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...where does the freaking time go, ughhhhh. A lot has happened since I last posted, and that wasn't even a "real post". Don't really feel much up to a detailed recap so here are random bullet points.

-work still enjoyable, semi-quiet lulls interspersed with STRESS STRESS I AM ANNOYED BY THE DESIGNER TEAM THEY VEX ME AUGHHHH STRESS
-house dry now, water's been gone for 2-3 weeks and Dad and Sue have been speedy in getting everything in somewhat fighting shape again. Tentative moving back date sometime in Jan, though of course the entire ground level is gutted and will be empty for a while. We even had new ceilings put in, hopefully the mold won't return. Might be pretty hardy, since the house was under 2-3m of water for 2 straight months.
-Ma's one year anniversary came and went without me breaking down into a useless gibbering heap too badly-- Dad was thoughtful enough to take me out to dinner that night so that I got back to the hotel room late and tired, and the next day I went and made merit with my aunt and uncle and spent some time at their house, where I got to see my grandma and the cat. Khun Yai still skinny, cat still FAT lol. Ex-stepdad didn't post anything about the date on FB, but he "liked" my status about it. WOW.
-speaking of moods, I have been up and down and all around these past few weeks but it's in times like these when friends and your remaining family can be so wonderful and lovely. I would go into more whine and cheese about how I seem to have gotten more anxious about a worrying amount of things when I have the time to think about them but I can't be bothered at the moment, hah!
-christmas eve was spent at a friend's party with my int'l school people. On paper it sounded like a kids party (but with tequila and baileys) but in reality it was awesome. Christmas day was spent making my other friend feed me (muslim friend & hotel kid brat unite in not really seeing this holiday as a family thing lol), watching the Swedish Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and being introduced to the amazing world of REVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENGE. Awesome. Eps 1-4 down, now gimme moaaar.
-in Europe I always thought I was too Thai to really fit in there. Now at work I realize that I am not broadly Thai enough to really fit in w/ my colleagues-- though this is different when I'm with my international school friends, who are themselves either Thai or half-halfs. Specialized identity it is then! Also then I will just own the fact that people don't expect me to own the sometimes unnecessary nuanced conversations in the office lol and here I thought I was passive-aggressive by European standards. This isn't to say that I am not enjoying my office and colleagues though, this is just something I've been trying to articulate to myself.
-should probably look into mirroring to DW soon but this is something I will ignore until I have constant net at home again. I miss comment subject lines though! UGH

...anyone have any decent end of year memes to pass around? I haven't had the time to really look.
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...it looks like I've been neglecting LJ for a good long while now eh? Fuck, time flies. Have been posting on FB and Twitter as usual, and if any of you haven't added me on either yet just PM me your info and I'll add you there becauuuuse it doesn't look like I'll be having constant LJ access anytime soon.

Why? Looking at my last LJ post on Oct 12, I was mentioning the floods and how we'd probably be okay. WELL it turns out I was wrong,as the water came for us too on Oct 15, Saturday early-fucking-morning. You really don't appreciate how fucking fast the water can come in until it's just been 5 frantic hours since the first signs appeared on the street in front of your house at 6AM and now you suddenly have to move up to the first floor because the entire ground floor is already full up with water. So much for our expectations of "if we're flooded it'll be up to our knees, max."

Water topped out at over 3 meters and we ended up "stranded" at the house for the weekend, no electricity (cut since 6AM) and no plumbing-- Dad, Sue, K.Yai, the maid, our dog and myself. We had managed to move up all the water & food we'd had in the kitchen up, the portable gas stove too, so it was okay in that regard, tho you really underestimate how much water you need to do the simplest of things and how quick 5 people and 1 dog burn through it. Also, how fast you miss the magic of flushing toilets. We had a large vase and a supply of plastic bags and well, dot dot dot.

K.Yai, the maid and I were evac'd out Sunday evening, Dad & Sue stayed until Tuesday because of the dog. Ace is now at Sue's sister's place, we locked everything up, took whatever valuables we could move and have been staying in town ever since. The cars we thankfully had the foresight to park on higher ground in front of the mooban, and when the water flooded us Sue ventured out on one of the boats that were passing by our house to go outside and park the cars on a nearby flyover bridge. That took 5 hours, mind you, for all that she wasn't even a kilometer out of the mooban. Dad and Sue managed to go back to the house the week after we evac'd out, got some more stuff. That took 9 hours roundtrip, due to our province being basically underwater and them having to do an epic detour. The week after that even those roads were impassible.

Now, they recently managed to go and get the cars down from the bridge and they're now parked in town, but even now, when the "water has gone down", we're still talking about our house being under 2 meters ++ of water and trip back of 6 hours. Normally it takes an hour and a half to get from our house to town. All the trees in the garden are dead, and the water is stagnant and rotting. Of course, it's not nearly as putrid as some places in Bangkok (where the water headed right after it wreaked havoc through our province) and heyy, still haven't been broken in.

