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AND NOW IT IS PAST 4AM. I had plans for tonight, but then I got sucked into reading fic, amongst others this epic Arthur/Eames AU ficverse where Arthur's a pianist and Eames is a lyric baritone and their love is so lieder, omg. SO GOOD, AHH. Especially love how the author has embedded links to all the ~significant music that is mentioned, so that I can click on the videos and try to force myself into having more of a nuanced appreciation for classical music beyond "hurf durf pretty sounds".

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I present a version of Danny Williams as an angry, angry otter that I doodled between callers today.

This is all part of something very cracktastic that dearest [livejournal.com profile] laliandra shared with me, the idea of the Hawaii 5-0 team as sea animals with Kono & Chin as sleek, amazing dolphins, Steve the SEA LION SEAL (dur!) and of course, Danny as the slightly odd one out aka THE HUMBLE OTTER. This means that my brain is mostly overcome by otters, though googling "how big are otters", "cute otters", "otters standing up" is not exactly a hardship. Also I keep trying to figure out a way to convey his hair, so until I figure that out y'all have to deal with tiny, tiny ties for now.


PS: A nicely creepy version of "Sweet Dreams" (Sucker Punch OST) I am pretty looking forward to seeing Sucker Punch, negl, if only for the amazing spectacle it promises to be. I was so shocked to find out that A) the main chick is that girl from the Lemony Snicket movies and that B) she can actually sing, as evidenced here.
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Keeping everything else I want to post on the backburner AGAIN, have some YT clips that have been rocking my world lately. I must pack for my imminent wake-up in uh, 5 HOURS because I will be flying to BANGKOK!! again for 5 days FUCK YEAH. Three days without work, glory glory hallelujah.


NUMBER TWO: I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE ASAP. Historical anecdotes apparently spun to high heavens and movie-transformed! EPIC TRADITIONAL MUSTACHES!! FUCKING BADASS FIGHT SCENES! Muay Thai remains one of the most hardcore and awesome things everrrr *wipes away a tear of national pride*.

NUMMER DREI: THIS SONG HAS BEEN MY EARWORM FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS DURING WORK. And also the awesome banality of the lyrics never stop cracking me up-- a sample: "Found a wallet/but there were no thousand baht notes there/Want to go for a mountain road-trip/but there's no gas in the car" OR "Bought fancy wine/didn't know how to open it/now it's expired/Want to go to heaven/but forgot to make merit/so now it's probably hell for me" A+++ I LIKE.

(ughhhh why the fuck didn't embedding work just now?? *shakes fist at LJ*)

PEE ESS ...we still have to check out things + everything is still super tentative and dependant on a million things BUT I. AND I MIGHT BECOME HOUSEMATES (!!) SOON. There is a house basically across Ma's where the owners who live in BKK or whatever need tenants to uh, keep the mice away after they get the exterminator to do their thing. The rent would be something ridiculously low like 5,000 THB which I. and I would split anyways + utilities and just... This would be so much less than my current rent for my dinky apartment, an ACTUAL HOUSE and also: SEPARATE BATHROOMS (!!!) so I can happily live out my neuroses of not wanting to share bathrooms/toilets with other people! SWEET. Of course, we'd both actually have to get/renew our driver's licenses respectively, but one would have actual incentive now lolol
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...but never actually get around to doing, because the past week and change has been chock full of GRADE A work dramarama bullshit and my attempts at dealing by diving headfirst into distractions and MOAR TV. Loy Krathong last weekend was pretty damn fabulous though, and did wonders for my mood... will post pics soonish, probably as a form of procrastination** from my next looming deadline: .......YULETART *DRAMATIC MUSIC*

**today's procrastination (DAY OFF WORK YESS), broken down:
-went to the gym with I.
-decided to go watch Captain Fine in Unstoppable, which honestly was a very solidly entertaining action movie. How they made trains! and railroads! and railway infrastructure! interesting was just about the biggest shock for me. AND OF COURSE, SEEING CPINE'S FACE ON A GIANT MOVIE SCREEN = money well spent. What I didn't expect was the amount of ass Rosario Dawson's character would kick though, so no-nonsense and awesome <33 And as an added bonus since I just rewatched last weeks episode of Community this morning: PROFESSOR PROFESSORSON is in it, too :DDD
-ran some errands, bought dinner and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert (OM NOM NOM)
-ate dinner and read 20K of Hawaii Five-0 fic and moar Glee fic. Watched Darren Criss being a charming mofo singing "Hey Soul Sister" for the bazillionth time.
-decided to spend 4 HOURS backing up my pictures and vids and mounting a (futile) attempt to sort out my fandom pic folders.

