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WHAT SUCKS: Having an allergic fit when you're all out of antihistamines. Since the last half hour,  I have been full of snot, my eyes are red, itching and burning like hell, my throat feels congested and I have to sneeze my lungs out every three seconds. DAMN YOU NERO AND YOUR OMNIPRESCENT DUSTY FUR. 

Having awesome, awesome fic to read. And the thought of so many season premieres (SPN! DEXTER!) up soon, 99.8% of which I will not be able to actually watch, but I look forward to enthusiastically spoiling myself on the internets for them anyways :Db


(SPN) Revelations, by [livejournal.com profile] marinarusalka. Summary: AU. Veteran FBI agent Victor Henriksen isn't at all happy when a rookie ATF agent horns in on his investigation of a possible serial arsonist. Still, Agent Winchester's forensics expertise does come in useful. But as the clues and the bodies pile up, Victor begins to suspect that his new partner knows more than he's telling about the case. 
Such a fun, gen romp! Loved the Henriksen perspective, and the differences and similarities in this Dean Winchester :D

(SPN) Steam, by [livejournal.com profile] bellatemple. Summary: Dean was supposed to get a year, and then go to Hell. Instead, as far as he was concerned, he got most of a year, and then Hell came to him.
SPN STEAMPUNK AU! Very nicely written, the sense of mystery about Sammy and the tension in the first few parts was superb. And Dean as a tinkering mechanical genius, what's not to love about that?? The graphics that go with the story were also ace.

(SPN) Captured by the Game, by [livejournal.com profile] rivkat. Summary: AU. Azazel has given his favorite son a task: worm his way into the confidence of a hunter. It sounds simple, but Dean Winchester just might be more than Sam can handle
SO. DAMN. GOOD. I mean, I loved her SV stuff loads too, back in the day and this was just fantastic. Seeing all the little differences this AU makes in canon storyline and the characters and akjhkfj I must admit, it features a confession scene that will probably be right up there in my most favorite love confessions/admissions of all time. *clutches hands to chest and SIGHS*

(IM) Accountable, by [livejournal.com profile] quigonejinn. Excerpt: Here is the point of departure: Tony does not wait until after he has had the press conference to ask Rhodey to help him.
Basically, everything quigonejinn and co. write about  Iron Man is fucking gold, and this recent fic is no different. AU, as seems to be the theme of this post, and utterly heartbreaking in a way that slowly creeps up to you when reading. THAT LAST LINE. I just. Ahjksdfh oh, Tony  *SOBS* ;___;

(HP) Quality of Mercy Chapter 30 (END), by [livejournal.com profile] mistful 
IT'S FINALLY COMPLETED!! Holy shit, yesss. And what an end that I see is already causing some kerfluffle on the HP fen side of things? I dunno, but I really liked it nonetheless, maybe even for the reasons that some people are raising such a fuss about. Basically, KAT GO READ IT AND COME TALK TO ME ABOUT EET.

Heyyy, my allergy fit seems to have died down in the half hour it now took me to write this entry. SCORE *sniffles*

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1.) So like, in Taekwondo today we had to warm up by using a jump-rope. Sounds like a fun return to the days spent happily frolicking in the playground in our childhood right? JESUS CHRIST NO, this shit be HARDCORRRRRRRRE. I was panting, whacking myself in the head with the jump-rope(NEWSFLASH: THIS HURTS) and and just plain standing and wheezing my way through the I dunno how many minute-intervals we were supposed to be hopping and skipping away. Felt so good to know/see that I wasn't the only one being owned in the room though, that's for sure! The rest of the session was a-okay, we even got to kick a sandbag (another OWWW/yay good pain though moment) AND I think I managed to piss this chick off in my row because I suggested she should maybe not flail so much with her arms when she kicks... OOPS. I mean, I knew it would probably come across as really condescending and I am the first to admit my condition is off like hell, but MAN was she ever flailing about. BUT OH WELL, shall have to remember to shut up in the future *shrugs*.
Speaking of sports, I am even considering maybe doing a second session of Taekwondo a week next semester, Michi's been talking my ear off on how I don't do enough sport if I keep bitching to him about having Muskelkater (LIKE HE NEVER BITCHES OR REPEATS HIMSELF ABOUT THINGS NOOOO) and okaaay, even if I am not a fan of his idea of jogging(urggh) another training session Taekwondo might not be such a bad idea. Get me all fit again, lolz. (I was looking at the pics of the party on Saturday-- which was awesome and we stayed until 5 am btw lolol-- and hot damn I kinda put on some pounds. And not in the awesome 'ooh I am more stacked' way, either D:)