Of course, this has kind of thrown a wrench in my usual life plans, but I was again lucky enough to get enough of the important things out and work has been a nice distraction. You do get bored of the few outfits you have tho and I confess to going shopping for new clothes for the sole reason that I couldn't be fucked to handwash my laundry as often as I should. This also means that my normal plans for my STBB and XMBB had to be utterly revamped and I've been working on legit pencil & paper drawings, I feel so old school. I don't have a laptop at the moment, as the hotel room I'm staying at charges for the wifi and I can't be bothered to pay for that and the photoshop laptop that is probably on its last legs is acting up anyways, so they're both stored at Dad & Sue's temp apartment. Will be sneakily attempting to use the communal scanner at the office and of course my office desktop to whip up a post for my STBB regardless though, posting date TUESDAYYYYYY AHHHH.

Which is why I thought I'd make a practice LJ post again and also give a little update. I HOPE YOU'RE ALL DOING FINE, MY DARLINGS <33 Maybe at some point I'll post pictures, but lol let's just say that I don't think we'll be able to live at the house for another 2-3 months at least and also the way our government has been handling this mostly makes me feel all the rageful feeeeeeelings. SIGHHHH.

Thailand is currently experiencing its most intense flooding in recent history. It's all but reaching catastrophic levels, in terms of scope at the very least. As of today, SIXTY of 77 provinces have been affected in some manner, with 12 severly affected (water above 3 meters and counting) and 17 critically affected. Over 2.3 million people are currently affected, with over 252 dead. Most of our dams are operating at peak or more capacity, which means that along with the flooding caused by rains alone, you also have the water that needs to be systematically released downstream to deal with.

I've been tweeting intermittenly about this since the flooding situation has really started getting worse here and is now kind of affecting me directly (always makes a thing different, doesn't it), but it has actually been ongoing since about July and I've mostly just discussed it with local friends and my family before. But the last few weeks and most importantly DAYS have shown that these are not the usual floods that are a yearly occurence in Thailand. Quite frankly, and what many are saying is that it's never been flooding THIS much before. People are used to a certain amount of hardship because of the floods, but it seems that now we have a perfect storm of the recent string of tropical depressions hitting SE Asia back to back, the monsoon rains from the rainy season and just not enough planning for effective waterways and deforestation over the years all culiminating into the epic shitshow that is going on here. We're not a country used to natural catastrophes-- now (military-backed) coups, on the other hand....--, so people aren't trained to make the "right" decisions, to evacuate instead of stubbornly staying in their houses with their possessions (again, also understandable) and this makes all the rescue and relief efforts all the more difficult.

(flood footage starts after ca 40 seconds. The aerial shot is just stupendous)
The water is UP TO FOUR METERS HIGH in parts of Ayutthaya. 80% of that province is under water, and Lopburi, Singhburi and other low-lying provinces like Ang Thong are equally hard hit. At first one worried about the Northern provinces and they had had some pretty nasty floods earlier in the year, flash floods from the mountain rivers, some mudslides, but now it's Central and pretty much the rest of Thailand's turn. Only time will tell how long it'll take us to collectively drag ourselves out of this mess, and I can only hope our politicians get their heads out of their useless, corrupt asses to tackle this matter effectively. The military at least seems to be acquitting itself well in dispensing aid to people, I must admit. But what Thailand really needs to wake-up to after this is the fact that you fucking have to think of the enviromental factors when you plan/build things, especially in a country with our soil make-up, with our history of flooding. Our ancestors got it right, but of course greed makes you do other things instead. We're all so very short-sighted when it comes to this kind of planning and it is so, so completely frustrating to hope that this will change soon. Ugh.

But just to reassure everyone, we're fine here. Our province, being one of the surrounding ones between BKK and Ayutthaya is flooded, although the worst has thankfully still left our mooban and house untouched. The communities near the klongs and river are a whole 'nother matter though, and the flooding on the roads around those areas meant that I am inadvertantly stranded this weekend, as my tiny car wouldn't have been able to make it through the wall of water. Luckily Dad's Ford can still hack it, otherwise getting to work on Monday and the following week will sure be very interesting for all three of us. The next doomsdate that people are fearing is the 11th, when we're expecting the next amount of water to come down from one of the big dams. We shall see. Now that the waters are starting to rise in BKK, people there are suddenly panicking and emptying all the supermarkets etc of food and stockpiling. Everyone was counting on BKK to stay unscathed and now they're all rattled out of their "well it's upcountry. Not affecting me, tch" mentality. I mean, to give credit, people have really been donating a helluva lot and helping with the relief efforts but the last heavy flood that BKK had was over a DECADE ago. Bangkokians never expect to have to deal with such things.

The worries about the dams and if we can drain enough of the water through the dykes into the sea kind of feels like the BKK of The Wind-Up Girl now, I have to say XD.
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Though most people try to at least offer better quality pics lolll you guys, I THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING OFF WITH MY BLACKBERRY PICTURE TAKING SKILLS. So uh, preemptive apologies for the graininess.

