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First: Saturday I got my laptop back and EVERYTHING WORKS and my data from 2010 was completely salvaged and words are inadequate in describing how utterly relieved I felt. It's now almost like I have a new laptop, the com guys added some new programs and I even got Adobe Illustrator added in to the mix besides the Photoshop I explicitly wanted them to put in. Looking forward to puttering with it some more and making it my own alllll over again ♥

Second: BUT what pisses me off to no end is that my computer refuses to recognize my German keyboard, fiddling with the language and regional settings be damned. It makes for some hella weird typing, as the Y/Z switcheroo I can mostly anticipate and correct for, but uh ALL OTHER THINGS like the various punctuation marks are really confusing. I mostly have a 50/50 chance of hitting those ones, which leads to situations like actually having to type out QUESTION MARK in skype chat in lieu of the sign, because that actually took less time. I really hope I can work this out, as the coms at the office all use the German keyboard, and it's just extremely irritating as all my reflex keyboard shortcuts on PS are totally borked. Speaking of which, made some more progress on my BB pic! Still have some small details bothering me on the title picture that I feel I should get over and done with before I start with another one, ahhh it's just so slow working since I keep screwing up my commands :|||

Third: Training on Friday went well, small stupid mishaps here and there not counted... though I seem to be doing alright based on my feedback evaluation thing. I kind of don't trust it, as it seems weirdly high and positive, but I guess I am just still so thrown by how friendly and nice everyone is here? I should've spent the weekend studying up on my responses and the like, but I hope that tomorrow morning before I head in will suffice. Apparently if Training Officer deems me ready, I might start my first 8-hour shift tomorrow! I am mostly nervous and just aughhhh about it, the thought of EIGHT HOURS of those phone calls is kind of daunting. But ahh well, nothing to be done. THINK OF THE CASH MONEY, SELF! Also, I will be moving into my new swank pad tomorrow, right smack dab near work and a posh supermarket and the giant shopping center that has my gym. So, yayyy for that part! It has a teeny-weeny INTENSELY PINK balcony that has a view of the mountains around Chiang Mai, as well as the planes taking off/landing from the airport nearby. What it additionally has is a collection of hideously kitschy fake flowers in vases and creepy bedlinen, but that can be dealt with and the place generally has its own charm~~
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But I have a limited time-frame of internet time again, and a bunch of things to post still. Just posted my [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas picture in the previous entry and sent off my last UE Hist that was transformed into something almost beautiful thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby's Mad German Beta Reader skillz. Hopefully my Prof will be so tired from the holidays that she accepts my vague yammerings and doesn't notice/mind that the 2 pages and spare change are in 1.5 Zeilenabstand XD.

Here, mainly for my own reference and "journaling" purposes, a summary of the previous, internetless days. Also known as, THE COWTOWN CHRONICLES, Winter 2009 Edition
Behind a cut for better scrolling by, and also because it is long as fuck. TL;DR ALAAAARM )

Today I got dragged out for a rousing round of Bockareiten, or bobsledding as I guess one would call it in English. And by rousing I mean that I refused to get on one and basically dragged Sara's sled around and up and down hills, sweating and wheezing all the time. Again, awesome work-out though. I hope the constant yawning that I was doing all the time is something that won't happen every time I leave the house, though. That and the ever present pressure imbalance in my ears sucked, too. Makes talking very strange, when you can hear your own voice echo in your head...


Sep. 10th, 2009 11:51 pm
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It is amazing how I can suddenly realize that I haven't been online since at least a few days and have not much more than the vague feelings of guilt at not getting back to some people as negative reactions. The last few days have been filled with pretty happening things, so I guess that explains it.

First off: INTERNSHIP: SUCCESS! Hello, nice shiny formulaic confirmation letter that will hopefully be a bit of needed polish to my still quite average CV! All in all, and considering all my bitchery along the way, I remain confident that this internship was the right thing to do. Sure, it would have been nice to have actually been in the ad department like I wanted to in the first place, but I learned a lot in the PR department regardless, and it's not like knowing my stuff in this area will hurt my prospects. It's good to know that it's an area I could be good in, even if it might not be The One Job to rule them all. And the lessons in "Don't fucking underestimate the menial work.... oh you did, did you? Damn, that was stupid" smarted a bit, but ultimately? Were worth gold.

This didn't stop the fact of my last actual day being pretty lamesauce, because THEY FUCKING FORGOT IT WAS MY LAST DAY laaaaaaaaaaaaaawl and here I thought I was being pretty damn obnoxious in mentioning how often I was gonna be gone soon but uh, apparently not! So I ended up eating deliciously lunch all on my lonesome after waiting a bit for the lunch invite that never came ahahaha oh man, the "out of sight, out of mind" adage really was true, wrt to me not being at the PR floor anymore. They all seemed a bit ashamed after they found out though, and I got a chocolate "gold medal" from one of the staff, and multiple invitations for lunch the last week I am back in BKK. The unofficial feedback I got from the P' who supervised my weekly bank advertisement analysis of being "pretty much the best intern we've had so far who was doing this" was a welcome ego-boost, ngl.

