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The past three days of BKK were filled with ups and downs, of which the downs were documented through that lovely outlet of Twitter. I still have a post in me about that that I might post tomorrow or later, but I feel that it shouldn't be smooshed in with this. Because don't get me wrong, this weekend was also filled with joy and awesome and the fact that I now truly recognize how Dad's actions speak louder than just plain words. HE FEEDS ME WITH LOVE.

One of the only requests that I had coming over was that I wanted steak. Figured we'd just head for a steak-house one night or something, but little did I expect the foodapalooza that was awaiting.




TODAY: Well, I was thinking about seeing if I could finagle a last-minute meet-up with someone in the roughly four hours I had in town before I had to leave for the airport, and I am somewhat ashamed to say I went FUCK THIS I WANNA SHOP. And well, shop I did! Now that the haze of intense shopping madness has somewhat died down, I remain quite happy with my haul.
What 3000 Baht and around 3 hours can get you in Siam & MBK )
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........for I have bought myself a pair of Crocs. They are the semi-legit looking black ballerina ones, though the shame I felt standing in front of the display was palpable anyways. The fact of the matter is that I simply need (plastic) shoes that can be soaked to hell and back, what with the near daily TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS occuring here. My el cheapo cloth-covered sandals had reached hobo-like status and I was actually gunning for a nice pair of chic Havianas before the limited selection in Chiang Mai cock-blocked me. Then I heard Ma's voice pleading with me to get some closed-toe shoes like a normal person... and well. They actually looked nice! And were in my size! So I figured, screw the price, it should be ~comfortable at least right?


I had barely worn them for an hour and now have 9 different stop-sign red blisters scattered all over my toes and heels. Add this to the horrible state of my face and so much for me trying to look chic for my imminent weekend in Bangkok (HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I WILL BE IN BANGKOK FROM SATURDAY TIL MONDAY YET FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH). I hope my 3kgs weight-loss since May so far will be noticable enough to distract everyone lol.

Good thing I bought another cheap pair of plastic/soakable flip-flops for back-up purposes!
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Things I managed to do today, albeit with massive time delay:
1) Translate my CV into German, which was as hard as I figured and thus always procrastinated on. Had to fiddle for ages with the formatting to make it all fit on that one page, as what you can efficiently say in English always seems to grow to encompass a few more words when you try to translate it to German. Also, Carmen gave me some pretty big pointers on the way I structured my internship descriptions that I wouldn't have even have recognized as being hinky and incorrect from a German point of view. Which is something that always irritates me about myself, the fact that a part of me just clings to doing everything in English all the time even though I should know better and surround myself with more German, since there is a very high probability that I will need a more nuanced style when I start working. Though I have heard that my grammar fail is improving to just being "often kind of effed up", as opposed to like, "always".
NEXT UP: COVER LETTERS (in BOTH languages, woe)

2) Addressed and sealed the very last batch of mail that will finally be sent off this Monday. This was something I started ever since Fantastic Pizza Friday at darling [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's place, so I'm happy I can finally say that this year's wholly delayed batch of mail will soon be out of my hands. [livejournal.com profile] gwy, [livejournal.com profile] nebst and [livejournal.com profile] laliandra, expect some goods in a week or two or less, I guess :D

3) Somewhat cleaned the rooms! Well my actual plan of a leisurely evening spent cleaning was disrupted by the sudden and unexpected return of Sabrina, who just left yesterday at noon, what the hell. I knew that I should have vacuumed in the afternoon instead of procrastinating, but she left again pretty abruptly for a while and I used that time to hurriedly wipe down everything in the kitchen and bathroom with the magical goodness that are these household wetwipe towelette things. All the dust and hair is gone, and whatever I missed I will vac tomorrow once she leaves, and I can go back to feeling okay again. Sabrina's been oddly adherent to our new policy of wiping the kitchen down and keeping things in order, so it's important for me to be on my toes all the time, as well. CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Though, keeping with the niggling feeling of ~it's too perfect, I have noticed lipstick marks on my milk packets and more weirdly, on my toothpaste tube, too. Which is interesting, given that though I do drink from the milk packet, I haven't actually worn lipstick for ages (yes I am a slob, but it is only my germs, OR SO I THOUGHT). I don't even want to think about what she does to the toothpaste, but like I told Carmen (who was all "I will never understand the way Sabrina's mind works"), this is positively innocuous given previous happenings. I do feel kind of disturbed about drinking my milk now though :|