2.) The new Kellogg's cereal "ZimZ", or whatever it's called, SUCKS MAJOR ASS and should be ashamed to even call itself a cinnamon-flavoured cereal, because it looks awesome and kind of smells tasty but urrrrrrgh the texture! The flavour! BLARGH, so much for trying new things-- I will now stick FOREVER AND EVER to my Cini Minis, that's for damn sure!

3.) It sure is frustrating when you show up for a pre-approved and set appointment with your Proseminar-Leiter and she turns out to have forgotten to pencil you in, and thus does not have your work with her! Lol, I still managed to talk at her for nearly half an hour re:my questions though. Here's to better luck next week!

4.) The WGKK somehow hates me. WHY AM I RECEIVING MAIL THAT TELLS ME I NEED TO PAY MONEY AGAIN?? That's the whole point of the Abbuchungsauftrag that mailed to them that one time, for them to just take the money from my damn bank account gaaah what is so hard about that? Tomorrow be some srs bizness calling time again. *sigh*.
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...for I have just realized, I don't actually have to hand you in. You and your weekly brethren only account for 9% of my admittedly going to be QUITE POOR Produktion und Logistik grade! I can beg someone to hold by hand and walk me through your perilous, tricksy and EVIL MATHNESS afterwards at my own leisure! Hot damn, it's like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Was already feeling kind of panicky staring at the presentation slides containing the examples and then the problem sheet and seeing a big fat ~*CAN'T TOUCH THIS NANANANA MATH RETAAAAAAARD*~ blinking back at me. Fucking presentation slides. THOSE EXAMPLES ARE REALLY CONFUSING. And skip steps. Because I can admit that the problem sheet technically isn't that hard. It's basically the same sums from the example, but with different numbers and variables. BUT the wrench in that simple plan is that I just can't follow the thought-path of the examples, and when I try to c&p the new sums and do math all I get are negative numbers. Which uh, even I know is kind of not what you're aiming for when calculating the production efficiency of some machine. :////

I HATE MATH AND WISH THE PROF LADY WOULD HAVE MADE IT MORE CLEARER HOW MUCH MATH ("Oh, it's just your basic multiplication and such" MY ASS) WAS ACTUALLY GONNA BE IN THIS COURSE because then I wouldn't have been so stubborn and stuck with it. Now I can't drop the course. Urghhh. FAIL GRADE, HERE I COOOOOME |D

...urgh and even if I don't do jack, I still have to go to bed now, so that's all for now! STAY TUNED FOR LATER RANTS ON: HAIR CARE! Dananana
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I am beginning to understand the sheer joy that cleaning can bring; of leaning back and seeing everything neatly in it's place and all is hunky-dory in the room. Mind, mine hasn't quite reached that stage yet BUT I am nearing it slowly, only the few little details left that I meant to do today but have abandoned in favor of rereading some old bookmarked fic. 'S worth it so far, though :D

Met Marie today for lunch at the Maschu Maschu in the Neubaugasse. Had some good, cheap and hugely portioned food and got to catch up with her for a bit. It's always a bit weird for me, hanging out with her... It's like there is not-quite equal footing? What with her being a bit older and being so active in all these youth politic things she is involved in, but then she shows me this bubbly and cheery side and I'm all ':DD??' in reply. But even if I feel so young..? compared to her, it's nice that she was also telling me about things like her various man-woes. Even if my input was less than stellar gg me. But I assume she also sees something interesting in me, so I'm cool with that.

Went to hang with Clemens after parting ways with Marie, since Monsieur M was sending me vaguely needy smses and positively jumped on my suggestion that I drop by later. Seems like Karim ditched him again for doing something in Bratislava with Anna and her guest? Haah, meant free TV for me anyways~ vegging and watching 'Home Improvement', 'King of Queens'(which I still don't find that funny) and 'Scrubs'(LOVE LOVE LOVE). Ooh and 'The Nanny', of course. Decided later to go on a walk together afterwards and did the whole route along the Donaupark from the Millennium Tower to the Cineplexx at the Donauinsel and back. Woooooooooooo~~ Fucking cold it was, though!

