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Back! After eight long days of no internet chez grandparents! Yesterday evening was already spent vegging out gleefully, and here a post to collect some of the links that tickled me pink:

via [livejournal.com profile] tomomichi
The Final Fantasy girls vs. the Dead or Alive girls. Yuna, Rikku, Tifa and later on Rinoa and Kairi (no idea bout the DoA chicks, just squeeing for the FF ladies here XD). No holds barred Battle Royale. IN OTHER WORDS: SO FUCKING EPIC. This are the fanmade(!!) vids I never knew I had to have seen. The detailed and awesomely choreographed fights! THE BEAUTIFUL CG MODELS for the girls! The weapons! The final moves and limit breaks! More squee behind the cuts! GO WATCH THE VIDS FIRST AND BASK IN THEIR GLORY

Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy II

Tis nothing better when you are randomly link-hopping and then come across some mighty fine picspams of gorgeous men (TAYLOR KITSCH(Timmy Riggins on FNL) and JENSEN AND JARED(These names should already speak for themselves :D)) and then stumble upon a HI-RES shot of this pic:
HELLO NEW WALLPAPER! And by hi-res I mean 'takes up a third of my display, and the rest is beautiful clean whiteness. Must unclutter desktop to accommodate this ♥'

I WANT THIS T-shirt.

ALSO. A Gossip Girl dude 'going gay'. TEN BUCKS SAY IT'S CHUCK. His big gay love for Nate is PALPABLE when you watch GG *srs nods*

Catching up on 8 days of awesome! A truth or dare post! Mafia and AT-tard antics! PW cast! More series noted down to check out (Vinland Saga, Pandora Hearts...)

Ahh, that was lovely ♥. And now a note to self: GO TO FUCKING BED EARLIER. My dorm has better lighting than my Krimml room, and okay life in Wienna has the added incentive of actually seeing OTHER PEOPLE on a day to day basis that aren't related to me, which makes the fact that I currently look like a wreck very worrying (=stronger bags under the eyes, skin break-out and my hair is rebelling... Noooooooo D:)
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Have now been culturally enriched by getting to finally watch Pulp Fiction, albeit the german dub, with Olgaaaa today! Slick movie and a real treat to watch*. I checked the IMDB site for some english quotes right after and no fucking wonder everyone and their donkey keeps quoting this movie. Jules(Sam Jackson with curls aaah what) and Vince(John Travolta's beer gut was kind of more horrifying than most of the gory scenes XDD) aside, I liked Bruce Willis' character the most and the uh, special special role that Christopher Walken had. I MEAN ahahahahaha oh man.
Oooh and this just needs to be seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syf8olcM0z4 A-WE-SOME.

*I still associate the theme more with that damn Black-Eyed Peas song though. :(

Other than that, we spent the late afternoon and most of the evening totally rocking out on Guitar Hero II. I FEEL MY DORMANT GAMER REFLEXES REAWAKENING AHhhhhhh yesss. Finished the Career Mode on medium... maybe one day I'll try hard and expert and see how fast my ass is toast. Loll. But 'tis quite addictive woo~ ♥
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...am currently muddling my way through the esteemed academic institution of Bullworth Academy, AKA I have started to break in my copy of Bully: Canis Canem Edit on the PS2. My first verdict? FUUUUUUN, but with vaguely confusing controls and a map that makes me wish I bought the walkthrough booklet(must remedy this!). I kind of am fond of Jimmy already, and have also already purchased some new clothes for him so that he/I might be more successful in macking on the ladies( ..and guys I hear? Must further investigate this possibility). Have been to all my 'classes' so far and am steadily beating bullies up and maybe the occasional nerd when it strikes my fancy. Keep getting busted by Prefects, though :/

Shall try and get some more Okami playing done tomorrow, too~

Other than that I slept for far too long today, even with a bedtime at 1AM which ISN'T THAT LATE, which made waking up at 3.30PM today all the more confusing. Then I forgot to take my antihistamines, which meant the rest of today was/is spent sneezing and generally feeling kinda shitty. Dog must be exceptionally dusty today I guess?