But before I continue, here have a picture that is at least somewhat okay-- the fantastic dessert spread that Dad brought for dinner yesterday from the Oriental bakery. Clockwise, starting from noon: Vanilla Bourbon (+white choc mousse & cake bottom), blueberry cheesecake, lemon tart, The Wave (giant macaroon with lychee cream and a raspberry center) and I forgot the name of the last one, but it had white chocolate and layers of cream, blackberry and raspberry.

And now, barring whatever I will probably still buy tomorrow (I HAVE 6 MORE KILOS OF WEIGHT FOR MY LUGGAGE, but no room lololol tragedy!), MY SHOPPING HAUL SO FAR:
Dresses like woah + bling )

APROPOS OF NOTHING, I have chewed enough gum the past few hours that my jaw hurts like the dickens. You all needed to know that, I'm sure.
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A grab-bag, as again I find myself unable to do these things in a timely manner.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire + Mockingjay
It's been nearly more than a month since I finished both these books and of course since I didn't take any notes I have only the vaguest of recollections.
STILL, cutting for spoilers for both (but mostly for Mockingjay) )

Feed by Mira Grant
THIS BOOK. Wow. I had heard that it was good, but I did not expect to be so involved and caught up with the plot and the characters the way I was.

Chua Fah Din Salai


I still can't get over how stupid I find his outfit. Which I assume is the point, but still. )
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The past three days of BKK were filled with ups and downs, of which the downs were documented through that lovely outlet of Twitter. I still have a post in me about that that I might post tomorrow or later, but I feel that it shouldn't be smooshed in with this. Because don't get me wrong, this weekend was also filled with joy and awesome and the fact that I now truly recognize how Dad's actions speak louder than just plain words. HE FEEDS ME WITH LOVE.

One of the only requests that I had coming over was that I wanted steak. Figured we'd just head for a steak-house one night or something, but little did I expect the foodapalooza that was awaiting.




TODAY: Well, I was thinking about seeing if I could finagle a last-minute meet-up with someone in the roughly four hours I had in town before I had to leave for the airport, and I am somewhat ashamed to say I went FUCK THIS I WANNA SHOP. And well, shop I did! Now that the haze of intense shopping madness has somewhat died down, I remain quite happy with my haul.
What 3000 Baht and around 3 hours can get you in Siam & MBK )
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I can has a sad that these precious days of being slob are again numbered. I had all these plans of Facial! Massage! Go to the gym to make up for missing Friday (DAMMIT but my PT wasn't there anyways and I am so lax on my own, ahh I BLAME THE SURPRISE EARLY SHIFT CHANGE)! What did I end up doing? Spending way too much time online of course, though I got some delightful phone calls with RL friends here and skyping with Carmen and others in. Carmen is now basically the one of us living up the 20-something life. She goes out occasionally! There are Hot Dudes of Interest vying for her affection! And I am basically on the edge of my seat going TELL ME MOAAAAR as we skype XDD. I am just so super pleased for her, and it is high time that dudes finally recognize the hot slice of fabulous my dear BFF is ♥

Did get some quality mother-daughter time with Ma too, delish Dimsum lunch at the Dhara Dhevi (CASTLE IN THE SKYYYY) Oriental, followed by raiding their cake shop for sweet noms. I had cherry sherbet, bought some berry cake, a chocolate scone and a mini box of macaroons (olive! pistachio! banana passion!), as well as an intriguing Tom Kha Gai(!!!) praline.

But to fill this entry with more than just RL yammering, here are
Things on the Internet That Have Made Me Happy:
"Alex Wong from Ballet to Hip-hop" ...SYTYCD is by far one of my favorite reality shows and it almost makes me want to take dance lessons, but I still always feel to uncoordinated and am still at the phase where I dislike looking at my sweaty, red-faced self in mirrors. ALEX IS THE BEST THOUGH, oh my god I love male ballet dancers so fucking much. And that hip-hop routine in the end! BRILLIANT and those bits where he was doing the ballet moves in that street gear? *swoooooons*
Alex Wong and Billy Bell on SYTYCD ...seriously, Alex Wong would've won this fucking season, aughhh it still is so horrible that he got injured. And he just looks smoking hot here, guh. More bonus points for that particular version of "This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight" unfff that song. SHIVERING RN.
"Kombat Dancers gone haywire" ...seriously, I MEAN LOOK AT THIS DUDE. The fact that they're dancing this in such full regalia penguin suits makes everything even more extra special XDD
EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAS TO DO WITH THE NEW OLD SPICE ADS ...SO GENIUS, THE END. The way Isiah Mustafa says HELLO LADIES (and well, everything tbqh) will never stop to crack me up <333333333. And [livejournal.com profile] ladypolitik made genius icons and animated gifs HERE!
Touhou Vid set to "Bad Apple" ...b&w and trippy as all get out. SO HYPNOTIC and just amazingly well made. It helps that I am also mildly obsessed with the song, but I know barely diddlysquat about Touhou and have already rewatched this a few times, ahh.
STAR TREK + GODGA FANART ...why didn't I realize that bits of the Alejandro are basically VULCAN PON-FARR as well sjakfhjafs ahahaha oh man I will never look at those bowl-cuts the same way again. Spock looks adorable, to boot ♥

