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My recent fandom Big Deals: Watching Captain America and finishing A Dance with Dragons in two days after a two week wait. YEAAAAH. Thoughts on the latter to come in a seperate post, but first:

THIS ENTIRE MOVIE, AHHH. SO MUCH AMAZING. How adorable and just plain ol' FUN was this movie, even in hated 3D? The Marvel movies are on a motherfuckin' roll. I clapped, squeed and glee'd my way through basically all of it, (though I did rolll my eyes at the ueber cheesy 3D action bits) and I have to say that New Friend Lydia (my BKK ladies are widening my social circle and it hilariously includes people who know people I know from school, the BKK int'l school graduates crowd is so teeny and incestuous ahhh) was amazing company to watch it it.

- Skinny!Steve at the beginning looked so creepy though, what with his ENORMOUS DISPROPORTIONATE HEAD AND ALL.  Bucky ended up being a really awesome character, for all that I have a knee-jerk dislike of Sebastian Stan, a hold-over from my Gossip Girl watching days I reckon. HE JUST HAS SUCH A SMUG FUCKING FACE. Also, I had no idea that he was so tall.

- But oh what a wonderful human being Steve is-- he is just good and brave and a decent human being without being boring or cloying, and you can just see why people would love him and want to follow him as Cap. AND HIS SNEAKY BRILLIANCE IN BASIC TRAINING WITH THE FLAG lolol out of the box thinking there, exceeeeellent. I agree with people on tumblr that the bit with the grenade was totally when you could tell that Peggy was starting to fall for him a little bit. 

- AGENT PEGGY CARTER. ALL MY HEAAAAAAAARTS <3333333333, what a classy and kick-ass lady. Now this is a female lead in a movie I like to see-- her toughness and competence at what she did was never in doubt, but she could still be feminine and oh her relationship with the Tommy Lee Jones character (HE WAS SO GREAT) was just all kinds of adorable and funny. Totally father-daughter vibes there, so cute.
- The little throwaway bits and nods to comics canon! Steve drawing! The connections to THOOOOOR and Iron Man! Oh The Avengers movie cannot be in cinemas sooner, unffff I will be so head over heels for this come May 2012, MARK MY WORDS.

- THE USO BIT. THE SONG AND DANCE (THAT FUCKING SONG AHHHHHHH XDD). THE ORIGINAL COSTUME! Oh how I cringed and laughed at the same time, but it was gloriously fun and retro-awesome to watch and the SHOWGIRLS ffffff ahahahaha. Also: nabbing that showgirl's helmet for Cap's first real outing? Niiiice.

- HOWARD FUCKING STARK. Dom Cooper, I normally don't care much for your face but this movie. THIS ROLE. So smarmy, so cocky, so brilliant. The dancing girls-- totally fun reference to the ones that Tony'd also use before presenting his goods at the Stark Expo in IM2. And how much was I rooting for Steve & Peggy & Howard to have threesome shenanigans and ALL THE FONDUE DATES IN THE WORLD?? THIS MUUUUUUUUCH. Oh god the fondue jokes. I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU TWO HAVE BEEN FONDUE-ING TOGETHER. FONDUE IS JUST BREAD AND CHEESE ahahahaha oh Steve, you know nothing <333. Also what what does this mean that movie!canon Steve is a confirmed virgin? Uhuhuhu.

- RED SKULL. Now that was a great German accent. The Hydra salute remains one of the stupidest things I have EVER seen though. It looks like a toddler's victory arms.

- The extra bits after the end credits-- I was clutching Lydia's hands and we were both chanting MEET TONY TOUCH TONY COME ON COME ON COME ON and alas it was only Tony kind of caressing Thor (who has seriously luscious locks in this trailer, someone is growing their hair out eh what is up with that) sighhhh.

- PS: I kind of want Peggy and Howard to end up doing more things together post-Steve's "disappearance", both of them gravitating together and with the missing spectre of Steve always looming dkjfhkdjhf ;_; PEGGY NEVER GOT TO DANCE WITH STEVE bawwwwww though I like that there is already fic where Tony teaches Steve how to dance. Take up Daddy's slack, Tony, that's a good boy :Dbb

OH AND THIS SONG IS GREAT. Beirut, you have done it again *plays on endless YT loop*
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