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_ Yuletart submission sent off at 3PM YUSSSSH. I hope my recipient will like it! Ended up being not so much like I planned it lol spontaneous art morphing, but I think I am mostly quite happy with it~ And I sure as hell learned a heck of a lot more about Photoshop C3 now ahaha o man~

_ Also bought myself a new train ticket back to Vienna, as it turned out that the one I bought first featured a detour to fucking TIROL of all places. Zell am See -> Wörgl -> Wien ...and here I thought Wörgl was just somewhere in Upper Austria?? But noo, Wörgl is actually near Kitzbühel. Ahehe. Serves me right for not actually checking for correct geographic locations ahahaha.My grandfather now thinks that I am an utter retard, thanks to this OOPS.

_ I have been super lazy these winter hols. AH WELL. 8DDDb

_ Binged the entire 12 eps of HANA KIMIIIIIII these past two days. SUPER HOT. My thoughts can basically be summarized as ~*ENDLESS FLAIL AND SQUEE*~, even if Oguri Shun kind of has about 5 facial expressions. But he really grows on you XDD And Maki Horiaki was fantastic~~ eee Mizuki ♥ (SHIROTAN AS KAGURAZUKA was so obvious with his mancrush on Sano and Sekime/Cosplay boy was just adooooorable ahhh :D)
Starting Hotaru no Hikari next!

_ OH AND MAY YOUR HOLIDAY/NEW YEARS HAPPENINGS BE AWESOME LIKE AJ's (Ma has such a ...gift in taking pics of the cat ahahah o god >_>;;)
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(Yay sticky-posts)

Uh, hi! I just got my assignment email from the mods today (7/11), so I figure I should probably put something like this up, too.

Well... what to write here. My LJ/userinfo is pretty transparent in where my likings fall to, and besides what I mentioned as possibilities in the requests bit of the email I otherwise wouldn't want to bog you down too much anyways... The creative juices should flow! And all that jazz~

Sooo, thank youuu in advance and I hope you have fun drawing~~ ♥
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Fucking fiiiiinally! I can't believe that I have been offline for five days already, shit that's nearly a week *addict twitches*... Have so much to catch up on(FIIIICS, all the holiday fest works to read yessss) and probably only two more hours left, so here is a quick c&ping of some random stuff I had been typing up on MSWord. Can't afford to get rusty after all ;D

Hope everyone had/has Happy Holidays and heyyy it's BOXING DAY~ (what does one exactly do on boxing day besides eating leftovers? I just know that all the shops are closed today :|)

Before X'mas: Featuring bookses and moooovies )

X'mas Eve and Day: Ze holiday schwaggg and more blather )

Will try to get online in two days again, at the very least to send off my Yuletart entry lolllls 8DDDb
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But have nearly finished with packing! Man, I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to these things... And I keep being overcome by paranoia that I will suddenly forget something SUPER VITAL!!1 and it will spell my doom. Also, I am trying to not use the large clunky suitcase, as there is nothing worse than a 5 hour train trip like a 5 hour train trip with a ginormous suitcase. Yet I also need to cram all the X'mas gifts and my assorted clothes I want to dump in Krimml for goood, plus assorted entertainment knickknacks, whiiiiich probably means I will be lugging at least three smaller bags around tomorrow instead. I CAN HAS VAGUELY RETARDED SOLUTIONS, YES 8Db
Wonder if my PIMP YOUR TICKET ÖBB gift voucher will work, if so it would be awesome to get to see how the first class seats are (I am reckoning not much of a difference lol but at least it might not be as packed?)