And last but certainly not least,
25 Lives [livejournal.com profile] tongari's submission to SSBB defies description in how gorgeous, moving and brilliant it is. I have had this open in a tab for AGES, and I still don't get sick of coming back and just staring at it again and again. The second panel is one of my favorites, though all the scenarios are just. AHHH ♥ Highly recommended!
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Ahh Chiang Mai, the best place to be continuing with my life of leisure chez Maman. Though I am still sending off job applications, seemingly off into the void if the lack of response is anything to go by, things have been pretty relaxed. And awesome.

The past few days of leiiiiiisure, YAY SPN_J2_BB and gym etc etc )

- Mani/pedi and leg waxing ahhh I feel like a real girly girl again! This is a super relaxing way to spend time, one could positively get used to it :D Though holy crapola, it is HOT AS HELL here every day. Even the sudden onset of STORM and GUSTING WINDS really didn't do much after like the one hour it took for all the water to condensate. You actually start sweating like hell just by standing outside. And this happens at like 5PM, not just during noon like one would expect.


PEE ESS It took me ages, but I finally have new swank icons~~ *is proud*
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BECAUSE IT IS HOT AS HELL HERE. Ahh, you know you're back in (South-East) Asia when leaving the airport, even at half past 5 in the morning feels like walking into a SOLID WALL OF HUMID HEAT. Either I will acclimatize again soon, or start counting "taking cold showers" as one of my new hobbies. This entry will be shorter than I want, because I actually should be in bed right now, for another 5AM wake-up to go into town with Dad looms and of course I am still awake now. FOR TOMORROW I FLY TO ~*SINGAPORE*~ and will be hopefully getting that internship interview aced, see cool things and have a fab time with Mother dearest and our two neighbors who're tagging along aaaaaaaaaand meet the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] hemlocke. I AM EXCITE ALREADY <33

AUSTRIA, packing:
- Utterly and completely failed at this mysterious thing called ~TIME MANAGEMENT~
- Freaked the fuck out about my luggage weight, made last minute package that I dropped off at the post (11kgs lol), threw away a few things that I really shouldn't have (Carmen's naked man calender gift! sobsobsobbbb) BECAUSE MY ACTUAL LUGGAGE ENDED UP WEIGHING 15 FUCKING KILOS *headdesks foreverrr*
- Sabrina gave me the greatest gift ever by not being home on Saturday, so I didn't go through with my plan of sticking a big ol' grand FU note on her door. I was so pressed for time that I wouldn't have had the time anyways, but I am choosing to believe that this will help my karma lol. I pity the poor fool that moves in after me though...

AUSTRIA, airport/flight:
- Clemens totally saved my ass with helping me run and haul my luggage from the bus stop to the S-bahn station, making me safe from just about missing my train. I was telling him that my farewell gift was showing him all the shitty sides of my personality though lol(procrastination leading to epic missing of things and general tardiness). He was a tremendous help, and I admit that I felt a bit bad for thinking badly about him before (well, okay he IS actually a selfish dick most of the time. Which makes his actions now even nicer, I guess?)
- Flight was actually awesome-- great food (seriously!), I sat near the toilets and a nice old auntie who turned out to be a really famous Thai author?? A fact that made me kind of retroactively wish I engaged in smarter chit-chat, but I seem to have amused her either way? (She was gently mocking of the way I cracked up and generally fidgeted when I was watching the inflight entertainment, lol whoops). Hardly slept during the flight due to the movies I was watching: Avatar (admittedly pretty visuals but oh the faiiiil, how it burned), It's Complicated (more fun than expected, and god the food in this flick looked delish) and The Young Victoria (more interesting and engrossing than expected. Kept thinking about that hilarious Kate Beaton comic though, which possibly added to my enjoyment <33)

THAILAND, homecoming:
- Dad actually picked me up, which was wonderful and I totally annoyed him in like ten minutes flat because I was keyed up as hell from my flight and he had just dragged himself out of bed at 4AM to come get me <33
- Doggies freaked the fuck out when they saw me, which is always super gratifying. Nero looks older and older every time I see him but he at least seems fit. Ace is a GIANT DOOFUS, the end.
- Khun Yai MADE A GIANT BATCH OF MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE BANANA CHIPS. Just because she knew I was coming! AHHHH BLISS *noms* Also, I have already had fresh ripe mangoes from our gardens and from the farm and more fruit to come~. And in food news, Dad snagged me a pot of Foie Gras spread, and has been making the most delicious things as per my whims. He has an invitation to attend a Chef's Dinner at the Oriental hotel this Thursday that features a TWELVE COURSE PASTA MENU, along with the accompanying wine and I am just horrendously jealous.
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I wonder if one day I will be able to be one of those people who can basically cram their entire life in a suitcase and just be off. I would even settle for two suitcases-- perhaps with a 30kg limit each and a carry-on luggage aaaaaaaand would ya look at this, I am even managing to overpack already in this little fantasy. I guess I am just a ~HOARDER TO THE BONESSS. This is now my last week in Vienna, and I am slowly feeling the time slipping away from me. I am making good progress on my list of Important Errands That Have To Be Done Before Leaving The Country though, so I don't feel so bad when I occasionally (often) zone out in front of the computer and end up plowing through 100K+ of Star Trek fic since ahem, Saturday.