AND NOW I AM IN CHIANG MAI, and it is awesomeness concentrated. I love being in Ma's gorgeous and airy house, our days are filled with joy and fun and I feel like a happier, prettier and all-round better person when I spend time here. I mean, I also get an added kick of slight self-loathing when I actually see myself in the nice lighting here, but it is at least the type of ".......jesus christ, I actually look like THIS??" that gets you out and about to do something about it, not the "I will lock myself in my room and binge-eat now :((" unproductive kind. Tomorrow we will be spending the day at the fitness studio, and I will have my first Pilates class! Man, I will be so screwed :D Good thing today was ~*SPA DAY*~ though, Andy bought Ma a hardcore birthday pampering session that we managed to whittle down a bit, because seriously? FIVE HOURS AT THE SPA? Seems a bit too much. We ended up doing a steam session, followed by a herbal scrub (tamarind and some herbal salt), an oil massage (some kind of floral oil.. Ylang-ylang), a Thai massage session AND a hair spa (kaffir lime treatment oh yes).

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I guess I should learn by now that if I don't post before Friday, nothing will happen, LJ-wise before Sunday evening (like now!) because I will spend most of the weekend asleep, eating and bothering the dogs. While I do feel a bit anti-social re:my spotty keeping in contact skills, is was still pretty refreshing, I gotta say! Managed to finally get my ass around to cleaning up my room a bit, we bought two new mini shelves, so now my excess stuff is now somewhat neatly shoved in spaces in an organized manner, as opposed to piled in random stacks all over my desk.

As whoever has me on FB already knows, my Friday was actually ~*pretty damn awesome*~. Another sign of advertising being inherently superior to PR? WHY YES I THINK SO. Basically, I managed to get to observe an actual print ad shoot for a client (some local bank) being shot in a photo studio with the Account Exec P' and some of the creative team. I didn't really know what would be waiting for me, and I wasn't really expecting anything thrilling-- which made the actual reality all the more sweeter. And by reality I mean the entire shoot consisting of one (1) very attractive, very built and very tall male model swing a golf club, over and over again for about 2 hours. The way this guy managed to fill out what should have been nice and safe business casual-wear, it was positively indecent. THAT ASS, OH MY GOD I think I spent the first half hour standing around trying to stifle the gleeful giggles that were trying to burst out of me, all the while attempting to ogle in the most non-blatant way I could. The rest of the shoot was spent sitting down, munching on the provided fruit and ogling some more, lol. It's a shame that the end-result won't really make much of his face visible, because he really had a quite fascinating look-- mostly your expected 'strapping traditional young Asian man', but something exotic 'round the eyes... They seemed almost grey? I was totally debating to myself if he was a luk-khrueng too, but hmm. HOTASS IS STILL HOTASS (seriously he was so taaaaaaaaaall nggg). Also got to have some pretty nice conversations with the creative team staffers, and the studio actually gave us all free t-shirts! So, all round yay for that experience ♥

And now, some links that have been awesome or otherwise tickling my fancy:
Super swank fashion sketch-esque SAILOR MOON art ...yesyes, I know, but damn if Sailor Moon wasn't one of my gateway drugs to this work of animanga. Love the way the outfits have been tweaked-- Neptune's dress!
ZOMBIE PROPAGANDA POSTERS!! ...seriously, so cool. I love that you can also order them all 'aged' and shit, for added retro-authenticity.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] laulan posted some links that gmail fed her, and one of them was this pretty hilarious tee-shirt place. Whilst I may be trying to move my style beyond tee-shirt+jeans, this does not mean I can't appreciate and yearn for some of these. Like UNLUCKY CAT,
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Not much left in the actual day here, but it still needs to be said:



In case you don't know, the birthdays of their Royal Highness's the King and Queen are also simultaneously Father and Mother's Day in Thailand (5th of December and the 12th of August). I watched the royal news yesterday and a bit of the Queen's yearly speech-- the entire royal family barring the King (EDIT: he was there too! Yay!) was present, and everyone was wearing outfits in this lovely shade of light blue (the Queen's color and the designated color of Friday, her day of birth), so adorable! She's 77 years old now, and still extremely awesome with a wonderful sense of fashion-- check out this fabulous hat, hello :DD

I also called Ma and Khun Yai today like the good daughter/grandchild I am, will only be seeing Ma again sometime next week though, which at least gives me time to cough up some jasmine-related product (=garlands or other forms of jasmine flowers being the traditional Mother's Day gift) ...am still looking for her birthday present-- she's turning 49 years old on the NINTH of the NINTH MONTH in 2009, lol we sure as hell need to buy some lottery tickets that day!

