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EDIT: 30/12 I am too lazy to really edit much of the text here, so just ignore most of it and enjoyyy.
Another BB posting date rolls around, this time for my very first [livejournal.com profile] xmenbigbang!

This time I was lucky enough to team up with [livejournal.com profile] taurenova on her Darwin-centric fix-it fic Drift, which immediately pinged me anyways because uhhh I remember still how annoyed I was at Darwin's fate in the movie. HE TOTALLY CAME BACK LATER, he's fucking Darwin y'all.

This time around, I realized that if I had thought I was running against the clock with my STBB art, I really was wrong as these past weeks turned out to be full of MORE! suprise TIMESUCK vortexes and sudden super important projects and presentations for work. Time management, my worst enemyyyy *shakes fist*. And because I NEVER LEARN, I have had to prove to myself time and time again that sleep deprivation is not ideal to say the least in an office where one actually has to work on things that are challenging and require concentration XDD Oh the rare times I kiiiind of miss my old callcenter job.

...the title image! I had the idea to try something different with these pictures compared to my STBB art -- oh how my colored-pencils nearly gave up on me in the progress!-- ergo the colorblocking. Since Drift is at its heart a Darwin-fic, I wanted to show Darwin just at ease with himself, enjoying the park. Somewhere offscreen, the others are having a picnic :D

...the rest of the cast! I admit to not really having much of a clue who these characters were before Jen's fic (having only peripherally heard of Rictor before), but she really painted a vivid picture of them in her fic and I am now fully converted to their awesome :DDb. Especially M <33

...solo picture of Darwin, drawn to mirror the ensemble pic. I didn't use fineliner in both this and the title pic for fear of ruining it via sudden butterfinger-syndrome (again, I wish there was a CTRL+Z for RL arting) so it doesn't quiiiite look the same. Again, I tried to capture how Darwin's now happier and just in a better place, mentally after the events in the fic and yellow turned out to be a lovely fit to help convey the sunny, optimistic feel.

...aaaand of course, a chibi to round it off! I felt bereft not getting to draw M in a sixties-style minidress and the constraints of my timecrunch just meant I drew this instead. She kind of looks very Star Trek-y, now that I look at it XD

THANKS: Of course, darling dear [livejournal.com profile] taurenova for her endless wells of patience and understanding at my timing!fail and just her general SKILLZ and awesome. I am kind of pissed at myself that I couldn't draw exactly everything I meant to for this wonderful fic, so Jen you hereby have an IOU to redeem at a time you see fit ;DD. ONE DAY WE WILL TRY THIS AGAIN and have oodles of time and it will be awesomesauce *nods*

Also I would like to thank the copyshop uncle who scans my stuff in and by now recognizes me and gives me props on my art. I tried to explain the concept of a Big Bang to him, but he just looked politely confused at these newfangled online hobbies and why one does this kind of thing for free XDD.

And of course, thank you all for stopping by and having a look! I would be linking to the fic masterpost right now, but I don't actually have the link yet as I'm a few hours ahead of [livejournal.com profile] taurenova. Not having constant net access means I'm just slapping this post up first to meet our deadline, but I shall edit this post when I can! EDIT: 30/12 ...sooo as it turns out, Drift will be done when it will be done and I will of course add the link then, but y'all will just have to make do with the art for now. All good things take time, and from what I have already had to read, the finished product is gonna be pretty amazing <3
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