And now here something
I found surfing around, o you crazy HP kids! Also here be Dan Radcliffe's new role? I must say the moustache is kind of VERY DISTURBING OKAY. Jeeez O_o;;
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SUNDAY EVENING: *surf surf surf the net*, *catch up on CFUD, facebook, studivz*, *read fic*, *open a bunch of tabs to reply to posts and people* --->eventual discovery that ADSL REBELLLLLLLLED and was dead D:<

MONDAY: *woken up at 5.30am to get ready to go into town with Dad and Sue*, *breakfast at the Hotel w/ Dad, reading newspaper and subsequent almost zombieish behaviour until leaving at 10am due to lack of sleep the previous night*
THEN: *MEETUP WITH PATTY (BIRTHDAY GIIIIIIRL), GINGER and their friends Ploy and Linn!*, *AWESOMENESS and delish crepes at Crepe and Co.*, *MAD ASIAN PHOTOSESSIONS OF GLEE!!!*, *shoppping in Siam and spending 1000 baht on earrings oops*, *getting to hear delicious RIS reminiscence dramamarama by Patty and Linn, jeeebus christ, my crap is positively tame in comparision!*
EVENTUALLY: *home, dinner, DEAD TIRED and in bed before twelve, no internet*

Got to sleep in! Play some more PS2 games, have broken in Okami(SO PRETTY and eee AMMY), Guitar Hero 2 and Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's so far, and its been a blast! GH is totally playable even without the fake guitar and I am loving all of the songs and generally getting my rock on. Must see about buying Persona 3 and Bully the next time I'm in MBK~
Was browsing through some old picture albums here as well, oh my dear magic sticker collection! And the notes I made to some of the albums! How tiny and youngish we all were, hach~ Looking at the 9th grade upwards pics kind of reminded me of how I diiiiidn't really feel comfortable in class after La, Angie and Frank left, though. I mean, Kat was still there for a bit of course, but in a different class and that meant that solo class excursions with rooming with Tanja and Maew were always a bit ehh. Oh man... I bet one day we're gonna have a class reunion and everybody's gonna be all YAY and HI and totally over things and I will still be forever holding onto my kind of grudge against Tanja and Sven G (to some extent). I mean, we had some fun times, sure, but way to make me feel really shitty and boring and unnecessary in class sometimes, guys :/ Lol and this actually figures onto how I see the 12er sometimes, it's all yay and fun, but mostly I get that all class mixing aside, they're their class and I'm not and when it comes to it we're not really friends that will be in contact for a long time. Sure there's facebook and random studivz, but even there I never talk to Julie or Stoffel anymore. Jo gets the guy-communication failure redemption and Kathy is basically the only one I talk to every now and then. Ahhh.

WHICH is why I am all the more grateful for Kat and La and co, and the uni peeps. I feel valued! And loved! And all that jazz with them, yay :)


Fannish links and such later!
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Am now FINALLY firmly ensconced in Ma's casa with WIRELESS INTERNEEEEEEEEET!!! No more cold turkey at Na Paew's place, though I must say the Nip/Tuck Season 3 DVDs I had were instrumental in making me honestly not really notice the lack of glorious net. Twas all the more bitter when I discovered that the LAST HALF HOUR of the Season 3 two-hour season finale was mysteriously missing from my admittedly dubiously acquired box set :( ...anybody in the know willing to tell me what happens? Obviously nothing groundbreaking, since season 4 exists (and I have already burned through disc one of 7 there, and already I have some skips and freezing. Oh fake DVDs, why are you not my friend this time round??)
But oh how I adore the sheer high-intensity DRAMA! and EXPLICIT SURGERY FOOTAGE! paired with some truly convulted character relationships this show has... Christian(**) and Sean's friendship is really something, their highs and their lows and the fucking around with patients and the weird patchwork family thing they have going... The little in-jokes and pop-culture details in the whole series! Ahh ♥. And I found myself really liking Julia and Kimber, the latter who besides being a really interesting character herself is sublimely gorgeous-- geez I wish I could work hair like that. Hot stuff.