-look at the clock, see that it was nearly 1AM, curse and finally open Photoshop.

BUT! I have made good progress, and have thus rewarded myself with this post and the SWEET GIFT OF SLEEP. Tomorrow/later today, I will finally see HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS kjafjkah am so excited, ngl.
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My world feels like it has narrowed in a weird way again. For a while it almost seemed different but now it is WORKWORKWORK...WEEKEND!!WORKWORKWORK again. My main task that I always seem to fail at remains going to bed at a reasonable time and emerging well-rested. A WORK IN PROGRESS SINCE MY SCHOOL YEARS AND WHAT SEEMS TO BE A LIFELONG ENDEAVOR.

I actually don't have nifty work stories, I reckon it is a deadly combination of my soul becoming deadened and also the callers suddenly becoming boring. Slowly decorating my cubicle remains enjoyable though and I have now turned I. into a true believer when it comes to Kate Beaton's awesome comics. HELP ME HANDSOME DOCTOR graces both our walls and still remains the best everrr <3

Last Saturday was actually another exercise in "Yes, You Should Act Like a Twenty-Something" where the ladies and I made a go at more of Chiang Mai's nightlife. This time, Fabrique, a club/disco in an actualfax (but slightly iffy looking) hotel that had ace soundproofing, l-lol. In true Thai fashion there was also an extra charge of a 300 Baht drink voucher for the foreigners (we were three Thais and three Germans/Dutch-mixes). Our casual and institutionalized racism, let me show you it! True facts: 1) Mixing drinks remains inadvisable and 2) No matter how hard you try, the average Thai lady will out-awesome you with her party outfit. So much classy sexiness to be seen. Perhaps I should invest in fancier flip-flops, but I just can't be fucked to wear heels with the amount of walking/dancing we do and before she left this weekend :( I always did stuff with PL who is still under 160cms with heels.
It was a great deal of fun though, especially when we wandered off to the still empty at midnight "House music" room, basically commandeered it and tried to bribe the DJ to play more RnB instead XD. I am not against house music per se, but daaaaamn I do appreciate the greater ease to boogie to RnB/Hip-Hop. And of course the following Sunday was mainly spent guzzling water, ahhh I am such a light-weight.

Things to look forward to: THIS FRIDAY I AM OFF AND THIS SUNDAY WE WILL BE SEEING TIGERS! That are probably drugged to high heavens at the Tiger Kingdom, but well. I guess I can get to see things with my own two eyes there, too? AND MONDAY I AM OFF AGAIN, WOO!
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Title: Walk Walk Fashion, Baby
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kaiserkuchen
Movie Adapted: Zoolander
Fandom: Reboot
Characters/Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: G
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended; fair use only. Not created for profit.
Artist Notes: OMG DONE. As always, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra and [livejournal.com profile] laulan remain the best ladies to bother with grainy in-progress screenshots and related whining ♥. TY TY darlings! But no thanks to my crappy apartment internet though, jeez.

But why male models? )
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This weekend has been flying by at a pace that is most displeasing to me. I want more time to loaf about, catch up on fic and yet also finish the books that are tempting me. Have made slight progress on The Demon's Covenant though, and I keep pausing at bits to make happy sighs and/or go "that was so clever!".

I will be posting an actualfax extensive post later (well at least I have uploaded pictures for it), but because I must be off now here is just the trailer of a Thai movie ("Chua Fa Din Salai" or "Eternity") that I am EXTREMELY LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING. ANANDA EVERINGHAM + PERIOD MOVIE BASED ON CLASSIC THAI LITERATURE (something I shamefully know next to nothing about) = YESPLZ.

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I SHOULDN'T BE AWAKE NOW. And if I must be awake, I shouldn't be in front of the computer, but since I am, I might as well be productive and make a post.