GORGEOUS BAG UNO ... I will never stop fantasizing about designer bags that are currently way beyond my means. I mean, I am a sucker for bowling bags anyways, but look how classy this is! The dark green and the black and that cut-out effect, ahh.
GORGEOUS BAG DOS ...I swear, if my memory doesn't fail me, this is the same bag that one of the PR higher ups owned at the internship and that I swooned over every day for nearly three months. Or it could've been one of the YSL Muse ones that have more structure. EITHER WAY. ONE DAY I WILL OWN THIS. So huge, so glorious.
Super cute White Collar vid ...seriously, just watching it made me have a big stupid grin on my face.
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My days here since Saturday evening have been lethargic and unproductive in RL-terms, though I just finished updating of my icons and did spend Sunday having delicious cookery funtimes with Miss Olga again (mmmh rice with tiny veggie bits, turkey breast and tomato sauce). NEXT TIME: Pictorial evidence! Not that it ends up like October 2009 again-- a month of awesome and being social, but with no pics to back it up lol. But! Carmen is also back today, and I was so excited to see her agaaaaaaain, and also welcome the fact that her presence means I get off my ass and do things like a normal, productive person. She brought me more homemade jam from her mom (plum and cinnamon this time ♥, am still having the best sandwiches ever with the blueberry, rum and vanilla one I got in December when Ines came) and some homemade cookies, too! Delightful ones dipped in chocolate with a walnut and orange marmalade filling and super cinnamon-y cinnamon stars with delicious icing. IT ALL SMELLS SO DAMN GOOD, I could happily just sit here and huff the bag like some crazy addict :D

One of the minor, but personally important things I need to focus on is getting my sleeping patterns back to normal again-- have fallen back to my first year at uni levels of bad habits. 4AM bedtimes and regaining consciousness at 11AM is not a good thing, and the rings under my eyes are approaching panda territory :/ I've managed to dial it back to 3AM last night though, and plan on going to bed at 2.30AM today. Slow increments! THE INTERNET BETTER NOT SUDDENLY BECOME INTERESTING NOW, OKAY.

Also, I managed to drag myself downstairs to check my mail (was too lazy before, for the usual stupid reasons) and lo and behold my mailbox held two glorious treasures:
TREASURE ONE: [livejournal.com profile] rainrockstar, thank you so much for the super cute gingerbread-men card! Their wee buttons!And I must say that I am tremendously jealous of your handwriting-- it look so classy and stylish!

TREASURE TWO: [livejournal.com profile] nebst, THE PACKAGE CAME!! OH MY GOD ♥. Thanks a milliooooooon, eee! I am super exited to try out the imps now, and have decided to start tomorrow when I am actually gonna be leaving the house and not just lounging 'round in my PJs all day. I just keep opening the little sachets and sniffing them happily :DD. I'll just email you after this post for your German address, eh? My bad for not sending my package off earlier, ahhh.

OH AND HERE BE: another year end meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight
MMH DELICIOUS WALL OF TEXT. I am so not done with recapping '09 yet lol )
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But I have a limited time-frame of internet time again, and a bunch of things to post still. Just posted my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas picture in the previous entry and sent off my last UE Hist that was transformed into something almost beautiful thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's Mad German Beta Reader skillz. Hopefully my Prof will be so tired from the holidays that she accepts my vague yammerings and doesn't notice/mind that the 2 pages and spare change are in 1.5 Zeilenabstand XD.

Here, mainly for my own reference and "journaling" purposes, a summary of the previous, internetless days. Also known as, THE COWTOWN CHRONICLES, Winter 2009 Edition
Behind a cut for better scrolling by, and also because it is long as fuck. TL;DR ALAAAARM )

Today I got dragged out for a rousing round of Bockareiten, or bobsledding as I guess one would call it in English. And by rousing I mean that I refused to get on one and basically dragged Sara's sled around and up and down hills, sweating and wheezing all the time. Again, awesome work-out though. I hope the constant yawning that I was doing all the time is something that won't happen every time I leave the house, though. That and the ever present pressure imbalance in my ears sucked, too. Makes talking very strange, when you can hear your own voice echo in your head...


Dec. 15th, 2009 03:25 am
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-COMPLETED ABWL EXAM. I can be social again, now that the crunchtime is over! Or tomorrow, when I wake up again. But back to the exam. Well. What to say about it? It would be lying to say otherwise: This was one of the most difficult tests I have ever written. Due in part to the pressure (IF I PASS: LAST UNI EXAM EVER) but also because I had no real concept of how to do a large part of the math in it. Still, there were bright points, most notably the fact that the BWZ people are lazy fucks and apparently like to reuse the same exam questions, so some of the answers I tried to halfheartedly memorize off the ~dubious answer sheets~ were actually featured. And drilling some simple formulas into my brain actually paid off. Made it even more embarrassing that I got really mixed up on some of the theory though, what the hell. Hope that won't be my undoing, hah! All in all, I still wouldn't be surprised to have failed, but oh how I hope that luck is on my side and that I made the correct guesses... I do not want to have to redo this exam, all the note-taking I actually ended up doing has got to have been the most physical writing I have done since forever. I am such a horrible uni student. ANOTHER REASON WHY GRAD SCHOOL WOULD BE SUCH A HORRIBLE IDEA FOR ME

-Carmen and I looked utterly fab, dressed to the nines even headed to our academic doom in the JESUS FUCK IT'S GETTING COLD of Viennese weather. Her: Kickass yet feminine leather jacket, roughly-knit dark red scarf, dark blue fitted v-neck sweater and her swank long-ish dark blue/green/white plaid skirt with boots. Moi: my awesome new indigo winter jacket, black shirtdress with silver/black sequined squiggle pattern, dark grey tweed shorts + grey stockings & boots.