Have been a somewhat busy bee with meeting and hanging-out with various people, with of course the bestest shoutouts and props going to my dear [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, she who is basically ending up with around 89% percent of the contents of my dorm XDD. Meeting [livejournal.com profile] nebst for the first time on Tuesday was also utterly fantastic, and we got to combine legit ~art appreciation walking around the Kunsthistorisches Museum and fangirl/fandom talk. I took silly pictures of masterpieces to amuse me that I realize I still haven't uploaded yet, oops. Looking forward to the Cafe Landtmann tomorrow already! Spoiler alert: I'll probably be nomming away again, ahhh I still think of the fantastic Backhendl+Kartoffelsalat at that MQ place *_*
Got to do stuff with some uni peeps as well, and Clemens even is showing himself from his best side now! He offered to bring me to the airport this Saturday-- if my flight isn't canceled PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME, VOLCANIC ASH CLOUD OF DOOM-- which was a pleasant, if slightly confusing surprise.

I managed to pack up 9.7kgs of clothes, shoes and other assorted bits and bobs to send off on Monday (57€ shipping, not bad), realizing at the same time that my arms are feeble noodles incapable of carrying even marginally heavy loads. I also succeeded in unregistering myself from Vienna, one of my biggest to-do points now crossed off. Scanned it in at Olga's place today (where we had DELICIOUS STELZE & KARTOFFELSALAT OM NOM NOM ONE OF MY AUSTRIAN DREAMS, ACCOMPLISHED), and now I just have to get over myself and write the emails to the various places that need it as proof to cancel my insurance and etc etc. Blargh.

Dad also called and updated me on the newest happenings back home and lolll IF I MAKE IT TO THAILAND, and barring good news in S'pore, it seems like I will be spending more time up north in Chiang Mai then first expected! You can't do jack shit in town now because of the reds, and more and more of the hotels have now closed, or have abbreviated opening hours (Dad's had to close at midday today). Going to the fitness studio, eating healthy food with Ma and sitting through her now self-declared quest to be the one to instruct me on how to improve my written Thai does sound like an awesome way to pass the time though, not gonna lie.

PS In not shocking news, my roommate is still a slob of the highest degree, and a skank who apparently is having an affair with a married man, if her EXTREMELY LOUD phone conversations while stomping around the place drunkenly at 2AM are anything to go by. For the dude's sake, I hope she's over that phase where she had vaginal fungus meds lying around the bathroom (that was ...awkward to discover lol). For all that she is allergic to general forms of cleanliness, she does have a strange mouthwash fetish, there are at least four different types of such products in our bathroom now and she once went through 2 full bottles of Listerine in 5 days. I think someone forgot to tell her you don't actually drink it? IDK IDK.

EDIT TO ADD: Fantastic classical cover of Gaga & B's "Telephone"!! ...I think what I like best about this, besides the usual !!! classical cover glee is how you can really see how much fun everyone involved is having. Also, the dudes are kind of cute :D
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I must say that I am glad to have people in my life who shove my resisting self into the blinding rays of ~*TRUTH*~, as I am always happy to sail my good ship Let's Not Think About It Too Hard on the winding river of Denial. Kind of silly, but still true case in point:

(early this week)
(later in the week)
KAZ: HEY [livejournal.com profile] cheshire_tabby, IT'S NOT A BAD THING, RIGHT?? I MEAN, THERE IS STILL A THIRD LEFT IN MY BAG...
OLGA: ...actually, it isn't the best idea. At all. You should probably stop.
KAZ: .........DAMMIT.

Especially now that I checked and it actually was a 1 kg bag. Maaaan, I had this nice delusion going that it was less. And now I have to buy new snack food to mix things up a bit, even though I was trying to nom my way through the mass I already have. I still have two more 1kg bags of almonds and pine nuts, as well as a 250g pack of salted macadamias...