It is still asstastically cold in Vienna (-13 degrees Celsius a few days ago when I WAS OUTSIDE, and -7 today WHILE I WAS OUTSIDE, TOO), but I still have errands to run tomorrow. The TOEFL Test registry place will hopefully be taking my money (ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EUROS UGH THESE RAT BASTARDS) so that I can register to give this test a whirl come January 30th. Might as well see how much ass I can kick at it, nearly everyone I know was been skeptical why I want to do it, but seriously. I can say that I am basically a Native speaker of English and that it was my first language until I'm blue in the face, but unless you talk to me in person, you can't tell for sure just by looking at my stats on paper. I'm either an Austrian or Thai citizen, depending on where I am applying, and the subsequent fact that neither my ~technical~ mother or father tongue is English. Which is where the TOEFL test would come in! I bet the hardest part for me will be concentrating for FOUR CONSECUTIVE HOURS AHHHH THE HORROR.

Sent off some of the holiday mail at least (met up with Michelle and dragged her on my errands with me, ahhh she was so patient ♥), the second batch will be up up and awaaaaaaaay tomorrow! AND SPEAKING OF MAIL, [livejournal.com profile] laliandra's glorious package arrived in my mailbox today and I am the swankest girl who ever swanked now, HAH HAH ♥ LALEX I LOVE YOUUUU! I seriously look forward to wearing those fab red earrings, Lal, and I will be spicing up my Salzburg cowtown-time with the cute bag that is now my official EARRING AND SHINY THINGS transportation :DD.

HAVE SOME ~~LINKS OF AWESOME~~, since I need to kill some tabs again:

__ Top 100 Reuters Photos, Part I ...often heavy and graphic stuff, but worth seeing. Wonderful photography and striking images, which sounds kind of obvious/redudant, but whatever.
__ Castiel Picspam! ...and KABOOOM, we've veered right back into fandom. [livejournal.com profile] aesc has a talent for graphics (and fic. Oh man, her fic *_*), and this picspam is gorgeous. This Favorite Dean Clothing Moments from S4 picspam by [livejournal.com profile] bellanut is also full of the pretty <33.
__ Community picspam of 1.07 AKA ABED AS BATMAN!! ...I keep forgetting to mention here how completely crazy I am for this how and how much it makes me laugh, but it really is one of my favorite comedy series now and this episode is particularly full of massive win. ALSO: everyone needs to have seen the SPANISH RAP. I WANT TO BE A DISCO SPIDER, TOO.
__ PERFECT PERFECT BIG BANG THEORY CAST PICS ...that first one!! I am ridic charmed by Jim and Kaley doing Edward and Bella, I must admit (THE HAIR)! AND JOHNNY AS SUSAN BOYLE. That likeness, bwaaaa. Hope you see these, [livejournal.com profile] apple_scruffer!
__ THIS PRINCESS AND THE FROG SPAM PARTY POST hosted by [livejournal.com profile] halcyonjazz is well worth checking out. FIC! ICONS! ART! Delightful. And on the subject of awesome, [livejournal.com profile] mekosuchinae has been churning out adorable, sweet and sexy-brilliant Tiana & Naveen fic and I heartily recommend everything she writes. It's so good! This and this (!!!!!) one are also two TPaTF artworks on DevArt that I thought were fantaaastic. I FEEL LIKE AN EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL AGAIN, EEEE DISNEY~~. And seeing the wedding outfits in actuality is even better than I expected. I love Tiana's lilypad gown SO DAMN MUCH.
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Looks like life is being if not shitty, then at the very least difficult and vexing for some darlings on my flist right now. What the hell, is there something in the air? ATTN: LIFE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, DON'T BE LIKE THIS D:<

I also had to drag myself out of a semi-funk at the office that was probably just my brain rebelling at having to do more competitive comparisons (BANKS AGAIN) and the frustration that the way I did the giant PPP yesterday was apparently not to the P's liking. And a good dose of tiredness and whenistheweekenditis too, I guess. Argh fail. ONE MORE DAY and I can treat myself to a weekend of pampering in town, fuck yes.

But speaking of shitty things to have to think about, I had another conversation with Dad on the way home about my ~*after uni future*~ -- and IF I do manage to get an actual job by the time I finish, or one that I could at least semi-immediately start in February, it really is looking more and more of a surety that I would be staying in Vienna. For a year or two longer, tops. Still. I always keep trying to ignore this, because I love the idea of living in Bangkok again so much, but Vienna would be a smart choice in setting down the foundations for actually reaching somewhere in my future career and earning a good salary, instead of languishing in the lower echelons of the local staff pool forever. I could always somehow hack it here, even if it would depend on what kind of an office I come into, and how much inner-office politicking is going on. I suck ass at the appropriate Thai-style of navigating this lol, this I have learned here already (and by observing how the previous interns acted shudder shudder). Yet there is also the salary matter and the fact that the average entry wage for an office worker wouldn't even crack 10'000 baht (8'000 is more likely). Half-decent studio apartments in town start at 15'000 a month! I don't want to lean on my parents financially THAT much. Blargh.