-Early X'mas present exchange time! Swapped our gifts since we won't have much time together once her sister arrives on Wednesday and combined it with watching the Dexter S4 finale and the first four episodes of The Vampire Diaries. Will probably have to make another separate post tomorrow, but suffice to say HOLY SHITTTTTTT re: the former, and GODDAMN, THIS IS SO FUCKING ADDICTIVE to the latter. Damn you, vampire show that I actually wholeheartedly enjoy. True Blood doesn't really count, as I am really just interested in what Eric and his entourage are up to... ANYWAYS. So I had no idea what this giant rectangular thing wrapped in aluminum foil (in lieu of wrapping paper, wut) on Carmen's bed was, amidst little tiny gifts like hairbands, pudding and caviar(!) face masks, which made my mind even more blown when I opened it and saw: THE FUCKING COSMOPOLITAN MEN'S B&W CALENDAR FOR 2010!! LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PIECE OF ART. The size alone pretty much blows me away (71 x 49,2cm!!) and the men pictured are all just simply gorgeous. And naked. I don't know how much I have mentioned this on LJ, but it is pretty much something I have always done since I started uni here-- treating myself to a nice b&w male nude calendar every year. My uni friends are apparently at turns either delighted or vaguely weirded out at how enthusiastic I get about it, tss~~. This year's calendar was quite disappointing, which meant just using some old favorites as decoration, but now? I am extra-thrilled to hang this baby up in January ♥
And I was pretty happy that Carmen liked my present for her-- basically assembled a set of blue and nautical themed accessories (batik sky-blue scarf, turquoise+anchor earrings and matching bag keychain, blue & white glassbead flower earrings) as well as a pair of Nepalese and Indian bracelets snagged in Bangkok and the last of the fancypants Green tea I set aside. Buying presents for her is so satisfying, ahhh :D

.....is it nearly 3.30AM already? FUCK. Sleep calls! Man, I hope that when I wake up, Sabrina's male ~visitor~ will be gone. I knew there was a reason behind her cleaning the bathroom all hardcore like that a few days ago! Good thing I spent so long over at Carmen's room, ugh I remember the previous visits all too well. NOISE POLLUTION. They should go back to fucking at his place, ugh I despise them so :|
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1.) CARMEN HAS BEEN BACK SINCE SUNDAYYYYYYYY ♥! My dorm life, my uni life, my ~~life in general~~ now feels complete again! I mean, I functioned pretty well and was actually quite social on my own, all things considered, but it really is a different kind of complete awesome, now that she is back. We went shopping on Monday and I basically had an intensely productive haul, hello SWANK NEW BLACK ANKLE BOOTS and really awesome indigo blue Esprit EDC winter jacket that I can't direct link here, but believe me when I say that it is totally stylin' ♥ Also, I ordered Havemercy and the Generation Kill book from Thalia-- holiday reading, here I come!

2.) So many fun things are planned for these next few days/weeks-- outings with Hazel and Marius, lunch and movies (NEW MOON LAWL) AND IMMINENT COPENHAGEN!1 with Carmen, girl's night in with Daniela and Romana, maybe something with Wido so he doesn't freak out over his thesis AAAAAAND I have been ace with skyping people recently ([livejournal.com profile] laliandra I LOVE OUR CONVOS, even if the internet is a cruel cocktease connection-blocker!) and JOHANNES even skyped me of his own volition. Good boy <33

3.) MISS OLGA AKA [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby is back from her trip to Chi-Town and I am already all a-quiver to hear ALL ABOUT IT and botherbotherbother her and her glorious bachelorette pad again. YOU BREATHED THE SAME AIR AS MISHA AND THE Js, DUDE I WILL FOREVER BE SO JEALOUS, AND THAT PICTURE WITH MISHA IS LOVELY ♥

4.) Fantastic mail from my RL friend La and dearest [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! C, I cannot state how much I adore those ginormous earrings, and lol now I am actually thinking about future wardrobe pieces to buy to wear around those earrings, as I fail at having neutral basics to really flaunt these babies :D Already got compliments from the two days I wore them though ♥ Must start on my own mail packages, haven't decided when I should time the sending off of stuff-- maybe one lot pre-Copenhagen and then the Copenhagen goods get smooshed with the intended Xmas mail? HMMMMM.