Today was otherwise spent verrah productively with Miss Olga, got all my rest shopping and the laundry done AAAND managed to score some sweet gloves and shiny pink hairclips at H&M. One of the pair of gloves is purple and has golden thread in it that is shiny, and everytime I lift my hands and the sunlight refracts of them I am transfixed anew. SHINY *w*v

...urgh here's hoping these next two weeks in Krimml will be okay~ AND THAT I FUCKING FINISH THE YULETART PIC IN TIME waaaaaaaaaaah. (Have hammered out a concept already, it all just needs to be painted into fucking photoshop, where it will probably mutate a few times as I can never stick to the plan. Shall start on the weekend! YUSH)

PS Olgaaaa I tried calling you at 8 and 9.30PM wegen Franzl drop-off but du hattest dein handy wohl auf silent oder so? But no prob, I guess I shall finally find out how long Aloe Vera can survive without watering XDD. Hmm, maybe I should put Franzl in a shallow bowl of water?? Would that lead to overwatering?

PPS Watching 'Off Centre' clips on Youtube has reminded me of how awesome Chau was. Especially ones like THIS clip. GIANT BUCKET OF ASS!! MOTHER OF SUCK!! Ahahaha o man I need to try and incorporate these into my swearword vocab. Can't restrict myself to only variations of fuck! and shit! and jesus fucking shit shitfuck!! after all~ (in all languages at my disposal)
...anyone wanna volunteer their favorite swears? XDD
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SO IT TURNS OUT I MISUNDERSTOOD AND THE 20/12 DEADLINE FOR STEP3 TURNED TO HAVE BEEN EXTENDED TIL THE 7 OF FUCKING JANUARY. Ahahahaha. OOPS. So I celebrated by not taking the chance to get it done and over with and instead read large amounts of SPN fic until my eyes hurt. One can NEVERRR accuse me of having too much good sense, no siree~.

First off, some awesome picspams and links, all containing SPOILERSSSS in many shapes and forms for most of what is going on in S3:

THIS INTERVIEW is kind of perfect. And random.
I quote: "What's the first thing you do in the morning?
- I masturbate to the Tom Cruise poster I have on my bedroom wall, says Jared and everyone cracks up.
- And you say I'm gay, says Jensen, while Jared looks nervously at us taking notes.
- Are you going to print this?, he asks with worry.
- No, seriously. I get up and drink a lot of water, work out and then masturbate [laughs]. No, I like to run about an hour every day. If it was as healthy to masturbate I'd rather do that for an hour. No, don't write that. - No, of course not, we reply."


"20 of my most favorite Dean Winchester FACES" .....EEEEEEEEEEE such an awesome picspam and so cute and hilarious and DEAN!FACES ARE OBVIOUS ACES. I personally am weak to the WINK and the Little Boy Face and the SHMRUG and the Crinkled-Nose Face are just plain awesome. Ahhh DEAN ♥

"A Very Supernatural Christmas(3x08) picspam/review" ... AKdjhlksfs I LOVED THIS EPISODE SO DAMN MUCH. Watched it with Carmen ghetto-style via Youtube episode parts and ate out of tubs of Häagen-Dazs Baileys-flavoured ice cream. That I still have. Hmm~~

Now some fic (Wincesssst lies yonder btw):
"Keepsake" ...'Sam has a plan. Sweet and hot and funny, this fic stars Winchesters and cameras and Sam trying his
utmost best to get a damn picture with his camera-shy older brother. Also features Sammy's adventures in Photoshop (I LAUGHED SO HARD ahhhh~)!

This person's NaNo fic was great to plow through~. At first I wasn't sure in which direction it was going, from having read the first few bits early in November and the rest now, but once you get through the whole thing it slots together nicely. With added Fae-lore and Sam-onna-quest for Dean! Ach, Sammy was haste wieder für Scheiße gebaut eh? XDD The author's other stuff is fantastic as well and there's a lot of it there, too.

"Knight Moves" ...CURSE HIJINKS!! Involving Sam 'n Dean and an equally awesome third contestant~ This was such a great read and so very hot ♥.
The next parts are "One False Move" and "Movin' Right Along!. Love eeeeeeeem.

"The Silver and the Glass" ...AWESOME. Kind of a concept that has been Kripke'd already, as the author says, but nevertheless, I was all making squeaky noise of OH NOES WHATS HAPPENING and AAAH THE ENDING when I read it. A+ :Db



Dec. 17th, 2007 03:41 am
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Aliiiive, but suddenly fucking swamped and it's nearly 4AM already aaaaah clusterfuck!

