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...it looks like I've been neglecting LJ for a good long while now eh? Fuck, time flies. Have been posting on FB and Twitter as usual, and if any of you haven't added me on either yet just PM me your info and I'll add you there becauuuuse it doesn't look like I'll be having constant LJ access anytime soon.

Why? Looking at my last LJ post on Oct 12, I was mentioning the floods and how we'd probably be okay. WELL it turns out I was wrong,as the water came for us too on Oct 15, Saturday early-fucking-morning. You really don't appreciate how fucking fast the water can come in until it's just been 5 frantic hours since the first signs appeared on the street in front of your house at 6AM and now you suddenly have to move up to the first floor because the entire ground floor is already full up with water. So much for our expectations of "if we're flooded it'll be up to our knees, max."

Water topped out at over 3 meters and we ended up "stranded" at the house for the weekend, no electricity (cut since 6AM) and no plumbing-- Dad, Sue, K.Yai, the maid, our dog and myself. We had managed to move up all the water & food we'd had in the kitchen up, the portable gas stove too, so it was okay in that regard, tho you really underestimate how much water you need to do the simplest of things and how quick 5 people and 1 dog burn through it. Also, how fast you miss the magic of flushing toilets. We had a large vase and a supply of plastic bags and well, dot dot dot.

K.Yai, the maid and I were evac'd out Sunday evening, Dad & Sue stayed until Tuesday because of the dog. Ace is now at Sue's sister's place, we locked everything up, took whatever valuables we could move and have been staying in town ever since. The cars we thankfully had the foresight to park on higher ground in front of the mooban, and when the water flooded us Sue ventured out on one of the boats that were passing by our house to go outside and park the cars on a nearby flyover bridge. That took 5 hours, mind you, for all that she wasn't even a kilometer out of the mooban. Dad and Sue managed to go back to the house the week after we evac'd out, got some more stuff. That took 9 hours roundtrip, due to our province being basically underwater and them having to do an epic detour. The week after that even those roads were impassible.

Now, they recently managed to go and get the cars down from the bridge and they're now parked in town, but even now, when the "water has gone down", we're still talking about our house being under 2 meters ++ of water and trip back of 6 hours. Normally it takes an hour and a half to get from our house to town. All the trees in the garden are dead, and the water is stagnant and rotting. Of course, it's not nearly as putrid as some places in Bangkok (where the water headed right after it wreaked havoc through our province) and heyy, still haven't been broken in.

Of course, this has kind of thrown a wrench in my usual life plans, but I was again lucky enough to get enough of the important things out and work has been a nice distraction. You do get bored of the few outfits you have tho and I confess to going shopping for new clothes for the sole reason that I couldn't be fucked to handwash my laundry as often as I should. This also means that my normal plans for my STBB and XMBB had to be utterly revamped and I've been working on legit pencil & paper drawings, I feel so old school. I don't have a laptop at the moment, as the hotel room I'm staying at charges for the wifi and I can't be bothered to pay for that and the photoshop laptop that is probably on its last legs is acting up anyways, so they're both stored at Dad & Sue's temp apartment. Will be sneakily attempting to use the communal scanner at the office and of course my office desktop to whip up a post for my STBB regardless though, posting date TUESDAYYYYYY AHHHH.

Which is why I thought I'd make a practice LJ post again and also give a little update. I HOPE YOU'RE ALL DOING FINE, MY DARLINGS <33 Maybe at some point I'll post pictures, but lol let's just say that I don't think we'll be able to live at the house for another 2-3 months at least and also the way our government has been handling this mostly makes me feel all the rageful feeeeeeelings. SIGHHHH.


Aug. 13th, 2010 05:41 pm
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OFF TO BANGKOK UNTIL MONDAY EVENING! In an act of trying to ensure I will be social and free have decided to leave my laptop behind. But I will probably end up stealing Dad's to watch shows on TV-Dome.net though ahhh. And will be semi-connected anyways thanks to my trusty BB. So this post is kind of pointless, ahaha.

See y'all on the flipside though! People who are expecting mail, I have actually bought envelopes and started filling them. So at my current rate, you will most def get things in ...two months?? Ahahaha oh man, I suck.