SO HAVE YOU SHOWN YOUR MOTHERS SOME LOVE TODAY?? Tell them it's an extra-bonus day ;DD

PS I so needed this day off nnnnnnnnnnng sleep <33
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ONE:This is probably going to make me sound like some secret 80 year-old woman, but wow does my back hurt. It's times like these where I imagine having a boyfriend would be handy-- I mean, assuming the dude is the type to offer these things. It's always boggled me a bit that some of my couple-y friends have said that their SO is not so much with the willing massaging, I'd always figured that this would be one of the more awesome things to do with your relationship partner, besides the obvious?? Hmm. Regardless! Fuck that, I'mma go get me a professional Thai massage again soon~~

TWO: I am reaching a good equilibrium with the internship, methinks. I still don't really know how to connect with the staff correctly, something all the more obvious when one of the ex-interns came and helped out with an event launch at the VIE Hotel today ([livejournal.com profile] charlie_d_blue, this was the hotel you stayed at, right?) and everyone was suddenly so bubbly, fun and saucy with each other. But! That ex-intern was pretty awesome and friendly in her own right, and I am thankfully past that part in my life where I would have been wracked in throes of intense self-doubt because I couldn't deal with the idea that people didn't like me/find me dull and uninteresting, omg *eyeroll*.

AND! I actually got praise from the Media clipping P' for doing something I thought self-evident, but apparently none of the previous five interns managed to consider: ARRANGING THE FINISHED CLIPPINGS IN NUMERICAL PAGE ORDER. Whut. And apparently I do what at least three of them were doing in the same or even less time. It is surprisingly pleasant work, as far as menial tasks go. Also, I WONDER HOW MY TRANSLATED SCOOP WENT THIS TIME, ahhh I will get this P' to be happy with my work if its the last thing I do here. *shakes fist*

THREE: Since the event meant an earlier leave for us + since it was near six and around Siam I could leave immediately without returning to the office, I went for a smidgen of shopping. My ultimate goal? ~*A ROGER FEDERER NIKE DUFFEL BAG*~. But what I failed to consider was the actually quite obvious fact that it would be a cold chance in hell to get such a specialized collection in your average Nike store, especially for Tennis. DURRR. Obscure footie crap might even be more likely, given the obsession in this country. So with a heavy heart and lots of grumbling to the hapless staff, I ended up buying a boring, normal red one. Oh well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and all, but I still yearn for the pizzazz that the Fed bag would've sprinkled over the quotidian task of lugging my larger amounts of stuff around.

*REALLY SHAKES FIST AT NIKE STORE, for futility's sake*
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First of all:, MY WEEKEND WAS GREAT and I am loath to see it over. Oh life in town and being ensconced in a cushy serviced apartment, leaving only to eat, shop and meet friends. ACH HOW BRILL. Got to see Ginger 'n Ploy, Migel and Bell scattered throughout Friday til Sunday, and always had dinner with Andy and Ma (+/- other friends and family), so I was actually pretty active in the social area. Haah. Talking with Bell again was especially lovely, and we got to trade internship stories (obvs. due to her hi-so-ness she had more classy things to do than me, but even she had the same issues with the ....special way some of the Thai interns always act, so it was a relief that it was not ALL IN MY HEAD lolol).
Super frustrating raaagh of Missed Opportunities is the following though: Bell had got to act as an interpreter for the foreign celebs who came to the events that the Event PR company she interned at organized-- she got to assist Verne Troyer (MINI MEEEE!), amongst others! Now there would be the Bangkok Film Festival coming up soon, starting on the 26th of September, with apparent guests being Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and most relevant to my interests: RUPERT GRINT (I have no idea why they would be coming to BKK, but gj Film Fest organizers if they managed to score these dudes!). Since Bell would be caught up in her other internship, she couldn't jump in, but would have been able to GET ME AN IN TO WORK AS AN INTERPRETER FOR THEM. But uh, alas and alack, my flight back is on the fucking TWENTY-FIFTH. Auuuuuugh I could have quite possibly interacted with Rupert Grint!!1 Or even just Jason Statham and Vin Diesel would have been massively cool enough, ahhh. Mom was like "rebook your flight then!" but I really can't because I actually need to be back a bit earlier to handle the organisatorial shite for the next semester. BAWWW Rupert, I hope they find some more than half-way competent person to help youuuu.

NOW (mid morning): I am typing this entry from work at the new workstation on the lower floor that I have been "banished" down to, lolol new staff upstairs has apparently made in necessary, spacewise, to shove off unimportant schmucks like me downstairs ahhh I have already ran up and down the stairs 5 times and it is only been an hour and a half since the workday started. I look forward to my toned legs after I finish interning?? All the other interns are now GONE, leaving me the sole survivor (and probable candidate to do their shit work now, fuckerolaaaa). Met and talked to another new intern today though, but she's in a totally different department, le sigh. Had those CREEPY as fuck "Big-Eye" contact lenses on though ffffff I have such difficulties holding eye contact with these people ahh shudder shudder.