(**)= I have slowly come to terms that watching Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck is like watching a glorious, charismatic and bastardly trainwreck of a character. Was hanging off my seat most of Season 3 and tearing up or blathering at the laptop screen during PIVOTAL happenings. 'Oh, Christian... why must life keep shitting on DDD:' seemed to have been a note I scrawled down at some point, I think.

...and my original purpose in posting this has been forgotten in lieu of squeeing.. Ahaha, typical >_>;; Because I am now suddenly lazy and cognizant that I promised Ma I'd be in bed nearly two hours ago (I screwed up the whole day today by having binged on BLISSFUL WIRELESS on Ma's shitty laptop for five?? hours last night and thus was in no presentable state of consciousness this morning ^^... Thankfully Ma was in a state of laziness herself) the rest of BKK in paragraph fragments:


...well shit now this turned out to be a long post after all! Oops XDD SLEEP NOW :Db


Jul. 22nd, 2006 03:40 am
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...now I just need to PACK MY ENTIRE ROOM i spent the last few days doing NOTHING ahahaha OOPS

PS Also went to pub/bar(Gulliver's in Sukhumvit5)with Dad (via TukTuk! YAY XDD) to meet some of his colleagues and my technical godfather(who never gives me stuff and we hardly ever see him, I feel cheated D:)! Much trading of hotel-life ancedotes ensued, which was quite funny. Amused myself by playing 'guess-the-hooker' with the rest of the patrons when I got bored... which obviously was a very easy game, hello this was SUKHUMVIT ahhh >_>;; Ah well, the bar was okay though, even if the drinks were kinda meh.

..ohfuck it's nearly 4AM AGAIN argh.


Jun. 8th, 2006 02:00 am
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I finally did it! I rolled up the sun! THE SUN! :DDD Oh how I love We ♥ Katamari~! It is the best destress game ever and the music is WIN, which is another reason why I am so happy re:SUN ROLLAGE EEEE because this means the "memorial" section is unlocked and I can rewatch and replay all the FMVs and songs FOR ALL ETERNITY :DDD (Now: Detail work on all the levels! I'll 100% those suckers if it's the last thing I do! along with finishing KH2, FFX, LC and DDS1 ahahahaha D|)

And TV was mildly amusing today- Watched a bit of "Beauty and the Geek", a fun CSI ep and America's Next Top Model Season 6. Gah, had to change the channel at some points during the last one though, watching some of the 'fierce', 'real' girls shriek and do whatever kind of makes me cringe. And I hate "Miss Jay", but that's a constant, so *shrugs*

Sheraton lady's email seems to be fucked. ARGH. Must call her tomorrow D:
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I dreamt I was an Italian FBI agent today. There was crossdressing and public bathrooms involved, and quite possibly Roy Mustang. Heh. I must really start keeping a dream journal again...

Today was otherwise spent mourning the lack of decent TV on and half-heartedly playing DDS and We ♥ Katamari. Managed some pretty sweet new high-scores on the latter at least!

Am feeling oddly lethargic again ...I mean, I know I have stuff that technically needs doing, but I can't seem to get my ass in gear. So, am thus quite looking forward to Friday- shall go see Ma again and probably meet up with some old friend of hers, which = Nice Food ♥

Managed to watch a bit of 'Grey's Anatomy' today, too. Hrmm. Not bad, but not House M.D-level awesome. Need S2 of said show goddammit arggh D:
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...man, 'today's' Mathe Matura just about blowed. And not in a happy, porny sense of the word D: ...I have never guessed so much before in a single exam, save maybe the one time I scored a brilliant 5/70 ...and the less said about that the better.
Was interesting waiting in our classroom before it all started though- since we were using the 11th grader's room to write, they got lumped in to ours. And, well, class never felt so full like today~ ...I quite liked it. Missed the feeling of chattering crowds ♥

Was also overcome by the odd urge to call Manit again and a quite pleasant convo ensued, until his phone battery died, ahah. Man, the nostalgia- 've known him, La and Anna what... eleven years now? Holee shit yah ...