TL;DR OLGA YOU BETTER BE STAYING IN VIENNA FOR A WHILE, and I am so trying to get into your apt. complex too okay?? (=my favoritest pipe dream ever, TELL ME WHO I HAVE TO BRIBE)

EVERYONE ELSE: Come visit me in Vienna sometime in ze future then lolol

To end this on a musical note, here be YT vids of three songs that basically are on repeat when I do my media clippings menial work. DAMN YOU, KOREAN MUSIC FOR BEING QUITE AWESOME AND CATCHY
BIGBANG - "Haru Haru"
BIGBANG - "Lies"
BIGBANG - "Last Farewell" (song starts after 1:00-ish)
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Who knew that screencapping, translating and transcribing FORTY DIFFERENT DETERGENT COMMERCIALS that are urgently due by tomorrow is not actually something one can accomplish in a day! Especially when other staff suddenly decide that NOW is the time to get the only intern left in the office to do their bidding. Where were you guys when I had time to read 5 episode recaps of True Blood on TWOP last week? Had to respectfully and nervously beg-off most of the extra work, and damn if that doesn't just serve to make me look bad if I don't immediately say yes to everything arghhhhh timing, you suck. I just hope I can get the other missing half completed by tomorrow at 6PM, then at least that is done with, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


And in a parting note of faint grossness, apparently I was so tired when I took my nap on the car-ride home that I basically drooled on my own arm. That has never actually happened to me before! Internet, I have now shared my shame with you, and thusly I bid you all a good night <33

PS [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! IMAGINE ME SITTING RAPTLY IN THE AUDIENCE TOMORROW FOR YOUR EPIC PLAY~~ Break a leg, dude!
PPS [livejournal.com profile] laulan, lol I actually had this discussion with my Dad about how one could technically make durian juice palatable and not gross, I think Dad was thinking about potentially mixing it with coconut water? Had the last of the durian as a dessert to a dinner of moaar blue swimmer crabs maaaaaaaaaaan do my hands smell weird now XD
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Because you all would have otherwise been treated to an extended version of this already long venting and pity-party session about my day(s). The main gist of the matter basically is that hormones make everything worse, as this sampling of my thought processes today might show:


AAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS, to bring this away from the all-internship whining, all the time (I truly am happy I am getting to experience this, no matter how much it might seem otherwise. I AM LEARNING. I might not be happy that I am being exposed to the glaring deficits in my work skills/traits, but whatever.) --- THE COMIC-CON TRAILER FOR DEXTER SEASON 4!!!!!! SO FUCKING EXCITED, OMG. This, Glee and Supernatural are pretty much gonna rock my Fall program watching worlddddd~~
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AND SAW NO REAL FREE TIME AT ALL, JEEBUS FUCK I should take this as a lesson never to promise doing things by my next entry, because uh, laaaaaaaawl so much for that. Ugh, self.

The weekend starting Thursday evening with HAIRY POTTA!!1 was awesome though, and then CHIANG MAI!!-- ahh god I wish I could still be there now. I was so unbelievably grateful for Ma this weekend, while I laid about being a lump of extra useless and tired flesh slowly regaining hours of sleep and brain function, she'd be pushing a plate heaped with delightfully cut fruits in front of me (Gold and green kiwis! Dragonfruit! Pomegranate! Mangoes!) or a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. She'd take us for a much needed session of Thai masssage (nggg I basically died on my pillow oh god it was heavenly), let me buy apple chips and other snacks en masse at the supermarket and even not yell at me for falling asleep in the afternoon or early evening because the couch was too comfortable, reading took too much concentration or I was just still that plain tired. And then when I would wake up again she'd just corral me gently into the next thing I was supposed to do, or show me that she had repacked my bags, or loan me some of her extra things because I was too dumb to think about packing enough clothing when I was in Bangkok.

BUT NOW I AM BACK IN BKK and back to the grueling 5AM-8PM days and ffffffff do not totally want at all :((( The work at the internship has amped up, I really should have gotten the competitive comparison done last week, I thought I'd have enough time this week but now I am apparently being piled on with a shitload of other things. All not that hard, some even irritatingly banal (GO WASTE HOURS IN TAKING SHADY PICTURES OF PRODUCTS IN SUPERMARKETS, REALLY??) but oh how they are time consuming.

