Jun. 7th, 2010 12:58 am
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As I have been bitching about it on Twitter and FB, my laptop/Windows decided to totally and utterly out of the blue crash on me on Thursday. It was to the extent that I could restart the computer, but Windows wouldn't run and thus it would reboot in an eternal loop before I switched it off... and had to wait until returning to Chiang Mai today.

Basically I have had my BB and the extremely easier than expected way I can read teeny tiny fic on it for utterly distracting me from my woes. Because I can easily freak myself out when I think about it, as I was also stupid enough to not have backed up my data/pictures since uh FEBRUARY of this year. Whiiiich would pretty much fuck me over hard if the computer whizzes I left my laptop with can't save anything. For instance, MY FUCKING [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang TITLE ART, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I knew I should've saved it on USB stick ASAP or at least sent someone the PSD. file. I mean, I have the screencaps that I sent people, but they are so small :/ BUT! [livejournal.com profile] purequicksilver, have no fear: If I am totally screwed comwise I'll just draw something analog. Found my old COPIC markers that still seem to be in top shape (my ability to use them effectively notwithstanding XD) and some sketchbook paper. Luckily we still have time til posting and I'll definitely hold up my end of the partnership, THIS I PLEDGE YOUUUU <33

I also thought that LJ would've at least had autosaved the GIGANTIC ENTRY I was writing juuust before the crash, so uh GOODBYE painstakingly, nearly 90% done massive rec entry of SPN codas and STrek, BBT, White Collar and etc fic! *headdesks* MAYBE I'll get around to it again at one point, but definitely not on Ma's laptop here. I am already so out of touch in using the English keyboard... Anyways, nothing much I can do now but wait and cross my fingers and pray that even if my computer is borked to high heavens and I need to drop cold hard cash for a new one, I WILL STILL HAVE MY PICTURES D: The ones of the dogs in Feb, fuuuuuuck ;_;

IN CONCLUSION, have a clip of a song that had nudged away Rihanna's Rudeboy and thankfully that Bieberabomination song (they play it here incessantly argh). Thaitanium's "Sud Korb Faa(Edge of the Sky)". Thaitay is a rap group I normally am either disinterested or vaguely irritated by, but Ad Carabao for a guest star is like the apparently grizzled secret spice that can lure me. I just love his voice so much in the chorus and the ~inspirational lyrics AHHHHH ♥ Ignoring the usual hip hop posturing, I also adore the b&w sweeping shots of Bangkok and the orchestra parts. SWOOOOOOOOON. Now if only I could just buy the single and avoid the album XDD

PEE ESS totally borked the timezones on this for my friend in Germany who was born on the 6/6 too (DO YOU EVEN CHECK LJ ANYMORE,[livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos??) but! It is still Sunday somewhere in the world, so dearest awesome [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer carry on having a fab birthday celebration! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT <33


Dec. 16th, 2009 06:23 pm
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DEAR IMMUNE SYSTEM, I would like you to stop right there and not even think about starting to fail on me. The raspy cough that is beginning to get more intense as the hours go on, the weird way I seem to be aching everywhere, the delicate beginnings of a headache and the surprising lack of appetite? Kindly fuck off and die. I have already taken two Vitamin C tablets today, I am guzzling enough water and will be bundling up like woah when I head out for dinner with Carmen and her visiting sister, so THAT WILL BE THAT. Ugh, cold weather sickness woes, DNW!

Today has not been all that good of a day so far, so I really hope dinner at the Shanghai Tan will lift things up a bit. Thought I'd have a long-overdue nice phonecall with my Dad again, but that turned sour real quick. It's my fault for forgetting the key rule when Talking To Dad About University/My Future: LIE. LIE LIKE THE DICKENS. It's apparently useless trying to explain that given the unknown timespan getting all my paperwork processed will take, I haven't actually sent out any job applications yet. All the agencies and what-not right now are only looking for positions to start Jan or early Feb, and that is a time I know for sure I won't be done yet (even in the best case scenario when I pass ABWL). But of course, all this reads as excuses to him, and me not holding up my end of the apparent bargain we eked out in the summer. Thus, he was also not all that happy with my plan to come back home for a month in mid Feb, and well. Oh man. I know he only means well, and has my best interests at heart, but the way he says it never fails to rankle or reduce me to ridiculous tears because it always sounds like he is disappointed and insinuating things about my failure/idiocy/naivete/whathaveyou. Which is at least somewhat dealable over the phone, but hah, there have been many awkward and super snot-filled bawlfests in person in the past.