Mood alteration steps were: PS2, PS2, PS2. Played about three hours of KH2
(Sora= Level 59 booyah), just wandered through some of the worlds, getting the last missing treasure boxes and trying out the mini-games. Irony of ironies, this time the Winnie-Pooh games were one of the easiest to do, yet Twilight Town and it's evil job mini-games specifications will be my downfall. Kill the bees in under how many seconds? Or the poster run? Yeaaaah right. Also: Colisseum and it's myriad tournaments/the 'manic' practice mode are/is eviiil and tricky. D:
Can't seem to find a gazillion treasure chests in TT too and am somehow not being allowed to fight Setzer and Seifer again in Struggle battle, eventhough I kicked Hayner's ass three times already. Waah.

Meanwhile Sora's ultimate weapon is only 9 Orichalum+'s away ...fufufu if only I could figure out where to get them! Ahh...
(TWTNW is the best place to level-slut, so pretty and yay and the beasties drop lovely rare goodies ♥)


And it turns out Rin got my mail-package thingie! My faith in the postal service of the world is restored ♥


On a closing note: "Metal Gear Stupid: PAYBACK _OH my heart! Aahahahahahaha the end! THE SKIPPING! Almost makes me want to crank out my copy of MGS3 again ♥

"Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser" _this too, is just ...beautiful. AND MADE BY THE CREATORS ahahaha Hideo Kojima is so cool. Sucks to be Raiden though, poor guy XDD
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...which is basically a good summary of how the last few days were spent! Whatever I said about vaguely getting bored before? Oh man, I take it all back- once Port Royal(part 1) was done, the fun times started rolling~!

Cut for blather and squee, SPOILERS for everything up until the final Boss fight )
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Feel so woozy today, like it's hard to really focus on things...

Have been reading Firefly fic here and there, checking out other fandom stuff as well...Even found a Silent Hill fancomic thing (in CG!) thats absolutely fucking creepy and I shouldn't be looking at it now cause it's nearly midnight and I have enough problems sleeping as it is... (Past bedtimes being whut 4 AM for the last three days? Not Good, self X( )

Need to do schoolwork- progress so far has only gotten up to the making a list stage though XD Ahh, at least school's apparently gonna start a day later though! Yay for that~

Called La today too- it being her birthday and all...got her right at the moment where she came in the door from school too, which was just awesome timing~ Scoore one for me ♥

I think I'll go play some KH2, am at the Pirates of the Carribean level and it is sadly kinda blah IMHO...or maybe that's just cause I seem to have forgotten how to efficiently use the "magic" commands. Want to find out more about the Organisation though *is impatient*... (The "Timeless River" level was simply darling- lovely retro style~!)

Darth Vader Vs. Japanese Policemen Part 1.
Darth Vader Vs. Japanese Policemen Part 2.
...ahahahahaha XDDD (link from [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock)
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Woke up with stabbing pains in my right arm that proceeded to last for the next hour and flare up during the day. In what kinda a hell position did I fall asleep in, I wonder, for it to have been this way... Blargh. Had a lovely active dream though, was trying to save the fishies that are usually iced on display in supermarkets by hosing them down or something. Yeah. Felt extremly hero-like when doing it :DD

Basic Kingdom Hearts 2 squeee: OMG ROXAS. SO CUTE SO BLOND SO ADOOOOOOORABLE *squishes* And he has a skateboard! With which I may or may not have wasted a fair amount of time zipping around town...the tricks! Fun~ Seifer was frighteningly CUTE as well, flamingly gay outfit aside XD *wants to hug most of the kids and neveeer let goooo*. And Axel is love, seriously, with his spiky longish hair, the weird eyeliner and his weapons! Hot. And he is obviously so very gay for Roxas ♥
...Ahehe which reminds me- at first I actually expected Roxas to be the one called Axel- seemed to fit more to him, or so my mind at 3AM yesterday thought. But then again, I also begann to pronounce Axel in my mind as "Achsel" and Roxas as "Rock-saaas" and the subsequent pairing name-smush of AchselRock or ArmpitSkirt made me decide that it was time to go to bed. XD
The Disney chara voices still vaguely freak me out...The King's especially, brr.