Also I have discovered via bouts of amazing naps and feelings of incapacitation when I didn't drink any that I have become caffeine-addicted, even if it is only by necessity. FOUL THROBBING COFFEE HEADACHES HOW I HATE YOU. HISSSSS.
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It seems like every night since I started the internship is an exercise in "WHAT EXCUSE WILL KAZ FIND NOW IN NOT BEING IN BED BY ELEVEN THIRTY EVEN THOUGH SHE WILL BITTERLY REGRET IT IN THE MORNING?" I am coming up with a variety of somewhat passable-- okay, not really-- ones though.

SO I GUESS I CONTINUE IN HOPING that you guys will tolerate the spotty comments that I occasionally managed to squeeze in before this doomtime. I have a bunch of tabs open that I've been meaning to get to (KAT OMG I AM SO LATE IN REPLYING WILL TRY TO DO SO TOMORROW KAY DUDE?? DD:), and I am confident that I will! Just uh, soon. And by soon I mean this might take a few days lolol o man.

TODAY I SAW THAI CELEBRITIES (that I recognized!) at the beauty cream X launch AND QUITE POSSIBLY BROKE THE ICE WITH THE OTHER INTERNS (!!). The HBIC of their little group still seems a bit too much for me sometimes, but they're all nice enough and I guess some socializing never hurts. Even if I DO like eating alone like the asocial loner I must seem lolol whoops.

IN CONCLUSION, have three pics from my past weekend:
Photobucket ...I'd never really given much thought as to where dragonfruit grows before, doesn't this look AWESOME??

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IT IS SATURDAY AND I STILL HAVE TO GET UP AT 6.30AM WTF. Or was it leave at 6.30AM?? I sure as shit hope its the former, I need to wash my hair and I sure as hell am not gonna do it at 1AM anymore. THIS IS NOT MY 2nd SEMESTER OF UNI, anyways, pff!

I think I am slowly finding my groove in the internship! There are niggling bits, bits that are amazingly boring, and bits that are intensely frustrating, but the main thing that really shines out is that there is always such VARIETY in what you have to do and when you interact with the different clients and oh, I would love to do this forever (but maybe in the damn ad department this time lol). Got to act like a junior staffer and go w/ two P's to see a client (credential presentation), and it was a really interesting experience-- both in how clients can be utter dicks (it's like they had a checklist! Slightly sneering and condescending boss, a double-team of clueless and assholish, unrealistic to the max expectations-- SERIOUSLY, A PITCH IN A WEEK?? PFFF craaazycakes) and how the PR presenters can also drop the ball (there were a smattering of English errors in the PPP and the presenting P fumbled a bunch of the Boss's questions and gave the kind of blabla, bullshit answer one gets so infuriated about, and the stupid thing was that it could've been avoided because I think it was just a failure to communicate clearly what he wanted to know).

Also, news of my mad translation/general English skills has apparently spread to the extent that Art dept. people are flagging me down to love over some copy for them. Uhuhuhu I will totes need to capitalize on this more as being my main selling point to all of them (because holy craaaap some of the mistakes that make it past the Client's eyes and the other office's eyes). AS LONG AS I AM NOT SHUNTED OFF TO PRESS KIT MAKING DUTY LIKE THE OTHER INTERNS now dat is some quality gruntwork wow D:

...and man, I actually had another post idea that wasn't internship related (I will probably peter down with the frequency of mentioning it once I get settled), but am currently too braindead to remember what. Ugh hate it when that happens...

SO IMMA OFF TO SEE SOME REAL LIFE "HARVEST MOON" GAMEPLAY, and most likely spend the day dozing on the deck chair. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN TO ME.

OH AND LASTLY: I PASSED EVA AND I PASSED KORRE!!!1 Now only the KOMET grade is missing and then I can go back to starting to worry about the other deadlines wooo <33


Jul. 15th, 2009 11:31 pm
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Instead of using my scant free time to finally update and catch up extensively, I am halfway through a very engrossing Superman/Batman fic and listening to the new Lily Allen album that I managed to score for a pittance, along with David Cook's album, at the lunchtime open market near the office. Also bought some truly hideously kitschy Barapapa and Tigerman earrings that were 20 baht a pop, just because I could.

An attempt now to keep things brief, as always I will try and answer comments and other posts tomorrow!