But, nothing I can do I guess. Will continue to try and at least get my CV and cover letters translated, my application papers scanned in and such this month, and I'll just start sending off things in the beginning of January then. It's times like these where I intensely wish that I could just say FUCK IT and go back to Bangkok, but even super-whiny self-pity party queen me knows that it's a stupid idea given the pittance I would earn. If only if only. I guess this is one of the things I at least enjoy about this half-life you live in university: You have all this time, and you can sometimes hid from decisions behind it, but eventually the clock does run out. I know that immediate Masters programs are out of the question for me, both due to intense personal disdain for the theoretical/dry curriculum in Vienna and parental no-nos-- but the idea of postponing it all some more did have its moment of temptation.
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So I didn't want to admit it, but the ABWL/Intro To Business Endtest (due Monday!!) is seriously gonna eat me up and spit me right out. I am woefully, woefully unprepared for it, I cannot parse the math behind it, nor can I fully and accurately remember the theoretical parts, and I will be basically screwed. And then everything will be delayed and less I pass the retake in January, my graduation will be delayed again. For 5 measly ECTS extra-credit points. FUCK.

So, I have decided that since even considering all these Serious Factors, my concentration is wobbly at best, I will have to declare a quick LJ/FB/email hiatus until Monday is over. I'll be trying to get the last few tabs I have open answered, but after that-- I guess it's see ya on the flipside, ladies! Please think genius and math & business-y thoughts my way on Monday :(

ALSO: DEAR SABRINA, WHY ARE YOU BACK AGAIN. Please have another screaming fight with someone on the phone and then disappear for more than 2 days this time, please please please? You are also welcome to interpret "more than 2 days" as forever, be my guest!
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I have been back in Vienna since yesterday, and already what good and what fun I have experienced so far (to be mentioned later) simply pales in comparison to the shitshow that is my roommate. I don't know if it is the fact that I have become soft, accustomed to cleanliness and hygienic surroundings when I was in Bangkok, or maybe the fact that even the four odd months I still have left til (hopeful) graduation suddenly seems like forever or some other reason, but already I am feeling this low-grade, constant thrum of anger and rage towards her. How can someone bear to live in such a hell-hole? Why must I too be dragged into living like this? We fucking have tiny insects whirring around the common room areas now! I don't even know where to start in cleaning things there up, especially with the knowledge that it'll all go to shit soon again anyways (not to even mention I still have to clean up my own room after three months of dust and absence). And the kicker is that this status is even the "cleaned up" one. Because, if she is to be believed, she also 'had just arrived for a two days' before I did... yet that was enough time to throw the sort of party that has left weird purple markings on the floor that won't go away and a veritable pile of trash that was the first thing I saw after arriving home, after a 12+ hour flight (yay for flight delays ugh).

I hate her, I despise every single goddamn fiber of her being-- she could be a saint on the sly and I wouldn't give a fuck, and I honestly wish she would one day leave and never, ever come back. Ma tells me that I have only two options: confront her or just simply move out. The latter is not an option at the moment, and I already know how the former will end (= not successfully), but I guess I should try again the next time I see her. I wish I could be direct to her, give her the laundry list of her sins that I have been compiling since early 2007, but part of me is wary of the fact that she could very well make my life hell, or just ignore it and increase the filth (since it so obviously doesn't faze her as much as me) and I probably couldn't deal with it, not with the close quarters that we are living in.

One day, I will live alone, and it will be awesome and fantastic and this will just be a smudge on the reminiscences of my university days. Though I guess I am forever ruined on cohabitation, thanks to this. Never again, no fucking way. EVERYONE WHO HAS NICE HOUSE OR ROOMMATES, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

But still, in conclusion: HATE HATE HATE

...........and I miss Carmen ;_;
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Admittedly, using such things for something as banal as turning back the time I did Not Do Exam Prep would be a horrific waste, but whatever. My point remains. Amazing how fast time can pass when one is trying to the best of one's abilities not to study.