5.) MY WEEKEND WAS SO BOSS. Career-confirming, even! PR and magazine writing, you are doable, but you can never ever measure up to the joy that advertising brings me ♥ I never would have though that spending 12 hours doing uni seminars on a weekend would have been so enjoyable, even considering that *shudder* MATH was involved. Media Planning is crazy hard, but I can kind of see the fun in it, and the beauty in getting the numbers to align and fall into place. The CEO of a really big Media research firm in Austria was even our prof for this course, and lol he apparently was a graduate of this major, too? A SIGN THAT PUBLIZISTEN CAN ACTUALLY GET REAL JOBS lolol. Have a lot of time to work on our final assignment for the next session that is the weekend we get back from Copenhagen: A PPP on our own new media impulse and idea for an established brand-- mine are the tiny yet delicious D'Arbo Fruchtikus. I THINK IMMA BUY SOME AGAIN... for "research" purposes, ya know ;Db
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BUT!! In other, epic-ly delightful and stunning news-- [livejournal.com profile] laulan, I GOT YOUR MAIL!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT DUDE AHHH. Color me utterly, totally and relentless charmed and happy and over-joyed. So much awesome-- the Trader Joe's Choc Pudding that I am saving for a special occasion, and damn if the packaging is not simply retro-glorious beauty. Ahhh, I admit that I was always curious about Trader Joe schwag, and now I can find outtt! Eee! BUT THE MOST ULTIMATE WINNER OF EVERYTHING EVER IS THE PERSONALIZED DOMO-KUN THESIS COUNTDOWN ADVENT CALENDER. I MEAN!!! No wonder you were saying something about days. And lolol dude, you are almost making me look forward to the days passing so I can open a new box! I ALSO ADMIT, I BASICALLY TEARED UP WHEN I GOT IT, OH MY GOD one of the most sweetest things anyone has ever mailed me ♥ ♥ ♥ ILU FOREVER MY DARLINGGGGG! *TWIRLS IN GLEE*

Other than that, my life remains the same as always, though I went to uni today and apparently there are over a 1000 students who have barricaded themselves in the Audimax, and who have been doing so since the afternoon (I went there at ca. six thirty). Apparently they'll even be sleeping there overnight. It's going to be interesting to see if the Minister of Education will actually do something about their protest and their demands, though I must say I get why the people are protesting because seriously, it's like the rules and regulations of the universities change with each goddamn semester. And amongst other things, we do have a problem in Austria with all the Germans coming over to study who couldn't make it past the admissions/Numerus clausus back home and overload the courses and the resources. Ahhh.

Random ♥ links ♥ to round this entry off:
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I guess I should learn by now that if I don't post before Friday, nothing will happen, LJ-wise before Sunday evening (like now!) because I will spend most of the weekend asleep, eating and bothering the dogs. While I do feel a bit anti-social re:my spotty keeping in contact skills, is was still pretty refreshing, I gotta say! Managed to finally get my ass around to cleaning up my room a bit, we bought two new mini shelves, so now my excess stuff is now somewhat neatly shoved in spaces in an organized manner, as opposed to piled in random stacks all over my desk.

As whoever has me on FB already knows, my Friday was actually ~*pretty damn awesome*~. Another sign of advertising being inherently superior to PR? WHY YES I THINK SO. Basically, I managed to get to observe an actual print ad shoot for a client (some local bank) being shot in a photo studio with the Account Exec P' and some of the creative team. I didn't really know what would be waiting for me, and I wasn't really expecting anything thrilling-- which made the actual reality all the more sweeter. And by reality I mean the entire shoot consisting of one (1) very attractive, very built and very tall male model swing a golf club, over and over again for about 2 hours. The way this guy managed to fill out what should have been nice and safe business casual-wear, it was positively indecent. THAT ASS, OH MY GOD I think I spent the first half hour standing around trying to stifle the gleeful giggles that were trying to burst out of me, all the while attempting to ogle in the most non-blatant way I could. The rest of the shoot was spent sitting down, munching on the provided fruit and ogling some more, lol. It's a shame that the end-result won't really make much of his face visible, because he really had a quite fascinating look-- mostly your expected 'strapping traditional young Asian man', but something exotic 'round the eyes... They seemed almost grey? I was totally debating to myself if he was a luk-khrueng too, but hmm. HOTASS IS STILL HOTASS (seriously he was so taaaaaaaaaall nggg). Also got to have some pretty nice conversations with the creative team staffers, and the studio actually gave us all free t-shirts! So, all round yay for that experience ♥

And now, some links that have been awesome or otherwise tickling my fancy:
Super swank fashion sketch-esque SAILOR MOON art ...yesyes, I know, but damn if Sailor Moon wasn't one of my gateway drugs to this work of animanga. Love the way the outfits have been tweaked-- Neptune's dress!
ZOMBIE PROPAGANDA POSTERS!! ...seriously, so cool. I love that you can also order them all 'aged' and shit, for added retro-authenticity.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] laulan posted some links that gmail fed her, and one of them was this pretty hilarious tee-shirt place. Whilst I may be trying to move my style beyond tee-shirt+jeans, this does not mean I can't appreciate and yearn for some of these. Like UNLUCKY CAT,
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NOTE: I had this all typed up yesterday evening, but then my net went on the fritz, so I went to bed instead and had the 5 hours of sleep that made today veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hard to get through at times, oh boy. Here it is, posted anyways!