AND NEXT WEEK IS LATE SHIFT :(( This is good for me on Tuesday, but generally ugh. I seriously do not look forward to when it's winter and the time-delay extends the working-hours of this shift to be 4.30PM-1AM ;_____;

PS I WONDER HOW FLOODED MY APARTMENT ROOM WILL BE WHEN I GET BACK THOUGH. Accidental death by slipping on tricky water that always seeps in from the rain thanks to weird and shoddy construction? Not a way I want to go!
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OF COURSE WHEN I HAVE TO LEAVE FOR MY GRANDPARENT'S PLACE, THE PREVIOUSLY UNSEASONABLY WARM WEATHER TURNS. OF-FUCKING-COURSE. My already rock-bottom mood at the prospect of this journey (my luggage that I crammed full of winterwear and random stuff to hoard there probably weighs 30 kilos man I am afraid of it breaking! I HATE TRAVELING ON TRAINS WITH LARGE LUGGAGE) has now started to dig deeper for oil and other underground treasures. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK.
I also fully foresee that the train from Vienna will arrive in Salzburg delayed, which will mean that my next train is a full hour later and has ANOTHER stop before Zell. AND THEN I WILL MISS MY BUS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE EVEN MORE DELAYED. And Wien and Salzburg are currently renovating their railway stations, so OF COURSE everything is gonna be even harder to navigate in the mini timewindows they give you to catch your second train.


so uh yeah, semi-hiatus of not constant internet until the 8th of April or so!

PS HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] yukitheawesome!! You might get something something in the mail like uh, in three weeks lol I was too cheap for priority mail, sry2say XDD


Dec. 23rd, 2009 08:23 am
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I wanted to make a nice picture post before I left, but time is again one of the last things I have at hand, so maybe later. Leaving for my grandparents place in less than an hour, and I still need to get some last minute things around the room cleaned kjashfjf auggggh. AND I AM SO TIRED. I just want to sleeeeeeeeeeep. DNW four hour plus train ride! At the very least I will be able to hitch a ride from Zell with Andi it seems, which is at least a relief. No bus for meeee!

Will have intermittent internet when I'm there, and ugh I do not look forward to it (and getting my SPN_J2_Xmas done fffffffffff). WILL TRY AND GET ON AND C&P pre-written posts when I can though!

ROCK OUT LADIESSSSSSSSSSSSS, and keep me posted on internet happenings or something XDD.

Have one picture though, from the Christmas market at Schönbrunn:
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So I didn't want to admit it, but the ABWL/Intro To Business Endtest (due Monday!!) is seriously gonna eat me up and spit me right out. I am woefully, woefully unprepared for it, I cannot parse the math behind it, nor can I fully and accurately remember the theoretical parts, and I will be basically screwed. And then everything will be delayed and less I pass the retake in January, my graduation will be delayed again. For 5 measly ECTS extra-credit points. FUCK.

So, I have decided that since even considering all these Serious Factors, my concentration is wobbly at best, I will have to declare a quick LJ/FB/email hiatus until Monday is over. I'll be trying to get the last few tabs I have open answered, but after that-- I guess it's see ya on the flipside, ladies! Please think genius and math & business-y thoughts my way on Monday :(

ALSO: DEAR SABRINA, WHY ARE YOU BACK AGAIN. Please have another screaming fight with someone on the phone and then disappear for more than 2 days this time, please please please? You are also welcome to interpret "more than 2 days" as forever, be my guest!
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IT IS SATURDAY AND I STILL HAVE TO GET UP AT 6.30AM WTF. Or was it leave at 6.30AM?? I sure as shit hope its the former, I need to wash my hair and I sure as hell am not gonna do it at 1AM anymore. THIS IS NOT MY 2nd SEMESTER OF UNI, anyways, pff!

I think I am slowly finding my groove in the internship! There are niggling bits, bits that are amazingly boring, and bits that are intensely frustrating, but the main thing that really shines out is that there is always such VARIETY in what you have to do and when you interact with the different clients and oh, I would love to do this forever (but maybe in the damn ad department this time lol). Got to act like a junior staffer and go w/ two P's to see a client (credential presentation), and it was a really interesting experience-- both in how clients can be utter dicks (it's like they had a checklist! Slightly sneering and condescending boss, a double-team of clueless and assholish, unrealistic to the max expectations-- SERIOUSLY, A PITCH IN A WEEK?? PFFF craaazycakes) and how the PR presenters can also drop the ball (there were a smattering of English errors in the PPP and the presenting P fumbled a bunch of the Boss's questions and gave the kind of blabla, bullshit answer one gets so infuriated about, and the stupid thing was that it could've been avoided because I think it was just a failure to communicate clearly what he wanted to know).

Also, news of my mad translation/general English skills has apparently spread to the extent that Art dept. people are flagging me down to love over some copy for them. Uhuhuhu I will totes need to capitalize on this more as being my main selling point to all of them (because holy craaaap some of the mistakes that make it past the Client's eyes and the other office's eyes). AS LONG AS I AM NOT SHUNTED OFF TO PRESS KIT MAKING DUTY LIKE THE OTHER INTERNS now dat is some quality gruntwork wow D:

...and man, I actually had another post idea that wasn't internship related (I will probably peter down with the frequency of mentioning it once I get settled), but am currently too braindead to remember what. Ugh hate it when that happens...

SO IMMA OFF TO SEE SOME REAL LIFE "HARVEST MOON" GAMEPLAY, and most likely spend the day dozing on the deck chair. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME.

