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Before I go to bed, here the post I was meaning to make ever since I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] laulan on separate occasions about fashion and closet space. Uploading pics to Pbucket was so weird today, ugh why so laggy :(

Photobucket ...hello, standard issue dorm closet! This is actually my closet sorted out a fair bit, I took my prom dress back to Bangkok this summer (YEAH RIGHT "YOU MIGHT BE NEEDING THIS FOR BALLS" DAD, WISHFUL THINKING MUCH lol) and have always moved bits back to my grandparent's place. Though never too much, because I am apparently a person who needs to have enough clothes to technically be able to weather a month of not doing laundry, eventhough I actually just wear half of it all the time anyways. I LIKE COLLECTING THINGS OKAY.
EDITED TO ADD: And haaaa! I have just noticed that because I was wearing them/had them hanging elsewhere, you can't actually see the rest of my mini collection of plaid dresses. Of which I have three now (four plus the pinkish one later), in varying sleevelengths and shades of greenish to blue. Carmen actually now has orders to save me from myself whenever I start touching new plaid dresses I come across XDD

Photobucket ...closer shot! And a peek at my genius place-saving technique of just cramming as many dresses on one clothes hanger as possible. The blue and black striped one is actually pretty OTT and lulzy-- it has a giant applique/"leather" stitched skull on it that is wearing a jaunty sailor's hat! Totally forgot to take a picture of it, and probably will have to work up to wearing it again lol

Photobucket ...some dresses! I apologize for the loud background of my IKEA bedspread, but we work with what we have here. The ones on the left are my two personal favorites, the light reddish-purple one is actually one of Carmen's rare "baggy on her but just right on me" dresses/tops that she gave me (normally I am the one passing on my too-small or 'generously estimated' tops lol), the other purple one is actually an old H&M one from here but is still awesome, I "borrowed" the green one from my mom and the right one is what I am wearing at the moment. It has a hoodie! And pockets!

Photobucket ...MMMH, clashing colors and patterns, amirite? To start from the left, the red shirtdress was actually one of the finds I made when browsing the fantastically trendy "fat girl" shop that I found in a department-store basement in Chiang Mai. Of course for Thai standards this just means that the dresses were just wider-cut that usual and more with a European size 44/46. They fit length-wise, but I just had to get them taken-in for the arms, chest and waist area at the tailors. Which was so worth it, and I regret that two of my perfect buys weren't done in time for my departure, and Ma refuses to pay the postage fees to send them to me now ;((. The trippy gold leaf one was a steal at 200 baht in Siam, and Carmen has already called dibs on getting to borrow it too. The pink and green tartan one is fantastically comfortable and boob-tastic, even if it seems like a scrap of fabric upon first viewing. The brown dress is one of the best buys I made on my lunch shopping breaks in BKK, it's basically a very mod bubble dress and for all that I thought it would look like a sack on me has actually been a dress that I've gotten loads of compliments on every time I've worn it.

Photobucket ...here a shot of my Rack o' Bags, though in retrospect I realize that my cute and colorful new Ritter Sport Schokolade bag and my scarfs are blocking basically the entire damn view. SOME OTHER TIME THEN. But suffice to say that I have around 20 bags in various sizes hanging on it. One can never say that I don't take my accessories seriously!

Photobucket ...because [livejournal.com profile] gwy wanted to see them, and because they are fab-- moi modeling the one pair of earrings that the brilliant Miss [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight sent me from Canada-land ♥

Photobucket ...out and about in Vienna, and look what one can find! [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, I was so reminded of that one sms you sent and lol I was also tempted to send you a MMS with a pic, but didn't know if your phone was compatible and digicaaaaaam pics are superior always, so this one is for youuuu, bb!

Photobucket ...from all my years in Vienna, the short distance from the Pestsäule to the Steffel is probably one that I have more than adequately obsessively recorded via pics over and over again, but I simply can't get sick of it, and especially when it is X'MAS LIGHTS TIME. Expect some post in December with this exact same view just darker and with moaaaaar lights on lol.

Photobucket ...after our lunch in town (om nom nom French bistro Le Bol), we stopped by Mango and I tried on a bunch of dresses. This was a really tempting one and would've been perfect for a future office-look, but 59€ and dry-clean only seemed a bit too much for me now. Though it did make my rack look fantastic and actually noticable, lol. Maybe I will find something swank in Copenhagen...

IN OTHER NEWS, when I was over at her place today to absorb productive Yuletarting waves and watch TV on the side, I showed [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby Adam Lambert's FYE video and she is weirdly ~~IMMUNE~~ to his awesome charm. Which is okay, and THAT JUST LEAVES MORE ADAM FOR MEEE. But dude, I do hope you realize that I will still be yammering at you about him anyways, eh? And there is no way that Gerard Way looks manlier that Adam. No fucking waaaaaaaaay~~
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