SO I GUESS THIS IS A BIT LONG NOW whoops. Bed time for reals now, over and outtt :D
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Seriously, I think I have cumulatively spent about 22 hours asleep this weekend. And it was glorious. Saturday was especially spent in a flashback to high school manner-- zonked out from 3AM-3PM lol, don't ask why I was still awake until three though. Of course, this meant I basically dropped everything else, barely got anything done but bothering the dogs, bothering Dad, watching crappy TV and eating delicious food-- but all in all, I think it was worth it. With these batteries charged, I'll hopefully be more in the swing of things now!

I think asking you guys for spam was the magical nudge I needed for them to finally give me shit to do-- as I was about to reply to some mail ([livejournal.com profile] laulan, [livejournal.com profile] chesire_tabby-- I WILL SO GET BACK TO YOU GUYSSS) I got to work on another project! I had to type up a product introduction/explanation text that expanded a bit on the virtues that were explained in the product factsheet. This was some famous brand's newly formulated baby/toddler milk formula, and it apparently filled with sunshine and rainbow dust, all the best to "optimize the miracle of learning in your young child's life". I had to do some googling about what foodstuffs normally contained the magical ingredients used in the formula, and what fun diseases you could have if you didn't get enough of these nutrients.

FUN FACTS: Did you know that our brain is apparently made out of 60% fat? Or that if you'd stretch out all the nerves in your brain in one straight line, it'd be 75 kilometers long? Well that's what the internet told me! Shame I didn't get to use it, but I gladly proceeded to work this into every conversation I had with RL people that day lolol.

Anyways, this wasn't supposed to be a really hard assignment to do, but of course I am sometimes blindingly stupid, and didn't really get enough sleep the previous night (note to self, 5 hours is okay, FOUR AND A HALF SCREWS YOU). I had two cups of coffee for breakfast at 7AM, which served me fine for the part of the morning where I was still waiting around for people to come to the office and give me shit to do (aka 9-11AM), but damn if the caffeine didn't just exit my system like a thunderclap the moment I fired up that word document. It was almost hilarious, I couldn't even focus on the screen, everything was flashing, my eyes were that heavy. It felt like I was almost high lolol thankfully it was almost lunch-time, so I basically excused myself off alone. Scarfed down a middling meal at the food court and followed that up with a large cafe latte with two espresso shots and 5 packets of sugar to actually make it palatable and we were back in business. I wonder how my super liked that article? Will find out soon I guess, though I hope I won't have to correct it as much as the cosmetics one. Turns out that she told me I could freestyle the translation/tone, but neglected to mention that the client wanted certain key phrases repeated EVERY DAMN PARAGRAPH, and I unknowingly always switched things up a bit because I thought that would make for boring reading. It was again a faintly amusing process of back and forth, her correcting it and making me correct her grammar in turn and rinse and repeat. Oh well, now I've internalized it for sure though. I think I'm even getting to go to the press con/product launch event for it tomorrow too, "white dress-code" ooh err, better go pack my stuff now.


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I guess this is a true sign of HOW MUCH DAMN TIME I normally spent parked on my ass in front of the computer, if I can't deal with surfing and actually commenting on LJ at the same time in the hour or so I have of free net every evening. Let me introduce you to my lazy and hassle-tastic system: First I click through all the entries, have em all open in nice new tabs, and mostly already have replies or comments thought out. AND THEN I go look at something else or read fic because a sensible person would immediately comment! But no, I don't because I am mostly either hunched over on my chair in some caveman slouch (Vienna) or lying on my stomach (Bangkok) and it is somehow such a choooore to pull myself together and free my hands enough to type. I keep telling Carmen that I fake competence and activeness so well, it is mainly the self-imposed pressure of OMG I CAN'T POSSIBLY DISAPPOINT PERSON A OR B!!1 that gets me actually moving.
....And I see that I am reaching the deadly five hours of sleep left mark of nearly midnight, so this'll be brief again. PREPARE TO BE FULLY SPAMMED THIS WEEKEND THEN, GUYSSSSSS.