OH AND LASTLY: I PASSED EVA AND I PASSED KORRE!!!1 Now only the KOMET grade is missing and then I can go back to starting to worry about the other deadlines wooo <33
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Especially when my usual train is somehow not running today and I need to change stations twice in one station that doesn't have lifts because they've been under construction since the LAST BAZILLION YEARS UGH.

SO! Off to ~*BANGKOK*~ now, will try and get internet as soon as possible, though Monday should be likely. And that'll be constant, since I'm at Dad's place. JUST +6 HOURS FOR TIMEZONE FUN AHHHHHHH. OMG I WILL BE STARTING THE INTERNSHIP AT LEO BURNETT SOON AHH SO PSYCHED.

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......because now I only have a smidge of time before we have to leave for the train station. AHHHH ROMA ROMA ROMA BECKONS!!

SO. I declare a short FIVE DAY HIATUS!!.

Everyone, your mission if you choose to accept it entails the following:



oh and before I forget.

5) ADD ME ON DREAMWIDTH IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. I can has the same username because I am Uncreative Like Hell :Dbb

I might have internet in Rome, but if not---- see ya on Monday again!
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Anyways, this is to officially declare another short ~*hiatus*~ AKA I have no real idea how constant my net access will be in Krimml, and if I do manage to get on (I am gunning for every second day), I probably will have to use it for uni shit. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.




RING RING ..........HELLO??
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In a stunning moment of 'DAMN YOU DORM INTERNET', I am apparently cockblocked from an internet connection for my last day+night here. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR MY ADDICT SELF DDD:

BUT! As most of you have probably already seen on FB, I'll be off on a ~jet plane~ to Bangkok for ONE MONTH, TOMORROW WOO ♥. Will mostly be in Bangkok, as it turns out, Ma has to have her chemo treatment again and I'm just gonna be there to help her out and all that. Looks like I'm gonna constantly have internet though I still will be in my super-special Asian timezone.

[livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama-ians, please to be keeping me updated if particularly awesome shit happens, aiiiight?

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Fuck yessss, for Silvia, Andi and Sara heading off for some quality family ski time, thus freeing up their living room AND MODEM!!!!!! for yours truly to get her internet fix. But this was also highly unexpected, so I have naught to offer but a recounting/bitchery of yesterday's events AKA MY WORST TRAVEL DAY EVER, HOLY FUCKING SHITSTICKS.


But in other news, Krimml is as pretty in a total wintry country-side wonderland as always, my relatives are also the same, Sara is still inexplicably fascinated with me and now wants to 'teach me Pinzgäurisch', as the high German I speak to everybody is Not Up To Her Four-Year Old Standards, lolol. WILL SHE SUCCEED WHERE COUNTLESS OTHERS HAVE FAILED?? I just really feel weird and embarrassing trying to mimic the dialect here, can understand it well enough of course, but actually trying it? Lol no, I'd sound like Fakey Mcfakerson. The Christmas/holiday cards will all be sent off tomorrow (LOL WHOOPS), wanted to get em all done today but I apparently overslept a bit, thus losing my bit of morning advantage and then it was time for lunch already. Which is also the time the Post bus drives away, GOD DAMN YOU POSTBUS!!

Am already curious how well I will get with my various academic To-do's, but have also made a list of fandom things I need to get done ([livejournal.com profile] jorajo! Have not forgotten your pic, am just slow as fuck atm, sorry DD:) and hopefully headway shall be made on both areas~

OH AND BTW, this is also basically a ~*SEMI HIATUS~* declaration, as I truly will have no idea when I can beg off the next few hours of net in the following days. Here's hoping there will be a lot of skiing in store for Sara?? KEEP ME POSTED ON WHAT HAPPENS ON THE INTERNETS PEOPLE PLZZZ D:
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I DID NOT DO ANYTHING FOR UNI AFTER ALL. Had a great time meeting some of my comic tuts peeps +Tutor Georg though, which was really worth it. We sat down in the big courtyard in the AAKH and chilled! Tutor Georg bought us all some beer (Radler for me mhhh)! Fun talks were had! Discussing cases of WoW plague simulation! And I managed to vent at length about Michi to Wido (and then Lena) and then to Tutor Georg and the other random dude from the other tut group who was there. Must've made a real special first impression there to Klaus, lol I shudder to imagine XDD

I ALSO failed at already having been packed now, and I am supposed to be up at nine tomorrow. Which admittedly is still in a while-- the flight's at 13.30, but plus the 2 hours earlier and leaving time here, bla bla blaaa.