And on the note of friends, I want to talk to La, I want to talk to a bunch of BKK people that going on Facebook reminds me of. I want to talk to Jo who didn't reply to my sms which is making me paranoid. Lol and tangentially this reminds me of what is probably the con of the wall/pinnwand stalkage you can do on studivz and facebook-- you can see other people you also might wanna speak with talking with mutual acquaintances and friends and then it's all 'heyyy why isn't XY talking to meeeee *whine whine DESPAIIIR*' /complaining

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There is nothing I hate more in exam situations where there is a problem sheet A and B and of course, one ALWAYS gets the one that has all the wtf-questions that one muddles through somehow and when you hand it in you see what the other questions on sheet B were and Kdhakfhkdsh GNARRRRRGH. That could've been my B+ in Sozial Psychologie II this morning!!! But ahh, the gods were not in my favor and I had the shitty green sheet. Ohh pink sheet of joy and joyness, why hast thou forsaken meeeee...

But then I was up and awake after the exam (for which I also got up at 6:15 gnargh morning last minute review session) and had to go off to my next mission, finding the Visa-Section of the Thai Embassy. Which is hella hard to find and in a schicki-micki fancy-ass residential area, too, woooooo :/. Dropped off all my papers and shit and even had to run around the area again to find an ATM, as Dad forgot to mention that extended a Visa that isn't the tourist Visa to Bangkok apparently costs 50 euros. Aaaand now I just have to drag my ass there all over again to pick it up friday morning, ooooh hope all goes smooothly!

Am typing this post in rampant procrastination of STEP4 practising, of which I have done next to ZILCH and will probably bomb the test tomorrow. STEP6 went better than expected though on monday and I am vaguely hopeful that I passed!
Watched SHREK 3 that night with Lis and her roomie, too and that was fun at least :D ENGLIIIISH MOVIES
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Blaaargh so since I am possibly machochistic and idiotic I called Dad about Versailles again because we came up with a plan to make the whole trip cost even less-- from 350+ euros to 250 euros but ahahahaaaa I didn't even get to finish my first sentence and

I am just kinda bummed out pissed off annoyed and so on and so forth and I still have that soz.psych reading to do and I should start getting reading for Robert's dinner at 7pm, man I feel like I wasted the day today.

Shall be more normal and decent post-y after I come back.

Ta. :/


Mar. 16th, 2007 12:19 am
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Soooo. Roadtrip!!1 to Versailles has officially been given the kiss of death by both parentals... haaaah and HOW. (also--how I loooove making a dramatic spectacle of myself talking to Dad about such issues in semi-public places gg =_=)

Well then. Always knew deep down that getting to go would've been too good to be true?? Fuck.

At the very least I don't have to scrounge together as much cash as I thought I would otherwise... still, this kinda sucks ass. Called La to tell her that and man, we had such great plans! Shit, we were all so looking forward to it, especially La of course, but what can I do? Hate to be the party-pooper but if Dad says no(...amongst other things), then there's not really much I can do about it. Man I wish we had more cash. Or that travel could be simpler and cheaper and quicker. Mitteleuropa is doch so verdammt KLEIN ODER??

:/ off to distract myself with net and then sleep-- have to be up in at nine AM tomorrow boo.
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SO TIRED. And vaguely annoyed. I can see tuesday forever going down the drain and everyone seemed so weird and cranky today. WHAT IS HAPPENING WORLD?

Think I'll go watch some DVDs and then beddd... Comments and post replies tomororrow! Have some more doodles and stuff to upload,even! Rah raaah

Oh and Frank is all 'let's visit La in Versailles-- only 11 hours road trip in my VW golf'! And I am torn between the inherant yay in that, as is the whole movie-esque appeal of a suprise!!visit and all... but the more rational, party-pooper part of me is all
a)EXPENSIVE(need a train ticket to Münich first to meet up w him... pay for petrol I guess, shit in France ALSO parents both just said that they ain't paying me shit no more this month DD:)
b)HOW LONG(because if it's just for a day I'd shoot Frank and too long goes against my promise to visit the grandparents this time bummer)
...and most importantly c)WILL I DIE IN A FLAMING CAR CRASH BECAUSE FRANK DRIVES LIKE THE DEVIL IS ON HIS ASS?? What about my insurance! WAH.