NOW (late afternoon): I have been sitting up here in the PR floor again. To be on stand-by for things to do lolol so much for staying downstairs. Nothing's really come up yet that has to be done by today, and I sure as hell hope I can leave at six. Am just still filled with momentary irrational rage-- well okay, not rage but maybe STRONG IRRITATION that I am being held to the two months I agreed to in the first place lol. I want to leave earlyyyyyyyyyyyy and okay, it's just me acutely feeling the shortage of time left if I stop on the 8th and have to fly back on the 25th of September already. I want an entire month of chillaxing instead, why won't the world bend to my whims wah wahh etc etc.

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AND SAW NO REAL FREE TIME AT ALL, JEEBUS FUCK I should take this as a lesson never to promise doing things by my next entry, because uh, laaaaaaaawl so much for that. Ugh, self.

The weekend starting Thursday evening with HAIRY POTTA!!1 was awesome though, and then CHIANG MAI!!-- ahh god I wish I could still be there now. I was so unbelievably grateful for Ma this weekend, while I laid about being a lump of extra useless and tired flesh slowly regaining hours of sleep and brain function, she'd be pushing a plate heaped with delightfully cut fruits in front of me (Gold and green kiwis! Dragonfruit! Pomegranate! Mangoes!) or a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. She'd take us for a much needed session of Thai masssage (nggg I basically died on my pillow oh god it was heavenly), let me buy apple chips and other snacks en masse at the supermarket and even not yell at me for falling asleep in the afternoon or early evening because the couch was too comfortable, reading took too much concentration or I was just still that plain tired. And then when I would wake up again she'd just corral me gently into the next thing I was supposed to do, or show me that she had repacked my bags, or loan me some of her extra things because I was too dumb to think about packing enough clothing when I was in Bangkok.

BUT NOW I AM BACK IN BKK and back to the grueling 5AM-8PM days and ffffffff do not totally want at all :((( The work at the internship has amped up, I really should have gotten the competitive comparison done last week, I thought I'd have enough time this week but now I am apparently being piled on with a shitload of other things. All not that hard, some even irritatingly banal (GO WASTE HOURS IN TAKING SHADY PICTURES OF PRODUCTS IN SUPERMARKETS, REALLY??) but oh how they are time consuming.

Also I have discovered via bouts of amazing naps and feelings of incapacitation when I didn't drink any that I have become caffeine-addicted, even if it is only by necessity. FOUL THROBBING COFFEE HEADACHES HOW I HATE YOU. HISSSSS.
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First off, the happiest of (slightly belated) birthdays to Mister *~JARED TRISTAN PADALECKI~* and [livejournal.com profile] quirkytaverna! Hope the day was supremely awesome, and in both cases I think I can say am quite interested in any reports of birthday shenanigans, so. Just putting that out there ;Db

I am back from our mini trip to el ranch de MYLASTNAME, and I must say that for short bursts of time, it is pretty damn swell. Gorgeous tranquility and GREEEEN surrounds you, the deckchairs are perfect to spend half the day asleep in and if I go there with Dad and Sue, sleeping, reading and eating are the extent of my responsibilities, so no complaints there! What I really like is that you can see all the fruits and veg really sprouting now, we even brought back sacks of cucumbers, chilis and limes, and Dad showed me the young dragonfruit trees they planted and the guava that we forgot to take along whoops. The other highlight of the trip has to be the ever expanding pack of dogs that live in, around and all over our property and the surrounding areas though! Honest to god VEGETARIAN DOGS. Seriously, before we came and started intermittently giving them our scraps of meat and wurst, all they normally got was banana, papaya or rice. Ergo they are all a bit runty, and skittish before they get used to so many strange new people, but its nothing a few slices of Leberkäs won't cure. I am in love with their names though-- TOFU and BIRDIE AND SWEET EGG ajkfshkjafh ♥ SE especially is the best, he's one of the dogs from the Neighbour Nobody Likes and somehow quite bulky and muscular and thus swaggers around the place like the dog pimp numero uno, regardless of the burden of his cutesy name. Tofu (or rather the Thai version: Tao Huu) is a sweet darling though. He has a snout like a baby polar bear <33

AND ON A FINAL NOTE: Misha Collins is crazy. We know this. But he still manages to surprise and delight the hell out of me every time I click by and see what he's been tweeting about. I hope and pray he'll keep this going when filming starts for S5 again <333. AND SPEAKING OF WHICH, I have been seeing some casting spoilers (willpower, me?? Surely you jest!) and I am pretty much excited. EEEEE ♥
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IT IS SATURDAY AND I STILL HAVE TO GET UP AT 6.30AM WTF. Or was it leave at 6.30AM?? I sure as shit hope its the former, I need to wash my hair and I sure as hell am not gonna do it at 1AM anymore. THIS IS NOT MY 2nd SEMESTER OF UNI, anyways, pff!