Suddenly, cleaning things becomes so appealing! )

In other news, I will be meeting Miss Olga tomorrow morning for a quick and yet much needed hang-out session and Sunday is apparently lunch at the Ra'mien again with Sven, Manfred and Nikki for Carmen and I. So much to do for a weekend that I should technically be spending crying over my study material. I SEE ANOTHER 4 OVER THE HORIZON, if I even pass lolol

Aaaand to round this entry of with something of actual interest to you guys-- ~*MUSIC*~!! [livejournal.com profile] gwy wanted some new tunes, and I took to the task in the zealous manner of someone desperately trying to distract herself. A selection from various Fanmixes and etc that I have had the pleasure of dling off the interwebs (btw [livejournal.com profile] metatarsus basically has crazy awesome music taste you guys, holy shit). HEEERE'S THE LINK TO THE FOLDER.

Personal favorites include:
__ Bat For Lashes- "I'm on Fire" ([livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight I THINK THIS MIGHT BE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. Delicate and shivery-fine.)
__ Chicken Legs Weaver- "John the Revelator" (If you only knew the Depeche Mode version like I did, this is just so awesome, too)
__ Pedro the Lion- "Bad Things to Such Good People (the geetaar strumming throughout this song basically kills me)
__ Beirut- "La Banlieu" (...not so much new as a band I listen to eternally. Love the main singer's voice and the richness of the songs. Mhhh)

PS. ATTN: [livejournal.com profile] luscious_mangos!! KAT!! WHAT IS THIS ANNA IS FB-ING ME ABOUT YOU POTENTIALLY BEING ABLE TO COME TO FUCKING VIENNA NEXT WEEKEND AND NOT EXACTLY WANTING TO??? DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE COME ON YOU MUST! I haven't seen you in ages and we can have cake! And wander round Vienna! OR we could just bum around my dorm room and watch DVDs if you want (hopefully Sabrina will be away that WE), lol it'll be business as usual except you get to listen to the dulcet tones of my live-commentary again. DUDE I COMPEL YOU TO COME ;_____; I HAVE A GIANT EXAM THAT COMING MONDAY AND OTHER DEADLINES AND I WILL GLADLY FLING THEM ASIDE FOR YOU MY DEAREST. COME ON COME ON COME ON. IT'S BEEN YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS.
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Over these past few days, I have realized a thing or two. Mainly, HOLY SHIT THE SUMMER SEMESTER IS NEARLY OVER ALREADY AHHH THE EXAMS ARE UP ALREADY AHHH THREE EXAMS THESE NEXT WEEKS BESIDES ALL MY OTHER DEADLINES AHHHHHHHH. I shall probably start fervently praying that I pass all three of the PKW exams, holy crap my next semester (and laaaaaaast one!) would be so chill if that were true... COMMUNICATIONS LAW (take two, bawww), COMMUNICATIONS ETHICS AND ...uh, COMMUNICATIONS/QUALITY EVALUATION METHODS, I VOW TO AT THE VERY LEAST ATTEMPT TO PASS YOU. Kicking academic ass is more of a surprise bonus, lol I am such a bad written exam taker-- give me an oral exam where I have to defend my work or present anything to strangers ANY DAY.

The weather is also intensely moody, we keep swinging from CRAP --> SWELTERING --> RAIN --> CRAP all the damn time. Have at least finally bought a fan though, so at least the nights of tossing and turning and feeling like I'd choke on the warm air that would lie like a dead weight in the bedroom are over, at least! MMMH FAN ♥

I have also made quite good progress on my SPN Big Bang banner, if I might say so myself! Shading people decently still remains something beyond my grasp, but I think I can muddle my way through it... It still needs a few sessions, but I think I can soon move on to some other pictures. Posting deadline for us is the 26th of June, and I'd feel bad if I could only offer [livejournal.com profile] laulan a measly banner lolol >_>;;

Tomorrow will be another day of frantically trying to get uni deadlines done, have a UE Hist presentation on Friday with the boys that is basically non-existent yet (WHOOPS), a UE PR presentation on Tuesday and our UE Werb presentation on Wednesday. And the last of these is basically all done already, which is fantastic and the reason why I love to sign up for presenting duties --> means I don't have to make the PPP, though I can already see this plan not working with my PR presentation. BLARGH.
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First, I am mugged by deadlines and stress. Then I spend the majority of Wednesday and Thursday feeling sore, sick and generally So Not Fine At All that it feels as if my brain decided to go on holiday and leave a warm and mushy sponge behind. And now I find out that DHL is fucking around with my Thai Visa form that Ma sent since last week (so they tell me they've been here twice, but where were my notifications? And why is the DHL office so damn far away? What should I travel to Simmering/Bleibtreustraße for?? :///) and new deadlines rear their head. Oh and I am apparently already in the double digits of my monthly €. FFFFFF WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MONTH. June is supposed to be full of sun! Buying fresh fruit and eating berries all the time!