...I mean, I am still imagining this in my head though. SHIT it would be possibly SO DAMN AWESOME.
Damn you, real life!!!

And now I'm depressed again. Boo.

Nyaaa :(

Mar. 4th, 2007 12:59 pm
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The saga of Shaz vs. STEP1 learning material continues! At least I have two more days(well, counting today as a day) to go! And have managed to sort out my room and vacuum clean it as a side-by result of procrastination yesterdaaay... before eventually slumping in bed at around 10.30PM. What the heck is wrong with my sleep patterns lately? I mean, technically this is waaay more healthy than what I'm normally used to(looool), but still vaguely unsettling.

Oh and Wallner finally deigned to reply my emails and I shall apparently have an appointment with her this wednesday to discuss what I need to do to raise my failure of a STEP3 assignement up to her lofty standards by the 16th of April. My bet's on having to start over from scratch, but who knows?? I'd sure appreaciate an explanation on the grade first, though. And maaaybe any tips on WHAT TO DO with my time goddd two more years just because of this one fubared course?? DD:
(Am starting to think if it would just be better if I just take another STEP3 course this winter with another course... I mean, my year's wasted in that perspective anyhow...but then again... ARGHH why is this all so complicated...DDD:)

Those two craptacular things aside, my uni life seems to be looking up-- at least schedulewise, managed to get into both of my first choice tutorials and seem to have had the luck that my mondays start at 5PM to 9PM and my fridays are only 10.30-12PM, (with tue-thur normal classes blah blah)... which means, somewhat LONG WEEEKENDS forever ahahaha yay XDD

And the weather seems to be finally leaning towards spring? It's getting darker later, that's for sure~


Mar. 1st, 2007 06:22 pm
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Term hasn't even officially started and I am already starting to get sick of it. And the fact that the clicking of doom will start tomorrow afternoon as 1000 students converge on the PKW homepage to get into this semester's tutorials... HERE'S HOPING I GET WHAT I WANT DD:
...also discovered that I have also failed STEP1(as did Anja haah I gots some company), and that the retake is this freaking monday morning already, so goooodbye, weekend plans! (Olgaaa ;__;) ...also HOW TO TELL DAD ahahahaha jesus christ whyyyy
Damn Soz.pysch exam sign-up quota is also already full, when the hell did it even go online?? Ahhhh I wanted to take it this month!! 2 chances lost now and fuuuuck I better not screw it up in april or june or when the hell ever the next date is.
Wallner bitch still hasn't replied to my emails yet, so I sent the same one again lol I will spamminate her until she writes back!11 :/

Why does uni make me feel so retarded?? I mean, I used to be the 2nd best in class for like years and now? Blargh DD: I miss the structure of school in moments like this.

At least am not so sick, nor jetlagged anymore. And I have the internet ♥
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And thus me cycling through new LJ layouts! I quite like this one, yay for the eye-bleedingly bright magenta. I'd say that THIS is what I'm talking about when I think of my favorite shade of pink ♥ The 'Summer Love' was cute too, alas my ever so long header didn't quite fit on it and I am too lazy to think of a new and shorter one. Same goes for alternate text for leaving comments and the ilk... And I'M supposed to be creative, lol.

Missed out on getting to watch 'Music and Lyrics' today at FP with Dad timewise, shame but ehh. Feel kinda weird and numb this whole day, Dad would call this me 'still sulking', I guess. Told him about the STEP3 thing this morning and had another ...well, talk isnt the right word, but he didn't exactly yell at me, just expressed his dissapointment which is actually worse than if he had yelled, haah. Will still have to email Wallner later but I don't feel like anything remotely in that direction now. Repression for the win, lest my last days in BKK be soured by this, though well it's a bit too late for that eh? Blah. (Didnt really care for what Marie kinda said along the lines of her and Viola 'also' getting a 4, I mean, whoop-de-fucking-doo, YOU STILL PASSED. But. She prolly thinks that since I'm younger I can afford to do an extra year?? or whatever. Maybe there's hope re:that that she knows and I don't and thus it might seem to her that I'm overreacting? We'll see :/)

There'll be leg of lamb for dinner tonight!