I think I am slowly finding my groove in the internship! There are niggling bits, bits that are amazingly boring, and bits that are intensely frustrating, but the main thing that really shines out is that there is always such VARIETY in what you have to do and when you interact with the different clients and oh, I would love to do this forever (but maybe in the damn ad department this time lol). Got to act like a junior staffer and go w/ two P's to see a client (credential presentation), and it was a really interesting experience-- both in how clients can be utter dicks (it's like they had a checklist! Slightly sneering and condescending boss, a double-team of clueless and assholish, unrealistic to the max expectations-- SERIOUSLY, A PITCH IN A WEEK?? PFFF craaazycakes) and how the PR presenters can also drop the ball (there were a smattering of English errors in the PPP and the presenting P fumbled a bunch of the Boss's questions and gave the kind of blabla, bullshit answer one gets so infuriated about, and the stupid thing was that it could've been avoided because I think it was just a failure to communicate clearly what he wanted to know).

Also, news of my mad translation/general English skills has apparently spread to the extent that Art dept. people are flagging me down to love over some copy for them. Uhuhuhu I will totes need to capitalize on this more as being my main selling point to all of them (because holy craaaap some of the mistakes that make it past the Client's eyes and the other office's eyes). AS LONG AS I AM NOT SHUNTED OFF TO PRESS KIT MAKING DUTY LIKE THE OTHER INTERNS now dat is some quality gruntwork wow D:

...and man, I actually had another post idea that wasn't internship related (I will probably peter down with the frequency of mentioning it once I get settled), but am currently too braindead to remember what. Ugh hate it when that happens...

SO IMMA OFF TO SEE SOME REAL LIFE "HARVEST MOON" GAMEPLAY, and most likely spend the day dozing on the deck chair. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME.

OH AND LASTLY: I PASSED EVA AND I PASSED KORRE!!!1 Now only the KOMET grade is missing and then I can go back to starting to worry about the other deadlines wooo <33


Jul. 15th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Instead of using my scant free time to finally update and catch up extensively, I am halfway through a very engrossing Superman/Batman fic and listening to the new Lily Allen album that I managed to score for a pittance, along with David Cook's album, at the lunchtime open market near the office. Also bought some truly hideously kitschy Barapapa and Tigerman earrings that were 20 baht a pop, just because I could.

An attempt now to keep things brief, as always I will try and answer comments and other posts tomorrow!


SO I GUESS THIS IS A BIT LONG NOW whoops. Bed time for reals now, over and outtt :D
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Especially when my usual train is somehow not running today and I need to change stations twice in one station that doesn't have lifts because they've been under construction since the LAST BAZILLION YEARS UGH.

SO! Off to ~*BANGKOK*~ now, will try and get internet as soon as possible, though Monday should be likely. And that'll be constant, since I'm at Dad's place. JUST +6 HOURS FOR TIMEZONE FUN AHHHHHHH. OMG I WILL BE STARTING THE INTERNSHIP AT LEO BURNETT SOON AHH SO PSYCHED.

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EINS: I sent off my rough art draft for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang! Finished up a background for the title banner, added the characters and did the lineart (well except for Jared as he is Being Tricky). There are obviously still loads of things to fiddle with and improve on, and I am already impatient to finally get to color out everything and add accessories and little details on the girls, but I am quite happy with it so far. [livejournal.com profile] laulan, imma send you a copy probably later in the evening when I have another few hours to work on it or something ,aiiiight?

ALSO I AM TOTALLY SMSing [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer RIGHT NOW ABOUT IT AND SHE CAN'T COME ONLINE NEENER NEENER okay so she actually has a job and responsibilities and I am still sitting here in my pajama pants BUT STILL :DDD

สาม: I am already reading Star Trek porn and fic and pornfic without having seen the actual movie yet. WHOOPS. But I am already shipping Kirk/McCoy like woaaah and Spock/Uhura is awesomesauce. CHRIS PINE'S EYEBROWS STILL SOMETIMES FREAK ME OUT THOUGH. And this is why 'I'M ON A BOAT (MOTHERFUCKER)' will never get old to me. SO awesome ahhhkjajk~~. Oh and this interview has me torn between feeling uncomfortable watching because of the interviewer, and laughing because Chris Pine and Zach Quinto are clearly on something. LOUD NOISES!

สาม POINT FIVE: Literal Music Video- Total Eclipse of The Heart aka, START WHEEZING WITH LAUGHTER NOW. I never noticed how fucked up and weird the original video is. DANCING NINJA MEN WHO KNOW HOW TO TWIRLLLLL.

