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SPN S6x18 & S6x19

One of the things I've noticed was that the Winchesters are slowly feeling more like brothers again to me, or perhaps this has been happening for a bit now and I have just been paying more attention to the SPN episodes again (my watching of these season's eps has been ... spotty at best, let's just put it this way). I really liked the sheer dress-up factor of the Western ep, and also the return of Dean's boyish enthusiasm for amazingly nerdy things (DAT PONCHO). The ~Monster of the Week~ was even kind of intriguing-- I wanted to know what kind of woman would make a Phoenix want to live with her as a "normal", but of course he died in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Drunk!Colt also was interesting and SAMMEH ON A HORSE = YES.

Cranky Cas was a common thread in both of the eps, which is also one of my favorite things to see, so that was additionally happy-making. All the sniping and snark through last week's ep especially, oh Dean you express your feelings like an eight-year old boy sometimes XD. I felt the resolution to the Eve storyline to be waaaay too pat, though they get props from me for having Samantha Smith show up again. Her bit was AWESOME and she needs to randomly show up on the show more often to shake things up. Could they also somehow work in more bb!Mary Winchester/Campbell too? Now she was the baddest mofo of them all <3333 I have to curse the episode for one thing though-- JEFFERSON STARSHIP and the song that played at the very end where Crowley appears to Castiel in the diner again (in a most brilliant of little scenes, especially paired with the opening chords of the song) which promptly buried itself in my brain and hasn't let go since.

FEEL MY PAIN (I legit like this song though ahhhhh):

TVD S2x20

DAMON SALVATORE, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE, LOOK AT YOUR FUCKING CHOICES. He keeps doing such skeevy, skeevy stupid things in his misguided, selfish desire to "protect" Elena and gaaaaah I cannot see how one could even root for/support Damon/Elena anymore. That ship probably sailed the moment he killed Jeremy way back when though, if we're being quite honest. I still love the character and find him fascinating, and it's great that the show really doesn't shy away from stating that most, if not all the other sane characters are very much not in agreement with him.

Stefan continues to win all the best boyfriend of ETERNITY awards and that conversation he had with Elena on top of the hike trail--- SIGHHHH, MY HEART.

Klaus remains hilarious with a tinge of alarming, Caroline is ~flawless~ as usual and I honestly was also v. caught unawares with the whole TURNING JENNA THING sjkhfdjkasfhh aughhh! Also, Damon's new bitemark. DAN DAN DANNNNN bring it, TVD!

A Game of Thrones S1x3

Seriously. I watch it and time seems to fly and I curse that I have to wait another week for MOOOOOOAR. Though it really is a richer viewing experience having read the books beforehand, it does make for seriously bittersweet viewing. Thus keeping it vague-- OH CERTAIN CHARACTERS, ENJOY THE BITS OF HAPPINESS YOU HAVE WHILE IT STILL LASTS adkfjhsdjfh wargh.
My love for the Starks continues to grow and I have to repeat my belief that the casting director has to be applauded for casting actors and actresses that legit look related. The hypnotic and amazing gingerness of Catelyn, Sansa and Robb! How similar Arya and Bran look (THEIR AWESOME EYEBROWS)! And of course, dear Jon Snow, who continues to inspire profoundly dirty thoughts every time I see his pouty face.
I have to say that I was kind of disappointed by Littlefinger's actual presence though-- his face and general appearance is ace, but I was expecting a bit ...more? Perhaps it will come with time though.

I continue to ship Ned/Cat with a burning passion ahhh they are such a great couple and how Ned and Cat love their family is palpable <33. They really do sell the connection between the characters extremely well. Tyrion also continues to be an amazing boss- I could listen to Peter Dinklage's voice read the phonebook~~

That last scene with Arya and the start of her sword lessons with Syrio was full of greatness, and the love on Ned's face as he was observing his daughter follow a newfound passion that she's good at was wonderful to see (Ned's interactions with Arya have been so lovely to watch, ahh). Though of course Show twisted the knife in a bit what with the SUDDEN OVERLAY OF THE SOUND OF SWORDS CLASHING reminding us that real swordfighting ain't just child's play after all.

I heard that we're gonna be seeing Renly and Loras soon, and that they won't just be hinting at their relationship, so color me VERY excited to see that unfold! Especially since I was tooling round tumblr and saw that the actors are apparently close buddies in RL since filming and act all flirty and adorable with each other on twitter :DDD

Hawaii 5-0 S1x22

I continue to kind of ignore/forget most of the weekly plot, though wow all celebrity photographers in TV shows always end up looking the same kind of vaguely skeevy. But the main point of 5-0 is seeing the TEAAAAAAAAAAAAM in action (and eyecandy mmmmh Steve jogging and Kono surfing) and oh were there some lovely moments, mostly with Chin's plotline of Bad Decisions ahhh, the lab tech's flirtation with Kono and of course that ending bit with Steve and Danny randomly sitting on that bench that had an absolutely shit view of the beach and all the charity surfing going on. But it was all worth it for the bitty girl saying Danny had a surfer's haircut (TRUE), Steve going "Danno don't swim" and of course all the GIANT SOPPY LOOKS he was giving Danny. UGHHHH THESE TWO <3333

OH AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT THE TRAILER FOR NEXT WEEK'S EP adfjafhadfh h/c paradise, what what what did I just watch and you do not want to know how high my squeaks of delight and disbelief were.


What an amazingly fun, engrossing movie. I expected good times just from being able to stare at how buff Chris Hemsworth got for this movie alone (MMMMHHHHHHHHHHHH), but I laughed, I was excited about all the action and also all the cameos and Avengers universe shout-outs. JEREMY RENNER AS HAWKEYE! That whole exchange with Agent Coulson and the other agent about the Destroyer-- "Is that one of Stark's?" "I don't know. That guy never tells me anything." dkjfhdkjfh LOLLLL.

I didn't actually expect the relationship with Thor and Jane to remain so ...chaste for now, which was quite surprising (and okay, I just wanted to see more of Chris Hemsworth's chiseled body I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR MY TICKET OKAYYYY) and I thought there was going to be some kind of ~triangle with Sif, though I am glad they didn't go that way and everyone just stayed battle-bros with one another.

Also the casting of kidlet!Thor and Loki was amazing and I wanted to cuddle and love them foreverrrrrrrrr. And also read brocest about the older versions of course, hem hem.

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Jeremy Renner is LOVE (You better call it Coulson, I'm starting to root for this guy!)


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