But talking about things that have been tiny sprinkles of awesome though-- I finally managed to upload my FB Roma roma roma album! Expect a condensed selection to hit LJ soon (along with the backlogged Germany pics and uh, damn I probably have quite the backlog eh??). Carmen and I watched My Bloody Valentine 3D and managed not to actually get sick from watching a 3D horror movie in our less than optimal health! MMMH BIG SCREEN JENSEN ACKLES. The movie itself was totally hilarious (there sure were a lot of chicks cackling madly throughout the film lolol Austro-SPN fen??), though I admit to closing my eyes at certain scenes. LIKE THE DRYER CORPSE, OLGA YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT DDD: And for being my ~first ever~ 3D movie, it was pretty damn fun, even if I thought the blurriness at times was due to having to wear my 3D-glasses on top of my normal glasses, but uh, it's the ramifications of the technology at the moment, I guess? *SHRUGS*

Tomorrow we will be going to a Thai food/culture festival that is currently being held at the AAKH until the 9th! I totally would have missed it if my uni errands hadn't made me go past the Campus and hear the lilting sound of someone actually speaking in Thai over the speakers. THEY HAVE DELISH THAI DESSERTS ♥ And I shouldn't be spending money, especially since I'm going to be in Thailand in less than a month already (EEEEEEEEE!!), but still! I can eat toast for the next few days or something. Or use the credit card. Ummm *shifty eyes of low impulse control*
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YOU GUYS. Time has magically elapsed quick like a mofo since Monday evening, what the hell. It all started when Carmen and I were only just supposed to go to Sven's birthday party pre-gaming session... and of course then we ended tagging along to go clubbing at the ~*Ride Club*~ after all. Which sucks and is a bastion of sleaze and desperate, desperate douchebaggery/whorishness --as usual, good to have that reconfirmed-- and I also got my fantasy of Eramus Exchange Program parties being fantastic rightly shattered and it was shown to me as the full of suck and clique-y people shindig it was. And the music! Fucking Katy Perry and Pussycat Dolls, nooooo. We left at 2AM with Stephen (who was one of the few honestly entertaining and cool people there), and ended up in the totally wasted Pano dorm kitchen where the pregaming was held, just drinking beer and talking about randomness until the wee hours of the morning. Awesome beginning and awesome conclusion, if only the actual clubbing part could have been snipped out!
.........and of course I proceeded to HATE MYSELF for the entire Tuesday, because I was A)tired as fuck, B)cramping up like woah and C)because I realized that I was so screwed for my BAKK2 presentation on Wednesday. Which ended up in 3AM bedtimes and frantic last-minute work as usual, and hating myself some more when I had to wake up this morning at 8AM to barely make it to my 9.30AM WERB UE in time. And really, the best part of this BAKK2 stress?

ALL OF MY PANIC-Y EFFORTS WERE FOR NOTHING, because the teacher didn't even listen to my presentation (we had to simultaneously present on each half of the classroom, a teaching tactic that I DESPISE PASSIONATELY, such bullshit) and when I gave her my presentation poster for some feedback as she had yet to actually see it after the seminar, this is what she did:
TEACH: *unrolls poster, gazes at it* Hmm. Yes. Everything seems very... clearly arranged here. Quite adequate. *rolls it back up, hands it to me*
SHAZ: .............................thank......you.

QUITE ADEQUATE?? QUITE ADEQUATE?? WOW. That just really makes me feel so secure in what I have accomplished so far! Who the fuck wants a 'quite adequate'? And more importantly, what grade does she give a 'quite adequate'? Because that smells like a 4er to me and akjsfhkajsh, AUGHHH. Is a half-way decent feedback that actually makes emotion flicker in her cold, cold eyes too much to ask for? :// I really like her otherwise, but wow do I ever get nervous when you can't read teacher's reactions in situations like these.