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I really should have my packing done right now, but WHOOPS *shrugs*. Still psyched about getting to visit my dearest darling ~*Carmen*~'s home base of NORDDEUTSCHLAAAAND for a week! Oldenburg! Hamburg! Hannover! WOOO ♥ We're even gonna constantly be having internet access, though I guess my participation in our FB and all other SPAM SESSIONS will go down drastically lololol. And then I'll be back in Vienna for a few days, before DAD, SUE AND AE are here!! and it's off to Krimml to celebrate my Opa's 80th birthday... During which I will supposedly have to finish nearly all of my uni work and will need constant internet. Oh that is not gonna be fun to have to wrangle from Silvia again, pre-emptive waaargh!

Our YAY!BAKK1 1-er dinner ended up not being delicious Lamb 'n more at the Stiegl Ambulanz because of a damn geschlossene Gesellschaft (FFFFF), but we decided to go for a real detour and dine at DOTS- Experimental Sushi at the Mariahilf instead. Preeetty damn expensive (we basically ended up paying 20€ per person-- they have 5€ Gedeckkosten!! WTF), but a really swank place and quite okay food. Though in my opinion their sushi rice was soggy, too sweet and the nori on my salmon maki wasn't crisp. I liked how they decorate their ~famous~ experimental sushi though, Carmen had some cute 'Geisha Lips' (Tuna+flying fish roe on top of a roll with avocado, surimi and something else) and my 'Goldfish nigiri' were little prawn nigiri sushi with an extra wedge of avocado shoved in and little googly eyes made from ....something. I can't remember. Still: adorable! And then we had some gelato on the walk down the Mariahilf-- blueberry, walnut and chestnut for meeee ♥

IN CONCLUSION, some links and additional awesome for you guys:
PART TWO ...one thing I gotta say re: SPN fandom is that I am hearing things from the pathetic batshit side about A)the massive and irrational Danneel hate that is existing amongst some people (some idiot apparently tried to get her 'thrown out of the con because that was negatively affecting her Jensen-squee' WTF WTF) and B)some deluded fangirl thinking it's a GOOD IDEA?? to give Misha a collection of slash fic??. Jesus christ SPN fandom, this is why you can't have NICE THINGS :||

MY LITTLE PONY MODS! ...remember to scroll past the first admittedly INSANELY ALARMING first one, the rest are pretty darn awesome :DDb

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Greetings from München/Münich, where I have been since uh, late Thursday evening, I guess (didn't have time for a last post after all lol time management problems)! Having a blast with Laura and Angie (and the random meetings+dinner+drinks with Frank). München is a pretty happening city! I am enamoured by the transit network, and the Rischart chain of bakeries. DELICIOUS BAKED GOODS!! The weather also finally started to be nice too, after RAINRAINRAIN-filled times until mid-afternoon yesterday. We're walking around SO DAMN MUCH, my feet hurt like hell, but I must say that This Is How A City Trip Should Be, so yeah. Practice for Rome in May!

Will be back in Wienna again late this Sunday, am flying over fucking Düsseldorf though, because it was the cheaper flight (damn uni for making me have to reschedule last minute!!). So a 4 hour flight vs. what would normally be 40 mins lolllll

AHH net time running out ttyl bbs!
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It's Carmen's 23rd birthday today! We went for a walk at Schönbrunn palace (with Sven), chilled a bit at Sbucks and have now returned for some quality vegging out and DVD's. Shall be showing her Big Bang Theory and probably Zach and Miri make a Porno and uh, Slumdog Millionaire. One of these things is not like the other, etc etc :DD. We actually went out yesterday for a bit, celebrated Wido's 23rd birthday (lol one day before Carmen). Had some Indian food that basically everybody besides me liked-- am just not a fan, le sigh-- but Wido was pretty stoked by our admittedly very awesome gift. Carmen, Clemens and I pooled our cash to get him and Lena some ~*edible chocolate body paint*~ that we found in this chocolate delicatessen shop. It was 34€ and looks really classy (marc du champagne, raspberry and pistachio flavors in these little test tubes), so it better be good XDD.

And in the spirit of giving, here be the music recs that I promised people (ahem ahem [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight and [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke ahem ahem) a bazillion years ago. I AM SO BEHIND ON ACTUALLY FULFILLING MY VARIOUS PROMISES everybody I apologize in advance and for all eternity >_>;;

Here's the thing about my taste in Thai music, or rather music in general. I tend to fixate on the output of certain bands that are basically my musical forever girls, so some of these ~might~ just be familiar to some of you who have known me for a while. BEAR WITH IT :DD