---------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST WITH MEEEEEEE----------------------------------

SO LIKE, I should be in bed now, ahhh wake-up in 5 hours ahhh FIRST DAY OF MY INTERNSHIP TOMORROW AHHHH!! and I have this unfinished monster post about the last few days to type up, so I am only leaving you guys with the following tid-bit--

I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF THIS GLORIOUS, SUPER FANTASTIC HANDBAG! It was Ma's belated 21st birthday present for me, afhkjfhfkjjs I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It is the most expensive and gorgeous thing besides my laptop that I have ever owned, and I will love it and pet it and call it Sparky and NEVER LET GO OF IT AGAIN oh my god, I will wear the fuck out of this. Lovingly and with due care to the leather, of course. I seriously keep petting it. So luscious. AND MINE ♥. We found it as we were just strolling around and looking in all of the fancy brand name stores just for shits and giggles, and while one of my (uh, more materialistic) goals in life IS to be able to afford an original Chanel bag from my own paycheck before I am thirty-- I must say that 50'000 BHT/1'466 USD for a Gucci bag that isn't even a special edition or made completely out of leather is just crazy-ass bullshit. CLOTH! Who pays that much for cloth that is just randomly stitched and doesn't even really show much worksmanship, tss!

I admit that I did feel a bit guilty about accepting the bag-- it is an amazing amount of money for what is basically a good that I normally buy at a tenth of the price, but Ma insisted** and it is also something that I can actually use for the next five or even ten years without it falling out of style, so. An investment! ALSO I LOVED IT AT FIRST SIGHT, I CANNOT DENY THIS.

**Lol, she said that in the end, it was still cheaper for her than taking me on some short trip somewhere (CHINAAAA~~), so she'd gladly cough up the cash lol okay then :))

OKAY NOW THAT I HAVE SHARED MY DISGUSTING MATERIALISTIC GLEE, off to bed! Ahhhhhh I am so pumped already and yet I will probably be so dead tomorrow ahhh tired ahhh nerves. Will try and catch up with all LJery tomorrow, too!

--------------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST OVER-----------------------------------
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♥ WHY ARE YOU GUYS ALL SO AWESOME, AHHH ♥. Seriously, thank you so much for all the lovely well-wishes and posts, ahhh I was basically going :D :D :D!! all day yesterday, ILU ALL SO MUCH!!

Yesterday can also be counted as one of the nicest birthdays I've had since uni started-- now this might sound cheesetastic, but it really is lovely to spend it with at least half of the parental units, too. We met for aforementioned Greek food at Orpheus at 7PM, they had spent the day in Bratislava and I was running around town on errands with Carmen. And holy crap, was Orpheus ever so delicious-- super swank and better than I'd expected, and eating out with Dad is generally great because he believes in full course meals and not giving a damn about the costs when it's a special occasion (also, Carmen got invited too woooo!). Because I love to blog about this and predictably had taken pics (that I have yet to upload, whoops some other time), my list of dishes: Scallops wrapped in speck on beds of mashed potatoes with balsamico glaze (entree), GIANT Veal chop served with sauteed green beans and artichoke (main) and a cinnamon parfait served with marinated strawberries (dessert). And to accompany that, a glass of Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon red wine. IT WAS ALL SO DELISH, and I loved getting to try a bit of everyone's dishes (Sue's Baklava was the bombbb).

Other things that were truly fantastic and happy-making on my birthday/list of schwag:
_Carmen's present: the "1000 Places To See Before You Die" book (!!), a giaaaant traveler's size mentos, color-coordinated bio chocolate and the cutesy animal stickers at Monsoon that I was always shamefully ogling
_Parental presents: Sue got me a matching set of turquoise earrings and a wristcuff, Dad is apparently giving me some mad cash in my bank account when I'm back in the summer (...seriously, he said the sum and I just about keeled over in shock :O I'M TECHNICALLY RICH, BITCH lol what) and Ma has promised that we'll go on some short trip in September (I'm pushing for somewhere in Chinaaaa)
_ALL THE MAIL I RECEIVED/WILL RECEIVE! [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight, you ladies are ON NOTICE for really making my day with your beautiful packets, chock full of style and mood-lifting post ♥ Seriously Lalex, that Onitsuka Tigers poster is all kind of swank and C, I LOVE THE SPIDER THING. Well okay I actually hate spiders with a fiery passion in RL, but I can totally appreciate the coolness of such a fake artsy one :DD
_The birthday spam on Studivz/FB, ahhh I feel loved!
_Surprise telephone calls! Wido serenaded me with his ~touching~ rendition of Happy Birthday, my austro-relatives called, Ma did and [livejournal.com profile] hyourinmaru CALLED FROM THE US aksjfhajfkh that was seriously such a fantastic surprise, RIN YOU ARE WONDERFUL. Clemens was on thin ice the whole day for never showing a peep, but then calling at like 9PM, yammering some excuse about how he knew it was my birthday since yesterday but (insert excuse involving beer and sunning himself here) TSSS

AND NOW I AM OFF TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH DAD, SUE AND AE (THEIR LAST DAY AWWW), will reply to everything this evening!
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SO I THINK I AM GOING TO BE VERY STRESSED THE MOMENT I WAKE UP AGAIN(BAKK1 Zwischenbericht deadline ahhh I have nothing ahhh) AND UNTIL THURSDAY (hardcore sociology exam AHHH). EFFFFFF.
But! There is shining brilliant light in the midst of these unsavory things that I will now elaborate on in list form, because I am tired and should really try toddling off to bed :(