And to end this on a non-bitchery note, I am so psyched about various movies right now that I am all unable to watch. Typical, I know, yet still always so frustrating. UP! STAR TREK! Also I have not forgotten about: I LOVE YOU, MAN. *grabby handssss* Re: UP, if you haven't seen it yet, everyone should check out this clip: MEET DUG THE DOG. AHHH I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW. Obviously not just for the dogs, because all the reviews I've read make me just so excited for everything about this movie, yet it is every so hard to not immediately succumb to the charm of "I HAVE JUST MET YOU AND I LOVE YOU". AHHH his dumb doggie face reminds me so much of our dogs, I cannot deaaaal.

PEE ESS [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer, I am mucho glad that you liked the ~*SUPER SECRET SCHWAG*~ bb! All the best for youuuu, of course! Man, this time the postage service at least fucking finally delivered-- I ADMIT, I WAS PRETTY NERVOUS.
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Clearly I am a person who needs regimented activities in her life, because left to my own devices I revert to an ooze of a person who blankly stares in front of the computer screen. But thankfully there is always Carmen a dorm-phone call away to make me at least interact with someone socially, and we both had just spent about 45 minutes on the phone together doing what basically amounts to simultaneous internship- and apartment surfing and rambling about what our ideal future would be (she is getting more and more drawn into the idea of spending some time in Thailand, careerwise! Woo would that ever be awesome ♥). I sure hope something turns up for her, though I keep telling her how hilarious it would be if she ends up in Thailand next year and I am stuck in Vienna still in some dumpy job. AHH THE THOUGHT OF FUTURE IS STARTING TO BECOME HARD TO IGNORE. At the very least after the summer hols I should know some more fix details though, ahh.

Speaking of uni-- one of my experts for BAKK2 actually wrote back! Requesting more information, but still. Though I am kind of hoping she declines, so that I can at least tell teach that I tried and failed, and can thus interview other people in a more chill manner. Which brings me to my next question/entreaty, oh flist that I talk to a lot on a regular basis and/or is just randomly interested:

I'm writing my senior thesis paper on blogging and young women (ages 16-24), with a focus on how the written content of the entries (the sociolinguistic nuances as such) reflects the search/construction/establishment of identity, and would need to interview either 3-5 bloggers about their thoughts on this. As far as I've thought it out, the questions would be along the lines of why one blogs (subject matter/motivation etc), how one started, the readership/amount of interaction with commenters, the amount of thought that goes into the actual posting (are the entries planned reflections, or more stream of consciousness, or just daily listings of activities) and so on and so forth. No more than half an hour and probably done over a skype conversation that I'll record with Audacity, since the only one of you guys I see in person is [livejournal.com profile] chesire_tabby (ILU OLGAAA). I could probably also ask Ginger or Ploy in Bangkok, hmmm. But yeah. That would be my main thing to do and thus: Anybody interested?? Any information would of course be treated confidentially, and honestly, you could just about ramble about god knows what or lie about your age and it'd still be okay. I think 8DD



May. 27th, 2009 03:33 pm
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It seems like I am experiencing some form of post-travel downer-time, because what the fuck is wrong Sharon, GET OVER YOURSELF ughhh I am feeling oddly lethargic and overly emotional and vacillating between wanting to ignore what I have to do for uni and panicking about fucking it up AHHH I ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER AUGHHH. Also I want to finally fucking know when the Prüfungseinsichttermin for Korre will be. I can't believe I fucking flunked communications law, I thought I had done enough for a pass, at least. Now I still have three exams left in PKW, greaaat. And then there are other BAKK2 related things, and after that there are just simple things like doing laundry and cleaning up, not even mentioning CALLING OR REPLYING TO PEOPLE that I have been trying to do more than halfheartedly since Monday. It's so stupid, I know that many people have actual serious problems and worries, and here I am still just moping about with my bullshit. Hopefully once I type this I can get on with my life?? TODAY CAN STILL BE SAVED. USED PRODUCTIVELY. Yeah.