PS Hope La won't be mad that the mail I'm sending her will be a week late AGAIN. I just ...didnt feel like anything much after yesterday.
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I uh, actually don't really mind the new changes in the update LJ page. Sure, it also took me a while to find the Userpics option, but I like that the tabs bar is longer now and ...okay typing in Arial is also easy on the eyes.
Took the occaision to actually fiddle around with the layout settings available to me with this Plus account and voila! 'new' LJ-layout~ Yay for orange-y goodness. Would've loved to have the robots invading Tokyo one though, socute! Should maybe add some new icons too, must fight my inherant indecisiveness!!

Today was asstastically, teeth-chatteringly COLD though, holy hell. I mean, I figured I'd still be okay with two layers (Tanktop +jacket) and my bulky olive jacket, plus scarf and gloves. But. SO COLD... The newspapers said it was around 2 degrees at noon and will probably go into one or two degrees minus later in the evening, with snowfall earliest next Tuesday... Ahh I wonder how it will be in Zürich/Winterthur?

And this damn cold weather(THAT WILL ONLY GET COLDER FUUUCK) was also one of the main factors, besides oh CASH, why I'm not going to get my first table dance at the Partyhouse Vienna's Lady's Night with Hannah, Mira and Katrin ...ah well D: ...next year then? (Also Carmen and Anja weren't coming and that just added to reasons to cancel aswell, the PH Vienna is right in Hannah and co.'s neighbourhood and then I'd be the only one who would have to spend over an hour getting home with the nightline, blaargh)

Shall be making some pasta later, curling up with my blankets and maybe even going to bed early instead! Who knows~

Tamaki :D

Dec. 2nd, 2006 12:21 am
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...fiddling around with the brightness things in Picture Viewer is fun! I should start bringing actual stationary to draw with during the lectures. Have been substituting with pencil/pen +hilighters or one of my three coloured pencils ahaha suck.

And am too lazy now to post the other doodles or other stuff 'cept that am v. tired now and my back hurts from all those FRIGGIN STEP3 BOOKS I had to lug around the whole day. Gnargh!
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Like, actually getting work done before 10PM for a change, especially since I'll be needing to get up and about by 8AM so that I can HEAD OVER THE FUCKING RIVER to try and get those damn books and head back in time for STEP3 in the PKW-Institute at 12AM. Sounds like plenty of time, but there will be asstastic suck factors like a)where precisely is this magical library?(website was v unhelpful grr) ; b)how long does it take to get to Floridsdorf and most importantly c)WILL I BE ABLE TO TAKE THIS CRAP HOME? ...and I bet some are only for the weekend aka the whole shebang journey on monday and the next friday since I won't be able to finish reading all three 200+ page books GAWRSH, rinse and repeat DIE DIE DIE.

Fucking literature research :/

Ooootherwise Thursday was enjoyable as always and I am full of fuzzy joy for STEP2 Tut and the places we go afterwards to chill and talk ♥ Ahhh this is what uni life should consistently be like!

Aaaand I made first steps in relative X-mas presents, blew 10 euros on an impulse buy for Cousin Robert(REM LP ...that he better not already have dammit I hope!) and I sent off the start for Oma's super special pressie.
Ain't much more embarrassing than handing an envelope addressed to the 'Hansi Hinterseer Fanclub' to the post lady ...XD (My master plan=as per website sending an adressed and already paid for reply envelope with the mail means that I will hopefully have my hands on an 'authentic' austrian folk song HERO of all little old ladies and housewives everywhere autographed card soon. SOOON! >_>;;)

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But I still managed to drag myself to Soz.Psych this morning at 8(not like Fabian, who totally sucks at excuses: like 'I have sleeping patterns that are, ähm, difficult to overcome and ähm...' DUDE you overslept, just admit to it, we weren't gonna lynch ya for it XDD) and there was a test the prof wanted all of us to take about our social self-perception and what-not, and it concluded that judging by our results I was one of about 10 from 100+ students in lecture hall that were 'overly egocentric' and Carmen has strong social anxieties. LOL! (I mean, with questions like 'Do you look in mirrors often?' ...um, let's just say ALL reflective surfaces alright? *preens*)
Good fun though!