Real actual post pending, have amassed linkses(SPN FIC SO HOT) and pics(Lucas' 'porno party' on sat(THE COPS CAME. AGAIN) and meeting with Nat for caaake) but nooo time yet.

And my yuletart piece and my STEP3 HÜ? NOT EVEN STARTED ahhhh


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



2)I want someone male in my immediate group of friends to wear this. Since there is obv. no boyfriend for me to buy this for and oogle lol ;3; Carmen and I have decided that Michi needs to buy it. Tis right up his vaguely preppy ally... Though of course it would be the best if Mr. 49er would wear it~~ *_*b HACH.


Dec. 12th, 2007 09:21 pm
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The last session of Karate before the winter hols was today, and I must say that I was happy I did end up dragging my ass to there in the end-- Carmen opted out as she wasn't feeling too peachy-keen and I was shortly overcome by an intense bout of laziness BUT. Oh maaan it felt so good to get to spar!! Was up against Doro(who is totally more pleasant to spar with now), Tall Dude X(soo gawky in the typical I am too tall and can't really control my limbs way hee), Markus(I keep having to tell him to wipe his arms off before we start, it is vaguely disgusting how much he can sweat XDD), the Teacher's Pet(STUPID BITCH bla bla 'owww you hit my breast' yeah boo fricking hoo well I wasn't complaining when you stepped on my feet multiple times or punched me in the damn throat DID I :|) and to cool down there was anorexic looking Dreadlocks chick(whom I probably outweigh by about 30kgs she is sooo tiny whaa). I can already feel the bruises blossoming on both my arms this time and it actually kind of twinges when I type on the laptop. In a GOOD PAIN AAAH kind of way ahaha XDDD. Am quite curious to the colour and extent of the bruising tomorrow though~~ 8Db

AND keeping in the vein of fantastic happenings, this time in academia, I

a) AM APPARENTLY ON AN 1-er/A+ GPA IN STEP3?? WHAT THE FUCK this is too awesome I nearly couldn't believe it. I still am vaguely shocked. FRAU GOUMA, WHERE WERE YOU MY FIRST SEMESTER?? Oh man~~


b) FUCKING PASSED KSOZ. JUST BARELY AND WITH A 4, BUT JEEBUS CHRIST I DON'T HAVE TO RETAKE IT YESSSSS one more subject down that I don't have to do next semester BOOYAH, bitches! (Carmen is already complaining that I now have three more exams done than her ahahaha XDD)

Life is currently quite fantastic ♥ and tomorrow I am meeting Carmen in town before KPOL to go buy fuzzy handcuffs in a sex shop(Spartacus @Mariahilfer). Because we are invited to another one of Lucas' themed parties and the motto for this one is, waiiiit for it.... AMATEUR PORNO. Y-yeah. >_>;; WHAT HAPPENED TO GOOD OL' 'LETS JUST CHILL AND GET WASTED' PARTIES HUH?
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Today was clearly a day of tiny victories of being vaguely social, ignoring uni and blowing off a birthday party thingamajig. I BLAME THE WEATHER. God I hate it when it's cold and rainy in Vienna, and the ICY WIND is whistling by in warp speed. Fucks up umbrellas as well! Gaaah.

Met Kevin Goetz(of good ol' DsSB times) for some theoretical coffee and chat in Starbucks at the Mariahilfer today. I will say it over and over again, and my hate for Starbucks will never diminish, but at least the franchise in the Neubaugasse is really good to sit and talk for a while. Even took my laptop and external HD to show Kev some of the old pics I had, ahh those were the days! We seriously sat and yakked about assorted crap for about three hours straight, and thankfully he had overcome his ...delayed ...way of .........speaking that I was kind of afraid was usual for him the first time we met by chance in Thalia, so I guess that was just him under extreme shock XDD. Here's to keeping in contact better now~~

And as I am sitting here and typing this I still am not regretting lying to Michelle like hell about being too sick to make it to her B'day party. I was considering going if I could have roped Clemens into accompanying me, but ironically he is legitimately sick now so that was a no-go... and to be quite frank there are few things I hate more than running around town at night alone and cold because of the never ending RAIN. Must meet up with Michelle later next week and make it up to her or something... And now I can at least go to bed a bit earlier and maybe fucking finally clean my room and get my crap sorted out, am slowly descending into utter chaos again, OOPS.