It kind of feels like I am level-grinding in the slowest dungeon ever. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE TRANSLATED 4 LINES OF TEXT, YOU MAY LEVEL UP! AND BY LEVEL UP WE MEAN THAT YOU WILL MAYBE GET A THREE PAGE TEXT TO TRANSLATE TWO HOURS AFTER YOU SAID YOU WERE DONE AND WE WILL BE WEIRDLY SURPRISED THAT YOU MANAGE TO GET THAT FINISHED IN THE SAME DAY (...which seriously, was the weirdest part. What the eff how is that fast?? I took like three hours to do that and had fricken news articles about guys falling into chocolate vats and dying reading breaks after every damn paragraph I translated)
Tomorrow I will be part of an interview team for some focus group research?? I just keep seeing what the other interns are doing and they seem to be copying shit all day long. HMMM doesn't sound all that more thrilling than what I'm doing, but that still doesn't stop me from resenting them a bit for getting to do ADVERTISING RELATED COPYING, tsss. I wonder if I'll get to talk to them at some point? They seem to move around in flocks and I am just sticking to my computer and sometimes flinging random sentences into the staff convos around me. I think they're warming to me slowly though? One of them used to be an intern at BK Mag, too!

I DID make an attempt to talk to one of the interns yesterday though...
So we're in the office restroom, the stalls are full and Intern A and I are waiting for them to be free.
SETTING: *silence*
SETTING: *silence: the sequel*



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For the sake of my mental health tomorrow, I will again fuck with my intended posting order and leave you with a selection of conversations from ~*MY LIFE AS AN INTERN: SEASON TWO, EPISODE ONE: DAY ONE. WELCOME TO THE AD AGENCY, SUCKAAA~*

KAZ: *is here* ... *waits*
JANITOR: What are you doing here, no one is here yet!
KAZ: Oh snaaap! .............*waits some more, reads*
TIME: 9:15AM
BOSS LADY A: Oh haaaaai, you're here early! Come come, we never start before 9AM here, didn't you know??
STAFF LADY B: So basically, we're all really busy with catch-up work from the long weekend. You just... sit over there and chill for a moment, okay?
KAZ: ....okay! *chills* ............... *fiddles around with computer* ........*computer sucks*
KAZ: *gets really antsy, starts feeling guilty*
KAZ: .....are you sure there's nothing I can do to help??
SLB: Okay here, translate this--
SLB: No, seriously, just go read for a while.
SLB: :|
KAZ: Oh, so this will be all PR all the time then?
STAFF LADY C: Well yes, the advertising account management department is currently full up with interns already.
STAFF LADY D: Could you get us some post-its/markers/A3 paper?
KAZ: Sure!!
STAFF LADY E: I have something for you to do!
SLE: I need you to research XX about football sponsorship things and type it up.
KAZ: Niiice, you mean XX, right? Okay *40 mins later*-- Doneski!
SLE: Whaaat, why are you so fast-- I told you to do it like YY!
SLE: Oh did I? Whoops, I meant YY.
KAZ: ........................wow YY is unbelievably hard to google grrr.


Since there might be nothing for me to do tomorrow, I shall endeavor to reply to comments per y!mail notifications and send em off tomorrow night. I do not daaaaaaaaaaaaaare to access LJ on the LB computers, oh hell naw.
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NOTE: I had this all typed up yesterday evening, but then my net went on the fritz, so I went to bed instead and had the 5 hours of sleep that made today veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery hard to get through at times, oh boy. Here it is, posted anyways!

---------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST WITH MEEEEEEE----------------------------------

SO LIKE, I should be in bed now, ahhh wake-up in 5 hours ahhh FIRST DAY OF MY INTERNSHIP TOMORROW AHHHH!! and I have this unfinished monster post about the last few days to type up, so I am only leaving you guys with the following tid-bit--

I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF THIS GLORIOUS, SUPER FANTASTIC HANDBAG! It was Ma's belated 21st birthday present for me, afhkjfhfkjjs I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT. It is the most expensive and gorgeous thing besides my laptop that I have ever owned, and I will love it and pet it and call it Sparky and NEVER LET GO OF IT AGAIN oh my god, I will wear the fuck out of this. Lovingly and with due care to the leather, of course. I seriously keep petting it. So luscious. AND MINE ♥. We found it as we were just strolling around and looking in all of the fancy brand name stores just for shits and giggles, and while one of my (uh, more materialistic) goals in life IS to be able to afford an original Chanel bag from my own paycheck before I am thirty-- I must say that 50'000 BHT/1'466 USD for a Gucci bag that isn't even a special edition or made completely out of leather is just crazy-ass bullshit. CLOTH! Who pays that much for cloth that is just randomly stitched and doesn't even really show much worksmanship, tss!