Tattoo Color - "Gohok(Lies)" ...My newest not exactly new find! Their music is just insanely peppy, they have cute MVs and I just love this song.
Tatto Color - "Cinderella" ...SERIOUSLY this song is so darling, the Cinderella of this song is a chick who is swift like a ninja! Who drives the main dude to sobbing into his pillow at night! And the melody is just insanely addictive~~
AB Normal - "Faen Chan (My Girl)" ...Theme song from the movie of the same name, that contrary to my shallow movie poster-based expectations turned out to be this bittersweet ode to nostalgia and childhood days. I TOTALLY CRIED AT THE END OKAY ;( And I just love how the lead singer's voice lilts in the verse part of this song.
Moderndog - "Gorn (Before)" ...Here the barrage of Moderndog music starts. I wish I could have found my copy of 'Ta Sawang' boo. BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. And this is my all time favorite Thai ballad ever.
Moderndog - "Gorn (Acoustic Version)" ...OKAY I LIED, THIS VERSION IS. BAWLING NOW KAY.
Moderndog - "Busaba" ...their first big rocking single that came out in the early nineties and basically heralded the age of MODERNDOG ♥ One of the first songs I actually remember hearing in Thai, too (that wasn't by P'Bird lolol)
Moderndog - "Bang Singh (Something)" ...the beginning bits of this song never fail to give me shivers of GLEE. And how the lead singer's voice is pitched so low.
Moderndog - "Isarn Special" ...one of their more stranger offerings, but I really grew fond of this one. The way the melody slowly builds and the song gains momentum, ahh ♥ Perfect for when you're on a car trip and the scenery just flashes by.
Silly Fools - "Khi Hueng (Jealousy)" ...another one of my all-time favorite songs and bands, and I admit that ever since I found out that P'Toe left as a front man, I now refuse to listen to their new stuff. I LOVE P'TOE OKAY DD: This song also has the best kind of chorus to yell along too ♥
Silly Fools - "Pleng Nii, Kiao Gab Kwam Rak (This Song is about Love)" ...EPIC EPIC EPIC ♥ Words fail to describe how much I adore this song.
Silly Fools - "Sing Thi Mai Keu Bork (Unspoken Things)" ...another lovely and hella depressing ballad. Khan said once listening to this after a break-up almost made him cry lolol.

AKA The Wonder Girls~~. I TRIED TO RESIST. I OBVIOUSLY FAILED. Here be the different versions of their hit single "Nobody" I have. Sadly I somehow wasn't able to get the Disco Version uploaded, grrr.

Wonder Girls - "Nobody" ...just try and not have the chorus echo in your inner mind for all eternity. HELLA CATCHY O YAS.
Wonder Girls - "Nobody (Rainstone Remix)" ...slower and now with moar acoustic guitar! Also kind of pretty.
Wonder Girls - "Nobody (Ballad Version)" ...I was so disappointed when this turned out to only be 36 seconds. But it is a pretty 36 secs, so here it is nonetheless (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke! MY EARS DECEIVED ME)
Wonder Girls - "So Hot" ...their OTHER insanely catchy single!

SO BASICALLY, enjoooy! And tell me if there is something wrong with the Mediafire links. Also, if anyone wants any lyrics translations/approximations of the Thai songs, feel free to hit me up :DDb
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But basically you guys can count yourselves lucky that technology isn't at the point where one can automatically compose LJ-entries in their brain and immediately post them, otherwise you all would have been treated to some A-class emotional roller coaster self-pitying venting. That would kind of go like this: BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW I AM SCREWED BECAUSE OF NO INTERNSHIP AND MY LOOMING DEPARTURE DATE ---> ...OH WAIT MAYBE I WILL NOT BE SCREWED AFTER ALL!! I CAN HAS SOME CAUTIOUS HOPE! ---> BUT WAIT SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO DRAG ME DOWN AGAIN ---> HA-HA! I HAVE OVERCOME THIS OBSTACLE, SOME INTERVIEWS GET! ---> AND NOW, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, TIME FOR SHARON'S BI-ANNUAL SELF-WORTH ISSUES BORN OF SOME THROWAWAY REMARKS FROM DAD CRISIS, now with added blubbering in his office! ---> YAY MY NORMALLY KIND OF EMOTIONALLY STUNTED FATHER HAS AWKWARDLY BUT CLEARLY STATED AND REAFFIRMED HIS LOVE FOR ME AND THAT HE IS PROUD OF MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS THAT 'I HAVE GAINED ON MY OWN MERIT' it continues to baffle both him and me how much a part of me always needs to hear him explicitly state elementary things like these, because somehow I decided to be supremely neurotic and full of issues about this, even though part of me should full well know that DUH MY PARENTS LOVE ME OKAYYY *headdesks*I love Ma so much for letting me cry over the phone at her while I was freaking the taxi driver out though too, ahh

...so okay, I guess you are all catching me on an upswing! I spent the last few days furiously prepping for, and calling up various big ad agencies here for a summer internship (seriously, I googled the Top 10 worldwide agencies and just went through looking for their BKK offices. Lolol might as well aim high, eh??). Spent 9 hours today running around town, submitting my cover letter + CV and filling out some uh, very interesting application forms at Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson and Leo Burnett. Have to go into town AGAIN tomorrow for a hastily on their part rescheduled interview with someone from Leo Burnett, third consecutive day on less that 5 hours sleep is goooooooo. BUT! I really hope the LB thing works out, because they are ~fantastic~ and I loved their office already from the moment I stepped into the threshold. Will still probably send off the requested email-only applications to Ogilvy and EURO RSCG on Monday too though, ONE CAN NEVER BE TOO SURE.