In other less blatantly ridiculous news, (cut for blather) )

TL;DR: I cannot eat anything in moderation and am a total unfun reverse-vampire senior citizen (credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] laliandra for that term <33)
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But I am stubborn and refusing to capitulate, or something. Today has so far been a day of trying to minimize all the tabs I have open and using the power of my brain to make certain people come online. So far I have failed to get a hold of Clemens (that dick, first he doesn't answer my calls, then smses me for lunch on Monday AND THEN doesn't reply to my calls/messages about uh, when to actually meet on Monday. WHY IS HE SO TEDIOUS SOMETIMES) but succeeded in talking to Ma. Which is yay, she's feeling better and all that and has new and shiny advice for me when for when I come back to BKK. Which basically amounts to "if you don't get a job at an ad agency, maybe you could become an English teacher for shits and giggles! I hear there are two week courses you can do to get a certificate that only cost 10'000 baht!" lolll man I'd feel like such a cliche if I were to actually go down that route, the fact that I am probably wholly unsuited to teaching aside. But speaking of home, I have been poking about the news sites a bit and AUGH the news about the Red-shirts' latest fuckwittery is just rage-inducing. Disgusting, foolish AND *headdesks*. Assholes. Also, I keep forgetting not to read the comments section of the articles, mooooooooar idiocy only lies in wait there.

The past few days have been awesome Viennese fun though, had drinks&snacks&drinks&POOL with Wido on Friday (a surprise turn of events if you know both of us and alcohol and my normal thoughts on pool) and spent Saturday going grocery-shopping with Miss Olga and camping out on her lovely sofa broadening my education in the finer points of Austrian Films of Note. Though I still can't remember where I saw bits of Komm, süßer Tod before, watching it and Silentium were great fun. Looking forward to Knochenmann (the third in the loosely-connected trilogy) soon!

Am still in the middle of uploading pictures for the first of a few image-posts, so until that gets down have some Links of ♥:
__ Casting the Greek Gods in a modern dramedy by [livejournal.com profile] zombres. I am basically a sucker for all thing Greek god-related, and this was just catnip, delicious delicious catnip to me. And even better, there is a Part Two and Part Three! Kyaaa, some of the casting choices *_*b
__ Ke$ha's Tik Tok rewritten a la Tony Stark also by [livejournal.com profile] zombres. I WISH THIS WERE THE ACTUAL SONG NOW. So excellent!
__ I am behind on my SPN news, but this is just a further sign that Misha Collins is unbelievable <33. SERIOUSLY THIS DUDE. THIS DUDE
__ Harmony Drawing Tool ...not news that this thing is intensely cool. AHH *goes and doodles some more*
__ THE DOGGIE GAGA PROJECT ...yessssssss. I now intensely desire to put Ace and Nero in similar get-ups *_*
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Bits of 2009, the Nearly Done Now Edition:
...first off, I gotta say that I have given up the idea of posting any pics of Copenhagen or assorted summer things I meant to do, so uh. ADD ME ON FACEBOOK if you haven't already, it's all nice and sorted with ~genius~ commentary, even. OR APPROVE MY FRIEND REQUEST AHEM AHEM YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ;DD lol j/k take your time, dude ♥

That said, here be a commentated ~~List of Viennese restaurants~~ that Carmen and I (with assorted guest stars and other friends adding to our numbers randomly, of course) visited last year. I was talking to her about how things were waaaay back in the first semester when we weren't that close yet, and remembered that our friendship was basically built on lunch dates. Which we had weekly at the Coffee Day near the uni. Lolol oh how we've improved, to say the least!

VIENNESE NOMS 2009. Tried to add the restaurant links if possible for future refs and all that. )

AND IF YOU READ THROUGH ALL THAT, you now know why I hardly ever go clubbing: I spend all my money on food and eating out :Db And I DO NOT REGRET A THING ♥

...wow coding and typing this up took ages. THREE AM AGAIN, DAMN YOUUUUU.


Dec. 16th, 2009 06:23 pm
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DEAR IMMUNE SYSTEM, I would like you to stop right there and not even think about starting to fail on me. The raspy cough that is beginning to get more intense as the hours go on, the weird way I seem to be aching everywhere, the delicate beginnings of a headache and the surprising lack of appetite? Kindly fuck off and die. I have already taken two Vitamin C tablets today, I am guzzling enough water and will be bundling up like woah when I head out for dinner with Carmen and her visiting sister, so THAT WILL BE THAT. Ugh, cold weather sickness woes, DNW!

Today has not been all that good of a day so far, so I really hope dinner at the Shanghai Tan will lift things up a bit. Thought I'd have a long-overdue nice phonecall with my Dad again, but that turned sour real quick. It's my fault for forgetting the key rule when Talking To Dad About University/My Future: LIE. LIE LIKE THE DICKENS. It's apparently useless trying to explain that given the unknown timespan getting all my paperwork processed will take, I haven't actually sent out any job applications yet. All the agencies and what-not right now are only looking for positions to start Jan or early Feb, and that is a time I know for sure I won't be done yet (even in the best case scenario when I pass ABWL). But of course, all this reads as excuses to him, and me not holding up my end of the apparent bargain we eked out in the summer. Thus, he was also not all that happy with my plan to come back home for a month in mid Feb, and well. Oh man. I know he only means well, and has my best interests at heart, but the way he says it never fails to rankle or reduce me to ridiculous tears because it always sounds like he is disappointed and insinuating things about my failure/idiocy/naivete/whathaveyou. Which is at least somewhat dealable over the phone, but hah, there have been many awkward and super snot-filled bawlfests in person in the past.