DEXTER SEASON 3 FUCKING SEASON FINALE. Moaaaaar plz! I love this series so much for being so consistently good. Definitely one that I will also be buying the orig box-sets for!
♥ The delicious and sumptuous Mövenpick CREME BRULEE ice cream that Carmen and I shared as we watched Dexter, topped with a generous helping of forest berries and richly drizzled with Mozart Chocolate Liqueur
♥ Trading early X'mas presents! Carmen really liked the shirt I got her from BKK and the papaya hand cream and mangosteen hairmask, score. And I totally adored my gorgeous cookie tin filled with chocolate and the personalized snowglobe!! she made with one side being a silly pic of us both during ice-skating, and the other being one of our swank Prague pics ! AHH :DD
♥ Following the awesome of the DVD/Present thing with Fondue at Wido and Lena's! Clemens and this friend of Lena's, Katja, was there too and it was so much fun. THE FONDUE WAS DELICIOUS, even though I was actually full from the ice cream I ended up pigging out all over again. SO WORTH IT THOUGH. EFFING HOME-MADE CHEESE FONDUE. Mhhh~ And we played UNO later and I won twice. HAH.
Clemens wasn't a dick! Seriously, he was so pleasant and fun, it was almost like last year in not-a-dick levels. Absence doth make the heart grow fonder? He better come to Punschen tomorrow too though.
♥ Punschen at the Karlskirche tomorrow! I get to see Tutor Georg and Dominik again! I could take or leave Georg O. and totally pass on Lis and Harry though, man this could possibly turn out so ~awkward~ tomorrow lolol

But one thing I am not looking forward to tomorrow is having to pay fucking EIGHT EUROS in library fines. Fun story: The BWZ bib closes at 4PM. I had borrowed four books over the weekend and admittedly left the house a bit late. Got to the BWZ at ten to 4PM, but figured I would have enough time to copy my needed pages out. Our IPKW library always takes a while to close, so I thought that if I took until ten past 4PM, I could still squeeze in and return the books. So I copy and copy and am finally done, toddle over to the library and seriously, it was TEN MINUTES PAST FOUR PM and the lights were out, nobody was there and the (glass) door was locked. ERGO, due to these ten minutes I will be 8€ poorer tomorrow. I almost want to just keep the books longer now since I have to pay the fine anyways (and lol, after the first 2€ pro book fine, they just add 20 cents a day whaaat). BUT FINE BWZ BIB, BE THAT FUCKING WAY D:
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Fucking fiiiiinally! I can't believe that I have been offline for five days already, shit that's nearly a week *addict twitches*... Have so much to catch up on(FIIIICS, all the holiday fest works to read yessss) and probably only two more hours left, so here is a quick c&ping of some random stuff I had been typing up on MSWord. Can't afford to get rusty after all ;D

Hope everyone had/has Happy Holidays and heyyy it's BOXING DAY~ (what does one exactly do on boxing day besides eating leftovers? I just know that all the shops are closed today :|)

Before X'mas: Featuring bookses and moooovies )

X'mas Eve and Day: Ze holiday schwaggg and more blather )

Will try to get online in two days again, at the very least to send off my Yuletart entry lolllls 8DDDb
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I put aside my Jensen/Dean Winchester girl hat for the following link:

SO CUTE SO CUTE AHH THAT ACCENT SUCH A DARLIN' SOUTHERN BOY. Man his texan roots are really noticeable when he says 'I know, you would think, right?'(raaaaite) and 'Country music'(kowntree) and they all keep saying 'We do do that' eeeeee :D :D :D


and another cute link is:

and one of these: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/generic/887e/ WOO ROFLCOPTER :D

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During the last few days between my last post and the present I have been:

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But at the moment I am still jittery and hyped up for some reason. SO here's a bit of faffing about on LJ before I go wash my hair, eventho it's nearly 3AM-- it just means that when I kinda oversleep tomorrow I can just quickly run to my comics tutorial(of which the essay still needs a closing paragraph aaaaah!) without being all icky and kafjsf. A++ planning I got going here, yess

Today was mostly taken up with the awesome that is IKEA Vösendorf and the gigantic journey it takes to actually get there, which is one of the things I will never understand about European cities and their need to put sprawling shopping complexes in the middle of freaking nowhere. There is something wrong when you actually have to get in a TRAIN to go to the Shopping City Süd, instead of there being a bus or tram or god knows what. We(being Anja, Carmen, Judith! and me, since Fabian is a laaazy dude who wanted to go home and sleep after 8AM Soz.Psych. I WONDER WHY ...he's also a kinda pessimist to talk to re:uni and Wiennnna in general. Ahh, boy have we got our work cut out with you!) got quite the haul and I was happy to finally get some of the stuff off my to-do list! Just that the way back kinda sucked cause the already chilly at 8 degress weather took a turn for the OH FUCK worse when it started to raaaaain like the dickens. Icy, icy droplets of DEATH! :/