GOD I HOPE I GET IN. I CAN ALREADY SEE MYSELF DYING THIS SUMMER FROM THE STRESS, but oh myyyyyyyy just the thought of how my CV would look with an internship + certificate from one of these pimpin' agencies?? DREAM COME TRUUUUUUUUUE (part 1! Part 2 would actually be working their for cash money lolol)

and on that note! SLEEP. Moooooooar postings tomorrow~ MISS YOU ALL BBs! (well okay I had been good with commenting these past few days)
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Bildungspsychologie II: 2!
AT PR: 1!!
AT WERB: 1!!!
AT HIST: 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD YES. OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! What is this madness!! I mean, I am not so much surprised about the PR because I was one of the few people actively participating, but the Werb means that Teach liked my ad! AND HIST. WHAT THE FUCK. MY UN-BETA'D, CRAPPY ASS HIST PAPER. HOT DAMN ♥ ...I wonder if she even read it lolol

Oh man, this is wonderful. I can actually enjoy looking at my grades page now. Now if only the BAKK1 Teach would only just fricken confirm that she received my paper last week and akjskjfhsa arrrgh.

Wow my grades can still be saved (a little bit)!

AAAAAND this is me finally having internet again at my aunt's place, where we were staying at the hospital residences turned out to be too hobo-tastic to have decent internet so I was forced to go without. Meeeh. NOW TO CATCH UP (AGAIN). February is obviously not my month for internet times :(
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*claws up from mountain of papers and debris* I'M FINALLY FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *wheezes*


DAYS ASSIGNMENT WAS HANDED IN LATE: TECHNICALLY TWO, whooops! ...I wanted to send it late Saturday evening Thai time (-6 hours for Vienna), and had woken up since 6.30AM for a last ditch day of crazy writing, but then THE ELECTRICITY WAS FUCKING CUT FROM 9AM TIL 4PM, so that was pretty much a pipe dream. FUN FACT: Writing things out by hand kind of SUCKS, especially if your modus operandi is like mine in which I first randomly write some rough version of the text first and then repeatedly hack at it over and over again or until everything slots together. MMMH MICROSOFT WORD BB.
I am basically banking on the fact that Teach is normally super chill about such things, ahhh I feel so guilty about the SECOND DAY, it's like in my personal slacker rules, handing in an assignment a day late can still sometimes fly (especially if the deadline is like XX-DAY, MIDNIGHT, which just begs to be somehow abused), but crossing that second day mark just makes you feel like a GIANT DOUCHE somehow ._.;;

FINAL WORD- AND PAGECOUNT: 39 pages with all the bells and whistles, around 9,200 words and 34 pages of actual BAKK1 goodness (I beat the minimum pagecount of 30 WOOO). AND TO THINK I STARTED FEBRUARY OUT WITH 15 PAGES, laaaaaaawl.

AMOUNT OF GRAMMAR MISTAKES AND RETARDATION CAUGHT BY AWESOME PROOFREADER OLGA: .....EMBARRASSINGLY HIGH. GOOD LORD IT'S LIKE I CAN'T WRITE COLLEGE LEVEL GERMAN AHH. Seriously, Olga, I owe you so much man--shall do my utmost best to get you something extra super pimping as a Mitbringsel!! ILUILUILUUUU ♥

HOURS SLEPT: Always quite reasonable! 6-7 hours, and the last few days in Ma's fantastic new bed in the New House~ It's been giving me the weirdest dreams lol. And the sleep was mainly because I started to deliriously type gibberish in the late hours of the night and would snap to my senses and stare at things like "Smokey and the boys were standing in the hallway" under my supposed paragraph on the "Kulturparadoxe nach Marieke K. de Mooij" >_>;;

-working on a MAD TAN so that Carmen might gaze upon me and weep with despair and envy (and then probably match the moment it gets warm enough for her to jog again in Vienna lol)
-my face looking normal again, godddddd I don't know if this is some reaction caused by stress or whatever, or my face not being able to deal with the switch from WINTER!! to FUCKING HOTHOUSE!!, because I have blotchy bits on my face that looks like I am afflicted with some weird disease that is causing my skin to flake off. I love how it's centered around the corners of my mouth too, so that the ultimate Jesus Christ, what is wrong with your faaaaaaaaaace effect can be seen ://///
-FINALLY CATCHING UP ON EVERYTHING, I was online every now and then because, you know, ADDICTION IS A CRUEL MISTRESS, but now I can actually comment! *goes off to do so now*


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