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So Michi decided that today was the day we should swap our presents with each other, as he is leaving on the 13th already and I must say that Carmen and I were really, really surprised by what he got us(after all his vague hints about it)...

And now, I am the proud owner of "Tribute zu Bruce Lee: KAMPF DER GIGANTEN", which as the fantastic(!!) poster already shows, apparently features CHUCK NORRIS!!1 too. The amazon reviews seem to aimed at harshing my squee but still! Oh god I think I laughed for five minutes straight when I opened the packet... Talk about an unexpected, yet totally awesome and cheesetastic gift ahaha O Michi ♥!!

Carmen got some 90's splatter black comedy flick starring Cameron Diaz and Christian Slater and the caveat of: "I can't really gauge your sense of humor, so I wasn't sure what to get you- but I figured that so many people die in this movie that you have GOT to love it." ...XDDDD

Our joint gift of a coffee mug of Michi in a silly pose and the text 'Oberscheggaaaa' filled with Kinder Schokobons and chewing gum seemed to have delighted him too, so all in all a job well done to all of us! Heh~

And now I shall be off to Robert's for another cousins in Wienna gettogether dinner. PAELLA NIGHT wooo I am so fucking hungry DD:
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I have just handed in my assignment, nearly two hours overdue, IN ENGLISH, for a class that is actually held in German.
...WELL the teacher said we could also write in English (though I doubt she meant ALL homework, just the final project oops) so I am hoping I can cruise by on that. True facts was that I was too retarded to get the damn essay done it time, and whilst staring at my open MSWord doc with less than an hour to go til crunch-time my brain proceeded to fritz out and I lost the ability to make sense in German. Or at least make sense in max. 800 words-German. Even my English version of the essay kind of sucks ass, but at least it sucks ass in fancier words and marginally correct grammar than my aborted desperate German version.

5) ...


*is doomed* ...in basically 7 hours fuck I need to go wash my hair and sleeep. ;3;


Dec. 5th, 2007 06:47 pm
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HOW COULD I FORGET THAT TODAY IS FATHER'S DAYYYYYY aaaaaaaaah and now it's too late to call BKK and talk to Dad >_>;;




PS skipped Karate today tee hee oops
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~*HOLIDAY CHEER*~, brought to you by AJ ♥
Ahaha why is Ma so talented in taking pics that make me expect the cat to start shooting LASERS PEW PEW out of his scornful eyes any second. Nearly choked on my mandarine when I clicked on her email attachments XDD I bet Andy had a hand in choosing the outfit~

Oh and I have been awake since 8.30AM! Have I accomplished my 800 word essay and 100 word Book abstract yet? WHY OF COURSE NOT and I shall be toddling off to either wash my hair or do the dishes next. Go go priorities! What's that Studivz group called again --"Ich habe ein Motivationsproblem bis ich ein Zeitproblem habe."? TRU FUCKING FAX.


Dec. 4th, 2007 11:54 pm
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Deadlines are nearing ever so quicker and I have yet to get as much done as I wanted! But it is still doable, just I guess that tomorrow won't be all that relaxed nor will Thursday be so D:
But fuuuuck time just flieees! It's nearly winter hols already and it doesn't really feel like it. This time last year we had already gone to over 6 X'mas market/bazaars, and now? Only by virtue of having Sociology lectures in the AAKH do Carmen and I walk past the Weihnachtsdorf. But today was also faaaaar too cold and drizzly, we spent a very toasty warm and delicious dinner at the Stiegl Ambulanz again, god I LOVE that place. Sprang for a Tafelspitz for 12 euros and hmmm was it ever so worth it! Delicious meat and soup veggies with a lovely portion of just right creme spinach ♥ Perfect meal to satisfy an appetite and keep warm! Especially in comparison to lunch at the Cafe Einstein near the uni, where we met up to discuss our PAED essay thing. First of all the three other dudes we are forced to do this assignment with are sanctimonious asshole fuckfaces, the acoustic in the cafe was so bad you couldn't really hear anyone speak and to add insult to injury the food sucked ass. I have never had such a dreadful Wiener Schnitzel before, and at the very least it 'only' was 5 euros. Michi's Caesar Salad didn't even have a dressing! (Although no wonder the place sucked, it was suggested by one of the three other dudes after all!)