...and now that I'm thinking back I also basically spent the whole day with Carmen and Anja, as we went to have a late brekkie at Anja's place (where Carmen and I managed to get into the wrong U-Bahn AND S-Bahn A+++ team us!) and just hung around there and town before THE UTTER THRILLING EXCITEMENT(*gag*) that is PAED. Man, am so happy I'm not taking the exam for it next semester! Am just sitting in the lecture and like, pre-warming my brain for it next next year or something~
Got some library research done too, to appease my inner nerd. Ahh. Now I only have to get my ass over to the WU- library in goddamn FLORIDSDORF(...it's over the DONAU. I mean, am over the canal myself, but THE RIVER is a wholly different matter!) to get the majority of said reading material. On friday morning. That I most likely will not touch at all during the weekend.

...Such is life!

Yet to end this on a more positive note: Maya has a new H/D that is fricking hilaarious as usual(though I do want some more Quality of Mercy HOMG getting so gooood~): http://mistful.livejournal.com/93520.html#cutid1

Aaaand this Ron/Draco that is looking mighty innnteresting(am on part three of six atm):
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SO, the problem of the STEP3 homework? Cunningly solved by yours truly by notgoingtoclassahahahaOOPS. Because I ended up going to bed at 2, planning on getting up at nine and working on it 'til 11 or so. BUT. I mean, I did get up at 9 ...'cept that I kept hitting the snooze button until it eventually became quarter to eleven and I was forced to confront the issue of either skipping this weeks STEP3 session or running out of bed and getting there a)unwashed with ewww!hair, b)hungry, c)confused and without the homework we had a week to do lol and d)LATE anyhow. So uh, I repressed the guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach and puttered around on my Maturana presentation.

...which uh, was UTTER CRAP ahahahaha. Lucky(?!) for Jule and me that we ended up having it in the last twenty minutes of a three-hour class which meant that no one was listening anymore anyhow. Thankfully, I guess, since I wouldn't have wanted to listen to the shit I ended up spouting. And I was the one with the 'easy' stuff... This STEP1 Tutorial is just full of communications theoretical hoo-haah that I keep failing to find an interest in. I try(!) to listen to the spirited discussions that a few seem to keep having and make intelligent-sounding 'aha I am attentive' comments, but it's kind of hard to follow something like this when you have no idea what they were debating about in the first place or evenmoreso WHY topic X was so passionate-monologue-inducing anyways. Seeing the blank and vaguely bored faces of a few others did make me feel better though XDD
Am simply not wired for this time of academia I think. Keep hearing the automatic drive-in voice from 'Dude Where's My Car?'(High-class cinema yeaaah) going 'Aaaaand then? AND THENANDTHENANDTHEN???', which doesn't really help with the wanting to sound smmmmrt thing in face of RIVETING KommWi theoretical talks...
Also had a minor spaz moment when Peter the tutor was explaining some theorie or the other using the typical mom example of saying 'I know you didn't clean your room!' and I nearly had a heartattack in my seat and the 'OSHIT HE KNOWS'-expression must've been pasted on my face ahhhh ^^

AND it seems like now there is only ONE of formerly three of formerly FIVE working washmachines in my dorm now. GREAT. Couldn't this have happened after I washed my load? OR at least that machine could've looked broken so that I didn't need to waste two data-key twitches? Am gonna head down tomorrow morning(i.e later today lol 1.30AM) to check if it wasn't just the damn machine fucking with me cause goddammit I need to do my laundry :( ...I mean, I have enough clothes for another week and more but it's the prinicipal of the thing you know? FREEDOM TO WAAAASH and all that.
Maybe having only one working wash machine in a dorm for at least 200 something people will finally make the dorm tech personell fix the other ones? Cause damn yo :((((
(This is like the only thing I really hate about my dorm. FUCKING WASCHKÜCHE. Rinrin, since you're like on Lj moaaar now-- a question: How the hell do you guys do it in Nottttttingham? Same concept right?)