But what I did manage to do was to go eat dinner at the MC with Carmen and catch ourselves a movie-- the special 'Wednesday Sneak Peek' that we got for even cheaper with our movie vouchers. AND WHAT WAS PLAYING? The Incredible Hulk!! IN ENGLISH! I swear, I had to clamp down my EEEE of glee the moment I saw the Marvel logo. I was seriously expecting some crappy horror movie, but scoooore for Edward Norton! The movie was good fun, though ironically the HULK FAITO vs ABOMINATION were like the most boring bits. Liv Tyler has a really breathy voice! AND IT SURE AS HELL SUCKS TO BE BRUCE BANNER LOL <---theme of the whole damn movie

OFF TO BE PRODUCTIVE NOW. Shall probably not have internets until latest sometime next week when I'm at Dad's place... the first few days in BKK will be spent at Na Paew's or in hotels. KEEP THE INTERNET SAFE, PEOPLE!

PS DIE TINY BUGS IN MY ROOM, DIE. I need the lights on and actual air to breathe so I popped the window okay?? YOU DON'T NEED TO COME IN and fly in my face! :///
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DAMMIT WATCHING LAST FRIENDS eps 1-4 was really addictive! SO GOOD. Wow, Ueno Juri is a hell of an actress-- heck all of the cast does a stellar job! Even Ryo is selling his assholish creepy stalker abusive-boyfriend character. GAAAH HATE HIM SO MUCH. Looking forward to seeing the other episodes out so far when I come back!

AND SPEAKING OF WHICH-- Am off to Stockholm for 5 days~~~!



Mar. 19th, 2008 10:17 pm
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URGH is this just my dorm net connection fucking around or is LJ also loading sluggish as hell for anybody else? TRES frustrating, that's for sure. Another thing frustrating is my utter lack of motivation to pack for my 8 day stay at my grandparent's place (wake-up time tomorrow @8.40AM arrgh) and the JOY for the 6+ hours travel that await... Because picking me up from Zell am See apparently ranks below my oma getting an appointment at the hairdressers, for her 'to look her best when the guests come later'. Lolllll I feel so treasured >_>;;. But ah well, after 5 hours on a train, 1 1/2 on a bus won't exactly kill me.

So, uh, I hereby declare another mini-hiatus, since I can never actually predict the frequency of my getting to feed my net addiction :( Shall attempt to finally type up the BKK posts and some other srs bizness RL posts that have been floating around in my head (I can haz uni ppl gossip?!), BUT who knows what'll happen.

Clemens keeps bugging me about my 'blog' but I am strong in my refusal to show him this LJ and since I think he doesn't even know my username I can breath a sigh of relief for now. Especially if you search for 'kaiserkuchen' on google you are inundated by cake recipes and such :Db. Have convinced him to join me for beginners Taekwondo after the Easter Hols so that is at least another yay thing, though~
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Have been BUSY like all fuck ever since I came here way back in the early days of feb, first with getting STEP3 DONE and then random running around and then Carmen and the boys already arrived aaaaaand then stuff really started happening. We have been intensely productive so far, seen oodles of things and eaten enormous amounts of food...

and no, I do not want to kill my friends (YET).

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Pai in Maehongson province for a day, here's hoping it'll be fun! ONE DAY I SHALL CATCH UP AND MAKE A FULL POST ISH THING.

So I hereby apologize for being MIA, this will sadly cont' for a while aadkhasfjkhf
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GAWD. Calling sporadic hiatus-ish thingamajig until the ninth at least, as I am as always when in Krimml unsure of when and how much net I can get DD: WAHHHH.

also have Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on GB that I borrowed from Clemens and heeeeee I am hitting on Gray again ♥! Boy shall be miiine, inasmuch as a straight character who is destined for one of the town girls I am instead supposed to hit on can be! I WON'T GIVE UP MY DARLING~~

Ooh and Ma said that I can buy myself a paid account for this LJ come my birthday! With the icon add-ons! YESSSS :3

PS Times I have read the 'Kid's Bible' out loud to my tiny cousin: 5 and counting ...and I've only been here since friday night >_>;; ...not to mention the three times of 'The Street-construction's Lexicon' and random bits of toy catalogues and 'Watschel der Hase'... At least I have been awarded the compliment of 'reading good'. Yay.


Mar. 19th, 2007 11:32 pm
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Calling mini hiatus until wednesday, email spamminations nonwithstanding blaaargh SOZ PSYCH EXAM DOOOOM and the WHOLE DAY uni tomorrow jesus tuesday I haaaaet youuuu DDDD:

BUT! I PASSED ALLGEMEINE PSYCH yaay one psychology exam done, one more to goooo (with a three again, man it's like I'm happy for that and all, but shit have I dropped down to be a plain jane average student ;_; The former swot in me is all ashamed...)

HERE have an awesome link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gadl/sets/72157594279945875/

and an awesome song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vfLeJQvhgI

and something that would interest german-reading dudes I guess (I was at the italian restaurant across the bank when this happened! LOL eyewitnesss): http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/0,1518,469607,00.html


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