I think I'll go check and see if TV-Dome has the pilot of Glee up, was looking through YT and coming up with bumpkiss that was watchable. CHEER ME UP PLEASE, HAPPY-LOOKING TV SHOW


AND ALSO THIS COOL LINK that I got from [livejournal.com profile] gallo_de_pelea --The "I Can Read Movies" Set. Fantastically cool book covers!
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-KORRE grades are finally in: HELLO FAILURE! What the fffffffffuck, I was so sure that I had at least written enough correct to pass. Ugh ugh ugh, so I guess I can't sell my script off yet then! Weirdly enough I am more annoyed and slightly embarrassed than in abject despair. This better be the only PKW subject I flunk this semester (...probably not, given EVA and KOMET looming on the horizon, but who knows!).
-Sabrina is back! And spent the first few hours of her return having her special phone conversations that consist of so much yelling that I can hear it in my room. She has some serious emotional issues, methinks! Now, I must say that this is actually the best kind of timing though-- I'm leaving for five days, everything is clean and my half of the fridge is full. I am almost curious as to how fucked up things will look like when I'm here again.

-I have more than half packed everything!
-Angie sent me a postcard from the Jungfraujoch that arrived today! MMM MAIL.
-I read this monster of a brilliantly well-written Norrington/Sparrow PoTC fic. "Between Wind and Water" is its name, and the author really makes 90'000 words fly by in an instant. And actually made me interested in the navy/ship happenings. I admit, the Narniaaaaa fic of the weekend has given me a hankering for some elaborate fic with battles and war, and this totally hit the spot. Glorious! The porn is hot too, of course, but not even the main point of it.
-Speaking of fic, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra is a goddess amongst us feeble mortals, and posted the most DELIGHTFUL and GLEE-INDUCING NBNW fic everrrrrr she wrote for my ~*birthday*~ over at RBR, so run, don't walk to gaze upon its greatness. ILU ILU LAL ♥
-LAST BUT NOT LEAST, [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang posting schedule is reveaaaled! We're due on the 26th of June, [livejournal.com profile] laulan!! AHHH SO EXCITED ALREADYYYYY :DD

-Some more drafts to send to [livejournal.com profile] laulan before I leave late tomorrow afternoon(...we'll see how much I get done d'ohh)
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#1 "Now I am quite positive that you are using my toiletries willy-nilly, as they are always scattered throughout the bathroom instead of where I usually put them (like my razor), or suddenly empty, like the La Roche-Posay face wash I use that you also now have suddenly acquired two different tubes of. How nice to know that we both have oily skin, and that using MY STUFF helps you so much, Miss I Have Chanel and Shishedo Products Lining The Bathroom Shelves! BUT what kind of alarms me is the thought that my towels are the only ones in the bathroom currently, and that you never really seem to have a face towel. I really hope you're the type of person who just takes them into their room!"

#2 "While I should be quite used to the ...wonderful things you share with me in the bathroom, I must say that your uh, blood-smeared or otherwise stained thong lying in a puddle face up on the bathroom floor is always something that I wish I never would have to see. Do you have issues accepting the fact that you get a period? Do you seriously run out of pads/tampons?? And don't you realize that if you can tell that even when I leave the dorm, I do eventually come back and also have to use the bathroom??"

#3 "Admittedly, you seem to not be committing heinous crimes in the kitchen area yet, I mean, it's still dirty as fuck, but I am avoiding that by spending the least amount of time there and eating simple things like SALAD and FRUITS and okay, POP TARTS in my room, but I figure that it's just a matter of time before something is rotting again. BUT. Another thing that normally I wouldn't even think should be worth mentioning, BECAUSE NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T DO THESE THINGS and yet you keep doing this OVER AND OVER is the following: Just sticking your used wads of chewing gum on the kitchen sink OR the cloth towels to wipe the dishes is not the correct way to throw gum away. IT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR. Or maybe the fact that I eventually scrape it away because it grosses me out constitutes 'disappearing' for you, I can never tell."

#4 "STOP FORGETTING TO LOCK THE FUCKING OUTER DOOR WHEN YOU COME BACK DRUNK AND HORNY WITH YOUR FUCKBUDDY/BOYFRIEND. SERIOUSLY. LOCKS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I do not want to have to have to actually LOCK MY inner door as well every night, jesus christ this is the FOURTH TIME you have forgotten to do so, IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK."
I forsee myself snapping again soon, and the return of the passive aggressive sticky notes. O god how I despise her!! Go away go away go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy D:
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......nearly two weeks since she last was here, BUT MY ROOMIE HAS RETURNED. *CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC, LIGHTNING FLASHING FROM THE SKY* ------NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And if my ears aren't deceiving me before I preemptively slapped some earphones on, I think her fuckboy is here, too. UGHHHHHHH.