Njaa of to play some more (have clocked nearly 5 hours so far, wahh am so slow)~! My thumbnail is beginning to get used to the strain of button-mashing already. (Ahhh how I actually prefer the FFX battle system at times. KH's system makes me twitchy XDD)


Apr. 5th, 2006 10:17 pm
So. Nearly two hours after I get home, my feet still hurt like hell.

Hee. What a day! What a hardcore-shopping trip that I haven't seen the likes of since, well, since Kat left (;______;). And of course, I nearly- okay I was late to the rendezvous point, ahehehe...typical.

Scored some awesome schwag- Manga, KINGDOM HEARTS 2(+manual lol am loooser), Naruto keychain(EEE SO CUTE), NINJA SHIRT (SO COOL SO COOL SO COOL), more stuff and stuff that's heaped up inna pile on my bed. Ooh! And there was food to be had, that was veerry tasty ♥

Getting to meet Mone([livejournal.com profile] acidcocktail) was super fun- yay for two really talkative people finding each other~ :D? And we proved for each other the theory that not all People You Meet On The Internet are 40yr old male weirdos who live in their parents basements, which is Very Good To Know XDD ...are there even houses with basements here? Oh wait, there are basements as in parking lot ones...yeah.

Twas strange that I kept meeting people from our school though. One of the girls in ...crap, forgot- one of the lowers grades halt, was sitting right next to us in Haaegen-Dasz and I only noticed the moment she got up to leave and said "Schoene Ferien, Sharon.". To which I think I said huh a lot and called her by the wrong name again. Acccck, happens all the time in student council aswell >_<;;. Wonder what she overheard...hopefully I wasn't saying unflattering things about my classmates yet! ^^;
And right after that, BAM, Manit and his bro+ random black dude. Yeaaah. Stood and talked a bit, was nice I guess~. Though if I came to Siam to pick up chicks I sure as hell wouldn't schlep my younger bro and his homie around. Or maybe it was the other way around? Heeeh.

Anyways, off to zock KH2 for the very first time~!!! Yaaaay~

PS KAT THE TRUE IDENTITY OF DAWEI HURTS ME. IT SCREWS UP THE FRAGILE BACKSTORY I WAS IDLY MAKING UP IN THE BACK OF MY BRAIN DDDDDDDDDD: ...But! We can adapt! Maybe Dawei is a half-chinese half ami! Who dyes his hair! And okay doesnt look so girly like I thought he would. And OMG! Brainflash- Dawei=DAVID?


Mar. 31st, 2006 11:49 pm
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-also, think I failed math mock exam. The irony: I actually truly sat down and practiced for like two days before (for my standards a shocking degree of fleissigness) and blaaaaaah. D:. At least Sven's Ma had Quiche for us afterwards!
-KATAMARI is the moodlifter from the heavens. Broke new ground today, can now roll up clouds and have breached the '17 mins to roll 500m of shit up' level! Love the music in that one and the FREEDOM that comes after the 100m mark or so(GODZILLA CAN BE ROLLED UP YES)~~ ♥
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AHAHAHA~! It has been done, Father dearest has crossed to the DARK SIDE aka he played his first few games of Katamari and ahahahahaha is this the sweet smell of VICTOLY? After stumbling through the tutorial I set him on one of the simpler levels- rolling up the "Sweets Meadow", which is basically a large circular field of tiles/candy. Hee, how his competitive spirit appeared! Did quite well too- 86% on his first try, then 91%... Switched over to something more challenging, the "collect 1000 cranes" level, but he didn't even make it out of the first room (114/1000). But still! His interest is piqued, I can sense it (also due to the fact that he's actually making comments and trying to give me rolling advice)... :D