_ Introducing KLAUS-BJÖRN, my new ICE BEAR of adorableness! It was a chore trying to get a not so dirty offwhite looking one from the stacks of Björns though and I think I'll pop him into the washing machine before I really uh get my cuddle on. IKEA GERMS!
_ My new bedsheets! that I hope I bought the correct size for and such >_>;; ALSO: NEW HARD PILLOW ♥
_ Candles that smell of caramel and chocolate! Altho ironically they smell stronger when not exactly lit, haah

And by the time we all were back we were all wet and tired so we parted ways home again and I came back to my room mate fanatically cleaning the kitchenette and bathroom(she's getting a 'visitor' tonight so it seems~) and I just kinda sacked in bed from 3 to 8PM. With my new pillow~

May tomorrow be another okay day! May Georg not kick my ass for not having the essay already sent to him 3 hours ago, or like DONE AT ALL! And may Sociology prove to be interesting for the second class running as this time Carmen won't be there with me 'cause she's getting a visitor too D: *is jeaaaalous*
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Wheeew~! One done ...a bunch left whut. Ever have that feeling when you know all the correct text interpretation points, yet everything you write sounds horrifically lame? Yeah well that was me today >____<;; SOMETIMES okayoften I hate the german language. But! Day off tomorrow, only have english finals on thursday and woot friday's gonna be off again, too.

SO anyways! Comicon '06 at some meeting Hall at St.Louis Hospital last Sunday! (dunno why a hospital but yeah)
Met up w/ Ginger first and spent a while walking around the hospital grounds looking for said mystery meeting hall until we found Cosplayers! and thusly stalked them to great victory! And then we had to walk up 11 flights of stairs because the tiny lifts were overfilled but we prevailed! For great dojin-buying sake~
Place was packed, random schmucks like us, cosplayers, cosplayer assistants etc all milling about or waiting in line. I was immediately sent in my first semi-squeeing fit seeing the door-standing person dressed up as Roxaaaas, which was a fitting prelude to the entering of the hall~

Heh! It can be safely said that the maaaajor major thai fandoms represented here dojinshi-wise were Deathnote and Fullmetal Alchemist, with Gundam Seed and Prince of Tennis making their presence felt at some booths, plus some girly series for the guys to perve over... Naruto was scattered around here and there and of course(??) Harry Potter was representin' too~ XDD KH2 seemed to be the newbie/dark horse on the block but! Mhhh looked good to me~ And of course it was all fandoms ever for the keychain-sections~
Some noticably awesome cosplayers were the gazillion Riku's (One had a micky mouse fuzzy hat on!!), the MGS military crew, some Ed Elrics, The Ouran Kokou Host Club(♥), Vincent Valentine... but my personal favorites were the Ishida/Ichigo duo, plus weapons! and the KH2 booth that were all dressed in these really nice looking Organization XIII cloaks~ ♥

Ginger and I mangaged to score a lovely haul, totally to about 2500 baht spent in total for both of us~
_KH2 DOJIN "TWILIGHT SHOW" FROM MIIST:(over whom I squeed about in THIS post...other series/artists art recs there too if you hadn't seen it yet!) ....THE COVER IS SO HOT AND IT IS SO FUNNNNY AND BEAUTIFUL AND I'm sorry I'm still stuck on that fact and ahahaha Xigbar and Demyx 'counseling' Axel on how to win/get Roxas back from Twilight Town** and there are references to the missing pictures(AXEL'S EXPRESSION HEE) and Roxas: Super hot ice cream presenter extraordinaire(the sea of fangirls!)!!.... Oh maaan! THE LOVE! I can't wait for the next installment~ Best amount of money I've ever spent on a dojinshi, it now ranks up higher in the glee of my heart than the smutty pretty FMA Roy/Ed dojin I found at WTC ♥ ♥~ I NEED MORE OF HER WORK
(Read it in the BTS the first time and ahahaha OOPS for cackling in public transport XDD)
** Of course Demyx is like 'read him this sonnet of your feelings and all will be great-o *thumbs-up*' and Axel is all 's-shut-up It's embarrassing and DiZ has his cameras all over the place #^^#...Xigbar goes for the 'whisper in his ear' tactic and demonstrates on Axel who goes all BAD TOUCHING NOOO XIGBAR and ahahaha I am really bad at describing this ...just! ahh sorry lah D:

_KH2 Dearly Beloved- Sora: (By eguana) This one WON for sheer omg!effect with the design of the dojin- There was this metallic emboss of the title stylised heart, a slighty waxy? paper before the actual dojin and a free Oathkeeper bookmark! BEST sword in KH ever ♥ And the story was adorable too, Roxas and Sora and Destiny Islands OT3 in the end yaaay :D

_PoT InuKai Dojin by RANS!!: Seriously, oh scoooore~ Rans is such a crazy awesome artist and I am extremely in a happy place for getting my paws on her stuff ♥
_HP Assorted Dojin by Happy Family!!(one of the most famous HP thai circles iirc): Finally had enough money this time to buy 'Garden'(Harry/Draco and the magic feelings flower that kinda brings them together) and some other Marauders dojin (The Marauders start a band! Little Red Riding Snape, chibi style--god I wish I bought that too so cuute!, James/Snape...okay they pretty Snape up like whoah but shuush it's Happy Family and oh shit! gorgeous art ♥)... and we got bookmarks as freebies too~!
_FMA Ling/Ed smut: ...okay I admit I only bought this cause the cover was extremely pretty and by the time my brain caught up with the rest of me I had already handed over my money XDD Trigger-happy at cons I am, yes :D

+ random keychains aaargh I regret not buying a Roxas or Axel one (got Sora instead)!