I was so getting used to the ~glorious~ silence and solitude. But ha-ha Sabrina, I got the fucking shower declogged (well okay I got the Heimtechnik to come fix it), I ignored YOUR probably rotting trash you left under the sink again (please to be taking it away now before it starts to smellll), and a good half of the fridge is full of my stuff. YOU CANNOT HARSH MY KITCHEN/GENERAL DORM VIBE OF CURRENT YAY AIIIIIGHT?? ....well okay, what am I saying, you probably will do so in two easy steps or something. I AM PREEMPTIVELY SHUDDERING FROM HEARING HER SPECIAL LAUGH EMANATE THROUGH OUR FLIMSY DORM WALLS.

I hope they don't wake up early. I need the shower tomorrow before 8, ffffffff.


EDITED TO ADD: Reasons why I guess I should have went to bed earlier: 1) I PROBABLY WOULD NOT HAVE HEARD THE OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD SEX THEY WERE HAVING. Thankfully their lasting time seems to be as short as ever, because it seems as if the moaning etc. etc. is starting to sound more disturbing. I mean. *shudders* THANKFULLY I WILL BE GONE BASICALLY THE WHOLE DAY TODAY.
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Today we had another session, and I think I managed to somehow win back a bit of my honor, or at least show the assorted group, who probably doesn't really give a crap anyways, and the Teach, who probably still doesn't know my name yet that I am not wholly incompetent in the face of a graphics program.
Revamped 'self-advertisement', yay for clipart and imagegoogle for props )

Other in-class assignments were A) Come up with slogans for the fact that the church might just go into partners with our failing post offices here in Austria and B) Write a short story about meeting either George Clooney (for the ladies) and Angelina Jolie (for the dudes) by chance in our PKW institute. Doing A) was a helluva lotta fun (working with Aisen, woooo that dude is so chill), but B) basically had everyone's initial reactions in the room being along the lines of ".......oh hellllll no 8|". When it came to 'sharing and caring' reading time, the few people that read theirs were totally hilarious though. In the interest of full disclosure, and because I have to type it up and send it to Teach anyways, here my humble offering. I totally also just wrote the damn thing in English too, he didn't exactly specify any language limitations, moo ha ha ha!

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ONLY ONE MORE DAY LEFT BEFORE I HAVE TO LEAVE BAAAAW D: Man, it was hella awesome so far and I seriously have seen so much, and have also spent so much money on postcards, so assorted people shall probably be getting some soon! And by soon I mean in the next two weeks once I finally motivate myself to fill them out, then another few days of delay as I forget to get to the post office in team. Like usual, you know :DDb

Still, before I go into detail about my awesome northern adventures (I will totally try and upload pictures this time!!1), I feel the urge to share with you my intensely traumatic movie experience of two days ago. Also known as "Martyrs" by Pascal Laugier. No lies, this is now officially THE ABSOLUTELY MOST HIDEOUS AND DISGUSTING SICK SICK SICK SHIT I HAVE EVER SET MY EYES UPON. I don't give a damn that apparently all the French horror movie fans are apparently collectively creaming their pants over this dreck, but seriously. We ended up watching it till the bitter end, in the vain hope of some form of resolution, but what came was the equivalent of crapping in your already craptacular sundae of crap, and sprinkling it with tiny, tiny bits of turd. It lures you in with the appearance of being a kickass Kill Bill-esque girl gets revenge on the people who abducted and tortured her for no apparent reason yeaaaars ago flick, but oh nooo. I WILL NEVER GET THESE TWO HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK, WHICH IS WHY I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN DETAIL DD: )

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For bitchery and completion's sake, and so that I can also start forgetting how unpleasant and vaguely humiliated I felt about this, a quick recounting of our UE PR group meeting today!