Ahh, I missed these Father-Daughter gaming sessions- used to be Tekken and that gets kinda old after a while, although he did manage to kick ass as Eddie the Jamacian dancer for a few matches~ ♥
...but let's not talk about the time I tried to get him to play DDR with the dance mats XD

...on a more RL note: There is work in a pile in my room that should be done. It shall stay there, I guess. Tomorrow is our fitness/weight room evaluation as well. I foresee great pain, especially as it's gonna be our usual weight+five more for TEN repetitions (...which for one means that I have to push near to 100 kg on the leg extension thing. FARK)


Mar. 24th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Headache- smack dab out of god knows where. Rrrgh.

Watched Everwood earlier though, am clinging to the vestiges of Happy that it left me with. Lovely ep for Bright showcasing(♥), Treat and Patch OTP of course(am adoring this more and more everytime I see it- they are such a old!married!couple and it's socute and ee! Giving each other advice and all these understanding looks and :D) ...heck, even the Amy-Ephram "I love you" scene was kinda cute. Dammit. Am still warming up to Hannah though, but am quite curious to see how the relationship between her and Bright'll develop...

Katamari'd a bit too, am sloooowly getting better at some of the levels~ Also sense that Dad's slowing thawing towards the game- even giving me tips on how to best roll my katamari("You're doing it all wrong! Start from the edge and roll in!)...fufufu I foresee me convincing him to take a spin soon :D
Kat, you seriously need to zock this! Itssobeautiful~~

Have this odd hankering for watching new anime- but no clue where to start and what to even watch...Mreh

Hungry. Off to scavenge some tasty things
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1.) Blade of the Immortal. Tis been a long time that I've enjoyed sinking my teeth into a manga series like this... Oh the glorious and pretty art! The dynamic and gory fight scenes that make me 'ooh' and 'ahh' and 'EWWWW' to such an extent that Marco starts remarking on the level of involvement I am showing whilst reading the volumes in the breaks! The characters! OMG Manji! Rin! Hyakurin! Makie! Heck- I've even come round to liking Anotsu and ohshit MAGATSU of course he is so awesome. The villanous bastards that never die *coughSHIRAYOUSICKFUCKcough*! Ahhh~~~ ♥

2.) We ♥ Katamari. OMG. Even before getting to play this I thought the graphics/premise were cute and fun. BUT NOW I AM BLOWN AWAY BY THE SHEER LOVE. :D! Such! A! Happy! Game! So colourful and ON DRUGS (THE VORSPANN LOLZ TRIIIIIP) and you roll roll roll and the cutscenes and the KING! It's all so fabulous and it makes me so damn happy and giddy and I giggle at the screen at random interverals and the THEME SONG IT'S SO OHRWURMY and NANANANANANA KATAMARI DAMARCY. The gameplay makes my thumb hurt after a while cuz I suck at rolling my Katamari but omg so much FUN and I'll neverrrr stop ♥ IS THERE MERCHANDISE I WANT MERCHANDISE A PRINCE PLUSHIE AND A KATAMARI TO SQUISH AND AKLAFJ:KARJs;afkfjjjl Dad also thinks I'm possibly retarded or FIVE years old for being so excited about this game but PSHAW what does he know D:|

PS Website HERE. It's so beautiful! And you can hear the lovely humming of the theme~ (check out the fanart section for added goodies :D)

PPS off to make the WTP icons for Kaaaat-dearest now :3
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...seriously, she and Andy are so fricking boisterous >_<;; young old love I guess?

Thought I'd go to this manga thing that 88.5FM is holding at WTC, ripped out the page from the magazine advertising it for today. Weeell, turns out there was some frickin last minute changes, so tomorrow tomorrow. (Wasn't the only one out of the loop, the guards at the building said that a bunch of people came looking for the 'fest)

Went and consoled myself at MBK- materialistic shopping orgys heal NEARLY all wounds of the heart after all ♥

FINAAAAALLY found Katamari Damarcy, DDR Strike, DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA 2 IN ENGLISH and Devil May Cry 3 extended version for Johann(you can play as Vergil! Hot)~~ Oh this is something to dust off the PS2 for, been feeling a bit lethargic towards it re:games I wanna play...