But, nothing I can do I guess. Will continue to try and at least get my CV and cover letters translated, my application papers scanned in and such this month, and I'll just start sending off things in the beginning of January then. It's times like these where I intensely wish that I could just say FUCK IT and go back to Bangkok, but even super-whiny self-pity party queen me knows that it's a stupid idea given the pittance I would earn. If only if only. I guess this is one of the things I at least enjoy about this half-life you live in university: You have all this time, and you can sometimes hid from decisions behind it, but eventually the clock does run out. I know that immediate Masters programs are out of the question for me, both due to intense personal disdain for the theoretical/dry curriculum in Vienna and parental no-nos-- but the idea of postponing it all some more did have its moment of temptation.
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when!?" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

If you like, copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out.

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I have been kind of the ~*Queen Flake*~ of Jesuschristwhydoisuck-dom, but I guess that is fitting to the theme of this summer. It feels like eternity, and still I wish I could have spent more time here. University calls, and I wish I could just ignore it, especially now that it seems that my final semester will be fraught with bureaucratic fuckery regarding amongst others, increments of 5 FUCKING ECTS points that I still need to conclude my free electives that must then be approved.
Oh university, how you have always been not much more than a means to an end to me- and while I hope there is an alternate universe me that is happily studying for her probably useless university degree- this version just can't wait for it to be finally over.

Things that have been awesome in the last few days were:
- Getting my HD successfully cloned, and going from 80GB --> 320GB of space. MOTHERFUCKING HELL YEAH, this is how we roll. And all this for 3,100 baht/ 60€. This is why Asia is the best place ever to be. All your wishes, bam!
- Last victory tour of shopping spots and fave snack places-- Kanom Krabuang, Hokkaido soft serve, delish sushi, mango smoothies and moaaaaaar
- Ma (and her credit card's) surprise treating me to what has to have been the best facial treatment I have ever experienced at the place where I got my bikini wax. The Clarins Institute has totally won over my heart-- the treatment bed even had a heating pad inside ngggggg BLISS
- Dinner with Dad at Chesa's-- best melt-in-your-mouth Australian Sirloin steak I have also ever had, simply perfection! Which was rounded off by delicious mango-passionfruit Mövenpick sorbet ♥

Things that have been not awesome:
- Getting my period, and thus traveling with it (at least I know why I was so angry and cranky these last few days though lol)
- Ace comes into my room. Stares at my face with his usual dopey expression. And then proceeds to casually lift a leg up and piss in my room. Thankfully he didn't hit anything important, but still. DUMBASS DOG :/

OOOH Dad and Sue are back, hopefully this means dinner now ahhh so hungry. See y'all on the flipside and wish me a good, and empty flight bereft of dickery and assholes :


Sep. 10th, 2009 11:51 pm
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It is amazing how I can suddenly realize that I haven't been online since at least a few days and have not much more than the vague feelings of guilt at not getting back to some people as negative reactions. The last few days have been filled with pretty happening things, so I guess that explains it.

First off: INTERNSHIP: SUCCESS! Hello, nice shiny formulaic confirmation letter that will hopefully be a bit of needed polish to my still quite average CV! All in all, and considering all my bitchery along the way, I remain confident that this internship was the right thing to do. Sure, it would have been nice to have actually been in the ad department like I wanted to in the first place, but I learned a lot in the PR department regardless, and it's not like knowing my stuff in this area will hurt my prospects. It's good to know that it's an area I could be good in, even if it might not be The One Job to rule them all. And the lessons in "Don't fucking underestimate the menial work.... oh you did, did you? Damn, that was stupid" smarted a bit, but ultimately? Were worth gold.

This didn't stop the fact of my last actual day being pretty lamesauce, because THEY FUCKING FORGOT IT WAS MY LAST DAY laaaaaaaaaaaaaawl and here I thought I was being pretty damn obnoxious in mentioning how often I was gonna be gone soon but uh, apparently not! So I ended up eating deliciously lunch all on my lonesome after waiting a bit for the lunch invite that never came ahahaha oh man, the "out of sight, out of mind" adage really was true, wrt to me not being at the PR floor anymore. They all seemed a bit ashamed after they found out though, and I got a chocolate "gold medal" from one of the staff, and multiple invitations for lunch the last week I am back in BKK. The unofficial feedback I got from the P' who supervised my weekly bank advertisement analysis of being "pretty much the best intern we've had so far who was doing this" was a welcome ego-boost, ngl.