I admit that I did feel a bit guilty about accepting the bag-- it is an amazing amount of money for what is basically a good that I normally buy at a tenth of the price, but Ma insisted** and it is also something that I can actually use for the next five or even ten years without it falling out of style, so. An investment! ALSO I LOVED IT AT FIRST SIGHT, I CANNOT DENY THIS.

**Lol, she said that in the end, it was still cheaper for her than taking me on some short trip somewhere (CHINAAAA~~), so she'd gladly cough up the cash lol okay then :))

OKAY NOW THAT I HAVE SHARED MY DISGUSTING MATERIALISTIC GLEE, off to bed! Ahhhhhh I am so pumped already and yet I will probably be so dead tomorrow ahhh tired ahhh nerves. Will try and catch up with all LJery tomorrow, too!

--------------------------------JOURNEY INTO THE PAST OVER-----------------------------------
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Today we had another session, and I think I managed to somehow win back a bit of my honor, or at least show the assorted group, who probably doesn't really give a crap anyways, and the Teach, who probably still doesn't know my name yet that I am not wholly incompetent in the face of a graphics program.
Revamped 'self-advertisement', yay for clipart and imagegoogle for props )

Other in-class assignments were A) Come up with slogans for the fact that the church might just go into partners with our failing post offices here in Austria and B) Write a short story about meeting either George Clooney (for the ladies) and Angelina Jolie (for the dudes) by chance in our PKW institute. Doing A) was a helluva lotta fun (working with Aisen, woooo that dude is so chill), but B) basically had everyone's initial reactions in the room being along the lines of ".......oh hellllll no 8|". When it came to 'sharing and caring' reading time, the few people that read theirs were totally hilarious though. In the interest of full disclosure, and because I have to type it up and send it to Teach anyways, here my humble offering. I totally also just wrote the damn thing in English too, he didn't exactly specify any language limitations, moo ha ha ha!

When Shaz Met George, or Why it is Good That I am Not a Fic Writer (455 words) )

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In lieu of the detailed MÜC post that I may or may not write +pics, depending how much I end up blathering on FB when I finally get around to uploading some of my 211 pics: MÜNCHEN WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!1. I admit, I was a bit wary at first-- I didn't really have concrete expectations of the city and I was very used to just traveling with Carmen only and was curious as to how our old-new group dynamic would be. But it was just really a pleasure and it was so palpable that yes, I have now known Laura and Angie for over 12 years and it was just lovely and comfortable to wander around town with them until my feet and lower back started hating me . Although I should just about resign myself to the fact that apparently I snore ("Well it's kind of like, you start out breathing really loudly? And then 'knggggghzzzz', but you're not as bad as my Dad?" "...gee, thanks Angie.") and will always be the last one to wake-up and get ready. An early-riser, even in hostels, I will never be!

Now that I am back I am just basically reeling at all the awesome the internet apparently has to suddenly offer, and of course the faint shadows of my university responsibilities loom ever present in the rapidly approaching future. I have become incapable of paying attention in lectures anymore. Spent the time in Communications Ethics that I wasn't admiring how ~distinguished and dapper~ our swank silver-haired old prof looks with Carmen actually reading the WATCHMEN English version comic I bought in München. Not done yet, but I really like what I am reading so far, though bits of it made me really have to dial down the 'ugh!!' and 'omggg' and 'DDD:!!' reactions that I felt like having. We also watched the ~movie version~ today! And I must say that all three of us (Clemens decided to deign us with his presence, too) basically spent the entire movie staring at the screen in rapt fascination. JDM as the Comedian was just as brilliant as I expected, I will forever covet the Silk Spectre II's glorious hair and Dan/Nite Owl really pinged me hard on my surprise 'GUYS THAT ARE SOMEHOW INTENSELY, INTENSELY HOT and wow look at that ASS' radar BUT. Rorschach. HOLY SHIT, best character in the whole damn movie ever, he was fucking fantastic. I really need to watch this again with the original voices, though I really must say that they did an ace job with the dubbing.

YET I STILL HAVE TO AGREE WITH EVERYONE WHO SAID THAT THE USE OF MUSIC IN THIS MOVIE IS CLUNKY AND FUCKED ALL THE WAY TO HELL. I don't think I was supposed to laugh at the 'Hallelujah' sex scene (the whole theater sure did with me XDD)? And 99 Luftballons! I mean, I am aware that the song meaning was fitting and all, but I can never not associate 99 Luftballons with with the type of intensely silly and stupid things that the use of that song in the movie probably didn't intend.



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