 questions meme from [livejournal.com profile] sirdrakesheir~ Just comment if you guys want me to attempt to formulate some half decent questions for you too, eh?
THINGS YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT ME?? IDK well there are at least some music links beyond the cut... )


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