AND NOW I AM IN CHIANG MAI, and it is awesomeness concentrated. I love being in Ma's gorgeous and airy house, our days are filled with joy and fun and I feel like a happier, prettier and all-round better person when I spend time here. I mean, I also get an added kick of slight self-loathing when I actually see myself in the nice lighting here, but it is at least the type of ".......jesus christ, I actually look like THIS??" that gets you out and about to do something about it, not the "I will lock myself in my room and binge-eat now :((" unproductive kind. Tomorrow we will be spending the day at the fitness studio, and I will have my first Pilates class! Man, I will be so screwed :D Good thing today was ~*SPA DAY*~ though, Andy bought Ma a hardcore birthday pampering session that we managed to whittle down a bit, because seriously? FIVE HOURS AT THE SPA? Seems a bit too much. We ended up doing a steam session, followed by a herbal scrub (tamarind and some herbal salt), an oil massage (some kind of floral oil.. Ylang-ylang), a Thai massage session AND a hair spa (kaffir lime treatment oh yes).

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Who knew that screencapping, translating and transcribing FORTY DIFFERENT DETERGENT COMMERCIALS that are urgently due by tomorrow is not actually something one can accomplish in a day! Especially when other staff suddenly decide that NOW is the time to get the only intern left in the office to do their bidding. Where were you guys when I had time to read 5 episode recaps of True Blood on TWOP last week? Had to respectfully and nervously beg-off most of the extra work, and damn if that doesn't just serve to make me look bad if I don't immediately say yes to everything arghhhhh timing, you suck. I just hope I can get the other missing half completed by tomorrow at 6PM, then at least that is done with, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


And in a parting note of faint grossness, apparently I was so tired when I took my nap on the car-ride home that I basically drooled on my own arm. That has never actually happened to me before! Internet, I have now shared my shame with you, and thusly I bid you all a good night <33

PS [livejournal.com profile] mcollinknight! IMAGINE ME SITTING RAPTLY IN THE AUDIENCE TOMORROW FOR YOUR EPIC PLAY~~ Break a leg, dude!
PPS [livejournal.com profile] laulan, lol I actually had this discussion with my Dad about how one could technically make durian juice palatable and not gross, I think Dad was thinking about potentially mixing it with coconut water? Had the last of the durian as a dessert to a dinner of moaar blue swimmer crabs maaaaaaaaaaan do my hands smell weird now XD
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Not much left in the actual day here, but it still needs to be said:



In case you don't know, the birthdays of their Royal Highness's the King and Queen are also simultaneously Father and Mother's Day in Thailand (5th of December and the 12th of August). I watched the royal news yesterday and a bit of the Queen's yearly speech-- the entire royal family barring the King (EDIT: he was there too! Yay!) was present, and everyone was wearing outfits in this lovely shade of light blue (the Queen's color and the designated color of Friday, her day of birth), so adorable! She's 77 years old now, and still extremely awesome with a wonderful sense of fashion-- check out this fabulous hat, hello :DD

I also called Ma and Khun Yai today like the good daughter/grandchild I am, will only be seeing Ma again sometime next week though, which at least gives me time to cough up some jasmine-related product (=garlands or other forms of jasmine flowers being the traditional Mother's Day gift) ...am still looking for her birthday present-- she's turning 49 years old on the NINTH of the NINTH MONTH in 2009, lol we sure as hell need to buy some lottery tickets that day!

SO HAVE YOU SHOWN YOUR MOTHERS SOME LOVE TODAY?? Tell them it's an extra-bonus day ;DD

PS I so needed this day off nnnnnnnnnnng sleep <33
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AND SAW NO REAL FREE TIME AT ALL, JEEBUS FUCK I should take this as a lesson never to promise doing things by my next entry, because uh, laaaaaaaawl so much for that. Ugh, self.

The weekend starting Thursday evening with HAIRY POTTA!!1 was awesome though, and then CHIANG MAI!!-- ahh god I wish I could still be there now. I was so unbelievably grateful for Ma this weekend, while I laid about being a lump of extra useless and tired flesh slowly regaining hours of sleep and brain function, she'd be pushing a plate heaped with delightfully cut fruits in front of me (Gold and green kiwis! Dragonfruit! Pomegranate! Mangoes!) or a glass of freshly pressed orange juice. She'd take us for a much needed session of Thai masssage (nggg I basically died on my pillow oh god it was heavenly), let me buy apple chips and other snacks en masse at the supermarket and even not yell at me for falling asleep in the afternoon or early evening because the couch was too comfortable, reading took too much concentration or I was just still that plain tired. And then when I would wake up again she'd just corral me gently into the next thing I was supposed to do, or show me that she had repacked my bags, or loan me some of her extra things because I was too dumb to think about packing enough clothing when I was in Bangkok.

BUT NOW I AM BACK IN BKK and back to the grueling 5AM-8PM days and ffffffff do not totally want at all :((( The work at the internship has amped up, I really should have gotten the competitive comparison done last week, I thought I'd have enough time this week but now I am apparently being piled on with a shitload of other things. All not that hard, some even irritatingly banal (GO WASTE HOURS IN TAKING SHADY PICTURES OF PRODUCTS IN SUPERMARKETS, REALLY??) but oh how they are time consuming.

Also I have discovered via bouts of amazing naps and feelings of incapacitation when I didn't drink any that I have become caffeine-addicted, even if it is only by necessity. FOUL THROBBING COFFEE HEADACHES HOW I HATE YOU. HISSSSS.


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