Got some movies too- Saved!, Zoolander(A CLASSIC) and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas- a movie that Marco glowingly recommends "where these two reporter guys go and take like ALL DRUGS ever, it's good shit man!!"...

And of course there were mangas bought- new BOOM, Trinity Blood 3, Air Gear 11, Hanakimi 17 and random yaoi comic1 & random yaoi comic2 or "Sensitive Pornographer" as it is called. Smutty yet cute ♥

Am also now typing this on teh shiny new 19" screen that Andy bought for the computer- hooooly fuck it's HUGE and SHINY AND HOT ♥ Would be perfect to do Photoshop on and just be productive in general :D
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Ahhh~ le weekend, how I adore thee!

Spent yesterday evening after com-binge watching "Howl's Moving Castle" and it was utterly delightful, as to be expected from Ghibli films, and eee! The character and creature design- the airships! and Howl's chambers and -! I think I fell in love with Howl in the first five minutes of his apperance, ahh~ so fantastically flamboyant! And not to get in to spoiler territory- but oh! The imagery and how the conflict and curse(s) were resolved! I was a happily sighing mass at the end of this movie ♥

Must acquire the book(s?) somehow~

Also tried a bit of Killer7, which is a wholly different type of visually stunning. But of course, since I have let my trigger-skills go to rust by exclusivly playing RPGs I panicked at the first sign of the admittedly FUCKING CREEPY mutated bomb-strapped cultist opponents and totally misfired. Cue *SPLAT* and my current persona was dead. Man. :(
The concept really is awesome though, am loving the cell-shading and my creepy(an adjective that can be liberally applied to virtually everything in this game) S&M ninja-garbed retainer Iwazumo(?). The way he garbles! Ajkhskklj;!
Fiddled a bit with Lucifer's Call too, nothing much. Need to work up the beasty-training mojo again~
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I hereby end the somewhat longer than expected semi-hiatus of moi with that beautiful beautiful quote from this very awesome website of Top Thirty Random Vin Diesel Facts. Fuuuunny~, even moreso to me beacuse it's 3AM and yay for that!
The day was spent lolling about and net/LJ-surfing, where I managed to amass quite some interesting stuff~ and yah, ze House fic pimp post for Kat is in it's making *fufufufuuu*

The days before today were well spent though- Hardcore Harry Potter orig(!!! the extraaaaas~! Yes) DVD Fest' Years One to Four plus basically all of House (ahaha a Hugh Laurie semi-fangirl convert is Kat *success*!) during the days before Xmas eve. Xmas eve was spent asleep until four pm due to previous all-nighter w/ aforementioned daaarling Kat(we made it scoore) and playing Lucifer's Call. Finished Asakusa and popped by the Labyrinth of Amala for attempts at the first and second Kalpa. Got hopelessly lost, although managed to snag the 250'000 macca for doing the cursed hallway thing in the second. *Fist pump!*
Christmas day was lunch-dinner hybrid at Ma's place, where Andy prepared OBSCENE amounts of food- Turkey, Peas and gravy, sweet potato something, plus enough brownies and cookies to feed an army. Think we had fun though, and Kat and I throughly abused my shiny new phone's camera, which is pretty and girly and gold and has sexy flowers and is the EPITOME OF AWESOME. (Nokia 7360 check it, yo)

I also got to see my cousins totally abuse the two Ultraman figurines I gave them aswell. Man, poor Ultraman Taro, getting "castrated" AND Batista-bombed all in the same day(and we watched wrestling too yess :D). Never thought Sea(cousin numero two, 5? years) would be so eviiil~ :O

And now for random funny/cute/wtttttf stuff I found today:
Lalala click me ne? )


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