I wish there was more fun unique idea merchandise tho- like in November last year where this one booth sold Icha Icha Paradise formatted blank notebooks! But the tiny Deathnote replica keychains were quite ingenious too~
There should've been a booth selling some simple totebags though, we weren't the only ones lugging our loot around and there is potential cash to be made here! I mean, some cheap plain totes +Silk screen motives, maybe embellish a bit and WHAM! Bag! Money earned!

+ MBK= Advent Children DVD english Dub GET!

= SHAZ at that point of time? ECSTATIC ♥
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Oh yes- nearly forgot about that... the memory of going to school today already seemingly so faar away... But its was wonderful, our teachers prepared this elaborate breakfast spread for us-- baguettes, croissants, all manner of german bread, yogurt, honey, marmalade, salami, ham, authenic spanish tortilla!, french Fruchtzwerge (♥), a myriad of fruits, cake ....AND CHAMPAGNE!! WOOOT
There weren't enough fancy glasses, so the teachers had to toast in the clunky faculty tea cups... XDD
It was a lovely way to spend the day, gorging ourselves on the food, chatting, making retarded pics and generally ...yay ♥ and I almost forgot that we as a whole don't really get along with each other ...heh...well at least the status quo resumed afterwards anyhow, but I have reached a stage of Not Really Giving A Damn Anymore so ...*shrugs* eventhough I do mourn how it used to be

The final few Vornoten were also revealed, a 6 in English as expected and a suprise 5.5 in Spanish! Turns out my Vornoten ain't so bad after all :D ignoring math yess

The last few days have also been quite pleasant due to various factors such as Dad returning from S'pore with giant bags of CANDIED ALMONDS (♥) and easter eggs, as well as all manner of "impulse buys"...

= This really nifty glass necklace thing- all reds and purples and oranges in this vaguely rectangular pendant, that in turn is affixed on an orange corduroy band. Mmmh orange things ♥! Matches my watch now too~
= A Lancome Travellers make-up palette! Lancome! Awesome~~

= Pre-b'day gift from Sue being a Swarowski pink dangly earrings and necklace set! (sweeet~!)
= Knowledge that will get snazzy sunglasses with Sehstaerke from Dad +Kinokuniya vouchers
= Ma and Andy will be delivering spending moneyssss~~

...yes I admit to having pronounced vague materialistical tendencies.... Whut. Stuff makes me happy D:


Apr. 5th, 2006 10:17 pm
So. Nearly two hours after I get home, my feet still hurt like hell.

Hee. What a day! What a hardcore-shopping trip that I haven't seen the likes of since, well, since Kat left (;______;). And of course, I nearly- okay I was late to the rendezvous point, ahehehe...typical.

Scored some awesome schwag- Manga, KINGDOM HEARTS 2(+manual lol am loooser), Naruto keychain(EEE SO CUTE), NINJA SHIRT (SO COOL SO COOL SO COOL), more stuff and stuff that's heaped up inna pile on my bed. Ooh! And there was food to be had, that was veerry tasty ♥

Getting to meet Mone([livejournal.com profile] acidcocktail) was super fun- yay for two really talkative people finding each other~ :D? And we proved for each other the theory that not all People You Meet On The Internet are 40yr old male weirdos who live in their parents basements, which is Very Good To Know XDD ...are there even houses with basements here? Oh wait, there are basements as in parking lot ones...yeah.

Twas strange that I kept meeting people from our school though. One of the girls in ...crap, forgot- one of the lowers grades halt, was sitting right next to us in Haaegen-Dasz and I only noticed the moment she got up to leave and said "Schoene Ferien, Sharon.". To which I think I said huh a lot and called her by the wrong name again. Acccck, happens all the time in student council aswell >_<;;. Wonder what she overheard...hopefully I wasn't saying unflattering things about my classmates yet! ^^;
And right after that, BAM, Manit and his bro+ random black dude. Yeaaah. Stood and talked a bit, was nice I guess~. Though if I came to Siam to pick up chicks I sure as hell wouldn't schlep my younger bro and his homie around. Or maybe it was the other way around? Heeeh.

Anyways, off to zock KH2 for the very first time~!!! Yaaaay~

PS KAT THE TRUE IDENTITY OF DAWEI HURTS ME. IT SCREWS UP THE FRAGILE BACKSTORY I WAS IDLY MAKING UP IN THE BACK OF MY BRAIN DDDDDDDDDD: ...But! We can adapt! Maybe Dawei is a half-chinese half ami! Who dyes his hair! And okay doesnt look so girly like I thought he would. And OMG! Brainflash- Dawei=DAVID?


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