Oh and I managed to lose my gloves. GOOD JOB, ME >_>;; at least I have a spare pair...

AND: Hot 49er dude sat in our row in the cool Soz. class! Alas it made furtively staring at him very difficult, but still! Eee :D (also he seemed very tired and was often facefirst on the table, which in a way was very facilitating for my ninja attempts at ogling |D) Carmen was already making fun of me that I kept checking out whoever was coming it to the lecture hall late if it was him and hah! he ended up coming. Not so much with the punctuality, Mr. mysterious hot dude! Ohoho

PS Have been reading copious amounts of looooooong Life on Mars fics these past few days. Eeee want S2 DVDs noooow plz DD:
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Numero uno:
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Numero dos:
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GOKUDERA IS SO ADORABLE ajsffjsnkj ♥ And I am reading my way through assorted Reborn! fic and I am slowly groking the number/pairings thing yaaay~~

Numero tres:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
KYAAAAA~ I can't wait to see the special eps next January!! Eeee this pic is super cute, too :DD

...and I would post a picture of my newest fascinating bruise from Karate sparring training, but I guess it's not something that should be inflicted on the internets. Or maybe later. Suffice to say that it is at least 15-20 cms long and about 5-8 cms in length and in varying red to purplish colours. Georg and co. were very suprised to see it when we were in Lecture and group consensus is that I look like a victim of domestic abuse. O-okaaay XDD. I am rather amused by it though, and I never did figure I'd bruise easily. And hey, as long the hurts from Karate restrict themselves to NOT IN THE FUCKING FACE I am totally a-okay with it. Wonder if the dude I was sparring against(who asked me later if I had done martial arts before, as I was more 'offensively active than all the other girls'...sounded like he was looking for a polite way to say 'why are you such a crazy violent chick' heh) has some bruises too?
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...this, and some added boy-related shenanigans have quite possibly saved what seemed to be a spectacularly fucked-up day after bombing the KSOZ exam this morning.

ich hoff' er gruschelt zurück

This post has been brought to you by Carmen and I spending too much time on studivz.net and discovering the hoard of fake RP journals of celebs that exist there. Some are so baaaaad, it's almost adorable!
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...that when faced with the test sheet, the answers actually come to mind for a change? It sounds so idiotic and well, redundant to say this, but woaah. Actually writing down notes to practice for exams really does help. 8 pages of handwritten OEKO notes haaaaah~ GO BRAINS.
I hope I am not jinxing myself, but I think that this time it's a pass for sure? *crosses fingers*

And now only KSOZ tomorrow to go~ (with a wake-up time of 6:45 fuuuckin' A, why does the exam have to be at 8.30AM?? WHYY). Still have the whole day to practice though, and am thus still hunky dory~

Went shopping at the new Merkur at the MC with Carmen after OEKO exam and hot damn, I am in LOOOOVE~ with this supermarket! Lovely layout~~ and very reminiscent of Central Chidlom's old supermarket layout and so many fruits! and MEAT! and cheese! and other sources of yay. Also managed to score some sushi rice and a bamboo mat, so with that and the stuff I got last week I am basically all set for some prime time ONIGIRIIII makings later this week~~ :3

Shopping for food is always delightful ♥
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Step 3 assignments kind of DONE so far fuck yessss. Sent 'em over to Carmen for proofreading, will then get to post it tonight and for now I guess I can fully concentrate(HAHAHAHAHA) on what will be my next two academic blights AKA the looming specter of the OEKO and KSOZ exams. Especially now that Mme. Carmen has opted out of KSOZ and I am too stubborn to do the same, even if my practice so far has amounted to having browsed through 5-odd paltry pages of the 84-page Reader. Umm.