Lena, one of the girls who along with old swede dude said per email they were pro-Medienanalyse method was early. So I started chattering to her a bit about my plans for the meeting, since I figured I had an ally of sorts in her. But little did I know that once we were all seated, all the fuckers would PULL A FUCKING MUTINY ON ME. "I really think a Befragung would be a better method!" "Oh yes, I agree, it would much better serve our purposes!" -- and to my objections of how last minute this is, why nothing of substance was presented during this whole week if everyone was so gung-ho for it, how crap we would look in comparison to the other groups, how much more ahead they are and what a difference it would undoubtedly make, were basically drowned out. And it now sounded like I was the dick who didn't believe in the group (WELL YOU GUYS DIDN'T REALLY GIVE ME MUCH HOPE TO WORK WITH), who was the killjoy disturbing everyone's hilarious time, the pedantic asshole who kept writing emails that no one would read anyways (thanks for that info by the way, Sven C! Like that was such a surprise, coming from you). And to make matters even better, as if my current position in the group wasn't already teetering on the edge-- Wido, who was sitting on the mezzanine above us, decided that it was hilarious to throw his balled up sugar packets down at me. THANKS FOR THAT LAST PUSH INTO LOOKING EVEN MORE LÄCHERLICH AND PATHETIC DUDE, SERIOUSLY IT WAS JUST THE FINAL TOUCH OF HUMILIATION THAT WAS MISSING.

We did manage to bang out some questions and divide the labor in the hour and a half of the meeting though, the others will be doing the actual asking Favoritener their opinion, and this other chick and I will be analyzing the date and typing up the end report. All in all, a favorable end to this steaming crap mound (for now). I guess I've learned that it is just too much to wish for, having a group project that can be efficiently decided per email (we can work together, it's been proven! But why not a few days earlier??). And I've had a refresher course in how ~wonderful~ it feels to know that one has united the group in basically viewing you in contempt and condescension. I mean, I'm not looking for new BFFs in this group either, but ohh, the feeling still rankles like hell.

UGHHHHHHH that felt good to get out. Off to look at spam/porn to cheer me up!
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Dearest fellow group members of my UE-PR,

Words cannot fully describe the extent to which I am currently yearning to collectively throttle each and every one of you (though some of you more harder than others), run your lifeless corpses through some kind of shredding machine and feed the rest of you to hordes of wild dogs, cats or pigs. OR HIT YOU ALL HARD ENOUGH UNTIL CANDY STARTS COMING OUT, I truly can't decide!

How lovely of all of you to spend the week being okay with our initial group method of newspaper article analysis to uncover the public/media opinion on Favoriten, but now suddenly decide that, wait-- READING AND CATEGORIZING ARTICLES IS HARD! And what's easier and ~less of a hassle~ than reading stuff online? STREET INTERVIEWS! Three per person! Eighteen in total to give us a TOTALLY conclusive picture of the whole thing, sure! Pull the other one, fuckers. And where are your questions and ideas for the length of this supposedly easy questionnaire? Where is the barest sign of having thought about this for more than 'hurf durf talking to people is coooool :B'?? Talking to people on the street SUCKS. It is a fucking hassle and they don't want to be disturbed and you eventually feel like a giant DICK for having to and jesus christ. It's one thing to legitimately have a problem with Media analysis, but please, give me a better reason than 'it's such a hassle', and then go for a method that IS JUST AS BAD, AND ALL THE OTHER GROUPS ARE DOING, which would give Teach an ever better reference point to compare us with. And then she'll see that this was just a ploy because everyone is a lazy sad fuck. I mean, I don't want to expend so much effort either, BUT GIVE ME A BREAK.

And why am I the only one writing long emails trying to get people to discuss things? Is this some giant cultural divide in how people use fucking written correspondence nowadays?? I am already about 80% sure that they are all skimming my mails, which is why I am that jackass who BOLDS, ITALICIZES and UNDERLINES key passages because I am sorry to say that my collective impression of my groups intellects' is about level to that of a kindergarten classes. At least the kids would be willing to do things!

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Good thing my only plans today were A)puttering around my room and B)just staring out of the window. BUT STILL. I protest on principle!
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Throughout the day, I am either constantly sounding like a chain-smoking, seventy year-old grandma OR a eleven year old boy whose voice just broke. And my nose is congested like all fuck, which means that breathing(through my mouth) is one hell of a pleasure right now. My throat feels like raw hamburger, and I really liked the one moment last night where I was coughing so hard I thought for a moment that I'd be throwing up on my bed. GOOD TIMES. At least Sabrina is out at the moment so I can fully give in to all my disgusting throat-clearing choking noises. I clearly need to go rob a pharmacy tomorrow, my cough syrup clearly isn't cutting it anymore.

Which is why I basically spent today watching some more Mad Men and hacking a lung up in tandem with the guys on screen some more. Joan Collins is one hell of a minx and god do I ever still want to do Don Draper. Or rather, Jon Hamm dressed up like Draper, because the character is sometimes a giant effed-up douche, so yeah.



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