Eh, off to read some fic before bed now.
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...now this would be perfect and I could totally lay down for some well-deserved rest if only I hadn't just noticed that the STEP3 homework isn't just read 20 pages of text X(which I would've done on the train on the way there or something), it's read 20 pages of text X and do an abstract and excerpt of it. GNARRRRGH noeeeees... WALLNER AH HATE YOUR COURSE.

Today was otherwise a suprisingly lovely, although quiiite cold again day. Comics Tut was pure genius as usual, even with my brain at 15% due to having returned home at 5.30AM this morning and getting 3 1/2 hours sleep. Plus I HAVE MUSKELKATER. From just dancing! And I was the one in sneakers ...man, I really must've gotten really unfit in these few months of Wienna, aheh. This club/bar(Kaiko) was the best so far though, re:music and it turns out that if you have an ERASMUS sticker that they apparently hand out like candy over in the AAKH you get in for free. Am tempted to camp up my accent and go get one myself actually~ But seriously(lol), quite the shortage of hot guys to be found here *sigh*. We've only met weird or suprisingly OLD(...like 27 and he and his buddies were still going to student parties) guys, and the best thing is that the cute/okay-looking ones ones always kinda mack on Carmen and then offhandedly mention that 'oh, they have a long-time girlfriend btw but she's out of town this week *significant pauuuuse*' ...like that's gonna make someone jump into their bed like snap. Whuuut.
Pictures will prolly be posted this weekend inna batch with the one's I'll be taking this Saturdaaaay~

Looking forward to this Saturday's Christmas Bazaar-openings in the whole city! FOOD! PUNSCH! KITSCH! Tis bound to be fun~ AND I CAN ACTUALLY SLEEP IN ON SUNDAY GAWD.

Oh and KAAAAAT we really need to set up some Skype-time!!!1 :D?

PS Am reading Genshiken now and kajfhk SO FUNNY ♥ I love CFUD for introducing me to new canons like this~


Nov. 15th, 2006 01:15 pm
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...S-so tired D:!

...am seriously considering napping, even if it is just for an hour or so. GAAAAH and I still have to do my stupid Humberto Maturana presentation. Autopoesis-schmoesis :/

But! Later tonight will be partaaay again, apparently the med and law students are throwing a bash and there are supposed to be lots o' hot guys there lol. And since my STEP2 tut homework is basically just to explain 'gender constructs in (comic/manga of your choice here)' I think I'm just gonna print out some pics about Ouran and talk about that.

Najaaaa. Off I go!
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__ always have the print outs of the lesson ready (to doodle on)

__ 'arriving just on time' means sitting your ass on the floor between the seating rows for 2 hours YAY FOR OVERCROWDED LECTURE HALLS

__ there can never be too much food to eat during the lectures

__ the value of someone next to you to talk to cannot be fully measured

__ my concentration seems to have been shot to hell and back. GREAT


Oh and our shared bathroom is now sparkly clean as Sabrina, my quasi roommate who was again returned from another of her sudden disappearances, seems to be the type to let things be and the SUDDENLY clean everything like a soul possessed. S all good for me though :D We even have these free postcards from downstairs decorated our teeny kitchen wall. Niiice ♥ (I have the same motiv hanging on my closet--tis a lady with creepy fake contacts, v. futuristic and cool)

PUBLIZISTIK FESTL TOMORROW wooohoo I hope this will be better than my previous Wiennese nightlife experiences. Seems to be a big deal too, even V. who's in the BOKU(Bodenkultur Uni) is coming with a bunch of people.


Oct. 15th, 2006 05:02 pm
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**What did I do today**:

_ went to bed at 5AM, for NO REASON whut, got up at 3PM
_ made lunch/omelette with expired cheese(HEAT KILLS THE BACTERIA RIGHT??)
_ took out the trash
_ read epic Due South and HP fics (still doing now atm)

_ ...ignored the list of things to do today. Like study! GARGH am such a productive member of society

Why isn't anybody online right now? And why is it so damn cold mommy i dun wanna have to learn how to use a heater yet!! Am convinced that the one in my room will EXPLODE and I will die a fiery death of DOOOOOM or something...



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