ALSO before I forget and it is vaguely uni-related anyhow, yet with an added touch of Awesome that is sorely not happening in the exam-prep area waah, I hereby pimp the short film that Georg, Lis and Dominik were making in their TV-tAT. It is quite well done and I personally love the music choices and the way they handled the subject (Student restrictions in applying for a place in our major. What the hell do you call it in English anyways?) and the 'Lebenslauf' pun is cute. But mainly it just kills me to see them on film. Especially Georg and his flippy girly hair (that is now cut a bit shorter again XDD)

(Basically: Dominik is the black-haired dude, Georg is the blond in the tracksuit, Lis is the girl that 'succeeds' and the other girl is someone I don't know lol)

I should be typing something about the dramatastic happenings at the PKW Festl too, I suppose, but suffice to say for now that I was far too sober, other people were far too drunk, the music was far too undanceable AND there was drunken make-out and gropings (not involving yours truly *sigh*) that make or may not have been captured on digi-cams ... ;Db


Nov. 19th, 2007 10:50 pm
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...SO it has been three days already! How time flies, especially when one discovers on friday that one has to hand in an assignment on Sunday that involved sifting through about a 100 pages of diverse academic blabla pertaining to our STEP3 topic and practicing the age-old art of random WORDVOMIT on a word doc. AAAH. But it was mastered well enough (I hope) and now I 'ONLY' have another irritatingly vast STEP3 assignment to complete until Thursday and should get my brain turned on for some hardcore OEKO(...second attempt orz) and KSOZ learning for next weeks exams. WHICH I CAN ALREADY SAY SUCKS ASS *whines*.

OH but in news of awesome, we have a PKW Festl' again tomorrow!! :Db Lis and Georg are even going to be there, which is exceedingly yay-inducing, even if Harry(wants to lock himself in room and study til brains assplode), Clemens(has two women to juggle gaaawd he is fake-dating/fucking two girlfriends parallel-y who are both studying at the VU and I bet they won't be BFF gaaalfriends for much longer u hu hu hu man the situation is so hilariously retarded) and Wido(had some pussy excuse about taking his girlfriend somewhere) won't be coming. PSHAW we will still have fun!!1

The cookies that Carmen and I baked this Saturday also turned out exceedingly well. MOO HA HA HA, I DO SO have homemaking skills! And we now have perfect el cheapo presents for our dudes this Christmas~~ Go go us.

Sunday night was also spent with pizza and watching Chuck and Larry, which while having many moments of EXCEEDINGLY CRINGE-INDUCING ANTICS, was actually quite okay! Suprisingly. But oh hell when it was too embarrassing to look at the screen, it was REALLY BAD lolol owwww why. VING RHAMES ROLE whaaaat. Just. No. asjhfasf. Also there is too much suspension of disbelief required to buy that Adam Sandler's character was this hardcore ladies man. I mean, noooooo. The other dude was fun though, eventhough I normally admit to being one of the few people who kind of hate King of Queens. I just... don't find it so MINDBLOWINGLY HILARIOUS!!! like basically everybody else I know does?? Ahhh.



Nov. 16th, 2007 05:04 pm
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ARGH ;3; WHY. GAWD. This wasn't happening yet last year??
Well, at least I already have my super schweeet MNG coat since Tuesday. IT IS FABULOUS and I love it so ♥
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And I spent yesterday evening/early morning lol searching for some new icons, in celebration of having finished the Higurashi anime and having plowed through 18 volumes of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (SO COOL eeeeeee). My current default icon is SO CUTE Gokudera makes the best faces everrrrrr~~

Also tomorrow I shall be baking COOKIES with Carmen!! Moo ha ha ha~

(if only I could now motivate myself to do schoolwork... hmm. ...naaah)


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